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A rrMlaeBt Hatriaiaalal Eveat Hear
Caal Valley-Tha Orfaaewy, frn.
at. aad I he Happy caaple.
Coal Vaixsy. Deo. 27. The marriage
of Mr. Horry Feroa and Miaa Belle
McCoonell, both of Bowling town-
ahio, took place at the residence, of
the bride ' parent in Bowling on the
4th, ai A o'clock p. m. The groom's
brother and bride s titter acted respec
tive! v aa rroomamaa and bridesmaid.
Thttn u tlarm itlMUmm. TIm Rav.
W TV Mrk'M th Prnahvterlan fninlafnv
I or Milan, ociciatea. After toe congrata
V ietlotn to tb happy coo pie by the guests
V"X " in.cii.ii.ufc.;. eiili.liaiaTua, III
wr bidden to the marriage feaat and U
iAi feast, tbe tablet beine weiebted
downV About tbe time tapper wit over
tbe boyHtne with tbe familiar and tune
less musliAto let tbe people know that
tbey baJ nttt forgotten tbelr doty. The
bridal con prat presented themselves to
tnein, anu iuo jj uum gave ibou a utterst
. . . . .B J: x nm 1
present wnen iT aispersco. t no rela
tive! and frfoniM Dreaent made man
presents and man wen tent from a dis
tance by relatives f the bride who were
not present. Tbe were a follows:
Mra. Margaret Bend. of Philadelphia, a
silver teaspoon; mra i twMi iv Basin, SU
nn. Kntln krnifn,. Vili TLilt ftliiM.ri Inn
dlviittial tall and pepper aet; Misses Bes-
tie asrl Isabella stewarti unins-sin neaa
rest Korean embroidered: Mra. Rebecca
Hteiart, silver butter dish. From the
gn,U prwen' ! Mist M.J. Doonan li-
.. i.aJ inr.la ninth- Mr and Mm. W H n...
- nn i wo Urge fancy china fl.wer vase-;
VI and Mrs. Koiiert HuIKS", gisss Deny
a. L rh.Llvwn nf W MulthffVk (Tlirlatmaa
He, and Mrs. W. B MtKee white
fcold bound volume, "tbe weailt-a iilfe;
( Urence MoCntmell, salt tel. George
McOonnel, china cream pitcber; Miaa M.
Mrr.knnkltn fan,,, anlHnr avn.rk h uml PP.
chief: Charles McConm II glass cakt stand:
Mr. and Mra. J. K Dickson and Mr .: and
Mra. VV. Matthews, a large parlor
picture, "Moonlight on tbe Thames.
Mr ar,H Mra IY M.irnn KAhnrt anrl A In.
ander McConneli, large silver cator; Mr .
R Johnson and daughter Ada, butter
aaue ana sugar spoon, goia iinra; nr.
and Mr. Jumrs Doorun, a set of silver
Uble tpoons; Mrs. Phoeba Holdsworth,
one dozen ailver tea spoons; Rev. J. L
Palmer and wife, one half dozen silver
teaspoons: Wm. and Andrew MoConoeli.
' an eitfbt day clock; Miss EJitb Davis, two
parlor picture; Effle Dean, Mis Ella
Ferns, glass water set; Mrs. Jas. Lafety,
canary oira; his Msgtjte McDonnell, two
uub Iamass loweif ; nr. ana sirs. j. j.
Bothell. one towel. taliln ninth and luH.
spread; Mr. C. D. McLaughlin, clover leaf
tana; nr. ana Mrs. William Mcuonnell,
parents of bride, thirty-live yards of fine
The groom Is prosperons and upright
young man of quit-t and nnastumirig
manner and will make s modi II husband.
y i ue oriue is too wen Known to need com
i men. but will say tbe ta a young lady,
. whom any man might be proud of to cad
bit own. Tbe bridal party left on the 25th
for Nau, lows, where tbey will speod
atewn.ys. I be will settle on a firm
In Bowling township. Tbelr friend snd
relative wish them givat joy In their
marriage life.
The Revival Meellaaa.
The rcyival meetings veaterday were all
well attended. Harper's theatre was
packed last night with men. It is est!
mated that there were not Its, than a
thousand present. It is net often that
you tee so large a company of men to
getber and cot a women amongst tbem
The sot g service was conducted by Mr.
