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rbllthed Dally and We-slyst 1M Second Avs
nia. Hock Inland. 111.
Tanas-Dally, 50c per month; Weekly, 93.00
AuSaJniankstior,. of critical or
Hv. character, polltlcl or re Won, man bnt
reml nsma studied for publication No mch Ktl
tlcles will be priiitl over llctttioos sirastores.
Anonymonii communieaiioDt i not noticed
C'orrwipondeuce elicited from erery township
la Kock lalaud coniiiy.
Satchday, Ottobkr 25 tBw.
For Vntted Stnten Senator,
....Toss M. Piur
..Kowakd 8. WlLSOS.
Porbuoj o..c ;;;. h-VSE
ForTrwites. Illinois I jj. W. Hiuum.
Uulven-liy, J ....Richard D. Mukmam.
For Stats Senator... .
For Reprfeiitaiivea.,
Bbs T. Casls
IDionul W. Viktuh
' (John A. Wilbob.
PorCoanty Jtulira..
Kir County Clerk...
For She rl It
'...Chablm A. CmitiTX
V. V. UoHSxtn
.... Gio. B. Rnnwxa
Fir Treainrer..
For County Sopt. of srhoola. t'Ha. B Marshall
Concerning- the Hennepin canal I beg to
asaare you that I advoeats It building; a
heartily aa you or as any othor citizen
deeply Intorostod In a national work of
uch Importance. A waterway connecting-
the Mississippi and Missouri rivers
with the Trroat Lakes. thn Riving; to west
ern prod acta direct water communication
with the Eaat, enllata ruy heartly aympathy
and aopport, and I have no hesitancy la
pledging my beet endeavors toaeeoinpllah
ao dealrable an end Mr. CabU-t Ulfr.
.49 25
about 60 00
"Em" write h if he bad an intcDiion
of getting Inert? with both feel. Now
suppose Pat try h's htmil.
"Square Facts" what a tnienniLerl
says it takes 100 Gtxls to make one Ca
ble. More tban that. A mountain of
Goats wouldn't make a Cable.
Whii.k lion. Iiwn-Kst Reed is out
west will be pieaoe explain why he wou!d
not allow a small duty of l.rt per cent to
be laid against foreign bides imported
into thu east and competing with the
Kkku insifted thai t be bouse was not a
delilierate body (luring tlie recent session
of coni;res9. Does he think the Ameri
can people a deliberate body in listening
to bis speeches?
Tim price of soap was McKioleyeii al
so and now the washboard makers an
nounce that owing to circumstances over
which they have no control and other
things that washboards is riz. The elec
tion occurs ou the 4tb of next month.
Tell us, feed, if the high tariff was
not to give the manufacturers a chance to
charge higher pi ires and to compel the
importers to add an additional cost to
their if 00 5s, what was it made fort Who
is protected and how?
Ok all the articles placed upon the free
list but one sugar can be termed a ne
cessity of life, and sugar, as is well known,
baa tbe tax kepi on in a different form
that of bounties paid by the people to the
producers! Tbe McKinley bill is a fear
ful and wonderful humbug.
Just listen and hear Reed talk bow
liberal the last session of congress was
with other people's money. Keep your
ear to tbe ground and you will also bear
something about tbe sanguinary gar
ment. Tut Pennsylvania republicans are
running a man tor congress named Oys
ter. It is suggested that should be get
Into a stew and be gobbled up be will
have one sympathizer here (iest, who ia
now in tbe soup and ready to be eaten.
It is said that Postmaster Wells ia pre
paring seme weighty articles on tbe tar
iff which will soon be sprung upon an
unsuspecting pu'ilic. If too voluminous
for this section they would command
fair price in Chicago to be used as ma
terial for filling in tbe lake front.
'Square Facts." that wild-eyed cam
paign sbeet published in Moline, says
that Cable has not a dollar invested in
any Institution which is of benefit to Mo
line or Hock Inland. Well, there would
be no use railing tbe little thing a liar,
for of that fact it is fully aware.
From 1791 to 1812
From 1812 to 1817
From 1817 to 1825
From J 82.' to 1829
From 1829 to .8H2
From 18;-t2 to 18;-I4
From J 884 to 848
From 184:-t to 1847
From 1847 to 1868
From 1868 to 12
From 186 to 1h4
From 18H to lit)
From IH90 to
Rkid should tell the people wby
,. the tax on the west was kept
' up for the benefit of the twine truat,while
t the same time the trust was given tbe
unfair privilege of importing free of duty
' all kinds of material tbat is used in mak
' log twine, and which takes the plane of
1 Ltnp grown in tbe west.
IT is an amusing race between the
j - Union of this city and the Moline lHa
, j patch as to which can a av the wildest
1 ' things and tell tbe most pjpable lies
r about tbe tariff. In a short article of a
little less tban twenty-one lines, the 2i
patch contains ten able-bodied lies all
about the tariff.
Somebody shook boodle iu the face of
tbe Macomb Iiy tUindtr and it couldn't re
list the temptation. It was one of those
sheets tbat seemed to be born in the mid
dle of tbe week, looking both ways for
' Sunday, and when it heard tbe rusle of
greenback It felt convinced that a p oor
man should pay more for bis blanket.
Thomas Boodle Reed, the wandering
prophet of protection and champion of
high taxes, will te'.l tbe people of Moline
tonight tbe way to get rich by banding
over their money to tbe eastern manufac
turer. Ou a safe estimate, there will be
more lies uttered to tbe square inch in
Knowle' hall that were ever told there
before. The Wauties of tbe McKinley
bill will be mentioned, not discussed, and
Reed will drawl forth that tbe laborer la
worthy of bis higher prices.
lit the speeches delivered bj Qest dur
ing tbe week past through the district,
the Union says bo devoted himself to
congress and national politics, and had
an opportunity to do iuntl tn th r,-
roosl topics of tbe day. Of course, he
bad tbe opportunity, and he had
tn opportunity In Washington to do jus
tice to the foremost topic of the day the
tariff-r-and he did nothing except to tear
Tip blu of paper at his desk and watch
the others robbing bis own constituents,
-nd nyer raised his voice against It.
