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Paine's Celery Compound
Purifies the Blood,
Strengthens the Nerves,
Stimulates the Liver,
Regulates the Kidneys and Bowels,
Gives Life and Vigor to every organ.
There's nothing like it.
.. i spring. Ntafr very much run down and
hllliatel, 1 procured some of Paine's Celery
ivininound. The "e of two bottles made me
LW a new man. As a freneral tonic and
nrtnir medicine, 1 do not know Ite equal."
BrUrwll''' fiewnil V. N. G., Burltafrton, Vt
11.00. gix tor yt.ua. uruggvsia.
Davis Block,
Moline, Illinois.
The m
Atalactiirers ol FARM. SPRING and FREIGHT WAGONS
iW'nnP'1':n7'f PLATFORM nd other
Hctero tn.i nf ...p,.,,.,, wnrktnanthlp and
i..m, M..ii acc iuc n'.'u.c
F. C. Hoppe,
Xo. 1808 Second A.ve.,
Rock Island, 111.
No. 1808 Second Ave.,
n can get Tio War. Glass
j-iumuus ana jewelry cheap, at
wrnerof Seven tn St.. ana
Proprietor OF
Second Avenue, opposite Harper House. The cholee.t Imported
Imported and Key West Cigars, a specialty.
Use It Now!
"Ilaving used your Paine's Celery Compound
tnls spring-, 1 can safely recommend It as tbe
most powerful and at tbe same time most
gentle regulator. It Is a splendid nerve tonic,
and since taking it I have felt like a new man."
R. K. Knohr, Watertown, Dakota.
Wsixs, Bich ardson A- Co. Props. Burlington. Vt
Steam Fitters.
A complete stock of
Pipe, Brass Goods, Packing,
llose, Fire Brick. Etc.
Sole Apcnts for
We guarantee every one perfect, an'l will wnd Caps,
Twenty day'" trial, to responsible parties.
Safety Heating Boilers, and Contrac-
tors for furnishing and laying
Water, Gas and Sewer t ipe.
1712 First Avk.,
Rock Ishmd, Illinois.
Telephone Hid. Roaideuoc Telephone 100.
Wagon Co.,
mm ar Bats
Spring Warons. e.reciallv adapted to thai
fin h IMuratcl I'rir,. List free on
"Aliii in-iiire purcliasiiiK.
Ware, Cookery, ft, Good.,
Third arenne. Rock laland.
The New Science of Sanitation and the
Proere I Haa Mat! e England and
America gold to Lead In Contributions
to This Advancement.
"Water, air and cleanl neas are the chief
articles of my phar macopce ia," said Napoleon.
These trite words practically cover the entire
cope of sanitary science. To eliminate from
the air smoke and noxious gases, to remove
from the water supply delt terious substances,
and to dispose of f cecal and refuse matter so
as to minimize annoyance md the possibility
of breeding contagious di -eases is one of the
greatest problems of the aire. How best to do
this is the question that sanitary science pro
poses, and on the fullnas and correctness
with which this question it answered depends
more of the well being and prosperity of a
community than the casual observer is wont
to think.
Sanitation is a matter not less of finance
and economics than of personal comfort, con
venience and longevity. Vtaat health is, as a
rule, the measure of usefulness, and, other
things being equal, of waes, needs no proof.
That good sanitary conditions rank with com
mercial facilities as one of the chief factors in
the growth of cities, and that unsavory or
unhealthy neighborhood in a city are de
pleted of population or turnodover to the
poorer classes who have nc alternative but to
endure wbat others shun, is a matter of com
mon observation. The pre"alence of sickness,
and especially contagious c iseases, where san
itary requirements are not observed, the lack
of thrift and enterprise in such localities, and
the kinship of moral filth with unsanitary
conditions of person, havo been themes for
innumerable lectures and homilies. Wher
ever sanitary science has made strenuous ef
forts to improve the physi. -al conditions of a
locality there have resulted less prevalence of
disease, a gradual reduction of mortality, es
pecially of infants, great r prosperity, and
more marked longevity, and even the spirit
ualizing of tbe masses has advanced as de
fects in material surrou idings have been
remedied. It would seem hat such common
place matters as ventilation, light, plumbing,
heating and sewerage in hort, good or bad
sanitary conditions are more intimately
connected with the evils and excellences of
our cities than are many other things to
which more attention is given.
