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Friday, N.i 29 1S.
It will e a al u ''
Jast tee saaae.
The Muscatine J-urmtl ot Jrstrrdej
drvolrd cini''if'''e spare to Ihe tew
bridge nblr h tbe city proposes to attempt
to erect f it the "srcominodaiKin" ot tbc
people of Prury toweship. this county.
Toe cost rf tlie brides according to con
tract, it to b U9,(M). One-third of
this mm 1 t. be Tt by he tu al
ready votnl by Muscatine. The balance
Is raised by private subscription and by
lb Issuance ot bond, the private sub
scripllon bclntf to a Urge exirnt linked
for from R c Ilenl. It I to b a toll
bridge, the or.linencj chartering lb
compaoy limiting t11t to flfu-en rent
each y i 'T trsina. and fire cents (or
eacb person. Tbe bridge is n.t to have
a dree, It bring hlh enough to admit
of ttesmbnats passing under it. Tbe
only oilier bridt-s on tbe river which are
o cooitrurted are tbe two bridges at St
Louis and tbe wagon bride- at Iubu
que and St. Paul.
Tbe Jflurn.it Gives tbe folio in as I
complete lift vf bridges teres tbo Mis
sissippi river as (sr as St rul, fnr-
nisbrd by Mr. Tetcr Musstr. pnaidrnt o(
tbe Musser I.umNr company:
.U Lru s two, bUb; Louisiana one
draw; Hannibal one, draw; Qnlrcy one.
draw: Keokuk one, draw; Yi Madison
one, draw; Kuriinulun one, draw; Keiths
burg one, draw; Unck Island one, draw;
Clinton one. draw; Sabula one, drsw;
Dubuque 2. one draw and one Iileh
Prairie dut'liien one, pontoon ; La Crosse
one, driw. Winona one. draw; Wahabe
one. pontoon; Hasting one, draw; t.
Taul three, two hich, one draw.
It will be Ken tint Dubuque and St
Tsui an- the on'v ritirs that now have
wsifon l.rnljje. independent o( railroad
mldces TV en. fan rroa only at 8t
Iauis. Keokuk, R h k IxUod, Dubuque and
J'aul. The M Louis and Davenport
Iridgre are constructed so tbat trains c
below tbo railroad track. Tbe Keokuk
bridge is constructed so that teams must
psss on the flur witU railway trains and
wba a train is passing wagon travel
must stop.
t leac Tasaarrew.
Tbe Nortbwtsiern I linois poultry rt
Liiiition continues at Armory ball.
The following tn'r'.es esetjn-d mention
ia tbe l-t list appearing in the Am.rs:
J. K.Horn, link IUnl. ilit du k-
-ln,l t;ir.a bautsn.s. four bUi k breast
f ed red jfnrne bsotam.
D. O White. K .ck Island, tt.irtv five
pit ifsDi'-s. ij;lit KnMen V ynlottes, sii
black Wyamlotti-s, tLr-e m.ver Wyan
dolles. Thus f r the f.i'.low in; prro.iums have
bet o awrilui:
Brt on cm k. CrU on coi krill, second on
roi kri1',!, tbird on rnk, first on hen, see
ocd on ten. second en pullet
(oo T. Irwm. Aledo, third and (ourtti
oD ben, firt on pullet, second on pulbt,
second, third and fourth on rockrvll.
A. II. Floyd, of Witt Lllwrty. Iowa,
tlird i s iixkrul, fourth on e k. fourth
un pullet.
11. t . (tortlsrh, Dvtnport. si eond
on pullet, (h bneding ben mm
tla. Oho. T Irvin, Aledo, first.
aaJ seend. II. C. GoetNrh, tbin',
UlZ U. I U iii V. J.ihu II .cl.r. T
lle (irjve. I , . :!rit. second, tl ir.l and
fourth aiockrr!'. jirrc on l-u. firt
on brteilinn
Partridge l hM:b.r. W. I' I)i.en, to ne
eo. r rt. see .nj r. 1 third, and -ji'illet;
secotd on cik krei, tlor li n hen; lo-irib
on rock, secotd od hree-'inir lient
White Choi .ir.. II F. Irur, ;.!,
burg, flrt. second sid tb.r 1 on pullit;
Simeon rnkr!'. tl'i on l.i-ir. tlrt and
setond on bn-ecJi:, Jen. W. C I-.n.
Oeneeo, third and fouitb on Ln
LatK'hhnu, C. K. Collins, Viola. Ill ,
Ort on cik krel , J. W. linn ihs"er. Kld
rldve. KjW. fourth a pulie'; .l.dm Cole,
Kin. ore. Ill , tr-t second and third on
pullet, fourih a cry krell . A rthur Burrall,
Koik Island, firt on ci k. second on
ben, third on coc krell, en.nd on pullet;
R. A. Donaldson. It. i k Island, -ei ond on
coikrell, fourth o puliet
The iLibltion continues until tomor
row night Ia the morumi; the silver
sweepstskes' cup w ill lie awtrdt-d. and
offlcers elected, arid out pi ire i.f exhibi
tion chosen.
Mi.CrlLy A Itcynol ! con.j any pie
stOled the picturesque eoruedy iltiim.
"The Der Iril. iui.' to fir-i.cd
audience conaidering Hn- ireUmint
weatbtr Wednesday l.i.'J-t, ni' 1 Hie pro
duction iXvc verv jfr.i.r! i'i..fiii;ti..n .
Dan McCarthy appeare.1 in a heroic role,
and while be acted bis ptrt nicily, he is
better adapted t' the specwl'ty line, In
wblcb be is a genius. Oui Reynolds, in
the villainous character of ' McClutchy."
Ifave an xhihit.on of s'r .n drnrnatic
powtrs, tperi"y in his de&tli scttie.
The mounting whs tine, and the piece
throughout very creditable.
Tonight we are. t) Lve Mi Care &
Tjudk's genuine durkey operatic min
strels, a side splitting entertainment, of
which the Ujibts'er N . Y) Current
Notwithstandinu the inclement weather
McC'abc A Yoimu's mirntrels succeeded
in attr.ictmi; a full houe lat rvenlntf.
