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Lot. and this will be the last one.
On Tuesday . m. August 2Dth, we
shall pi are on sale soother lot of those
stylish Sailor Hat at the uniform price
Qc Each,
for both white ami black. SO doren in
all, 24 bats, ma; last all dav, ma; last
three la;s or all week, but it's doubtful.
AUo at the same time, we mark out a
nip job or No. 40 fane; Ribbons, (3)
Inches wide) at 3c per ;ard,
3c, 3cts. 3c.
The absiinlit; of this price, (a No. 40
ribbon at 8c per ;ard) will caune in urn
comment ,
Remember above is on Tuesda; a. m.
Improvements are such obstructions to
oar customers that we feel we should
offer some special inducements to bring
them out.
On Monaay a. m. at o clock, we
place on sale 10 pieces, 8-4 (2 ;ds wide)
sheeting at r.'jc, iu yards lor $ 1.25.
8 iieces. 0 4 (2 yards wide) sheeting
ai iojc, iv jaras tor 91.00.
These prices continue while the Roods
last; ma; last two days, perhaps throe.
We place on sale 50 pieces dress flan
tela, all the leading colors and black, at
J'jc per yartl.
On Monday we reduce all qualities of
Aepnyr uingnams to lie per yd. Man?
choice styles worth 15 to 16c, all down to
Splendid styles Dress Ginghams is va
riety or patterns at 7 cents; check
ginghams at 4Jc.
3fNew Fall Goods are arriving in every department. The new Butterick
patterns just received and go on sale Tuesday a. m.
Very respectfully,
1714. 17l. 1718. 1720 and 1723 Second Avehck. Rock Island.
A Pine Line
And Statuary
Suitable for Wedding Presents, at
1705 Secend Avenue.
tCall and see them.
r I
In rompetition with the Leading Refrigerators of the
United States received the highest award for economy
of ire, using only 12.17 as much ice as its best compet
itor and 9.17 as much as one of its would be competitors.
lir- the only provision chamber free from odors, produces a dry
cohl air wliii b no ohter can eual. and has preserved fresh meats three
weeks in the hottest weather. Produces better results with less ice
than any other Refrigerator. The flues of the
do not require cleaning as do other makes, being perfectly and scien-tifl-ally
constructed, the cold dry air by constant circulation keeps it
sweet and clean. The best made, best finished and handsomest lie
tritferator in the market. There are more ALASKA Refrigerators in
uie in Hock Inland than all others.
Opposite Harper House.
is one array of beauty with its loads of new
Wall Paper, Curtains
Room Mouldings.
Call and make your selections from the Largest Btock,
the Newest Patterns and Lowest prices.
Matter Tavit Caawew la the Ceaartl
That the- Ofllelal Keear Daea Sat
Kate.t.ai Sisal's) Meetlac
The councl did tome sensible things
last night an 1 demonstrated in more ways
tlran one that the dominating spirit
just what Reck Island wants in a year of
progressives ;ss.
Aid. Eyann introduced a very sensible
resolution th it the street and alley com
mittee advertise for bids to fill Union
square eighlten inches above grade in the
center slopin j to the outer edge at grade,
etc., and that $1,600 be appropriated
from the sidewalk fund for that purpose,
In this connection Mr. Evans took occa
slon to make his maiden speech in the
council, and it was an effort that he need
not be in the east ashamed of. He spoke
ot the necessity and importance of this
work at this t rue. and urged that the eye
sore that Union square presents in its
present shape, be done away with once
and for all tin e.
Aid Edwards made a strong speech
sustaining the view advanced by Aid,
tvang, but off j red a substitute that the
work be done by the dsy.
Aid. egus was opposed to filling the
square. He culled upon Aid. Hampton
and Engineer Paddock to corroborate bis
assertion that n Council Bluffs a park
like Union square was regarded as better
low than high; vegetation would grow
better. It wu au unnecessary expendi
Aid. Howard, who never forgets Frank
lin square, put in a plea as an amend-
ment for $250 10 fit up the sidewalks at
Franklin squan.
Aid. Negus thought that If Union
square had $1,6 )0 so bad Franklin square
Aid. Schnel would rather put the
money in sidew dks than in Union square.
Aid. Hampto:i made one of his spiritU'
alistic and assu ing speeches, in which he
set forth that those who were crying now
for filling the square would cry the other
way when his doping process was com
pleted. He thought the public would be
delighted with his sloping idea.
