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i -
- i
i this week from Monday a. m. at
cH ntvtil Saturday eve at v o ciock
Trimmed Hats and Bonnets will
:5 per cent discount.
erve, every ready trimmed Hat
inet in our house 25 per cent off
resent marked price. No change
ttenres but one-fourth off from
., of bill. To make this sale the
pular of the entire season we
m all Hats or bonnets free for
..-s. Remember this offer holds
. r this week. Every item in our
ry Department will be absolute
rifict'd durintr this week. One
jk six dozen. Misses fancy braid
'..dnceairom 48c, sale price this
5 27c and trimmed FREE for any
i-ishing them trimmed. Remem-
i A grand rush this week on all
aods, thin goods, fans, parasols,
fillers always find best selections.
1712. 1714. 1716. 1718. 1720 and 1722 Bkconb Avkkue.
The Fair !
-Our Leaders this week
, (iiire or 1 ponnd Devonshire linen ppr, rolled or plain .......
;.nd cresm ruled commercial note, 108 sheets
f orr irieh linen paper, ruled or uUin, per box
t ail croquet m-t
.wu tennis sets worth 111 W at
'. u chair at 98c and
jwnese lire screens off
i emus hammocks .
i nt, guaraa'cd pure, 1 lb. cans
, nature beaten 13c and. ... ,
And niauv other bargains
inJ see onr other novelties in stationery at
-The Photographer-
Nxt ior to Crimpton's Bookstore, (up stairs .")
itililic it rnrdially invited to inspect onr new nailery, the fluent Wst of Chicago
it int imy exception. We have the only Camera
kj l'hcit(iura(ih dirert. We have Che oi.ly Oallery
liitmeiits, m fuel il contain more Instruments, Back Grounds, Photographic Furniture,
1111 ali the other Galleries In this city combined. We have a reputation ot the biuhest
r iiid also the ability ana deterioinatiuu t snsTain it.
lock Island.
li bi
312. 31-4 Twentieth St..
nd PostoGic Block, Moline.
FINE WALL PAPER Exclusive spent
ha. i.irii'-: llirue to roii, Jam-way A Co., Robert S.
Yor. utt Caper ( 'o., ami Kobcri tiraves Jfc to.
-K,K I .. SPECIALS hich Includes all the
im-i i. hef dealeis.
$2.50 Per Gallon.
Removed to 219 Seventeenth Street
Kidney and
For the cure of all disorders of the
They are safe, sure and pleasant and act like a charm.
Thej have no equal as a Family Pill, and that all may try them
we give away a sample package FREE. Call and get one.
Regular Size 25c a Bottle.
Weather underwear. Another great
attraction in warm weather underwear.
One ase (32 dozen! ladies' fancy
colored ribbed jersey vests, known as
manufacturer's seconds- Only slight
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SEE? 10c, lOo, 10c
Colors blue and pink only-
Other choice good things in thin un
derwear which cannot be found else
where at the prices which we are will
ing to name-
A lot of new black silk mitts just in.
Three special values which we
must mention-25c 34c-60 nothing
to equal them offered this year. Our
enormous sales on silk mitts make us
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We have already sold nearly 600 dozen
silk mitts so far this season-
HOT "Weather goods, white
umbrellas, etc., etc. Early
at The Fair are:-
.. 85c
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iu glassware, etc
onr art s'ore.
1703 Second Avenue.
iu this vicinity large enoiiyh to make llfe-
in th's city which is firt-class tn all Its
for the following six larest Wall Paper
Ilolihs & Co., Nevin- a: Haviland, New
Art papers. Price? frum In to 30 per cent
liver Pills
Liver, Kidney and Stomach.
Druggist, Rock Island.
g rock! li
County" Democracy Mak
" " a-iaeefi ia the 'K Id
, ..r, nrawarr lor
Treasmrer. c. B. Marahall lor
MMpcriBtfBdeat Oiher I'r.er, d
ForConnty .Tntge
For County Clerk..
For Sheriff
...Vllittn. M. BLAND! sn
For Treasurer
r or County Sup'i. .
