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r I C4 t i a i
Boynton Celebrated Furnaces,
Wrought Steel Ranges
and Steel Dome Furnaces.
Jf Estimates for Heating and Ventilating furnished on application.
1017 Second avenne,
Rook Island, Ills.
Clearing Sale
Regular price 75c.
" 6?c.
Clearing price 4Sc.
" " 44
44 44 25c.
All late ttjles. These prices are for these days only.
1705 Secend Avenue.
r I
:- . : x. : -
-3 'rrTTTT'-.r-"
In competition with the Leading Refrigerators of the
United States received the highest award for economy
of ice, using only 12.17 as mnch ice as its best compet
itor and 9.17 as mnch as one of its would be competitors.
psftr-a the only provision chamber free from odors, produce a dry
cold air which no otter can t.juaJ. and has preserved fresh meats three
weeks in the boitent weather. Produces better results with less ice
than any other Refrigerator. The flues of the
do not require cleaning as do other makes, being perfectly and scien
tifli ally constructed, the cold dry air by constant circulation keeps it
sweet and clean. The best made, best finished and handsomest Re
frigerator in the market. There are more ALASKA Refrigerators in
use in It k Ifland than all others.
Opposite Harper House.
is one array of beauty with its loads of new
Wall Paper, Curtains
Boom Mouldings.
Call and make your elections from the Largest stock,
the Newest Patterns and Lowest prices.
A Hervaat IH'e F.prlrre tker
laataaeea af Evil Data.
Agnes Johnson, a domestic in the fam
ily of C. A. Row, 2315 Seventh avenue,
had a peculiar experience this morning.
She was leaving the premises where she
was employed, with a bundle and a cake
to go to Black liawk's watch tower to
spend the day, when a buggy drove up,
in which were seated two young .jnen.
and who, informing ber that they sur
mised she was going to the tower, told
her it would ba an hour before another
train went out and that they were going
out there and v ould be pleased to drive
ber out. The irirl thoughtlessly accepted
the invitation and entered the buggy,
which bad not 'teen driven far when she
observed that the was being driven east
on Seventh avenue instead of west in the
direction of the tower. She asked what
that meant and was told by one of the
males that they were going to the tower
by a new and shorter road. This aroused
the girl's suspit ions at last and she asked
to get tut. She was shocked at being
told that she could not and then becom
ing desperate, the attempted to leap out.
One of the meti seized her dress, but she
was determiner, and though the garment
was torn almost from her. succeeded in
getting out, an breathlessly ran back to
Mr. II. R. Sue low's Douse to eive the
alarm. The men drove off with her cake
ana bunoie. I be eirl probably bad a
narrow escape from being the victim of
some outrageous purpose on the part of
the men. They have not vet been cap
The woods about Rock Island are full
of ugly tramps. A few days ago a lady
from Davenport while driving to Big Isl
and where her family is camping, was at
tacked by a hi;; brute near the watch
lower, and he was about to throw a sharp
pointed rock at her when she screamed
and assistance came to her relief. The
villain fled.
This mornirg Officer Brennan spotted
the mouse, colored horse, road cart and
two boys watted in Princeton. They
were driving up Moline avenue and the
officer conducted them to 'he station to
await advices from Princeton. The boys
gave their naries as Fred Bryant and
Eddie McDufly. and stated that Bryant's
brother. V. A. Bryant, was the man who
wanted them as they had taken his horse
and started west to see the country
They bad beei to Muscatine and were on
their way bsck to Moline. They had
left home Sunday night and had dropped
a note to Princeton here on their wav
down, saying they were enjoying them
selves and would eventually return
Bryant said h s father was dead and he
lived with lis brother on a farm.
and that McDuffy was his cousin who
had come up from Alabama to
I visit him wher. they conceivedthe novel
! idea of a trip by themselves, and tbey
' started withoit telling anyone. Tbey
had abundance of clothes, provisions and
cooking utens Is, and about f 1 in money.
Tbey don't look like boys who would do
anything very desperate or very wicked.
Officer Kramer and Deputy Sheriff
Cavanaugh carried II. Mathews, the bar
ber at the corner of Tenth and Fourth
avenue, from the court house square to
the armory th s morning and gave him a
place to resttna sober up.
Officer Kramer disturbed the auiet
slumbers of a tramp, who was snoozing
In the front yard of Mr. Geo. Schnei
der's place on Fourth avenue this morn
ing, and gave biro quarters in the armory.
Kcea I'd Ike Atmariatiaa.
