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Cook Stoves Ranges,
Boynton Celebrated Furnaces,
Wrought Steel Ranges
and Steel Dome Furnaces.
fjgTEsti mates for Heating and Ventilating furnished on ap
plication. DAVID DON,
1617 Second avenne, Rook"Island, Ills.
A word to the wise is sufficient. You can save money
by buying of us now.
House Furnishing Goods,
Gas Fitting Stock
Removed to 219 Seventeenth Street
Eon Influenza,
Irish Cough Syrup
(10 and 25c
For Liver and Kidney Troubles
Thomas' Liver and Kidney Pills,
25c a Box Sample free.
Manufactured by -
: Druggist, Rock Island
1705 Second Avenue.
Coughs, Colds, Etc.,
a Bottle.)
A Happy Social Event at the liar
per House.
The Ikinlns Hall Transformed Into a
Scene r Koale and 91errlment
Who Attended.
The pos". lenten hop given at the Ear
per house last evening by Messrs. T R.
and Stuart Harper, P. J. Kinney and
John Gait was an exceedingly enjoyable
event in trinity society circles. The
spacious dining hall of the hotel had been
tranaformel into a ball room for the
evening, and a scene of merry music and
terpiachorean ioy. Schillinger's orchestra
stationed in a bower of green plants in
me south end of the room, had charge of
the musical features of the programme .
The list of those present is appended:
Hock Island Cunt. anA XIV. Th,
son, Mr. and Mrs. Adair Pleasants, Mr.
ana Mrs. v. V. Truesdale. Maj. Alex.
Mackenzie, Mrs. Call, Misses Margaret
Dart. Grac! Dart, Mfes Edson, Miss Lu
cia Mackenzie; Messrs. T. H. llarper,
Stuart Uari)er. F. J. Kinney. John Gait.
iir r ii t . . . z.. .
" Diyers, i. o. wnue, Walter t ree
man. Moline Miss Calkins, Miss Velie,
Miss Baiker; Messrs. Cady and Hoffman.
DtVRnnnrt Ttr .nil Uro lllun f.
- . w M-r a UaaO AH IVU iti i ,
and Mrs. Swiney. Mr. and Mr. Ed.
an ratten, Mr. and Mrs. Kuhnen, the
MiSSeS Yuri Pltn Pi-notm, Vaiaar
Decker. Ku hardson, Berryhill; Messrs.J.
r n- i . . . .
v-uuk, uick uicuaruson, w.ucuiei
lan. Little Rock Miss Dill.
DanGing was the order of the evening
of coarse, and elaborate refreshments were
served at the proper season, the entire
event being pronounced one of the most
successful that has been given in the tn-
ciiies this year.
Happy Xuptiatft Laat Kvenlnz t Mr.
V. I SlYKibben and MiM Minnie
The marriage of Mr. Victor L. McKib-.
ben, of Portland, Ore., and Miss Minnie
Simpson, of this city, was celebrated at
7 o'clock last evening at of the
home of tie bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. P. Simpson. 1936 Third ave
nue, Rev. F:. F. Sweet, rector of Trinity
church, officiating. About forty guests
were present, including Mr. and Mrs.
William S mpson. of St. Louis, and
Messrs. Join, George and William Cor
tis.and Mis Nellie McKibben. of Chica
go. The room in which the beautiful
ceremony M?as solemnized was prettily
decorated with palms, roses and ivy.
After the service and the extending of
congratulations, an elegant and sumptu
ous repast was served, and the happy
young cotijie were recipients of numer
ous handsrme, useful and appropriate
The grof m is a nephew of Mr. J. F.
McKibben, local agent for the American
Express company, and formerly resided
here. He is now connected in a respon
sible capacity with the office of the U. P.
express company at Portland. Ilis bride
is one of Rock Island's fairest and fav
orite young ladies, and his nj and pride
at this lime is fully justified.
Mr. anri Mrs. McKibben left this
morning on a short trip which is to in
clude Shelbyville, St. Louis and Chicago,
and on their return they will visit here for
about a wei;k, and then start for their
new home in the far west.
Moving Kedaetlon.
' 'Impossible!' Well, I should remark
it would be impossible to move this
stock in sevi-ral days, or several weeks, you
might have said," remarked Mr. Louis
May, in reply to the suggestion that it
would be inr possible for him to move bis
immense stick of groceries, etc.. to his
temporary quarters across the street.
