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We start in do Monday a m Feb. 17,
with our annual spring sale of cornets, it
is, and has been our aim at this sale to
name a list of prices that will secure a
paironaire for this department, for thr
esson st least, and we have found that
where a customer is once made for our
Corset department she usually proves a
Permanent one We however are still
anxious to enlarge the department and
increase the business. In addition to the
special inducement offered to purchasers
of tbe Downs' Self A-tjuatlne corsets,
which is set forth in a circular letter a.t
ilre-sed (o many of the '.radios ladiea of
our city, we shall offer some of the grand
est bargains in Corsets it haa ever been
our good fortune to aeciire Firat. we
shall start a big Mb run in 75c coraeu ;
we shall sell at 84c Another no. ,1 84
corset goes this wk for 60c The A La
MooVIe strip corset 7flc.
Thl week (li days only) the celebrated McCahe's Health" corsets will he
void si 7!K at any other time $1 tHJ is the lowed The genuine Dr Schilling's
Health Preserving corsets with elxsiic side sections redtic d to 78,: Dr. Downs'
celebrated Self Aljnstlnit cruet in all grades and blacks mav be returned after a
m .nih . wear if 001 satisfactory Downs Self Ailjisttng Nursing cornets only $1 00
Tlie F. aiberhwne Nursing coraeu now only 91 82 Madam Mora's Cut-Away or
romfort Hip corse's: A la Rose Short Wslst corset 92c K A G. eitra long waist
, ITWSS ai 91 00 4INI and R00 bone c .rsets all no at tl .00 Also a full line of M0
b. ne French woven and tbe P D No 248 corsets in assorted colors. Children's
c. rsets anri corset waists ai So. Ladies' and misses' celebrated Ferris waists sll
- SM, and 4 other rare bargains in corsets which will be on sake all week. A full
attendance is ex pec led
1718. 1714 1716. 1718. 1720 and 1722 Hbtoicti Avkm k
A word to the wise is sntbeient. You can save money
by buying of us now.
-The Photographer-
To 1725 Second Avenue,
Next door to Oramptou's Bookstoie.
Tt.e Public is cnvtiall inviied to inspect our new Gallery Tbe finest West of
Chicago without any exception. We hare the only camera in this trinity 'arge
enough to make life aize Photographs direct We have the only Gallery in this city
which is first class in all Its appointments in fsct it contains more Instruments,
Batik Grounds Photographic Furniture, etc . than all the other Galleries in this
city combined We lo.v a reputation of the bigbext order an I also tbe ability and
determination to sustain It.
Iock Island.
Menier Chocolate
Paris ExposdtionL1889 I S'".
Far Sal I
H a- opened his New and Spacious
No 1620 to 1626 Third avenue,
where he would tie pleased to see his friends
-sit kind, nf drink. as well s J 1 snd Porter, and the well known drink
plsrt In the city where you can gi It.
Cure LA
post office block.
For Influenza,
Irish Cough Syrup
(10 and Kfc
For Liver and Kidney Troubles
Thomas' Liver and Kidney Pills
25c a Box 8ample free.
Manufactured by
Druggist, Bock Island.
To the Ladies of Rook Island:
Tbe newest, handsomest snd most
stylish wash dress goods that has ever
ix?en placed on the market just received
Over 0 patterns, as beautiful as silk,
durable as gingham, much prettier than
satteens or challies, and best of all, the
latent navelty in the dress goods world.
The cashmere ombres printed by E Pots
ter St Co., Manchester, England, are the
only genuine goods of their class. All
others with simply the nsnt.re ticket are
domestic imitations with tbe old satine
finish and much coarser, while the gen
uine cashmere ombres have tbe new wool
finish so popular in Europe. Ladies
should Insist on having the cashmere
ombre marked "E Potter A Co." on
each piece and not be misled by imi
tations. Sale commencec on Monday
a m.
170b Second Avenue.
Half snd alf,' th
Coughs, Colds, Etc.,
a Bottle.)
The Lt- i ten Season and Its Kelig
ion- Importance
Ita lii, rvaarew la the Caiholle anrt
Rplweo tal i iniri'hi")-. A Ttaae of He
peaian M an.l Strlf Deatal.
