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IMSSflll !
Having made an extraordinary
purchase in Glassware, we
will place on sale
Goutinuihg Ten days, the entire
J lot of 7,5 Barrels assorted ware
f " at a Tidiculons low price.
TTOal. Crystal Water Pitchers,
7 Inch Comport, ...
7 Inch Bowls with Cover,
1-2 Pint Heavy Tumblers,
11 Inch Cake Salvers, ...
Engraved Table Sets,
lO Incli Plnlii Cake Salver,
Sauce Dishes, per dozen.
Sun HI life Lamp Chimneys, o.2, - oc
Engraved ' Sc
Parlor Lamps, Ane IXc'd Shades, complete Sl.K,
ElCCtrle Lamps, the finest made, com pltte, 1a(
Other Dealers
Remember, that these prices
hold good for Ten days only.
The 'FAIR.':
ask $2 50.
DtSrultle Experienced In Preridins;
Llhu Tallow and Lard Gar. Out and
Beeawal and Roata Wer red Song
' Printed on Wall Paper.
Ilaa proper eatlmat ever been placed, I
wonder, upon th. Urn amount of wit fiarr-
tniiur, the constant exercta. and consequent
development of Ingenuity practiced Djr to.
fair ladin of th. Confederacy during tbe last
yean of the war J
The exiirenckv of the time were grrat, tar
theoutaide remiircn of the tooth alim at the
tart. If one will recall the (mall number of
manufactories to be found in that section
were dwindling ft away, and often such
supplies a could lie developed at horn, and
among families were the only one, that could
be relied npnn.
The" Miplit luohiiled article of every
nature, from ftl and clothing for the fam
ily down to toy. for the children. Th. ques
tion of drc hwame a perplexed one aftr all
ports were blurkmlpd by northern vowels and
all frontier port were hold by northern
troops, and woman' wit wa seveivlv taxei
in order to make a r-kx! appearance from the
material at her command.
The uljtvt of lights was auothcr with
which it was found dillicult to contend. Tal
low wu ucil fm-ly during the first years of
th. war; old candle molds were brought out
from their hiding place and put to um, and
"tallow di'' became as familiar to us as
Ihey had been to our forefather. But th.
ource of supply of thew "li(;lits of other
lays'1 soon became exhausted, and woman's
Ingenuity wa again put to the test. Lard
also had lieeu iu frequent use, and a favorite
Iht was a saucer or cnu filled with this
lielted MilwtH'ioe wherein floated a burniuj
lycamore bull. It, too, was growing scarce,
however, anil a new material must beevolved.
Several things were tried, but a mixture of
beeswax and rosin wo found best of them
U. Through tins mixture, when melted, a
long roil of onmlle ik was drawn again
and again until thoroughly coated, and in or
der to make this coating even several persons
stood In a row holding the wif king at short
intervals and shaping th. wax Uxn it as it
passed through their hands. The position of
greatest honor and difficulty in this under
taking was conceded to be the one next to
the pan containing the heated melted mix
ture. When cold, this waxen rope was wound,
row after row, around a bottle, with the free
end put through a strip of tin with a bole in
it. In order to bold it upright. These candles
gave forth a meager but a nt.-a.ly light.
"Candle making bees" were quite the style,
and young ladies and their military beaux
"on leave' managed to extract a great deal
of merriment from them. The refreshments
were usually fruit an. I peanut.
A light for sick rooms consisted of a scrap
of paper cut like a miniature cap and set in a
Saucer of lard. When the point of this little
Pap was well oiled and lit it gave forth suf
Scient illumination to see a watch or drop
medicine by. Before lard became so scare
a lady friend of ours illuminated her house
beautifully for an evening party with these
tiny jet of flame. Slie borrowed win.
glasses from far and near, converted them
into these little lamps and placed them in
pyramids on mantles, bracket and all avail
able place. The effect was very novel and
pretty. Those who lived in th. pine regions
obtained their light from th. picturesque
and cheerful glow of pine knots, but it wa of
So Bickering a nature as to be very hard upon
tb. eyes if reading, writing or sewing was at
tempted. A vision of a tielated war time supper,
eaten under the fantastic glare of a pine
torch, held by a negro boy at th. and of tb.
table, stands out in bold relief on the tablets
of my memory, and I can see a vividly a if
today the faces of those about the board, be
neath the wavering Eembrandtesque shadow
Of th. torch.
paii'r was scarce.
Taper grew very scarce toward the cUoa of
th. war, and newspapers mad. their appear
ance on wall paper, while the familiar tongs
of th. period, snrh as Loreua," "Richmond
on the James." "All Quiet Along th. Poto
mac To-ninht." "Rock Me to Sleep" and
"When This Cruel War Is Over" were print
td on sheets much reduced from tbe usual
tire, and of a very coarse brown paier. En
velopes were always turned, and thus made
to do double duty, and where letters were
written in pencil the first writing was erased
(usually with a piece of an old rubber shoe ,
and the same paper used for tb. reply.
