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Tuzxled, astonished, annoyed, sur
prised, but not discouraged. On looking
ovrr and footing up our stock sheets Jan
uary 10th. we find wa have on hand near.
y 100.000 In merchandise. To asy we
wre dumbfounded Is putting it very
mildly. We are annoyed; we are aston
ished; we are surprled;lwe are puizled;
we are perpleied, and tbis week we shall
commence tbe greatest effort of the year.
We shall Inaugurate a great 89c January
ante, to be contiuued balance of tbe
month. Home of tbe most startling bar
gwtos we have ever offerad will be thrown
Into this tale. Owdi must be turned in
rash. Our atock is too large by half
Think of f 100,000.00 worth of merchan"
iliso under one roof, all to be alauehitred
As a f-w of tbe thousind sum pie bargains
i-e following:
Beit fonifoite
Scarlet bed blankete, p-T aonnd."!
Mn'e fancy acarlet etrlpe underwear '
l.mritee' ffenulne nniUk.ii
U-Htt' genuine white merino VmuVanTpanta
ltent" white nndvrwe'ii'r MV-'dnwn in
All of oar iniaeee- and children ' trimmed'
but go at
These include everything in misses'
trimmed bats, many of which have been
selling 8. 4 and 5 times the price now
Trv and ennu in i h rn.n-. i
', , "tuiu wueueTer convenient, as vou can eel better aer-
H'ernoon P"ilcuUt "eDtin P"id 10 our wnl9 lhn busy hours oMhe
39 CENTS -
HIS. 1714. 1718. 1718. 1720 and 1723 Second Avknck.
Plush Cabinet Albums 38 cents,
Leather Cabinet Albums 78 cents,
Sleds Below Cost,
Work Baskets Below Cost,
Stationery at 20 per cent off,
Cabinet Frames 20 per cent off;
Bibles at Cost,
Wall Paper at and Below Cost
Window Shades at Cost.
BIO BARGAINS in Every Department for we MU8T
CLOSE out our Stock In Twenty Days.
Holiday Offei
With every order of Cabinet Photographs we will present an extra
Photo handsomely framed in a gold famished frame, well worth 1,00
We would suggest that parties who wish to send Photos abroad for
the Holidays would do well to engage a silting at an early date.
Rasmussen ,
To 1725 Second Avenue,
Ioclv Island.
You are invited to call at the corner of Brady and Sec
ond street, Davenport, and get a good warm pair of
You can save MORE than your street car fare. Make
a New Year's reeolve to go and try it.
The Davenport Shoe Co.,
Davenport, Iowa.
lias opened bis New and Spacious
No. 1C20 to 1G2C Third avenue,
where be would be pleased to see his friends.
rwAll kind of drlnka aa wall aa Ale and Porter, sort the well known drink "Half and 'alt," the
onlr place In tbe city where joa can get It.
IT w . ..
Wall Paper, Curtains
, . No. 1401 Second Avenue.
The leelebreted Xnalgn eoracta . m.
- - - J - Mill,
Klne colored bor dared 'dainaVk'.'
Oenta' night ehlrta
penta' good oniaundrled ahlrta".'
S pair men'a beat linen cuffe..... '
ll apoolaCoau- heal thread
uiuv VI PnraQ P11RB
of 50c to 75c d'reaa (fooda ail go at
!"! f nn, BrlUeh aeamleaa half boee
Mene' gennlne Koppera', oaTbriggan haif boee
s pair for
Allot oar geote' AOo roar-in-hand and neck
ecarra at
Tarda ( anton flannel ' "
5 Tarda very heavy Canton flannel
yard robe or furniture print
3V4 Tar j red mixed flannel
5 yarda Lonadale mnelin
o yarua r ran or Loom mntlln
SV: Pnnrll U mu.lln
s Acorn brown mnnHn""!!!!!".l!!i""""
e yara good gingham
o jarua goou iwu. Itren cren.