"Sanitation is a new sci nee," said a civil
engineer who was asked to give an outline of
recent Improvements in sanitation. "It Is
only within the last fifty or sixty years that
public attention has been directed to the need
of improved methods an 1 contrivances far
the purposes of health and convenience in the
construction of buildings. Until a compara
tively short time ago ventilation was con
spicuous by its absence, an 1 light was almost
equally disregarded. Ad iuate water supply
is a subject whose import in ce be- -n to be
felt, so to speak, but yesterday. London,
for instance, has not long i bandoi. ts wells
and cesspools for a systenof water works
and sewerage. How the treat cities of the
ancient world managed wit houtsuch sanitary
contrivances as we now have and survived Is
an enigma. Tbe crude makeshifts of early
times have been held responsible for Innumer
able plagues, disorders aid epidemics, and
the growing recognition that many Hiaana
of the present day are o:' germ origin the
direct result of contaminated or poisoned
air, water or food is doubtless what haa
made the last few years mare productive of
sanitary literature than at y other period of
"Strangely enough, England and America
have produced the bulk of sanitary literature
and evolved the best schettes for freeing the
life sustaining agencies of noxious element.
England and America pre bably stand shoul
der to shoulder in this respsct, the former, by
common assent, being superior in the con
struction of sewers and tie latter leading in
its sanitary fixtures. The publications of the
two countries bear witness to their respect
ive excellences, German n search, by tracing
out the germ origin of diseases, has rendered
signal service and been a stimulus to Ameri
can and English inventiveness.
"Throughout these latter years of develop
ment the influence of the t rcss has been very
salutary. The newspapers have rather been
detectives than advisers, but they have
pointed out defects and ommended excel
lences; they have shown the needs of the times
and often made suggestions that have been of
material benefit to the wor cers on these lines.
Still it has largely been left to the sanitary
journals to chronicle the new steps of Im
provement, and thus muca that is vital and
important on the subject of sanitation has
not found its way to tho general public.
What is more, it is to be doubted if the ma
jority of craftsmen who liave in hand the
building np and improvement of our cities
keep abreast of the times and profit by the
steps of progress that are constantly being
taken. Tbe masses are lamentably ignorant
or criminally negligent of tanitary measures,
and they are pitiably dependent upon men
who are not much better ini armed." Chicago
A Peculiarly Pretty Woman.
There was at the earthed probably the only
pretty woman of her odd tyle in this coun
try. She was about 2." years of age, medium
size and graceful figure. Her complexion
was fair, her features regu ar, almost classic.
The dominant color of bra hair was brown,
but her bangs were perfitaly white, and a
large patch just alove her left ear was white.
The brow and lashes of her left eye were
white, while those of her right eye were dark
brown. Her eyes were -argo, a beautiful
dark blue, full of tenderness. Her voice was
soft, gentle and low, and stie carried herself
like a queen. A tlunta Constitution.
Barred Out.
Lawyer Please give try card to your
Butler No use; you can't see him, sir.
Lawyer Why notf
Butler He's just laid hit iself down for a
nap, and he gave me orde-s to say "not at
home" to anybody as caL'ed, no matter if
twas the divul himself. And that bars you,
sure, sir. Harper's Magazi ia
Such great activity as there Is at present
displayed in storage battery development
bids (air to hasten the use cf electrio traction
in crowded city streets. - -
Absmraiy Itupid
To allow prejudice or Ignorance to get
the better of good judgement. It has been
conclusively proren thit constipation,
bad breath, dyspepsia', kidney affection,
and all diseases of the lhar, stomach and
bowels have been cared by limply taking
Simmons Liver Regulator. It is harm
less, not unpleasant, and easily procured,
o there fa no reason to be ignorant of
this remedy we especially commend to
your notice for trial.
. Tbe two cardinal 'linn in conversation
are talkativeness and ailc nee. . , ; r-
Row the Dnk of Wellington Got Even
with Some Practical Jokers.
It may interest some of your readers to
hear a characteristic story of the great duke,
which was told me by a gentleman princi
pally concerned in tbe affair.