School Isviks of an ancient date were
brought to light, and while in soma schools
but ouo text book of a certain kind was used
for an entire class, the pupils of auotber class
were, ierban, each supplied with a different
text book on th. tarn, subject. Tb. greater
Dumber of the remedial agenUuf th. tune
wer. prepared by the ladies, for regular
drugs had leen made rontraland and "were
txceedjugty hard to procure. Flaxseed, dried
blackberries, slippery elin and other such na
tural remedies as tii. country afforded wer.
kept on hand in most families. Healing
barbs were largely cultivated, and oftou
Unie tii. simplest remedies, such at pine
water or shuck tea, wer. mad. to terv. a
timely and efficient turn.
Sick and wounded soldiers wer. common
Inmate of private dwellings, and a roll of
lint and bondages were usually kept w-th the
medicine ready for immediate use.
And thus woman, in every capacity, a
faithful nurse, cheerful provider for the
bouse, loving worker for tbe absent, and
brav. bearer of the great sorrow and prtva
Una wrought l.y the war, shone forth with
tbaaoft aiitl mIt trmiunot a star during
tb. dark and troublous time of th. Confed
eracy. Jeume H. Judson Iu Titbiburg Bulle
tin. Ills Investment at LmU
I beard the other day a curious illustration
of tbe way in which people of a speculative
turn are led to invest money in enterprises of
which they kuow hardly more than the nam.
A Boston man was ramping out In the wilds
of New Hampshire at a place which he and
bis party had reached by a tramp of several
days through the pathless forest. While en
joying his rest around a Or. which bad bean
made by logs from a great tree, cut down by
on. of the guides, a party of men ram. along
and stopped to bav. a chat with himself and
friends. After a little talk about the weather
and the fishing, on. of th. new comers said
Jocosely, "Io you know you are liable to a
fine for tresusuig on this woodland, cutting
down tree and burning up th. logsf" He
added that the property belonged to a cer
tain land company, tb. snares of which wer.
at one time quoted on th. Boston stock ax
change. As soon as th. other man heard tbe
name of the land company be said: "Well, I
never expected to get a cent out of that com
pany, and this is th. first time that I have
beard where it land is." The speaker by
chance had camped out on land of a company
in which he had invested years before and
bad never even known its location till It was
suggested to him at this meeting in th. primt
tiv forest. Boston Pott.
Chines. Slivlnck.
There ar. two -Chines, individuals In Hong
Kong who own th. majority of tb. nativ.
bouse, between them, and who, by a system
01 regular rent raising, are simply rolling In
wealth. One bad a great deal of family
trouble, and his wife. In nor tribulation, con
sulted tb. oracle at th. temple to learn tb.
reason of the auger of the gods. Tb. trial by
drawing Iota, according to the priests, showed
that the cause was the imposition of increas
ing burdens on th. tenant. Th. result of
this hat been that in many cases tbe rant,
hav. been lowered considerably, and In none
will they be put up further. Thanks to th.
good old oracle 1 Chicago Times.
Louisiana Creoles.
Th. usual impression obtaining concerning
creolea it tbat tbey ar. all of them potteastd
of dark and swarthy complexion, hair black
at tbe raven's wing and eyes of ".bon dark
ness." A '.w Orleans acquaintance says
tbat many bav. lily whit, complexions, gold
mi locks and "eye. of heaven's own blue."
The Creole girl is usually refined aud dainty,
sensitive and sympathetic, light hearted aud
tuuny tempered. Bbe is usually brought up
quietly, and ah. is con tent to remain at boms
Of cuursa, tb. majority of Creole girls ar.
dark they are uut brown maiden. Denver
Fall MrsetoiTMs,
Ar. fall strawberries a noveltyl By no
mean W. bav. produced them nearly
i 1 J
j a:iai preparation hi made. To
get them tb. soil is kept loo, and moist, and
tii. plants must be mulched after tb. first
crop is token off. Tb. season bas been a very
favmabl. ue for their growth cool and
moist Th. berry has been as flu. at the early
crop and. tlra flavor a good. In hot, dry
seasisa few smwmmI - .r. .
grown. Indeed, cool and moist weather is-j
to Bt. I-oul Ulobsvpsatoerat.
W ten out-of-doors It fuB of rain,
Ikok out through tb. window psoa.
Ai d see th. branches of the tree.
U people dancing to tn. I
Tr sr bow potttetr. croai and meet,
8s ute their partners and retraat,
At d never to stop rest until
Ttey reach th. end of th. quadHua,
1 1 sten, and I hear the sound
Ol music floating all around.
At d fancy lis th. Braes, who plays
V 00 his harp on ttonoy days
Tr strings are made of rain, and arhea
Tts branches wish to danc attain,
Tr ey whisper to the Breeae, and n.
Bf irlns another melody
l . beard him play th. pretty things
I' I on those slender, shining strings;
At d when he's done he's very sharp
H.. always hide, away his harp
-I rank D. obermao in 8L Nicholas
Ophelias ror th. Black Othello.
Mr. Ira Aldridge was a man who, being
black, itlways picked out th. fairest woman
b. coul I to play Deademona with him, not
becauw she was capable of acting tbe part,
but bet ause she bad a fair beaiL One of tb.
great bits of "business" tbat h. used to do
was wl era in one of tbe scenes b. bad to say:
"Your hand, Desdemona." 11. made a vary
great lint of opening his band and making
you pk.ee yours in it, and tbe audience used
to see t ie contrast. lie always made a point
of it, and got a round of applause; how, I
do not kuow. it always struck m. tbat ho
bad go' some species of well, 1 will not say
"geuiu," because I dislike that word, as
used n wadays but gleams of great intelli
gence Alth wgh a genuine black, he was quit,
preux chevalier in bis maimers to women.
