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Saturday, Octoiikr 19, 1889.
8ts a republican organ: "Tbe German
nilnor who truck a nmntb ao got 45
cont day. It U not surprising that
German. In the last rl'litfon yean, baa
loit 1. 799.297 personi by liumiKration.of
whom 1,018,816 have come to tbia eoua
try. The advance maile after tbe trike
false the pay of German miner to 94 60
week or 1238 a year; but e'en this will
not atop the tide which sets abroad."
The Oerman miners, like tbe miners In
this country, are "protected" by a high
tariff which restrict traile and reduces tbe
wagea of the workioKmen to tbe mini
num. Some of the protectionist organs,
hfWeer, would have the people believe
tbat a tariff wall is essential to a coun
try's prosperity.
back numlwr sheet around n
-i?lLleilh street had one of Ita incur
able Idiotic attacks last niht. which ac
counts for the rot appearing in its col
umns this morning In regard to tbe ap.
pointmcnt of a letter carrier, with silly
allusions to civil service reform. As
usual It makes a lot of false statements,
purporting to be facts, in regard to tbe
editor of thia paper Its favorite pas
time. The bit of "democratic history"
which It unearths Is truly reniarkaule.enci
savors of the Ignorance on political mat
ter generally manifested by tbe back
number sheet. Wc really feel sorry some
republican doesn't take the poor old In
" Into Its confidence and post it suffl
ciently to enable it to come somewhere
ear telling the truth once in a while. It
U quite pIliaMe to we it floundering
round In the dark in such an aimles
A IMM)T Oatlaak
With the Immense demand on tbe
treasury for pensions end for building a
navy, the government will need to retain
all its present sources of revenue, and It
niay be necessury to levy new tales or en
large the public debt by Issuing more
bonds. This certainly is no time to talk
about the repeal of taie on ll.juor and
The above appeared In the Chicago
Tritmnt. The W,. of tbe same city,
In commenting on It. warns its readers
ttat tbe taxpayer must fortify himself for
greatersaeriflces. "When Orover Cleve
land went out of offiVe," It ssj. "iL loss
waa not 1,1 A country given over to
fpen plunder was the true loser. A conn.
r"""' to hew tales and a .'renter
'rt.-niiKl.l slowly lri.ro to rue tbe day it
dismissed a flibful steward. Such Is the
true situation, admitted sardonically by
an orifan which would willingly confute
the ,', arraignment of Harrison, If
ronrutaiion were fes-.il.le before an Intel
ligent community. But tbe truth I. .,t
Tbe surplus gone. The pension dam
Is down. The congress about to assem
ble Is pledged not only to uphold the In
famy of Tanner, hut to make colossal
additions to the list of persons who are
Henceforth to live oft the taxes. Men of
America, curtail your enjoyments, that
you may meet the new federal levy. The
nation that two years ago hsd f KHj.ono,.
HH of annual surplus, m w must sell
bonds anil increase the dutis."
When tlen. Illack tendered Col. W. R.
Morrison, a poor man. a pension without
an application having been made accord
ing in w, it was at once returned.
When Corporal Tanner tendered Senator
Mainlerson, a rich man, arrears of pen
sion ninounting to over .'?', ink) without
authority of law, it was pocketed without
hesitation, h Is unnecissary In add tbat
Col. Morrison wa a democratic aoldier
anil that i imtor Mnnih-rson i a republi
can soMier (JulUtin l'inn-r,,t .
stumlaj arri leea.
At the Ilroailway Presbyterian church,
v. W. S Manpns, pastor. Srvices at
ll 45 a. m. and 7 HO p m. Sunday
school and young people's meeting at tbe
uxuni nour.
At the Christian chape s
Piatt liaalor m,i r- '
.ml ? fin r.eacnat HI t ) a m
wasasav Minday pi l.oo t 9.1.5
Voillig ieoile'a meeting 11 1 :ti), lieo.
Platl, siiM-rintendetit.
At the Central Presbyterian church,
preaching by the pastor, Uev A B. Mel
drum, at M4 a m. and 7 30 p. m.
Morning subject; hWhhath Observs,ncu."
r.venlnu aulijeet-. aattntuv tlian siwrp."
Habriaib school at twn to., .1. M. Hil
ton!, superintendent. Young eopl;'a
meeting at .,'lo p. m.
At the First Ilaptist 1 bur. h, Iti v. II.
C. Inland pastor. Services at 111 4 a.
m. Theme of sermon "The Call of the
I'naaved to the Sleeping Christian." At
7 :i, tlieme: "Hell." or "The Klemenls
of Future Retribution " Sabhatb school
at W 80 a. m. Yountj people's meets
Ing at 0 HO p. m. Sunday school at
Forty-fourth street chapel at a..'10 p. m.
First l. L. church, (r'wliing In
Harper's theatre at I'M", a m and 7 ..'10 p
m. by the pastor. Rev. (I. W. One
Jfornlng subject. "A Friendly Talk to the
'..''nrrh." Kvrnlng subject. "A Walk
Among the Churches. Catholic and Prot
estant, Orthodox and tlelroib'X . Sun
day school at 9 I'i a in. J. F. Robinson,
superintendent. Children's meeting at
U p m In Oerman Methodist church.
Young people's meeting in tbe green
room at theatre at it .'to p ni
Ihe ew Praalan 'teiaataalaarr.
WasiiiNOTiiN, I C , (a t. !. Otllcial
circles were surprised today by the an
nouncement of the appointment of Gen.
(Ireen H. Raum. of Illinois, as pension
commissioner, tlen. Raum occupied the
same position under President Hayes.
A kiat leal.
Ijshiin. Oct. l!i The kinu' of Portu
gal, who has been critically ill for some
time, died today.
tUport on Ilia lr l.ln l-rngraa af tha
l.llnr(lral Haslslam.
Nw Yohk. U4 I'. At yesterday morn
ing's v's-ioii of the I'rotestunt Epiarnpal con
vsutiun in Sue York lh committa on
canons rioried that It was Inexpedient at
pr.sw.it tosntitlilish a missionary episcopate
for the colored apla, even were tba church
Justitlrtl by iti laws in rscounixing tha aep
arata reifs. A decision 011 the ip last ion waa
I Itnrglral llasislnn.
At tha eiternooii k-sioii tha amendment
to the hturv adopbsj m committee of tb
whole Ve.iiM,iT wr agrewl Vt. Among
thSMi was tim uUtltntlon of M l'4th for
tha With Pwlm in ih (loo. Fridiiy service.
lr. ilunliiiKtiHi's proposition f.ar a short
ufrliw for Sunday ocm,i,His waa adopted.
Tha bisbopi .h-clins.1 to concur ia tb
propositKm to iMtition congress upon tbe
subject of divonv, on tbegrouiul that It wa
not advisuble at this time.
HIshAp for IC islam Sllrhlaaa Cnneeeralad.