The county democracy is out in full
force today. The convention called at
the court house this afternoon to nomi
nate candidate for county offices has
brought the members of the party to the
city in great number, and not only is it
true that the greatest enthusiasm prevails
on all sides, but old-lime party memliere
and leaders who have not actively iden
tified themselves with the party for years
beyond the casting of their straight Jef-
fersonian ballot, were noticed taking the
same interest in the discussions and o -her
preliminaries is of yore. That there
should be
a large attendance of
farmers at this
peculiarly busy season in
the agricultural
districts, and especially
when we are
cfxperiencing such terrific
heat, is exceedingly gratifying and is suf
ficient evidence lof tbe way the fanners
are feeling andf with'; which party .hey
are staking their political interests and
influence in the present warfare aguinst
thetariff robbers. ..
It wag shortly after 1:S0 oVlrrk whn
the convention wai called to order at the
court house by G. W. Vinton, Esq , caair
man of the democratic county central
committee. The call was read by Secre
tary Casteel, after which John W. V'elch
was chosen by acc amation for chairman.
Mr. Welch returned hia thanks for the
manifestation of confidence shown him
by the parly, which had assembled not
for the purpose j of going through the
form of putting a ticket in tbe field, but
with the intention of electing j4 ia its
entirety. He stated it the dxiij of the
convention to select a ticket which "would
not only cirry jRock Island cmnty
bat would assist in recording a victory
for that graDd lender. Gen. Join M.
Palmer. (Applause) The democracy
or the county never assembled under
more auspicious circumstances, and all
that was necessary tor success was com
plete harmony ind
an energetic cam-
On motion of W'mslow Howard, H. E,
Cssteel was chosen secretary, and a com-
mince ii uve uq credentials was ap
pointed by the chair as follows uron the
tn6iwwvf Vm. VcEniry: Wm. McEn
iry, Rock Island O. M. Lnbts. South
Rock Island; L D. Mudge. Bowlinp; An
drew Donaldson, Rural; Eugene Lewis,
Moline. -
After a short recess the co-nmiilee re
ported as follows:
First ward W. Howard. Frank Block
linger, F. J. Raible. Wm. Ash, John
Second ward J. S. Darrah, Chts. Dur
mann, II. E. Casteel, J. Jansen, II. Burns
E. Bauersneld, Jr.
Third ward W. P. Cochran. T. 8
3ilvis, J. B. Flynn, Joseph Geieer,
Michael Corken, John Conneiy." M. M.
Bricgs. Geo. W. Cop p.
Fourth Ward J. P. Looncy, Henry
Frlck. Henry Lemberg, Fred Apfielquist.
Wm. McEniry. Geo. Savadge, C. R.
Fifth Ward A. HiUehrandt, n. P.
Wheelan. J. VV. Welch, Matt Lamb
Frank Newcom . David Filzgt raid, J.
W. Cavanaugh, Daniel Daly.
Sixth Ward Morris Rrennan, John
Atkinson, R. Carms. Chris. Baktr.
Seventh Ward R. Schwecke, J. E.
Larkin, Geo. Bi! k. Edwin Ward.
Fiist Ward L Peterson, John Smith.
Thos Connors, Herman lit nneke.
Second Ward William Fones, F H
Samuels, Peter Kadi l, Victor Pe'crsen.
Third Ward Eugene Liwii, Gust
Segur, John H Jasper, Frank richrader,
G J Johnson.
Fourth Ward A R Bryant, D W
Gwild, G W Vinton, Jos Kay.
Fifth Ward Fred Daebelliehn .Thomas
Gary, I Abraharosnn.
Sixth Ward Donald Stewart. Law
rence N Eklund. W A McBetl., Frank
Seventh Ward W A Gilts. El Moran,
P St Clair.
Black Hawk Joseph Halslip. Joseph
Sutton, U. L. Franing and Chi.9. Perry.
Canoe Creek D M Martin.
Zuma S R Bryant, Matthew Schafer.
Coe Samuel Swisher, John Schall.
Frank Garnetu
Port Byron C C Coyne,
I A Ma
Cias Fisk,
Cordova W S Pidco i.
Daniel Zimmerman.
Hampton No. 1 Geo
Dietrich Oltroan. Wm Mohr.