Dealing with the foremost topics of the
day I May heat en preserve us 1
Bon. W.M. Springer and Hon. C. S.
Darrow Coming. -
Arrangements have been perfected for
two great events in which the masses of
tbe people will be interested.
W. M. Springer, statesman and orator,
will address the people at Turner hall on
Thursday, Oct. 30. on the issues ot the
day, and on Monday evening, Nov. 3d.
Hon. C. 8. Darrow, of Chicago, the tal
ented and eloquent exponent of the peo
ple's rights, will speak in Moline.
Both these speakers will expound the
tariff and other issue of vital concern to
the public in a forcible and comprehen
sive manner.
The Peoria Orator to Speak in Mo
line. Hon. N. E Worlhington. of Peoria,
ex member of congress and an able and
well-known speaker on the issues of tbe
day will speak at Moiine next Monday
flight. An immense mass met ting will
turn out to hear him.
Ab Arrraaneot ravel la Happart of Meat
Whir Hi Own Artm Will aot Mna
As has been heretofore rdterated most
of the republican work in the present
campaign is beiDg done on tbe quiet
They are not making a ttill boot, tut
tbey are contriving to catch votes by mis
representation. Their assertions will
not stand in the face of contradiction.
and their deeds react when exposed to
scrutiny. Therefore they have adopted
the tactics common to railroad corpora
tions; what they do and what they Bay is
not to be discussed or any part re
vealed any further than is in tbe interests
of discretion and policy. The secret cir
cular, the misrepresentations to suit the
locality concerning the Hennepin canal.
all contribute to tbe support of these
facts. The Amirs has exposed
many of the contemptible and cow
aroiy practices or tbe managers
of tbis campaign; and it has now to
disclose one of the most ridiculously Id.
consistent campaign arguments in favor
of Oeet that has vet been beard. It is
being used by the buttonbolers dele
gated by the party bosses, and is tbat
Qest. while be may not have had any
thing to do with the canal, should be re
elected, because his defeat would be con
strued in Washington as a repudiation of
what be tried to do for the canal and an
evidence tbat the people here do not
want it. How sublimely ridicu
lous tbis assertion naturally is, is nothing
to what it appears wben the fact is con
sidered that in 1S76. Gest himself jjvas
chiefly instrumental in defeating, for re
nomination to coogress, J. B. Hiwley,
after that gentleman had succeeded in
accomplishing more for the canal, wben
fighting for it was more up hill tban it is
now tbat tbe country understands its
importance, tban anyone had yet accom
plished. Congressman Hawley had got
the measure to thj very verge of success
when Oest, for purely personal reasons,
slew him. that an outsider might
receive the nomination. How times
have changed the reason of things, and
yet Oest had the motive then that he
has now he was looking out for Gest.
let all else go.
Look Oat far Little Taffy A boat .et
and the Caaal.
Congressman Henderson will be here
on Monday nigbt and will speak at liar
per's theatre in favor of the republican
party. The people here cannot but be
ever grateful to Mr. Henderson for bis
untiring efforts in behalf of tbe Hennepin
canal. Tbe only thing tbey will regret is
the fact that Mr. Henderson will be
coached to give expression to some cam
paign taffy by saying that he never could
nave accomplished so much in the way of
the canal if it had not been for tbe assis'
tance given him by Mr. Gest He may
wear a solemn face when he says it, but
inwardly he will chuckle in a most de
lightful manner. And everybody will in
dulge in a little chuckle also. Mr. Hen
derson ia here solely to help out Gest.
He will have bis labor for his pains.
Wiit ahould Reed find it necessary to
defend bis recent rulings at every stop
ping place? Why should McKinley grow
frantic in defending his bill? If both
were good neither would require any de
fence. Their merits would be seen . A
man on trial for a crime. is not afraid to
tell tbe truth and the whole truth if be be
innocent. He requires no one trained
in criminal procedure to watch tbe form
of questions nor the shape of the an
swers. He can be given every latitude,
and. ULless he is' naturally timid, it re
quires an expert bull -dozing cross -examiner
to confuse him. On tbe other hand
if ha be guilty his attorney is In a fever
for fear he shall tell the truth, and should
by accident such a thing occur the result
is well nigh dissstrous, and It requires
considerable ingenuity and volubility to
divert the minds of the jury from bring-
-ing in verdict against him.
This ia the case precisely with Reed
ad McKinley. Reed Is tbe attorney for
those who uphold outrageous methods in
a deliberate body; McKinley appears for
the robber manufacturers.
It takes a good deal longer now to dis
cuss the tariff law than it did before it
ltallnur'a Miaaion In Ireland.
LoximN. Oof. 83. Balfour U now mak
lii hi lirt visit tn the west of Ireland.
Tin ol.jert of the chief secretary's jour
ney U to ascertain, with a view to furn
WliinK employment to sufferers from the
ptat blight, which is tbe most suitable
route to construct a railroad. He will
alao make a personal inrestiatio:! aa to
the truth of the statements regarding tha
coniiiiiou of tha crop crop.
Ualfnnr Malked Them.
Dl'BLIN, Oct. 5. A Urge crowd of Na
tionaliaM aaxembled at tbe rail tear aLatii n
t ttulway yesterday awaiUna: tha arrival
of Bnlfour, whom they Intended to receive
with cheers fnr O'Brien, Dillon, and othtr
leaders. Balfour was warned of theis in
tentiou. and left tbe train at Atnlone,
where be took a car to Castlereagb. Urn
will not visit Gatway.