The Duke of Wellington at one period of
his life was rather' fond of telling a certain
pigsticking story, and persons who knew of
this weakness used to lead the conversation
so that the great man might have an oppor
tunity of relating his favorite anecdote. But
at length he became suspicious, and any al
lusion to the subject made him extremely
angry. About this time nearly sixty years
ago the duk was staying at Bel voir. One
of the visitors at the castle had never
heard anything about the pigsticking
adventure, and . was easily persuaded
that the duke would be pleased if he were
asked to tell his famous story. Accordingly
one morning after breakfast In the long gal
lery, when seated mot far from tbe duke, the
gentleman vuntoid to tell his grace how
much be should Ilka to hear some of his ex
periences of Indian sport At first the duke
was inclined to be seriously offended, but
looking round, and discovering from the
faces of the company that the inquirer
had been prompted, and that tbe re
quest was made in perfect good faith,
he quietly got up, and, drawing his
arm . through the gentleman's, said: "I
shall be delighted to tell you all you want to
know, but let us come to the end of the gal
lery, where we can talk quietly." A pleasant
half hour's conversation ensued, and it was
not till some hours later that the intended
victim pearned what a triumph he had
achieved over the practical jokers, and what
a quiet rebuke had been administered to
tnem. The Athenaeum.
No Use for Receptions.
The social phase of public life which so
many find the chief delight of high station is
not a source of pleasure to Senator Coke. He
does not feel at home at balls and receptions.
Just prior to the president's New Tear's re
ception, when it was the social event agitat
ing Washington people, a brother senator re
marked to the Texan:
"Coke, I suppose you are going to the re
ceptionf "Well, I dont know," was the reply. "I
ha vent made up my mind."
"Oh, you ought to go," urged the senator
to Coke.
"Yes," said the latter, "I suppose I ought,
but I bate those receptions, those crowds. I
dont find room enough to get about, and am
always in somebody's way, or somebody's in
my way. Now, the last time I was at one of
the big receptions I got off tn a corner where
I thought I was out of the way. Pretty soon
along came a lady dressed in style. She com
menced to bow and smile at mo, and though
I did not know her I bowed and smiled back.
There she stood bowing and smiling, and then
I noticed that she was pull!ng at her dress
that trailed over the floor. I noticed a young
fellow standing behind her, and so I reached
over and, shaking him by the shoulder, said:
'Why don't you get off the lady's dressf
Well, she looked straight at my feet, and, by
George, I was standing on her dress my
self." St. Louis Globe-Democrat
Something Needed.
The last six months' experience with alr
brakea on freight trains has shown conclu
sively that we must have less slack between
the cars, and that the master car builders'
coupler will soon have an opportunity of
showing what it is worth. This opportunity
will arise from the fact that railway compa
nies who have had experience with air brakes
on their freight trains in connection with a
link and pin coupler feel compelled, by reason
of tho serious breakages, to use some sort of a
close connected coupler. Something must be
done to reduce tho slack between cars or 'fast
freight service will become an impossibility.
Railway Pieview.
Ingrowing Toenail.
Dr. Putin says: "After a rather prolonged
footbath, and a gentle but thorough cleans
ing and drying of tbe nail as possible, I in-,
troduce, by tho aid of a brash, into the inter
stices between tho nail and the fungosities a
solution of gutta percha in chloroform (gutta
percha, 10 ports; chloroform, 80 parts). I
have this application repeated several times
the first day, and less frequently the follow
ing days. Good Housekeeping.
Thoae Who Have Reigned Longest.
Among the living sovereigns mentioned in
the new "Almanach de Gotha" those who
have reigned longest are the emperor of
Brazil, who ascended the throne in 1831, at
the ago of 6; Queen Victoria, in 1837, and
Duke Ernst, of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, crowned
in "1844 The oldest sovereign is Pope Leo
im, who ia 78 years old; the youngest is tho
King or Spain, not yet S. Chicago
The Handsomest Lady m Book Island.
Remarked to friend the other day that
she knew Kemp's Balsam for the throat
and lungs was a superior remedy, as it
stopped her cough instantly when other
cough remedies nad no effect whatever.
So to prove this and convince you of its
merit, any druggist will give you a sample
bottle free. Large siae 50a and $1.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer Is prepared
to see spectacle makers grow rich out of
tbe next generation, as so many school
children are obliged to wear glasses.
In the pursuit of tbe gooa things of
' his world we anticipate too much; we
eat out tbe heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The results obtained from the use
of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dyspepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetizer,
blood purifier, a sure cure for ague and
malarial diseases. Price, SO cents, of
druggists. -
. A trade school for colored boys and
girls is to be opened In Philadelphia
shortly. The boys will be taught car
pentering and tbe girls dressmaking.