The fairer you were the mora obsequious h.
was to you. In the last act be used to take
Deademona out of bed by her hair and drag
her round the stag, before he smothered her.
You bid to wear sandals and toed stockings
to proi uoe tbe effect of being undressed. I
remein ier very distinctly this dragging Dea
demoiiii alsjut by the hair was considered so
brutal tbat it was loudly hissed. Those are
the m nil points of my performance in
"Otlicl o," to the success of which I am
afraid 1 did not very much contribute. Mrs.
Ken.la , in Murray's Magazine.
When Tain Is Imaginary.
"The fact that one-half of pain is imagina
ry,' sa d an uptown dentist yesterday, "is
shown uy the manner in which many persons
will st md most painful operations on some
occasions, while on others they will be all
nerves. 1 do not refer to the matter of
health, which, of course, affects tbe ability to
control one's self when under sever, pain,
but to th. particular circumstances under
which pain is inflicted at times in a dentist's
chair. The sight of instruments will often
make a timid person nervous, when he con
trols himself perfectly while twin; operated
"A --ery terrible thing to many people
who b iv. occasion to visit a dental office is
th. dei tal engine used in excavating teeth in
prejiar ng them for tb. fillings. As a matter
of fad the engine greatly lessens the pain,
both ty shortening the time required for
doing :he work, an1 from th. fact it is
less pa nful mode of accomplishing th. de
sired nault. Yet, until th. person becomes
accust med to its use, be is made very ner
vous tr tbe noise and motion of th. machine,
while I. is quiet under the pain inflicted with
th. old time instrument. hicb do not appear
o terr ble." ew York Star.
Kauer Knmt.
Saue kraut is not laughed at as much as it
used to be, and is eaten more. Iu consumption-is
10 longer confined t Germans, and it
is sold here in large quantities to almost all
restaur snts and eaten by people who bk.
stimulating food. At a picnic I sold ten bar
rels of t, dea't out in saucers. Doesn't that
show tl at it is a favorite article of food I Tb.
business of making sauer kraut is confined to
a very few people iu the city. They buy the
cabbage bard and compact heads are tbe
best c it it up, salt it down and allow it to
fermen-. Then tbey sell it to th. places
a here it Is retailed, and at these tb. last
touches of flavor are added. It is these last
toucher that make th. difference in sauer
kraut, und sometimes the quality of the kraut
at one place ill be so much better than that
at othe -s that lovers of the disb will travel
from on. end of tb. town to tbe other to last.
iv Interview in St. Louis Ulolie-Democrat.
Meslean Amber.
For toe last fifteen or twenty years travel
era hav i occasionally brought specimens of a
very remarkable amber from torn, locality
In Southern Mexico. The only information
gained concerning it is that it is brought to
the con by natives who say that it occurs in
th. inu nor so plentifully that it is used by
thain lor making fires. Tb. color of this
amber is a rich golden vellow, and when
viewed in different position it exhibits a
beautif il fluorescence, similar to tbat of
uraniut, which it also resembles in color. A
recent specimen is even mora beautiful than
th. famous to called opalescent or green
amber found tn Catania, Sicily. This ma
KTiai nouiu tie extremely valual.le for use in
tbe ana. It is Iwlieved that an exisxlition
bas started for the locality where it is found
In tbe interior. Eugineerine News
Had a Hard Time.
John Boyle O'Reilly was born at Dowth
Castle, County MeaUt, Ireland. He is 4o
years of age, medium height, athletic build,
large evss aud a massiv. forehead. He looks
to be 80 He is a great buxor, wrestler and
canoeist He has a delightful scboolttoy sinde,
and his augh is contagious. O'Reilly began
Ufa on 1 be Drogbeda Argus while yet iu his
teens. At tbe age of IS he enlisted as a troop
er in tb., Tentb hussars, olbvrwitn known as
the 1V1 lt- if U'BWIIwn u-t..ii ...
became au aKistleof revolutionary doctrines.
air ieu iot uigu treason, and in June,
lStHJ, wits sentenced to twenty years' penal
servitui a He was confined iu various Eng
lish unions until Gifolwr 1ST7 m ku
with nr-veral nttier tuilif,-! n.,F.t.
transpoted to finish his neuteuc. in tbe peual
luiuuies oi ek Australia. Alter enduring
prison lie there for about a year, be mad.
nisescaje iu au open tt, was picked up al
sen bv tbe Amerinian whulltKv V.u 1- 11 ..1 1 ..
and liimlly reached Philadelphia in NovertH
isji , ic. ?. urreut xterature.
The Indian 81 fa Language.