Nearly every seat was occupied, anil tbo
old huildU.tr was fnqucnllv made to
tremble as If an earthquake bad struck
it from tbe long and loud encores tbe
performers received. We don't know
tbe day when we have enjoyed such a
bearty, side-splitting laugh. Tbe aud
ience was kept In an uproar of lanuhter
from hetrmnmtf to end. and there will be
more than one mad house wife todav
when they discover all the buttons off
their Lusbsnd'a pantaloons and rests.
W'e ofii r one h'ltidred dollars reward
for any case of catarrh tbat cannot be
turtd bv thkinif II ill's catarrh cure.
F. J. Cre.ict fe Co , Props ,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J Cheney for tbe last fifteen years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially able
to carry out any obligation made by their
Wt.sT & Tucax, Wholesale drueglsU,
Toledo. O.
Wauhisa. Kissas A Mabvi. Wholesale
drupi'ists, Toledo, O.
E. H. Vsh Usr-tx, Cashier, Toledo N'a.
tionrl bank, Toledo, O
Uall'a catarrh cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tbe bloid and mucus
surfacea ot the sy-tem. Pricsi 73 cents
per bottle. Hold by al) drugeista.
Xcws Abint Town.
It Is the current report about town
that Kemp's Balsam for tbe throat and
lungs is making some remarkable cures
with people who are troubled with
coughs, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis
and consumption. Any druggist will
give you n trial bottle free of cost. It is
guaranteed to relieve and enre. Tbe
Urge bottle are 00c nod f 1.
Pout Btbom, Not. S9
Mrs, J. C. Fleming weal to Rck IiU
and Saturday.
J- J. Lael1 has been calling on
frienda In town today.
Mr. and Mrs Graver visited over Sun
day with Mr. and Mra. W. II. Devon.
C. C. Covne ia receiving tbe largest
stock of hellday goods ever shipped to
the town.
Wilson Adam went to Rock Island
Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving
with friends.
It in rumored tbat some parties from
Rock Island am going to start a whole
sale liquor bouse here.
Hi li. Johnaton baa vacated tbe office
over tbe Fleming drug store, which be baa
occupied for n great many years.
Mrs. Warren Hall, of Davenport, came
up to eat turkey with Mr. and Mrs Jes
sie Msiwell, b r parents.
Tbe attendance at the public school has
been somewhat limited this week owing
to so many children having the mumps.
Will Uony.of F.ieelsior, Iowa, came In
on tbe four o'clock train today to spend
Thanksgiving with his father and moth
er. A number of tbo young people attended
tbe dancing party in ICiaire Thursday
night. It was given by the Woodman
K B. Bidilnger and W. Clark are reno
vating the oil room at the Fleming drug
store preparatory to C. C. Coyne
moving in.
Wednesdsy evening tbe Christian En
deavor society gave a reception to tbe
members of the Congregationa. church
and the rburch society.
Mr. Richard Torpin, Jr., and son
Kichie. of Philadelphia, spent Thanks
giving with Mr. Torpin'a par.-nts, Mr. and
Mrs Richard Torpin, Sr.
G. A. Metcjar baa warrants out for
tbe arreat of a number of country boys
who were very noisy on our streets Sun
day evening daring church hours.
John MHinr nmi Cliarle Emery were
lmnl iu tin' i hn omniits) B.itlairaThura-
JsT Tliev were ot ilnvini;, and their horse
su.l vdui'lr i .iIN-J into tb river
H-tiry Hull, a life prisoner, who eacaped
iTom I lie Nolim-ka penitentiary in January
ns i ai tunst in l"th Tui.rlv Hall's
isHivnt-. no live nt St J.wepli, Mo., art
very wealthy
Willie's t-xien-ive ilri-iv iMuulirliment
at Aklerahot. Kuclaod, was biN-nert Thur
ilay . Iis -"i"."i.i
i'oimt von Ar.-o Vnllev, tS.-rtnau minister
to Washington, is tl.eguit of Prince Bis
C It Kt niiard, ho tol a Inn se from W
.ck.-r. ot i In.-ao. threw niontlu ao, was
f und Kiiilty Tliurs.lay at Sullivan, Ills., ani
the rnalty flsej at twstity-foiir rars in the
Mil haol Kenne.ly killed hi. wife with aa
as at Syrscuse Weiinesilar night, while
Dr r.U'lmr.l Volkmami, tlm famous mir
genu of Halie, itirsi at thm plait. Thurlay,
nnl years.
I nitl Htiti-s Mini-ter I jnouin baa beec
Uii.ieniv ea:iei to vrsnillea, w bi-re las am
ta fatally ill
Mary (Y.-S. a white, ilnin-l aged 17, ol
Slu-i lv. Teun. , el ipeU with a colortsj man
name,! Iy Clift. Ttm neru tlraerted tbs
Kil l nt rl.atlnn,t;a. and -he ha- taa-n sent
A -t-mu .ipe lir-t at
Chiltanoiva Thuiolar,
ti-lirn Cob-man. tV. A
U alcaiimlt, all pluiiilaTs
prolmlilv recover.
a 1aniu4 mill ia
lafily ahling
IVnuv ami D. J
Tim men will
Thomas It. Kua-s who ki!ll Samuel
l aidriip nt Lit. htiHl,!. Ill , has beam
ictiil ami 'iitain-l to life impriaoimwHit.
It ia oiiil that the chief of the Jenuita has
r snivel to rwall all Jisiuita from Bratil, ow
HiK to the lat of pill. lie fra-hng in that
Al ns from Cori say that aiuee the king
Ii-uiiihsi-1 his American S'liwr he haa tieea
ilrilluiK Ins trooi ia Kineuan taitn-a.
Kobcrt Ilonn'T baa tameht Aiuel, 4 yoa1
old. by K.l s-ti.meer, out of Anui-tte, by 11
imk'oii. paying llu.ixsi.
I hMMla la Conner! l Mt.
WaTIKui bt, Coun., Nov. -.V The atorm
Wnliittay ni(ht swolltsi Ijttla brook under
Kant and Siurh Main strenta hi-re aud fUled
twenty store cellars, causiu; daite to
Kls tu the ejDiount of H.iOi The .Nauaij
tiick valky, from Tbomaston U rtirminj
ham, is turn-l into a sea by thenar In the
Naiifc'uutuck river. The "aue-autuck railruwd
1- cov.TisI lu many pUv-es. A bad waabout
at S)' iimur latdly Jnlaywd peMHiT trains
yter .lay iieH-mng. The triil(je over the
cr.- k at I'umn City ws washed away. Tbs
1'unli.tin dam at 5auiautuck gave away at
4 o'cl.a k yesterday morning. Tliere ia also a
1. wa-hoiit oo tbo Mended runJ iii tluscity.
