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Frkd. Jahns.
r, Tin ana
-And House Furnishing Goods.
tST'Steamboat and Distillery Work a Specialty.
The Fair!
-Our Leaders this week
4Vi qnlres or 1 pound Devonshire linen paper, rolled or plain 35c
1 pound cream ruled commercial note, 103 sheets 35c
Pure Irish linen paper, ruled or plain, per box 18c
4-ball croquet sets 63c
Lawn tennis sets worth til 50 at 90
Lawn chairs at 98c and 1 IS
Japanese Ore screens off .
Sea grass hammocks 7Tc
Paint, guaranied pure, 1 lb. cans 10c
Furniture beaters 13c and 35c
And many other bargains iu glassware, etc.
Call and see our other novelties in stationery at our art store.
-The Photographer-
Nt xt diKr to Cramptoa's Bookstore, (up stairs )
Tlie public is cordially invited to inspect onr new Gallery, the finest West of Chicago
without any exception. We have the only Camera in this vicinity large enough to make life
size Pholocraph direct. We have the only Gallery in this city which is first-class in all Its
sppoiutments. In fact il contains more Instruments, Back Grounds, Photographic Furniture,
etc., than all the other Ulleries in this city combined. We have a reputation of the highest
order and also the ability and determination to sustain It.
Tock Island.
312, 314 Twentieth! St.,
And Postoffice Block, Moline.
FINE WALL PAPER Exclusive agents
Factories: Birge Sou. Janeway & Co., Hobert b.
York Wal Paper Co., and Hubert Graves & Co.
SEE IHU: SPECIALS Which includes all the
below other dealeis.
$2.50 Per Gallon.
Removed to 219 Seventeenth Street
Kidney and
For the cure of all disorders of
They are safe, sure and pleasant
They have no equal as a Family
we give away a sample package FREE. Call and get one.
Regular Size 25c a Bottle.
Druggist, Rock Island.
John Bertelsen.
Sunt to Jut-
at The Fair are:-
1703 Second Avenue.
for the following six largest Wall Paper
Hobbs & Co., Kevins & Uaviland, fce
Art papers. Prices from 10 loSO per cent
Liver Pills
the Liver, Kidney and Stomach.
and act like a charm.
Pill, and that all may try them
Another Hot Day, Though a Little)
TheFiftli Death from the Extensive
'Temperature Keeorde la Koek Is
land The Coroner's Iaqupfti---Other
Another death, traceable to the intense
and continued beat, occurred at) the
Fourth avenue hotel, presumably last
night sort e time. The unfortunate Was a
Frenchrm n named Nicholas Donelvert,
who was last seen alive yesterday at
noon. lie had been complaining for the
last four 'lays of a weakness in his tower
extremities and also siid that he had a
dizzy feeling. Coroner Hawes held an
inquest tt js morning; the jury consisting
of Chas I Hodgson, foreman; L. V,Eck
hart. Dr. Geo. E. Barth. H. J. Mehtler.
H. L. Wheelan and Jao. . Fleming,
visited riofn No. 10, where the iury
found the corpse lying crosswise on the
bed with clothes on, less a coat Dr.
Barth - gave it as his opinion that he had
been dead at least twenty hours. I After
viewing tie body the jury adjourped to
the hotel office where evidence was' taken
from the parties who were most ftfmiliar
with the man. and his last days on earth.
The Brut witness to testify was Mr. M.
J. Murph p, who in words said that he
had been acquainted with the deceased
about ten years; that he had worked oi
lived with his family during this
time. Previous to the time nnnv:d he
had been employed as a servant fry the
late Dr. Oiolina. The witness last saw
him alive about Monday. Mr. Murphy
further siid that he was not dissipated
only at times, but to his certain knowl
edge the deceased had been lemptmte in
bis habits of late, and be did not think
that intoxicants contributed to bis death.
flenry Smith, the next witness.' said be
last saw Donei vert alive Friday noon; he
was then trying to enter room ; No. 8,
which was all he knew about the chso.
Mrs. Eigecomb. the landlady of tbe
Fourth avenue hotel, testified that he had
boarded t t the hotel off and nn for some
time. Ee came to tbe place last Sunday
evening ami engaged board, and
was seldom about tbe house during
the day, She last saw him alive
yesterday morning when be complained of
not feelicg well and thought Ihe exces
sive heat was the cause of bis ailment.