The remark ?rew out of a conversation
between Mr. May, and a customer relat-
ng to the improvements Mr. Peter Fries
is soon to make in the store at present
occupied by Mr. May, as detailed in the
Argtjs several weeks ago. Naturally
the subject of moving, which everybody
abominates, was brought up, and then
the secondj party to the conversation
made the remark. "It will be impossible
to move all you have here inside of a
few days." Thus came Mr. May's ex
clamation quoted atthe beginning of this
article, and continuing he said:
"Yes, my dear sir, it will be entirel y
impossible to move such a stock even
across the itreet to 1619, which I have
secured temporarily."
Then what do you propose to do-
leave it hert T"
"Why, bliss your aoul, no. I am go
ing to do the most natural thing in the
world reduce it and in order to accom
plish that, reduce prices. In a word. I
am going to slaughter prices in order to
accommodate my customers and conven
ience mysel;', which I can do very nicely
now, do you see;"
In view of these facts May's grocery
will be a pUce of much interest, as well
as profit for the next few days.
The ttt nodical Constitution.
The synodical constitutional commit
tee of the A ugustana synod is in session
at Cable ball at Augustana college. The
committee consists of j C. J. E Haterius,
of Galesbur?, president; C. A. Swensson,
secretary; tie Rev. J. P. Svard, St. Paul;
A. J. Anderson. Carver, Minn.i.the Rev.
A. P.Lindstrom, Chandler's Valley, Pa.;
the Rev. J. E. Erlander, Gowrie, Web
ster county, Iowa; the Rev. E. Norellus,
Rock Islan 1 delegate from the Pacific
conference; the Rev. P. J.JBrodine.Hol
dredge. Neb.; Prof. C. W. Foss, Rock
Island; A. P. Soderquist, Burlington,
Iowa; A. J. Lindblad. Jamestown, N. Y.;
J. A. Levine, San Francisco; Prof. S. M,
Hill. Wahoo, Neb. '
The committee met Sept. 24 to 26 last
and formulated a constitution. This is
now before the committee again with the
printed crit cisms it has called forth, and
the idea nor is to formulate a constitu
tion which will more nearly please every
body concerned.
1 feather Forecast.
T. 8. BI0KAL OmcM, t
, . TP.hlnirtnn- D. C ADril 10. I
For the! next 24 boars for Illinois
Hon. JT. H. Murphy's trns Poiatam
Favor af the Hennepin Canal-
wen. Bead's Opinion.
Hon. J. H. Murphy has written an
other circular pertaining to the Hennepin
canal, dwelling particularly on the advan
tages of the project as a military measure,
and he says furthermore:
I wish to call attention to a fact that
must have weight that the terminus of
this canal is at the very door of the Rock
island armory and arsenal located in the
Mississippi river. The government haii
expended for said armory and arsenal
during the last twenty-five years the sum
of $8,250,000. In this arsenal is stored the
necessary defense in time of trouble to
protect and defend our Jake coasts. But
unfortunately we have not done as Great
Britain has, for she has opened up a
water communication with the lakes, and
therefore in time of trouble is ready for
the emergency. We are defenseless and
furnish no protection for our cities on the
lakes, and very little anywhere. And is
it not a lamentable fact that our millions
of surplus bave been poured out of the
United States treasury like water in a
time of flood for political reasons and
purposes, while our coast and inland de
fense and the commerce of our country
has been criminally neglected? The res
mark made on this question by Senator
Cullura, of Illinois, in the Forty-ninth
congress, cannot be disputed. He said:
"Mr. President, I despise the policy
which now controls this government now,
and has controlled it in the past, and
which has resulted in our almost helpless
condition in so fur as preparation for de
fense is concerned. We here in congress
do not agree upon the exact thing to do,
and therefore do nothing, We drift
along with no coast defense, no fUg up
on the seas, no preparation to meet the
emergeccles of war on land, lake or pea."
And now the question is, will we con
tinue in the future as we have in the past,
or will we meet the emergency with reso
lute will and determined action, and not
close our eyes to the important of this
improvement. It being my desire to get
the best of information and from the
highest sources, I took the liberty of ask
ing my friend, S. V. Benet.brigadier gen
eral and chief of ordnance for the iast
sixteen years, to furnish me his opinion
as to the importance of this canal tor de
fensive purposes. He very kindly gave
me the following letter which speaks for
Ordnance Office.