Who of us are without trouble be tbey
small or large? Tbe blessings of health
are beet appreciated when we are sicb
and in pain. A hacking cough, a sevork
cold, or any throat or lung disease are
very troublesome; but all of these may be
uickly and permanently cured by Dr.
Bigelow's Cure. Safe and pleasant for
shiMren. Price 50 cents.
Tbe buildings of Paris are of so monoto
nous a character that tbe style 'of tbe re
naissance has recently been adopted for
some new houses, and it is hoped tbe ex
ample will be followed.- ' -'
- The best on earth can truly be said of
Gngg's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure,
safe and speedy cure for cuts. bruises,
scalds, burns wounds and all other sores
Will positively cure piles, tetter and all
skin eruption .Try this wonder healer.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refund
d. Only 85 cents. Sold bv druggists
v Philadelphia has 847.000 people and
179.000 houses, while New York, with
1,800,000 inhabitants, to aaid to hare but
Prom a Drag-gist.
Palatea, Fla., May 81. 1887.
Tbe demand for Botanic Blood Balm,
fB. B. B.I is such that I now buv it in
half gross lots, and I unhesitatingly say
that my customers are wen pieasea.
Nbwtoit, N. C. June 25. 188T.
Gentlemen: I am pleasured in say
ing I have been a great snfferer-of rheu
matism for ten vears, and I have exhaust
ed almost every known remedy without
relief. I was told to try B. B B. which
I did after long procrastination, and with
the experience of three bottles, I am aU
most a healthy man. I take it as a part
of my duty to make known your wonder
ful blood purifier to Buffering humanity,
and respectfully ask you to mail me one
of your books of wonders.
Respectfully. W I Morebbad.
From recent arclselogical discoveries,
it appears that the Rom in 8, at the height
of their civilization and splendor, bad no
system of street lighttng No trace of
anything of the kind has been discovered.
Are you disturbed at night and broken
of your rest by a sick child suffering and
crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so,
send at once and get a bottle of Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children
teething. Its value is 'incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer im
mediately. Depend upon it mothers,
there fs no mistake about it. It cures
dysentery, diarrhoea, regulates the stom
ach and bowels, cures wind colic, soft
ens the gums, reduces inflammation, and
gives tone and energy to the whole sys
tem. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
for Children Teething is pleasant to the
taste, and is the prescription of one of
the oldest and best female nurses and phy
sicians in the United States, and is foi
sale by all druggists throughout the
world. Price 25 cents per bottle.
A New York physician recommends
the Jewish custom of washing hands be
fore meals as a preventive against ly
phoid fever. He says that contagion can
be conveyed into the system by tbe
The Population of Rock Island.
Is about 20.000, and we should say at
least one half are troubled with some af
fection of the throat and lungs, as those
complaints are, according to statistics,
more numerous than others. We would
advise all our readers not to neglect the
opportunity to call on their druggist and
gel a bottle of Kemp's balsam for tbe
throat and lungs- Trial size free. Large
bottles 50c and $1. Sold by all drug
gists. There sre two Episcopal ministers,
missionaries, on the Yukon river, Alaska
They are 8 00 t miles fiom the southeast
ern line of the territory.
Doctors Bills.
Nearly all diseases originate from in
action of tbe liver, and this is especially
the case with chills and fever, intermit
tent fevers and malarial diseases. To
save doctors' bills and ward disease, take
Simmons' Liver regulator, a medicine
that increases in popularity each year,
and has become the most popular and
liest endorsed medicine in the market for
the cure of liver or bowel diseases.
Telegraph, Dubuoue. Iowa.
American wagons have tbe market in
8ouih America, and tbe American wheel
barrow is to be met with in every por
tion of China and Japan.
S500 Beward.
We will pay the above reward for any
case of liver complaint, dyspepsia, sick
headache, indigestion, constipation or
costiveness we cannot cure with West's
Vegetable Liver Pills, when the directions
are strictly complied with. They are
purely vegetable, and never fail to give
satisfaction. Large boxes containing 80
sugar coated pills, 25c For sale by all
druggists. Beware of counterfeits and
imitations. The genuine manufactured
only by John C. West & Co., 862 W.
Madison St. Chicago. 111.
What a silent old world it would be if
men talked only as much as tbey think.