Although there are 73 different lancua".
and abr ut 800 dialect spoken by th. Ameri
can lni.lans, the sign language is equally
underst kkI by all tb. tritres. Chief Natchez,
of tb. Piute tribe, is an adept in tbe sum
Ungual e. In Washington city some years
ago h. I.eld n consultation by signs with tbe
best exjrts, iu which be gave an account of
tb. trot bles existing at that time with som.
bands o renegade Indians up near tbe Ore
gon lin 9, dew-rioing a trip be made to tb.
camp ol tbe hostile. Jiatchez enjoys the al
most litury honor of having had bis talk
publish d in tbe government reports ou these
matters with a full explanation of every sicn
b. used in conveying tbe intelligence sought
irom hi n. tie was highly spoken of by gov
aramen' expert for his great knowledge of
and rea lities in tbe Indian sign language.
New Y rk News.
Chaplain Mil barn.
Rev. W. IL Milburn, known throughout
th. civilized world at "the blind preacher,"
and wb is actively in the field at th. present
time, is one of th. most remarkable men of
the ag He was born in Philadelphia in
1K3. He totally lost thu sight of on. eye
when q lit. young, the other becoming badly
impair. 1 from sympathy, to much so that it
soon da -kened forever.
With spirit undaunted b. studied and was
ordained at minister at tlie age of 30, and, it
is claim, si, traveled over 200 000 miles filling
appoint' nenta in th. southern states. Within
tb. last thirty year h. has preached in near
ly every state in tb. Union and som. Euro
pean countries. He ha been chaplain in th.
house of representative at Washington, be
sides fill ng many other important positions.
As a wr tor be is known as tb. author of
"Ten Y.ut of Freacber'a Life," "Rifle, Ax
and Sa. debugs" aud "Pioneer, Preachers
and Peo ile of lb. Mississippi Valley." Jvfan
W. Wri,;bt in Bt. Ljui Republic.
A Politician's Clever brviee.
A Fre-K-h politician of note is credited with
clever plan fur ridding himself of unwel
come and importuuat. visitors. A photo
graphic tpparatut stands Just in front of bis
study A air. W hen a stranger enters tb
room, a groom," by means of a simple con
trivance takes bis portrait off band. If tb.
master ef tb nous, bas no wish to receive his
viltur a nxin this portrait is at ooo. placed in
the oolk ttiou of counterfeit presentment of
persona ist to be admitted on any pretext
whattoe er. Tb. "groom," in bit leisure mo
menta, naki himself familiar with tbeir
featurm, and th. politician it spared a vast
mount if trouble and auuuyaoca. So tb.
storv eoia It dnM no knMm. u ...
lot' bf crefy public character to possess a.
wno is not only bandy with tb.
camnra, art has suctar' a ' tnamory of faces,
BnaSon I amid.
- u : -' '.
Dancing school at Turner ball Wedni t-
day night.
A. D. Huesiner, real estate and insur
ance agent. Office No. 1608 Second ave
nue. Rock Island.
The Crown dlnlne ball. No. 1708 Sec
ond avenue, is now ready to furnish you
tbe beat meal In the city for 23 cent.
Buy Mercer count v cool of E. B. Mc-
Kown at bis new coal yard corner of
Fifteenth street and First avenue.
TheRoyai Insurance company, of Eng
land, baa tbe largest surplus of any fire
insurance company in the world. A. D.
Rnesing, agent, office No. lf.08 Second
avenue. Hock Island.
50,000 to loan on real estate security.
In sums of 200 and upward, at lowest
current rates of Interest, without com
mission. E. W. Hurst. Attorney at
law. Rock Island.
Modern Hastes For I sit
On monthly installments by Guycr &
Bank Babeoek. D.ntlsta.
No, 1724 Second avenue. Special atten
tion paid to saving tbe natural teeth and
inserting teeth without plates.
Tor tale.
Fourteen dry lota on four years time,
with six percent per annum, to any one
wishing to build this summer.
B. Davenport.
lartty ea Bonds.
Those who are required to Rive bonds
in positions of truef, and who desire to
avoid askioer friends to become their
sureties, or who may wish to relieve
friends from further obligation as bonds
man, should apply to the agent of the
American Surety Co., of New York.
General Insurance Agent,
Rock Island, 111.
Two large Mack bears leisurely marched
throueh the village of Woolrich, Clinton
county. Pa , Saturday, and then hied
themselves to the woods, followed by a
crowd of ramrods. Old huntets predict
bears will be unusually plenty this fall.
Takes Uaswsres.
Unsuspected causes of malaria exist
everywhere. A sunken lot partly filled
with water in tbe vicinity of your abode,
a new location upon land filled in, but
formerly overflowed or marshy, and
causes far more occult than these pro
duce tbe atmospheric miatma which
constitute the germs that, if inhaled,
ripen into fever and atrne and congenital
maladies. A person taken unawares with
a malarial complaint should, as soon as
it declared itself, seek aid from the 8fe,
non disappointing, cordial medicine,
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which has
for over a third of a century, and in
every quarter of tbe globe, relieved tbe
malaria-stricken, and neutralized mias
ma in air anil water. The bitters impart
activity to the stomach, bowels and liver,
impels incipient rheumatism, and reme
dies inaction of the kidneya and bladder;
appetite and sleep are improved, and tbe
infirmities of ace mitigated by iia use.
In poultry circles the old ben generally
proves her good standing by her setting.
Why continue the use of irritating
powuers, snuns or liquids. Ely s Cream
Balm, pleasant of application and a sure
cure for catarrh and cold in the head, can
be had for 5rtc. It is easily applied into
tbe nostrils, is safe and pleasant, and is
curing tbe most obstinate cases. It gives
relief at once.