A Healthy losta I'uder Areest.
Imiiimus, Suv. H. 11 Hayea, a
wealthy cititun of Mount Pleasant, Ia , was
turne-1 over to the sheriff of that place by
1 ml launpi ills offl.-ers yesterday and takes
home fur trial. Home days atfo local o Ulcers
w are lufurmisl that Hayes waa here and was
rec, i vuii; hia mall unJr tlie nauie of O. P.
Murphy. U'b.-u ha called at the oftloe fur
Lis letters he waa promptly arreatnd. Ha
liad atiout KiO.iAXi on his person, and by pay
lug the expeuaes uf a guard be was allowed
to stay at the Bates bouse. The cbargs
aaiust him is obtaining money under falsi
pretenses, but the prisoner aoys that tbs
c barge has been trumped up by a woman.
Attempted Suicide of a Beautiful GlrL
Ci.ncimxaTI, Sov. as Miss Cleo Nelson, s
beautiful girl S!l yoars old, livlr.j at 5o7 Cen
tral aveuue, tried So commit auicule yeater
iImv lu.a'usaitf l.y ahutiuK heraelf in tlm alda.
1 tin iloctors aay it is lm(Maeitle for her to re
cover When fuuml he waa unconscious,
an I had claapej In one hand a ir of white
k 1 1 gloves. It is auppoaed by this that the
M':.'iu;,t t suiutlii was cauaed by aoiue love
aifair Her parent are almust btractd
over the aad i a.curreni:e. Miaa Nelaon cams
'rum LouiavUle, Ky., about a year ago.
A ef:en Hons AautM-k.
Sis' TiBit, Nov. S!3 Oeorge Mujray, a
iityi u w bu Is subject to fits of Insanity, ran
amuck thruugh East Houston street y ester
duy He cut two Italian peddlers on the
head wub a bat:bet; chased several nien and
woiiteu anil was Jut about plunging his
hat. het Into the bead of a young Woman
whenacltib-n kum ked him V.wn with a
atoue aud held him until a policeman ar
rived. The injured Ituliana were taken to a
Big l ire In an Iowa Town.
Maso City, Ia , Sov. -Wesley, la,
wua vial ted by a big fire Wedneaday ulgLU
It started In Harnett, Bunting & Co. 'a ware
house and ajiretvl to D. K. Putnam's ware
house, Taylor's lumber yard, Jordan 'a drug
stvre aud auveral adjacent bulldinca, destrvy
lug all. The kiss will reach SAuui, covered
by tl.,WV iimurancft.
Alleged Trala Rubbers A Treated.
'sw OnXKAXa, Nov. -"J The Time-Iou
rrat's Ardmure (ludliin territory i ajsKlal says
that i(.ht nun have lavn arrted for tbs
robbery of the Hauta Kb train Monday night.
The accused are irumblers of Ardmora and
Pun 11. It mi allied that there are women
in tlie eaae, and more rrnts will follow.
A Mlnl.ter ntumlts Hulclde.
HiMi.MiToN, Intl., Nov. a Rev. Erd
man Deiorue, a prominent and well-knowii
minister of the lvrman reformed church,
ei.imiulti-i miickle yerterday by shooting
bliiwlf tlirou-h t he bend. Ha Is believed tc
have beeu t nijKriu ilv ui-ane.
father aad Nua firuwaed.
WutKl.l.so, W. Vu , Nov. W. Yesterday
evening Mr. Mack Uuff aad bis LVyeax-old
aoit were unloaibiiK a wag aa of Cinders at
tlie river lauik. The hank gave way and
UofT and hia eon were thrown into the Ohle
river and drowned
The Markets,
I Mli son, Nov. Tbaukssiiviug I)ay
being a leal holiday the exchanges through
out tlie country were closed and bo market
were given out.
Should be kept at atables and stock
yards Salvation Oil le tbe beat friend
not only of man but of dumb beasts aa
well. For swelled joint, strained ten
dons, old sores, saddle Ralls and wounds
of nil k Inds there Is no remedy like Sal
vation Oil.
Some sarcastic person has sent to J. B.
Foraker, of Ohio, n copy of Campbell's
Pleasures of Hope.'
Ton can send abroad for hams should
the Westphalia.
Boston Visited by a Disastrous
A Repetition of the Great Blaze of
1872 Feared Before the Fire
Was Checked.
The Blara Marted al the former of
Klagatoa aad Bedford Street, aad
Swept wlta rrlghtfal Rapidity la All
DlreetloBe Haadaonse Fire Proof Ralld-lag-
Deetroyed Two Hundred Ftraae la
All Baraeat Owl The laaaraaee.
Bosm, Nov. 29. At 8:15 yesterday morn
big flames were discovered in tbe mammoth
stone building at the corner of Kingston and
Bedford streets. This fat a building hitherto
thought to be fire-proof and recently built.
Notwithstanding this, it burned like n tinder
box, and tbe flamea rose hundreds ot feet into
the air. The fire apparatus which responded
was wholly incapable of handling the fire,
and they saw this fact very plainly when tbe
flamea began to leap up and out of the roof
and windows toward tbe buildings on the
other side ot the street and to the buildings
on Rovre place. A second alarm was sent in
at 8 .TO. At 8 o'clock a third alarm ws rung
In. In half an hour there was iamed n gen
sral alarm, which brought apratua from
Cambridge, Somnterrille, and Chelsea.
Kprvad of the Flautee.
From tbe very start there was little hope
f the fire being stopped before it bad con
sumed several buildings. Brown, Durell &
Co.s fine bhvk waa soon a heap ot glowing
ruins, upon w hove edge stood a steamer,
an aerial ladder and a hose carnage which
had been atandonnt in hot haste at tlie time
the building collapsed. The old building. SO
Kingston street, now began to libt up, and
the Brainerd & Armstrong Co. 'a building at
3.1 w as Just catching. A group of iej.rate
fire-flchter were being forced to recede inch
by inch. Startling stories were all.wt tbat
men had been caught in the falling w alls and
of other fatal accidents, but there was no
time to verify these reports.