By virtue of an execution and fee bill No.
iaeued out of the cl. rk e office of tbe circuit court
of Rock 1-lai.d county, and vtate of Illinois, and
to me directed, wberebv 1 am commanded to make
tha amount of a certain Judgment recently ob
tained a -ai tt Patncn Quintan and in favor of
Alice Quinlan, out of the lands, tenement, good
and chatb'l of the said defendant, Paflck Quiu
lan, I have levied upon the following property,
to wit: Lota one (1) and two, (), io block tw. lve.
(It) in Chicago or lower addition to the city of
Rock Island in county of Rock Island and atut-of
Therefore, according tosaid command, I shall ex
rooe for rale at public auction al) the right, titl and
interest of the abore named Patrick Quinlan in and
to the above described property, on Thursday, tbe
t8th day of February, 1881. at S o'clock p. m. at the
north door nf the court house in the city of Rook
Island, in the county of Rock Island and state of
Illinois, for cash In band, to satisfy sals execution
and fee bill
Dated at Rock Island this 8th dav of February,
A. I. 1688. T. SlSILVH,
Sheriff of Book Island county, Illinois.
aster's bale.
Rock Island Couktt fM-
In the Circuit Court In Chancery.
Sarah K. King VS. Frank Hammerlv. .T.me.TTum
merly, John Hammerly, Jacob Hammerly. Deli
lah Roberta, Julia Raina, Lavina Martiudale and
vuyoe Merrick Partition. General No. W39.
Notice Is hereby given that byvlrtueof a decree
of said court, entered in the above entitled pan
on tha 8th day of February, A. D. 18W. 1 ahall.
uu osiuruay me vui amy .r narcn, A. u. latw,
at the hour of 1 o'clock in tha afternoon, at the
north door of the court houae. In the cttv of Rock
laland, in aaid county of Rock Island, aell at
public auction, to tha highest and heat bidder for
cash tn hand, that certain parcel ot land, situ .te
in ine county or kock island ana state of Illinola,
known and described as follows, to-wit :
Lot seven (7) tn block two 02) in that part of tha
city of Rock Is.and known as Sinners addition.
Dated at Rock Island, Illinois, this 8th day of
February, A. D. 1889. HENRY CURTIS.
Master in Chancery, Rock stand io , 111.
Guts & swssiisT. Complt'aSol'tr. -d4w
J, E. Loosley & Co.,
Insure jice Agents
saomptiy adjaated and pals at thir
(Successor of Hayes ft Cleaveland.)
Aesaey satabUahed 19s.
Office in Bengston's Block .
On the Hth dav of January next, commencing at
the hour of two o'clock in tbe afternoon, the un
dersigned, assignee of William Ramakill. will offer
for aale at No. 180S Second avenue in this eitv, to
the higheat bidder for caah in hand, the entire
rtock or domes ana vents' rornlshlng poods
which were assigned to me bv said Ramakill on
the 17th Inst., to pay debt. The goods to be sold
can be inspected by aav party Interested at tbe
piace namea any aay, nunaar xceptea. before
the sal between the hoara of tw and four o'cleck
f. at. . . - .- . : , ,
Sock iaiaad, m, xee. soul isbb.
eBORGS F08TBB, Assignee.
Makes the lives of many people miserable,
and often leads to self-destruction. Distress
after eating, sour stomach, sick headache,
heartburn, loss of appetite, a faint, " all gone "
feeling, bad taste, coated tongue, and lrregu-
, . laxity of the bowels, are
Distress some ot the more common
After symptoms. Dyspepsia does
not get well ot Itself. It
baling requires careful, persistent
attention, and a remedy like Hood's Sarsa
parilla, which acts gently, yet surely and
efficiently. It tones the stomach and other
organs, regulates the digestion, creates a
good appetite, and by thus Sick
overcoming the local symp- - . '
toms removes the sympa-8CllCrl
thetlc effects of the disease, banishes the
headache, and refreshes the tired mind.
' I havo been troubled with dyspepsia. I
had but little appetite, and what I did eat
llAQrt distressed me, or did me
r!JaiT little good. In an hour
bum alter eating I would expe
rience a faintness, or tired, all-gone feeling,
as though I had not eaten anything. My trou
blo, I think, was aggravated by my business,
which Is that ot a painter, and from being
more or less shut up in a Sour
room with fresh paint. Last e. u
sprlng I took Ilood's Sarsa- StOITiaCii
rilla took three bottlus. It did me an
immense amount of good. It gave me an
appetite, and my food relished and satisfied
the craving I had previously experienced."