The proprietors of Ely's Cream Balm
do not claim it to be a cure all, but a sure
re med v for catarrh, colds in the head and
hay fever. It is not a liquid or a snuff,
but is easily applied into the nostrils. It
gives relief at once.
The slot machine to test your weights
is one of the weights of tbe world .
Hie, iaJs and lassies! hie awav!
Nor brook a single bout's delay.
If you would carry in your mouth
While teeth, and odors of the south.
Haste, haste, and buy a single font.
Of the unrivalled Sorodont.
Even tbe homeless man may have a
tille clear to mansions in the skies.
Starch crows thickly common pow
ders have a vulgar glare. Pozzooi'a is
tbe only complexion powder fit for use.
Tbe man who cuts the corn is an opera
tor in stalks.
- i
I tliluk SwifCt Speclaic Is Xht best blood n ::. .
lnl,irwo:M. I tutvr known It to make iloixy "in.'..
ful rurf - f !.uTiH v ho were coo-Urrw! i:cn.:iM
I. il. (.rat now, Crowvit-, L ..
Tiviifr on lJ.o-J and Pkin Disease znnUi-d f.
Th Swift Srcrinc Co.. lwor a, AiUnta, a.
frintmi nirra. D4HIU id inn, liquid in bottle.
HantkMMM And
Bo u p. . K a. M Mt t hmurv. Bout Iron. n
It tnTa)Dbt for
Ass Bra4JtaaT TawstL. atmnait a a.
leadtrss phfprdns, for tovaiuia, tnfanutuid
other. Appffttitnc and atrtftbuls.
Aa your drugjfut or gnxwr for
Armour's Beef Extract
Or trad ar. for samplt parkas, and
dssenpuv. paoipnlst, iu
ARMOUR & CO., Chicago.
Brownson lie Hatter,
Seconl and Main Street, Davenport Iowa,
Dunlap Hats,
Fur Muffs and Boas
Guaranteed Investments
-First Mortgages.-
We con fine our Loans to Improved
Farms- in the safest counties of
Iowa, and on request
Prompt payment of principal and interest
Davenport, Iowa,
lerrrtioraa of
CI Ut t th.a Sl MiKOV
n i wpt-rtTM purpuM. ur U Or
'KMrjUTlVI LVAJLMbaal srras.
CjnrtfiMA. tviiiri. aswathina T
ttVd4rMHr t: ".saaarr. ail .fc, . ..
tfbtn Vs)ormrs) ftirvnsrh i.Mctrt
tril tasypasHtr or SorfeU J0v bi m4i.
IB Orwaj asoatiw. BaaiitM psjiMbtaU!- sNsuna.
qP' mm
HWrfft. 1 1
Absolutely Pure.
Tl i nowdor aerrr rants, a marvel of portly,
strength and wholrsooenrts ; more reononij
than the ordinary Kinds, and cannot be sold by
oomnstltlon with the mnltltode ol low test, short
weight slam or phosphate powders. M14 only r
u. KnTai. Baaiaa Pownta Co., 10S Wall ft.
Now Tors,
Intelligence Column.
bourework Is a filial l family: mnst come
recoromended. Address "W.C." Aa-vs omca.
mis.ion. forthe Luhricatlnft oil trade: ad
dress to The Divterirh. OU Co , M West Wash
ington St., I'mrago. l.l.
eling salesmen; positions t ermanent; spee
isl Indnrements n w; fast selling specialties.
Don't rielsr; salsry fmm the start.
BROWN BKUS , Nurserymen, Chicago, 111.
ell oar goods by ssmplc to the whole.sle and
retail trade: on sslsrv : larcret msnnfactiirers in
oorline; Inclose 4c stamp; Wages $3 per day;
permanent po ition; money advanced for wages,
advertising. Etc. CKNTKNMAi. iTQ CO.,
jano iv 'mcinau, u.
f I ire-lrof sfwt ; si x.v1h; elglit A4S3
ll. ; retail price sis : other in proM.rtim. High
est award .silver medal . Centennial F.iposition.
Hare chance: permanent tniine... imr prices
ln-est. We are not In the safe pral. S tclurtv.
territory giveu. Alpine afe t o.. 1 luclunatl. O.
P I O working for no; a?enis preferred who
can furnish a horse and give their who e time to
thebnsinese; spare moments uisy be proStab'y
employed also; a few vacancies In towns and
cities. B. F. JOHNSON A CO., 1000 Main St.,
Richmond, V.
N. B. Please stat. age and hnsines expe
rience Never mind a boo I sending n amp for r.
ply. B. P.J. Co. anU-Sno
The Great Restorer !
This is a Medicine that Conquers
and Eradicates Disease.
"It is the most Remarkable Deyelop.
ment of tbts Age of Progress
and Sanitation."
A littl. Itivestigstlon will convince vnn that
mnch as te claimed ror THE GREAT RKST0B
kR the half is not told.