Alderman tc wards said there was a
great deal of .alk going on now about
Rock Island's piospects, and asked how
far that reputation coulj be sustained
next spring when strangers came to towu
to see a frog pound in the center of the
Alderman Hampton made another
stabat the Luion square improvement
idea, and Aid. D tter tried to kill it by
having it referred to the street commit
tee to estimate costs.
Aid. Edward called up his amend
ment that it be done by the day, and in
response to City Attorney Haas' opinion,
which had been asked for, that work
over $500 must bt- done by contract under
state law, called attention to the fact
that in Chicago millions of dollars of
work was done at nually by the day. The
proposition to do it by contract was only
a scheme to do away with giving em
ployment to crippled men.
Aid. Larkin ssid this question of not
being able to do work by the day, no
matter what the contract, was never
raised until the last city administration
chose to bring it up. He believed in
giving tbe'old citizens a chance.
Alderman Bum her favored the day
work plan and tl en made the assertion
that it had becone now so that a man
could not work on the street unless he
stood in with the mayor and street com
missioner. The vote was c tiled up on Edwards'
amendment and when Aid. Knox was
reached he asked tf be excused from vot
ing on a matter ttmt bad no legality to it.
The mayor insisted upon hitu voting.
The official recorc shows the defeat of
the resolution on the msyor's casting
Then came the v He on the real motion
for the f 1.6(H) improvement, and Aid.
Negus warned the council that be would
ask for $1,600 for franklin square if the
motion passed.
Aid. Edwards What do you want it
Aid. Negus Why. for flower beds.
fountains, brick wi.lks and other things
that we want.
The alderman neglected to mention a
menagerie and a jat itor and consequently
his warning had no effect, but after the
council bad rightly decided to fill the
square he again put a plea for Franklin's
$1,600, but it was knocked out.
Aid. Larking' res riution for gates at
ihe dangerous railroad crossings; Aid.
Evans' resolution commending the mayor
and marshal for enf ireing sobriety in the
police force, and aim bis resolution to
appoint a committee to represent the in
terests of the Henne.iin canal at the Cin
cinnati convention Aid. Buncher's
resolution giving lose carriages and
other fire apparatus, the right of way
going to fires all ei cellent resolutions
passed by nnanimou i vote. The resolu
tion with regard to ttie railroad crossings
and the light of wi.y to ' fire vehicles
should both be rigid;; complied with
and doubtless will.
The petition of Mry Tree for damages
sustained by being tbr iwn from a buggy by
reason of unguarded obstacles on Fourth
avenue, is a serious reflection on the street
commissioner and he should be investi
gated for neglect of tuty.
Aid. Hampton sua eeded as usual in
putting the city attoi ne; to sleep, and
then attempted to reprimand the attor
ney and lay his sooth ng influences at the
door of someone else at the same time.
Ia There rnvarttlaas f
In his inaugural Mayor McConochie
took the high moral t round that sobriety
and strict discipline ould be rigidly ex
acted of all police officers. Officer
Fletcher was the first to realize the full
import of the mayor'n intention by re
moval for intoxication. The mayor was
applauded for his appstrent determination
to improve the moral standard of his
police force, and all i;ood citizens said
amen. Since then, ht wever, the mayor's
mandate is said to ha re been violated,
but be fails to show Ids displeasure in
the same prompt mam er as he did with
Officer Fletcher.
Is the mayor swervi ig from the line ot
duty be first laid out?
Bear, ef EaWeatla.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of education was held last even
ing, all the members being present ex
cept Director Durham. The minutes of
the six previous sessions were read and
The superintendent was authorized to
ask Prof. Renter for a proposition to
teach calisthenics in the Rock Island
The action of the committee on furni
ture in having desks scraped and oiled
was approved, and the committee was re
quested to continue the work on the
same terms.
Bids were allowed as follows:
S. B. Hendren, $39 70; Rock I-land
Lumber company, $25 75; J. T. Noft
sker, $17.85; Coal Valley Mining com
pany. $1,003; Union Printing companv,
126 40; Henry Darts' Sons. $19.59; L
Holdorf, fS.75; Rock Island Gas com
pany, $1.40; E. G. Frazer, $1; Rock Is
land A Riius, $19.40; S. S. Kemble. cash
advanced. $26.80; Updyke & Nichols,
S 25; Wm. Atkinson, $10; Stephen
OXJonnor. $125 57.