Clark aasisted by a male choir. Mr. Clark
aang two solos, "The Handwriting cn tbe
Weil," and "Have Courage my Boy to
- say No." Mr. Bliss spoke upon tbe sub
ject -Iliddcn Depths, "bidden depths of
sin, and depths of grace. '-The heart Is
decietful above all things, be said. . and
desperately wicked." No man can Irusl it.
Everyone that follow tbe promptings of
hi own bean 1 soon to fall into sio. No
one who 1 without tbe help of God can
say; I will never commit this sin. cor be
guilty of that crime." But grace is able
to lift s man out of sio, rlitnge his heart
and give bim strength to overcome. At
the conclusion of the sermon, several men
signed cards, pledging themselves to be
gin the new life.
At tbe women's meeting a', the M. E.
church. Rev. J. H. Kerr preached to t
full house.
Services will be htH Ibis evening at
7.30 in the Central I'resbytarian church
This will be Mr. Bliss' last week In Rock
Aa t'sir.rtaaate Arrld-at.
sir. J. J. Dcdrich. who is more fami
nariy Known as "Doc" Dedricb. one of
ths most popular of the Chicago. Rock
Island Sc Pacific conductors, running be
tween Chicago snd Mississippi, met with
an unfortunate accident in this city
Christmas morning. At this season
the yew the pittiorms are necessarily
irowy and treacherous to the feet. When
tbe west bound train rolled into Rock
Island Mr. Dedrbh stepped off as it was
slowing up, and striking prettv beavK
on the frosty surface, he lost his footing
and fell. Net being a heavy man. it was
not; supposed that be bad been injured,
but be could not get up and complaiied
to tbe train men of a pain in bis ankle. He
wss assisted into ths station and taken
to Davenport. On examination It wt,a
discovered that two of the bones above
the ankle were broken. He wss taken
back to bia home in Chicago on tbe next
train. This accident is most unfortunate-
as it will conane bim to bis borne
for a long time.
rorsTY Brixitixtt.
24 Joseph Asquint, by heirs, to Pat-,
ruik Brennan let 8. block 7. Wait &
Walker's addition to Reynolda. $300.
Edward C Alexander to Edward B
Kreis. ti lot 8, Henry 8 Caw' sub divi
sion 2. 17. 2w. fl.
Edward IB Kreis to Mary A Alexander.
17 2l $ ' 8 Cll,e' "Ub dl?i"ion
Willisn Johnston to J R Johnston.
10. block 1. J W Spencer's addition
Rock Island, 350.
It u a Xiitaks
To try to cure catarrh bv uslnir in.i
piicationa. Catarrh is not a local but
cunsiuuiionai disease. It is not a
sase or tbe man s nose, but of tbe man.
therefore, to effect a cure, requires a
constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsa
parilla. which, acting through tbe blood,
reaches every part of tbe system, expel,
log the taint which csuses the disease
snd imparling health.
Koch, the gunsmith, has just received
s nice lot of breech loading shot guns.
Do Ton Court l
Don'tdelay. Take Rem p'a Balaam.
GuKa cure, n will cure
cougns and eolds. It will cure sains
it win cure Influenza i
bronchitis and all diseases pertaining
IEm ."I" U PU' balssm
" " snd see bow clear snd
thick it Is. lou will ,ee the excellent
effect after taking the first dose. Lrge
bottle 603 and 1. . B
..A' tbe PMl: "A las..- ,igbad be
"Ah, men." wept tbe. -
H" ol Marksi.
i, . V100 for be,t otbraclle coal,
all tlze delivered within city limit. 25c
Ks.OOind Cannel cnl sa rv. . j
. .. Biivereu
uuea on an nnaert for less
vuo wu, cairymg
I Id1u.. per too extra.
Th Corporation ax tho Bab.
It Is calculated that 8,000 rats have been
during one week at the Birmingham
si balL and t h alnln lvAKaAMAnKj
' w..un-uiuHUU
'wbere.under atalliL In imltnkuv.
flower pots, and even in the open
a. i A provision merchant in Philip
onened hia dmit t.h niw
- VHH. ...... ...
found thlrtvme ntm vtntr AnaA
a butter tab, in which there was water.
manner in woicn the animals decom-
nnder the new treatment Is peculiar.
day collapses again and becomes per-
i a m. ......
iiau xne raca auiiea a week ago
be nerfectlv nnraumlxKyl knt rn
iir heads.