I'niLADKl.rillA.Oct IU. Rev. i)r. Tboaia
Frederick Daviua was yesterday oonsacraud
bishop of the Episcopal dioceao of eastern
' Michigan. Th ceremony occurred in St
Pauls church, this city, of which Dr. Iavls
baa been rsctor for many years A distin
guished eomiwny of bishops, priests, deacons
and laymen asaistwL Bishop Potter, of New
York, pre died the sermiai. Bishop Will
lams, of Connecticut, presided, and Bishop
Whipple, of Minnesota, waa celebrant of tba
communion aervio.
Nothing will so soon make a person hot
1 cold-Vmtment.
Isaac Vari, 8 Trar-oli boy was crushed
to daatb by bow cart in Cnioafc-o Friday.
The R. h. Hum Lumbar comny, of
CbtcKo, mada an asninant Friday.
Libilitim, 141,300; aasaU, Jl,0OJ.
A n -uro boy of 10 years waa convicted of
anon Krlday at Bastrop, La, Tbe boy set
fir to tbe reahlouoa or Mr. H. Pykar.
It is reported that Miaa Clara Huntington,
daughter of C. . Huntington, the railway
nag-nate, will wad Priiio Haixfaldt, a Ger
nian nobla, O.t. 8s.
The Russian police bars a.-lswl large quan
tities of Hormlist publications in transit
from Ualicia und intemll for different
points in the Ru.iau dominions.
Ai.Umlo Muetvi, an iiiitinate of tba Ital
ian patriot Uuribalili, an J who claliuad toba
tba original invanior of tbe Meplioua, died
id iimon, Mtawn lsla.nl, ?l. Y., Friday.
A stro ig oiinnailioii haa davltimJ in liOn-
don to the eltxmc lighting of tba straeU, Id
teimitld, it U balwved, by tba raporU ot tLe
raoont tieatn In Jieat ork by tbs wire.
A rty ol raiicbaroa carried otT a bona
tbi f nam xl O.lxaum from naar Biuwus
viila, Tolas. A cuniiaiiioii of Uilsauin bns
alto diHappure I. Lynched, probably, bulb
ol Ihvui.
lli.v. Hnvi, of IVnnxylvania, waa elect
ad prm.ifni of th Auwirau Furuairy sisso
ciailon at the el. Ming meeting of tht conven
tl w at I'liiladuliilua, Friday, and C C
Hlnnay correspon ling socralary.
(Ina of the n wilution adopta I by tba na
tional board of ti'a In cmvuution at Imi
villa wbh tu opposition to tliaroMl or moli
flaition of tb c:ause in the Intrrmtata com
mrrra act bub prohibits pooling.
Mtio Milcholl is inarriwt agaiu. 8lia
a a aim Is, and that tba ceremony took
plai-a June t:i lait. Hr now husbanl la
t'bnrli a AtiUitt, hr leading man. Mha waa
divorosl some mouths ago from bar first
bu bind, Mr. Taddock.
The ar d pnrtrmiit has ain.-u I'M the rule
of enllsliiiiuil so that a racruit will ba put on
proiwtion fur ait dav, ln-taad of twanty
four boiirj as now. Tlieobj-n-t b to give tba
racruit ait opportunity to sva how lia hkea it
and tu pro bis olmra. t-r, and tothaolncers
the saiiM chanon.
A Tnry NniM Rule Concesslaa.
Lo!niM, M. l'.i. Attorney Ueuaral Web
ster, addressing a minting of Conservative
at Ryde last evening, niada the statement
that If the Irish parliament for which tbe
Home Riili-n were clamoring war intmidHt
to be given authority over stru-tly local niat
lera only, the govcrnni ait stool ready not
only to eonn-ds It, but waa prepared to
father a measure looking to tbat and. Ha did
not bahav., b ow ver, that famell ami bl
supiorbrs In Ireland, whatever might bs
said of his Kiilisb allies, would remain long
aalUIWd with such a n-ta-m alon.
Mataal rrea Trad and a I'altad atataa
Protfl.etrata I'ropeesd.
8a sj raasjciaro, Oct 11. Th steamer
City of IVking bring Honolulu advioes to
the efToet that th Hawaiian cabinet in
aiwwer to a committee representing a public
meeting of Hawaiian citisana, who mad In
quiries oonuennng th relationa butweeo th
kingdom an.) tb United Htata on Oct 4,
has Imuwl a statenwnt in which it position
relativ to tb propos I treaty la explained,
tt state tbat tlx cabinet ba for a long tim
had undr consideration the practicability
ot extending th treaty relaiion so a to
xihanoa and Increase both tb commarclal
and political benerlta wbich the two oountrtaa
now enjoy by reason of th existing traatle.
rrnposett la Com Vndnr th Kacla' MTn(.
"As a result of nearly two years' conatd
eration of tbia tubjw-t by tlie ctbinet, th
minister resident at Washington baa been
Instructed to ascertain whether th govern
ment of ilw United tttata Is williu to en
tertain a proposition looking to th and
abov Imll.-st-.l. And should be find such
wlillngnesH, . waa Aistructa.1 to open nego
tiation wub tliut government for tb con
clusion of a treaty by wbicb free trade be
tween tho two countries would be secured
and a Uuited 8tate protectorate over tbe
Hand icrt Islands be en Labi ishod. Tba clause
In the proposition relating to tbia latt.r
proposition waa as follow: -A positive and
rMcaciotn guarantee by tbe UniUd Btataa
govarnmeut uf tba perfect Indupendenca and
autonomy ot the Hawaiian government in
all Its dominions and it rights of sovereign
ty over aucb dominions To nabl tba
United Hiatea government to do this with
out danger of complication with other pow
ers, wa do agree not to negotiate treaties
with other nations without the knowledg
ot tb Uuited U tales government"
Ititrhed tha Train.
HrjTcillSiKi. Kaa, Oct l'J Tbe "Can
non Ball'' tram, east-bound on tbe Santa F
road was partly wrecked yesterday twenty
mile weat of liodg City by a broken rail.
Tb following war dnugerou-ly injured, but
sra doing wall: Mns. C M. Iiunkle, of
Lamar. Mo.; K. B. Alman, of Elgin, IIL,
and Bliss alary L. Upton, of Keokuk, la.
Several othara were hurt, but not seriously.
Aa i:mbalar Arraatad.
Chicaoo, Oct 1U Jama M. Johnson,
th general agent of tb Michigan Mutual
Life Insurance Company of Detroit at Min
neapolis, was arraatad bare yesterday after-
oon, charged with embxall ng f 1,377 of In
y a funds. R quisition paper have
already J? mrwaruau, ami unies a writ
ot babeaa ouTf " prisooar
II ba Uken to M ."t2TP,'"i
iMrllnail to Prohibit (
ATLsT. On., Oct 1U -TlieViive bill,
prohibiting consolidation of eoiniietinJfJIKiJ
f'Sk.U. was ilMfMHtad in th- hoii yesteritay.
- s.nnl spa-
eially at tim t .-st roint Triiim c ii.ur,
and much id-faniing w 11 n ris-1 tiy its dia
cusse n.