Architect Hammatt was authorized to
sobstitne bard pine for platter in the
ceiling of the main hall on the first
floor of the new school on the best terms
ine superintendent was directed to in
vestigate and report at the next meeting
on temporary accomodations for the
school belonging to No. 5. The superin
tendent was also directed to place before
tbe board at its next session all informa
tion obtainable pertaining to the practical
working of the new truant law.
Tbe finance committee reported having
deposited with Treasurer C. F. Lynde,
bonds as follows:
$4,000 doe August 1. 1892, with interest at 5 per
S.0nO due August 1, 1880, with interest at ft per
S,ono due August 1, 1894, with Interest at 5 per
All bonds in denominations of $1,000
and interest payable semi-annually, as
authorized by the board July 24. Tbe
following interest bearing orders have
been issued and are due one year from
date with interest at 6 per cent per annum:
Peter Fuhlendorf. August S. 'Ml
Mrs. ly arT A. Wul..nnh Aul.ii-i R mmj
Kai. Byrnes, August 8, 1S89, 11,1V).
The board then adjourned until next
Monday evening.
The tire Alarm.
The larm of fire in tbe Third ward at
:30 this morning was occasioned by the
discovery of fire in tbe roof of the house
at 413 Fifteenth street, owned by Mr.
Virgil Warren and occupied by Mr. An
drew Burkluud. Tbe Wide-Awakes.
Hollys, Franklins, Phoenix and the Hook
and Ladder company responded before
the alarm was fairly sounded, but some
of tbe companies were unable to exactly
locate the fire, showing the great need of
a better alarm system . Some delay was
experienced in getting water owing to
the distance of the building from any fire
hydrant; finally the Wide-Awakes and
Hollys coupled together and after a well
directed fiaht subdued the fire and saved
the house, though it was necessar to
submerge it to do it. The furni
ture on which there was an insurance of
$300 in Chas. E. Hodgson's agency and
the Rockford company, was mostly saved.
The damage to the building will not ex
ceed $300. The fire demonstrated the
imperative need of the hook and ladder
truck getting to a fire on time. Had the
truck been provided with a team of its
own and automatic extinguishers, and
been able to locate the fire by electric
alarm promptly, the building might have
been saved without the use of nearlv so
much water as it became necessary after
ward to use.
There are two theories as to how the
fire was started: one being that it was
irom tbe use 01 Kerosene in lighting a
fire, and the other a defective flue.
There was a slight blaze at the Rock
Island Brush Electric Light building last
evening. Engineer W. H. Wise, with the
assistance of some railroad men, extin
guished the fire with a slight loss. The
shingles of the roof were burned about
four feet square.
rfcMii..J alarm ror tbe Tbird ward
this afternoon was the result of the burn
iDg of a shed in the rear of of 3(IS Four
teenth street a house occupied by a
river pilot named Uolsspple. The dam
age was light.
Aa Evening af Mask.
Tbe audience which greeted Mrs. Mil
ton Jones on tbe evening of her second
benefit concert at Harper's theatre last
evening attested the popular manner in
hich she is regarded in Rock Island, as
well as how very much her talents as a
musician are appreciated. Tbe pro
gramme of the occasion was one of ment
in all respects and was highly enjoyed
from first to last, there being man; well
deserved encores and floral testimonials
of appreciation and good will. The pro
gramme included a scarf drill by thirteen
young ladies, under tbe direction of Miss
Helen G. Tripp; a selection by the Con
cordia Zither club; reading by Mrs. W.
C. Collins' of "The J'iners," with
The Jenkins" tor an encore; "Good
Night, Sweet Dreams," sweetly rendered
by Mrs. Geo. E. Lambert; "The Magic of
tbe Voice," excellently given by Miss Hat-
tie Fay, of Davenport; "Dear Heart," by
Mrs. Geo. Walker, of Moline; "Stolen
Glances,' by Miss Ella Wilcox; and '0
mio Fernando," by Miss Ida J. Decker,
of New York, all of which were ex
quisite. Mrs. Jones sang "The Song
That Reached My Heart," "Within a
Mile of Edenboro" as solos, appeared
with her children in "Rock-a-by Baby,"
and a duett with Master Louie in "Morn
ing Land," while as a closing number
Mrs. Jones and her children appeared in
a huge shoe in a happy - and cleverly
planned production of the nursery rSyme,
The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe."