A lot of abort cloak and wrap (carried over
ior at gag
All gilt edge red line poet SUc
We shall add different lines from day
to day to mike tbe sale especilly inter
esting. s we are bound to reduce our en
ormous stock as fast as possible. There
is no use of attempting ta d sguiae the
fact that the continued warm unseason
able weather bis left us beavily over
loaded and we are forced to name prices
that under ordinary circumstances would
aonear verv nnhnxlneaa libn hnt at thia
special time we feel quite justified and
ubii dihkc no tanner explanation
-39 CENTS.
1705 Secend Avenue.
Rock Ijlafld'a Oldest Settler Com
mitted to the Tomb.
"era! Yeaterdajr Afierxoon f Ho.
Bailey DaYeaprt"Tne SerTieen at
the Ha at the rve BnM
eaa Mneeeaalaai,
Natuit mingled her tears with the
earth that closed in upon all that was
mortal 0 the late Bailey Davenport at
Cbippiatnack cemetery yesterday after
noon, l l was a dismal, gloomy day that
witneaseithe interment of Rock Island
county's oldest settler. Yet. despite the
continuous down pour of rain, there was
a great turnout of people to witness tbe
last trilutes that tbe living can pay to
the departed. The spacious rooms of the
great oil fashioned bouse on Seventh
avenue vcre thronged with people of all
ages anxious to look for the lust time up
on the features which since before the
red man deserted these lands forever bad
been familiar to all in the community.
Tbe ren aina rested in a handsoma cloth
covered casket in the lower hall and were
viewed by all as they entered the house.
The casket was one of the richest in
materia and workmanship possible. It
was of solid oak covered with black
broadclcth. On the silver plate which
ornamented the lid was the simple in
scription, "At Rest." Tbe casket was
brought from Chicago at tbe request of
Miss Bowling, tbe long-time and devoted
housekeeper for Mr. Davenport, and who
had Instructed Undertaker Knox to send
for tbe very best it was possible to get.
Tbe deaih of Mr. Davenport was a griev
ous blov to Miss Bowling, who has been
bla com tant attendant so long that she
had leaned to know bla good qualities
and to regard him with highest esteem.
During lis final illness he would permit
none but her to do for him, and in tbia
and many other waysduring his last
hours be showed his utmost confidence in
Tbe 5ody was clad in a black suit of
clothes, and on tbe lapel of the coat was
the bad, e of tbe order of the Sona ot
St. Geoige. The face bore a strikingly
life-like expression. At the bead of tbe
casket waa a beautiful floral pillow, on
which vorked in flowers was tbe word
Presidi'm," and over it hovered a white
dove. This waa from the directors of
the Peoples' National bank. There was
also a a reath from relatives of the de
Tbe 'lirectors and employes of this
bank, of tbe Rock Island & Milan Street
railway, the personal employes of
the deceased, the mayor and city ofSciils
and coiincil, tbe ex-mayors of the city,
the order of Sons of St. George and many
of tbe oil settlers from Rock Island and
Scott counties, were present. The li
brary a ad adjoining room on the first
floor, tb halls and the double parlors on
tbe second floor were thrown open. The
easy cbair, as well a painting of Mr.
Davenport in tbe east parlor, were
decorated wiihmeurning The mourners.
Misses Katherine and Naoma Davenport
and Harry Davenport and family, of the
city of Davenport, Mrs. B. . Swan and
family. Miss Addie Bowling, Geo. M.
Copp ard family, of this city, Mrs. Addie
Peasley, of Chicago, Mr. James Bowling
and fariily, of Cambridge, Mrs. Boies
and Mist Bowling, of Davenport, occu
pied a s ;parate apartment on the second
floor. Messrs. Joseph Davenport, of
Cincinmtti, and Ebeneezer Davenport, of
Tama City. Iowa, were not present.
The services were conducted by Rev.