I. A IU KM From whatever form of com
plaintwhatever malady. Here ls Your
For cir- nlsrs conta'i.lne s hitorv of this Wok
ntari'L Rsssdt, sml some remsrksble letters
from people well known, sddre - below,
Thf Ciral Eesterfr Pbinusfopial Wsrls,
ISiSi Pivrtlsnd Arenne, Minnesimlis. atina.
rv Writ's $1. AO per boitte. For sale Oy drug-
Wall Paper.
Floor & Table Oil Cloth.
Oil Cloth Stove Patterns
Window Shadt-s.
Our all wool extra snper
are the best ever offered for sa'e in the city.
212 212S
ri . : 1 1
west eecona street.
(Test Sec
Cast Iron Work
done; a specialty of furnish
ing all kinds of
Stoves with CastiDgs,
at 8 cents per pound.
J. E. DOWINO. Proprietor.
-Real Estate-
Insurance Apt
Represents, among other time-tried and well
knosrn Fire Insurance Companies, the following:
Royal Insurance Company, of England
Weschester Fire Ins. Co.. of N. Y.
Buffalo German Ina. Co., Buffalo. N. T.
Rochester German Ina. Co. Roch'r N.Y
German Fire Ins. Co.. of Peoria, 111.
CiUaens Ins. Co., of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Exchange Fire Ina. Co.. of New York.
Office No. 1808 Second Are..
Mercer County, Chas. Peterson
and Ellis'
Hard Coal, Brick, Tile, Etc.
Office corner Fonrteenth St., and Second Art.
Telephone lutlti.
Estate af Hannah It. Lawaead, deceased.
Th r nnilaiMlini.il li.l, i .
I sum tor of Um stats of Hannah U. Lawbead. lata
of th. eooaty of Kock bland, stat. of IHInola. de-
r . , -- vum do win appear
before the eoaaty court of Rock Island coantyTat
twu nan, in lue city Of
Kock Island, at th. January term, oa th. drst
person. nsTiof elsims ssinst sstd .stat. ar bo
U0d and requested to attend for Um purpose of
havinr ta same ad lasted. All persons Isdsbtad
tosaidastaia mrm musi tA i
paysasmtto the undersigned.
smmm uus swta aaj of-ioober A. D 189:
Oct asHiaw Adminunmor.
New Advertisements.
For Bale bf Landing Dealers.
KTi. Solaly by WX. BASZES, Troy, N.Y
l TTOTWET AT LAW-Offle. with J. T.
L worthy, 175 Second Arenas.
Matioaal Bank Buiidtnf . Itock Islaad, IU.
a. a. swiixsY. a. t viuus.
CXBce In Becgston's Uloec, Rock liland, IU.
ATTORJKKT9 AT LAW Loan money oa antd)
security, makes eollscttot . Reference, Milekt
il At Lynda, bankers. Offlc la Porto (Be block.
News Stand. Five m per copy.
office ciucnsiti, Ohio; Branch office over
First Nsiion.,1 Hank, Kock Island. fll ly
ON THIKO AVBNLS, between Tenth and
Eleventh streets. feb U-lf
WM. 0. KULP, D. D. S.
Rooms fa, ST, ts and n.
Take Elevator. DAVENPORT, IA.
Roca ILKn Cocktt.
Ooonty Conrt of Rock Iplsnd county, to the No
vember Term. A. IX. l-9.
Klica Warnock, Administratrix of the estste of
John Warnirk. deceased, vs. Matvaret Bailey,
Alexander Warnock, David Warnock, Jsie C
Warnnck, Hnich Warnock, Janet Campbell,
. T1. . ..1 r 11 ..... larAfr
Warnock, Charlei Wahlstrom, Ksniel li . llart-
well and Kooert Le retiuon to st-u rssi es
tate to psv debts.
AfBdavi bf the non-residence of Janet Csmp
bell, Jsmes C. wsrnock, Alexander Warnock and
Daniel n. Hrt well defsndants shove named,
hsving been filed in the office of the Clerk of the
Ooonty Conrt or Rock Island Connty, notice is
hereby Riven to the said Jsnet Csmpbell. .tames C.
Wsrnock, Alexsnder Wsrnock sndbsniel H. Bsrt
well. thai the said plaintiff Eliza Wsrnock, ad
ministratrix of the estate of John Wsrnock, de
cessed hss Sled her petition in the ssid County
Court of Hock Islsnd Coantv for an order to tell
the premises belonging to tbe estate of said de
ceased, or so mnch of it as may be needed to pay
the deb's of said deceased, and described as fol
lows, to-wit;
The northwest quarter (t of th. no thwest
quarter 14) and th. northeast quarter of the
southwest qnsrter i) snd the northaeM quarter
(t4) of the southeast quarter ') of section
ele-en, (111; also th. south one hslf ) of the
southeast quarter H of section three. (Stall in
township sixteen, Ub), north of rsiu:e one ill
west of the Fourth prlncipsl meridian, in the
coantv of Kock ltlsnd si d dale of Illinois.
And that s summons hss been issued out of sstd
court against yoa, retumshle at the November
term, A. D. 1WHI. of ssid court, to be bolden on
tbe Pirst Mondsy of November, A, D . w9. st
th. court house "in Kock Island, in Rock Islsnd
county, Illinois.
Now, unless you, the said Janet Campbell.