Tonight occurs the first annual meet
ing of the Rot k Island Citizens' Improve
ment association, when the election of
officers for lb.) ensuing year will take
place. A renewed interest in the asso
ciation and its work should be manifested
by a large atti -odance, for the organiza
tion, though still young, has already ac
complished w inders for the city, and will
do more if pr perly sustained. It was
the promoter of the ordinance by which
all our sidewalks are being improved and
also of the Se-oDd avenue paving ordi
nance and the spirit of enthusiasm which
has been the fore guard of its progress
should not be allowed to lag. The asso
ciation s name is synonymous with the
city's great advancement this year, for it
baa accomplished more than the most
sanguine exr.ec.ations of its members.
Let tonight's meetiDg be well attended
and let the good work that is but fairly
beeun eo forward vear by year until
Rock Island realizes its destiny the me
tropolis of tie upper Mississippi valley.
read Lllliea.
Great creamy-leaved pond lilies, with
their delicate yellow stems and dainty
cups, seemingly sprinkled with powdered
gold exhaling a delight'ul. languorous
fragrance,are being brought into the city
eyeryday and have been coming in since
the first of July, and from now until Oc
to ber 1 tbey caa be found in profusion
serenely floating on their broad emerald
colored pads upon the bosoms of minia
ture lakes, sljggisb streams and wood
land pools it different parts of the state
There is only one objection to the water
Iilv in the ei s of the florist. It is that
lilies closinf so early in the evening,
cannot be ut ilized for purposes of decor
ation at night unless tbeir petals are forci
bly opened, which spoils tbe artistic
effect. For midday weddings, funerals
and table de orations the lilies are in
great deman i at this season. Offerman's
Island is tbe place where they grow in
the greatest abundance in this vicinity
Stiver Kipleta
The Sidney is due down.
The Mary Morton will be up tomorrow
Tbesteaner St. Paul passed Dubuque
vesterdav n orning with a good trip. It
is reported lhal ebe is aground on a sand
bar between here ana ljavrosse. -a. ape-
cial train will be run down fromLaCroas
on the "Bur ington "and the seventy sit
Dassengers will be taken to St. Paul by
rail, at Ue f xpense of tbe St. Paul A St.
Louis Packet com pan. Dubuque Time.
Iaprevi meat AaasetarJa iMtiaf.
Tbe annu si meeting of the Rock Island
Citizens' Improvement association will be
held at tbt- rooms in Harper's theatre
building tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock,
when officer s will be elected. A full at
tendance of member is earnestly de
aired. Feed Ham, Pres.
T. J. Mjehll, Sec.
Heaar far the Flret Layer af
Meviaa- the falls Farther Kvi
deaeee af Preareas.
The work of getting Second avenue,
between Twentieth and Nineteenth in
condition for paving, is progressing fine-1
ly, and bids fair to continue now without
delay. The kicker exists no longer. He
has saught bis hole with a hope of con
cealing himself from his own shame. Tbe
only muttenngs of discontent that are
heard now emanate from that class of
men without whom the city could not ex
ist, who are always on hand when any
thing is going on, but who are only anx
ious to work when tberuis no work to be
done. Atkinson & Oloff baye abund
ance of occupation for all deserving and
desiring it now days, but there is not
There are now 111 peoole in "Camp
Libetty." on Big Island and 43 tents.
Mr. Albert tlueslng settled the insur
ance on the Jacobsen cigar loss today at
Miss Maggie Elotz left yesterday on a
visit to ber sister, Airs, criswo.a, at
Robert Lee, wife and son, of Cable,
were at the Harper today, on their way
home from their noitbern trip.
Mr. John Remer has received another
advice from tbe insane hospital at Jack
sonville, that his wife is no better.
Conductor W. H. Whitfield is moving
into Mr. John Crubaugh's new cottage on
Second avenue west of Tenth street.
. J. Judd and wife, of Chicago, after
visiting friends in their old home in Mo
line and in this city, left for the north last
James W. Ross, for fifteen years a
street car driver on tbe Moline & Hock
Talan! alnvl r.ilnrsv ia nnwr farminfr t tifi
much encouragement in Rock Island for Waters' place on Big island.
loiterers at the present time. Porter Skinner has determined to
This morning a gang of men arrived at lay a walk of Bedford ' stone about his
Xieartioa to Burlingtsn.