R. F. Uweet. lector of Trinity, and were
in accor lance with the impressive form
of the Episcopal church. A choir com
posed of Messrs. Bishop, Nof taker,
Doughe -ty, Robinson, Mrs. J. F. Robin
son, Mm. C. . Adams, Misses Flora and
Lucy d yne, Misses Bennett and Wake
field, sa ig sweetly, "Jesus Lover of my
Soul" at d "Nearer My God. to Thee."
The honorary pall bearers were ex
Mayors Patrick Gregg, Porter Skinner,
E. P. Reynolds, Henry Carse. V. M.
Blandinj and Wm. McConochie. while
tbe active bearers were Messrs. B. Win
ter, Steven O'Connor. Geo. Simmon,
Thos. Greene, Geo. Spencer, Theo. Free,
Wm. Atkinson and B. F. Knox.
Cars on the Rock Island & Milan road
were in wailing on Seventh avenue and
these with a long line of carriages bore
hundreds of people to the cemetery to
witness the burial. At the grave Geo.
Davenpirt Lodge, Bona of St. George,
conduct :d the ceremonies in accordance
with tbit ritual of tbe order. President
Thomas Smart and Chaplain Robert Ben
nett cor ducting the same, and tbe service
conclud ng with the singing of "Rock of
Ages" by the order.
Tbe body waa interred in tbe family
lot at Ciippiannock where Col. Daven
port anil wife, whose bod tes were moved
over from the island of Rock Island, the
original place of burial, and Mra. Gold
smith also repose.
It wai necessary under the law to elect
a auccei aor to Mr. Davenport both in the
executive office and in the directory of
tbe Rw k Islrnd & Milan road at Friday's
meetint of the board of directors, but tbe
fact wai in deference to the wishes of the
directots, withheld by the Abo us until
after tbe funeral. Mr. C. II. Stoddard
waa ele sted to the presidency of the com
pany aid Mr. E. W. Hurst made a direc
tor to 11 tbe vacancy created by Mr.
Davenport's death.
Mr. Joseph Rosenfleld, as vice presi
dent of tbe People's National bank, baa
succeeded to tbe presidency until a suc
cessor to Mr. Davenport can be elected.
The bourd of directors meets tomorrow
for the purpose of electing a president.
"Lay thy sweet hands in mine, and
trust in me," he said, but abb only re
marked that she had neuralgia and must
hold her head. Then he bought her s
bottle of Salvation Oil for twenty -five
cents. Now be holds her aweet bands by
the hour.
Mclntire Bros, have a new and reliable
kid gU ve cleaner; cleans perfectly and
leaves t o odor.
Blacl: Hawk Medicated Tar soap is
soothta; and healing to chapped hands.
Bed comforts SS cents at McCabe's.
Read Mclntire Bros, advertisement.
89c. 89i 89. 8ee McCabe Bros.
Dancing at Turner hall Wednesday
Mclntire Bros, discount sale see ad-
Dancing at Turner hall Wednesday
Discount sale at Mclntire Bros. See
advertisement. -
Tbe great effort of the year McCabe
Bros. 89 cent January sale.
Morris S. Heagy and bride, of Hamp
toa, were in the city today.
Scarlet bed blankets reduced to 89
cents per pnund at McCabe Bros.
Carried over stock short coats and
wrapa 89 cents each at McCabe Bros.
Skating at the rink Tuesday evening,
Jan. 14. Good music. Ladies free.
There will be preaching at South Park
chapel tomorrow evening by Rev. Mar
quis. Miss Clara Haas left this morning for
Ottawa on a visit to ber friend, Miss Ar
Rev. G. W. Gue will preach on the sa
loon question at Harper's theatre next
Sunday evening.
Capt. Mitchell an old time steamboat
man, died at Davonport this morning
aged eighty.
J. 8. Gilinore cut up five hundred bogs
today. Will haye plenty ef spare ribs,
tenderlon, etc., on sale tomorrow.
Tbe Savanna train on tba C, B. & Q.,
was two hours late thia morning, being
detained by tbe snow storms up north.
Dry goods are to go at very low prices
at Mclntire Bros.' this week, too low, In
fact, but cash is better than goods at in
ventory times.