Tha It. f..rm.Ml H
Atl.ltNToW X, I'.l
I I 1
- It- N ima.
I', r .riiifsj
hi 11 ilia
1. hi. 1 u in
SVnol Vi-l
Kt-ier.i -i-tbs
U.il'cd :
1 'I In
111. R M
SIOO Reward 1100.
Tbe readers of the Daily Arocs will
be pleased to learn tbat there Is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able cure In all its stsges, and that
is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure ia tbe
only positive cure now known to tbe
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, rrtiiiirea a consti
tutinnal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is taken Internally, acting directly upon
tbe blood and mucus surfaces of tbe sys
tern, thereby destroying tbe foundation
of tha disc see, and giving the patient
strength, by building up the constitution
and assisting nature In doing its work
The proprietors bsve so much fsith In its
curative powers, tbat they offer one nun
l red dollars for sny case that it falls to
cure. Send for list of testimonials. Ad
dree. F. J. Chxnet A Co, Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists. 75c.
A Oreat isrprls
Is in store for all who use Kemp's
Ualssm for the Throat and Lungs, the
great guaranteed remedy. Would you
believe tbat It ia sold on Its
merits, and tbat any druggist is
authorized by tbe proprietor of this
wonderful remedy to give you a
sample bottle free? It never falls to
cure acute or chronic coughs. All
druggists sell Kemp's Balsam. Large
bottle SO cenuand 91.
A deed Appetite
Is essential to good health; but at this
season It Is often lost, owing to the poT
erty or Impurity of tbe blood, derange
ment of tbe digestive organs, and tbe
weakening effects of the changing sea
son . Hood's Sarsaparllla is a wonderful
medicine for creating an appetiU), toning
the digestion, anil giving strength to the
whole system. Now Is tha time to take
It. lie sure to gel Hood's Sareaparilla.
I suffered with pain in my aide and
hack for four weeks, tbe pain being so
severe as to keep me In bed, unable to
move. I tried Salvation Oil and it com
pletely cured me, and I am now well and
free from all pain .
Ch. Robert Ledmsh,
52 Durst Alley. Balto., aid.
Tbat fat man, who tbe ladiea declare is
the handsomest man in Washington, used
to be an Invalid, but he took to hard
drinking, not of whisky, but of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup, and now he walks right
over the very slenderest dudes, and don't
care at all.
There is no sweetness in a kiss,
Unless your teeth are just like pearls.
Then would you share its trembling bliss,
Use Hozodont at once, sweet girla;
For it alone gives to the mouth,
White teeth and fragrace ot the south.
The Corporal's Objections to
the Pension Laws.
A Law Proposed to Pensloa Kvevv Tateraa
Mow ar Hereafter Disabled A 1-aree
Inerease la th Pensloa Force Asked foe
Pensioners on tha Lists A Chance for
Trada with Chill Argentiferous Land
Otea Not Ilatlaule Not.
WashinoTow CITY, Oct m The annual
roport of the commissioner of pensions pre
pared by Commiesioner Tanner haa been
mads iiiUiic. He recommends new legisla
tion to rectify inequalities iu rates.
"Eighteen dollars a month," be say, "is the
b ghest rate ot pension which may be pro
portionately divided for different dH.-reee of
disability, IffU 'b disability or disabilities are
not equivalent to th loss of a hand or a foot
I , however, a pensioner bas lost a band, for
which existing law now provide the rate of
$10 per month, and bas also received in tbe
sei vice and line of duty an injury ot the
bock, for example, wbi -b would alone en
title blm to a pension of i-4 per month, he
oin receive no rate in excess of t'to a month
from tbe combined disability resulting from
the loss ot bis band and bis said
injury, unless, by reason of thum, be ia
totally helplaas 01 so nearly so as to require
th coustant aid aud attendance of another
person, for wbicb degree of disability th
rat of f V) a month can now be granted. It
will b seen tbat tb pensioner In such a
case actually receive notning for said in
jury, as the loss of his ban I alone entitled
him to the rat f.'I0), wbich ia tho highest
allowable rate under tba law for both disa
bilities. Numerous other Instances could lie
ei tad to abow tbe unfairnesa in rate now
provided by law, and I think tbia statute
should ba amended so as to permit tbe rate
of Ti per month to tie proportionately di
vided for all disabilities which ar shown to
have beeu incident to the service and line of
Another Cus f Ineo,nnlltjr.
An adjustment of rates for total helpless
ness ia recommeoded. Tbe injustice and un
fairneas caused by the law ot June Id, 1h),
should be corrected. This act, be says, litu
i s tbe right of pensioner to receive t'i per
month to those wbo were receiving $."il per
mouth at the date of the law. "No provision
is made for grading this rate, be says, "for
persons wbo were perfectly helpless on tbat
dab-, but n receiving (V) at tbe time, an I
none fia those who bave b-coine totally help
I. since that data. The auomaly ia pre
sent 1 of two men, equally disablod, possi
bly living aide by aide, the on receiving
per month, and the other 'VI per mouth. To
state thi rase ia to make all the argument
necessary to ahow tbe absolute necessity ot
an amendment of tbia act."
Pensions for All Disabled.
Tbe commissioner also proposes to pension
all soldiers who wer disabled. On tbis poiut
be says: "As tbe war period rece las from
in and age and ita attendant infirmities
afl c: the veteran wbo served bis country
faith! ully and well a quirter ot a century
ago, it ia a very serious question whether tbe
government doe buu ju-tice in limiting tbe
application of the pension laws to those dis
abilities only which were contracted In the
service and line of duty. I earnestly r acorn
mend that a pension be gnuted to every
honorable discharged soldier and sailor who
a now, or muy hereafter, become disabled
and without regard to whether sucti disabil
ity ia chargeable to the service of the United
State, or bns been contracted since dis
charge therefrom."
Throe Hundred Clerks Wanted.
Tbe commi'saioner earnestly renews the re
quests made by bis predeceseoi for ad II-
tional clerical force, asking specifl.-allv for
K) additional clerks, and 111 j i-itillcition of
thia request adds: "Considering tuat there
are now pending s.V.Oi'J claims or all classes
and that it w twenty -four years since the
war closed, it seems to me there are sum
rient reasons for asking that additional
force be put upon tbis work to enable tbose
entitled to a pension to get tbe bene tit of it
while they live."
Tbe report says tbat the numlwr of pen
sioners on tbe mils at the close of the year
was sHi'i; additions during the year were
.'J.UT.I, lait ltf,.VJ7 were dropped, making the
net increase over last year 37, ICS The av
erage anuual value of each tiension was
Heeretary Wind ana Derides Th! They Can
Come In Iaty Prea.