Mr. H. 8. Wage has perfected arrange
menu for a grand excursion to mining
ton on Saturday, August 24. on the
steamer Golden Gate and barge. Tbe
boat will leave Rock Island at 9 a. m.
and arrive at Burlington at 4 p. m., re
turning the boat will leave Burlington at
6 am. Sunday and arrive at Rock Island
at 7 p. m., giving everybody a delightful
trip ana lots ot time to visit in Burling
ton. Tbil trip is gotten up solely for
pleasure and everybody is invited to go
and enjoy themselves. This will be the
only trip of tbe kind this season. No
strong drinks will be sold on the boat.
At Black Hawk watch tower landing!
for rent by the hour or day. Ten row
boats, three sail boats and one barge.
Clark, Agent.
Are vou weak and weary, overworked
and tired? Hood s Sarsaparilla is just
the medicine to purify the blood and give I
you strength.
the Rock Island house from Chicago for
the purpose of removing the polls of the
Western Union Telegraph company on
Second avenue inside the curbing.
Supt. Griffith, of the Central Dis
trict Telephone company, also com
menced today the task of putting the
telephone poles on the inside of the curb.
Tbe Brush Electric Ligbt company
is also preparing to follow suit.
Tbe idea of paving is spreading. There
is now a movement which has taken
pretty deep root in favor of paving Sec
ond avenue from Fourteenth Btreet to
Seventh street with asphalt and making
a boulevard out of that portion of the
thoroughfare. A Boston firm has made
a proposition to put in the pavement for
tbe same price as brick and let it be paid
for in five annual payments, and it is
quite likely that the property holders in
that vicinity wiil petition the council to
order it by special assessment. If tbey
do, it will be done, as the present munici
pal body is in sympathy with tbe ener
getic and enterprising spirit that is carry
ing Rock Island forward this year.
A Mercer Cauaty Barcta.
An Aledo telegram gives a part of the
career of a Mercer county woman whose
matrimonial alacrity was alluded to some
time ago, and whose last adventure made
her the wife of Mr. I-aac Artz, a man
well known throughout the lower end of
Rock Island county. The telegram allud
ed to says:
The woman's history is a remarkable
one and is causing a sensation here as it
is being brought to light. She was mar
ried more than twenty years to David
Ramsey, a farmer of this county. After
some time, during which two children
were born, tbey were divorced. Mr. Ram
sey subsequently moving to New York.
Mrs. Ramsey soon married a man by the
name of Coleman, living with him a num
ber of years. Mr. Coleman died suddenly
about three years ago. and many neigh
bors suspected that his wife bad poisoned
him. She remained in this county until
last May. when Isaac Artz. well known in
this vicinity as "The Prophet," became
infatuated with her. Mrs. Coleman was
very willing to marry Ariz, out be told
ber the Lord would not allow him to
marry her while her divorced husband
About this time Mrs. Coleman opened
a correspondence with her first husband.
Mr. Ramsey, who resided in Elmira. N.
Y., which resulted in her going back to
Elmira. About the 1st of May she and
Mr. Ramsey were remarried. 1 be sec
ond day after the wedding Mr. Itimsey
was taken violently ill and died, declar
ing that she had poisoned him. Mm
Ramsey, as soon as the funeral was over,
came back to Aledo, and in twenty one
days after Ramsey's death, married Artz.
bo now had no objections.
Mr. Ramsey's body was taken up and
arsenic was found in tbe stomach. As
soon as this was known the coroner at
Elmira telegraphed the facts here, and
Mrs. Artz was arrested. A requisition
will he asked for. Tbe authorities ex
pert to have Coleman's body exhumed
and examined as soon as possible.
A dispatch last night from Elmira, N.
., contains the following additional
particulars of the same case:
The jary in the David Ramsey case.
hicb has been in session for a week
past, concluded its labors this afternoon
Tbeir verdict declared that Ramsey came
kia iiii tr arsentoaj poison, unuer
circumstances which led them to suspect
Josephine Artz, now of Aledo, III , for
merly Mrs- Ramsey. 1 be woman was
married to Isaac Artz, a wealthy resident
of Aledo, three weeks from tbe day of
Ramsey s death, she is now under ar
rest in that city. Tbe case has been
turned over to District attorney Denton.
who will begin the prosecution for mur
der as soon as a requisition can be oh
tained from Gov. Fifer, of Illinois.
Well F.aaaxh aa It la.