Tbe bodies have lost shape altogether.
mis motnoa or destroying the vermin
uwa aiscoverea tne city would
been tint to a mnMrilj
extensive were the ranum nt tha
it the market and fairs
aeciaea upon mtlag the flooring of all tbe
marketa and relavinsr thm -with v.m.n
That would have meant an outlay of many
dddiuwii or pounds. - xne corporation
paid to its market officials a penny for
everv rat destrovtwl. ami a 1a .....
tbe number annually killed reached 4,000
-rcprrarntiDK iiaeu a sum ot 4.16. Pall
r ii r ......
, Colic 8toneo Mounted In flnl.l.
Travelers who have penetrated into the
easternmost parts of southern Russia find
some strange lieliefs as to tbe power of fish
cnanna. Aiany nun round in those coun
tries have two small hard round hones n
the sides of the head. They are believed
to have tbe power when worn by the
owner to prevent colic, and tbey are termed
colic stones. The more wealthy of the
pesjuuits have the colic stones mounted in
gold, and they are worn upon the neck as
a valuable addition to a necklace. The
bones of the common bullhead are much
used amoiiR the Russian peasauts as a
charm against fever. Among European
nations In the MlHriln Ama Hu.n. a
tcine had faith that two bones found in tbe
tench have medicinal virtues. The bones
were aootied to the skin in
The tench is an European fish and the
v niwju oiawjs Dsn commission are endeav
oring to introduce it to American waters.
.-New or sun.
' "Whoa. There! Old Benztn
A firm in Munich is making carriages to
no propei imi oygns generated from ben-lne.--Several
of the new vehi. iuc - i
suecessful operation, and the company is
securing patents in all the big nations ot
the world. On the country road they go
rare oi en miles an hour, but iu the
crowded streets they move about as slowly
as a horse-ear. Tbe motor is placed in tbe
rear over the main axle, and the benzine is
carried in a receptacle under the seat. It
Holds enough for a trip of eighty miles.
The gas mixture is ignited in a cylinder
ty an electric spark. The motor is
started by simply turning a lever. A link
cnnln belted to a wheel on the reiir axle
applies tne power. In its make up the
carriage is something like a tricycle, hav
ing only three wheels, und is guided pre
cisely the same way. New York Journal.
Bow's Taia!
We oiler one hundred dollars n-w.rH
for an v case of catarrh that aonn k.
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure.
v whkw vuua-w av
j. vhknit a. uo., frops.. Toledo. O
We, tbe undersigned, have known
j. wnenev lor the Uaa fifteen ven
and Delieve him nerfectlv honorable in
business transactions and flnaneialis bI.i.
to carry out any obligation made bv their
Waloino, Kinnam & Harytn. Wholesale
lrugglsts, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la Uknn tninm-llt,
K-iiDir airecuv noon ins ninrwi nH mn
con surface of the system. Price 75e
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
A believer in Siena ahnnM ha
his superstition when he enters tbe dime
Pain snd dread attend the nse nt most
catarrh remedies. Liquids snd snufis sre
unpleasant aa will aa rianonmna i?i'.
Cream Balm is safe, nb-aeant eaailv an.
plied into tbe nostrils, and a sure "cure.
It cleanses the nasal passages and heals
the inflamed membrane, giving relief at
unco. I rice owe
Koch, the gunsmith, has i
a nice 101 oi Dreecn-loading sbot guns.
Tbe auestion has
respect are St. Patrick's nilla hotter ih.n
any otherr Try them. Too will find
that tbey produce a pleasanter cathartic
effect, are more certain In thlrinn
and that tbey not only physic, but cleanse
I. A V. 1 . , ....
"uuiB sysuiai anu regulate tue liver
miu iMiweia. r or asm at S mnta nj
uua oj nana a, ttannsen, druggists.
"Cat-ninnedr mnnM tk nnn.
r , u luuuob m&
T 1.1 . . .
K a grip on mm. -
Why continue the USA of irritatinnr
powders, anuffa or linnLla Vln-
Balm, pleasant of application and a sure
'or saiarm ana coia in head, can
be had for 50c. It is easilT
iue nostrils, is safe and pleasant, and is
curing me mosioDstinate r.as'-s It gives
reiiei at once.