Wamiisuton City, O t 111 Secretary
Wiinlom last night ma le public a decision
in wbicb be sustains tbe present classiflca
tion tbat admit argentiferous lead ores, im
ported Irom Mexico, free of duty. Tbe
retary, in bis letter promulgating his decis
ion, which wa sent to customs officers yes
ten lav, after reciting the uniform decisions
and practice ot th departing it with rwp-ct
to tbe classift.-ation of these ores since lis),
"Tbe dutiable or nnn-dutinble character
of these ores was tb subject of an investiga
tion by th Judiciary committee of the an
ate, woo reported on the 5th of July,
in effect that ores of the character men
toned, namely: ores containing more lead
ia weight than either gold or silver, but
more gold or silver than lead in value, are
not, in tbe opinion of tbe committer, subj-jct
to duty under existing law."
Congressional Action Necessary.
He adds that tbe question is not a new one,
butttaA-VUi frequently decida.1, and alwaya
as be decides it, and evideutly as congress
InhMMtao. 1 So ha. Too em ar. known and
entitled to ba known as ores of silver, and
-ongreas did not Intend to impose a duty on
e lead found therein. If a change is de
iired, therefore, it must be obtained by con
gressional action.
Hoy Tramp In the I nltrd Ntitles.
M'asmixoto Citt, Oct in In an ad
dress before tit Boys' and Girls' N.tt tonal
Hum asa ciation Thursday Al x in l r
hoagland, president of the association, mail
th startling statenwnt that there are tVi,
0A) buy tramp in the Unite I States. He
a Ivorated the establishment of a registra
tion system by which boy tramps might be
found and sent to farmers wbo wer willing
to employ tbam.
A flail Herele Point fecided.
WAMHlsuro.v ClTT, Oct 19 At the re
quest of Civil Service Commissioner Koose
velt ami Thompson, tb President receutly
submitted to tb attorney-general a point of
law 10 relation to an appointment in tb
railway mall servica. J. U. Taylor was ap
pointed a railway mail dark In tbe usual
way ou April -V, l&Hi, and tb appointment
paper regularly made up and forwarded
on tbat day. Taylrr, however, did
not tik tbe oath of offlc until
Hay IS, Tb president
bad lamed an order that th tuns
at which tb order applying civil ser
vice rules to tb railway mall service
snouiil bike 1 fTsoi should bi M iy 1,
Instead of U irch I'i, as orinullr or-d'-rad,
and the question waa whether Taylor
was subject to a civil service exam nation.
Th attorney general duel lea th:it he was
not, and quoins a caae of a postmaster ap
pointed by President Taylor just before bs
died, and whose commission bad not been
delivered at tbat time, in wbich tbe court
decided tbat be waa legally a iostmaster.
A Chance fur Trad with Chill, but No
Amerlraa Ships.
Washixoton ClTT, Oct 1U. A reporter
sskad A sistant Secretary Batcheller what
fleet tha action of Chili in placiug machin
ery, agricultural Implement, toils, tele
phones, coppar, iron, tc, on tbe free list
would bavs on this country.
"It k a most friendly act" be replied "It
opens up a fin market for our product,
and if w sra prompt to avail ourselves of
tb opportunity it wid be of immense value
tons. Of course tbers is some selfish motive
in all these things, and Chill's motive is to
encourage progress and development but I
bav no doulit sbe waa inspired also by a
friendly feeling toward as. We need such a
market and should avail ourselves of it But
we must bave ships. Tbe trouble is in tbe
transportation. This action of Cbill will in
spire commercial activity, but in order to
accomplish anything congress must be
prompt to pass a roaaaur granting aid to
American steamer so as to build up Ameri
can linn of transportation."
Bar It la at Last.
WASHiHOTOif Citt, Oct lb. The presi
dent bas decided upon a commissioner of
pensions to succeed Tanner. Us is a promi
nnt wsstsrn Grand Army maa Tbe ap
pointment will bs mads to-day.
When someone wrote that "men wants
but little here below,"be forgot there waa
such a place as Chicago.
Baa Ball C ateat Hetweea th bsstss
and Association Pennant Winners.
Kxw York, Out 19. The first gam of
the word's oha npionship series between the
New York and Brooklyn clubs wss played
at tbs Polo grt und yesterday afternoon in
th presencs of 8,448 persons. Tbs interest
in the series is very great, and tbwsands of
base ball entht siasts wer unabla to witness
yesterday's game owing to tbe inability ot
the elevated and horse-car railroad linea to
convey them to the grounds. At all tb
elevated railroad stations down-town the
platforms wers crowded with "cranks," but
tb railroad faclities were entirely in
adequate to th i demand The day was de
lightful In every respect 1 here was not a
Deck of cloud in the sky, and the sun shon
with a geuial ivarmtb, while the wind waa
tempered in a must kindly way.
Applauding th Athletes.
When tbe 'bridegrooms" came on th
grounds at 8:10 p. m. tb enthusiasm was
most marked. They practiced with a dasb
that spoke vol luies for tbs work thoy would
subsequently ro, and their admirers looked
on approvingl;-. At 2:45 the Giant came
upon tb field, ant then tbe crowd cheered
wildly. Ever player cam in for bis shar
of applause, a id when tbe practice waa lav
gun every brilliant play, and there wars
many of them, was cheered to tbe echo.
Good Rtart for Brooklyn.
With Umpire Ferguson at tbe plate and
GalTnry at tbe first boss, tha Brooklyn took
tha field. Ia the first inning New ork
went out in one, two, three order. O Brien
wa tbe first to face Keefe, and be hit safe.
Then Collins plauted a two-bagger in left
field and W Br en went to third. Bums hit
for two bases, and O'Brien and Collins
scored. Fouti and Pinkney were retired on
shiM-t bits. Then Terry bit safely and, with
two on baws, Corkhill sent a two-tagger
down to th le't center field fence, bringing
in two runs. Smith struck out Five runs,
t'loatd In Eight Innings.
By steady work the Giants bad cut tbe
Brooklyn' lea 1 down to one run at tbe end
of the sixth in ling, and by heavy bitting in
the seventh 'ored fire runs and took ths
leaiL lu tbe "bridegrooms' " half ot tbesev
enth. Ward's error and hits by Burns,
Fouls and Pinckney netted two runs. The
Oiant were blanked in the eighth, and tbe
Brooklyn again took tbe lead and won tb
game, scoring four run on hits by isuer.
O'Brien and Fautx, and errors by M ard and
Just as tbo last man bad been put out
Umpire Ferguwn callrd the game on account
of darkness. Great excitement prevailed,
but there was no disturbance. Tbe follow
lowing is the toore:
New York 0 3 0 2 1 0 5 0 10
Brooklyn ft 1 0 0 0 0 2 4 la
Hits New York. 12; Brooklyn In. Errors
New York, 2; Brooklyn, tt. Batterias
Keefe and E ving, Terry and Clarke. Um
piresFergus n and Gaffuey.
Gov. flili An;er the Ex-President's Chat-
lannoga Erleoils.