Hampton No 2 Adam
Sara'l Wainwrigbt.
Hampton No 3 R S, Silvis. JSdward
Stoehr. '
South Rock Island 'Geo. Lamont,
Scott Gardiner, Geo. M. Lukei .a.
South Moline Adolph i WeiJ.le, Saml
Suman, James Hasson, 7red Christian-
son. " I
Coal Valley John Barlton, J W Gor
don. Fred Freeberg, I
Bowling John Forgy. li V . Budge.
Rural Andrew Donaldfaon, R D Mc-
Creery. ' .'
Edgington JNo. l ut -t vt . ocou, a
CCavett. ; ; .
Edgington No. a Jamett venaoie, w
G Davis. - '
Buffalo Prairie Adam auantm. icn-
olas Lenz. Louis Edgington; K M Little.
Drury Leon Wiley, J u pester, i i
r Andalusia J umwu.
On motion of Eugene L,w a the tern-
pprary organizauou wo uiw k-
nent; also that each delegation be ems
nowered to cast the fall ole of tbe pre-
cinct in case of vacanclea. . , :
i a Biotton w
when the precinot was calljex the cnair
man announce the Tote of Hia delega
tion. This was o j ected t4 1 j Wm. Mc
Enlry. who offered an ariieidment that
the voting be by ballot After consider
able discussion the amend nt was de
feated, and the original mow n carriea.
fri, chairman aDDOinted Bd. Bauera-
..u Tw.lr Tslftnrl: Dr. I f.
neiu. u
j iton. and Dr. Merryman, of Moline,
..tellers. ; "
Messrs. Engene Lewis, of Moline, and
a- - -
j. H. C Connelly, of Rock Island
ere nominated for county judge. Both
declined to accept, when Geo. M. Lukeni
nominated V. M. Blanding, and he was
chosen by acclamation.
Peter Frey, of Rock Island, and Chas .
Creutz, of Moline. were placed in nomi
nation for county clerk, and the roll Was
called which resulted as follows: Frey 4;
Creotz 113.
Nominations for sheriff being in order
James Venable, of Edgington, nominated
C. D. Gordon, of Rock Island; W. 8.
Pidcock. of Cordova, presented the name
of James W. Cavanaugb; and G. M.
Lukens, of South Rock Island, Cjrus
Valentine. Tbe informal ballot resulted:
Gordon 52. Cavanaugh 57, Valentine 5,
John Schafer. Jr. 3.
Tbe formal ballot was as follows: Gor
don, 57 Cavanaugh, 63; Schafer. 7.
There being no choice a second ballot
was ordered which resulted as follows:
Gordon, 60; Cavanaugh. 54; Schafer
3. Upon motion of G. W. Copp, Mr.
Gordon's nomination was made unani
mous. Mr. Winslow Howard nominated Su
pervisor Geo. B. Browner, of Rock Is
land, for county treasurer, which was
ably seconded by Wm. McEniry, who
termed him the"little cyclone." Mr. A. M.
Little, of Buffalo Prairie, nominated Mr.
Adam Stamm, of the same town, whom
he said wonld poll a large vote in hia end
of the county, which had not been re
presented for many years on the county ;
ticket.. The formal ballot resulted:
Browner 78; Stamm, 89.
On motion of Eugene Lewis, tbe nom
ination of Mr. Browner was made unani
mous, and the nominee oeing caiieu out
returned his thanks for the honor con
ferred upon him, and said if hard work
would insure bis election, be would be
the next treasurer of Rock Island county.
For county superintendent of schools
Mr. J. E. Elliott, of Rock Island, and
Mr. C. B. Marshall, or Cordova, were
placed in nomination. The formal bal
lot resulted: Elliott, 22; Marshall, 95.
Sheriff Silvia moved that Mr. Marshall's
nomination be made unanimous, which
was carried.
Mr. H. F. Wheelan nominated Sheriff
T. S. Silvia for chairman of the county
tommittee, which nomination was unan
imously carried, and Mr. Silvis promised
Jo do all in his power to carry the ticket
to success. .
The following county committeemen
were reported:
Cordova C B Marshall.
Coe 8 Swisher.
Port Byron Jno Schafer.
Zuma Jno McEniry.
