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I Um
Km Hm ib K.rHt
" Plt I Cultivated Er-
m Why It Hm Met f'oasparaMve
Failure la Um Cited state.
l"bsvw ia hardly a thing that grows which
"squires more labor to make it useful to
man than flax. From the tint tha teed
iaaown until tha finished linen, linseed
1. or oil cake, is put upon the market,
very process and they are many and
"ompir calls for alow, patient manual
labor. Machinery enters here and there.
to be aare. bat it has no such important
in the ir.du.uy as it has ha-J in
, for instance, since the indention
of the gin, or ia the making of woolen
fabrics, or loathrr article.
Ia spite, however, of tha. toil involved
ia oaltivatiog flax and making cloth
from it. and tb very considerable
knowUde required to conduct the oper
ations, the industry is universal today,
and is more ancient than history itself.
The Mntn wrappings found en tvypuan
mammies were made of flax, and even
in barbaroua countries the nature and
Talus of the plant is recogniced.
Flax is apparently of tropical origin,
bat it flourishes to the best purpose in
tempers: i uncs In the tropics the
seeds are ru Lor and therefore more pro
ductive of oil. but the b-st fabric ia ob
tained from northern cultivation. The
best produre cones from Holland and
Beicinm; but this is not so much due to
superior quality of soil as to Uveexcrs
rdinsr care ex'-rcifcd by the people In
kaodllng the crop. N-nt to this flax in
quality is the Russian product, though
the Irish crop may be said to be on about
that asms level, lush linen certainly ia
famous enough to justify thin supposition.
In Egypt the ancient in iu-rry received a
new start about twenty years ago through
the influence of English capitalist, and
by the same Lr.;titne it has come to be
an important feature of agriculture in
New Zealand.
The ear u est eettleri in New York
brought seed with tii-ia from the Neth
erUnds. and it was introduced into ths
Massachusetts oolonv in 1629 by statu
tory ordV-r. In 1790 there were manu
factories in Selern ai.l Springfleld for
rorning the p snt into sail cloth. In sev
eral other Colonies about the middle of
the Seventeenth century bounties were
granted for flax cultivation by act of
At population has extended westward
Max has followed, so that today some of
tne most important of the fields and
mills of this industry trw west of tbe
Mississippi. At the uat uue thai ma
nitude of the industry has net increased
in any proportion comparable to the
popojitiun or area of the country
Every device of inventors to improve
the work, everv sugi(estion of scientists
to shorten the lon processes of prepar
ing the fibsr UM t'.w riiiii, and every
measure of the ieuiaJt.rs to stimulate
cultivation, has Catted to push it to ths
Of course the annual product, taken in
gross, la something iunnens, measured
by thousands of tons or millions of bush
sis, and this amount U greater today
than it was fifty years ago. and of course
there are many important factories and
farms devotet to it. But it is a striking
fact that In America a great proportion
of the fields first devoted to the growing
of flax have been turned to other crops.
The Industry is continually striking into
new soli and the old fields are either
abandoned or devoted to other purposes
This is not due to the quality of ths
soil Any good sou. wil drained and
thoroughly plowed and harrowed, will
serv for the growth of flax. Sandy
loams, where theru is a good ana regular
rainfall rn the spring, are better than
any other lands, but tiiure 1 an abund
ance of this kind of soil in America and
no lack of natural opportunities for ex
cellent product
Tbe secret of the slow development of
ths rndusrry. or rather of its limited
scope, lies in the high cost of manual
labor. The crop cannot he reaped. Luce
wheat snd leu-ley, !v machinery, but
mast be patiently and carefully plucked
up by the roots by hand. It also re
quires careful weeding when the plant is
about three Inches high. After ths crop
is gathered the seeds have to be separated
from the stalk, a process that may be ac
complished Ly a threshing machine, but
in many pans of the world, where the
best fabric is obtained, it is done by hand
and a "rippling comb," a crude affair
with iron teeth, through which ths stalks
are drawn, a handful at a time.
It is said that four men with these
combs can separate the seeds from an
acre crop in one day. Then the stalks
must be stpcd until fermentation takas
peace. This is one of the longest pro
cesses, and one upon which inventors
have expended s great deal of labor.
Ths bast authorities seem to agree that
ths most desirable results are obtained
from the slowest process, as the intro
duction of chemicals, etc.. to hasten Isr
rasntation affects the inner fiber injuri
ously A good many things follow after
ibJs before the outside husk of the stalk
is removed and the inner fiber separated
from the core and made ready for the
All this involves a vast amount of la
bor In winch thcro is a minimum of
economy in the handling of quantity at
a glean time. Almost all of tbe product
is of aiue, the seeds making oil and oil
cake, and even the water in which tbe
stalk are steeped ia of great service. It
is found to contain nine-tenths of the nu
tritious matter of the plant, and when
poured oat upon the field helps greatly
ia restoring the soil.
Nevertheless, ao great ia ths labor in
volved that flux cultivation in this coun
try cannot be regarded as a profitable
industry. It has had nearly three ccn
tuitea of trial and has been fostered by
bounties nasi tariff until it should have
demonstrated its strength long since.
The fac t is our soils con be put to mors
erufitanJe uses.