It may turn out that Rock Island did
not miss so much after all when it failed
to secure the location of tbe big Eidd
distillery. Read tbe following special
from LaSalle to today's Chicago -Yn?.-
George Hollingswortb, resident secre
tary of the Standard Spirit Refining com
pany. and a nephew of U. W. Kidd, of
New York, the moving spirit of the
LaSalle distillery scheme, says that the
unfinished buildings of tbe company
with all tbe machinery and apparatus
now on the ground, are for sale. The
city of LaSalle donated tbe ground on
which the buildings stand at a cost to the
purchaser of 15.000, with the under.
standing that the distillery should be
operated at least five years or the money
should be refunded to tbe subscribers
There are a number of unfinished
contracts, and tbe contractors are
much dissatisfied at tbe sudden ter
mination of their jobs, claiming
that tbey will lose money in conse
quence unless the company sees fit to
make them safe. These matters of
finance do not appear to have been re
ferred to Mr. Kidd a most recent instruc
tions to his manager.
In an interview today, Mr. Hollings
worth said that the whisky trust bad the
machinery, stills, etc., of fifty distilleries
now piled up in warehouses in Peoria.all
having been taken out of different plants,
so that they could not be operated with
out refitting should anything happen to
tbe trust. He suggested that if tbe trust
should go to pieces, those members to
whom tbe dismantled distilleries fell
would be out in the cold, while tbe other
fellows would reap a harvest before tbey
could get into position to resume busi
Biehi's Maaaaiia Orcoattra-
Biehl's mandolin orchestra at Black
Hawk's watch tower every day from 10 a.
m. to 7.30 p. m musical specialties.
xylophone solos, -etc a rich treat for
thoee food of fine music.
Weather Fareeaat.
TJ. 8. SiavAL Ornci. I
WaeMagton, D. C. 4ae. & f
For the next 24 hours (or Illinois
fair weather, with possible showers.
building at the northeast corner of Eigb
teenth street and Second avenue.
There need be no mutterings of dull
times in Rock Island now. There is no
excuse for idleness this summer and the
man who don't work, simply won't.
E. A. Sweeney, son of E. D. Sweeney.
of this city, has been elected a director
in the First National bank at Fairbury,
Neb., where he is a prosperous hardware
Tbe R- I. & P. roaJ is building a
"dump track" out into the river opposite
the Twentieth street depot, in order that
freight may be more readily transferred
from cars to barges.
Tbe Davenport club, which has been
making a splendid showing on Us present
trip, defeated Burlinglou yesterday 1 to
0, with Rhinesio the box, and is now tied
for first place with Springfield.
Mr. John Liarton. of Coal alley, was
in the city today. He says that any re
ports that have gotten abroad concerning
destitution among the miners there is un
founded, and is probably the outgrowth
of the Spring alley sufferings.
I here are a great number of unmuz
zled iloizs in town still. This. is hardly a
fair tibake for the dogs wh:ctt wear the
cage thai tbe statute provides, as it gives
the lawless curs uilJe advantage over
tbe defensor's m izzled canines which re
spect the law's n; ndate.
Mr. and Mrs. Jo.xc Onlweiler sailed for
home today, taking their departure from
Europe at Hamburg on tbe steamer ic
toria -Augusta, tbe same new elegant
steamer they went over on, on her first
trip out from New lnrk a few months
ago. they bave seen uermany, trance
and Italy.
The Lmon says ' The Ahuus is just
now engaged in trying to fight Congress'
man It est. the A Rous is doing no
such thing. It is just publishing tbe
bickerings and threats of the republican
party against its own congressman. Our
sympathy is too deep for Mr. Gest to at
tack bim in this hour of tribulation. It
takes all bis spare time nowadays to
defend himself against the onslaughts of
his former political friends.
The Turner society held a meeting last
evening to figure up the profits of the
picnic held a short time since. The affair
was originally intended for tbe benefit of
tbe Johnstown sufferers. Tbe society
hr.s since learned that contributions in
this direction are sufficient for present
seeds, and by resolution directed tbe
treasurer to send tbe money to tbe needy
miners of this state. This was a wise re
solve on tbe part of tbe Turners.
Prominent among those who are to
participate in Mrs. Milton Jones benefit
at Harper's theatre on the evening of tbe
lyth, are Miss Ida Decker, of New York
a fine soprana singer who is visiting in
the city. Mrs George Walker. Mrs. G E
Lambert, Mr. Joseph Hehert. the Dv
enport baritone, and Mrs. Jones and ber
six children. Tbe instrumental ptrt will
nclude Messrs: J. L. Haas, D Roy Bwl
by and Carl Helpenstell. Other features
will be reading, by Mrs. tV . C. Collins,
and a scarf drill by thirteen young peo
Port Btron, Aug. 7
Henry Sadoris in tbe bappy father of a
five pound boy.