. - Parmenter, attorney at law.
Makes collections, loans money and will
attend to any legal business intrusted to
him. Office, postoffice block. Rock Isl
and, Bis. ds&wly
The Kind of Law This Miscre
ant Should Get.
Jealousy Reaponsibla for Another Crael
Oatraaje A Wuma Knnekm) n.n by
an Allea;-4 Men and fttriol I'aured
Orer Her Fa e. r-.-ck and Boaom Tha
Perpetrator Atk lowledgea Hie Guilt
and la Not Sorry fnr It.
Chicago, O.t. Ui. Jealousy w com
pletely overpowered John Fox that it in
duced bitn not only to commit a 1 n ;t of
fiendish malevolence, but tor.-j iica in the
fact. .Yesterday be entered the home of
Mrs. Beecjda Kohlrr.knocke I herilnwn,
and potfrfed vitriol over the face and neck
of the prostrate woman. He exesped
from the house, but prompt and ener
getic work' on-the part , of DetecJves
Keating and Fiiziterald resulted in hia
capture before he could get out ol tha
eity, and he is now locked op at the Har
rison Street t.tt ion to await the resu t of
the woman's injuries.
Commlaalon or the Atrocity.
Fox went to the house at 761 Twentieth
street, near Wood, short y after 7 o'clock
yesterday morning and was in tbe net ut
raining a window when discovered by
Mrs. Kohler. She tried to fasten the
window, but Fox struck her in the stom
ach and knocked her down. He epmng
into the window, drew a vial from his
pocket and poured the contents 01 on
her face no'U neck. She strutrtrle.I and
endeavored to protect her fiice
with her apron, bat the fluid horribly
burned her hands, left cheek, and netk,
and ran down her back, shoulders and
som, frightfully burning her. Her
clothing was burned iuto shreds. Her
screams brought the neighbors, wio
summoned Dr. K. A. Muller, of T1H Twea-ty-Hrst
street. Fox in the meantime
jumped from the window and ran awar.
The Old IMory of Sin.
Mrs. Kohler was suffering terribly yes
terday afternoon, but was able to tell h r
story. She aaid fche married a man named
Kohler iu New York, and removed to S-aa
Francisco with him, where they lived a. I
years. She left bim and went back to
Germany. Returning to America about
three years ago, .-he went to Rochester,
Y., and there met Fox. He wanted her t )
marry him, and perruaded her 10 come to
Chicago, promising to prom re a divorci)
for her, and then marry her. They
reached here about two years ago, and
went to living together as man mid wife,
both working lo earn money. Some
months ngotbey went to keeping board
ers at 745 Twenty-second street. Fox be
gan drinking, would tnke all the money
in the house, remain away for days at a
t.me, aud frequently whipped her.
Out TlreU of Hrr ParaiaiHir.
They moved to TBI Twentieth street
Sept. 23. Ibe boarders going wilh them.
He treated her savharlfy that she locked
the doors upon him. lie would then lurk
nbout the bouse and threaten her. Mrni
d ty he went to the house and
wanted to be admitted, bot slie was
afraid of him and refuted to let him in.
He swore vengeance, raying he would "fix
her so no person else would have anything
to do with her." She ?nys he was jealous
without cause, as she has nlways been
faithful to bim.
Jealous of His Mistresa.
"I was crazy, I guess," Fox said at rla
police statiou. hWe agreed w.th each
other until we began keepiug botrden I
caught her making secret meetings w ith
them. When I'd any anything to her
about it ahe would call in tbe board
ers, and of co ursa I could not
say a word. She is my wife. V
were married in Marion, O , on the way
out here. She has the certificate. I sup
pose. 1 love her. and 1 thought I would
fix her so nobody would have anything to
do with her and she would stick to me. I
am not sorry I did it."
What the White Cap Found Iu a "Gin
ger Ale""Club.
FUEEMAS, Mo , Oct. 2Sl This town is
in a furor of excitement over the action
of tbe White Caps, who "destroyed ail the
property of a "ginger ale" club, mostly
straight liquor, here Thursday night.
There were . nbowt seventy-five or 10D
masked in -taw party. The druggwt of
the town has beeu notified to stop gelling
Some or Them Identified.
During the excitement attending the
breaking np of the club room property
several masks were torn from the laces
of tha White Caps, aud the wearers were
recognize-1 as well known citizens, and
arrests are expected to follow.
The Minions of Her Majesty Kidnap an
American Hoy.
Detroit. Oct. The American popu
lation at St. Clair Flats, Detroit's hunt
ing and pleasure grounds, are wildly ex
cited over a jts of kidnapping. Law
rence Sulio is the son of the moot noted
hunter at the flats, ami well known to
sportsmen all over the country. On Mon
day Sulio went bunting and shot game on
the Canadian side, but where tbe shoot
ing was open. The gamekeeper employed
by a club comprised of gentlemen from
Toronto captured tbe boy for shooting
British ducks and confined him in the
club house.
Will Aak for Ext ajirill Inn.
Tbe sportsmen then tried to get a war
rant from the 1'ort Lumbron justice for
poaching, but that worthy refused, and
they took the boy thirty miles to another
Canadian magistrate, where they had bim
fined. His people were fritrbtened at the
boy's absence, and wild with rage when
they learned what had been done to him.
As the place w here the boy was arrested
is free water, the capture becomes kid
napiug. and Sulio will ask that they be
extradited for it.
Re Would Not Aak a Pardoa In Any
EW Hauptos, Ia., Oct. 25 M. E.