Wak DEr artment, $
Washington. D. C . March 23, '90.
Dear Sir: There can be no doubt
that the all-water communication con
necting the upper Mississippi river with
Lake Michigan at or near Chicago, is as
necessary for defensive purposes on the
lake as it will be for commercial pun
poses, aud as valuable to the country at
large as that artery of commerce, the
Erie canal. The Hennepin is the all-important
link needed in the long chain of
inland navigation, which will virtually
make the country east of the Mississippi
river an island, with the gulf, ocean,
lakes and rivers as its boundaries. An
easy and sate debauch into the upper
lakes through the Hennepin canal will,
with the Erie canal, solve the problem of
supplying that frontier with all war and
navy material of large weight and bulk to
give us control of the lakes. Indeed the
obstruction or destruction of the Erie
canal the first step in case of hostilities
would render the Hennepin an abso
lute necessity, free from disturbance or
attack, lours very truly,
S. V. Beset.
Brig. Gen., Chief of Ordnance.
A ttork Inland Ray JlorUa MliiM-kinz
Iteath at Colons this Moraine.
Edward SUallin, a boy of fourteen
years, living on Est Seventh avenue.was
killed on the railroad track at Colon a
about 9 o'clock this morning. In com.'
pany with Raymond Hill, a boy of bis
own age, he attempted to ride on a
freight train to Geneseo. They boarded
the train leaving Rock Island at 7:15, and
stowed themseives away in the feed box
attached to one of the Burton stock cars,
On nearing Colona they concluded to get
out. Young Shallin, in attempting to
extricate himself lost his hold and fell
while train was speeding along at the
rate of thirty miles an hour. He did not
fall directly on the rail, but he struck
upon his bead in such a manner as to
crush his skull, break a ieg and dislocate
an arm. The speed of the train was
slackened, and the trainmen hurried back
and picked the unfortunate boy up. He
was carried into the depot at Colona
where he died in half an hour.
The father, O. P. Shallin. left for Co
lona at noon to convey the body back to
this city.
ToWbom It May Concern.
At my instig ation, an investigation
was had by a committee of the city cou j-
cil into the a: counts of City Weighmaster
John Evans, the result of which com'
pletely vindicated and exonerated him
from all fault or blame in the matter.
I wish to say that I was wrong in mak
ing the charges against Mr. Evans which
led to this investigation, and exceedingly
regret my action in the matter and make
this public retraction lor the purpose of
counteracting, as fully as I can. any harm
I may have done to the good name and
reputation of Mr. Evans, both as a man
and a city official. R. C. Benson.
Rock Island, 111., April 8th, 1890.
Cheap Ice-
no tela, butchers, saloons, groceries
and restaurants, 25 cents per 100 pounds,
Families taking 20 pounds daily, $2 50
per month; families taking 10 pounds
daily, $1.75 per month; over 20 pounds,
35 cents per 100 pounds.
Pure Sylvan ice. Telephone 1008.
Office, Third avenue between Twenty
second and Twenty -third streets.
Wm. Ucbrrs.
Martin Weinberger.
Baardof SaparvisonSpeeial Moating.
Pursuant to a request of onesthird of
the members, as provided by law, a spec
ial meeting of the board of supervisors
of Rock Island county. Illinois, will be
held on the ICth day of April. A. D.189I),
at the court house in said county.
Dated April 9, 1890.
R. A. Donaldson, Clerk .
Farm for Sato.
Twenty acres of land three miles south
of Orion, III., on which there are 400
fruit trees, a good bouse 24x16 in size
with 16x16 kitchen. Good outbuildings.
Price SI. 100. . Also for sale a lot of live
stock. Inquire of A. Jobanson. tailor,
219 Twenlietn street, uock taiana.
What it Coats
Must be carefully considered by the
great majority of people in buying even
necessities of life. Hood's Sarsaparilla
commends itself with special force to the
great middle classes, because it combines
positive economy with great medicinal
power. It is the only medicine of which
can truly be said "100 doses one dollar,"
and a bottle taken according to directions
will average to last a montn.