Canoe Creek E M Feaster.
Hampton 1. G F McNabney ; 2, Joo
O'Brien ; 8. D J Webb.
South Moline Jno Weckle.
Coal Valley Jno Barton.
Black Hawk J Fitzpatrick.
Rural F W Wilson.
Bowling L D Mudge.
EdgtM;too 1, Dr Scott; 2, R P Wait.
Buffalo Prairie L N Edgington. -
Drury Jno Wylie.
Andalusia J H. Brilton.
South Rock Island Thoa Bollman. :
Moline-First ward, Nels Peterson;
Second ward, PKadel; Third ward, hi R
Melzgar; Fourth ward. D W Gould;
Fifth war J, J Abrahamson; Sixth ward,
Daniel Stewart; Seventh ward, W Giles.
Rock Island First ward. W Howard;
Second ward. H E Casteel; Third ward.
A Burrall; Fourth ward. F Appelquiett;
Fifth ward, D Fitzgerald; Sixth ward,
P Kennedy; Seventh ward, E Ward.
A resolution of thanks to tbe officers
of tbe convention and also tc the retiring
chairman and secretary of the county
committee was presented and passed
unanimously, after which the convention
v. loadlnc It Down.
A Washington special to today's Chi
cago Tribune states:
The river and harbor bill is to be load
ed down to the point where the president
can hardly fail to veto it if it passes.
The total will be so big that the execu
tive need only to look to tbe figures tor
justification of bis action. The senate
committee on commerce today decided to
recommend several important amend
ments to the bill. One of them gives
authority to the engineer in charge of
Galveston harbor to contract for the com
pletion of the work, and appropriates
$500,000 for tbe year 1890-'l. Another
amendment appropriates f'JOO.OOO for
the construction of a new . lock at St
Mary'a Falls, and $400,0(K) to improve
the Bay Lake channel immediately below
the falls. Both theses-improvements are
the subjects of separate measures, but it
wbs deemed best to include them in tbe
general bill. The opponents of tbe Hen
nepin canal wiil tr to have thn r,(in .
(KW appropriation for that object stricken
out, but they won't succeed.
Pol Ire PointH.
The police are still without any knowl
edge of the stolen rig of H. P. Hull.
Chas. Meyers, James Elton and Emil
Stettsoer were fined 3 and costs hv
Magistrate Wiyill tb morning for intox
Caboose-1208 in the C. R. I. & P.
yards was broken into last night and a
nickel watch, the property of Conductor
ONeill, stolen.
Mathiaa Matthews, a -barber living at
the corner of Fourth avenue and Tenth
street, struck his wife over the bead with
a pitcher yesterday afternoon, inflicting a
severe gaah, from which the blood flowed
copiously. Dr. Carter dressed the
wound. Mathews was arrested bv Mar
shal Miller and Officer Sexton, and will
have his hearing tomorrow at 2 o'clock.
The report of City Marshall Miller for
June is as follows;
Arrests Drunk and disorder! v, 9; dis
orderly conduct, 7; drunk, 7; breach of
the peace. 5; burglary, 5; assault and
battery, 4; disturbing the peace. 8; peace
warrant, 1; abusive language, 1; larceny.
1; carrying concealed weapons, 1: sound
ing false alarm of fire, 1; total, 45; city,
84; state, 11. Lights out, 184. Tramps
lodged. 18. Jail bill, $3 80. Fines cols
lected by Magistrate H. C. Wivill,
$ 93.40. Fines collected bv Justice David
Hawes, $5.60. Total, S 99.
Ixetrraion Tloketa.
On account, of the Fourth of Julv
excursion ticket will be sold bv the
Rock Island & Peoria railway July 8d
and 4th, at one fare for tbe round trip.
Good for return until and including Julv
7lh. 3
Remember the late cars to i he watch
tower and Spring Cove tonight,.
The Tri-City, Organization Makes
Nine Hoar Demands -
fifty Men qalt W rk. the Majority r
Then ! Rek, Idaaa-Ctatrattart
n Building Katerprlnea AffeetMl.