Asaiataaeo from Cambridge.
Tbe building occupied by Bradford Thomas,
and the Aims building were involved in tbe
general dent ruction. Eastward tbe fire
at !:: had reached tbe epdinan building
on the corner of Lincoln and Ifradford
streets, while towards Washington street its
limit at the same time was Chauncey street.
Just la-fiare 10 o'clock awtauce reached
the sene from Cambridge both in engines
and hook and Udder trucks. From the build
ing of Brown & Purell, where the tire
caught, it spread arrow the street and back
through the burning builduig into Chauncev
street. In leaa than ten minute the flames
were tearing intotbe mammoth atore building
occupied by William & Co. on tbe next cor
ner anntb, and into Cluett, K.oonlV.
A Threatealne Conflagration.
From the other side it caught alni.M at
once upon the buildings on Rowe place, and
the wiud favored tbe supposition that the
whole dry goods dutri.-t was iloomrsL Al
ready every buildiug bad gone from Bedford
street, along Kingston and Chauncey rfreeta,
and the flame were eating up all those on
the south aide of Rowe pla.-e. On tbe east
side of Chauncey street were buildings, all of
the mammoth structures occupied aa w hole
sale houses in the dry goods and fancy goods
trade, and every endeavor waa made to keep
them from catching tire. Thia endeavor was
futile, however, and tbe flaiu ru-bed on in
both directions.
Two Acre Ua ened Over.
A Knit 11 ' a view from the top of tbe
Adams boti-a allowed that tbe tire was under
control. About two acres ot property had
been destroyeiL A subsequent walk around
tha section roped off by the police confirmed
thia estimate. At t p. tu. seventy-five steam
ers surrounded the fir Tbe flames burned
nearly up to the edge of the burned dUtnct
ot the great Are ot 1872, but did not euter iU
The fire did not quite reach Sumner street
nor Lincoln street, but it burned half way
through the block bounded by Kingston,
Huoincr ami Bedford street, aud also that
adjoining. Showers of eiiark were driven
ahead of the thuues, principally toward tie
great dry goods stores on aahuigton street.
The lleaveaa Lent Assistance.
The isaiked condition of the roof, bow
ever, and the pouring rain, extinguished the
sparks before they could do any damage. A
strong in -shore w ina was blowing all the
niornuig, and the storm signals were dis
played irom the signal otCos roof. There is
little doubt but that for the deluge which
poured from the clouds tbe fire would have
wept through to the Common. Tbe beat
from tbe fire in the earlier hours was strong
enough to be painful to the fau of specta
tors a hundred yards or more distant, and
Um flames reached as high again aa the tops
of tin six and seven story buil.bnga which
were being consumed.
Hro-Proof Buildings Licked I .
Scsues w ituesaed by the writer during the
great tire here in ll?i and in the recent Lyun
fire were re-enacted at 111 a. m , and there
seemed no ruaaon to hope t bat the conflagra
tion could be checked until It had swept the
entire district Modern "fire-proof build
ings like the handsome stone Ames building
at Bedford and Kingston streets, built only
four or five years ago after the most approved
Are resist nig plana, were licked up with a
rush and a roar at apparently tbe same ap
palling speed that accomplished tbe same re
sult with the wooden shoe factories at Lynn
on Tuesday.
Weocraphy of the Fire.
Tbe geography ot the fire ia as follows:
Starting in the sii-tory granite building
owned by Jordan. Marsh & Co., and occu
pied by Brown, Durrell & Co., dry goods
rtaeleri at Bodturd and Kingston streets, it
spread to the shoe and leather exchange
building, another large granite structure
adjoining on Bedford street; thence across
Bedford street to the opposite corner ; thence
across Kingston street aud along Bedford to
Chaunsey street, w here It was stopped In the
tore of Farley, Harvey & Co , the upper
stories of w hich were burned. Three stores
along Chauncey street toward Summer ware
burned. On the south side of Bedford street
the flamea Jumped astrosa Kingston street
from Brown, IurfeU & Co. to a big sand
stone building owned by F. L. Awes, and
occupied by Taylor Bros, and thia was eon-
A Uraulte Block Destroyed.
The great granite building know n as the
Nevlne block, at the corner of Chauncey
street, was the next victim of the fiaioes.and
tbe entire block clear around Rowe place
to Kingston street w as consumed. Crossing
Chauncey street, the fire soon bad good
hold on all the stores which are inclosed in
Exeter place, a small streut running from
Harrison avenue to Chauncey stre-L. Hera
the firemen got control. At Kowe place the
fire was partially checked from going toward
Essex street, but quickly moved toward the
opposite stile to the immense Allen and Lar
rabee buildings.occupying tbe square betw een
Bedford street, Harrison avenue exb-nsion
and Exeter plai-e, at which point their fur
ther progress was cbeckud.
A Terrible Loss.
The loss by the Ore is estimated at S'i.ouO,
00U. There are about UUO firms burned out
and luu agents of New York and western
firms have thoir headquarters destroyed.
Tbe seventy-nine insurance companies I nown
to be InteresUsi carry an aggregate insur
ance of 2,flO0,0u0 on the property.
Two firemen, Daniel Buckley and Frank
P. Locker, have been missing since early In
tbe morning. They were last seen on the
Brown, Durrell building. Several firemen
w bo aaw them on the building report an ex
plosion of bot air and their own narrow es
cape, and are of tbe opinion that the men
were overcome and uuable to save them
selves. Great Damage to Overhead Wires.
All over tbe burned du.trkt ran tbe wires
of almost every electric company in tbe city
and on the higher buildings especially the
wires were a perfect net work before tbs
fire. The damage done to these can hardly
be estimated. Cabke of electric wires, single
wires aud whole poles of wires are now
hanging in every street, alley, and area along
Easex street. For a block back from Wash
ington the wires are mostly standing and In
good condition, but within tlie territory
bounded by Bummer, Lincoln, Essex and
Chauncey streets every one ia down or hang
ing in long festoons from the gaplnrwnd
blackened walla.
Brass Reeewera at Work.