The Leiten season was ushered in this
morning, today being Ash Wednesday in
the Mats! iastical calendar. This season
of forty dys is observed by many chris
tian deno ninations as a time to rest from
frivolous amusements, and take adv in
tajje of fa opportunity to repair their
spiritual forces by praver and contrition,
and salutury tasting and abstinence. Tbe
manner of observance is. however, jui'e
different m ni the denominations, some
enforcing more rigid mles than others.
The Cibtbolic church demands of its
people to fast during this season, under
pain of mortal sin The beginning of
the Let ten season in tbe Cath
olic ch irch is known as Ash
Wednesday. The custom of the
church tn Ash Wednesday is to print
the sign f the cross on the foreheads of
the comn unicants, reminding them of the
biblical declaration, "Thou art dust, and
unto dust thou shall return."
In its truest meaning Lent means
spring. The days are lengthening, and
Unrttn o- Lent means to lengthen, and
Untten-tid is but another form of the ex
pression, springtime. Hence tbe word
Lent contains within itself no more
thought if fasting than of feast tn
Lent is a movable fast depending on
the tickle moon. This, if nothing else
were offeed in evidence, would prove its
pagan or gin. On account of the uncer
tainly of tbe moon, lenten time has no
stated d'iy for arriving. This year it
opens o i Feb. 19 Last year Ash
Wednesdiy fell on March 6 In the
Catholic liurcti the following regulations
are obiter e1:
All the days af Lent are fasting. except
the Sunrays.
All pet sons who have completed their
tweDtv-first year, unless legitimately dis
pensed, are obliged to keep the fast.
Custom allows a cup of coffee, tea or
chocolate, with a small piece of bread, to
be taken in tbe morning. In the evening
a colUtit n not exceeding the fourth part
of an on inary meal is allowed
By dia lensation the use of fresh meat
is allowed at tbe principal meal on Mon
days, Tu :srlays, Thursdays and Sat ir
days, except tbe Saturday in Ember week
and the Saturday in Holy week .
The me of fish and ftVsh is not allowed
at tbe sane meal during Lent
All u ider twenty-one years of age,
those wto .r engaged in hard work, tbe
sick and convalescent , and persons who
cannot ast without sen us injury to
betilt' , are exempt from the fast Per
sons en ised from fasting on account of
tender hi e. bard labor and sickness are
not restr cted to tbe use of flest meat
only one meal on the days on which it is
allowed . Those who entertain any
reasonable doubt about their obligation to
fast or h is i am ought to apply to their
pastors for sdvice or dispensation.
In tb - Protestant Episcopal church
Lent is also regarded as important Rev
R F Saeet, rector of Trinity, has is
sued a n -at little pamphlet to his parish
oners relative to the season of ab
stinence and prayer
Societ,- is getting to observe this rig
orous pe-iod more and more every year,
nut by any excessive fasting or mortifl
cation of the flesh, hut as a period of
rest tmt tbe gay whirl of winter festivi
ties, an i the fair debutantes who have
thoroug ily enjoyed the gay season, now
find some appropriate fad to beguile the
tedious boors away in this penitential
time wl.en dancing is tabooed. Some
ortbodoi persons start out with tbe fixed
purpose if abstaining from s.ime habit or
fad to wnicb they are addicted, but like
the mtk dical New Year's 'swear off,' it
is abort lived and but a passing faucy
Tbe mai len may reconcile herself to tbe
oss of bar chewing gum for one dy; the
smoker may miss connections with one
cigar, hi t, as a general rule not always
they t re not lasting, and pass away as
harmlesily as tbe mists of the morning.
So, aside from several denominations
and sorie ultra orthordox people. Lent
will not entail much personal abstinence
upon th part of the average citizen. The
butcher and grocer will be patroDzed,
and thi tailor atood off with the same
unconcern as at any other season of tbe
A Plural rate.
Over-eer Abel, of Scott county, tei b
Ihe Det iocrot a story of a poor woman
ho rec-intly died in that city which is
pitiful in the extreme Tbe woman's
name wts Lena Sund Shu was married
in thai :ify a number of years ago, and
bad flvt children, the oldest of whom is
ten yeats and the youngest two. A little
over two years ago, while she was con
fined t ber bed, her husband deserted
her an 1 went to Juliet, where he ob
tained a job at the cooper's trade. The
mother soon became in want, and ap
plied ic the overseer for assistance. He
aided ier from time to time, and fre
quent!) wrote to Sund in Juliet, but no
answer fi in him ever came, not even
when h s wife was taken down with con
sumption and her death lu a abort lime
was ceitain.