Billings, who is out on b til, visited this
this place Wedne-day. He will not accept
a discharge by the prosecution, but will
demand a jury, which will formally pass
upon the evidence. Thia, of course, means
an acquittal, as the state has no more evi
dence to offer, and the supreme court has
decided lhat it is insufficient to convict.
Kot Asking a Pardon.
He states that he was directly informed
that Governor iioies would have pardoned
him had he asked it, but he said he should
never have done ao iu any event. He has
spent all his properry about (6,000 in
defending himself against tbe proceed
ings against bim for murder, and is now
penniless. Billings will go to Nebraska
after bis case is dismissed and stay with his
son, after which he will resume the prac
tice of law.
A Kansas Man Whose Family Will Profit
l.y His Ieath.
Emporia, Kin , Oct 25. A. R. Ban
craft, one ot the best-known citizens in
the county and one of the earliest settlers,
took wiih him to the barn yesterday
morning a shotgun for the purpose ot
shooting a cat. Soon afterward a report
was heard, and a few minutes later he
was found lying dead with the contents of
one barrel of the gun in bis heart.
Thursday evening be had taken out two
accident policies ou bis life for tS.OOO
each, good for twenty-four hours only.
The evidence before the coroner's jury
showed tbat be bad intended to make a
trip in tbe country on insurance business
and that it bad previously been bis habit
to take similar policies. A verdict of ac
cidental death was rendered.
Be Killed His llolher's Paiamoar.
Ixmjdox, Oct 25 Walter James Lyons,
who was Thursday convicted at the Old
Bailey of murdering John Stewart, a
quartermaster sergeant in the Royal ar-t
tlllery, and the paramonr of his mother,
was yestrtrday .sentenced .to seven years
imprisonment, tbe judge taking into con
sideration tbe strong recommendation to
mercy urged by the jury and the sreat
provocation that .exasperated Lyons to
kill hie war!. Lyons caught hia mother
and Stewart flagrante delicto.
Speaker Reed Talks to Repub
licans of Chicago. .
Great Crowds at Both Points to l.latea to
Polat leal Wisdom Tha Ohio LesUlatare
Passes the Cvwraor't Measure and Ad
Jouraa Mne Ut Washington City Wise
acres Not Claiming Everything on
Either Side This Year Hampton Telia
South Carolinians to Keep Cool.
Chicago, Oct. 5& Six thousand up
turned faces and a roar of applause which
tasted five minutes gceeted Speaker I teed
when he appeared npon the platform of
Battery D last night with Senators Far
well and Cullom and Representative Ma
son as escorts The doors b4.lb.vii closed
a half hour before, and the uvrdtiw, some
five thousands souls, awaited the man
from Maine in the adjoining armwy.
where tbe applause; prolonged cheers,
tamping of feetand shouts of "Our next
presideiu" could be heard.
Tbe Mala Statesman's Speech.
His speech followed the lines of those
delivered in other parts of the state aud
of Iowa. He defended tbe action of the
house iu adopting rules that enable 1 the
majority to do.wlint it wanted in the way
of legislation, advocated the principles
of the McKinley bill, and denounced
Democratic obstruction. He dwelt at
length on the southern, question, declar.
ing that twenty-six ' seats in the lower
house of congress were held by virtue of
intimidation, fraud an t ballot-box stuf
fing, and insisting that the so called
"force bill" was the only remedy for this
condition of affairs. After concluding his
speech the speaker repeated it to the au
snc in the armory.
Coventor Hill at Wheeling.
Wheeling, W. Va, Oct. 2. The big
gest political demonstration held here for
some time was gotten up to welcome Gov
ernor Hifl as he passed through en route
tome from Ohio. Trains from the sur
rounding country brought hundreds of
people to swell the crowd. A torchlight
procession was tbe first thing last even
ing, and it escorted the governor to the
Grand Opera house, which was full to the
doors, with an enthusiastic crowd. The
governor made a refrain throughout his
peech of the words, "the tariff is a tax."
He declared, however, that tbe Mills bill
was tbe embodiment of the Democratic
idea as the way iu which the tariff should
be adjusted. He then took up the Lodge
bill, and denounced it as a bitterly parti
san measure, framed to continue the Re
publican party in power. At th-conclusion
of his remarks which lasted
about an hour and a half. Senator Kenna
was introduced ami made .a short a i
Everybody fione or About to Leave
The Committees.
Washington Citv, Oct. 25. This city
bids fair to he empty , o( politicians next
week. Tt is pretty near that condition
now. Only two or three of tbe cabinet
are here. Secretary Blaine bas gone west.
Secretary Tracy bas gone to New York.
Secretary Proctor will go next week. Mr.
Wanamaker is In Pennsylvania, nnd so
are all the other Pennsylvanians w ho hold
high offices here. Hie president hopes to
be able to go to Indiana, and the attorney
general and Treasurer Huston wilt cer
tainly do so.
Mot Prophesying Anything.
The Democratic and Republican com
mittees are about ready to shut up shop,
nd their rooms present a deserted ap
pearance, both committees express con
fidence in the result, but neither is in
tlnlgingfin any bloster. It is felt tbe cir
cumstances surrounding this election ae
unusually uncertain, owing to the tor ff
ngitation, the Farmers' Alliance business,
tbe redisricting of various states and
other special causes. The managers at
committee headquarters are therefore
I U'zled, and freely confess tbat they are.
The Ohio Legislature Finally Pasaea the
Cincinnati Hill.