It is rumored that Rapids City is to be
annexed to Port Byron.
Tbe young people of the town are hav
ing a picnic at Kock river today.
Tbe town was deserted last Thursday.
everyone going to tbe Forepaugh show
Owing to tbe low stage of water, the
sand bar in front of town now extends to
drv land.
a -....1 girl li rrl cl at l tic m
idence of John Searles. John is bappy,
you bet.
This end of the county is still noted for
pugilistic doctors. Wnats the matter
with your law and order league?
L. L. Lemngwell has left the emplo
of Ellis & Lapham ana intends makin
his borne in Rockford hereafter.
Lewis Hunt, a former resident of Port
Byron, now of Iowa, is here visiting rel
atives and bis numerous fnends.
Will Gillespie returned borne Friday
morning from Philadelphia, where he has
been employed by G. A. Melzgar in the
ice cream freezer business.
Thos. McCall and wife are expected
home from Colorado Springs next week.
Tom will bave to be instructed some as
tbe town baa reformed in his absence.
The Congregational Sunday school has
replenished their library with $541 worth
of new books, which mskes tbeir library
tbe most complete in the upper end of the
Our champion whistler has a boil in his
nose and in consequence we are deprived
of listening to those beautiful solos which
he is capable of giving when in good condition.
Frank E Rogers. C. C. Trent and Dr.
Neal went fishing yesterday. Of course
they bad more fish than they needed for
their own use, and liberally divided with
their friends.
A law and order league has been organ -
ized here. This looks bad, as the town
has the reputation of being one of the
most orderly and quiet towns in the state.
and if so, what is the need of such a
The Rev. Calhoun, of Sheffield, 111.,
made a flying visit here Monday. His
many friends were glad to see him and
wish he would cr.me oftener. He occu
pied tbe M. E. pulpit here for three years
and in that time made many life-long
The village board has ordered every
thing closed here on Sunday, including
tbe restaurant and meat market. Poor
people who can't afford a refrigerator or
ice box will be compelled to do without
fresh meat on Sunday during tbe hot
weather. Wonder if the lime kilns were
For some time past Dr. E. E. Rogers
has been missing a number of his chick
ens, which somewhat puzzled nim, as
they were too large for rats to carry off,
and chicken thieves are scarce around
this neck of woods. He has been keep
ing one eye on them of late and thinks be
has solved the mystery, as chicken feath
ers are quite plentiful around the neigh
borhood. Tbe doctor claims they are all
game birds and he says he will make it
coat the parties who lulled them f 5 each.
To Arnend "An Ordinance for
the Construction of Ceitain
Brick Sidewalks in the City
of Rock Island,'" Passed July
8, 1889.
Bt U OrthiinfJ by the Ciy Couneil of the Citg o
SecTion 1. That the ordinance for the con
traction of certain hrii-k siilrwilk in Wie city of
l-oca Inland. nej July H. be atnenOt-U ny
Inserting right afu-r "Mock 81, Chicago or Uwr
audition in section 1 of raid ordinance tor 101
lowing : .
BfrlotO, A. M Brnuer ojrurr,
w M f t lot 10, J. M . Heard-ley, 2. cwner
e 60 It lot HI, M IVt-r-uu owuer. .
BLOCK. 21.
lot lS.Cbr. L-iffl r owner "
e Wl ft lot 10, John Bld-I o n-r "
w 30 90 fi lot 10. Ch. Kitze owuer '
w : ft lot in John Hladi l owner "
eS f lot V. t'h'. Bla i I owner "
KLiM-K i.
lot 5. S. 7 eTertiaa-it-r a Denkman. o'rs "
e4i 4oft lot S, -
t ) e J f t 1 t 3. P. I Mitchell owner . "
N f r lot 1. 1, Wej erh..i!ier Denkman, o'rs "
lot I. F. C A. Ik ilk man owner "
lot i, Weyerhur A Llenkman. on nee
Paired Aiigii-t 5. Ibs9.
A proved :
Attest: Kor
Kobekt Koehleb. City Clerk.
Under the Harper Kouse.
We make a specialty of the ma.nfac
ture of the
'Boo,uet.' 10 Cent Cigar.
"White Plume, '
"Our Special."
"Terms Cash"
and "Solo.
all k'u d4 of
Chewing Tobacco
and Smokers articles always oo hand.