Meantime, to enable some growers to
ibtainpr jet from the people high enough
to enable them to remain in the basiaess,
a dnty of 7 to 11 per cent, ia imposed on
flax in various raw stair, and to to 40
per cent, on manufactured article. The
truth about this tax, as in so many other
jsses, la that it fails of its purpose en
tirely. It doss not foster the industry as
it pretends to do. The people pay more
Tor their goods, thread, handkerchiefs,
wearing apparel, etc., In order to keep
alive a business thst history has shown Is
sot naturally profitable here. If ths
iuty was abolished the prices would go
town, ths consumers would benefit and
nobody would suffer, for the fields now
devoted to flax raising would be turned
over to more profitable lines of work.
A striking feature of tbe industry, and
oos that has caused much trouble, is the
poisonous affects of the fumes arising
trum the steeping process, and the dais
es of the water used. The
may bo tamed to good use, as
indicated, but thai is not always
PK a wholly done, snd nothing can live in I
L any strtmiu which was to carry the 1
away. So great wss the ds-
of fish in the Ulster streams
of Ireland from this cause that, years
ago, ths manufactures were forbidden
by law from disposing of ths water by
the way of rivers or brooks. Neverthe
less ths evil has not been wholly removed,
and hundreds of Ash are killed annually
even now by this agency.
With that cars for minutiae which dis
tinguishes Europeans in their industries,
the Belgians snd Dutch sdd to their re-
iMMi hv nnn aSSSSaaSa with fl .
cases they get two crop of flax a year
from the saass field. In districts where
flax is grown extensively in those coun
tries there are said to be no paupers
whatever, for the entire working popu
lation is engaged in summer in caring
for and harvesting tbe crop, and in win
ter in preparing it for use st ths mills
Mr. Bat-west's Caarmias; SMewv
"Little Lord Fauatleroy" in ita drams
tited form is listed for a production at
Harper's theatre tonight, a matioee hav
log been siren this afternooo. Who that
reads does not know the story of Little
Lord FsuaCeroy. Whs that thinks fails
to appreciate us tender pathos; its ex
quiti'e tumor, aod i'.t simplicity of char
acter Who so young that cannot under
stand it, and who so dead to all gentler
impulses that the purity of l'l sentiment
will not quicken. If Mrs. Burnett bad
never written another book her name
would go down to posterity as the author
ess of the most fascinating, simple and
toeeesefnl work that ever came from the
press, or was presented on the stage.
"Little Lord Fauotleroy" was written
for the young, and more than a million
children have been made baopy and bet
ter by reading It to say nothing of the
thoussnds sad thousands of older people
who have perused it with quite as much
Interest and delight. As a story, "Little
Lord Fauntleror" ha gone through many
editions. Thousands and thousands of
copies of the book have been sold, and as
ready s market hat been found for it in
Europe snd Australia as in America In
its dramatned form si it will be pre
sented tonight it has been seen by more
than a million and a half of people, and
has been accorded the distinotion of be
ing the greatest and most u qualified
theatrical success of modern times. It
will be presented by Mr. French's own
company from the Broadway theatre, New
York, snd will have the advantage of the
ssme specisl appointments that charac
terized Its production at that bouse
Hillsdale F t,
Ratnv weather and muddy roads
Fearsall Bros, shipped a csr load ot
cattle Wednesday.
Ella Cabs is quite til with stsrlnt feeer
and diphtheria
Lunlnda Horn. Maria Jones and Sophia
Smith, of Erie, were guests of Mrs S B
Feaater leal week .
D V Wslker left Wednesdsy evening
for Walton, Kan . where be Intend
spending the summer
J M Martin now wears tha broadest
grin of any man 'o town, all because It's
their first s ten pound girl.
Mr. snd Mrs. A. Goodrich entertained
about twenty of their most Intimate
risnds on lbs 19th Inst The evening
was spent very pleasantly In talking over
old reminiscences of ths past snd eating
Tbe gypsies who were obliged to re
main at the D)e for a week so In or
der to have tbetr wagon repaired, will
stsrt on their journey again the first of
arch They sre Orstclass in horse trsd
ing and fortune telling.
He tsaeteae s Cerrcei Mer
A Oeneseo young Isdy received a
comic valentine that set ber soul aflame.
Fsellng that she knew from whom it
came, she returned It to tbe supposed
tender, accompanied by a severe note.
Tne Oerman gentleman wbo received it
had not sent a single vslentine this
blessed year He was amazed and sor
rowful, in which mood he set down snd
evolved tbe following He got it Mrs
where It should bass been Miss, but its
sll the ssme in Dutch:
Dir birr
I tlnk your mislslken in thoes valentine
I have not send them to yon."
"ui.ij ataijaiwaT.
88-L" O Willlt to A A Willis, part
net ne. 8. 17. lw. f ISO.
Helnrich Nickelson to E M Wigert,
part lota IS and 18. Babbitt's ad, Moline:
and part lot 4. assessor's plat 1861. 5. 17.
lw, $950
87 Ouardianahip of minor heirs of
Cbaa. Engbloom Petition by guardian
for lease to mortgage ward's real estate
Petition granted.
Estate of Bailey Davenport Will ad
mitted to probate.
Eatate of J as H Scblatfeldt Final ac
count of executor approved, and executor
97 Herbert R Taylor, Moline, Cath
erine McKeever. Rock Island; John 0
Runge, Mrs Emms Magrum, Rock Is
land '
Havxrr. Feb 96 .
Tbe Hamlet school exhibition held dst
urdsy evening wss qaits s success
A free exhibition will be b Id st
Olngle's corner school bouse next Friday
Mr. Condon removed to lows Wed nee
day. Hie departure will be regretted.
eepecUlly by tbe boas as it takes two
charming girls from the vicinity.