Police Sergt Kimball, Patrolman Xlaynee
end ex-Councilman Barry rescued six
women and n man from the upper floor of
the building at Kingston and Bedford streeta.
The seven persons Jay unconscious on the
floor, overcome by smoke, The three reeon
ers, learning of the fact that nil tbe occu
pants of tbe bn lining had not escaped, groped
heir way up the stairs through the thick
smoky, jnd after making several Journeys,
saved all who were in periL Just as the last
woman a aa carried out the fire took com
plete poeeasion of tbe building. Officers
Mayntw and Benjamin also rescued Fireman
Waiting from 90 Chauncey street, after he
had been caught and buried under a falling
walL They were badly burned, and Whiting
Is fvribl injured. Fourteen firemen were
knocked loss in Kingston street by frag
ment of a falling wall, but ail escaped se
rious inji ry. About a dosen firemen and po
licemen t re at the hospital suffering front
laceration, bruises and broken limbs.
Close ef the Convention at St. Lewis A
Love Feast aad Banquet.
8t Lot is, Nov. S9. The silver convention
assembled at 9:X yesterday morning and be
gan consi Juration of tbe proposition to form
a nation U silver committee of a member
from ea. h state and territory. Thia com
mittee wna then formed, there being twenty
four stab e and territories represented upon
tbe first .'all, with several delegations yet
to make hoice of their committeemen. The
committee on resolutions then reported,
reconime ding that tbe conveotiou appoint
a eomra ttee of five, who, in conjunction
with the president of the convention, will
prepare a memorial for presentation to con
gress end dying the ideas ot tbe convention
upon sUv ir coinage. Several minor resolu
tions and motious were disposed of. Several
papers or various phases of the question un
der coiui.leration were filed with leave to
print, an-1 the convention formed itself into
a gather! ig for a "love feast"
A Happy Speech.
Hon. IVhiuu Fitch, of Nevada, made
n very tappy speech bringing down tlie
house with the declaration that England in
Its Annuo al dealings with other nations wa
the "Bun "o stearer of the world, and Uncle
Bam tbe i.-entleman from the rural district. "
A recess was taken nntil 11 o'clock when a
short see ion was held for the appointment
of the me norial committee, and the conven
tion adjourned sine die. The delegate wens
banqueted last night in the hall of the mer
chant's e (change, covers being laid for tbs
imimnn latiou of l,0tJ guests.
Playing Football lu the Mnd With the
Mir bis an lalveralty Team.
CHtcaoi, Nov. 2ft. Another long, white
mark was chalked up Thursday afternoon for
the big si Iver cup, which was presented as a
trophy for the Chicago alumni and Michigan
Cniverait r rugby teams to play for. Like
tbe first one it went to the credit of the
Chicago players and the cup stii: poses on a
shelf at the University club. The Chicago
men score i twenty points to their opponents'
nothing, but the score doesn't indicate th
character of the game. It was one long,
earnest tattle of tugging and straining,
running and tackling from start to finish.
The day was inixerabie for anything bul
sbow-shoeing or tobogganing
f if Colleges Represented.
The gr ninds w ere in a terribly muddy
condition, and a strong northwester blew
snow and sleet in tbe faces ot players and
spectators alike. In spite of the storm, how
ever, thers was a goodly nnmber of specta
tors prewnt, and they cheered and yelled tc
tbe last All the big colleges were repre
sented In he crowd, and the different colleg
colors we -e displayed in abumlan.-e Every
one wore ribbons of some shade or other.
The yellov and blue of Michigan were most
prevalent however, and the blue of ale and
tbe Harvs rd crimson were next.
Other Football Games.
Sxw ork, Nov. i& The Dartmouth
college an I Steven's Institute football teaou
played at Hobokeo. yesterday, Dartmouth
winning y a score of IS to 5. This gives
Darthmouth tbe championship of that Series.
The Manhtttan Athletic club footlall team
yesterday defeated the New York Athletic
club at the I'olo grounds 10 to 4. Frinceton
won from i ale in the football championship
series dv a score or 10 to 0.
Eunna. X. Y., Nov. 29-Tbe football
game here yesterday between elevens from
the unive:-sity of Rochester and Union
college resulted in a draw neither si, It
scoring a touch-down or goal.
Cltlirns of West Point. Neb.. Have a .ie
1j Thanksgiving Hay.
WiaT P urr. Neb., Nov. at. Thanksgiv
ing was a lvely day here. NoUnly went tc
church, ati half the inhabitants miaaedtheit
dinner, all because an elephant had arrives!
in town ttt proved a circus and menagerie
all in one. Tbe annual arrived on the w-ay
freight at in early hour yesterday morning.
consigned to Sonneshien & Valentine, real
estate agei.ts, who had ordered him for ad
vertising I urpoeea. The elephant was con
fined in a inammoth crate and was easily un
loaded, anil tbe consignees notified of LU
Th. Elephant Takea a Walk.
They, however, refused to pay tbe freight
marges o( .yni. and won was at once sent
to heailqn u-ter at Omaha. In the mean
time the el -pliant had broken out of tbe crate
and startec up the principal street. Hu first
objective point was a hvery stable, where h
ate a bale ,f Lay and cleaned out the estab
lishment. He then crossed the street and
smashed in the plate glass trout of Crawford
& Daho's ndw brick block.
The Beast Flnallv Captured.
From ti ere be proceeded to Thompson
Bros.' drug store and demolished the entire
aids of thei - elegant new building. Here his
career was ended by the city marshal with
the aid of -nearly every able-bodied man in
town, w ho threw coils of rope around him
and draggei him back to the depot, followed
by the entit-e population. Sixteen men are
now holdln.; the animal, while the station
agent la anxiously awaiting orders from
Saved by One Tote.
Euubiii, X. J., Nov. UM. After a sharp
fight m Elisabeth city council. President
Smith who was threatened with Impeach
ment, tuaxs'ed to save himself by one vote.
Councilman McRaulag, a Republican, offered
a series of resolutions denouncing the arbi
trary acta jf President Smith in the past.
and calling upon hun to resign. President
Smith toot the floor, apologlred for his con
duct and proclaimed his wiliingnoas to vote
for the ordinance reducing the salaries of
coniii-Hmcn from IjUU a year to(l. Tbe
ordinance ;assed unanlmouslv, but tbe Re
publican n embers could not be placated in
that way and pressed the motion, demanding
Bmttn a resi gnatiou. 7 be issue tben resolved
itself into a political fight. Six Republics
end two I emocraU voted to depose Smith
while fire Democrats and one Republican
voted agauiat tlie resolution, which, requir
lug nine to uaas It, was defeated.