Dresses can be trained to follow their
Soms favor a Uriff for reven n onto
ana some a lann with incident! protec
tlon. and some a tariff for nrntootinn
per te; but a large majority favor tbe free
uao vi ositbuob uii lor cuts and bruises,
I CO. '
Messrs. Hildebrandt2 & Weinhnro-er
Who have Purchased the Rook Tnlanrf I-a
tyO a outfit, beean delivering' lr N.i
Blood is thicker than water,
and most be kept pure to
Insure good health.
Swift's Spbcipic is natures remedy
for this purpose.
It aever to fails elimnate the Impmr
ties and build up the general health.
Tksrs is only one Swift's Specific,
nd there is nothing like It
Be sure and get the genuine.
Treatise on Blood and Skin IXfteaaoa
The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga
u sua or
$200.00 and Upwards-
For tale, secured on land worth from
three to five times the amount
of the loan.
Internal V rmr ui .nn..nH .ti . . .
wmltifriofcn ' """0,u"
Attokjtxy at Law
Booaas S aad Xaaonle Toajplo,
I f'Mlt-Ufl SIS MtS. 1
.,ie!f ""'"TIPS, SB USCER
Tslin IISArr(lTiERT,itaMl.
timr rlkn tb mil im la 14 koara.
atrial b j nui
. TMl7aE;u DRUG CO.,
Bolaaaw.SwtlwV.8. IBtnS.(IHHllIAUE,lS.
- . rvremioi nu, or ranm.
France ; (ruarantd to aeeonpUna all that la
lltH llu 1 . 1-.-1 Tl 1 a. , ..... . .
wnraiofuHia. ToaoaoedavnUilyfortKmbloa
peculiar to wooMa. Van dlrecUona arith
" P" o wrao osjca for So. Anarina
no bmtaaforsa. Anarina
Ktora, Rnaaeat. Iowa, Too
lOtouoruKiart, aUaiatnot,
i Oo., iMTaapurt, and of aj
rill w., T vtTwrmixwm,
raanlao p otwaiai
hock Imaatd. Jauao
dranti.ia, .auaaaw
1 -
- TV. CnO.,.. o
The Fanioua
. - -
Tha rmlftt
- Van Houten s has fifty per cent mart of the flesh-form imr
Clements of rrtfna than Jk nhfoinl K.. X.Z w .
other manufacturers.
BCST Jt ftftFft rADnj5-T
Doctors and analysts of the highest standing all over the
world, certify to this immense savin) and by Vak Hou
ten s special process oaly can this be attained.
3-Vs Hocrra-.Ooeoa CWo triad, ahnv. al -) , aath. (.t mtnmum,
of th. .-M. rh,. Cooo. . ronw- a,, JZmZJZ:
oS o.V or Mhor r ehr.ltoa. rr dull, ..TfcZ-l --T.!?
hale andrirk.rK-h.Ml -. Ank for Vi Iloimcv'. h
Sock Isr.Axn coi ktt.
In tho Cnunir Court In Prohote
John Peets, administrator etim tentameiito annrxo
of the estate of Bailey Davenport, dpneaaed,
complainant. v. Naomi h. Ttavrnuort, Catherine
Davenport, Khcnvscr C. DaTenport, Henrr C
Davenport, Joseph L. Darenport, Will lam C Pnt
namAbraharo Merchant, administrator of the
eatateof Magaret J. Sears, decaaaed, Frederick
Wererhaeaaer. FrarlrrlcX O. A. Denkmann
Lonle J. DaTenport, Mnry R. Darenport, Qeotge
J; Onborn, truxtee. Walla, e, J. Bruce James K.
Bne and 8 e. Smith, defendants Petition to
ell real rotate to par debts.
T,LM,id'feD1"n', Naomi L. Davenport, Cathe-
C. Davenport, Joseph b. Davenport, William C
rntnam, Abraham Merchant, adminletrator of
t he estate of Macaret J Seant. deceaaed, Loois
J. Davenport. Man k. Darenport. Oeorue h. Oa
bora, ttaatee. Wallace J. Brace, James K.