He was niissed and a search was made
tor htm. 1 here was a had odor issuing
from room 10 and Mr. Murphy to ascer
tain the cause climbed over the transom
nd found bim dead as stated. This
ended ihe essential part of the testimony.
Dr.- Bhrth was satisfied from exam
ination aid the testimony elicited that
death w&s caused by apoplexy superin
duced by heat. People susceptible to
heart troubles generally are more apt to
succumb to the heat. The jury's verdict
was that death was caused by apoplexy
superinduced by the heat. Doneivert
was last employed by Ferdinand Gross at
the corner of Tenth street and Third ave
nue. Ele was sixty years of age; F. B
Knox tot k charge of the body after the
inquest. His earthly possessions con
staled of it small amount of money, keys,
knives at d trinkets.
It has become necessary to change tbe
arrangements for the burial of Mrs.
Daniel ) Brien, whose death es ihe
result of the heat, was recorded in the
Abous of yesterday, and it will be held
tomorrow morning at 9:30, from St.
Josoph's i:hurcb.
Mr. Af am Schaab is still very weak
from the effects of his prostration
Thursday night, but Dr. Barth entertains
strong be pes for his recovery. -
Ex-Aid MathUs Schnell has been con
fined to his house for several days
with an a tack of cholera morbus, which
has beer, aggravated by tbe heat, and
last even ng bis condition was regarded
as precarious, hut be is better today.
Poatnusler Hownr.1 Wells is confined
to bis home from the effects of heat pros
The etctreme weather has completely
reversed the usual order of things in
Rock Inlt.ni, and in nearly every branch
of industry men go to work in the even
ing, und juit in the morning. Rock Is
land is a ticene of activity in building and
improvement centers these nights.
Constable Eckhart learned today that
the farmer who died from the effects of
the heat in the police station, Thursday
night, is .iHcob Tborne, an old brewer in
Muscatine. The remains and team have
been telegraphed for.
Tbe temperature this afternoon was
96 one degree cooler than yesterday.
There is also a grateful little breeze
today thut makes human existence more
John fiegrist the ice man, was pros
trated by the heat this afternoon.
Trl-'ity Trade Journal "
The first edition of the industrial and
commercial publication, "The Tri-City
Trade Journal," was issued from the
presses of the Akgdb this morniug. The
title of the work indicates its nature and
its mission. It is neatly designed typo
graphically, and is carefully and ably
edited.ee ntaining in addition to a mass of
matter pertaining to the manufacturing
enterprises and more extensive business
pursuits of Rock Island, Davenport and
Moline, a well selected assortment of
miscellaneous reading material. The work
will be it sued monthly from 1624 Sec
ond avenue this city, hereafter, by the
Tri-City Trade Journal Company, Mr,
W. P. Qjayle being business aanager,
and it is the design of tbe publishers to
provide competent representatives in
Davenport and Moline, and enlarge and
improve tbe publication with each issue,
Write uj sof representative business men
of the 1 icality accompanied by suitable
illustrations are among tbe features con
fiten in to Krell & Math's ice cream
parlor at id try a dish of the finest and
purest ice cream maae.
Mint, wintertrreen. maple and lemon
wafers extra fine and fresh at Erell &
A Conference of Representative of
tbe Order at Buahaell A conven
tion Called ;ta Roek Inland July 4
That Double Aaaeaeiit.
A conference was held at Bushnell yes
terday of representatives of the Modern
Woodmen camps of the Eleventh con
gressional district, Maj. C W. Hawes of
this city, G. W. Gamble, of Moline
and Samuel Blair, Jr., of Milan, werej
present on the occasion . The purpose
of the meeting was to protest against the j
double assessment Issued for June as un
necessary, and a resolution was passed
advising members to pay the amount
called for to to the local camp bankers,
they to hold the money pending further
action. A further resolution was adop
ted askiBg the camps of the country to
send delegates to a convention to be held j
In Rock Island on Thursday. July 24th, '
for tbe purpose of canvassing this matter
of assessments in exess of requirements
and determining on some course of action.
It is not unlikely that tbe Illinois mem
bers of the order 40,000 strong, will leave
the order and form a separate society,
though a great many of the members of
the organization in this city rightly oppose
and abominate secession in any form.
They would rather fight it out with Root
whom they believe has the upper hand
now, but who will sooner or later lose
his grip. The unexplainable double as
sessment for June, and right on the heels
of the report that Root is forming a sov
ereign camp at Omaha to increase and
perpetuate his power, has given rise to
fresh outbreaks of indignation among
the Illinois woodmen.