The Tri-City Stone Masons' Union or
dered a strike last night to take effect
this morning on all contractors net al
lowing their men nine hours as a day'a
work, and paying tbe regular rates as
heretofore for ten hours' work. The
strike in Rick Island was mainly on the
contracting firm of Lrkin & Stephens,
tbe other contractors having con
ceded the nine hour day.' Fifty -seven
men in all laid down their tools, forty
Of whom are empliyed in Rock Island
and; thiii suspends stone work on the
Y. M. C. A. building. John Volk's new
dwellings on Eighteenth street and
Fifth avenue, and the Mitchell & Lynde's
block, besides numerous smaller jobs
The men are under the leadership of
John Stroehle, financial secretary of the
Twin-City union, who will start in busi
ness and receive contracts for all kinds of
stone work on his own book. The men
claim that tbey will not return to work
until their demands are complied with.
Contractor Stephens stated last night
that be bad been paying : his masons
thirty and thirty-five cents per hour for
ten hours' work, and was willing to pay
the same wages for nine hours work, but
he would not reduce the number of hours'
and pay for ten hours.
One month ago today the Carpenters'
union made a strike for a nine hour day
and won it, and the stone masons believe
tbey will win, too, by sticking it out.
July 1.
Friday will be the Glorious Fourth.
Tbe farmers have commenced cutting
James Taylor, of Taylor Ridge, was in
me city today.
A washwoman wanted at the Rock
Inland bouse.
Dr. E. H. Bowman, of Andalusia, was
in the city today. .
Postmaster Howard Wells is still quite
ill from the effects of the heat.
Chocolate, strawberry, lemon and va
nilla ice cream at Erell & Math's.
Mr. Fred Hass has returned from Min
neapolis, and ia domiciled at the Uar
Notice tbe crowd in McCabe Bros.'
millinery department. Eoquire the
Yesterday was a great day in McCabe
Bros.' millinery department. Still there
is more to follow.
Capt. M. J. Grealish, of Rock Island
arsenal, goes east on a pleasure trip the
latter part of this week.
The marriage of Mr. L C. Blanding
and Mis" Genevieve Thompson, takes
place at 5:30 this evening.
Mrs. T. H. Flynn and daughter Blanche
and Miss Mamie Wills leave tomorrow
morning on a visit to the west.
Mr. C. W. Negus, who has been con
fined to his home with tbe heat, is again
able to be out, but feeling far from well.
Notice: 25 per cent discount on all
made up millinery and all untrimraed hats
trimmed fie &) this week at McCabe
Those seconds" inladies' fancy pink
and blue Jersey vests at McCabe Bros.'
are probably the greatest drive of tbe
Mrs. W. O. Hitchcock and daugthf r,
Miss Fannie of Peoria, are in the city
visiting her father, Mr. T. E. Gray on
tbe bluff.
Take your wife, sweetheart or daugh
ter into Krell & Math's and treat them
to a fine dish of ice cream or a rich glass
of lemonade.
Mr. Ben T. Cable sails from New
York tomorrow for Europe for tbe pun.
pose of accompanying his family back to
Rock Island. !
Order your ice-creams and ices from
Krell & Math for your parties and recep
tions and then you will be sure to please
the palate of your guests.
The traffic over the Rock Island bridge
for Saturday was; teams, soutb,442;norih,
433; total, 880. Foot, south. 415; foot
north. 386; total, 801. ,
Lost A silk umbrella with dark bam
boo handle, silver mounted bearing mon
ogram H. G. C. Return to 1127 Second
avenue and receive reward.
Emil Sindt, aged 17 years, was
siruca in the bead and killed while at
wor m the Davenport foundry and
machine works, this morning.
Judge Smith presided in the circuit
court for a few hours yesterday afternoon,
und after hearing a few motions, ad
journed court until July 10. at 2 n. m.
A car load of thirty pound rail has
been received for replacing the track of
the Rock Island & Milan road rnnnint? un
to the summit of Black Hawk's watch
Conductor W. O. nitchcock, of the
R. I. & P.. left for the east this morning
on his annual summer vacation. Conduc
tor Home takes bis train during his ab
sence. Mr. John Stroehle the old and wpll
known stone mason, has an advertise
ment in another part of the Anaus, to
which he invites the attention of thp
A boom ! A great boom in McCabe
Bros.' millinery department, all trimmpil
hats and bonnets 25 per cent discount,
all untrimmed hats trimmed free all this
week tt McCabe Bros.