Geoege A. Tags, Watertown, Mass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists, f 1 ; six for f 4. Prepared onlj
by C. I. IIOOD CO., Apothecaries, Lowc'.l, JIasa.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
nsri SRKF
ESTABLISHED 1651 ( 180 So.
Chicago, Ills,
. (Clark St.
im.. d.w..i- at J r.t.vii.v.j
1U0 fil0UUU- VlU-LiUUll.MitlU
Is st'.il Treating with the Greatest
M V T.T.I- .
CMcervouS and Private Diseases.
hood, Failine Memory, Exhauating Draina,
Terrible Dreama. Head and Back Ache and all
the effects leading to early decay and )erhaps Con
aumption or Inaanity, treated scienuhcally by new
methods with never-failing success.
W SYPHILIS and all bad Blood and Skin
Diseases permanently cured.
S4-KIDNEY and URINARY complaints.
Gleet, Gonorrhoea, Stricture, Varicocele end
all diseases of the tienito-Unnary Organs cured
promptly without injury to Stomach, Kidneys or
other Organs.
B9" No experimenta. Age and experience
Important. Conaultation free and sacred.
Mg Send 4 cents postage fnr Celebrated Works
on Chronic, Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
s- Those contemplating Marriage send for Dr.
Clarke'a celebrated guide Male and Female, each
t$ cents, both 55 cents (stamp). Consult tbe old
Doctor. A friendly letter or call may saw future
suffering and thame, and add gnlden years to life
S-BfK)k " Life's (Secrei) Errors," 50 cents
(stamps). Medicine and writings sent everywhere,
secure from exposure. Hours, 8 to 6. Sundays
9 to 12. Address
F. D. CLARKE, P.I. D ,
186 So. Clark St.. CHICACO, ILL.
(Charted by the Legislature of Illinois.)
Open daily from 9 A M. to 8 P. M., and on Tues
day and Saturday Evenings fro.11 7 to
8 o'clock.
Interest allowed on Desposits at the rate
of 3 per Cent, per Annum.
Deposits received in amounts of
$1 and Upwards.
The private property of ihe Trustee ia respon
sible 10 tbe denoeitora. The officers are prohibi
ted from borrowing any of ita moneys. Minora
and married women protected by special law.
OrricTa : 8. W. Wsijitr, President; Johh
Good. Vice Preaident;C. B". Hebsnw t, Cashiei.
Trcstfes: 3. W. Wheelock, Porter Skinner,
C W. Lobdell, - elson Chester. H. W. Candea, C.
T Grants, A 8. Wright, C. T. Hrtnnway, John
tTThe only chartered savings Bank in Rock
island uonntv.
valuing their complexion should secure a
of the latest Imported and anunitnously acknowl
eogea aa tne nest
Gnaranteed to bi perfectly harmless. Impercepti
ble, durunie and invisible. Kor ale everywhere.
Price. CSe and &Oe per Hoi. Ask your
drug-gutt tor It or write for postld sample box to
J. F. LLOYD & CO., Sole Importers,
AT and t Waahlnatoa attrret. (HI('A0
Fob Saxs by thk Following Dbugsistb
Marshall & Fisher,
flartz & Bahnsen,
and Frank Xadler.
n .00 vlT-D 1 OATA RRH
vsi &am uaiLLi
Cleanses the
Nasal Passa-
fes, A 1 1 a y e
ain and In
Heals Sores.
Kestores the
Senses ol
Taste & Smell
A particle is applied into each nostril and Is
agreeable. Price SO sen's at Drae.'lsts ; by mail,
registered, 60 cents. JCLY BROTHERS, 66 War
ren street, New York.
Warranted aht,lutely p awe
Cocoa, from which the excess of
OU has been removed. It hussar
tha (Are timm ttnngth of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrow
root or Sugar, and Is therefore far
mors economical, costing feMfAsat
en cmt evp. It la dsucloos,
nourishing, strangtbanuig, easuy
digested, and admirably adapted
for invalids aa wall as for perse
m oeaiui.
Sold by Grocers sverywheca.
. BAKER & CO., Dorctester, Mass.
BIjO has give, un.ve.
aal satisfaction In
cure of Gonorrhoea
Gleet. I prescribe it mid
feel safe in recommend-
Int It to all su Berets.