Dr. McKinnie, who heads a faction of
tbe order which has been fighting Root
right along, does not enjoy any more
of the confidence of the Woodmen of
Rock Island county than Root himself
does, but in the recent issue of his Maul
and Wedge, he says the double assessv
ment recently issued by Root and his as-,
sociates is a good indication that the bead
consul is preparing to decamp
The Mini and Wedge, shows an aggregate
of $19,000. death losses which tbe May
assessment was called to pay. Then il
shows aggregate death claims of $31,000
which this June double assessment is
called to pay. This makes a total of
$50,000 to be covered by the two calls
and the three assessments.
" The Maul and Wedge, then proceeds
thus: "One assessment raises about
$ 45.000: here we have death losses to the
amount of $50,000 and three assessments
called to meet them, which will put
$135,000 into the treasury, which
amount, les tbe sum actually due the
divisees, about $37.0110 to pay death
losses, with the copies of the records,
now about completed at Fuiton, will he
removed to Iowa or Nebraska, and the
sovereien camp of the world will be
ready for business "
Tn Nj'Mlem or I'ower wblrh It tn Maid
will Krvolntlonisi Mtrert Itaimay
The Peoria Journal says that while
Manager Wiley, of tbe Sylvan Park line
of that city was in Chicago lately, be saw
a cut of tbe new motor car to be used on
the Ft. Clark railway there, and also the
working model, and further:
Mr. Pennock, the inventor, expects to
be here next week, and when he comes
be will remain here six weeks. It is
hardly probable that the car will be ready
to accompany bim, but be will look over
the road ben and make arrangements for
trial trio to be made as soon as possible
ble. All of the other electric companies
are working against this system, 89 it
bids fair to revolutionize electric railway
traffic- It is expected that people will be
here from all over tbe United Stales to
look at this new process of street car pro
pulsion. Tbe managers of the cable and
other roads in Chicago have sig
nified their intention to come
here. Tbe mayor and part of the coun
cil of Beayer, Pa., will also come. A
street car company in that city asked
for a charter for an overhead line, but
tbe council refused to crant it. If this
should prove a success Beaver will un
doubtedly adopt the Pcnnock system.
Tbe first car to be put in motion will
have a fifteen borne power motor, and
Mr. Pennock thinks that this will be a
little better than two small mules.
Chicago parties are very anxious that a
trial trip should be made in that city,
but as Captain Hall was the first one to
enter Mr Pennock's worship after the
patent was issued and made a contract
for Peoria county with him, Mr. Pen
nock will not go back on bis agreement.
Peoria will, therefore, be the first city
to witness a street car propelled by
galvanic electricity.
Knidijr Wervieen.
At Trinity church. Rev. C. II. Kellogg
will officiate at 10:45 a. m., and 13 m.
Lay readme at 7:30 p. in.; at the chapel.
service at 2:60 p. m.
For the First M. E. chnrch, preaching
at tbe rink at 10:45 with discnurse by tbe
Rev. G. W. Gue to all tbe Methodists of
tbe city. No evening service. Sunday-
school as usual.
At the Central Presbyterian church,
there will be the usual services tomorrow.
Preaching by the pastor. Rev. Jno. H.
Kerr. Sabbath school at 9:30 a. m.. and
young people's prayer meeting at 6:45 p
At the Ninth street Methodist church,
preaching by Rev. B. E. Kaufman, sub
ject at 10:45 a. m., "What is it to be
Saved;" 7:45 p. m., "What is it to be
Lost." Sunday school at 2:13 p. m., R
Bennett, superintendent.
At the Christian Chapel, services at
10:45 a. m. and 7:45 p. m , conducted by
the pastor, Rev. T. W. Grafton. Subject
in tbe morning, "The Rejected lnvita.
tion." Evening subject, "Theories of
Conversion." Sunday school at 9:15
a. m. Y. P. B. C. E. at 6:45 p. m.
At the Broadway Presbyterian church,
the Rey. W. S. Marquis, pastor, ser
vices at 10:45 a. m. Subject. "Religious
Liberty." The young people's meeting
and tbe evening service will be held on
tbe lawn east of the church provided it
does not rain before Sunday evening, in
which case services at the usual hour and
place. Young people's meeting at 6:30
p. m. Preaching service at 7 p. m
South Park Mission school and chil
dren'a day exercises at 2:30 p. m.