James '. Wsrnock. Alexsnder Wsmork sud
ilsnlel u. Hsrtweli shall nereoDslly be and sntiear
before said county court ol Rock Island countr.
on the first dsy of a term thereof, to be boldru at
it oca island in sstd county, ou the 0nt Mondsy or
November. 189. snd pU-sd, snswer or demur to
the said complainant's petit'on filed ihertin, tbe
same and the matters and thin? therein chsnred
and sts-ed will he takenaf confessed, and sdecree
entered against you according to tb. prayer of
na out.
Rrck Island, Illinois. Oc'oher 19. I3S9.
K. A. 1MIN ALDSDN, Clerk.
E. W. HraaT, Complainant's Solicitor.
Rock IslsxdCocktv. I
County Court of Rock Islsnd conntv, November
Term. A l. ISa.
Jsmes M. Wanser, George D. B room ell and Wil
nam a. tnanwicx. partners. c,. of w.tnju-r
o.. plaintiffs, ve W. J. emith. D. W Clarke
and Emanuel .-haffenbunt, partner, Ac, or
Smith, Clarke; A Co., defendants In stiach
menl. Pub ic notice is hereby given to the ssid W. J.
Smith, D. W. Clsrke snd Kmsnuel StisnVnhnTg.
thst a writ of attachment Iseued out of "he office
of tbe clerk of the County court of Rock Island
county, dated the Sd day of October, A 1.
at tne sun or tne said w aneer t o., and against
the estste of the s d W. J. Smith. O. W. Ciarke
and Kmannel Shaffenbnrg for the sum of Seven
Hundred dollars snd directed to tbe shenS of
Kock Island county, which said writ has been re
turned executed.
Sow, therefor, nnless you. the ssid W J
Smith, D. W. Clsrke and' Emanuel SbafiVnOHrt.
shall personsll y be and appear before the said
County court of Ror k Island county on the first
dsy of the next term thereof, to be bolden al
tb. court house in the cltv of Rock Islsnd.
iu said county, on the eleventh day of November
A. D. 1HS9. give special ball and plead to the said
plaintiff 's action, judgment will he entered
aeainst von. and in favor of the said Wanzer A Co..
aud so much of the prop rty attached as may be
sufficient to satisfy the said Judgment and costs,
will be told to siisfv the same.
it. c. cowksllt, Pl ffs Attorney.
October feth, A. D . IS,. qvJw
Citv of Rcca IsLaicn, Rock Tsi.ad CofsTT, I
Sealed proposals will be receivrd at the City
Clerk's office of said city, until Monday the 4th
aavof November. A. u. isea, ,t S o'ektek r for
c..u..r.cunK or mpmiriiKiit ordered bv an or-
dlhatiM nf u il rlr .h .h . . .... .
- " V -"-"-- vmw laupiru vnogor
. .ww.. uu i. riiiuiru mn orainsnce ror tne Im
provement of Eighteenth street f rum the north
v. . ..mi; ... me inn u uaeoi i nira sve
: -" ' - j wi ppeciai tax mereior,
aud for furniahing the materials snd doing the
KOrk UlTftMlinii In ih. . ;
---- . .uu i-T-v- mi a (.ions
therefor. The said improvement ordered by said
v. turning wiiu cnrolones
excaating, grading. Improving snd paving with
I id i f il V iwu'h oi streets
Tbe said imnmv.mnt m .
' 1 " u,wi- ' -V V -' 1 1 . ' I II ,
nil tk. .it... Uik.ui . . . ...
- i-i. mririui luritivueu must oe m
seccrdanca with the plan and specifications for
said improvement on file in the said city c eik s
- - -m.u uuht, .miu pisns snu speciD
cation ar open to tlis iimpection of ail person
interested therein. Contractors are to furnlch
- r , , " wum.1i Mun is io o curie
Bricks used In the work must correspond with
w. Mniin w ifuiiiij tin nne. ah bids mutt
be accompanied with a certified check in the sum
of Flv. Hundred Dollars, pvbl to the order of
th city treasurer of said city, which shall be
come forfeited to said city In case th. bidder shell
- vn ii .ng approvra Burette.
to execute tbe work for the price mentioned in his
w., uu avwwiuiur i ui piaus ana speciacatlons.
In th tnt that tbeoont .act ahould b aarded
to htm. Blank bids will be fami.hrd on .n,.ur..
catloa at th. city elerk 'a office. Ail bidders snd
iioer person may atteaa at the opening of said
bids. Th right to reject any and all bids or
Dmimu . MMi.ul 1- . . . ,
IT- u, ,u7 .turmir resenea
KUBIKT KuKHLtH. i;1ty Cletk.
Dated thl lQU day of October, Ire
Estate of Johannu Anthony, deceased
Th undersigned, having beenappointed Execu
tor of the Itat will and testament of Johannu Ao-
- - w. ." wiiuij vi iwci isiana. tt.
of Illinot. deceased, hereby gives notice that he
trill appear before the county court of Rock Island
county, at the office of th. clerk of said eort. In
the rlt. rf tinrk 1.1.. .k. . ' u
- - - j -7- -..., w, ,u. wwHiver term oa
th. First Monday in December next, at which time
wi.iiu. u.iiipi aia esiat. are
noullad and requested to attend for the purpose of
...wu. Njmm, jiu peraon indented
to aid estate ar requested to make immediate
Datad this d day of October. A. D., 1NNB
Oct SdsW
Notlc 1 hby given that at a neeial tveet
ing of Um stockholders of th. blsck Hswk Home
stead BnUdisg. Loan and Saving Association, held
at th. offlc. of th. ncretary on Tuesday evening.
