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This Week
Will begin the sale of a decidedly advantageous purchase of
RIBBONS just consummated by our Mr. L. S. McCabe.
Will open the ball with 3720 yards at.j, SILK ex-
tra quality crown edge moire BIBBONS
Nos. 5, 7, 9, 12 and 16.
Have divided them in two lots; your choice at about HALF PRICE.
ALL FIVES AND SEVENS, Nos. e ls and 16
No- 5 and 7. I Your choio m
Your choice at 9 cents per yard. IS 1-2 CENTS PER YARD.
We have sold Ribbons for many years. This is the BEST BARGAIN we
have ever otterea you. in tAitLi.
Did you know the FALL MILLINERY season had begun? To empha
si?e the tact, we will sell while they last, Ladies' R. and R. Straw Sailor
Hats at 8 cents each-
New Fall Shapes in Straw Hats, Felt Hats, Wool Felt Hats Ladies'
Cloth Caps- Low prices on FINE MILLINERY all through the line
Feathers, Quills, Plumes, Tips and Trimmings.
In our Fancy Work Department, new Stamped Linens and Drapery
Iu our Dry Goods Department, special values in Cotton Flannels and
MmsUus received too late to quote prices. NEW DRESS GOODS
Butterick's Patterns and Fashion Sheets for September
1712. 1714. 1716. 1718. 1720 and 1722 Hkcond Avenue.
! 3
I o
i -a
2 c c "5 c "H.
- H & 2 ? -
a it o
(i F3 5
o c
?3 w
r to
a j? 11
-1703 Second Avenue.
Wholesale Dealers for the Celebrated
Pastuer Germ Proof Filters.
Copper-Smithing, Sheet Iron, Gas and
Steam Fitting, Also Sewer work.
Opposite Habpeb House.
$2.50 Per Gallon.
Removed to 219 Seventeenth Street
A Sure Cure for a Cough or Cold is
Irish Cough Syrupy
Acts quickly, is perfectly safe and never fails to cure all Lung troubles.
TRY it. 10c, 25c and 50c Bottles.
Medicine known for all Kidney, Lnnjf and Stomach trouble. Is
Thomas' Kidney and Liver Pills.
jc a Bottle Samples free. .
A - ' ' ..-V .. . . .. ... - ; . .. . . ' . - .
777777 I I ' niir flTTm I n..n.. t. nut.. ...i nn.i.. I - "-''..
mill i.i ii luuiiift u i Hnvcinuiwiy ruwr. i i v i.i-iu i i " .".'- . ...... w .
An Evening Devoted to a National
Wcrker's Memory.
The MervUes at the flrnt XI. K.
fhnrch la I louitr of Km. K. B. II aye
Ulohup Ilrrrill'M Hemarkd.
Impressive and interesting memorial
services were conducted at the First M.
E. church lsat evening ia honor of the
Ute Mrs. R . Ilayes. wife of El Presi
dent Hayes, of Mentor, Ohio, by the
Rock Island circle of the Woman's Home
Missionary society of the Methodist Epis
copal church of the national organiza
tion, of vhich Mrs. Hayes was
always a devoted and faithful member.
Miss Jennie Taylor, president of the cir
cle, conducted the services, Bishop Mer
rill and Rev. G. W. Gue having seats also
on the platform. The exercises opened
with the sint.'ine; of hymn 249. "Jesus
Shall Rn." after which Rev. G W.
One read fron the scriptures a portion of
the 12th chapter of Roinma. The choir
stnsr hymn 42. "When All Thy
Mercies," Rev. G. W. Gue offered prayer,
and Miss Taylor made some brief remarks
on the nature of the work of the society
and its obji-ot on tMs occasion to offer a
titling memorial to the good christian
woman whose life had been given in so
large a degree to the work of the church
and especially this cause of ppreading
the gospel and saving souls in our own
country and among the people of our own
nation. Hymn 201. "If on a Quiet Sea"
was rendered nd Miss Ella G. Taylor
read a careful y prepared sketch of the
life of the distinguished lady. This was
followed by an exceedingly interesting
outline of the work of Mrs. Hayes as
president of W. U. M. S. by Mrs. J. M.