Among the latest prominent victims of
the "La Grippe" are Mr. T. H. Thomas,
president of tbe bosrd of education, and
Miss Hill, of the public school corps.
Let Mclntire Bros, do some business
with you this week. They offer goods at
lower prices than first class goods can be
bought anywhere in this neighborhood
It is said that when the influenza gets
hold of a youth wno smokes cigarettes
he's a goner. Let those who are went to
indulge in these little dude exterminators
take warning.
Mclntire Bros. ougLt to do a large
business this week during tbeir discount
sale. 10 per cent is to be deducted from
all bills sold amounting to 1 1 and over.
See advertisement.
The late O. P. Blake, of Davenport,
began bis business life as a bell boy in a
hotel. When he died he waa president
of the American Ticket Brokeis' associa
tion and worth $15,000.
Handsome stape setting, gorgeous toi
lets and sweet music at the "Crowning of
the Queen of Fame," Thursday evening
at tbe opera house. Tickets fifly cents
Reserved seats twenty Ave cents; on sale
at Clemann & Salzmann's.
Owing to a general request for re
served seats at the hospital entertaimcnt
Thursday, it has been deemed best to
charge 25c extra. Seats on sale at Cle
mann & Salzmann'a. Admission 50c.
Music by Bleuer's band.
Supervisors Campbell, Cralle and Wil
son have t gone to Bloomington to at
tend the meeting of tbe state boards of
supervisors. They go in behalf of the
Rock Island county board, and the coun
ty pays expenses.
Perplexed: McCabe Bros. January
!0th stock sheets foot up nearly $100,000
worth of merchandise on hand, and they
propose adopting the most beroic roeas
urea to reduce the same. Look over to
days quotations.
Col. Whittemore is having a new
two-story guard house built on the north
side of the island of Rock Island, west
of the old shantiea near the mill-dam,
which have been abandoned. The re
moval of tbe gates from the old Sears
dam has been followed by considerable
filling in.
The lately appointed commandant of
the government arsenal at Rock Island is
urging upon the authorities the advano
tagea of that point for the manufacture
ot heavy ordnance. In accessibility and
shipping facilities, and in absolute aecur-
ity from the vicissitudes of foreign war,
the island is certainly admirably Gtted for
the purpose. Chicago Globe.
After one of the most disagreeable
rainy days imaginable yesterday, it be
came cold during the night and this
morning found the thermometer only five
above zero. Tbe ferry waa driven back
into winter quarters by the floating ice in
the river thia morning.
The Alday case of Moline is again at
tracting the attention of the county
court. It aeema that Adam Alday
wished to take his crippled and demented
wife (for whom Magistrate O'Nell, of
Moline, was recently appointed conserva
tor) to Minnesota, and with that purpose
in view went to the house to get her.
But Mr. O'Neill had taken the precaution
to station an officer at tbe house, which
It seems prevented a forcible abduction.
Alday then went before tbe court through
his conservator, Quincy McNeil, and, to
obtain a writ of habeas corpus, charged
that the woman waa being imprisoned
within the house. Magistrate O'Neill
waa thus obliged to appear as ber repre
sentative before tbe court. It is ex
pected that there will be some racy de
velopments concerning Aldav's past treat
ment of this woman.
Collee Paiata.
Dan Finnigan was raising a racket
abont Schwecke's saloon near the Rock
Island depot, and Officer Mulqueen es
corted him to the station.
F. McGratb, liying on Fifth avenue
and Tenth street, was arrested by Officer
Better last night for threatening to kill
his wife and children while on a crazy
drank. His trial is in progress before
Justice Hawea.
Marshal Miller went to Bushnell Sat
urday night and arrested Matthew B. Mc
Donald, a C , B. & Q. fireman, who is
charged by Ensmore Gordon, of Rock Isl
and, with bastardy. McDonald came to
Rock Island with the marshal, and this
morning Magistrate Wlvlll married the
Now that the police have caught 1
Grippe" 1U arrest is assured.