Vollie. s son of John Lenx. wss riding
a colt Monday, when it suddenly fell
breaking bis leg above the knee. Drs
Warston aod Criwell set the member and
he is now getting alosg as well as could
be expected.
Ad ver la A V. or letlrrs Mm. 9.
:.!: of lsttara SBcsJled for st tha fooiofflr, at
Hock Island, thick Island conntv IlllDntt,
fso. as lean:
Ads s recksrv Star
Bane an Adam
Hoffman Wa
JoawsF B it,
Lsouard Char! Is
L-abman Frank
.Na-sn DtSSlS
tboroa F L
aaaafj tiff Co
Hrltton af aa Ancla
Bruce II D
Csd Harry e o Crlon
signal iwite&lo
Coopar.7 B
u: .a. rata
VlUaoaova Acta Da
atoms j a
ro axias list.
Jobaaaoa Albtn
recsra class nma
Clearland Karl
Look out for counterfeit!. Bee that
you get tbe genuine Dr. Bull's Cough
Byrop. Do not 1st the desler tell you
some "jutt st good." but intltt upon
getting tbe genuine with tbe bull s head
trade mark on ths bottle.
With Ely's Crssm Balm a child can he
treated without pain or dread and with
perfect safety Try the remsoy. It curea
catarrh, hay fever and colds in tbe bead
It it easily applied into tbe nostrils, snd
Ci relief with the first application
Attewrtlnx t Ireaasstaae of Ike
terewwlas or Hiss Jewaie srarrea,
T Hampton, a Vfonth Ax. .
The Oeneseo Xw$ ha kerned some
additional details attending tbe death of
Miss Jennie Warren, of Htmpton. It
A peculiarly sad story com s to us from
over north of Rock river. 4 n aged cos
pie over there, who by the way are not
biassed with s great abund nee of this
world's goods, had rsised a grandchild
whose mother, their daughter, had died
when the child was bora. Tbey loved
the babe as one of their owi and care
fully reared her. working hi.rd to keep
her clothed and educate her. Tbe child
grew up to be a remark abh handsome
roacg woman. Her grandparents were
very old and in very moderate circum
stances, consequently the you ig lady was
necessarily denied many of he luxuries
enjoyed by other girls of ter acquain
tance whose parents were it better cir
cumstance financially. Living near tbe
river, and watching other young people
enjoying themselves on the ire. skating.
pUying game-., etc., she iocgei for a pair
of skates that (be might jo o tbem in
frolic. She knew her gtandparente
could rot afford to buy her tbe skates,
so she wrote to her Droit e in Dako
ta imploring him to send hat a pair
Tbe brother, thinking to mat"? his sister
happy, sent her a pair of bands me skates.
The young lady could hardly watt to get
upon the ice snd trv them Her grand
parents, fearing that some I arm might
befall her. beegtd ber to be t areful and
not go out tco far on the ice One day
recently, accompanied by a yo ing man to
whom she ws to have been n arried in a
short time, and his sitter, she Went down
to the river to learn to skate. The young
man after putting the ladies' skates on.
put his own on, and be and hi sister took
the young lady by either hind snd started
out toward the middle of tbe tiver. The
young lady, remembering her grand
parents' warning, remonstra't d against
adventuring too far out. The couple ac
companying htr ooly laughed and the
young man.to ta Isfy htr that tha ice would
bear them up, lumped upon it. He lit
upon it the second time, when down went
the ice, carrying with it tbe three
young people. The oung man helped
bis sister to the edge of tbe ica, and she
got safely out. In tbe meantime the
young lady had grabbed her fiancee
around tbe neck and both wnt down
They came up again and ati 1 she held
on With an almost superhuman effort
tb young man reached the i?e: but In
that effort be unintentionally :aused tbe
young lady to loosen ber hold, and down
sbe went never to rise again alive. The
young msn would have jumped in again
bad not his sister restrained hha.
Quickly giving sn si rm, crowds gath
ered at the place, and at once began to
make efforts to find the bod?, bat with
out avtil. The grandparents us almost
erased by the ssd event, aid censure
themselves for allowing her u ao upon
the Ice The brother blames i tmself for
sending her the skate, and the young
man whom she was about to n irry it al
most inaane. He says that be knows
thst tbe lag: thought thst sbe l through
her mind as she went down for the last
time was that he had forssken har. I, is
i indeed a sad occurrence
It-ii i..e wa then i
Never find fault because a tewapapcr
i falls to giv every scrap of news ao long
as you tsko no psios to gtve be editor
information. The average editor isn't s
medium or a mind reader, but ho gets the
news ss tie milkman gets his milk by
pumping This Is true especial y of that
data of Items known ss sersonals.
Rightly they are not "puffery." but sim
ply peronal mention for the information
of local readers, and those havh g friend
visiting thwsa sbonld slwaya let tbe local
editor know it. an1 he will b. glad to
give it tbe proper notice. So if j ou have
a bit of news worth printing, pnt it in
tbe way of your pencil puher Ex.
The Car t rot,.
Crop Correspondent Csmpbci s report
to tbe commissioner of sgricul ure for
February, shows that sixty per cent of
tbe corn crop in Rck Island cot nty re
mains on band for consumption or sale,
that eightj per cent of the entire product
will be consumed within tt.ecoutty; that
twenty per cent was sold to go o it of tbe
count: that ninety five per cent of the
crop of 1389 in Rock Island couity was
merchantable; that the oreaect home
value of corn stiM on hand is twtnty-two
cents per bushel.