Sold rwngp's
Pratnptly and neatly executed by the Amos Job
- departaaent.
s-BaciAi annum paia Oemaarslal
J afe3 Bv U i N U m ial W PI J
f f fi Irll
f .OavsslaC I
I . B atrtllil
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I 'ivlHCaSBdCatOa. '
V rniiiiiii.il r"l
' VyftA Ul$ S0AP
use jt
it Ijasoo
X Je 2Sw oLst
ahd sens r- 2epx-s
NXfoiRBANKis (p-a CmCago.
(Chicago, Bock Island & Pacific and Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Bys.)
Its main lines, branches and extensions west, northwest and southwest
I??1 JItStS11180' Johet, Ottawa, Peoria, LaPalle, Moline, Rock Island In
City, Des Moines, Knoxville. Winter-set, Atlantic, Audubon, Harlan, Guthrie
;X4. . "T.v """"tn umus iu xvj w a. uainn"apons ana ol. faui in MIHNB
f OTA V atertpwn and Sioux Falls in DAKOTA Gallatin. Trenton, Cameron.
S,1- MPn6Vvn? Kansas City in MISSOURI-Beatrice, Farbury. and Nelson
iiKiNE?flAf?AT1H.ortT??VT.0.1!k?y Hutchinson, Wichita, Belleville. Norton,
bTl5no.Caldw,11 in KANSAS Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, In COLO-D9-
Traverses new and vast areas of rich farminsr and BTazintr lands,
attordingr the best facilities of intercommunication to older 8tates and to all
towns and cities in Southern Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado. Utah. New
, Mexico, Indian Territory, Texas, Arizona, Idaho California, and Pacific
coaat and trans-oceanic Seaports.
Of Palace Coaches leadings all competitors in splendor of equipment and.
luxury of accommodations run through daily between Chicago and Colo
S.0Ti?PE15SuDSnyer and Pueblo. Similar MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULB
TRAIN SE&yiCB daily between Chicago and Council Bluffs (Omaha), and
between Chicago and Kansas City, faeg-ant Day Coaches, Dining- Cars
Reclining Chair Cars (FREE), and Palace Sleeping Cars. Caiiforniaxcur
aions daily. Choice of routes to and from Salt Lake City, Portland Los
Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and intervening localities. Quick rJma
prompt connections and transfers In Union Depots.
Runs superbly equipped Express Trains daily each way between Chicago
Rock Island, AtchisonjSt. Joseph, Leavenworth, Kansas City and Minne
apolis and St. Paul. The Favorite Tourist Line to the scenic resorts and
hunting and fishing grounds of the Northwest. Its Watertown Branch
courses through the roost productive lands of Northern Iowa, Southwestern
Minnesota, and East Southern Dakota. "
TE,5PRT,LIN;E VTA SENECA AND KANKAKEE offers facilities tci
travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafavette, and Council Bluffs St.
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.
Pof Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired information, apply to any Counon'
Ticket Office In the United States or Canada, or address upon
General Manager. CHICAGO, ILL. Gea'l Ticket ft Pass, Agent
New Elm Street Qrocerj
Family Groceries and Provisions,
They solicit a share of the trade and will make prices as low
as the lowest. Telephone connections.
Gonloa's Hotel
West Side Market Square,
Has the larges Dining Room In the tri-citics seating capacity 250 persons.
23 cents buys a pood wholesome meal
25 cents pays for a njghts' lodging in clean beds.
City Boarders at reasonable rates.
P. 8. All must come sober. C. D. GORDON. Proprietor.
And Dealers in Flour, Feed, Baled Hay and Straw, Crockery
Glassware, Cutlery, Etc.
"Steamship Agency and remiturce to any part of Europe.
01 and 808 Ninth 8treet. Rock Island, 111.
john h. EA.isrsoisr,
. (Formerly of Coal Valley.) "
Dealer in Choice Wines, Liquors
No. 1717 Second Avenue, Bock IaUaA.
And Dealer in Mens Fine Woolens.
1706 Second Avenue,,
W. j. Q-TJT FiRlE,
. tSaoeeaaortoOMlirleACo linaj) .-."..
Contractor and Builder,
' , ' , -. : ROCS ISLAND.'lLL. '
tWflatts an4 tttimataa t amlshad. A tpeeUltr made of fla work Ail orders aUeaiedto ,
piomptly u, satiafactlOB oar ateed. .
Office and Bbop'Na: 1818 TtWAww
Mates Wash In a caV
and plea5ant.55
testing it
and Restaurant,
rm . . a a .
r ra M -n. aasssw. Sat al mM B ar m
?ttfcv Jon
LTjr w in V y tnr nnur
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