Undertaker J. M- Sweeney is at his
nW of hnsiness. 1425 Second avenue
where he will have his beadanarters for
the next three months. Mr. Sweeney is
president of the Undertakers' stale asso
ciation.' a professional undertaker, and
an expert arterial emoaimer.
Weather roreeant.
U. 8. Sisnal Ontci, I
Washington, I.C., June 27.
For the next 24 hours: Fair; slightly
Attend your caucus tonight.
Democratic primaries tonight.
Fresh strawberries at F. G. Young's
this evening.
If you want strawberries, go to F. G.
Young's this evening.
There will be a car leave the watch tower
every eyening at 9:30.
The latest in straw hats is the green
shade at Lloyd & Stewart's.
Remember the late cars to the watch
tower and Spring Cove tonight.
Another new line of straw hats just re
ceived at Lloyd & Stewart's.
Another new line of those black straw
hats just in at Lloyd & Stewart's.
Negeligee, Madrus and cheviot shirts
made to order at Lloyd & Stewart's.
Those bedroom suites are still going
at a great rush at Clemann ASalzmann's.
nave your shirts made to order and
they win not shrink. Lloyd & Stewart's
is the place.
Miss Maggy' Grady, who hes taught
the spring term at the Rural school, has
returned home for her vacation.
The democratic caucuses are to be held
tonight to select delegates to tbe county
convention to be held next Tuesday.
Jacob Ohlweiler is tearing up his
comparatively good sidewalk, and laying
a new one with tbe brick set on edge.
That car load of chamber suites just
received are handsome, and sell at aston
ishingly low prices, at II. F. Corde'8,1623
Second avenue.
The Sunday school of the First M. E,
church has gone up the river on tbe Lib-
bie Conger this morning to have a day of
it in the vicinity of Port Byron.
Tbe families of Geo. E. Bailey and
Capt. Jas. M. Beardsley go into camp
near the toll gate Monday morning.
This will be first of the season.
Mr. H. F. Hartman will haye a grand
raflle of a horse and phaeton, at tbe
Rock Island Lumber company's hose-
bouse, at H o clock this evening.
E C. Cvett of Edgington, was in the
city today. He is the contractor for the
new store which Addison Rush is erect
ing on the ruins of Marshall Davis' store.
Clemann & SaVmann have - just re
ceived the'eontract to furnish tbe First
M . E. and Broadway churches, with
new carpet. The M. E. church takes
about one thousand vards.
Mr. F. G. Young the grocer, says the
Union has made an error as to there
being no strawberrit s in the market. He
has had strawberries every day this week,
and will have plenty this evening.
Secretaries of the democratic pri
maries throughout the county tonight
will confer a favor by sending to this
office either tonight or Monday morning
a list of delegates with instructions, etc
The street anl alley committee bas
located tbe standpipe taken away from
Second and .Nineteenth on Third av
enue, between Eighteenth and Nine
teenth, for the use of Street Sprinkler,
The Tri-city Ministerial Union will
hold its regular quarterly meeting at
nlacR Haws s tower Monday. Kev. J
II Kerr will read a paper on the "The
Value of the New Testament" and a
discussion will follow.
The case of Cool vs. Cool, which has
been on trial before the county court for
several days, has been continued until
Tuesday awaiting witnesses, and at the
same lime to give tbe court and attor
neys an opportunity to cool off. Strange
to say, therefore, they dismissed the Cool
proceedings temporarily.
Wm. Risbon, who was implicated in
tbe Wideawake bose company disgrace.
was tried before Justice Hawes
to whom a change had been taken
from Magistrate Wivill yesterday after
noon, and held in bonds of $100 for
creating a disturbance. He was sent to
jail in default.
Mr Geo. B. McKinney. of Philadel
phia, will play at tbe Christian chapel or
gan tomorrow morning. He is the or
iranist in tbe church of the Evangelist in
tbe Quaket city. His special selections
will be the offeratorv and the cirwting
piece. Mr. McKinney is a cousin of Miss
bailie Thompson, whom he is visiting.
Supt. Schnitge r, of the Holmes syndi
cate, began at 10 o'clock last night to j :t
n a runover track at tbe corner of Sec
ond avenue and Seventeenth street, con
necting the two sides of tbe double
track. Tbe switch, which is to form
the connection, is a double action
affair so that cars may be run
from either track onto the other.
An adjuster for the Phoenix Fire In
surance company, of Brooklyn, of which
Loosley & Knowlton hold the agency
arrived yesterday, and was driven out to
tbe farm of Mr. Robert Crampton, in
Black Hawk township, and the adjuster
promptly made Mr Crampton out a check
for the amount of his claim against the
company a little over $600.