Bailey Davenport's Testament of
Long; Ago.
It la Vail la the taisht afthe Law.
Thanarh It Ooea Sot Chaae;e the 1'at
wral Caarae of EflTerta One lata
The Beqarat.
The will of the late Bailey Davenport,
spoken of in the Argus cf Saturday
night aa having been found in Putnam's
law office, in Davenport, and bearing
date of 1856, was the last will of the de
ceased and is valid. However, it does
not change the natural course of descent
in tbe least degree, aa the property
passes into the hands of the direct heirs
as it would in the absence of a later docs
ument anyway.
This morning search for a later will was
resumed and a thorough and exhaustive
search of tho papers boxed in the Peo
ple's bank waa made, but no later will
was found and taking thia fact together
with the results of the Akocs' pursuit of
all theories as to a more recent will, the
idea of a later will was abandoned and
this afternoon the document found in
Mr. Putnam's law office was filed as the
last will and document of the late Hon.
Bailey Davenport. The conclusion to be
drawn is that either Mr. Davenport in
tended to have made another will later
in life or the thought had escaped his
mind entirely that the will herein given
had ever been made. It is appended in
In the name of GoJ, amen. I, Bailey
Davenport, of the county of Rock Island.
in the state of Illinois, being of sound
mind and memory, do make and publish
this my last will and testament.
First. It la my will that my funeral
expenses and all my just debts be fully
Second. After the payment of such
funeral expenses and debts, I give and
bequeath unto Susan M. Goldsmith of
said county, all the personal property of
which I am now possessed and of which I
may be possessed at the time of my de
cease, to have and to hold the same to
her and her executors, administrators and
assigns forever.
Third. I give, devise and bequeath
unto Susan M. Goldsmith, of said county,
the following described real estate, situ
ate, lying and being in the county of
S?att, in the state of Iowa, to-wit: Lota
four (4) in block forty-two (42; lot ten
(10) in block forty-two (43); lots six (6)
and (?) in block twenty-one (21); all be
ing in the town of Davenport; also all
my right, title and interest in and to lots
six (6) and seven (?) and east half of
lot eight (8). all being in block forty-two
(42) in said town of Davenport; also I
give, devise and bequeath unto said Susan
M. Goldsmith, the following described
real estate, situate, lying ana being in
the county of Rock Island, in the state of
Illinois, to-wit: Lots two (2) and three
(3) in LeClaire's reserve; the northeast
quarterof section two (2) township seven
teen (1?) north of range number two (2)
west of the forth principal meridian; the
north half of the northwest quarter of
section two (2) in aaid township and
range; all my right, title and interest in
and to the northwest quarter of section
thirty-six (36) in township eighteen (18)
north, range two (2) west of the fourth
principal meridian.
Also, lot one (1) in block sixteen (16)
and the south sixty (60) feet of lot (6)
in block twelve (12) both in that part of
the city of Rock island known at the or
iginal town of Stephenson :
Also, I eive, devise and bequeath one
undivided half of all my real estate (not
herein described) in the county of Scott,
in the state of Iowa, and in the county of
Rack Island, in tbe state of Illinois, and
in the county of Adams, in the state of
Illinois, unto Susan M. Goldsmith, above
herein mentioned.
To have and to hold the real estate
above devised, unto the said Susan M.
Goldsmith and to ber heirs and assigns
And lastly, I hereby constitute and ap
point my brother, George L. Davenport,
of the town of Davenport, in the state of
Iowa, executor of this my last will and
testament, revoking and annulling all
former wills by me made, and ratifying
and confirming tbia and no other to be my
last will and testament.
In witness whereof, I, the said Bailey
Davenport, have hereunto set my hand
and seal this eighth dav of July, in the
year of our Lord, ane thousand eight
hundred and fifty-six.
Bailey Davekpokt, (Seal)
Signed, sealed, published and declared
by the said Bailey Davenport, as and for
his last will and testament in tbe pres
ence of us, who in his presence and in
tbe presence of each other, and at hia re
quest, have subscribed eur names as wit
nesses hereto, and that we saw the said
Bailey Davenport sign the same.