Egs 10c per dozen at F. G. Young's
Coup's Equescurriculum at the theatre
Red lettuce and spinach at F. G,
May's starter 8 bars of "Our Pearl"
soap for 25c.
Fine blood oranges and Washington
naval oranges at Boro s.
Short-band evening school $2 per
month 1523 Second avenue.
Geo. Wagner's Atlantic brewery has a
spienatd new wagon on the street.
Governor Fifer has designated April
18 as arbor day in the public schools.
Mr. Horst Von Koekritz has returned
from a brief business trip to Chicago.
Mr. John Aster's bakery wagons have
been handsomely repainted and lettered.
Mr. Ben T. Cable and family have re
turned from their European trip, and are
now in New York.
The Sylvan boat club of Moline, is to
be rejuvenated at a public meeting to be
held in Moline next Tuesday evening.
Mr. Chas. J. Smith, of the Beck &
Pauli Lithographing company, of Mil
waukee, is in the city on a business mis
T. 8. Faunlleroy.Eaq., of Chicago.is in
the city it connection with the Fasselt
suit against the Moline Malleable Iron
The funeral of John n . Biehl will be
held from Mr. and Mrs. Biehl's house.
1312 Seventh ayenue, at 2 o'clock tomor
row afternoon.
The "California on Wheels" exhibit
as been moved from the Perry street
depot to the corner of Fifth and Harri
son, Davenport.
Hollidav Lowry died at the home of his
brother, L. Lowry, at Port Byron, last
evening. He was a single man, aged
seventy three years.
Marshal Miller has received a sample of
the new helmet which is to be adopted
by the Rock Island police force. It is of
dark blue felt, regulation shape, with gilt
cord and tassels.
In compliance with a request from one-
third of the members of the new county
board.County Clerk Donaldson has issued
a notice for a meeting of that body on
April 16 nextWednesflay.
There is a determined fight going on
all over the country against overhead
wires in the electric railway system. The
storage sjsiera will solve the difficulty.
Muscatine Aet-lribnne.
A family of Wisconsin Indians were in
town today and sold a number of musk-
rat hides to J. & M. Rosenfleld. One
o'.d Fquaw tried to steal little Abe, but
Abe resisted- -be wouldn't have it.
Steamboat Inspectors John Monoghan,
and Michael P. Chalk, of Dululh. are at
the Harper. They are looking after the
vessels in this district pending the con
firmation of Capt. Burns' and Scott's suc
The children and brother of Mrs. Eliz
abeth Perry desire publicly to express
their gratitude to their neighbors and
friends for kindness during the recent
sickness and death of their mother und
Augustus Peterson, an Illinois City
farmer, while temporarily insane, wan
dered into the woods last Saturday, and
no trace could be found of him until yea
terdoy, when he was discovered and re
turned to his home.
Mr. and Mrs J. P.Weyerhauser will ex
tend their wedding trip to the old world.
They write from New York that they
win sail trom tnere on the steamer Um
bria Saturday for Europe, expecting to
lie abroad three months.
The social to be given hy the ladies of
he First M. E. church will be held, at
the residence of Mrs. Wm. Jackson to
morrow evening instead of tonight as er
roneously stated. The Philomalian so
ciety meets at 7:80 o'clock.
While cleaning the front windows of
her store, 1314 Third avenue, Tuesday
afternoon, Mrs. Milsch slipped and fell
and her left arm caught on a hook in
such a manner as to lacerate it and sever
wo blood veins,and inflict a painful in
President Stoddard, of the Rock Is'
land & Milan road, is rebuilding the
track on the ascent to Black Hawk's
watch tower with iron from the former
slide on the east side of the hill. Cars
will be running to the summit of the
tower Sunday.
One of the most attractive programmes
or ttie week drew a large audience to the
Industrial fair last evening. Mrs. Milton
Jones and her gifted little folks presented
a series of musical gems that brought
lortn tne most enthusiastic recognition of
menu 'lomgbtthe Orpheus Glee club of
Bioiine appears.
The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Perrv
was held from Trinity church at 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. Rev. R. F. Sweet
officiating, and a large attendance being
present, the pall bearers were Messrs.
James Thompson, Robert Coyne. Robert
Knight, Chris. Uaberlah, John Corken
and Andrew Engrem.