How a This
We offer one hundred dollar reward
for any case of Catarrh that caonot be
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J Cheney A Co., Toledo, O.
We, tbe undersigned, baye kiownF.
J Cheney for tbe last fifteen yc W and
believe bim perfectly honorable la busi
nesa tranaactions. and financially able to
carry out any obligations made y their
West & Truax, wholesale druggitts, To
ledo, O
Wadding, Kinnsn & Marvin, w lolesale
druggists. Toledo. O.
E H Van Hoesen, cashier Toh do Na
tional bank, Toledo, U.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inl mally.
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of tbe system. P Ice 75c
per bottle. Bold by all druggists
Mrs. Jaggs (suspiciously): Your
eyes are watery and terribly inflamed.
Mr JsFgs (with an Injured air): Well,
next time you give me a bibl for a birth
day present, don't select one wi b such
fine print.
Ths best on earth can trulv las tail of
Origg't Glycerine 81 e. which is a sure,
safe and speedy cure for cots, bruises,
scalds, burns, wounds and othe - sores
Will positively cure pile, tetti r and
other skin eruptions Try this -vooder
healer. Satisfaction gnsrantei d or
money refunded. Only 86c. t old by
Men would not care to be wi -ked if
Women did not look oo nsughllneis with
mingled dread and admiration.
Who of us are wiioout trouble t
e tbey
J aich
small or larger The blessings or
are beet appreciated when we a
snd ia pain. A hacking cough, a
cold, or any throat or lung diaei
e are
rery troublesome; but all of these i
(UK kly and permanently cured I
aelow's Cure. Safe and pleasi
dren . Price 50 cents.
tay fie
y Dr.
nt for
Short snd tweet, remarked tbe ( racer,
ss be tied up 18 ounces of tugst. and
marked it "one pound "
While the Melds were roaming ovjr,
Breathing newmown hsy and clo -er ,
Well think of her, at Is our wont.
Whose teeth and breath are, ever day,
White as whits clover sweet ss I ay.
An 1 all from using Sozodont.
Whisky u ssid to Improve with age,
but age doesn't improve with whisky .
oft Coal far Sals
At my yard, corner of Eleventh itreet
snd Tenth avenue, st ten cents per msh-
el. B Davxhtoht EtTAfB.
Aug. 80, 1881).
Strang C ircumatanrea I Which Mrs. MoT
rt Waa Charged tin Haafcand KUlio.
A singular case recently came before the
criminal court st Went worth, S. C , in which
Mrs. Cora May 8ca!es Morris was tried for
tbe murder of her husband. It appears that
Mrs. Sea lea (Mr. Moms was Um belle of
Rocking'sao county, X. C, and a very beau
tiful gu L David K. Morns was a wealthy
old bachelor, and loved the fair Cora, but she
did not return his affection. However, hs
persevered, the girl s relatives lrjterpoeed and
finally an aawHthlg consent was secured.
Tbe couple were married on Dec. 13, 1888,
though Cora toil Mom, that she did not iov
Mat, and only mar
ried him to satisfy
ber relatives. After
the marriage oere
m o n y she broke
down com pletely
and cried bitterly.
Teat night hen
the groom went to
the hi idal chamber
the bride screamed
far him to go away,
and jumping out of
mks aoERis b-a ent to another
room, where the stared ailing bt. After that
she declined to occupy tbe same room with
On Aag 0, ISM, wiro .leclared that if
her hut band wruid mak hi will in ber favor
arid insure his life for $10,000 she would be a
in reality as well aa in name. He com
plied with her request, and three days later
he was found dead in Lis bod aim a band
kerchief saturated with chloroform over his
face. Tin wife was arre-'.M. tried and ac
quitted. a -pir; ' . r. , caae.
Sume ipicy t-umony came out in a divorce
case recently between Mi-, and Mrs. Frank
Harrison in Brooklyn. At the conclusion of
to testimony the jury found that both bus-i-dud
and wifehad treo,t'?u-..y disregarded the
marriage row, and puuf-ued them by forcing
i'iem to contiuue in tii" to them" unwelcome
louds of wedlock. It appears that Capt
Frank Hamsun,
who is a member
af Ik celebrated
Thirteenth Brook
lyn regiment, has
three children by
another w o m a u
with whom be has
been living secretly
s.ace bis marriage
with Mrs. Nellie' 4
D e g i s Harrison.
Mrs. Nellie was
found by tbe jury
to have been equ&i
h indiscreet 6omo
of her letters to Baaaiso.v
John R. Catch were produced in court. They
began, "Darling Jack," and ended, ' Your
own lov jig w ife"
The Harrisons were somewhat noted as ths
raw dents of Dan-ison's Island, near Brooklyn,
of wLdch Mr. Harrison was the sole owner
Uaite s Mistake.
There were two barrister af the Irish
bar. one named MaliafTy, wbo was very
tail, and another, called Colli, who was
very short. Both waste engaged in acase
before Lord Redesdale. w ho was nd yet
personally acquainted with the lawyers.
Mr. Collis was opening the motion, when
Lord Redesdale observed:
"Mr. Cili. when a barrister addresses
the court h must stand."