Barth. Mrs. O. Clark sang "Rock of
Ages," Mrs. P ayes' favorite by ran, and
Miss Emma Bittles read a tribute to Mrs.
Hayes written by Marietta S. Case in the
Woman's Hom: Misxion and which spoke
of her as a true exemplification of the
"Peifert w mimi nnhly plsnnpd
To warn, 1 1 comfort, to command."
Bishop Meirill made an address, in
which he spoke first of his recognition of
the propriety as well as the beauty and
impresaivenes of the service which had
just been conducted by the young ladies
on this occas on. He had known Mrs.
Hayes persont.lly, and he would not at
tempt to modify or change what had been
said, all of which was not only beautiful,
but it was true of a won an who was not
only beloved by all who knew her persons
ally. but a mult itude who knew only of her
christian work. He then spoke at length
on the Woman's Home Missionary society
of the Methodist Episcopal church, which
he said ought to be better known than it
was. He detailed the activity of the so
ciety in spreading the work of redeeming
souls to all par'-s of our country. There
could be no better way of cultivating
christian life, of maturing christian life,
and developing the graces of our
souls than in helping mankind and build
ing up a christian temple in which God
should dwell in the soul. He dwelt on
the good work accomplished by mission
ary benevolen :es, and went into the
history of the various branches of mis
sionary zeal which had sprung tip in the
Methodist church and had been approved
and fostered bj it.
The missions ry work was not an aux
iliary to the cb ireb, hut a part of the
church life and church work, and a mem
ber of thecburi'h whs a member of the
missionary society just as a member of
the society must be a member of the
church. The Home Missionary society
had demonstrated the value and import
ance of method and system in church
energies for spreading the gospel at home
and abroad. It was of as much importance
to imprint the doctrines of Christianity in
our own city and our own country as
abroad; a soul'saved in this country was
of as much consequence as one saved any
where. Here was in reality the source of
supply, the fountain-head of influence,
and here must "he work of saving souls,
which is the gnat ohjct of the church,
begin. He commended the Rock Island
circle and aske 1 God's blessing upon their
noble work.
The services closed with the singing of
'America" by the congregation.
:nunty HulKlinen.
22 Orlando Child to W S Walker.part
of si 1. nel. 5, 17. Iw, $175.
W S Walker to J T Montgomery, part
of ej, mi. 5. 17. lw, S200.
Henry ledl ft to L A Monrliusen. part
of nel. 16. 17. lw, t.50O.
.1 II Brookinan to commissioners ot
highways of Andalusia, village of Anda
lusia. lot 5. Mock 103, $5.
W F Henderson to Monroe Kohn, part
lot 4, block 12. Speucer & Case's ad, R I,
SI 325.
F M Shunstrom to .1 A Jorgensen. part
of nvtl, nel. 8. 16. 17. 2. 50.
Insanity of Inez Garnett. Hearing,
verdict insane und not a pauper. Ordered
committed to the Northern hospital at
23 Estate or Joseph U. vox. reiuion
by administrator de bonis non to sell real
estate to pay rebls tilled.
Druggist, Rock Island.
Klvrr KipletH. .
The Lion an I Irene D went up.
The Sidney passed down last night.
The Pilot came down with a barge.
Th Louisville and Irene D each
brought eight ( trings of logs.
The stage of the water is sticks
btu at Z:4U: l.ne lemoeraiurc uu mc
bridse at noon was 77.
Travel over the Rock Island bridges
vesterdav amounted to: Foot, south.
845; toot nortt . 901; teams, south, 764;
teams, north, ''66.