Robert H. Aktskews. of the city of
Rock Island.
R. W. Smith, of the city of Rock Island.
As Miss Goldsmith died before Mr.
Davenport, the entire estate goes to his
sole heirs the flye surviving children of
Geo. L. Davenport, late of the city of
Davenport, one Joseph A. Davenport, of
Cincinnati, Noama L. Davenport, Cath
erine Davenport and Henry C. Daven
port and Ebenezer C. Davenport, of
Tama City, Iowa, are three heirs who are
represented by Col. Henry Curtis, of tbis
city. Heinz & Hirachl, W. C. Putnam
and Hubbell & Hubbell, of Davenport
An administrator will at once be appoint
ed to take possession of the estate.
The Abocs' estimate of the property
at $250,000 to f 300,000 ia held by a gen-
tleman who has been connected with the
county treasurer's office for years as too
low. This gentleman aaya that Mr. Dav
enport's taxea amounted to $10,000 an.
nnally, and that he figured the yalue of
thia real estate at an average value of
(300 per acre some of it is worth much
more, and some leaa aad that the result
was an estimated valuation of 91.200,000,
thia independent of railroad and bank
atock; and he now thinks that deducting
the amount of mortgages and debts, the
value of the estate may be placed at
The ferry Caaapaar.
The annual meeting of the atockhold
era f the Rock Island At Davenport
Ferry company, was held in the parlors
of the Rock Island National bank this
morning, and officers reelected as fol
President T. J. Robinson.
Secretary and Treasurer J. F. Robin
son. -
Directors E. D. Sweeney, D. N.
Kicbardaon aad j. K-.Jbane.
' When asked if there were any plans
discussed in the way of putting on an'
other ferry next season, as has been be
fore mentioned, Capt. Robinson said
there were none.
Caart uwlllnga.
The ury in the Hensler-Williams,
White & Co., case, retired with the evi
dence at the opening ot court this after
The $10,000 damage suit of Griffith
against the city of Moline was called for
its second trial, with McEniry & McEniry
for the plaintiff and J. B. Oikleaf for
the defense.
The grand jury will not make its final
report until tomorrow morning at 0
o'clock. A partial report was made Bats
urday afternoon as follows:
Geo. Roberts and Frank White, bur
Lou Scharcine, horse stealing.
Bernard Kelly, larceny.
Clifton Elvidge, forgery.
Abj Aetreas' Attachment.
Miss Phoebe Clarke, leading come
dienne of the "Base Hit" company, got
out aa attachment against the company
S aturday for $40.60, alleged to be due her
as salary. Constable Eckbart served the
summons on Manager Simms at the thea
tre Saturday evening and the money was
paid. Miss Clarke's sister, who is a
member of tbe company, was anxious
that tbe money be not paid, as she said
her sister would leave the company aa
soon as she received her pay and she
wanted her to remain.
A Sew Flraa la Tawa.
We made a note some time ago that a
copartnership was about to be arranged
under the name of Baker & Housman.
They have taken possession and tbeir sign
will swing from the eld stand where Mr.
Baker has been located for years. Tbe
name of Housman is a familiar one in tbe
stove and tinware trade, Mr. Housman
being the pioneer of this city in this line.
Among their specialties will be plumbing,
gas and steam fitting, steamboat, brew
ery and distillery coppersmith and heavy
sheet iron work. They have replenished
tbeir stock oi stoves, tinware and rangea
which give them tbe largest atock of the
kind in tbe city.
lanft-eraanly 111.
Mr. W. B. Pettlt received a telegram
this afternoon from his brother. Dr. H.
M. Pettit, of Carrollton, Mo., stating that
Mr. Henry A. Dunker was dangerously
ill, and desiring that his relatives in this
city be notified at once. The sick man
is a brother of ex-Policeman Dunker, is
well-known here, and bla critical condi
tion will be heard with regret by his nu
merous friends.