Tbe woman and ber little ones were
cbarget of tbe county for two years She
died a ew days ago. and was buried at
the ex jense of the county, and now tbe
little oi es must be cared for . Tbe over
seer wt te to the treacherous and inhu
man fa her to see if be could not get him
to care for them. Sund received the let
ters. 1 ut neglected to answer any of
Kein.bie Ba Users
Mesi rs. Sievers & Anderson, the enter
priain contractors and builders, are pre
paring for a big buaineas t e coming
season Tbey already have several very
nice c n tracts for private residence to be
built ss soon as the weather will permit
Their ast season's business amounted to
.,ver 7 i mi Although young in buii
ness a i their own account, tbey have
eTery -eason to f-.ei proud of the reputa
tinn tl ey an achieving for doing good
work uid doing as tbey agree to.
Md Hire Bros, have a new and reliable
kid g ova cleaner; cleans perfectly and
The National Prlaan.
The Union, has returned to its old
tricks of misrepresenting the Argus in its
attempts to malign it. This may be due
in part to the morning paper's character
istic villifying disposition, and in part to
its ignorance of facts, also essentially
characteristic of its disposition. The
Arods is not hosti'e to the location of
one of the proposed national prisons
they are not strictly military prisons, as
the Union holds in Rook Island. Tbe
Argus has simply sustained tbe views of
Mayor McConochie and of Mr Fred Hass
that the prison should not be substituted
on the island of Rock Island for the pro
Dosed gun factory and should not be put
there at all if it is to bring with it a
source of illegitimate competition with
local labor. That is as far as the
Ahous has expressed itself and it has
plainly slated that tbe results of Con
gressman Qest's investigation in pursu
ance of the council's resolution should
afford opportunity to judge as to whether
the proposed prison is worthy of encour
agement or opposition. The locating of
one of tbe prisons in or near the city or
on one of tbe islands other than the gov
ernment island, is an entirely different
thing and could not work auy harm to
home labor and would be attended by
more or less advantage to the city and
should theref re receive hearty endorses
ment and support. The matter of lo
cating on the Island of Rock Island is
another thing, and an investigation
should he made before action Is taken.
That is the Anons' position. Is it plain
enough for the morning ninny?
The Woortasen I, n it a' ion.
In the Whiteside circuit court yester
day, Judge Brown sustained the injunction
granted to McKinnie, restraining the offi
cers from removing books or papers from
tbe state, but modified the restraining or
der of Judge Crabtree compelling the
bead clerk to send applications to Mc
Kinnie Such applications should be
sent direct from local clerks and others as
contemplated by the fundamental lawn, to
McKinnie, and not to the head clerk Tbe
judge reserved his decision on tbe de
murrer on Hunt's hi 1 until next Monday
This demurrer on Attorney General
Hunt's bill is in the nature of an objec
tion on tbe part of Root. Bssttan, Scud
der, Rrayton. Morrison, Palmer and Ztm
merman, against the declaration of Attor
ney Qeneral Hunt, charging officials ol
Ibe order with certain grave misdemeans
ors heretofore outlined. The demurrer
practically asks that the shove named be
considered guiltless, and that the charges
be held only against the other members of
th? executiye council, which would ins
elude McKinnie, Smith, E win, Hamlin
and Roose.
At the home of John Schafer, Sr , in
Zuma township yesterday afternoon at 3
o'clock, occurred the marriage of Miss
Emma Schafer. sister of County Treas
urer Schafer, to Mr. Geo. Setzer. Rev.
Mr. Proudt ot officiated and tbe solemn
yet beautiful ceremony was witnessed
only by relatives of the contracting par
ties. The happy and deserving couple
were showered with congratulations and
good wishes. Like sensible people they
entered upon the serious duties of life at
once, commencing housekeeping on Mr.
Setzer's farm in Zuma township
At the residence of Mrs L A. Hill, on
Eighteenth street last evening. County
Judge Lucian Adams united in matrimony
Mr C A Gsllsgher. of Davenport, anri
Miss Mattie J Hill, of this city After
the ceremony and a sumptous repast, the
happy couple left for the south, their
bridal tour to include St. Louis and New
Orleans. On their return their home is
to be in Rock Island
At tne Broadway church parsonage
last evening. Rey. W. S. Marquis united
in marriage Mr. Geo G. Trenkenschuh
and Miss Ella M. W.lliams, both of Rock
Island .