Ti e Great Benefit
Which people in run down state of health
from Hood's Sarsaparilla, conclu-
nivclT nroves tnat this medicine "makes
the weak stronz." . It does not set like a
stimulant, imparting fictitious strength,
fiiti. Hnrtrl'R Sarsanarilla builds UD in a
perfectly natural way all the weakened
narta nitrifies the blood, and assists to
healthv action those important organs
the kidney and liver.
ehe: What u bright fellow that Jenkins
la Tnnninn rianlnugi: He's ccltine
brighter and brighter everv day. He's
letting bis red beard grow.
Street Hallway Power
This community is already getting
some healthy and profitable advertising
on the strength of the enterprise of C. B.
Holmes in determining upon electricity
aa a motive power as luiiy aetanea in
Saturday evening's Argus. The western
associated press regarded the transaction
as of sufficient importance to warrant the
sending out of the following announce
ment Saturday nighu -
Chicago, Aug. 23 The Thomson.
Houston Electric company has just
closed a conttact with C. B. Holmes, of
Chicago, and the Davenport & Rock Is
land Street Railway company for the con
struction of an electric street railway in
Davenport, and Rock Island, and Mo-
line. The amount involved in the con
tract is $350,000.
President Rhomberg, of the Dubuque
street railway, is in trouble, and his new
storage battery car is the cause of it.
Dubuque wants a few jasper-paved
streets herself, and the contract for pavs
ing Main street has been let. Rhomberg's
line runs along this street, and the new
grades will necessitate bis rails being
lowered at one place and raised at anoth
er. The city authorities have ordered the
change in the track and Rhomberg is
kicking. He protests that to raise the
track will be to make the grade over fiye
per cent, which is a greater grade than a
storage battery car can be operated on
successfully. He produced a copy of his
contract with the American Accumulator
company of Philadelphia, and showed
that it provides that the car shall carry
fifty people or 6,000 pounds over a grade
not exceeding five per cent. Mr. Rhom
berg says he cannot raise his track and
that he will have to abandon his r'mlit of
way or the storage battery car.
The I'OttiniaNf er at llllMrtuIr IIbh a
Had Fall while Turning, which
Threaten Nerlou ReHulln.
Postmaster J. F. Mills, of Hillsdale,
son of Wm. Mills, one of the best known
farmers in the upper end of the county.
met with a very unfortunate and serious
mishap Saturday afternoon. He was
practicing on a turning bar when he
missed his hold and fell upon his head
and left shoulder in such a manner as to
inflict serious injuries, not only to the
head and shoulder, but it is feared to the
spine. He is unable to move today, and
his physicians are very apprehensive
S3 to bis condition. He is twenty-.four
years of age and a single man.
Ii-m. Wilnon'N I'nnprnl.
The funeral services over the remains
of Mrs. J. H. Wilson, the particulars of
whose dreadful accidental death were
chronicled in Saturday's A nous, were
held at the family home on Moline avenue
4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Rev. G.
W. Gue officiated and made a few affect-
ng remarks upon the noble christian
character of the deceased, who had been
carried away in such a violent and sud
den manner. Ho told of her energy and
zeal in church work and her faculties for
accomplishing for the church militant as
well as spiritually what many other wom
en would fail to do. A double quartette
rendered sweetly, "There's a Wideness in
God's Mercy," "Guide Thou Me," and
If on a Quiet Sea." This morning the
remains were conveyed to the C, R. I. &
P. depot for shipment to Pennsylvania
for interment, accompanied by Mr. J. H.
Wilson and Marvin Case, the bereaved
husband and son. The pall bearers were
Dr. W. T. Magill and Messrs. Wm. White,
Chas. Jacobs. J. T. Noftsker. C. L.
Walker and J. F. Robinson.
nlire I'oIiiih.
Jack Mandel was arrested by Officer
Boland last night for proraiscous use of a
revolver on Market square.
There was a sort of free-for all fight on
Market square last evening, but nothing
of a serious nature came of it.
In the police court this morning B'n.
Staffaris was fined $5 and costs anil Gus.