"1 am standing, my lord." said Coliia
"I beg a thousand pardons, muttered
the judge, much conf used
'Sit down. Mr. MabalTv
"I am sitting, my lord. " was the reply
to the confounded chancellor. Yeno
wines Nws.
she Evidently Knew.
J. :.! wife was not a very bright wo
man, but abe sometimes said tiling
which were worthy of a it. One day,
after doing or saying something silly,
ber husband snapped out:
"Weil, you are a little the w ort I ever
'Why. what's the matter uow? Have
1 done anything wrong'?'-
"I should say so. You don't know tbe
difference between a horse and a donkey,
I don't believe."
"I didn t say y.-u were a horse, did IT
alie replied tuevkiy and Junes said no
more. Merchant Traveler.
"To Wl,i bait 0SSVn
Mrs 1 'i y Why did you lay aside
dsoss pieces of cloth.'
Mr. Patch They wiil be useful sums
day tj repair the has of T. luuiy's t roue
era. Mrs. Dressy I see: tliey are reserved
seats Munsev's Weeklv.
Hie Leraev.
"How much did Fuller leave when be
"About $50.00.1. I should say."
"What' In cash?"
"No. unpaid." Toledo Blade.
A ftualneea Woman.
"Will you marry me?"
"No, there's no money in it. 1 can
make more practicing my profession.
A Accident.
This is not the king of tbe tramp. It
ia only Randeguer bowing to Miss Oram
erry, and that frayed lining has come
out of his hat. Judge.
The Crown dining ball. No. 1708 Sec
ond avenue, is now ready to furniah you
tbe heai meal in tbe city for 25 cents.
$50,(100 to loan on real ettsts security,
in turns of $900 and upward, at lowest
current rates of interest, without com
mission. E. W. Hurst, Attorney at
law, Rock Island.
odera Hoases For Ml
On monthly installments by Guyer at
Bartb a Babeeek, Dentists
No, 1724 Second avenue. Special atten
tion paid to saving the natural teeth and
inserting teeth without plates.
Surer oa Bonds
Those wbo are required to give bondt
In potitiont of trust, snd who desire to
avoid asking friends to become their
sureties, or who may with to relieve
f riendt from further obligations at bonds
man, should apply to tbe agent of the
Americsn Surety Co., of New York.
General Insurance Agent,
Rock Island. Dl.
A new ides embraced In Ely's Cream
Balm. Catarrh ia cured by cleansing and
healing, not by drying up. It ia not a
liquid or snuff, but It easily applied into
tbe nostrils. Its effect Is magical and a
thorough treatment will cure the worst
cases. Price 60c.
For besu'y, for comfort, for improve
meet of the complexion, use only
Pozzoni't Powder: there it nothing equal
Intelligence Column.
arenae. BT RKSIDENOB. Ni. ll ?lrst
provement or. Blevaiora. Now in operation st
9tsr Finishing Worke. 25 Hsmll'.on SL, Hbilsds.
Fa: preserves life and limb; for fall portlculsrs
apply to ROBT J. WALKER, Inventor.
salesmen st once for Illinois acd Iowa D.
R Ittfrewoll Co., S3S and 315 Dearborn St . Chi
cago. III. feb-I
Itland sad every town in tbla locality to dis
tribute circulars-: for partlealars send references
acd address, T. N Crowley, tit Main St , Ter.e
Haste. Indiana.
Branch oflce, at ber oam home, for the Fa
tnona Female Specific "Orange Lt.y--; a splendid
opportunity; address with stamp. Tbe Dr.Cooa
ler Medical Institute. Somh Bund, Ind.
miseton. for tbe Lnhr icattng oil tra 'e : ad
drew to Tbs Dleterlcba OH Co . M West Waab
tsagSsa St.. Chlcsfo III.
New Advertisements.
' grtga bou ,
For Sale by Leadlrajj Dealers.
UT i Solely hj W1L BASSES, Trcy.N.Y
ATTORNEY AT LAW Office with J. T Ken
worthy, 178 Second Avenue.
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office In R"Ck I-iaad
National Bank Building, R"ck Island. 111.
. D. swiiiyrT.
c. i. waLWk.
OfDca tn Beug'ton'e lock, Hxi islsad. 111.
ATTORNEY'S AT LAW-Losn mony ss sooe
security, make collections. Reference, M 'tc h
stl A Ljnd. bankers, i-fficein Poatotace Hocft
R "ALU KVR tT KVKN1NU ai (Ywrrxea
N -ij. Klre sent" aer coyv
D. S. H HrttEffiN,
oflic. nhsctasattt, "io; Branch offir- ores
First Nation-' ban. Rock Is . fit ly
ON THl-if A YENr . sMWvea T-otb sat
Blaresatli ' eta febittf
WM. 0. KULP, D. D. S,
Ro ir.t SB .7 Si s:iJ St
Take lVveuw. D,Y "NKRT. I A.
- (Socctssor to Gultirie a CSIBas)
Contractor Builder.
Plans sad eattmate! ferntabed. A sneclilty
made of floe work. All order? attended to
pnmiily and aattfactlon cnaran.