SpeelaJ Juki.
Last evening Sheriff Silvis and Circuit
Clerk Gamble drew tbe following special
venue of jurors to report April 7th for
service in the case of Foasel vs tbe Mo
line Malleable Iron Co :
Cordova Wm. Black and Harmon
Canoe Creek John Fitzgibhens
Cie-P F. Cox. Wm. Ashdown, J
H Sheperd, Alfred Spald.
Port Byron 0JG. Coyne, D Y. Als
Hampton Henry Frels, Willard Col-
Mohne Fred E. Bergston. W. B
Jones, John Franer.
fouth Moline Peter Doose.
Rock Island E F Helhingsted, E. D
Folsom. Frank Hadsel. F. M. Smnett. E
South Rock Island Cyrus Valentine
M G Field
Coal Valley -Alex Craig. John Barton.
Rural J W Caldwell
Buffalo Prairie Wm Pepper, James
Edgington Frank Wood, H A
Andalusia Cyrus Kennedy.
The exhibition of "The Battle of Get
tysburg" at Harper's theatre last night
was witnessed by a large audience and
the descriptive lecture accompanying tbe
programme by Gen. St. Clair Mulholland
formed a very pleasant and instructive
entertainment and was full of thrilling in
lerest, especially to Buford Post 243, G
A R under whose auapices it was pre
sented. The paintings vividly portray
the most stirring and striking incidents
of that terrible three days' fight which
constituted the most terrible battle of
modern history. Gen. Mull bo Hand is
thoroughly posted in all tbe details of the
stubborn struggle in which the heroic
boys in blue finally triumphed, th iugh
witb appalling sacrifices, and his aceom
panning descriptive discourse was very
intelligent and heartily appreciated.
Sew Undertaker
J. M. Sweeney, of Geneseo, presiden
of tbe Undertakers' association of Illi
nois. has bought the undertaking busi
ness and stock of Henry Clough, st 1805
Second avenue Mr. Sweeney has placed
in charge Mr E Rowe. of Wyoming
III., who is an undertaker of several
years' experience, and is a man of strict
moral integrity and business honesty
Mr. Sweeney will oversee the business
and be present when bis services are
Ash Wednesday.
Supeivisor Jack Wilson, of Rural, was
in the city today.
Ex-Supervisor H. O Norton, of Hamp
ton, was in tbe city today.
The rink will open Friday evening.
Feb. 21. Ladies free.
Mrs W. H Mesenkop. of Princeton, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. S T. Bowlby.
Now ;s the time to buy mirrors cheap
one-fourth per cent discount at the
Miss Maggie Staubach leaves this even
ing for Lyons, Iowa, on a visit to rela
Wynn Evans, of Moline, fell off a lad
der ai the Sechler carriage works this
morning and broke bis ankle.
An inmate of the poor farm named
Scott, is missing, and Steward Dow be
lieves be is in Rock Island.
Now is your time to get goods cheap
before March 1st, as the Fair does not
wish to pack up and paj freight.
"Tbe evening paper contains tbe news
of today; the morning paper gives the
news of yesterday ." Horaet Oretley.
The Rodman Rifles go to Davenport
tonight as the guests of company B hoys,
who sre baying a fair at Turner hall in
that city.
John Koester, who runs a grocery
store in South Rock Island, is before
Magistrate Wtvill today for permitting
gambling in his place of business.
Tbe burning of a straw stack on the
Iowa side of the river near Muscatine
last ni'ht, lent a gorgeous glow to tbe
southwestern skits.
Messrs. Frank Allsbsusrh, Frank W.
Walged, Robert McNeil, F E Keener,
S M See'ey and Geo. E.Hall, of Ster
ling, arrived last night to attend the Py
thian entertainment.
County Clerk Donaldson has received
notice from the Jacksonville insane asy
lum that Nets Muller, of this city, has
been ordered discharged, and requesting
the sheriff to stnd for him.
Edward Ise, the forger of many aliases,
w-s taken very suddenly ill with kidney
roubles last evening and the services of
Dr Craig were regarded by Sheriff Stlvis
as necessary . ise is better today .