Lbor $3 and costs respectively for in
Mrs. Swan bad one of her periodical
sprees Saturday night and wound up with
an encounter with a member of her fam
ly. She was run iu and fined $3 and
costs this morning.
The colored woman, Eva Wilson, pro
prietor of the bouse of ill repute pulled
on Tlii. d avenue near the .bridge Friday
night, was fined $10 and costs by Magis
trate Wivill, while Carrie Miller and
Wm. Tollivcr. the inmates, were each
fined f 5 and costs. All paid hut Tolliver,
who wa locked up.
Itarkrnril llomra.
Thb funeral of Mr. and Mrs. S. B
Stoddard's little daughter, Zeta, occurred
yesterday afternoon.
M. and Mrs. Sheridan Cashman, of
Sears, lost their four months' old girl,
Violet L., Saturday night of cholera in
fantum. The funeral occurred this
Nettie, daughter of Matson and Mary
Remley.died Saturday evening of whoop
ing cough, aged four years and ten days.
The funeral occurred this afternoon from
the residence, 817 Third avenue.
Trark Talk.
There was a nice little trotting race at.
Bollman Bros, track near Coal Valley
Saturday afternoon, Wm. Lacfield win
ning, John Schafer second and Robert
Casper third. The contest will be re
peated next Saturday.
There is to be a f 100 race in addition
to the other contests at the Rock Island
trotting park next Friday afternoon.
The worst cases of scrofula, salt rheum
and other diseases of the blood, are cured
by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
A large and beautiful assortment of
French candies just received at Krell &
Math's. Step in and have them put you
up a box to take home.
Wanted at once A competent cook.
Good wages paid. Inquire at Mrs.
Charles Deere's, at Moline.
Fresh celery at May's.
Peaches by the basket at May's.
Taylor keeps second-hand school
R. 8. Silvia, of Carbon Cliff, was in the
city today.
Mr. Wm. Lowe has returned fronrhis
visit to Philadelphia.
Mrs Geo. Schneider has returned from
her extended visit to the east.
Mr. P. L. Mitchell returned last even
ing from his trip to Saratoga and the
T. J. Mcdill, Jr., returned Saturday
evening from a business visit to northern
am southern Iowa.
Mr. Add K. Philleo, of Alexis, spent
yesterday and today in bis o'.A home in
this city.
One week from today will be Ubor
day. when the trinities will unite in a
celebration at Davenport.
Mrs. Chas. Schoede is considerably bet
ter than she was Saturday, and indic
lions are very good for her recovery.
Irving D. Burgh and family, of Clin
ton, spent Sunday in the city, the gueuts
of Col. Burgh and family, on Second
Trackmen commenci d putting in the
connections of the Elm street and Second
avenue line at Nineteenth street this
The Rockford Construction company
expect to begin the Twentieth street
paving tomorrow, two blocks of curbing
having been set.
Eddie Jackson has given up his posi
tion at the Harper to go back to Quincy
and pursue his school studies, and his
place has been taken by Clyde Pierce.
Lost A twenty dollar bill between the
Commercial house and the tower between
4:30 and 8 p. m. Sunday. An honest
finder will be liberally rewarded at this
Charles N. Bennedict, formerly of An
dalusia, but now prospering in business
in western Kansas, arrived this morning
for a visit to old Rock Inland county
Chas. Collins, the man injured in the
Rock Island plow shops last week, is
still in a critical state, though his
condition is somewhat improved over
what it was Saturday.
A man named Fren Tylor, of Geneseo,
blew out the gas iu his room in the Kea
tor house, Molina. Saturday night and
retired. He was aroused before asphyxia
got a firm hold on him.
Jimmie Dixon put in a part of yester
day fishing at Rock river, and he tells his
friends with a sober face and without a
quiver or shudder, that he hooked fifty
one fish in a few hours.
A great many people attended the camp
meeting services atTindall's grove yester
day morning, notwithstanding the disa
greeable weather. Bishop Merrill, of
Chicago, preached an eloquent and
thoughtful sermon.