Dr. Jamea Cozad.of Edintrton. camp
in to take a sad look at tbe delegates to
the senatorial convention as they depart
ed for Cambridge. Dr. W. T. Boughton
came in for tbe same purpose;"
Tbe families of Mai. C. W. TTawa rwt
F. C. Hemenway have joined the r.amn-
ers on Big Island. Mrs. Herkert and her
family go out next week. Ex-Mayor
Carse and familv will niirh tpnta hurl
The R. I. & P. twill run a snecial train
on July Fourth. leaving Rock Island at
8:20, arriving at Cable at 9:30. returning
leave Cable at 6 p. m. for the accommo
dation of those wishing to attend thej
celebrations at Reynolds and Cable.
Undertaker J. iL-Sweeney, of Gene-
aeo. is with Manager Rowe at hia Rock
Island business place, 1425 Second ave
nue, opposite Court House square, for the
next three months. Mr. Sweenev ia a
professional undertaker and an exrwrt
arterial embalmer.
Mr. L. B. Strayer. the milkman, whose
reputation for making fine ice cream is
second to none, has invested tCl in a
Blatchley horizontal ice cream frwter and
from tbe few trials he baa already unade
with it. is satisfied that he can makbet
ter ice cream than ever.
Orrin 8. Pierce, of Winona, anold jime
i aon of"!!, B."
fierce. i n
Mississippi rivr, ia in the city for a abort
visit. Tbe oiTxettlers of the city and
those of middle ag will remember Omn
He waa for seven years clerk for tbe late
J. H. Langley, agent of tbe old Northern
Line racket company. v
The Tri-City Ministerial union met
at Black ' Hawk;; yeiterday an out
door meeting being indulged in. There
were twenty-six persons present. Rev.
3. H. Kerr, of Rock Island, read a paper
on "The New TeaUment Introduction."
A fine dinner was served, after which the
company enjoyed themselves in a social
way. The next meeting will be held in
Davenport in November.
Luthir 8. Pearsall. the - republican
Candidate for sheriff, came to town to-
day to witness the first proceeding in the
preparations lor bis political execution
He knew that today would witnesa the
beginning of the end for him, but bis
anxiety got tbe better of bim, and he
came down to avoid the suspense that
wouicrttave bung over him np in tbe vil
lage of Port Byron. -
Michael O'Connor, ao long steward at
the Harper, severed his connection with
that hostelry this morning, having much
to tbe regret of the management and
every patron of the hotel tendered bis
resignation some time aeo. He is sue
ceeded by .Mr. Mark Lloyd, formerly head
cierx at 1 ruesdale s grocery. Mr. O Con
nor has proven himself not only a most
excellent steward, but has become very
popnlar personally with tbe traveling
public and be will be greatly missed in
the dining hall at tbe Harper. He will
take a needed rest before deciding upon
bis future plans. The hotel Is fortunate
in securing to capable a successor to Mr,
O'Connor. ,
At a special meeting , of the alumni
held Friday evening the following reso
lutions of respect were adopted:
HKREA8, Our Heavenlv Father has
deemed best to take from our midst one
of our most beloved members, be it
Jit$olted. That the Rock Island High
School Alumni realizes that in the death
of Miss Irene Wood, it has lost one of its
best and most devoted members, one
who, by her pure christian character
won the admiration of all. .
Rewlved. That these resolutions be sent
to the . daily papers for publication;
copy sent to the family of the deceased
wun whom we deeply sympathize, and
that tbey be placed upon the records
of tbe society.
Bate t the Etaratleaat MeetlaK.
For tbe National Educational associa
tion n-ceting at St. Paul, July 8th to
11th, tbe Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Railroad company will sell excursion
tickets to St. Paul at f 11.13 round trip.