Brnce and 8. r. Smith.
aftl.lavit of your non residence having been filed
in aaid ean-e, take notice that the i rtition In the
above enllUed cause has heen flled and la now
pendmc In the County Uonrt of Mid Rock Inland
county in the state of Iilinotr. in probate, for the
sale to pay itaa debts of the estate of raid Bailey
Davenport, deceased, of tbe following described
londa and premise- situated in the coubtyof Rock
Islai and State of Illinois, lo-wit:
All that part of the southwest and aontbeast
quarters of section thirty-live () In township (18)
north of ranirelwo (i) west of the fourth principal
mendaa, known aa ont lot flfty-tbree (BSV and
"""i ""' t'lrmisr ooenpik-a oy said i5aller
IhirHnnnS ih. liuu ku ...k . i
1 ' . ui. urai it iur hib ovale
place, and containing abnnt fourteen (14) acres,
and beinK tbe same described in two certain deeds
Of SAn.w.ni. .... ...IA L I - i
. . u . , . , . m.ir mj uacLin tkllOX S11U P,U-
san Knox his w'feto Bailey Davenport and Sus.n
wiml u.v,i April raru iorw, ana
recorded in I he orB e of the reorder of deeds In
and f"r ssld Rock Island roomy In volume thirty
two (84) of records of deeds at pave two hundred
and nine ) thereof, and the other made by
J. Julius Strahlcy and Jane bis wtfe to said Bailey
Davennort and rmrtled In w till UitMMtap,a nSMiu
Id volume thirty-four (4t of records or deeds at
p-J?e orm buudred ud nmety-foor m thereof.
raavoiaa 1ISM S1V1IB1 quni".rr, BOUlls OF TD0
Indian Boandtur Iin, of Mid action ifairtv-five
by Mid Bailey Haven port in bisOiretime to W. T.
NOITiri. la. M WKMr. JaMh la.K I.vK
tikcM, William B. Woodward and Jr h Rl..nr
Ku i- . . . . .
usr-auB w oi rfcoru in ine onice or the Kcord
er of dfeda in and for aaid Rock Inland County,
.vtmniiHuauiunrui SICFHriUeU ID
two cwrUtii deeds mad by aaid hailey Davennort
In A k L. a a.ia. t . -. -
m iwiic ui "riiitu uoaini UHia UB UTln
5th)dayof tteutember A D. 180 and is recorded
tn Ilia itlilrxi nf tnu Uu.ln. .1 i
... uaam-u-c V.l -1UIU-E I UCCUB III SHU (Of
aaid Hock IhUdU Ooonly in volume K of racords
of dfed at page eighty three (&J iht reof and the
other of which bears date the fourteenth (Mih)
day or September A. 1). IWo, and ia recorded In
)till Kai-nnlar'a nfnaa (a. ..(,! ..I '
- - a..uv- ia m vuiuinc AV M PWce
ninety-bix 9 lhiof,) and whicb ia not des
cribed ttl ! hta ItaTaa AthMP fr-tai .aaaaulai
aaid Bailey Davenport by 8. M. Taylor .and h on band
ItOth llMWlllV lllll. Ik. . J . ,-A V -J .
of January A. D. 18ti, one of which Is recorded in
v..u imuTun b uuiLe in Toinnie lony-nve 4d) of
records nf deeds at page four hundred and thirteen
(413) thtreof, and the other in said volume 46 at
pugm four honored and fourteen (414) thereof :
... n...,r,n,iuiiaiquUKI, HIUU III I It
dian Boundary line, of aaid section thirty five (8SL
e,.'l. tt Ih.l trt ,K..Hnf k. . .1 II .
. . . ..... i . .i wiicjr, u j mih dm ey
Davenport In his life time to Uie boatd of education
. ..o v ... ui ., k ismuu, oyueeti now oi recora
in said t econler's onlca, and also except snch
iikitui as are situate in DiocKsane(ll
two (aiandtbiee (S) in Bailey Davenport's fitat
... ..... i n.u I,, i ui i v j ui tiuca isaana, ana in
blocks one (11. two (i), three (3) four (4) five ih)
. ,1 .1 .t. L, .. ; I r. . .. . . . . . . I . .
' " ' " '. J vBeiiNjrk a uiuna 11 1 au
(tilnu. I.. II... ti f k i. ..... a L i .
the estate and right of tbe Kock Island and Milan
Street Kail way company in certain portions of
said last named quarter section described la a
cerialndeed made unto itbysaid Bailey Davenport,
".. s ".w ""MIS UllWin-DlD t Ilfllll A V. IBB
and recorded in said recorder's offlce iu volume
iTcinj-i.u ( ui recurus ni aeeus at page lour
hundred and fortyteven (447) thereof.