CoLrsiBls, O , Oct 85. -Tbe Ohiolegis
It.tnre during the special session present
eel tbe spectacle of a Democratic governor
dt pendent for support on tbe Republican
members of tbe lower house, because the
Democratic members did not alt support
his view of the subject of discussion. Yes
terday tbe governor's, or Soncrant bill,
wis advanced in the bouse to third read
ing, tbe speaker being one of those who
spoke against it. Tbe general tenor of
tbe remarks on tbe Democratic side is
thitt it is bad politics to turn over tbe
board to the Republicans, and that it is
un Democratic to condemn the members
of t be board without a trial.' The bill
was finally passed practically as it came
from tbe senate, and the work of the
spe :ial session was done. Both houses ad
journed sine die.
A Letter from Senator Hampton.
Charleston, S. C, Oct. 25. Senator
Hampton has written a letter to Col.
Irby, chairman of the Democratic state
executive committee, declining to speak
at campaign meetings ordered at differ
ent points in the state. Senator Hampton
announces his determination to staud by
the date t-ket nominated in September,
but urges both factions to preserve peace
at tbe polls aud refrain from violence.
He t tkes occasion to say tbat tbe charges
preftrred by CapL Tillman against tbe
Dem icratic state administration in tbe
recti t canvass were without foundation
in taut.
Tammauy Has a Rally.
Ke York, Oct. 25. Tammany had a
rally Thursday night of the old-time mag
nitude. No one can recall an event when
more people were in tbe wigwam. It was
packed even to the outer approaches. No
Tamnianyite of any prominence was ab
sent. The principal speakers were Gen.
Sickles, J0I1.1 R. Fellows, Congressman
Crisp (of Georgia) and Cot G. D. McClel
lan.lln famous Union general's sou. Deaf
ening cbeeis were given during the even
ing fur both Hilt and Cleveland- as the
Democratic candidates for president in
l:laine and Party at Pittsburg.
PlTT'BCRQ, Pa., Oct., 25. Secretary of
State 3laine and his party arrived in
Pittsburg last evening aud remained till
tbis mta-ning. The party were driven to
the Monangebela bouse.
Gladstone's Eight-Hour Views.
Losdin, Oct. 23 Gladstone's utter
ances in favor of an eight-hour system
tiave pr lvoked considerable unfavorable
comment among the manufacturing ele
ment o.' tbe Liberal party, and aroused
murmu of disapproval in other circles,
inducing the belief tbat many politicians
of the ol 1 Manchester school will secede
from the party upon tbat issue.
The Csar Perhaps FoTgot.
Losdos, Oct 25. The Austrian gov
ernment bas notified the Prince of Mon
tenegro 1 bat under tbe B.-rlin treaty he
has no ri lit to maintain a fleet, Austria
being ent rusted with the defence of tbe
tbe Montenegrin coast. Tbe notice has
relation to the cruiser which thecztr of
Russia hiis presented as a gift to Prince
" Kwptng an Eye an tbe Cash.
Jackso M iss., Oct. 25. In ths consti
tution aa so far agreed to iu the constitu
tional co urention there is a section re
quiring the state treasurer to publish
statements twice a year of all muuey iu
hand, and the governor to count it at in
tervals wi hout the treasurer's knowl
edge and t publish the result.
K.. O. Peters Ia All Right.
Manistbi, Mich , Oct. S3. The report
sent to tun's commercial agency dis
tinctly states the Oirect liabilities of R. G.
Peters as being between 4750,000 and
1800,000, an the indirect about tbe same
amount, hrinodnir the inHi.htw1n.Mi in
11,600,000. Tbe assets are over 5, 000,000,
and will have Air. Peters millionaire
after the be sines ia settled.
An Unpl aasat Welcome for Blahse.
Canton, O., Oct 29 Sheriff Krider
yesterday afternoon received a Sum moos
to serve on lcretsrv of State Blaine to
day. The pi alntiff in tbe case ia Thomas
Q. Vaaghtoti, one of the stockholders of
the Ohio anc Northwestern Railway com
pany. The t nit is brought to enforce tbe
statutory lis bility ol itectkolders.
A Vestibule Train Meets a Serf
oils Accident.
Thirty Paaaengers aad Others More 01
Leaa Injured A Story of Fever and
Deals at Sea Fright lul Loss of Life la
C hina Bridge Kaoekad Down by a
Train A Family Poisoned by Ealing
Pudding Miscellaneous Mishaps.
Topkka, Kan, Oct. 25 Thirty people
were seriously injure 1 by the w re king of
train Xo .1. the through Sauta Fe vesti
bule Denver express, at Wakarusa. thir
teen miles south of this city, yest erday
afternoon. Tbm. train was running at a
high rats of speed, and left the track at a
curve tbis side ot the east end of tbe
yards. The tender, express, mail, nnd
baggage cars and three Pullman vesti
bule ears a I left the track. Tbe chair
car, sleeper, and tourist cars are on their
sides. The track is torn np for about 40D
feet. A relief train from this city arrived
at 5:15, bridging with it the injured, who
were cared for at tbe National hotel.
Karnes of the 1?afortaaat3s.
The following persons are injured: W.
F. Jones, mail agent, Kansas City, pinned
between cats and injured internally; J.
W. Fadelv, mail ngent, Kansas City, in
ternal injuries; Harry Stone, mail agent,
Kansas City, head bruised; Mrs. Ella
Steele, New York city, hart In the head;
E. K Terry, express messenger, Kansas
City, badly injure 1 in spine; L. 3. John
son, Kanaas City, baggage agent, leg
hurt; Henry Lindsey, Topeka, bruised in
aide, jaw hurt; MattieO'Conneil, Chicago,
head and back injured; Mrs. Dr. Beaa-
lellundn. Cola. bruised, teeth
knocked out; K M. Beaslee. same place,
concussion; Mrs. George Turley, Fresno.