Tbe young people's association of the
Broadway Presbyterian church will hold
social at the residence of Mr. Frank
Mixter, on Twentieth street, tomorrow
vening. Ttiey cordially invite all their
Mr. and Mrs L. E. Arnold, of 522
rbirty-first street, have lost their sweet
little daughter. May, aged eleven years.
whose deaih occurred at 11.30 last night
from diphtheria. The funeral took place
this morning.
John McMahon has received bis com
mission as substitute mail carrier in plsce
f Gilbert H . MeKnown, resigned, and
will enter upon his duties tomorrow
morning. Carrier Elliott taking no vaca
A Minneapolis paper reports a big deal
hat has been consummated, whereby the
Weyerhauser syndicate will erect a big
saw mill at Brainerd, Minn., and acquire
arge tracts of pine lard in that locality
This is pushing northward at a great
Gen. W. A S-hmitt goes to Buffalo,
Iowa, tonight, where is located the ban
er lodge of the Knights of Pythias so
ciety of the state of Iowa, which will
ave a celebration over the twentyssixth
anniversary of the order, and where the
general will deliver an address.
An Inromnou Knyal Spectacle.
Apropos of grauddukes.it mav be inter
esting to state that ihe czar has recently
iveu the rare spectacle of an autocratic sov-
reign freely renouncing some of his privi-
eges aud reducing tbe amount of moneys at-
nbuted to mem Iwrs of US family out of ths
Tate budget The empress, who received an
ualiy tiOU.OOO rubles a ruble is neariy equal
x eighty cent will gei only 3(X) 000 here
ifter. and in case of widowhood ber dowry
will be reduced by one-half, if she resides ou t-
ide of Russia. Instead of 800.000 rubles, the
-zarowitc will bare only 100.000: and bis
wife 30,000 instead of l.XI.OOO. as now. On ber
usband's death she would get a pension of
100.000 rubii instead of 300.000, if she re-
ides within tbe empire, and onlv 50.000 in
i of her residing abroad. Tbe grand dukes.
brothers of the reigning czar, who received
00.000 rubles as a pension until now, will get
io more than .v.ouo. Ibe daughters and
granddaughters of the em))eror will receive
rom tbe state a dot of 1 .000.000, and nothing
more bAcb son ol tne czar wul get at his
najority appauages bringing a determined
ncome and 1,000.000 rubles toward the build
ing and furnishing of a palace. Similar re-
iuctions have been ordered by the czar in re
jaru to money appropriations made to other
members of the imperial family. Sew York
The BrakenuuTs Lom.
There is danger that the modern p.issenger
bfataasaa will die of ennui. Ou the Fort
Wayne road tbei is now in process of testing
device which is to be operated by com
resaed air from the engineer's cab, and
which is, in effect, a noiseless annunciator,
quietly informing the pass.'nfers, through
heir eyes, uot their ears, of the- name of the
next stopping place. This, if generally adopt
ed, will rob the brakeman of tne dear joy of
shouting in an unknown tongue. One by one
this omciai s duties have passed away. A
ice rule ago he twisted tne hand brake as vig
arously. and oftener, than did hi co-worker
jn the freight train. Air and the engineer
uow perform that arduous duty. Now comes
the silent, air operated station annunciator.
There are a few privileges, however, left to
the passenger brakemuu. which the man in
tbe engine cannot take away. There are
pretty girls to help on and off, fat women.
tables, old meu and package unnumbered to
look after. But the vocal training of the
brakeman wul be totally neglected, and he
will at limes sigh for the days when he could
relieve his feelings by splitting same passen
ger's ear drum and emitting a language that
Max Muller himself could uot interpret
rittsbuxg BulJetiu
(Juwr Beliefs.
The Fijian i-auiiilars emotions have refer
t-noe fur the greater part to food, so he vtor-
liips the god Mutaw&lou, who has eight
touiHi-hs aud i- alvtavs eating
The Tougau have H very curious dogma to
account tor a day and night being twenty
four hurs long. It used to be less, the sun
used to go down too quiek. So one day a man
-uught it with a uoose, and it had to go
slower thereat ter
The ancient Peruviaus believed that the suu
uee came down to the earth and laid two
LTgs nud then went back again. From these
t wo eggs men spruug.