Bw O.T.ce and ahoi No lsli Third av, nie
Sealed proposals ill be received at tbe Cit)
Clerk'a office, cttr of Rock I-tand. aatil Monriar
tbe 17th flay of Msrct. A. D. 18t0. at t o'clock r
at, for construct i ng i he Improvement orderc-d by
ordtnaneea of said clia. which Wire a.; I
November lflth and Dccemorr ISth 1999. rrapec
tlvely, and are entitled -van ordinance for ibe im
provement or Seconder, nos from tbe weat line
of Fonrtevcth atree' to tbe est line of Ninth
atreet In the cliy of Rock laianal," eleo, "An or
dlcance for tbe improeemeoLof Twentieth ;re t
from tbs north line of First fven'it to t .e atuth
line of Ninth a venae tn the c'ty of Ro k l.lind
and for the levvlng of a tpectal tax thertfor. '
and for farniahlng tbe material and doing- ibe
work according to tbe plat. and epecilcaUooe
Tbe aid Improvement ordered by aaifl .-rdi-aar.ee.
con. lata of curbing with ciirb-t nes.
ezcaTSttng. gradins. tmprovlEg and paving w.tb
paririf brick of good qua ltv, th'rteen block of
treet in said title of aald ordinance eet onl.
Tbe aaid taiprovement suit be constructed,
and the materials therefor furul.hed must be in
aesrrnaiice wlih the plans and specifications for
aa'.d untrovrmeai on tie in lbs said city) clerk's
offlre. at which aatd offl e. said plan snd appcifl
aStaSB sre open to tbe inapertion of all perron
1ntereUd therein. Contractor are to for tb
earr.rj: t f brick with which work I to ba dons
Brick used In the work moat correapond wttb
the sample in quality and tyle. All bid matt
be aecocman ed witn a certified check in tbe ua
of Five tlunared Dollar, nevable to tbe onier of
tbe city treenrr of ald c it, which sball be
come forfeited to said city tncaeetbe lldder rhall
fall to enter Into contract, with approved aoretlea,
to aiecate tbe work for ibe price mentioned lu bl
bid. and accordmp to tbe plana and apecitcation.
tn the e.ent that tbe contract sbonld be awarded
to him.
Blank bids will be fornl.hed on spnllcs'ion st
the city clerk- office. Ail biddere'and dher
per on may stt. rd st tbs opsnlng of ssid bids.
The right to re led sny snd all bids or propo
sal received . berebv ezpreaaly reserve 1
R tBBSt KOKHLBR, i lty Clerk.
Dated this SMh day of February, im
The first coal shipped into this market
from Mrrrer conntv wss from 'hp mines
of R. B. Ellis in the fall of 18T6. and
hence given tbe name it still bears. It is
well known u. be tbe best sold in tbe
market, and other merchants have atlnp.
ted tbe same name and offering an in
ferior article for the genuine. Don't be
deceived, but boy the genuine celebrated
Mercer county coal of T. H. Ellis, on
Second avenue, opposite St. Joseph's
church. The office has not been removed,
but is there still, and is the only place in
tbe market selling the old and genuine
article. Telephone 1036.
a. wi!rr
a. LEanrRH
Winter & Lemburg,
Wholeals Dealer, snd Importer of
Wines and L
Nob. 1616 and 1618-
Pay Your Taxes
The Taxes for 1889 are now
due and payable to the Collec
tor at County Treasurer's office
in court housn building.
JiJotioe To Contractor-;.
Sealed proposals will be received st tbe office
of the underrtgned until S o'clock p. in oo lbs
IT-h day of Msrcb 1990. for lsbor sod mttterls s
required to the erecting a Toacs Men's i dri-talr,
Saaociatl.in building at Hu n Ialand, 111. Copies
of drswi.g aod specifications, ran he bad at tha
office of ice Axcnlte t, on and after Mondaj .
March 8. Ths right la reserved to reject any
or all propoeal.
Office Corner Third and Brady street. Daren
port. Iowa. r-ateod
Promptly and neatly executed by tbe Aaers Jo
departs! ent.
a paid to Coamercltl work
COB WASH. 3d AVE. 8.
From SO years' experience la Hoe
pital snd Private practice i enabled
to guarantee radical care In Chionlc
or po.soooas diseseee of tbe blood,
tbroet, no s. skin, kidneys, bladder
and kindred organs. Srsvel and stric
ture cared witneut pain or catting.
Tbote wbo coale r plate going In
Rot Spring for the treatment of say
private or blood diseaee can be cared
for on-thtrd the cost.
I ADIFi Bt ,n,, tl,t'tIit s
" l-i 1 1 O (orelr compleiion, free
from ss'lnwnew, freckiee, erartlons,
etc., brilliant tyst snd perfect health
can be had. yTti "tired feel
ing" and all female weakne prompt
ly cared. Bloating, headaches, Ner
Tnue Prostrttioo. an I 81eei.lenFe.
ovarian troubles. Inflammation and Clceration.
Falling and displscemente, Spina! wesknee snd
. hsnze of Life. Consult the old doctor.
iMPRVnil Phy.ical and Organic weak
l; new, premature decay, evil
foreboding, eelt-dlsrrnst. impaired memory, pal-
C nation or tbe heart, ptmpler on the face, apecka
t-fors ths EYK, rlngln In lbs esr. ca arrb,
threatened cocenmptioa and ever dl-qnJifira
tlon that renders marrisge improper ar.d tinhappT
horrible in It reful' completely eradicated
without the ue of rtetrnr. Scrofula. Rrytpe
ls Fersr so es. Blotches. Pin p e. Ulcers, pain
B tbe Uesdand Bone, pyphlltic .-ore Throat sad
Tongue, Olsudtilsr enlsrsrement of ibe Neck,
Hh'imattm. etc , cored wb-n oihera h.e failed.