Tbe Standard Theatre Company pre
sented "Ten Nights in a Bar-room at
Harper's Theatre last night. This after
noon "Kathleen Mavoureene" was given
as a successful matinee and tonight the
company closes its excellent engagement
in "Ooly an Actor.' A cow will be
given away. 1 tie company has struck
a bad week here, the weather being so
oppressively hot that people had no
desire to go to tbe theatre.
It is learned on good authority that H.
H. Hills, for many years local agent on
tbe Rock Island road at this point, bas
tendered bis resignation to take effect at
some date near at hand. Mr. Hills him
self was not to be found where be was
sought yesterday, but the report comes
from a source that gives it tbe stamp of
reliability, and it is generally credited
among the railroad men. though none of
them are prepared to say that the resig
nation has been made. Davenport Dem
ocrat. When the new scales were put in on
Market square tbe Fairbanks company
sent a man named Fred L. Meyer down
from Chicago to oversee the work. Meyer
was given to excessive drink and as a
consequence the company lost considera
ble time and money. . Subsequently
Meyer was recalled and now it is learned
that in a fit of remorse occasioned by tbe
fact that the company had lost confidence
in him, he took a dose of morphine and
Hlver Kiplrta.
The Pilot and Golden Gate came down
with barges in tow.
The Stillwater, Robert Dodds and City
of Winona each brought 16 strings of
Tbe Irene D and West Rambo came
down from LeClaire and went back up
Tbe stage of the water is stationary at
11;30; the temperature on the bridge at
noon was 92.
Tbe Libbie Conger came down last
night and went op the river with the M.
E. ext. sion this morning.
The J. K. Graves, Still water and Pilot
with two barges. Golden Gate and R. A.
Sneed with one each, and the Bart E
Lineban were today's up river boats.
After all, tbe best way to know the
real merit of Hood's Saraaparilla, is to
try it yourself. Be sure to get Hood a.
A Hood Shew Coming
in these days of tinsel and parade
when, as is too frequently tbe case, the
main attractiou of the show is on paper
and in the procession on the street, it is
gratifying to have an entertainment visit
us with a reputation so general for merit
and excellence as that of Wallace & Co's
great world's menagerie and interna
tional three ring circus. It has the en
viable record of presenting a multitude
of tbe best acts and features under can
vas, and of exhibiting a large collection
of the rarest animals and birds known to
natural history. The exhibition will be
in Rock Island, Friday, July 11.
An lajanetloa. Threatened.
Since the location of the city dump
boat lust west of the foot of Seventeenth
street, complaint has been frequently
made that the location of the boat there
had created a public nuisance. Mayor
McConochie and Health Commissioner
Eys'.er investigated the matter, and final
ly decided that the objections were not
sufficient to cause a removal of the boat.
Today however, Maj. J. M. Beardsley
was retained by Capt. Geo. Lamont, of
the Diamond Jo line, to seek recourse at
law, and an injunction against tbe city is
Home and Phaeton. Htolen.
A bold and audacious piece of thievery
was committed at the home of Mr. H. P.
Hull last night. Some time during
tbe night, Mr. Hull's white faced brown
mare was taken from a pasture on tbe
premises, attached to a phaeton in the
carriage house and driven off. The out
fit is still missing, and so far there is no
trace of the thief or thieves. The police
have been notified and are endeavoring
to recover the property. Mr. Hull has
offered a liberal reward.
Whitman's butter cups and marsh-mallows
put up in fancy half pound boxes at
Krell & Math's.
Mclntire Bros, have a new and reliable
kid glove cleaner; cleans perfectly and
leaves no odor.
C. A. Stiel, - - Manager.
One Solid Week, commencing
Standard Theatre Co.,
This evening,
Only An Actor.
A valuable prf ent trlven away every night, and
on Saturday night we will give away a GOOD
Prices only 10 and 20c No Higher.
Reserved eats for sale at usnal place.
Toaster's sale,
state of illn01s,7
Rock Island County, ("
in the Circuit Court In Chancerv.
John Feuxtel t Emily F. Vauaua, formerly Em
ily F. StiilL, James Vanatta, Andrew i. Reeve
and M. F. Felix Foreclosure-General No.
Notice Is hereby given that bv virtue of a decree
of aaid court, entered in the above entitled
cause, on the 28tb day of May. A. D. 1S90. I
hall, on Saturday tbe S6tu day of July. A.