Tbe American indiauk had a dogma that
the suu was the oue supreme gi, aud the
ni'Xin was his wife. One tribe inhabiting
fearfully hot district worshiped the uioon
ui one. -...in., that they hud no use for the
lu the dav of Columbus sclent ifio dogmas
asserted: if a ship should reach India ahe
I ould uever get back again, been use HkB ro
tundity of the globe would preseut a kind of
mountain, up which it would lie iuipusxible to
sail even with the moat favoral'le wind.
Button (ilobe.
Weather Koreant
V. 8. 8lf nil Omcl. i
Washington. D. C. Feb.19. f
For the next 24 hoars for Illinois
Cold wave; drop of 24 degrees.
"A stitch in time saves nine," and if
you take Hood's Saraaparilla now it may
save months of future possible sickness
There was one New York hack man the
other day who failed to overcharge b
customer, but be died on his box before
he got to his destination.
Took the Bio
Mr. James Maucker, of Rock Island.of
the firm of Maucker A Gipson. called on
Wslter Dauber today and chslleng d
Billy Crossin in reply to the card that
Walter Dauber had in Saturday's Union,
claiming him to be the finest workman in
the three cities. Crossin refused to enter
the contest. t. Macckkb
For Bats Cheap.
A second-hand phaeton and a itimp-
seat surrv nearly new. Call or address
810 Fifteenth street, Rock Island.
This is to certify that I have used Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup in my family during
the past winter and find it to be the very
best remedy for coughs, colds, etc , that
I have ever used. Mrs J- Habvet.
No. 232 W. Lombard, St.. Baltimore, Md
Hood's Sarsaparilla is on tbe flood tide
of popularity, which position it has
reached by its own intrinsic, undoubted
Want to rent -From one to ten acres
of pasture land near city limits. Enquire
Hotel Gordon.
For sale A flrstclass family horse,
nquire at Arqcs office.
For ladies' and gents' spring gloves go
to Bennett's.
C. A. Steil. Manager.
A Cyclone of Fun
We, Us and Co.
One Continuous Roar
Prices. 75. 50 and 25 cents.
"Box offlce now open .
Notice is hereby given to all peroons tnterrsled.
that the city council of the city of Rock Island
having ordered tout second avenue from the west
ne or tne intereuon or rooneentn street to
he west line of the Intersection of Ninth street.
il . :i. in the corporate limits of the said city of
Kock Island, be enrbe i with curbstones, excava
ted and graded, improved and paved.
Said ordinance for said Improvement Is on file in
the office of the city clerk of said city, and said city
a Applied to tne county conrt or Bock island
county, Iilb ois, for an nssessme' t snd levy of the
costs of said improvement upon and from the lots
and parts of lota and tracta or land eontlguoua to
the line of said Improvement in said ordinance
ordered to be eonatructed. In proportion to the
frontage of such lots, parts of lota and tracta of
sn.l upon the im nrovement so ordered to be con
structed as aforesaid . and as aase-ament thereof
aving "een made and returned to said court, the
final hearing thereon will be bad at the March
erm of satd court, comraeoclu : on tbe tenth day
f Murch A D 1390. All persons desirimr may
then and there appear and make their defease.
Dated at Rock Island. Illinois, this eighteenth
day of February A. D. 1890.
Just received, all
to be sold at
10 Cents per Copy,
by mail 11 cents.
Identical with that for which
you are asked to pay from
four to ten times our price by
other dealers.
Violin, Guitar
and Banjo strings
at low prices.
Call and see for yourselves.
C. C. Taylor
1625 Second avenue,
Under Rock Island Bouse.
Secured by First Mortgage,
;rnii ssls at
lirrtKSST Collsctid Without Csuaas.
No troohle or expense spared to secure choicest
Oor Foartoen year experience ana ion? ea
UblisheJ local agencie give ns
snpeiior facilities.
Call or write for circulars or references.
IW.naHytH gfjkjMI
MfttifcTfcM?u DAVtNPORT 10,
First Mortgages
is stnxs or
$200.00 and Upwards
For sale, secured on land worth from
three to five times the amount
of the loan.
lutereat 7 per cent aeml aonuaUjr, collected ana
remitted rrec or coarse.