The spring gun is getting to be almost
hi deadly as the toy pistol, and the gun
that wasn't loaded. Birds are being
killed off with them in the hands of
wicked boys, windows are broken, but
this is not all. Reckless boys have been
seen to aim deliberately at people. There
ought to lie a law forbidding the manu
facture of tovs that are not harmless.
The yearly subscriptions from April 1,
1889 .to April 1, 1890. having expired, the
ladies of the Hospital Guild will soon
canvas the city for subscriptions for an
other year. It is hoped they will be met
in a kindly and generous spirit. The
hospital baa proved a success and a ne
cessity, and the small claim it makes on
the citizens of Rock Island and Moline
should not be ignored.
A sensation was created in Mnlinn last
night by the pulling by the police of a
house of ill-repute owned by Geo. Ap
pev. and of which Madame Marv
Smith was mistress, and the arrest of
those in charge, as well as Kate Mitchell
and a fourteen vear-old eirl. together
with Chris Wall. Gus Leighton, Claus
Peterson and Geo. Eggleston, all well
Known in that city.
Rev. Dr. McCord, of Dubuque, is still
in a critical condition. Borne time ago
be left his charge at Dubuque on a leave
of absence, witb the intention of going
to visit friends in southern Illinois and
regaining his waning strength. He
stopped at Onarga, III., and while stay
ing with friends there became so much
worse that be was unable to continue
his journey. His condition has become
more and more serious instead of grow
ing better.
George Schneider, Jr.. the boot and
shoe dealer, returned; last evening from
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where be has just
inaugurated tne opening or a branch
shoe store. Mr. Schneider has the front
windows of his store at that place filled
with goods, on which he has displayed
attractive prices and the crowds that
stopped and read and wondered bow he
can sell goods, so cheap was Immense.
There are five other dealers in the town
and Schneider's prices is creating utter
dismay wiin tneir trade.
The crews of several Mississippi boats
are laid up in Galena on account of the
almost unprecedented low stage of wa
ter in the river for this season.. With a
good channel it Is predicted that the
present season will be the most profitable
one to steamboat men that they have en
joyed for many years. Rafting promises
to be particularly remunerative on ac
count of the immense cut of logs on the
tributaries of the upper Mississippi that
is to be moved. The estimate is 2,150,
000.000 feet.
Mrs. Jacob Wynn died at her home in
Coal Valley township on March 31 of
Bright's disease, with which she had been
a sufferer for a year. Mr. and Mrs.
Wynn originially lived at Stewartville,
but afterward moved to Milan where they
resided several years, and on Feb. 21 last,
having purchased a farm near Coal Val
ley, they settled upon it. The deceased
left one sister, Mrs. Charles Wood, and a
sister-in-law, Mrs. Dan Hartwell, in
Moline. Two sons Will, who is mar
ried and resides in Black Hawk town
ship, and Zadoc, at home besides ber
husband, are left to mourn her death,
which has caused much sorrow among
her friends, by whom she was much be
loved. "There's a time for evervthins under
the sun." said the wise man. and of
course he was right; so also, it you've
got a quarter loose about your vest
pocket, you can buy a bottle of Dr.
Bull's Cnu&h Svrun almost anv time of
the day or night.
A Rotable Htore
is a store where the purchaser meets with
unvarying good treatment and is satisfied
that he gets the best goods at the fairest
prices. Such a store is the "Why" cloth-
ing nouse, Uavenport.
Mclotire Bros, have a new and reliable
kid glove cleaner; cleans perfectly and
leaves no odor.
Madame Janauschek.
Janauschek, April 19.
Learn short-hand.
See notice in want
C. A. Pteei - Manager.
Konr Grand Coneoliilated Attractions, The Great
and Only
The Witching Elfin Star,
The Quaker City Qnartette I.aird, Ernent. Pieri
and Graham. The New Yoi Star Comedy Co.,
Jooie Kooney, hmm Howard, J men lucent.
Warren Ashley and Wm Eunice, A perfect cant
for tne characters in the popular nuoical,
comical comedy in one lanch. three acte and two
Intermi'etons, ending at lrt: and called "Asana
OUoolan, ..... Pat Emkii
The Pnnnieot Irich Comedian.
The superior of all dancers, and the
Drollest and OnainteM actor on earth.
EVNo extra charge for this the beat of all
shows. Prices 25c, 50; and Tic .