Cala.. back cut; Mrs. J. Mc Far land. Ter
rell Hill. O, bead cut; S. Sylvester, Mil
ton, Cala., knee injured; C. F. Farring
ton, Usbon, Ills., collar-bone dislocated;
J. X.Buckley, brakeman, back hurt;
Elizabeth Babbitt, Oakland, Cala, arm
injured; Mrs. W. J. McClure, Kansas
City, arm dislocated; Mrs. U E. White
(Oakland. Cala.). F. A. Fir (Albuquerque,
N. M.). Oorge F. Reppy (Denverl; Solon
K. Rose (Albuquerque), Carl B. Hankins
(Aspen. Colo., and J. A. Coulter (Colo
rado Springs), all slightly hurt.
Ship Fonnd at Sea with All Hands Sick
or lead Frightful Ei plosion.
San Francisco, Cal., Oct 25. The
steamer City of Peking arrived Friday
morning from the Orient. The captain of
the British bark Lancefield. recently ar
rived at Hong Kong from New York, re
ported that he met he British bark
Guiding Star, and that only one of the
crew was nbout. When he met the ship
she had been drifting forty-eight days.
The captain, the mate, the steward and a
seaman had died of fever and five others
were lying helplessly ill. The boatswain
become an idiot The stricken bark was
taken to Batavia. Tbe China Hail says
the government powder magazine at Can
ton exploded Aug. 15, destroying 2o0
houses and killing over I. ft to people.
Fifty Mea Have a Close Call for Death
or Rrokea Roars.
Dl Bl Qt E. Ia., Oct 25. A serions acci
dent occurred on tbe Illinois Central at
Center Grove, six miles west of this city,
at 5:30 last evening. While a train ot
sixteen freight cars was crossing a new
bridge a broken truck causei tbe eleventh
car to strike a girder, knocking tbe
bridge off the abutment and precipitating
six cars into the stream. Fifty men were
at work underneath the bridge when the
crash occurred, They made a dash for
safety and all escaped with, their lives ex
cept a young lad namnd Kohert Keatley,
who was caught beneath falling timbers
and killed. Fire men were seriously
though not fatally injure L The loss to
the company is about f iO.oOX
Had Rat Poison la Their Paddlag.
Onkida. X Y.," Oct 25. The entire
family of Joseph Crumb, of North Erook
field, has lieen poisoned by eating of at
pudding made from meal with which rat
poison bad become mixed in some mys
terious way. The family consists of Mr.
and Mrs. Crumb, a hire! man, two
daughters and one son. The physicians
were summoned and have done all in
their power to relieve the sufferings of
the aftl cted family. Hopes are enter
tained that all 1 will recover, unless it be
the daughters, who are both in a critical
Hia Keck Broken by a Blow.
WiLMiNtiTos, Del., Oct 25. John
Farra, a livery stable keeper, and James
Devine, an employe of the Clapp St Jones
Manufacturing company of Hudson. X.
Y., who was here repairing tbe Friend
ship fire engine, got into an altercation
in tbe barroom of tbe Pennsylvania hotel
last evening, when Farra struck Devine
in the mouth anil he fell desd Either
the blow or the fall broke hia neck. Farra
gave himwlf np to the police.
Failed to Keep His Watch Right.
Bl TTE. Mont, Oct 25. A coroner's in
quest was held here yesterday over the
body of Fireman Mitchell, killed in an ac
cident on, the Utah and Northern road
Thursday. At its conclusion Sheriff
Lloyd arrested Engineer Lynch on a
charge of murder in the second degree.
His watch was eight minutes slnw, caus
iug the accident On investigation it was
found that Lynch had not compared his
watch with the standard time in three
Two Kaowa To He Dead.
TacoJIA, Wash., Oct 35. Two freight
trains collided Thursday at the mouth of
tbe Big Stampede Pass tunnel on the
Northern Pari Tic railroad, in the Cascade
mountains. Two laborers are known to
have been killed aud a large number are
fatally or seriously injured. Wrecking
traius have left here for the wreck, which
is piled high at the mouth of the tunnel.
Drank Shellac Varnish.
PlTTSFlELD, Ills, Oct. 23. George Ken
dall, a painter, of Jiayli-, killed himself
Wednesday by drinking gum shellac
mixed wiihTilcohol. It is not supposed
he intended to commit suipida.
Bairour'a Urlm Remark.
London, Oct 23. Balfour is said to
have made the remark, since his arrival
in Ireland, that the parliament would sit
out its full time, as every year counted
aicainst the only man who could iuduce
Euglishmen to accept the delusion of
home rule. He is supposed to have al
luded to Gladstone, now Hi years of age,
Anti-Uome Rule Irish speaker.
London, Oct 23. A number of speakers
have been sent from Ireland to Eugland
and Scotland nnder the auspices of tbe
Irish Presbyterians, to advocate the main
tenance of the L'nion and oppose home
rule, and a vigorous anti-home rule cam
paign is to be inaugurated in the English
and Scottish constituencies.
Will Shaft OA Their Kalaral Osa.
PITT8BTKO. Pa.. Oct 25. The Phila
delphia Natural Gas company has decided
to shut off the supply of natural gas from
ail the Pittsburg puddling furnaces which
it has hitherto supplied. The chiefeason
lor the move as given by the officers of
the company is tbat they can make more
money by supplptug the gas to domes! io
consumers. .
The Slayer of Haggorty.
Cuicaoo, Oct. 25. The coroner's jury
investigating tbe death ot "Doc" lUgger
ty yesterday declared "Bad'' Jimmy Con
norton responsible therefor, and recom
mended that be be held in bail.
Es-Ouvcraor Nokia's Conditio.
New Yor.K, Oct 25 It is reported that
the condition of ex-Governor Noble is
very critical Has wife and daughter are
in attendance upon him. '
Probably Keaseaabor kaulowa.
v ibtca. uct so. 1 ne communal coun
cil yesterday rejected a motion to exlend
congratulations to Count You atoltke.