On August ttlh the twenty first anni
versary of the famous Bethesda springs
wss celebrated in grand style at Wauke
sha, Wis. Carter H. Harrison delivered
an oration, extolling the medicinal quali
ties of the water, and urging all to drink
it and be bappj. "Long Jones is man
ager of the springs, and Winter & Lfim-
bueg are the Rock Island agents for the
health restoring beverage.
Read Kingsbury's change of ad.
Pie plates, 3 cents, at the Fair.
Fine Bartlett pears, 20 cents a basket
at May's.
Ivory soap, 8 cents per cake, at the
Watermelons and nutmeg melons at
Santa Claus soap, 4 cents per cake at
tbe r air.
Mr. C. E. Fleming left for Chicago
last night.
Tbe finest eating and cooking apples
in the city at May s.
Mr. Adair Pleasants went to Muscatine
on business this morning.
Pears, peaches, grapes and nutmeg
meltons at F. G. Young's.
Lobsters, oysters and shrimps st
Lothar Harms' on Wednesday.
Lilly Clay's Gaitey company appears at
Harpers tbeatretbia evening.
Division Supt. E. M. Herr, of tbe C
B. & Q.. was at the Harper today.
Mr. E. W. Hurst returned last evens
ing from his extensive business trip to
Leave your orders for the finest and
largest nutmeg melon in tbe city at
Capt. T. J. Robinsnn is able to ride out
eveiy day now. He is regaining his
strength rapidly.
Tbe Isegus heirs haveanfdded a dozen
handsome eacy chairs to tbe main hall of
the Rock Island house.
. M. Arnold, of Arnold's Bazaar, Daven
port, leaves next Thursday for a three
week s business trip to the eastern mar
Mr. John Oblweiler went out to Cable
on business this morning. His European
trip did not spoil him from work in tbe
least, it seems.
Mr. Thos. Learv will raffle off his light
champion bicycle the first of next month.
Tickets 50 cents, at Kohn & Adler's. post
office block.
Mrs. H. J. Reeer and child arrived
from Mount Ayr, Iowa, this morning and
joined Mr. Reger. who hss become a res
ident of Rock Island.
The Quincy ball club is at the Rock
Island bouse. The Oaincvs ulsv their
last series at Davenport this season, to
day, tomorrow and Thursday.
The Moline Central and People's rail
way are beginning to talk seriously of
adopting electricity as a motive power on
its line, and will probablj do so.
Elder E. C. Wheeler, of the Ohnrrh of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who
uvea at niiilersrjurg. will preach at the
stand in Uuion tquare tomorrow evening.
I arties wishing to be snonlied ith
Wm. Garnett's or Davui Fitzenmaier'
butler, should order of W. C. Maucker.
as he has sole control of their choice butter.
John Rehn has built a handsome and
convenient greenhouse with drivewav of
sixty by twenty feet on his premises at
the centre station on the Rock Island &
Milan road.
Mr. John Ronen. nroDrietor of the
Anamosa Stone quarries, from which the
curbing at present being used on Second
avenue street improvements is secured, is
in the city on business.
The finance committee of the countv
board, composed of Supervisors Wilson,
Bostock. Hartman, Buffutn. Pearsall and
Conrad Schneider, met today to make the
annual financial statements of the board.
The Davenport Demnfrat-Giaette offers
the sensible suggestion that the govern
ment celebrate its world's fair in 1S8 on
its own domain and that tbe Island of
Rock Island is the proper place to hold
it. So sav we all of us.
Deputy Sheriff J. W. Cavanausrh and
Magistrate L. S O'Neil. of Moline. left
yesterday afternoon for Peoria to attend
the meeting of tbe state assemhlv.Koiehts
of Labor. Mr. C'avanauzh beinir one of
tbe members of the executive board.
The steamer White Eigle. of the Hawk-
eye Excursion company, is to be pro
vided with two new steel boilers and con
verted into a freight and passenger boat
to mace regular weekly trips between
Rock Island and Davenport and St. Louis.
Capt- Jerry W ood will be her master.
Dr. W. O. Blaisdell. of Macomb, J.
W. Brock, of Ouawka. and J. S Allen,
of Keitbsburg. all republican patriots
from the lower end of tbe district, were
at the Rock Island house today in consul
tation with High Priest Gest in regard to
postofflces in theix respective localities.