Attorney at Law
HnoiLf 3 and 4 Masonic Temple,
Choice Mortgages
on Improved Farms in the
Best Counties of Iowa,
roi tiAU.
Tbe Farms were Inspected by
me Personally.
sMclntire Bros.
Will show you the handsomest assortment of Ladies' Muslin Underwear you
have ever seen. All grades made from good material. Work
manship first class. Best of all, prices are very reason
able. That's the kind you wish to buy, u'ot Itr
Corset covers begin at 25cts.
Drawers, 25cts to 75cts.
Skirts, 50c is to f 1.00.
Nightdresses, 50cts to $1 50.
We wish you to give this line of goods your critical examination. Tou will
see that it doesn't pay to make your underwear, and it doesn't.
We have made large additions to oar wash goods department. Beautiful assort
ment of Scotch Ginghams at low prices, shown for the first time this week. Stacks
of Oingbams and Satines at 10 to 12tets.
prepared to show new wool dress goods.
Hock Island. Illinois.
SHSswBslBvrELzFfaDGaHBsl afl BnUvmI CShwV Ta. t
Geo. Wr. D. Harris,
Real Estate and Insurance,
228 Seventeenth St., under Commercial Hotel, ROCK ISLAND, ILL.
Tbe following arc among the many bargains offered:
A fine large hou.e . sn si1 modern improve
ments, good bsm. trees. tc . S scrs of land, flne
location, Jnat outside th- city limits cear the
atreet car ; cheap, easy terma.
A nice tirick rest lence. with all mo 'em im
provements, large grounds, on Elm street, (or sale
cheap on easy terma.
Two story dwelling aix rooms, eood well, cis
tern and cellar, large barn, "4 acre of land, within
a lew ati-pa or .wlian street cars, at a Bargain.
A good bouse and ImDnm-ment wiih about 4
acres of In nd sq ilable for gardening about three
mln from Kock Island, for aale cheap.
Si. 000 will buy 90 seres of land
partly improv-
ed. In Cordova township.
$3,500 will buy a aroe 1 f 0 sere farm
good im-
provementa. on reasonable terma
A nice residence, large lot. tn one of the beat
nelgbborhooda on Twenty-third afreet, obsap.
)nlyafewof those fine lots left in Mixter's
addition oa Twentj-aecond and Tweuty-lhird
S1T5 dollar will hnv a lot 64.115. corner of
Fifth avenue snd Eigtitb street.
SfiO will buy a good lot 50x82. well located, on
Thirteenth atreet.
A good elghty-arre farm, well located In this
county w II take bouae ana lot In thla city for
part payment.
Men's Felt Shoes f 1 00
Pelt Bool Overs 1 0o
" Arctics 1 00
Alaskas 60
" Rubbers 40
" Clops 60
Women's Arctiea 75
High Hui i cm Gaiters 66
" Alaskas 40
Boy's Arctics 60
M ss-s' High Button Guile rs 80
Rubbers 86
" Arctics 70
Children's Arctics 60
In addition to these low prices I will give away an Encyclopepia, valued at $6,
to each customer baying t25 worth of Boots and Shoes.
Call in and let us show you the Book and explain how yon can get it free.
CENTRAL SHOE STORE, 1818 Second Avenue.
8989 Fifth Avenue.
Our spring stock is arriving and wa arc
Two dwelling houses, lot SOzlSt, on Hollas ave
nue, cheap.
a urat-clas 90 sere farm, with good improve
meats, In Bowling lownahlp, cheap.
A No. 1 one hundred and sixty acrt farm, wit
first-class improvements, chesp.
A nice blnfr property,
treea, fruit, etc., cheap .
large grounds, shade
Two or three acre on
the bin IT, Ins land for
building or gardening.
Some of the beat lots in Dodge's addition on
eaay terma.
SO or 40 acres, with good Improvements, oa the
blufi, cheap.
A good lot on the bluff in Rodman 'a aub dlria
lon, cheap .
4uo will bn" s tins aers lot just oatsld cltf
limits, on b!u8.
A good house . bin; and flne earner lot In tb
upper part of tbe city convenient to the saw m.lJ,
depot and laland, cheap.
A nice twe story dwelling, well located a
Twentieth a; reel, cheap.
ments, on th bluff.
S800 will bay a boas witb foar rooms,
tent to tbe lower factor!
leaves no odor.
specially required.

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