Crattakik oa, Tenn., Oct 59. The re
copllon leude -ed to Governor Hill and his
party yesterday waa enthusiastic The vis
itors were tut en by rail to Lookout moun
tain, and in carriage over the city. At 10
o'clock 10,000 people gathered in the court
bouse yard to hear tbe speaking. Governor
Hill said: "V'eare not upon any political
tour,and we are not swinging around tbe cir
cle. At Atl.inia I did awak in reference
to tbe In teres s of tbe country, but do not
propose to repeat the speech here. I may
not be able to tell you about your industrial
development, or anything of that kind, as I
did not bring my ucy clonal ia with me, and
you know n ore about these things than
1 da"
Fleet ioneerlng for Gotham.
"We bave wen the national &,x disnlayed
at every coriK r of your commonwealth and
know that there is aa much loyalty existing
her as in any portion of this broad repub
lic. We are going to have a world's fair in
1393 aomewbore in this country, and ws
think it ought to be in New York, and we
are down hen lo ok lug after our interests iu
that direction
Cleveland's Friends Peeling II I iter.
The party h ft for Knoxville immediately
after the speaUing. 1 lie reference of U over
nor Hill to tie encyclopedia was supposed
by many to refer to ex-I resident Cleve
land'a southern apaeches. Several promi
nent Ilemocrata who are C'levnland men felt
very bitter at what they consider a slur up
on bim.
Ralph Wilds Cisimns't Remains.
Concord. Mass., OcL 19. Tbe coffin con
tabling tbe re nains of Ralph Waldo Emer
son, whose grave was disturbed Saturday
last, bas beeu placed in a securely bound
box, which in turn has lieen deposited iu
grave computed of biocka of granite, ce
mented togetl er, with a securely fastened
granite covering. Tbe generally accepted
theory is that tho vandalism was committed
to create a sanation.
Was Hound to Kill s'lmehndy.
Naw Ohle.ks, Oct. 1. At Grosse Tete,
I .a., yesterda) John Marl was murdered by
Henry Desohy. It is alleged that Desoby
came to the U wn with the expressed luten
tion of killing Henry Willwri, manager of
the Rosedale Lumber company, but not
finding him, concluded to kill Marl, who
was Willwi t' foreman. Desoby was arrested.
Congrstnlatlng a Cardinal.
Vienna, Oit. IU. Curdinal Huynold, who
is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his
admission to the priesthood, has received
from Ereiiieroi Will ism uf Germany a very
flattering aut igraph letter congratulating
bun upon bi. Jubilee anniversary. Many
prominent In. o tliriiubtmi Kurnn have aont
tba cardinal l-'ttars ol congratulation,
la Honor of tha lad HartntalU
I1aIikisblh,, Pa., Oct la Governor
Beaver has is tied a proclamation reciting
th eminent p iblic services of the hit ex
Governor Hai tranft, and ordering the dis
play of IWs at ball-mast on public build
Ing at the tu le ot the funeral. Adit. Gen.
Hastings has issued orders for participation
by the militia iu the funeral exercises.
Twenty Hlororeo Soldier Ornwned.
Madhiu, O-t l'J While returning from
an excursion into tbe interior Thursday, tbe
sultan of Mo-occo bad to cross a swollen
river to get to Kea Tbe su tan crossed
safely, but twenty of bis body-guard wbo
undertook to swim the river on their horse
were swept d wn stream by tbe raging fl.iod
ami drowned.
Fired the Jail In Kevange.
KaVaNnah Ga., Oct. IU. Charles Harris,
a negro con v t was shot and killed wbil
resisting arr-at at l.uinlier City Thurs
Say alterunoii. l.ist night the Jul was
was burned, and it is lieliaved that negroes
tired it lo avenge the dentil of iinrria There
is, however, fiudat.ger of troiibiii.
Ch'.eajg" Tea Importers Assign.
CHICaoo, O-t. 11 W. M Thacber & C
tea liiii.rlus imjn -I yesbii' l.iv. Liab
ties. (tlUri; ilouiin il a- it i, nU'MU.)
Bismarck, M. I , In Hangar One filing
Wiped Out Farms lieatroyed.
BlsMAHCK, N. IX, Oct IU An immem
prairie nre n any mile in extent is raging
within a few in ilea of Bismarck. Effort ot
farmers to c leek tbe huge conflagration
bav been urn vailing and a large number of
farms have already been destroyed.
strong wind tas been helping the fir along,
and the Dims make leaps of over twenty
A V. illage Uwept Away.
The village if Menoken, fourteen mile be
low Bismarck consisting of sixteen blocks,
is entirely swept away and tha inhabitant
are reported r-stitute. 1 be wind la rapidly
carrying the lire to B smarck and lust night
tbe city waa .-nvekiped In smoke anil fly lug
Night Watch al llisraarrk.
Preparauoi s were muiL- for a night watc'j
around the oi tsku ts of the town. Tho real
dent apprehe id great danger. Tbe people
of Menoken b ive telegraphed for aid, wbic
bas been sent
Fore, t Fires lu Wisconsin.
MAB8UPIEL9, rV'ia, OjU 111 Forest fires
are raging in many places in tbis vicinity,
some of tbe conflagrations being in danger
ous proximity to mills and lumber yards
Tb air hen last night was fiiled with
smoke, wbicb waa hourly growing more
New Ohle
Aflame la MlMtlaslppl.
KB, La., Oct Hi. A special to
Tbe Times-De
nocrat from Purvis, Miss., re
ports tbat f
tbat section
Test fires bave been raging in
for f orty-eijbt hours aud are
cresting coi
alternation among lumber.
turpentine an
1 coal mine owners. Tbe dam-
g will react
rain comes at
thousands of dollars noless
he Barbed Wire Bosses Devel
oping a Trust.
On Fourth of th Mills Pnt Fp a Job on
th Other Throe Fourths Washbarm
Pledge HI Assistance and th Out
siders Are In th Broth A Powerful
Consolidation of Interest If Thar I
No Mistake Alleged Details.
Chicago, Out 1W. Tha Herald says that
although nothing bas been made publio con
cerning it, a meeting of th barbed wire
manufacturers is said to bave been in ses
sion in tbis city for several days, and ooe of
tbe most gigantic trusts ever organixsd in
this country is about to be formed, if, indeed,
its organization is not already complete.
Lleren of tbe forty-two mills engaged in
barbing wire. The Herald says, have en
tered into a combine and have agreed to sell
no wire or wire goods to the thirty-one mills
not admitted.
Washburn Gives His Pledce.
Washburn, of the Washburn & Moen com
pany, of Worcester, Moan, who owns all
th barbed wire patents tbat are ot any
practical value, has pledged himself not to
ssue to any one outside of ths combine sny
icense for tbe use of bis patents. For this
pledge tbe trust bas agreed to bear all ths
expense of defending Washburn's patents
in any suit that may ba brought to contest
but rigbt to them.
Five Rod Mills la the Combine.
Tbe business of tbe trust haa been divided
so as to secure tbe greatest possible produc
tion. 1 here are in tbe United Suites but
five mills that manufacture the rods from
which all kinds of wire are drawn. With
these five mills Washburn bas gone into
combination, and haa taken into the pool be
side ail the pullers and drawers
of wire and nail manufacturer.