1). lsflli, at the hour of 1 o'clock in the after
noon, at the north door of the court house, in taid
county of Rock Island, to satisTv said decree,
srll at public vendue, to the highest bidder for
rash, thai certain parcel ofland, situate in the
county of Rock Island and state ,of Illinois,
known and described as follows, to-wit :
The south quarter () of the west half of
the. northeast quarter 11 of section ten, f 10, In
township sixteen, 116, north range five f5 west
of the Fourth 4th principal meridian, containing
twenty acres more or less, together with all the
right, title, claim, interest and benefit whatever
which said Emily F. Stnll had in and to tha above
described premises and each and every part
thereof, which was or is given to her by or results
from all laws of this state pertaining lo the ex
emptions of homesteads.
Dated at Rock Island, Illinois, this awh day of
June, A.l). 18HI. HENRY CURTIS
Master in Chancery, Rock Island Co., III.
E E. faBWKKTEii, SoPr for Ccmplt. 3S-d4w
Curtain Fixtures,
Brass Rods,
Table and Shelf Oil
nrPlctur Cord, Twine, Naila
and Hooks at lowest priosa.
Call and see.
C. C. Taylor
' 1025 Second avenue,
Under Bock Island Bouse.
First Mortgages
in sune or
$200.00 and Upwards
For sale, secured on land worth from
three to five times the amount
of the loan.
Interest 7 per cent semi annually, collected and
remitted free of charge.
Attorney at Law
Rooms S and 4 Masonic Temple,
Lloyd & Stewart,
BCK MaiASD, Mfbli
Spring Styles now Beady.
Are in. May be you are thinking of
Mclntire Bros, show a splendid as
sortment in Satins, Gauze, Feather,
Ostrich, etc, etc.,
Feather Fans, 15c.
Feather Fans, 25c'
Colors blue, Pink, cream. Scarlet.
Some pleasant surprises for yon in
the way of low prices In other styles of
We place on sale Monday morning
new wash good3 in Marquise cloth
(similar to bastite) in pretty "ombre ef
fects, fast colors at 12V4c.
Who now own the
Furniture Establishment
West of Chicago, are ready to take the people of this vicin
ity through one of the largest and finest
in this section of the country, which is elegantly lighted
and contains the largest and hansomest PATTERNS OF
ever seen in the three cities, and their stock of FURNI
TURE and CURTAINS is grander than ever.
Nos. 1525 and 1527 Second Avenue,
And Nos. 124, 126 and 128 Sixteenth Street,
NOT many things are harder than to select presents.
To get something that will be good of its kind, pleasing and
useful, and not too costly, is what we all wish to do, but
don't always succeed in doing.
We store keepers all think we can meet these require
ments; but perhaps in a china store, the things to choose
from make it easier to satisfy oneself than in most others.
If you intend making birthday, wedding or anniversary
presents, wouldn't it be well to call and see what is here?
I have a great many new things, some expensive, and
some not at all so. Among staples are a new and very neat
brown decoration open 6tock dinner pattern; something
good enough for every day use, or for better if you don't
use fine china, and in which you can have just what you
want from a tea pot lid (for example) to a fall dinner set.
A regular 112 piece set would cost about $14.00. I have
others for less one style lor $10.75, decorated in colors.
Plenty of Rose bowls; plenty of Ice tubs; yon want some ot these. A very complete line
of table tamblers.
Something new in euchre prizes.
Visitors always welcome. We spend a good part of our
time "fixing things up" and like to know how it strikes
other people.
Cbockzrt and China,
1609 Second Avenue.
UP Open Saturday eTeaings until 9:00 p. m.
At the Lowest prices in tne three cities.
For Ladies and Gentlemen.
tdgTTanned Goods in all colors.
An Encyclopedia rallied at 6 00 giTen away to each customer buying $35.00 .
worth of Boots and Shoes. Call in and let as show you the book and
explain how jou can get it free.
CENTRAL SHOE STORE, 1818 Second Aenc.
8939 Fifth
Mo Cloths,
similar to Scotch ginghams, fast colors
handsome coloring at 1 0c This Is be
low the regular price but we bought
them cheap and you get the benefit. -
MOHAIRS-DoubloSfold,' reduced,
to 25c to Tclose; colorsjgobelin, golden
brown, tan red, green, IblueI seal
Challies, 4c a yard.
Challies, 5c "a yard.
TEfcock Island. Illinois.
largest ground floor
Arena. y

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