Rl I PTI I RP Cored with at pain or hind-
n u r i utr. r nP, froro ba-ice,
I I Rl NARY 3aV"Recent!y contracte.1 or
vmiVMn l . chronic dii-ass ItJsITIVELY
enred in S to S days j a local remedy. So nan
aeoos drag ased. Msdicines mailed or expres
ed to sny MdsSSS free from obserratton. Char
ge fair Terms Cash. Book and qaet1on lit
19c. A fri.ndly talk coat nothing.
BoCRSt 10 a. IS. to 1 m .lto 8 and 7 to 8 p m.
Sunday: I to I p. aa.
(Lsie of Citrinnst!. Ohio,)
Has Permanently Loratil ia
Being a craduste of two of the bet Medical cnl
leiiea In the east. tog. tber with an extensive
Ilnepttal practice of lx years, be 1 well
qualified to treat the ntoit .llftlcntt dis
easra III spectsltie are:
Female, Lung, Private- ami
Chronic Diseaeep,
Loss tf Manhood, or Seminal
Weakness, and Errors of
Positive y and permanently cured.
Tee Doctor win be glad lo are all those who are
afflctt-d wbt tber thtv Intend taking treatment or
not Po'tive v no caae taken that cannot be
cured. Case succefully treated by correspon
dence, t'orreapond. n e accompai led bv c
In stamps promptly answered
I fllre McCnllongb's New Clock.
W. Third Street, near Main,
Dr. Urn Dyk'S
For fal Irwrj :fcr.
Wholesale Aeenis. Rrck IIr rt
Dr. Tait Butler,
(Assistant State Veterinarian of Iowa)
Teieriiiary PhysiciaD,
(Successor to Dr. J. D. Rut her for. I . t
Office boors II a. m to I p . m.
Dentistry a Specialty.
Cfflce l Coyne's Feed Stable, Market square,
ftnnarw a rlliuuit rian,i.,.i. i,. f.tht skin e-
mT ail pin..;, tr, -:k.- ao-t ul..rait..i,- I .
Hsaaaby all flrt rla, drna-el u . . iwummJ uir te ct.
For Stale.
A nice Piece of land inCordovs townahio. hin
the west half of the southeast quarter of section
nine In towashlp twenty, north range, two esst,
lo Rock Island county, Illinois. The above land
will be so d cheap and on easy terms. For par
tlealars enqnlrv of or address
m. m. rAKSts.fi i it, AH T at Law,
sn sMwtm Rock Islsad, IU.
Davis Blocx,
Moline, Ulinola,
F. C. Hoppe,
No. 180B Becond A.ye.,
Rock Island,
Contractors and Bnilders,
AM kinds of Carpenter work drns. General Jobbing done rm abort
notice sad tsaifaciion gusranieed.
Office and shop 1418 Fourth ave., ROCK ISliAIs I . ILL.
Menier Chocolate
Paris Exposition, 1S89 I SotS0.?",
For Sale Lvtrj u.-r e
lias opened hit New and Bpcioui
No. 1620 to 1626 Third avenun,
where be would do pleased to tee bis friends.
ssr All kinds of drinks ss well as A Is and Porter, sod the wU known drink "Half sn4 Vf
onlr place lu tbe city where jon can get It.
Carpenter and Builder,
Office and Shop No. 309 Eighteenth street
IP'.an? drawn and estimstes furnished.
f C V IT V w TW V trrry .
W WW w
w vrw w
1 J e rt vrw
Contractor and Builder,
ice and Shop Corner Seventeenth 8t . r , v i i
and Seventh Avenue. lVOCk Island
I. kinda of Actinic wors j'jff for aH kinds o, buiidin..
Rock liuvr Cocktt. n
In the Crcoft Conrt of said county to the January
Term, 1SW.
Oaihertne Moire, Samufl W. Lincoln M V
Richards, Har.s Lace, V W. Woodford. L. j'
Bentti-ton. Burton Malcolm, James F Mont-
g.imery. Martha Thomas. Roallle Corn,
Isire Corrn acd Mary J. Macbeth,
W. B. Bntfleld. Renben Wella. The Vnknown
IJeire-at law of Joel Wells, deceased. Dennis
Warren. William A. Nonrsax, Laura A. Nour-a.
Jsne M. Westherbead. Eliza Babcock, Eunice
L. Mill, Louisa J. Bryant and Antonette Henrv
In "hsncery.
AfUdavit f the non-realdenee of the ssid W B
Burfitld, Kcuiien Weila and Uksatt J.Bryant and
that the beira at law of Joel Wella, deceased, are
unknown and made parties aa tha unknown heirs
at '.aw of ,Iel Weils, de-ceai-ed, having been filed
n the clerk's office uf the circuit court of Bock
Island county, elate of Illinois, notice la therefore
hereby glvrn to the sa d non-rtsident defendsnts
and unknown heirs or Joel Wells, deceased'
that the complainants llled their bill of comp stnt
In aaid court n the chancery s'de thereof on the
17lh dsy of NovcmSer, 1988. and that thereupon
rummone issued out of SS d court, wherein said
snit is row pending, returnable on I he ftrst Mon
day In the month of January nxt, as is by law
Sow, unless yoo. the ssid non-resident dsfen
Janu above named, snd tbs unknown h. Irs st law
of Joel Wells, deceased, shall personally be and
appear before said clrcolt conrt on the Bret dav
of the next May term thereof, to be holden at Rock
Island In and for said conLtv. oo tbe first Mon
day in May next, and plead, answer or de
mur to tbe ss'.d oomnlainant's bill of complaint
and the same and tbe matters sad thins there
in charged snd stated will be taken as con
fessed, and s decree entered agatnst yos sccord
ii g tn the prayer of said bin
rWk Island, ID., December. 28, 1899.