Cutil other bar mills are built and it re
quire a vast am.Hiut of capital and con-
siderable time to complete one the mills
outside the trust will not be able to con
tinue business.
The Price Already Advanced.
The price ot barbed wire bas already been
advanced tS a ton, and wire nails bave gone
up from So to 40 oeuts a keg. On all other
kinds of wire there baa b-jen a proportion
ate advance. Th farmer will be affected
by the organization of thia trust more than
any one else, bnrlied or fencing wire being
more extensively used than any other kind.
It also fills in w hat little gap was left them
by the twine trust, and may be tbe means of
forcing harvesting back to tbe stage from
which twine binders removed it Thou-
nds of acres will remaiu unfenced on ac
count of tbe rise in wire wbicb this trust
brings about
Th Mills in Jollrt.
It is said that the Ashley Wire company.
of Juliet vrill bave to close as soon as ita
contract for prison labor runs out Home of
tbe barbing mills have closed already, and
their men are employed by the new syndi
cate. Tliera will be three mills for barbing
wire in Juliet, tbe Euterpriss Manufactur
ing company, Lambert Bishop & Co., and
tbe Bakers. There will also be on mill at
St Louis. Some of the mills will b con
fined to tbe manufacture of barbed wire.
some to merchant wire, other to making
wire nails, and so on through tbe list
Control of the Patents.
Washburn, Moen & Co., are about tb
oldest wire manufacturera in the United
State When barbed wire was first intro
duced Washburn began to secure control of
ita manufacture bv purchasing patents He
bought all tbe fundamental oness, and owns
the greater part of tbe 10J or more tbat
bave followed. Tbe machinery for barbing
wire, of which be haa control also, is made
at great expense. It would be impos
sible to devise a machine of the kind
needed tbat bis pateuta would not cover.
The most valuable patents for barbing are
known as tbe Keely and tbe Gladden. The
Keely patent wa purchased by Stiles Si
Calkins, pf this city, and tbe Gladden by
El wool, from whom it passed to W asbburn.
The rods from which wire is drawu can be
manufactured in tbis country, it is claimed.
1 cbear thau in either England or Ger
many, and besides there is a duty of (1.1. M0 a
ton on all wire rods imported into thia
Tbe Herald states that ita information
comes from one of tbe oldest wire manufact
urers wbo was not let into the combination.
Cotton Oil Trusla Consolidating.
New York, Oct 1M The American Cot
ton Oil company tiled an application at Tren
ton, ?'. J., yesterday for permission to in
crease its i- ipibil stock to (20,0 )0, 000. This
fai t was commented upon in Wall street
indicating that tbe cotton oil true; interest
were to be consolidated in tbe shape of a cor
poral ion.
Later. It is learned tbat tbe reports
were correct and that tbe trust bas decided
to take a corporate form.
His Sheriff Agalnat th People.
Denver, Col., Oct ltf. In the district
court Thursday evening a sensation wss
created by tbe filing ot an atlidavit by the
states attorney alleging that so long as
Sberilf Weber or any of bis deputies were
allowed to summon veniremeu or have any
thing to do with the case of James and
C'harlos Connors, of this city, who are
charged with conspiracy to rob the Deuver
and Rio Grande express, the people could not
get an impartinl trial lor tbe reason tbat tbe
officers favored tbe case of the defendants.
The court yesterday afternoon appointed &
U. Coiitrell and J. L. Daily to aut as elisors
in tb case.
It Was Not m Mardar.
New York, Oct ltf. A aoroner's jury in
the case of L xxie O'Brien and her baby, wbo
were found mangled at the bottom of an air
shaft in their tenement borne a few days
sgo, found a verdict exonerating the hus
band from all blame. It appeared that tbe
woman bad fallen asleep while sitting at tbe
opening of tbe abaft with ber baby in her
arms and had fallnn.
Mangled bv a Jaguar.
Lonikin, O-t l'J W bile one of tho scrub
womun engaged at tbe Hamburg Zoological
garden was c eauing the outside o: tbi cages
yesterday morning a J iguar confined in on
of them made a plunge at her and through
the bars uf bis rage managed to tear ber flesh
snd mangle ber so frightfully that she died
soon alter wards
The Jury llnnt In tha Cronln Case.
Chicago. O.tt 19 The hunt for four
more jurors to try tbe Cronin suspects is still
on iu Judge McConnoli's court, and they are
hard to get. Nearly every one examined is
either oppiased to capital putiuhmitnt would
not bang a man on circumstantial evidence,
or is violently prejudiced against the defend
ant from reading the argumeuts for the
prosecution with which tbe city papers have
teemed for tbe past four or five months.
Nothing new was developed in the bribery
cases. All tbe indict d mn are at libsrtv
on from (lo.ouoto (1.5,001 bail. Home of
ue paper mis morning are lull of a sensa
tion to tbe effect that a plot has been die-
covered, the ol j ict of which waa to rescue
Burke and Coughlin from tbe court room
to arly part of tbe week, but it is a very
iisuj yarn.
Father McKadden's TrtaL
London, Oct. 19. Nearly aoo additional
policemen arrived at Maryboro from Dublin
yesterday morning, and though tba popular
excitement continued, tbe court proceeded
with the work of selecting a jury to try
Father McFadden and bis associates for tbe
murder of Police Inspector Martin in Febru
ary last Ihe court room was filled with
police, nnd the indignant parishioner of
rather Ucl-adden, whose violence Thursday
compelled the court to adjourn, were care
fully excluded. The jury was stUected and
taking of testimony begun before court ad
Th Loromotlv Brotherhood.
Denver, Oct 19. At yesterday' session
of th Brotherhood ot Locomotive Engineers
tb annual financial roport was adopted.
Chief Arthur su omitted th special reoort
and recommendation to wbich he referred in
bis annuul address. Nona ot these matters
bas been made public. A special committee
on federation was in consultation last night
witb tbe Union Pacific committee, wbicb is
urging federation. It is not believed tbat
tbs proposal will be sanctioned.
Hrntal and Cowardly Murder.
KENOSHA, W is., Oct 19 Eugene L. Sul
livan, a young man employed on tb farm of
Ueorg A. Shields, iQ tbi county,
brutally murdered yesterday morning, by
William Gates, a fellow employe, who
feared Sullivan would get his place on the
farm. Gates approached hia victim from
behind while Ihe latter waa milking a cow,
ana witb a large butoner-knife out Sulli
van's throat from ear to ear. Tbe murderer
was brought to this ty (or saf heaping.
His Career of Cussedness Sud
denly Ended.
Hia Strong Point Being the Rapidity with
Which He Could Ba ObT with th Old
Lot and Oa with th New Bhamefnl
Daeartion of HI Pretty Irish Brld and
Later Embesslement of Her Savings.
Chicago, Oct 1ft Terence Harvy, a
former employe ot tbs Chicago Carpet com
pany, was held yesterday by th presiding
justice of the Armory police court in (lb, Out)
bail to the criminal court on a charge of em
bezzlement, preferred by Margaret Banes,
bis true wife, snd tbs story that the trial
brought out ia one as full ot natural deprav
ity as ever gets before tbe public through
tbe medium of tbs courts.
lieserts His Irish Bride.