Ia MriMry of Thomas Armstrong.
FiTTSBrsj, Nov. JW. Thanksgiving Day
was cek.bn.ted by two big parades. Pre
ceding the c edi cation of tbe handsome mar
ble pile erec ted In the Allegheny parks to tbe
memory of Thomas A. Armstrong, tlie wide
ly known cl-antpton of labor, a parade of la
bor and tra tea organizations took place. The
parade waa without doubt tbe largest Labor
demonsti ati n of the year. The Turners also
paraded in lionor of their new Turn hall in
Allegheny City. Every German organiza
tion in the c junty was represented Tbe city
assumed a : estival appearance. Tbe weather
was cool, ai d a light snow fell.
toned an Archbishop.
ToRo.tro, Nov. . Archbishop Walah
was install 1 here Wednesday night. While
being driven from tbe depot to the cathedral
bis carriage was stoned by a mob supposed
to constat jt Orangemen. Tbe archbishop
was hit on t le arm by one of the stones. Tbs
affair caused much excitement, and at one
time a riot seemed inunineut. No arrests
were made. The archbishop was prostrated
by tbe el pa ienos.
Sh.H at Target Practice.
Atlantic Citt. X. J., Nov. ay William
H. Edwards a private in tbe Morris guards,
was arclileni ally shot by Lieut Ruasell O.
Bing while tbe guards were shooting at a
target yestet day afternoon. His recovery is
doubtful 1 ing was endeavoring to push
down the br.eh, when the gun went off. Ed
wards is Its ) sera old aud unmarried.
Instantly Killed While H anting.
Lxwtg, D-1 , Nov. '). William McComb,
18 years vf age, a farm hand in Reboboth,
waa acciilent ally shot while gunning yester
day aftef not a. He waa c rustling a ditch on
a fence, no ding his gun, which was half
cocked, by tlie muzzle, when it went off, the
whole knvd e itering his bead, causing Instant
roar U tie Olrla Blown to A tons s.
ElXlOTSVllAE, W. Va., Nov. 29. Four
little girls, d ildren of Hugh Dunn, a wealthy
mine owner, found a keg of powder in an
ebnndoned w orklng yesterday morning. In
some way th if exploded it and were blown
to stoma. Tl air rapt her lost her reason when
told of toe fj ta of hor children.
The Speakership Fight Ap
proaching a Climax.
The Number of Totes Now Claimed by
Kach Candidate How Taawaaaivtaf.
Ilay Was Observed at the National
Capital Very Slow Work of the Paw
American Congress Proposed Cony
right Treaty with Fraaeo.
WasHtxoTO Citt, Nov. 29. The fight tot
the speakership of the bouse of representa
tives is approaching a climax, and all the in
dications now seem to point to the nomina
tion of Thomas & Reed, of Maine, in the
Republican caucus wbich haa been called to
meet on Saturday next at 13 o'clock noon.
Great significance is attached to the fact thai
two of the three Republican congressmen
from MiiMouri, who are pledged to McKlnley,
went Into the conference of southern Repub
licans, held at the home of Representative
McComas Wednesday night.
I rglng McKlnley to Withdraw.
The leailing spirit among the southern Re
publicans is Congressmen Wade, of Missouri,
who is an open supporter ot Mr. Reed. It it
rumored tbat Mr. Niedringhaus and Mr.
Kinaey, of Missouri, will go over from th
McKiiiley to the Reed forces before Saturday.
Some of tbe friends of Mr. McKinley have
been urging upon him tbe advisability of
withdrawing from tbe contest, and it is be
lieved that he hasthia question under consi d
ration The strength shown by Mr. Reed is
generally attributed to tbe interference of
the senators from Pennsylvania in the fight
Both Mr. Cameron and Mr. Quay deny that
tliey have taken an active interest in the
matter, but tbe general impression is that
they have inflenced the votes of a numbet
of tbe Pennsylvaniaua, and turned them ovei
to Mr. Reed.
M ould Iteride Heed's Election.
A caucus of the Pennsylvania Republicans
ia to be held to-day to determine whether
the delegation will vote as a unit or not. II
the unit rule should be adopted the quest ior
of Mr. Recti's election would be decided ab
solutely in the affirmative. Representatives
Kelley, llarmer, Yardley, Oslrne and Scull
it ia thought, will vote for McKinley. The
candidates now claim: Reeit, rW votes; Mc
Kinley, M; Henderson, 14, and Burrows, 14.
The total is 15.
Meeting of the New York Delegation.
The New York Republican congressional
delegation met at tbe Arlington hotel last
night and discumed the speakership question.
Sixteen out of the nineteen members of tbs
delegation favored Mr. Reed as their first
choice. They met with the assurance, it is
understood, from Mr. Reed that be did not
desire any unwilling member of the delega
tion to be coerced into support, but tbat bl
wanted a full and free discuasion of his can
didacy before final action was taken. The
delegation, with tbe exception of Mr. Flood,
w ill favor Mr. Reed for speaker in the caucus
on Saturday.
How It Waa Celebrated at Washington
lily The President's Dinner.
Washington Citt, Nov. . The first
Tbs. iksgiving Day of tbe new administra
tion was generally celebrated in Washington,
and the bright bracing weather brought out
on the streets a number of people who wen
obliged to keep within doors tor the greater
part of tbe time during the earlier days of
tbe week on account of the heavy rain that
prevaileiL Tbe government department
and most of the business bouses were closed
and tbe employes with relatives and friendi
spent tbe ilay iu the usual way. The theatres
were well patronised and up to th
time of tlie opening of the matinees Penn
sylvania avenue was thronged with
promena ders.
The I'resldcnt Attends Church.