Mr. II. W. Woodruff, of Joliet, has
taken position as assistant prescription
clerk in Thomas' drug store. Clerk
Chas Buttles will soon take his annual
vacation, which will include a visit to
Central Illinois, taking in the Cambridge
fair and ether attractions en route.
Some hoodlum has been committing
depreciations in Spencer square, one of
the benches already hearing the evidence
of a knife maliciously applied. Nothing
short of thirty days in jail would satisfy
an indignant public if the offender in such
a case could be apprehended. There
should, as the Aruus has heretofore
stated, be a special watchman for this
beautiful square and then such evilly dis
posed individuals would be summarily
disposed of as they should be.
The Ch icago IlernUl in reciting a num
ber of cases occurring in various parts of
the country lecently, speaks of a Rock
Island youth who applied a match to a
powder magazine and shook the town.
The paper doubtless r.-fers to Tom Ken
nedy's little dynamite demonstration on
Market square the other morning, which
smashed windows by the wholesale in the
immediate vicinity. So Kennedy's little
blow-up has given the city a reputation
far more extended tban he contemplated.
The Annus repeats: Kennedy is a boom
er. The Ilershcy company, of Muscatine,
is constructing a large tower and tank in
their lumber yard at the upper mill there
for the purpose of affording protection
from fire. The foundation of the struc
ture is now lieing laid and the contractor
will soon have the tower under way. The
height of the entire tower structure will
be 72 feet, wiih the supporting frame
work 55 feet high. On this, a circular
tank twelve feel deep and fourteen feet
in diameter is to rest, and when finished
the water will be pumped into it from
the river and used when occasion de
mands. A similar tower will also be
built in the lower mill yard.
Mr. Robert Gregg returned yesterday
from Westpbal, Wis., where be wellt to
pursue if possible the further investiga
tion as to the identity of bis lately diss
covered brother, Hiram Gregg, whose
romanticcarerrbas already been repeated
ly detailed. He found A. J. Lockery. the
man who for years lived with Hiram's
abductors, non-committal and inclined to
deny tonic of the statements he had al
ready made as to Hiram's early life, but
Mr. Uregg caught him in one falsehood
and was not at all satisfied with the out
come ot the interview, tie will now
push the investigation in the vicinity of
Geneva. N. Y., and if he is not success
ful will try something else. Mr. Gregg
is pretty well satisfied that Hiram is, how
ever, the long lost brother.
Commissioner Jackson has hit upon a
plan for the distribution of some of the
larger ornaments in Spencer square that
will meet with a hearty public approval
It is to extend a cross walk anojt the
middle of each triangle and connecting
all the main walks, and in the center of
each will be placed an ornamental design
the Harper vase in one, the Judue
Drury stag in another, while other de
signs yet to be received are an eagle.
which is intended to be presented,
and will be placed correspondingly in the
triangles. The square was thronged with
people all day yesterday, evincing the
necessity of more room for piomenading
K. & M. stands for Krell & Math, who
have the finest and purest ica cream in
the three cities.
For a delicious dish of ice cream or a
fine box of candy, go to Krell $ Math's,
and gel the best.
Mclntire Bros, have a new and reliable
kid glove cleaner; cleans perfectly and
leaves no odor.
Ovation to Dillon and O'Brien.
London, Aug. 25. The demonstration
at Limerick yesterday in honor of John
Dillon and William O'Brien was a great
one in point both of numbers and enthu
siasm. There were'30,030 men in the pro
cession, wirh bands and banners innu
merable. The meeting was intended as
a testimonial of sympathy with Dillon
in his controversy wit h Bishop O'Dwyer
over the Persico mission, as well as a sort
of farewell to both of them before their
departure for America. The speeches
were of a character to encourage the Irish
people in their recent political course. Mr.
Diliou indulged in some bitter denuncia
tion of Bishop O'Dwyer.
A Novel Convention.