Seventeen years ago Harvey, who is a
native of Ireland, married a pretty girl
from the northern part of the ould sod." A
year later ba deserted her and came to New
York city. After remaining there but a
short time he sent for his deserted wife, who
Joined blm. They lived together but a short
time when tbe fellow again left her and
came to tbis city. For thirteen years sbe
lived in Mew York, working ss a servant
But a year had elapsed when he secured a
divorce on tbe ground of desertion and mar
ried a Chicago girt
Soon Tiro ot No. a.
A year of bliss with bis American wife
seemed to be plenty for Terence, and again
he was successful in tbe divorce court,charg-
ing, as before, tbat bis wife bad deserted
A short period ot meditation on the cold
comfort of single blessedness caused tbis
wonderfully nervy man to take unto him
self tbe third consecutive rib. This last ven
ture lasted but a short tim, when tbe bold
man again entered the Courts, got a divorce,
and smiled at bis freedom.
Woman'a Hevolloa Illustrated.
In the meantime a brother of Terrence,
learning the address of Harvey's first wife
tbs one be married in Ireland sent for ber
to come to Chicago; said that ber husband
waa here working with him for the Chicago
Carpet company. Cnmindful of the faot
tbat Terrence bail been divorced from her,
sbs came on, made up and again began to
live with bim. It is also believed by tbe
authorities that Harvey's brother was igno
rant of tba ract tbat a divorce bad been
granted. Heisgiveua good reputation by
bis employers and those who know bim.
How It Waa Rewarded.
When tbe first wife came on from New
York city she brought with her (5d0, tbe
savings sbe bad laid by as a domestic, after
ber second desertion. After remaining with
ber husband a month or two, she sent for
bernieos in New York. Tbe latter, a pretty,
plump young woman of perhaps 17 or 18
years of age, answered immedistely and soon
came on. Harvey bad by thia time got bold
ot bis wife's (out), telling ber thst he in
tended investing it Instead be took it to
the treasurer of the firm for which be
worked, saying it waa bis sister's and tbat
be desired to leave it there for safe-keeping.
Marries His Wife's Mere.
Although it would be naturally supposed
tbat Terence bad by this time grown tired
ot conquest snd tbat tb fealty of bis first
wife had touched bis beart yet such was not
tbe case, for insida of two months he bad
wormed himself into tbe good grace of tbe
niece and during last August enticed ber
say, got ber lo love bim real bard aud
then weut to live witb ber on Wabash ave
nue. He also carried easy from the carpet
company's treasurer th $MM) belonging to
his first wife.
Hi Villainy Discovered.
When the pair lelt. the poor woman and
ber brother-in-law did not know where to
look tor t bem, but ooe day, seeing a notice
of tbe death of a child named Terence Har
vey, she went to tbe num or of ttie house,
and there sa w her "Marling Terence sitting
up with tbe corpse, tbe child of
bis third divorced wife. Becom
ing frightened, the fellow, aa after
ward discovered went to Milwaukee,
i here he was am steil by Olllcer McManut.of
tbe Cottage Grove station, on Monday last
Harvey's second wife (married in Chicago)
was Mary O'Brien; the third tin Chicago),
Mary Crimuiiua Tbe niece's name is Kitty
The prisoner did not uttjr a word in his
Oiadslone to Announce Hi position.
London, O -t 19. It is announced tbat hi
the speech wlucu Gladstone is to deliver at
South port next Wednesday, the reform pro
gramme of tbe Labnral party will be given
m detail, and the Liberal borne Rule pro
posals will be expounded. The speech is
consequently looked forward to witb great
Interest by Tories and Liberals alike.
Chioago' Delea-atlon at Atlanta.
Atlavta, Ga., Oct 10. A Chicago dele
gation, headed by Carter Harrison, Judge
Tboinan and others, reached Atlanta Jester
day. They come in the interest of Chicago
tor the world fair, and addresses were
mad to the legislature yesterday.
New Orleans for Chicago.
New Okleams, Oat 19. The board uf
directors of tbe Now Orleans board of trade
yesterday adopted a resolution favoriug
Chicago as the sit lor tne worm s fair ol
Publication notice.
Koca Island ( ouktt, i
Couuty Conrt of Rock Island count, to th So-
venitmr Term. A. i- lass.
Kltza Warnock. Administratrix nf the estate of
fejobn Warnock, deceased, vs. Margaret Hsilsy,
Aicsuger ftniwk, uaviu i arms a, t autm I. ,
Warnock. Hugh Warnock, Jamea Campbell,
.lohn C. Warnock. David W. Warnock, Jamrs
Warnock, diaries Wahlstrnm, Daniel H. tlart
wrll and Roliert Lee 1'etitlon to sell real es
tite to pay debts.
Affidavit of tbe non-residence of James CamD-
beli. Jarass C. Warnock, Alexander Warnock and
David H. Hartwell defendant abov named,
bavins been tiled In tbe ornre of tbe Clerk of the
County Conrt or Kork Island County, notice I
hereby slven to the aid James Campbell, James C.
Warnock, Alexander Warnock and David H. Hart
well, that the said Plaintiff Eliza Warnock ad-
lntetrattx of the Estate of John Warnock de
ceased has Iliad bar petition in tbe said County
Court of hock Island County for an order to sell
the pemisee be lousing to the Estate of said de
ceased, or so much of it aa may be needed to pay
tbe debts of said deceased, and described as fol
lows, to-wlt ;
The nortbweet Quarter (Is) of the no thwea
quarter (!) and the northeast quarter (i() of the
southwest quarter (maud Ihe uortbwest quarter
(V) of the southeast quarter (V of section
leven, (11); also the south one-hair () of the
southeast quarter (i I of section three, (3)el)in
township sixteen, (Hi), north of ranee one )1)
wesi oi me pourcn principal meridian, in tne
county of Hock Island and stale of Illinois.
And tbat a summons bas nana Issned out ot said
court against you, returnable at the November
term, A. 11. li-m ot said conrt, to be bolden on
the First Monday of November. A. D.. 1HS9. at
the court house iu Rock Island, in Rock Island
county, Illinois.
Mow. unless yon. the aaid James Camnboll.
James ('. Warnock, Alexander Wainork and
Uaniel H. Hsrtwall shall Dersonallv be and aDnear
bef or said county conrt of Rock Island countv.
on tbe first dsy of a term thereof, to be holden at
Koca island in said county, on the Tenth day of
November. and plead, answer or demur to
the said complainant' petition filed therein, th
same and tbe matter and tilings therein charged
and staled will be taken aa confessed, and a decree
entered against yon according lo tbe prayer of
said bill.
Hock Island, Illinois, October 19. 1989.