October loth, 1st), pursusnt to call, there being
present in person and by proxy mora than wo
taird ef th stockholders of id Aseocl.tion,
representing over two-thirds of sll th. stock is
sued by said Association, a resolution wt pasted
Increasing th. authorised capital stock of said
Assoclition to Ten Mill on Dollsrs, a certificate
of which ha been filed with th. Secretary of
Stat tt Springfield. 111., and Ilk certificate with
tb recorder o( deed of Rock Island com tv, Ha
noi'. J. M. MuNTUUMEiiT.
T. J. MtDtLL, Jr , Sec y. rr't.
KtUU of Pettr Bay, Deceased.
Th. undersigned, having beta appointed Ex
ecutor of th last will and testament of Peter
Hay, lat of th county of Rock Island, Mate of
Illinois, deceased, hereby give notice that he
will appear before tb. countr eonrtofRork I.u
and county, at th offlc or th. clerk of said
eoart, if lb city of Mock Island, at th. De
cember term, oa th. First Monday la December
nest, at which tim. all person having claim
StfSlQSt SSld esLatS Sr. motiSna miiImuiiihIuI
und forth, purpose of having th. tarn, adj nai
ad. All persons Indebted to laid estate ar. re-
2 acted to asak. Unmediat payment to th. an
ersKtaed. Dabsd thlt 11th day of October, A. D.. I8S9.
MthdAw . WILUAM BAT, Executor.
Prstoptly aad aeaUy xecuted by th 4a. u Jok
trtTitloa paid lo Coaaatarclal wotk
RoM. Krause,
of tbe three
Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
Overcoats for 60c on the dollar.
sum worm f u uu lor (iu uu,
Children's Suits worth 4 for $1.83 ""Nfc
That Is the style our so ealled progressive, average Clo'h!r advertises in the lsst answer of
the enlightened Nineteenth eenttiry. Thnonh the oldest Clothing Boar, in this psrt of the
country we wereslwsis resdy to keep sbresst of tbe timet. W. Introduced tht irlrrlnlr (.
one frtce only end tlitt th. lowest." Wa
tnt1." We intr !nc-d the principle of -1
til mil will follow the principle of "UoiiMt
The Pioneer Clothier, Hatter and Gent's Furnisher,
115 and 117 West Second St., DAVENPORT, I A.
.y c
f 5 r-'-Ls; - &
Davis Block,
Moline, Illinois.
Merchant Tailor,
Star Block, - Opp. Harper House,
is receiving daily his stock op
Spring and Summer Goods,
of the latest patterns. Call and examine them and remem
ber that he makes his suits np In the latest styles.
ON l.Y 2.00 .A. DOZEN.
Photos on a Toboggan Slide.
and hare come of the
HAKELIER, Proprietor and Ardat.
No. 1722. Second ave.. Gay ford's old studio, over McCabe's.
Painting, Graining, Paper Hanging and Kalsomining.
ayrAU work warranted and done to order oa short notice.
Shop No. 310 Seventeenth street, bet. 3d nd 4th avenue.
ho rnTTiCTR,
3STo. 1808 Second Ave.,
Rock Island, 111.
AU kinds of Carpenter work don. General Jobbing done on abort
notice and satisfaction guaranteed .
Office and shop 1412 Fourth ave., ROCK ISLAN D. ILL.
PBonuxToB or
Second Avenue, opposite Harper House. The choicest imported
Imported and Key Weat agar, a apeclaltj.
Just received another invoice of FALL GOODS at the New Tailoring eaUb
lishtuent. and will toll 25 per cent cheaper than any merchant tailor in
the city. Call and examine tbe atock before purchasing
420 Brady Street, Davenport, la.
Steam Cracker Bakery,
itnrioniu ? cBAtumi an iuoarrii
Alt your Grocer for
'tactalUtt: TktCaristr ofTflTBB
Office and Shop Corner Seventeenth Bt,
and Keventh A nnn.
I IT"A11 kinds of Artittic work a specialty.
TO -
Introduced the nrindpl. of "Every Article W.r
rut hrul ReprePentAtTot. and will no
AdYertfelrtg. We alwayi U-d the o!
not resit un-
bera mtj
Steam Fitters.
A con ( let stock of
Pipe, BraBS Goods, Packing,
t ose, Fire Brick. Eta
i awl ArenU foe
W. firarai tee every on perfect, snrt will send Cops,
1 ei ty day's trial, to responsible parties.
Safety Crating Boilers, and Contra
too It r furnishing and laying
Wat'jr, Gas and Sewer Pipe.
1712 Fiest Av.,
Rock Island, Illinois. .
T lapaao. lit. lUideca Telephone lie.
latest novelties of tht I
klcdt of-
and Builders,
ai tt
No. 1707 8econd aveuae. Rock Island.
arid. Builder,
Rock Island.
Flans aad atlfavatea lor all kladt t kaJlaUa

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