New Yoi:k. Aug. 25 Saturday began
one of the most unique conventions ever
held in New York. It was a gathering for
mutual benefit and discussion of the in
structors of deaf mutes, representing seventy-three
institutions scattered through
out the country. France, Italy, Spain,
and other countries were represented by
proxy. Rev. William Stayner, D. D., of
lndoii, was present on behalf of Eng
land. Canada was represented by K.
Matheson, of Ontario, and J. ifeott Hutton,
of Nova Scotia.
Another Victim Founl.
PlllI.APKI.PUIA, Aug. 25. The body of
Willinm H. Iioe, who had been missing
from his home, 2152 Orianna street, since
Thursday evening lMt, was found buried
under the debris of the ruined car depot.
Twelfth and Susquehanna avenue. This
makes 1 lie sixth victim, and grave fears
are entertained that the body of William
Cat heart, a salesman residing near by,
will also lie found in the debris.
A Kre Thing in Germany.
Lonixiv, Aug. V& The burgomaster of
Osterwoeck has been convicted of forging
an official document and sentenced to a
long term of imprisonment. For sueh an
esteemed functionary to be convicted of a
crime is so rare in Germany that the inci
dent atlraets much attention.
Anybody Seen Thin Man ?
AlAtM.lioiio, Mass , Aug. 25. Lyman B.
Alorse. aired a native of this town, son
ofJedediah Morse, left St, Txniis about
June 5, without money and has not been
heard from since. Money sent to him by
mail to St. Ijouis was not called for and
has been returned. He was in poor health
and spirits at the time, and his sudden
disappearance is a source of great anxiety
to his relatives, lie was about 5 feet 10
inches high, weighed 130 or 140 pounds,
and earned an ordinary canvas valise.
Cimse of the Heading llisiinter.
Rkadino, P.i., Aug. 25. It has been defi
nitely ascertained that the Mount Penn
accident was caused by the failure of
the brakes to work. A new automatic
air brake had lieen put on the car two
weeks ago, and it had been working satis
factorily until the car started on its fatal
Will Try to Io l' the HI nek I'rarL
Boktov, Aug. -:5. Denny Kelleher, the
Boston middleweight lighter, has accepted
the offer of the Twiu City club of Minne
apolis of a purse of f!,(Kio for a right
tiet ween Kelleher and the "Black. PearF
early iu Octolier.
Allowance That Itoesn't Allow.
Washington City, Aug. 25. Second
Comptroller Gilkcrsou has decided that
army ofti.-ers when traveling over "land
granl railroads cannot, he allowed sleep
ing car fare. The decision is based upon
the new nrmy mileage law, which was
rvmodeled from tha old law for the ex
press purpose cf making an allowance for
t.onc to III Reward.
incilMoM), Va., Aug. 25. -John F. Al
l?n, founder of tli cigarette business in
tliis country, died Saturday morning, Hged
.5 years. Mr. Allen came to this city in
iSVU from Ireland. He was devoted tc
nn;sic, )iiTMiure. and
John Evans has nice baled hav for sale
by the ton or car.
K. & M. for ice cream and fine cans
Aut-iiBt S3l. Isltn. Violet L.. tUnuhter of Mr
Hint. MieriUMi i uflinixn, need 4 month.
A Kouhtful. Compliment.
Poet Oddjobs, what do you think of
my latent poeui?
Oddjobs Splendid, my dear boy,
splendid. I consider it beautiful. But
then, yon know, I'm no judge. New
York Sun.
An Indefinite Tern.
Visitor How long are you in for, my
poor man?
Prisoner Dunno, ma'am.
Visitor How can that be?
Prisoner It's a life sentence. Puck.
Not an Expert.
Charming Susan What is a thick,
short neck the sign of?
Jjear Jones 1 give it np. I never
studied necrology. New York Herald.
Kindly Courtesy.
Ted May I Itorrow your umbrella ibis
afternoon, Ned?
Ned Yes. unless it is going to rain.
boniervtlle Journal.