Weather Fareeaat.
TJ. 8. Sional Otfic. I
Waahington, D. C, J an. 14 (
For the next 24 hours for Illinois
Fair; slightly colder.
Tbe many remarkable cures Hood's
Sarsaparilla accomplishes are sufficient
proof that it does possess peculiar cura
tive powers.
Women, wine and woe beein with tha
same consonant, and all are apt to
aouDie you up.
Jast received, all
to be sold ut
10 Cents per Copy,
by mail 11 cents.
Identical with that for which
you are asked to pay from
four to ten times our price by
other dealers.
Violin, Guitar
and Banjo strings
at low prices.
Call and see for yourselves.
C. C. Taylor
1625 Second avenue,
Under Bock Island Hooae.
Secured by First Mortgage,
2ros atxs at
IxTiBiirr Collbctxb Without Canaan.
No trouble or expense spared to secure choicest
Our Fourteen yeara' experience and wag es
Ubuehcd local agenelae glTe na
nperior facilitlae.
Call or write for circulars or raferancea.
MWTtSru Davenport h.
First Mortgages
m sovs or
$200.00 and Upwards
For sale, secured on land worth from
three to five times the amount
of the loan.
Interest T per cent semi annually, collected and
remitted rrae of caarga.
Attorney at Law
Booms S aad Xaeoaic Temple,
on Improved Farms in the
Best Counties of Iowa,
The Farms were Inspected by
me Personally.
c, aTficke,
213 Main St, DAVENPORT, IA.
10 Per
Begin inventory in one week. It is a big
every piece of goods in the establishment, bat it mast be done. In
order to induce von to anticipate your wants and help us reduce stock
we will this week deduct
From any bill of goods sold amounting to tl.00 or over. This dis
count will prevail in all departments except two, viz: black dress goods
and domestics.
EVERYTHING GOES in colored dress goods, corsets, hosiery,
linens, towels, crashes, white goods, embroideries, laces, underwwat,
gloves, notions, bed spreads, silk umbrellas, ribbons, flannels, aOks,
plushes, napkins, lace curtains, portiere curtains, etc.. etc.
10 per cent deducted from price of all Blankets up to 94 60 per
pair. 20 per cent deducted from price of all Blankets from 14.50 ta
915 00 a pair.
CLOAKS 25 per cent deducted from price ef all cloth garments,
and liberal reductions will be made in plush cloak department.
Let us do some business with you.
Rock Island. Illinois.
eSS'; Ilk 1 C3
B:m . sua
7rve -jpw I
Geo. AT. D. Harris,
Real Estate and Insurance,
229 Seventeenth St, under Commercial Hotel, ROCK ISLAND. ILL.
The nicest Christmas or New Years resent to make to your
family would b9
A Lot,
A House and Lot,
A Few Acres on the Bluff,
A Farm,
Western Land, or
any good renting property.
If TO j have anything to exchange or
companies, call on Oeo. W. D. Harris before Jan. 1 to enable you to make a suits
ble present acceptable at any time.
Only $1,00 PER GALLON,
AT -
, re-opened nnder the maneranent of Mr. HARRY FAT, a flrat-claai bartrr. ao eo
lldta a ahara of public patronage. Toe abop baa barn renovated, re-paloved and re-pa-pered
thronghoat and the beta room a recarpeted, in fact everything la in Sret-claM anape.
-Schneider's Shoe Stores
Children's Felt Slippers, -
Women's " " ....
Misses' High Button Gaiters - -Women's
Alaskas, . -Gentlemen's
Patent aher Pumps
In GenUemen's Holiday Slippers we have tbe finest assortment ia the city fori
70c to f 3.60. Felt Boots and Overs sold regardless of cost.
Electric 8udor for the feet, 5 cents per bos:.
CEXTBAlf SHOE STORE, 1813 flco
S829 IWk eYvM.
undertaking to unroll, measure and reroll
want your, property insured in first-class
- 76c

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