The president carried out the letter of hia
thanksgiving proclamation by attending
vice at tbe Church ot the Covenant in the
morning. In the afternoon he ate an old-
fashioned Thanksgiving dinner at the White
Houe surrounded by tbe members of his
family. Col. Ernst of the army, the new
commissioui-r of public buildings and
ground, was tbe only guest Secretary
Wmdom aud Postmaster General Wane
maker were the only cabinet otUcers who
took tlieir tliauki-giviug dinner away from
Washington. The former with Mrs. Windom
is in I'.rooklyn, and Mr. Wanamaker is at
his country cat, Iondeuhurst, near Phila
delphia. here he bas a house full of young
ne iple
Ciettinx Along Very aiowly.
WahHiNGTOM CITT, Nov. 2. The Pan-
American congress bad a Session Wednesday,
but like all tbe others up to date it amounted
to nothing. Secretary Blaine has begun to
fear that he has the South American gentle
men on his hands for tlie winter. A friend
asked him yesterday bow long be thought
tbe congress would remain in session. "Till
the flowers bloom again, I fear," said Mr.
Blaine with a faint smile. Appearances
Justify his anxiety. At present the congress
holds session on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays. They meet at 2 in the afternoon
and adjourn again at S. At this rate there
is no telling wheu they will conclude their
Copyright Treaty with France.
WasHrtGTOjr City, ov. 29. Secretary
Blaine is engaged in negotiating an interna
tional copyright treaty with France. Count
da Keratry has been here for some time as
tbe special representative of the French re
public, and voice the views of the literary
men of that nation. Count de Keratry's
mission is a special one. He is not connected
with tbe regular legation here.
For Postmaater at SprlnxBeld. III.
Wahrixstos Crrr, Nov. a). -Senator
Cullora has decided to recommend Clint
Cockling for postmaster at Springfield. It
is not yet known whether Mr. Clendinnin
will be removed before the expiration of his
term, but tbe senator is ready with bis man
in case the president can find time to turn
his atteutious to Illinois for a few moments.
Politics In the Pulpit.
Waterloo, Ia.,Nov.2. Rev. F. E. Brush,
pastor of Grace Methodist Episcopal church,
created considerable comment by his Thanks
giving sermon. Me charged Matt Quay and
the Republican machine lu Pennsylvania
with the responsibility for the defeat of pro
hibition in loaa, and said Mr. Clark son, who
had formerly dune yeoman service for tem
perance, was weakening. If the Republican
party propoeed to change front in this state
it would have to stand aside.
Child Suffocated by a Cat.
Kkauino, Pa, Nov. 89. At Atglen, Ches
ter couty , yesterday morning, the -months-old
daughter of W. A. Reyburn was found
dead with the family cat lying upon the
child's mouth and noae. Tbe coroner's Jury
decided that the child waa suffocated by the
barged with Embestlemeut.
Pittsbcro, Pa, Nov. 2i President W.
W. Young, of the Lawrence bank, volun
tarily surrendered himself yesterday morn
ing, and gave bad in $3.Sov fur his appear
ance before Akierman O'Donnell on charges
of embeudement preferred Wednesday by
Thomas M. McCaffrey, one of the depositors
or tbe defunct institution.
Casaaltary Arraaaeneats at Yale.
New York, Not. 29. Charles F. Win-
gate, a sanitary engineer, baa examined the
Yale college dormitories at New Haven, and
gives hia opinion that tbe numerous recent
cases of typhoid fever at the college are due
to defective plumbing and other unsanitary
arrangements or tne DUiimng.
A Prominent Florida Cltlsen Gone.
'w York, Nov. 29 CoL D. P. Holland.
an ex-state senator of Florida, and for twenty
years a prominent criminal lawyer in that
state, died suddenly of heart disease at his
residence in this city. He was CU years of
Fatal Railway Wreek la Ohio.
iRoxroa, O , Nov. . There waa a wreck
at Ceredo, on the Chesapeake and Ohio rail
road, yesterday morning, caused by a wash
out. The engineer and two brakemen of a
freight train were killed.
Death of a Prosalnant rnisJclaa.
New Yorx. Nov. 00. Walter Ikhm
Day, sanitary snparinteodent of the health
department and a prominent physician for
many years died Wednesday, aged M years.
Raided by Burglars.
WoJicrma. Mass.. Nov. 29. Henry R.
Bto well's bouse ia A tool was entered Wed
nesday night by burglars, who broke open a
safe and obtained between K000 and (3,000
Grand American Banquet at
the Kaiserhof.
B Also Toasts two Knineroe Wllllaes
and rre ideat Harrison Madtld Wemea
Mob an Alleged Jack tbe Rlppei
Horrlbl i Mine Esploalon In Weatphalla
In the German Reichstag Letter to
Emla from the Mahdl's General.
Berlim, Nov. 29. A grand American ban
quet was given at the Kaiserhof last evening
at which there were 2.V) guests. Minister
Phelps presided, and at his right were Count
Herbert Bismarck, and Mrs Ibelps. On
his left were Prince Radziwill and Miss
Phelps Among the guests were Professors
Mommsen and Curtiers and Consul Edwards
and other prominent Americana with their
wivea Mr. Pbel)s highly eulogiied the late
Minister Pendleton, and in toasting President
Harrison alluded to tbe similarity of tbe
virtues and traditions of Germany and
America. The youths and maidens from
America studying In Germany, he said, had
never been tainted with tbe breath of
The Emperor Toaated.
The material wonders of America, he said.
defy the possibilities of rhetoric to do them
Justice, and the L nitod States ia prone or
being the only nation yet born where the
poor hare a home, and where rtu.000,000 free
men prise education, love their country and
worship UoiL lu toasting the emperor, Mr.
Phelps said:
The Germans are aa happy as we are in
having tlie same traditions and virtues and
a great ruler, who illustrate their simple in
dustries, able, man-loving and God-fearing."
Count Herbert Bixinaivk offered his sin
cere thanks for the welcome given to him.
which, be said, made him feel that he waa not
quite a stranger to the great American na
An Alleged J ark the Kipper's Experleure
in Madrid.
Madrid. Nov. 'J.. A niau supposed to be
"Jack tbe Rip?r" was set Uon by a crowd
of women in tbe poorer quarter of tlie city
yesterday morning w hile he was in the cus
tody of officers who were removing him
from tbe jail to tbe court-rooiu, where be
was to be arraigned on the charge of hav
ing recent I v committed a murder under cir
cumstances resembling those of the White-
chapel murders in London.