If money could be borrowed as easily
as trouble the world would be full of
round shouldered people.
The Plucky Oueen of Italy.
London, Aug. 25. The Queen of Italy
has maintained her reputation for pluck
and endurance by climbing the mountain
of Monz'i, 10.0 0 feet high, during a rain
storm, which turned into snow before the
top mis rench'l.
Krlcftfton't Kemuins Sent to Sweden.
New Yokk, Aug. 25. The remains of
!obn Ericsson, the inventor, but better
known over this country as t lie construc
tor of the famous little Monitor, were
taken on hoard the United States cruiser
Hallinior-: on Saturday and started on
their voyage to the inventor's native land
Sweden. The government made the oc
casion one of military and naval honors
to the oistmgiiished dead.
CITSIIW AN At Sears, lit 11 p. m.. Sntnrdiiv.
No. ltiin. 11112 and 1B14, Third Ave.,
la the cheapest plare in the county to buy Car
rinses, BiiKies, Faints, Oils, etc.
57 no
vine -to 4Mf
Top Bntrcico
Open B
First Mortgages
m stms or
$200.00 and Upwards
For sale, secured on land worth from
three to five times the amount
of the loan.
Interest T per cent semi annually, collected and
remitted rroc of cnarga.
Attorney at Law
Rooms S and 4 Maarmic Temple,
Lloyd & Stewart,
This cool weather reminds one that
warmer wraps are needed. Stockinet
jackets, fall weights, are about the
proper thing. We show an excellent
variety. Prices begin at $3.85 for a
really good jacket.- Our prices range
from $3.85 to $ 1 0.50.
We show more new dress goods.
Have 'just received beautifal new
Parisian robes and special line of
Black Serges. New Sicilians beginning
at 50c a yard, stripes, plaids and other
Unlaundered v
We have big values in nnlaundered
SILVER - .76 Cents.
GOLD 1.00
Please examine these shirts.
Great values, all of them.
Rock Island. Illinois.
Furniture and Carpet Dealers
Have the largest establishment West of Chicago.
Nos. 1525 and 1527 Second Avenue,
Ana Nos. 124, 126 and 123 Sixteenth Street,
Rock Island Savings Bank,
Open daily from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m., and Svtnrday evenings from 7 to 8 o'clock.
Five percent interest paid on Deposits. Money loaned on Personal, Col
lateral, or Real Estate Security.
omcERs :
K. P. REYNOLDS, Prea. ? C. DKNKXAXN, Vice-Pres. J. M. BCPORD, CaMiier.
P. L. Mitchell, K. P. Reynolds, P. C. Denkmann. John Cruhineh. C. P. Lynde,
A. J. Rt-imers, L. Simon. E. W. Harot, J. M. Bo ford.
Jaceaon A Hcbst, Solicitors.
EVWill betfn bntOne.f July 8, 181, and will occupy banking room with Mitchell A Lynda
until new bank i. completed.
A very complete assortment of full sets to choose from, ranging in price
from $9 Ot) up. O pan stock patterns in blue and brown, excellent ware,
also, from which you can m&ke up your lists at prices which will surprise
V "3
In every variety, and at reasonable price. The
best assortment of table tumblers and collets ever
shown here.
Plenty of them at ten cents
China and Glassware. 1609 Second Ave.
At prices, which like quality, we defy competion.
We thank you ince.relj for your past f arora, and here pledge you our beat effort la th
futona. Our dealings (hall be characterized by prompues and the strictest integrity to
our mntnal interest.
No. 1811 and 1813 Second avenue.
At the Lowest prices in tne three cities.
For Ladies and Gentlemen.
5grT armed Goods In all colors. .
An Encyclopedia valued at $8-00 Riven away to each customer baying $25.00
worth of BooU and Shoes. Call in and let oi show you the book and
explain bow you can get it free.
CENTRAL SHOE STORE, 1818 Second Arena.
MM Firth ATenae

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