X. W. Hubst. Complainant's solicitor.
Citt or Bcca Iatairn, Roca Island Cophtt, I
. Ht ati or Illinois. (
Healed proposal will b received at the Otv
Clerk's office of said city, nntll MondsT tb 4th
dsy of November. A. D. I8HW. at 6 o'clock r st, for
constructing the Improvement ordered by u or
dinance of said cltv, which waa adopted Octobor
7, ltww, ana is eniiuea -an orainauo Tor the 101-
firovement of Eighteenth atreet from the north
In of First avenue to the north line of Third ave
nue and for the levvlng of a special tax therefor,"
and for furniahiag the materials and doing th
work according 10 th plan and specification
therefor. Tb said Improvement ordered by said
ordinance consist of curbing with curbstone,
excavating, grading. Improving and paving with
pavtns- brick of good qua Ity. ta o block ot streets
in said till of said ordinance et out.
The said Improvement mnst be constructed.
and the materials therefor furnished must be in
seccrdanc with the plana and specifications for
said improvement on file In th aaid city c.erk's
office, at which said office, aaid plans and specifi
cations are open to the Inspection of all persons
Interested therein. Contractors are to furnish
sample of brick with which work Is to b done
Brick used In the work must correspond with
th sample in quality and style. Al I bids must
be aocompenied witb a certified check in th sun
of Fiv Hundred Dollar, payable to tb order of
tb city treasurer of aaid city, which a ha 11 ba
coms fa sited to eatd city In caae tba bidder shall
fall to enter Into contract, with approved sure ties,
to execute the work for the price mentioned in hia
bid, and accordinr to the plan and specifications.
In tbe event that tbe contract sbonld be awarded
to htm. Blank bids will be furnished on appllca
catlon at th city clerk's office. All bidder and
ctnr person may attend at the opening 01 said
bids. Th right to reject any and ail bid or
proposal received I hereby expressly
leeived I hereby expressly ressrvtd.
Sated this Mfth day ot October, MS-
are now well into Autumn with its changeable weather aud will Boon Bee the Mer
cury go downwards in the Thermometer, consequently all ought to prepare for it. In
There is no better place to trade than at
No. 1623 Second Avenue.
'.'QJaraw- a,
! -V , .
a fjr -v
TUb Ureal Restorer !
This is a Medicine that Conquers
and Eradicates Disease.
"It is the most Remarkable Develop
ment of this Age of Progress
and Sanitation."
A little Investigation will rnnvlnce von that
mnrh as Is clsimrd for THE 0KEAT EE8T0R-
1K me nan is not told.
LADI KM Prom wheteTer form of com
plaint whatever malady. Here le Your
For cir. nlars containing a hlstore of this Wow
ncsrtiL Re a an v, aol some remarkable letters
from people well known, address as below.
Tbt Crrat Erstortr rhannaropial Weils,
181 Portland Avenne, Minneapolis. Minn.
tViTtce $1.S0 per bottle. For sale by urug-
Cast Iron Work
done; a specialty of furnish
ing all kinds of
Stoves wity Castings,
at 8 cents per pound.
J. E. DO WING, Proprietor.
Brownson lie Hatter,
Dunlap Hats,
Fall Styles.
Saturday, Aug, 31, '89
BeconJ and Main Street, Davenport Iowa.
Dr. Tait Butler,
(Assistant State Veterinarian of Iowa)
Veterinary Physician,
(Successor to Dr. J. D. Rutherford. )
Office hours 11 a. m to S p. m.
Dentistry a Specialty.
C'fllce: Corn' Feed Stable, Market square,
Guaranteed Investments
-First Mortgages.-
We confine our Loans to Improved
Farms io the safest counties of
Iowa, and on request
Prompt payment of principal and interest
Davenport, Iowa.
aesKT ron
Mercer County, Chas. Peterson
and Ellis'
Hard Coal, Brick, Tile. Etc.
Office corner Fourteenth St.. and Second Ave.
Telephone I11S6.
John Volk & Co.,
House Builders.
Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Siding. Flooring,
and all kinds of wood work for builder.
Eighteenth 81, beu Third and Fourth ave.,
Insurance Agent
Tha aid Fir and Time-tried OosnpaaJaa
ass a kisr as aay rslHbls rompatiy jaV
T patronage 1 aollmte.
uaauga saoca.
WE AK MEN Wrasse
,w r'mm " ' WKfcll 4HTItlt T
rmi.br tftl Nl lPROVKD
this etfJOCltieUuraaUaW.ri'ttt.- vS
f I.Mr KA aiv B -sAtvHKMIa, (If
HOUI mild, awmthls m ....
Currvrot -
d ntfiy u. --mffh sill wvk itaVMtor.
hraltl 4.tm1 sfcufwuiStirnrh. Electric
laaimni.r or e twfcrt .iitt ia Csuh.
lt0-r Slil OtKr bsl WnisfMaH.
OfMrtMC lniprvtiM-iito-rr
s l v- l,:Tfil
1 K
The latest design of the long series of
ts ornamentation, novel in many of its
sura and examine this stove aud learn its good points for after seeing it you will
buy no other.
I have of course a supply of the celebrated ROUND OAKS. This bas been
so popular that it is being copied as far as they dare oy unscrupulous parties, but
don't be deceived buy the Round Oak made by P. D. Becksrith. I am the so:
agent lor above goods aa well as other desirable goods. Hardware, etc.
Cor. Third avenne and Twentieth St., Rock Island.
Glove Store,
1605 Second Avenue.
This week 25 dozen Ladies' Foster Hook fine Kid Glove
Only 85 Cents.
Gent's driving gloves, fine dress and street gloves.
Ladies Gloves fitted.
Sign of tbe Red Glove, weat ot Market Square.
Robt Krause,
of tbe three
Cheap! Cheat! Cheap!
Overcoats for 5c on the dollar.
Suits worth S30.lsi for $10 IK).
Children's Suits worth 4 for Sl.SS
That is the style our so called procroive. sverace Co tter advertises in the last qnarter of
the enlightened Nineteenth eentury. Though the oloest Clothing Bous in thi part of the
country we were alwavs resdy to krep anreaot of the times. We intiodnred the principles of
"One Price only snd thai th "lowest." Wu introduced tbe lirinciple of "Every Article War.
rsnlsd " We introdnc-d the principle of T ruthful Kepre-fntstioBS," nd will not rest un
til all will follow the principle of "Honest Advertising. We aUajs lead the others may
The Pioneer Clothier, Hatter and Gent's Furnisher,
115 and 117 West Second St., DAVENPORT. IA.
Tailoring -:- Establishment!
I have opened at 420 Brady street, Davenport, with a new
and complete stock of FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOODS.
Call and examine our stock before purchasing.
Mantles. Tiles and Grates,
Now ready for your inspection. Call and see our assortment and
compare our prices before buying.
123 and 127 Wert Third Street, Opp. Masonic Temple, DAVENPORT.
VENTILATOR for Hard Coal.
ALADDIN Stoves. This is beautiful in
features is bound to be a eood seller. Be
For Catalogues Address
Davenport, Iowa.

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