Clerk of Circuit Court.
W. R. Mooas aim (Jith ASvkikbt, Solicitors
for Complainants.
Administrator's notice.
Estatsof A lies 7. Webber, deceased.
The nnderalgned having been appointed ad rain
isttator of the estate ot .a lies r. Webber, late
or tbe county of Rock Island, state of Illinois, de
cea.ed. hereby gle. s notice thst bs will appear
before the conntv court of Rock Islsad county, st
the o'.Bce of the clerk of said court. In the citr of
Kock Island, at tbs May term, on ths first
Monday in May next, st which tune all
persons having claims against aaid estate are no
tified and requested to attend for tbe purpose of
hsvlng tbt same ad lusted. All persons Indebted
to aaid estate are requested to make immediate
i 3 vn, v tit to the aadertamed.
Dated this SSth day of Pebrusry, A. D. 18V0.
T. A. Mf H PHY,
feb 2Vdw a dmlnlstrstor.
ettaejs hereby given that by virtue of ao order
of the County court of Bock 'aland county. Illinois,
made this day on the petition of tbs undersigned,
adtniuiatratrlxof the eaute of Frederick W. Eel
lerstrasr, deceased. I sball. on Tuesday, February
18th. A. D. 1890, at the hour of three o'clock In the
afternoon of said day sell at public auction at tbe
north door of tbe Court bouse In the city ot Hock
inland In said county, to the highest bidder for
cash, certain accoanta and notes belonging to said
e-tate, s list of which Is now on file in the said court
to which list reference may bs bsd by sll persons
Beck lelsnd, Illinois, February 4th 1890
1 B.W.Hr,MVyfWAsSixfWtU-
Steam Fitters,
A complete stock of
Pipe, Brass Goods, Packing,
Hose, Fire Bnck. Etc.
Sole Agtr:ts for
We guarantee every ore perfect, snd will nd Cups,
Twenty dsy's trial, to reponiWt parties
Saietj Heating Boilert aod Contractors f ,
forniihing and laying Water, and
Sewer Pipe.
1712 First Ave
Reck Island, Illinois
Telspbone 1148. Residei ce Telephone ICO
F. R R
.m s.i f
No. 1707 Second aveuue, Rock Island.
Publication notice -Chancery
Rocs tsualTD CenrrT
In ths Circuit Court, Mav Term. ldSti
L:na Mrers vs. Lazarus Myers In Chancerv
Affidavit of the non-residence of Lazarus Mei
ere, the above-named defendant, hav ng Dentin- I
the ofllce of ths clerk of the Circu.t court ol
said county, notice ia therefore given to the said
non-resident defendant that the complainant filed
her bill of complaint in said court on he- chancer
aide thereof on the Third day of December. 1329,
and that thereupon a summons iss d out of said
court, wherein said snit Is now peudtr.?. returna
ble on the first Mondsy iu the month of Mav next
ss is by lsw required.
Now, unless you. the non-reatdent defendan
above named. Lazarus Mer. shall persin .11 v br
and aope r before aaid circuit coort, .-n the dr-";
day of the next term thereof, to he holden at Rock
Islan.t In and for the said county, on tbe drat
Mon 'ay in May next, acd plead answer or demur
to the said complainant's Mil of complain-, the
same ana the matters and things therin charged
and stated wiil ba taken aa con eased snd a dc
cres entered against vou according to the prayer
of tbe ssid bill.
Rock Island, 111.. Februsrv 10th. WW. dtw
Publication NoTioK-Chanrery
Boca IaLasro Cocutt, i
In ths Circuit Court, May Term IStto
Clans Votgt vs Catherine Votgt-In Chancery
Affidavit of tbs uou residence of Catherine'
Volgt. the above-named defendant, having beer
filed in the office of tbe oleik of the Circuit couii
of said conntv, notice Is therefore gt-eu to the
If' ff2?fj do wJant that the complainani
died his bill of comulelni ia said court on th
chancer, aide thereof on the 10th day of Kehru
ary, 1 and that thereupon a innmoni issued
pnt o aaid court, wherein aaid suit la now pDd
ing, retumsble oo the firs: Monday in the mou:h
r May next aa la by lsw required
Now, anless jou, the non-resident defendant
abovs-BSBMd Catherine Volgt. shall personally be
and appear before said circuit court, on the trat
dsy of the nex term thereof, to be holden at Rock
Island in sad for ths aaid county, on the flrt
Monday tn May next, and plead, anwer or demnr
to the sa d complainant's bill of csmplsint, the
same and the m iters and things ther. in charge, i
and slated will be taken aa cot fe-. d and s e
crec entered airalnslyon according to the nraver
of the ssid bill.
Bock Ialand, 111 , February 10th . Itajj.
-taig Grocery-
sod bat removed to
Third Ave., and Tenth St.
HetoHcltt the tra.le loni? enioyed
by bis predecessor am! at many new
customers at witb to favor him with
their orders.
NTJatSBBT STOCK. No previous exne
rienoa required. Write for terms I.. U.
BKAOfiSCt., atalanaaoo. Mleb

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