The following Rock Island people were
registered at Doctor Alexander's "White
Sulphur" Sunday; F. C. Wakefield, Etta
McDonald, J. M. Montgomery and fami
ily. J. P. Weyerhauser and lady, E
G. Frazer, family and nurse, Mrs. W.
W. Eggleston and grandson, E. Hilton
and wifa. -
In another part of the Akuus can be
seen the advertisement of Mr. C. A.
Firke, one of the most enterprising
lawyers in the tri cities. He does a big
loan business and states that during the
twelve years that be has been in tbe law
and loan business in Davenport be baa
loaned over three million dollars without
tbe loss of a dollar to any of his clients.
A special meeting of the stockholders
of the Black Hawk Homestead Building,
Loan and Saving association, has been
called at the secretary's office in Bengs
ton block, on Fnday evening, Sept. 20,
for the purpose of making appli
cation to tbe secretary of state (or an in
crease of tbe authorized capital stock of
said association to $10,000,000.
Bitshop Ninde was nicelv entertained
by some of the M. E. folks yesterday, be
ing driven to tbe island, watch tower,
and other points of Interest. He was
highly pleased with what be saw and his
recepfion at the campgrounds. The
bibhop left for Chicago this morning,
and from there will go to Delavan and
Freeport. He baa a couple of Illinois
conferences to preside over in the near
Paving was resumed at the corner of
Second avenue and Twentieth street this
morning. The contractors have abun
dance of all kinds of material, having
contracted for 50,000 undercourse brick
at Cable and 50.000 at Moline. A com
mittee of Davenport aldermen were over
inspecting the pavement yesterday and
were pleased with it. This morning
Mail Agent Harrington took a sample of
each kind of orick to Sterling for inspec
tion, by request. All the cities round
about are copying after Rock Island.
Ex-City Attorney McEnirv says that
the city did not pay for the abstracts filed
in the supreme court in the abattoir case,
but that the abstracts so filed in the su
preme court were printed for the appel
late court at no extra expense and fur
nished by him to tbe butchers' attorneys
upon an agreement that should tbe city
lose the case in tbe supreme court, judg
ment would not be enforced against it
for the costs of the abstracts; hence tbe
saving to tbe city is due to Mr. McEoi
ry's efforts.
Weather Fareeaat.
C 8. Siaiv at. Omen, I
Washlngton,D.X,Aa.. 19. f
For the next 24 hours for Illinois:
showers, and slightly cooler.
At Black Hawk watch tower landing
for rent by the hour or day. Ten row
boats, three sail boats and one barge.
Culex, Agent.
Tbe II alt ana LtUer Track.
Tbe hook and ladder truck has been in
the hands of Mr. Fred Alter, the artistic
sign and ornamental painter, for three
weeks. The apparatus was delivered to
the company Monday evening, tbe
members being present to receive
it rnd a'l were so pleased with the
workmanship that they went to work
with chamois skins to take off tbe dust
and by rubbing harden tbe paint. Peo
ple who see the "Reveille.' so named,
will say that a new hook and ladder
truck has arrived in this city. The paint
ing is of bright vermilllon .ornamented in
old gold, lake white and black. The
ladders are painted in blue, which is 1
happy combination of colors to the eye
When tbe company purchase their horses.
Ore extinguishers and other equipments
the people of the city can feel assured of
a quick service.
C. A. Stiil, - Mansger.
SM. T. JACK. Manager.
Handsomest Ladies in .1 (
First presentation of the Grand Spectacalar
Soiree entitled .
Or, Pcatls or thiX'biekt (Copyriehted)
and tbe (roreeont bnrlesqne of the
Or, Little Fat on a Lark.
tale at Clemann & Sul.mann.
C. A. Srtil, - - Manager.
Grand Lyric and Spectacular
production of
Lost in London.
A Great Play ! A Great Company !
All New Scenery by Lafarette W. Seavey. The
tienn o mrumore, reie of Lonnf, Joo
Vision. Home of the Swart Kin?. Illnmi
nated Snow Senation, A Wonderland
of Dissolving Branty.
Prices 75, 50 and 35 cents.
Sale of eat begins T liar-day, Aog. 2.
Wall Paper
Room and Picture
Curtain Pulls,
Chains, Pins
and Cord.
Picture Wire,
Cord Nails & Hooks,
At tbe very Lowest
Call and see.
C. C. Taylor
Under Rock Island Bonae.
First Mortgage Farm Loans
for Sale.
Kate 6$ per cent and 7 per
cent Nkt.
Loaned by ns without lou to any client.
tycll or write for circular and references.