Wall Paper
Room and Picture
Curtain Pulls,
Chains, Pins
and Cord.
Picture Wire,
Cord Nails & Hooks,
At the very Lowest
17 ff CD w 1
I Y m n s 5 a
h o 2 S
Nr" ; CV k CO
Call and see.
Geo. WT. D. Harris,
Real Estateand Jnsuranee,
C. C. Taylor
Under Rock It-land Honae.
seventeenth SL, under Commercial Hotel,
t7 Firt e)aa Insurance at loweot rates.
The following are among the many bargains offered:
8quash fried in bread crumbs ia a new
summer djah.
First Mortgage Farm Loans
for Sale.
A fine larpe hone with all modern inir-rove-
ment. ood harn. tree, etc, 3 acre of land, fine
location. jnt ontde the city limit near the
street care: cheap. ea-y term.
A nice hrick residence, with all modem improve
nienti. Uree CTOund. on Elm tareet, for iale cheap
on ea-y term
Two ptory dwelling. i room. rwKl well, cis
tern and cellar, lare barn S acre of land, within
a few pn-pxof Milan treet car, at a haruain.
ew hone. eixxl cellar and cinlern. larpe lot.
finely located in Iodife addition on the bluff.
A good hooee and improvement with about 4
acre of land uitable for cardenim; ahout three
mile from Knrk Mnnd for ale cheap.
II l win nny ri acre or land, partly improv
ed, in Cordova township.
f4.5'0 will boy a irood XI acre farm, good im
provement, on reasonable term.
A flrt- cta SO acre farm, with good improve
mcnt. in Bowline township, cheap.
A No. 1 one hundred and eixtv acre farm, with
firt-eUa improvement, cheap.
A nice bin if property, large ground, shad
tree, froit. e-c. cheap.
Two or three acre on the bluff, fine lnd for
boildintror ?ardeoinc.
Four and one-half acre of land on the Muff
nicely located for lot.
Sme of the be-t lota In Dodge's addition oa
eay term.
A ?md lot on the bind ia Rodman's cnb-divia-ion.
f will bnv a fine acre lot joat oataide dty
llm t. on lilutT.
f 1p w.ll boy over 4 acres with honae, bars,
etc., on bluS.
Rate 6J per cent and 7 per
cent Net.
Loaned by u without lo" to any client.
3r"Call or write for circular and reforencea.
Suu - - .
I offer for sale at par and accoied in
terest the following First Mortgages on
farm and city property.
S5.VO dne in R yra. bear'c 7 per ct ; security lU.fto
1 050
1 n
hi a)
Attorney at Law
Boom S and 4 Maaonic Temp'e,
Big Cut in Prices
591) 3 7
fn ' 5 " 7 "
4ti " !S " 7 "
1.150 S 7 " "
a " " 7 "
Ti " 5 " " 7 " "
7lM a " 7 "
41 5 " - 7 "
5 " 7 '
SOI " 5 .
7n0 " 5 " 7 '
tail - 6 " 7
SM 6 7
250' " & ' 7
Schneider's Shoe Stores-
Ladies Fine Shoes, worth $ 5.00 for 4 23
Ladies Fine Shoes. " 4 50 " 8 50
Ladies' Fine Shoes, " 4 00 " 3 00
Ladies' Fine Shoes, " 3.00" 2.50
Ladies' Fine Shoes, 2 50 - 2.00"
Ladies' Lace Shoes, " 1.78 " 1 00
I&M Ball Shoes, - 1.00 " .80
St. Mary's School,
A firft-cla establishment, healthfully located,
conducted by the officer who fonaded it. New
building, new farnitare. th Utet met hod of
mental and physical culture; everything up to
the limes. Industrial, apecial, and collegia t
course. Autre).
Rector and Foander.
Safer by permission to the editor ol this paper.
Children's Shoes, worth f. SO for .30
Children's Shoes. " l.U) .70
Children's Shoes, 1.15 " .90
Children's Shoes. " 1.50 " 1.15
Misses' Slippers, .75 .50
Misses' Slippers, " 1.00 -75
Ladies Slippers. " 1 00 " ,75
Wigwams, " .90 " .75
Men's Fine Shoes cut down in same proportion.
Men's Low Shoes at half price.
These pi ices will continue until stock is reduced.
Custom Work and repairing neatly and promptly done.
l5?Call and see us.
CENTRAL SHOE STORE, 1818 Second A-ena.
2939 Fifth Avenue.

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