The Prisoners Badly Ueaten.
The crowd increased in numlier until it
reached upw ard of SOU, mostly w omen, and
it was only through tbe utmost exertions of
tbe governor of Madrid and a strong force
of gendarmes that the prisoner's life was
saved. As It was, he was so severely beaten
that the services ot a physician were neces
sary to restore him to a condition rendering
the legal proceedings in his case jiomible.
Opposed the Government's Policy.
Biblix, Nov. a?. In the German reichs-
tag yesterday Herr Von Barth, a Progress
ist, made a king sjieech in opposition to the
government's southwest African colonial
policy. In spite of his protect, however, tbe
appropriation asked for defensive purposes
in southwest Africa was votnd by an over
whelming majority. Count Herbert Bis
marck lauded Maj. Wismann for his services
in East Africa, and said it would be to Ger
many's advantage to co-operate loyally with
England in that region. In all future action
the policy of Germany would go hand in
hand with that of England It would not be
possible to obtain important successes in
East Africa without the loyal support of the
British government. "We will negotiate
with the East Africa company," he said, "in
order to arrange for further action."
Euiln Invited to Surrender.
Loxdos, Nov. 'J9 William Mackinnon,
president of the Kuiiu relief committee, has
received from I ieut, Jephson a long letter
written by the mnhdi's general inviting
Kiuin to repent and submit to the mahdi.
The letter arrived bile Kinin waa a prisoner
at Duftle, and the rebels nnin-t Emin tor
tured tbe Malidi-rt messi-ucrs in an attempt
to extract information, mi l, failing to learn
anything, clublied them to death. Mr.
Mackinnon is alo iu receipt, through Jeph
son, of l.upton Bey's last three letters to
Emin, infornun the hitter that it was "all
up with l.uptou."
Dotn Tedro W as IU.
Lisno.x, Nov. 2S. A private cable dis
patch from Rio Janeiro says that Dom Pedro
was ill when he left Brazil, and that he was
accompanied by his physician. Dr. Motta
mana. It is doubtful whether Dom Pedro
will land here. The provivmal government
Instructed tbo Brazilian minister here that
if the deposed emperor desired to proceed to
another port a steamer should be chartered
to convey him as the Alagoas returns to Rio
Janeiro immediately.
Eight Thousand Men on Strike.
London, Nov. 'JS Tbe dock laborers at
Bristol began a strike yester.lay which
threatens to spread to the inclusion ot other
branches of labor. Already S.iKal men are
Fourteen Minera Killed.
Uu.-Lix, Nov. 'it. An explion occurred
in a owl wiine at Hochum, Westphalia,
yesterday, by which fourt-vn miners were
killed outright and four badly injured.
Malt Carrier Killed by a Train.
Chicaux), Nov. 29. A mail wagon was
wrecked and Letter Carrier William Howe
instantly killed by a Michigan Central train
at Thirty-seventh street Wednesday night.
Howe waa collecting mail for the Cottage
Grove avenue postal station, and while driv
ing over tbo crossing at Thirty -seventh and
Clark streeta waa struck by a south-bound
express. His body, terribly mangled, was
found 1UU feet from the crossing at midnight.
Near it lay the horse badly hurt. The mail
waa scattered in every direction. Howe was
married and lived in Englewood.
south Iakota Statehood Special.
ABtabEEX, a D., Nov. VW The statehood
train to Washington left hut night. The
train cuusists of a baggage car and two
sleepers handsomely decorated. Fifty people
went from Aberdeen anil will be joined in
Aberdeen by the Sioux Fails delegation.
Paaseugcr Agents D. C. StebbeU and C. H.
Lord have charge ot the party. Tbey reach
W ashingtoo Sunday evening.
Deatb of E a -Judge Grldlry.
Jackson, Mich., Nov. -V. U. Thompson
tiridley, ex -circuit judge, aud a prominent
lawyer in Jackson tor half a ceulury, died of
apoplexy yeiterday. He was tbe judge be
fore bom the famous Crouch trial was held.
M. Uautier, chief of the Brussels detective
force, has beeu dismissed for having em
ployed ageuls a provocateurs during the late
mining stiik-a.
A Safe Bobbed ef e.OOO.
New Orleans, Nov. a9. The Times-born
crat's Ft. Worth special says that It wai
made known yesterday that the sat e in ths
office of the Pacific Express company had
been robbed of (0,000 oa last Monday night
Tbe thief had a key to the door and the com
bination of tne sale. There is much mystery
surrounding tbe affair.
A Lake Steamer Wrecked.
Cbicaoo. Not. 89. The steamer Calu
met, ooal laden, from Buffalo for Duluth,
Capt O. W. Greene commanding, sprung a
leak on Wednesday morning, and last night.
when opposite Evanston, near this city, ths
captain was compelled to beach her. The
Evanston life-saving crew, with much diffi
culty, rescued the crew of eighteen men. The
Calumet is owned by Buffalo parties, and
was loaded with 1,000 tons of coaL She will
in all probability be a total wreck.
Ha Carsed His Maker.
PoTTSTOWir, Pa, Sov. 29. John Chana,
a hopeless paralytic, 35 years old, waa found
dead on the floor of his room yesterday with
a leather strap around his neck. It is be
lieved he committed suicide, though so
suspect foul play. Chana was until recently
perfectly strong and healthy. It is said that
one day he cursed his Maker in a manner ter
rible to near, when be feu to the floor dumb
and paralysed, in which condition be re
mained nntil be died.
The Cracker Estate Com p aay.
Bam Frajtctjbco, Nov. 89. The heirs of
Charles and Margaret Crocker have perfected
the scheme of forming a regular inoorporae
tioo, to be known as the Crocker Estate com
pany. The object of the company is to carry
oa a general mercantile business and for the
purpose of erecting all kinds of public and
private buildings, constructing steam vassals,
railroads, ate. Tbe amount of capital stock
m e ifuw,wwtauoi wnicanas been subscribed.
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urturauie gooGS. li&raware. el?.
and Twentieth St., Rock Island
of all kin.la
awuwauaavvVKA -a 1 0 I 1H-1-'
of the Red Oloye. west of Market Square.
Crockery. Glassware, Cutlery.
any part of Europe.
and 603 Ninth Street, Rock hlsnd, 111.

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