Juiy ist to 7th inclusive, good to return
to ana including July 1-Mh. and for trip
beyond, by deposit of ticket, limit can be
extended until Sept. 25th. Train leaves
Rock Island 5:55 p. m. daily, arriving at
St. Paul at 7:10 a. m . and on July 7th
there will be a special leaving Rock Isl
and at 10 a. m.. arriving at Savanna at
1:30 p. m., connecting with the grand
special teachers' train and arriving at St.
ram at v an p. m.
Take the "River Bank Ssenic Line."
Keep cool and be happy. For further
nformation, apply to H. D Mack.
Div. Pass. Agt., Rock Island, III.
Xxeoraiea ea Uia foanh.
The Libbie Conger will take the Hiber
nian Hall association and their friends to
Clinton oa the Fourth. The boat will
leave Rock Island at 8:15. Moline upper
landing at o:3u a. m. rickets for round
trip, 75 cents. Refreshments can be
obtained on the boat. Tbe Conger is the
be-t boat in the business, and this trip
will be a delightful pleasure. Oa Ia
Clinton on the Fourth with the Hibernian
UaU association on the Libbie Conger.
"Why, now I cannot get enough to
eat, says one lady who formerly had no
appetite, but took Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Mclntire Bros, have a new and reliable
kid glove cleaner; cleans perfectly and
leaves no oaor.
Curtain Fixtures,
Brass Rods,
Table and Shelf Oil
typictura Cord, Twine, Malls
aim noon at lowest priest.
Call and fee.
C. a Taylor
1625 Second avenue,
Under Bock bland Honae.
-$200.00 and Upwards
For sale, secured on land worth from
three to five timet the amount
' -r of tbe loan. ,
Interest t par eent Mml annaally. collected and
remitted free of charge.
v E. W. "HURST," ;
Boons S and 4 llaaonlc Temple,
Lloyd & Stewart
- m
Spring Styles now Ready.
, The below mentioned Goods
Ladies' Ribbed Vests 8o.
' Zephyr Robes from $3.50 to $4.05,
fine quality. . n ; . "
Challles, half wooL V : ;I ' .
Challies, all cotton-
Lawns, very few left at 3 l-2o. ;
Princess Cassimere 12 1-2& ,
Summer Beiges, double fold, 12Kc
Challies, all wool. x - ,
Chemisettes, new styles, rolling col
lars, 25c " ; ;
. Paisley Twills, stripes, imitating
wool tennis flannels, 19o.
Eock Island. Illinois.
Who now own the
ZZ . . i
HiimitiiPA IMflh lQhm ant L
West of Chicago, are ready to take the people of this vicin
ity through one of the largest and finest Z
in this section of the country, which is elegantly light-M
and contains the largest and hansomest PATTERNS OF
- ' -. . -. " ..
ever seen in the three cities, and their stock of FURNI
TURE and CURTAINS is grander than ever.
j -.
clem Awn 1 sntzu Ana
Nos. 1525 and 1527 Second Avenue,
And Xos. 124, 126 and 128 Sixteenth Street,
-Fine lllinerysr
Closinsr Sale
Our Store Gfopds, representing Milan Hats, Chip, Fancy Braids, '
Leghorn Hats, all colors, also, our entire stock of fine Jlonturee, '
Wreaths and Long Sprays at great reductions from former prices.
.. The remainder of onr stock of Spring Hats and Bonnets, many exclusive
designs, are marked at about HALF PRICE. - . - '
At the Lo west prices in tne three citiett;-"
"' -. For Ladies and Gentiemea.
t3F"Tanned Goods in all colors. C-
Ao Encyclopedia valued at 0 00 ifivea
- worth of Boou and Shoes. Call In
tSS Jlfth
ii (i TPi"
very suitable for pre3ent rcr.
8atteens 10c-
Lawn Tennis Flannels,
and 12Mo. ' . ; -
.-V-.. - -
10c iio.
Ladies' Victoria Laundered Shirts,
cool and stylish, what are left will b
closed at reduced prices -
Just in, new silver and gold head .
Umbrellas, $1.47. $1.57 gloria silk,
26 inch, extra valnes.
largest ground floor
Midsummer Styles
away to each costoaer buytrj C25w
and let oa show 70a the book aad
8H02 8T0RZ. J3f -
, ' m
Aveaoa. - :
" -
t :
- tuuate,
- - 7. - .... - " .- -

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