Thafrfonfim'nf thm 1.,. o a . a-
- - - . icpiuvh, Ar
thur have raised CS.OW for a mouumen t
to him, which will be erected in New York
city. . .
It Knocks the Dynamo Oat of liealaeaa
ST. .tAotrsE, N. Y., tct 2V. L. A. Dixon,
of Sodt:s, has made the discovery of a won
derful ore called Vlectric rock," which
contains a bid Jen force that pnti'es and
astonishes all who see it, and expert elec
tricians in particular. Tbe rock is of a
dark slate color, and somewhat lighter in
weight than sandstone. It is composed of
iron, aluminum, calcinra and other min
erals, and particle ot gold are found
Cheaper I.lxht Than Keroseao.
Mr. Dixon says it will generate unlim
ited power and give any desired amount
of incandescent liuht For illuminating
business places and residences it would
be considerably cheaper than kerosene
in fact after the building had been wired
and the batteries prepared the ro-t would
be merely nominal, and tbe light would
be equal, if not superior, to that produced
by manufactured electricity. The mak
ing of tbe battery is very simple. The
rock, in any quantity that Is desired, is
placed in jars containing a solution, the
chief ingredients of w bich are salt and
water. The circuit is then completed and
tbe battery is ready for active business.
Great on Hell Rlnglaa;.
The discover claims that as chargeer
of 4-St pounds of the rock w lit last and
produce light and power for at least a
year la-fore losing its force, and that it is
perfectly harmless, making insulation
entirely utnieces-ary. In Mr. Dixou 'a of
fice a nine pound piece of rock has bren
ring'u3 a l II since last November. A
piece weighing half a pound was placed
in a pint tumbler, and wires atlached to
the rail bell, which it caused to ring as
loud as an alarm clock. The lest was
made in the prv-ence of several getlemen,
who pronounced it a wonderful discovery.
A Lively Neqnel la the Escape to Canada
of a Chicago Hoorilrr.
CltlCAiio. VL S5 The escaie t. Can
ada of William J. Mrf.angle, one of lite
Cook county "boodlers," just bef re his
trial a few years ago, bad a rather violent
sequel yesterby. McGnriicle escaped
from the bath room of his own house,
whither Sheriff Malson had taken bim on
bis wor-t of honor that he wou d not at
tempt to escape. Since his return Me
Garigle has met Marson several times,
bnt never attotnpted to speak to htm.
Thursday night however, he m-t the
sheriff in a north l le resort, where a po
litical meeting had just been held. and ad
vanced with extended band ami greeting
on bis lips.
. A ndden Interruption.
He did not get through, for Ihe sheriff,
indignant thai the man who had given
him so much trouble anil brought down
npon his head w many maledictions, in-clttd-ns
Ihe imputation tbat lie was paid
for letting McGnnicle ro. let nut with his
right aud smashed MrGarigle in the lace,
and wou I, I probably have made him i
that he "couldn't have been told from a
lar year's corex" if friend ha I not come
forward pretty quick and restrained the
angry sheriff. "Msc" ouldn't be seen
yesterday until late in th day. and then
wouldn't talk, eveept Iu nay that it
amounted to nothitiic.
Married ai Ihe stale Fair and Went Sail
ing la the Air.
lti!;MIMiU M, Ala. tM 2V Mr.
Thomas J. Ninis mid Miss Gertrude I'il
man, of Hroin'.ti. , were marriel at
the slate fsir yeienty in tbe pressure of
ltt.t.aj p.-.pie. It -v. S. M. Adams presi
dent af Ihe lite AllMm-c, performit gthe
Cercnionv. The vomit; couple thea
a epp.-d into ihe car of a tm.io.-er balloon
S'l lwith .K-Miiaut R ild will sailed off on
a bridal lour The loutiu rooplc were
presented with a purse of i'J,! by the
stale fair iii.niaetii tit. mm I a l rg umu
ber of presents wr iriveti to them.
l an.lea in an Alr PI.-.
The Imllooii l.ndal couple slid J on top
of a itiounlsiii seteiiKs-ii tudes Irotiiltir
mitifcb iin ;t-r trip of an hixir. Tin y
were -veii niil-s fn.ni a rnlr .a 1. tun the
country people nnr lv carried 1 hem to
Helena, where I hry twk a tra il lor Htr
111 in-ham. arriving at n o'clock last ni -ht
The Enclncers and Federation.
PlTTKl l;i. Pa,, Oct 2.V The Brother
hood of liocoiiiotive E:ig tieers yesterday,
by a Vote of 2:0 to d. Irated the ma
jority report of the committee appointed
to devise a plan of co oM-rtioo. which
was in favor of a scheme to ami Mle w nh
tin? firemen, mndiirlors and hrakenien.
The vole la. ked a two thirds vote by 22.
The report was sent back lothe c 'inmitiee
and the ma ter is still a subject of con
sideration. No v. ile has isseu takeu on
the minority report
t ouch! wilb Dca,ilr Weapons.
New Yoi:k. tvt -"1 Iron crow-bars
were thew-eapms u-ed yesterday after
no.ui in a tiw-ht h-twren .lo-cph Wool, :r
years old. of Etsi tine Hundred and
Twanty-liflh street, and Carl Ilurg. -Iti
years old, of One linn Ire I and Twenty
fifth street and .-sjcoihI avenue. It was
ended only wheri b it h men sink to iht
giutitid. each with a fractured kuit The
men were Isk-n U the hospital
The O'Miea Divorce Case.
liNtH'S. tlet. 2"i Tho trial in tbe
divorce ptoive lins bruuuht by t'apt.
ll'Shea against his wife. 111 which Par
nrll figures as co-respondent, has lasrn
Srtfi.rtlie 11 1 Idle of Xnvrniher. Mrs
O'Slea will make counter allegations
against her husband. Sir Charles Rus
sell and Mr. llertwrt A'i(th have been
retained as rnuiis - by I'nrnell.