IWar.81 77itc
-HroitifltuPwXJAVtNPORT Ift.
I offer for sale at par and accrued la
te rest the following First Mortgages on
farm and city property.
$4,500 doe inSyra. bear? per et; security S1S.UM
Mo " 3 " "7 " " 1.500
. 7(
5 "
6 -
a "
6 "
5 "
5 "
a -
5 "
5 "
6 '
5 "
Attokkit at Law
Room S and 4 If aaonic Temp'e,
First arrivals of FALL GOODS remind them that more space is needed.
This week in order to make room they make prices on seasonable goods
so low that all ought to be cleared out quickly.
Ladies' ribbed Jersey Vests, were 25c, now 13c
Lawns go this week at 2c.
Shallies, take them for 2c.
Lawns, fine quality, were 10c, now 6c.
Hatteens, were 12$ to 15c, now 9c.
Imported French Sateens, were 29 to 3?c, now 25c.
New Handkerchiefs just received, cheap.
Lvlies' cord edge, pure linen, 7c.
Oent's pnre linen cord edge, 12o.
Ladies' fine cambric, colored borders, 15c.
And many others.
Bargains in towels examine our all Linen, fine quality, large
Towels at 25 cents, its a world beater.
Splendid assortment of Bedspreads at popular prices.
Rock Island. Illinois.
Choice llortgages
on Improved Farm In the
Best Counties of Iowa,
The Farms were Inspected by
me Personally.
218 Main St, DAVENPORT, IA.
P'S 't m& - fi cm - Sz
1 ? in 5
i o
Geo. W. D. Hetrris,
Real Estate and Insurance,
The following are among the many bargains offered:
229 Seventeenth ft-. nteeoantRid Hotol,
tWPirtl daea Inturance at loweet rates.
A nice reiJence at th nvor en4 of the c:tjr.
lam cornfr lot, coQTeuiiut to iflud, depot and
saw mill, cheap.
A nice new hou w, larire lot, shrubbery, trees,
etc.. on Twenty-funrth street, cheap.
A new boae of eieht room-, fine lo 6rtxl,
well located, within five block of the poaiot&ie,
A neat brick house with a Ursre lot far f i OX),
convenient to apper dep. t and w milU.
Two dwe line wilh lot iiA4. well located on
Moline arenas, at a great bttnin.
A nice two-etory dwelling, well located, on
Tw entieth etreet, cheap
A nice residence, with improvement, large
ground, on Elm street, cheap on ea j term.
A two-etorr bouse and ltrt. convenient to the
npper aaw mill-, depot and round ho e, vrr
One of the nicest ret-idences. with all cooven
ience. fine burn comer lot. !xl30. one of the btat
neiehhorbo-wi on Fonrth avenue.
f iAi) willbny two torn. ell located on Third
avenue, for any kind of boinee. and the rent
paring a rood interest on the investment.
fl.lwiwill buy a dwelling with good bucinaaa
roos id front, well located on Third avenue.
A new build ine. one of the beat money malting
retarant and boardini? houses in the city, near
the C. K. I A P. depot, well located for any kind
of buins.
On - of tbe best Wated lorew-atory brick store
for businesaon Second avenue.
One of the beat payinirmeat market In tbe city,
brick building, firet-clase location, cheap.
-.) will buy a gjod lot. 5ox&. in rood loea
tion if taken soon. One of the beet lots in the
Big Cut in Prices
Schneider's ShoeStores
Children' Shoe, worth f .50 for .30
Children's Shoes, " 1.00 " .70
Children's Shoei, 1.15 " .90
Children's Shoes, " 1.50 1.15
Misses' Slippers, " .75 .50
Misses' Slippers, " 1.00 -75
Ladies' Slippers. 1 00 ' ,75
Wigwams, " .90 .75
Ladies' Fine Shoes, worth $5.00 for 4.25
Ladies' Fine Shoes, " 4 50 " 3 50
Ladies' Fine Shoes, " 4 00
Ladies' Fine Shoes, " 3 .00
Ladies' Fine Shoes, " 2 50
Ladies' Lace Shoes, " 1.78
Base Ball Shoes, " 1.00
Men's Fine Shoes cut down in same proportion.
Men's Low Shoes at half price.
These pi icSs will continue until stock is reduced.
Custom Work and repairing neatly and promptly done.
ISCall and see as.
' " CENTRAL SHOE STORE. 1818 Second Avenue.'
. 2929 fifth venae.

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