C. I.. Graves. Business Manager.
Cms. A. Steel, - - Manager.
Magnificent consolidated
ted bv JldO.OO a Pay
(His last appearance prior to a trip to Europe)
An merry, mirthful Dougherty. Burt Sheppard,
John Wnero, Harry Liclitoa, The Two Virtoa,
i . Marcus Doyle. Caateel Brjdgcs and
Bank Winter.
Sumptnons Spectacnlar Scenic first part, the
most corsjeoiis ever proancei. Venetian nights.
The oriirin.il Oriental Patrol -march. The Egyptian
iiKimiA, Aiuiur.iiii; AniiMHiean annex.
-Little All Right !-
Chas. K Cleveland, Business MitiiL-r
II.,,... n.... ..i ........
Grand Parale of this powerful organization
day or penormaDce
, . . . 1 1 .mc. . .1 r-r , a. a...
mir , , i i i, tv, .n, , ijc mu 91 .up; rewnr.
t seat may he secured at CU mniin Jt $:ilmaiin
Curtain Fixtures,
Brass Rods,
Table and Shelf Oil
lfPlclura Cord, Twine, Hails
and Hooks at lowest price.
Call and see.
C. C. Taylor
1825 Second arenue,
Under Rock Island Bona.
First Mortgages
in SUHS Of
$200.00 and Upwards
For sale, secured on land worth from
three to fire times the amount
of the loan.
Interest ? por cent semi annually, collected and
remitted free or cnarge.
Attorney at Law
Rooms 3 and 4 Masonic Temple,
Lloyd & Stewart,
ill) f ' J
- eajrvHiesmra.
Spring Styles now Ready.
In Our Curtain Department
You will find this week eight special
oargains in lace cnriains.
$ 92
1 43
1 87
2 iS
3 45
2 75
3 93
4 50
The above mentioned are worthy of
examination. Better ones too, if wanted.
Three special numbers in dress
52m. All wool 49c
52in. " " 58
54in. " Broadcloth Finish, 75c
TheBe flannels coma in ulain and
mixtures, and while suitable for dress
goods are being largely used for chil
dren's and misses' peasent cloaks.
Hock Island. Illinois.
In order to accommodate their increasing trade and
to have more room in which to display their goods,
GLEMANN & SALZMANN have leased, fitted tip
and now occupy nearly all the 6nrface room in
Harper's Theatre building Their
is large and elegantly lighted, and contains the
nicest Btock or Carpets in MOQUETTE, BODY
BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, Etc., ever seen in this
city. In
there is none to surpass, they simply have anything
you desire.
Nos. 1525 and 1527 Second Avenue,
And Nos. 124, 126 and 128 Sixteenth Street,
Don't You Want Something
I v i
The Catsup Bottle and Berry Bowl shown above are
two of the many new things in such ware, and may give
you a little idea of what it is like; but I think you would
like to call and select from the new lines constantly
coming in, a few other articles to give variety to your
table service. As to prices if you are disappointed at
all it will be to find them so low.
It would take more space than is at my disposal here
to speak at all fully of the new things coming in, to say
nothing of staple articles. I hope it is understood by
this time that visitors are always welcome whether they
come to buy or not, and to look at what the store con
tains is better than to read about them. Please call.
1609 Second Avenue.
At the Lowest prices in tne three cities.
For Ladies and.Gentltmen.
5gPTanned Goods in all colors.
An Encyclopedia valued at $6 00 Riven away to each customer buying $23.00
worth of Boots and Shoes. Call in and let as ahow you the book and
explain bow yon can get it free.
CENTRAL SHOS STORE. 1818 Second Avenue.
S039 Tilth Aventw.
TENNIS Flannels, all wool, hand.'
some assortment, fast colors, 49c per
SKIRTS We show this .week the
latest in ladies' spring skirts.
Black satin skirts, fast colors.
Grey moreen skirts.
Black moreen skirts.
Grej and black mohair skirts.
We offer them to too at lets cricei
than jou can make them for.
Please examine when jou call the
Double Fold Cashmeres yard. 10c
Our 75c Satten Corsets, 49s
Linen Towels, 5c
Fancj Linen Napkins, 5c
Misses' Blouse Waists, 83s
Ladies' Jersey Jackets, 13 50 and up.
CutTable Glassware
r .
1 5

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