No More Silver Purchases"! his Month.
Washington- Citt, Oct 25 Th - silver
offered for sale at the treasury yesterday
amounted to l.OTsl.ntO ounces, ami the
anion nt purchased 200,010 onuces at
iLUtiis. Notice was given that the treas
ury department, baring purchased over
t,o. IMI ounces during the current month,
would siisie:i. further purchases until
tbe first Mo:idxy in November.
A Jubilee singer Kent la the Pea.
Nkw Yung. Oct. 23. Jacob Syuder, a
colored j.ibilee singer, was yesterday Ben
tenred to stale's pri on for twelve and a
half j-ict in Judge .M irtiu.- iu general
session- lor htghwav r.dde-ry
A prominent physician and old army
surgeon in eastern Iowa was railed away
from home for a few days. During hia
absence one of tbe children contracted a
severe cold, and his wife bought a bottle
of Cbsmbtrlain 'a Cough Remedy for it
They were so much pleased with the
remedy tbat tbey afterwards used sev
eral bottles at various times. Ile said
from eiprrience with if, be regarded it as
the most reliable preparation in use for
Cflds. aotl tbat it came tbe nearest of he
iog a specilic 0f ,ny medicine he had
ever seen. For sale by Hans fc Bahn
sen, druggists.
In the pursuit of the gooa things of
'bis world we anticipate too much; we
eat nut tbe heart and sweetness of world
ly pleasures by delightful forethought of
them. The results obtained from the use
3f Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
11 claims. It cures dyspepsia, and all
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. It is a perfect tonic, appetiser,
blood purifier, a aura cure for ague and
malarial disease. Price. 50 cent., of
Absolutely Pure.
A era of tartar Wking pom-dor. Blcaost of
siti.1. -I.-st,.. rr . utnnmm M
Is always to be found at
Rota. Krause's Clothing Emporium,
alB S at 41 ssj a a .a a.
A c opened our doors on Monday, October l.itli,
and shall be pleased to see all our friends, where
we will show them the most complete Het.vil
HARDWARE Store to be found iu the west.
Watch for change in this space.
((."arted ttj to Lrgislstorr of lUtnota.) -
Opra daily trees IJLa.lair I .laita Tars
aaj sad sstardar Brraincs rroa 7 to
S e'etoe.
Interest allowed on I V-s posits at the rate
nf 4 per CenL per Annum.
Deposits received in amounts of
W l and Upwards.
TW artsst mwimI, f tk. -- i
slhUMo tbe depositass, Tk, otVors ara prosit-
iron, w""wih aar of its biimii ia. atiaors
and asarrtod ooosra snxocted bj asocial las-.
. - kmi's., minrn : r-os
VBBHauiaaa, Vice Preaidrat; C. t. lliasaoaT
Tacrrsrsr-S- Whorlork, Porter "klcnrr.
C. r. Hrstrawar. t. fellas Lras, . H deafts.
Hiram lisrli A a fiM.ii t t-
H. H-nwnT. c Vltxthoa.
ST Tk- k.. . i . . - ..
. j vm.-vivo os rags BUI IB HIVI
Ulaud Coaatr.
It aWll jsv
it ia aootlr.
Xo Chemicals
m si Us anw-atos. f ks
SMM Sl 1 SHI ll .
s so a saa fwr. aimm
s K w Obi-a, s.or,oM
mM soxmoiT t a is,,
si KUobrinssahi kr.sk
Hold br (.rsw-r. rrrrra sum.
W. BAKER ft 0)oSorcLester. Ma
MP B tMUsMtf trBfa,ro. is.llts.kaaa.
tvil f tstSm. lr-.- 4Ms4 4isasrAi(t,4M )m
9 - tgrt.jrif U ne swa.ssss Iajst Is) rt
U li aiMsrkwtorl
baiitns- rrnoxir lot
Sioaionaioo, s 4.Uo.
T bo Qui sssp rrar.v tar
I oroa-ffilsp atastfi Am.
svasstrsr t 'n r-i aiairrslltia- M
a &" rts tu all sniVrrra.
A. t. rTt.Kr k.af.D
I 'Br ati a Iii-
V Urw
Kaaassssm Aliiaojans. Brai
ay. a fssnvl so
l IT
Tailor-made Clothing
no ana 11 west Second Street, DAVtNPOHT. II
1622 Second Avenue.
3011 Fourth Avenue. iTVsJrr In
Confectionery, Cigars and Toys,
School Books, School Supplies,
toves and Tinware,
:ptt:m::fs, istattiS, &c.
Basler Banner Cnokiag and Hrnlinf Slow and Ike Orneaeo Cot s leg '.tivrs.
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work.
J. "W. J-OZtsTES-
OrsJar ia Xrw sad
Second Hand Goods
Bats, sails aad trados ssy anlcks. 1 sardsSJ sssd af Jrovlrv.
No. IBM Stcomi Arcane.
Msaafsctararaf all toads of
A Boars af raw
sspaTjaKf. arpBlrtafassst aootlfaadyisaiialr.
1 sat '01 1 Ta n j sstlrtu
, e. .w. w-iJsro?E.
'aTSoTAsS. GjftlA0f4 ossr
Arcade CIGAR Store
Iaiponad Clears a ftb&j, For a past Is dfar caO at tas "AirsA.
If 18 Second Amu, Bonk is. aad. III.
at. " , i

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