,u, wwuinM.,iuiHi uaii, aouia or i tie inaian
oounuary line, oi section thirty-four CM) tn said
township ami ranre except those certain parts
iurrei.1 conveyea ny sain Bailey naveuport in bis
lifetime to Lowell Buttrick and tho Kock Island
and Peoria Railroad Compxny, by deeds now of
record In aaid Krconler'a office, and also except
v..w p.... Minimi M r ntuut: III OIOCKIWO
(XI andtliree(3l in Bailev Davenport's Srst (1st)
llltllfkli ,r. .... r.ir.. ... I?. I. I .1 1 I I wi .- -
.. . . J V. 1... K 1DWIU, MUU I U IMISUKB
one (1). two(S), three (S), lour ). five (e) and six
" ' ' ..... j ,'a.eiiLS,,, a secuuu ISflUf KUOKIOB to
'd city of Kock Island, and tn blocks one ( 1), two
(Jl. three (3). four (4l.nvet5)ind six (61 and seven
r .. .."... . tun. i;vlu; SUUHSIB Hf
said city of Rock Island.
i ne son in nan oi toe northwest qnarter of sec
tion one tl) in township seventeen (IT) north of
' nc9,u,HM;tuurtumiiciai meriaao.
Tne northeast qnarler i f section two (2) in taid
l.u, .!....... 1 ... . 1
.uw iimu.u ww naiiip anu range .
Tbe northwest quarter of section two (9) In said
w (.vuoc .mcu um DnutU NN niDKS, eXCCpt 111 tt
part thereof conveyed to the Rock Island and Milan
PftH..t kailw.r f.mn.n K. ...H U i T
port in bis lifeiime, by deed bearing date July Slst
. iro.wu mow m iccdiu iu saiu recoruer s of
fice In volume seventy four (74) of records of deeds.
- r wuiimiiCTiwiB aiiv.ergnL lino; inereoi,
and also eicept such othei parts tnereof as are sii-
- . " .u.vu i -j i iu pniir, ini.ciiiiuri p arstv
addition to said city of Kock Island, and In blocks
four 4i. fiife IKI siv rsi ..v.n :?i l.,h tut
w uiuc if ana ten tioi in tiaiiey Dav
enport's fourth addition to said city of Kock
l.lund and anliiw r ,n th. .)... n r
said tne Rock island and Milan 8 reel Rail-
. "... t.ij ih i... txnsiB pari ui saiu last
named quarter section described in said deed made
to It hv .Sill Hall.. n.M,n.a . . i .1
recorder's olnce in volume seventy-two (M) of re-
.cniBMiage itatr uunureaanuiurty-aeven
(447) thereof. .
i ne east hair or the northeast qnarter of section
" ... uuu .i.i . c iwHicu lowusnip ana
"'t; cccj paca pans tnereoi as are situate in
block three (3) in Bal.ey Davenport's Srst ulai-
llntt lnuirt.4iBnrbiw.1f 1 . 1 .. n .1 . - .I i. . .
(-J), three (3) and four (4) in Bailey Davenport's
third addition to said city of Rock Island ; and In
blocks ten (10), eleven (U) and twelve (13) in Bai
ley Davenport's fourth addition to aaid city of
U,M.lr l.lann . .a t- KI V. . . I T . . L
- .. . .. , ..u in ui... uuc 1 1 1 in i . ju. atiicu-
cll s a.ltlition to said city of Rock Island. The
MtuinomuiiuHjiui uio uonueast quarter or aec
ilon three (3) In said last named township and
...... am... , . : , . . . .
... . a uc iiwiiuiidi nuriuwest quarter ot sec
tion three (3) In said last above named township
i.ih,o,mm;ui muse cvrtuiH parts tnereoi con
veyed bv s ild Bailey Davenport in his life lima to
the Rnetr faianri Jb. Umnim . I . . t
skinner, James Kelly, James Copn, L. Buttrick
anu r . jx. r-mtin oy aeetts now or record In said
recorder's office, and also except IhU certain part
. .. . wu.vjdu "j dumb ja. uoiaamitn losajo
last above named railroad company by her certain
" w. n in, una iutT ui aauuary a. 11.,
188. and recorded In said recorder's offlce In vol
ume forty-six () of records of deeds at pe fonr
hnnrired and tf rtv tiJl h.,nr l
eight (8), fourteen (14). sixteen (16), the aorta
ft,. If nt In, . 1 ..... . , . . . . . .
ail that part of lot five 5 in block one II not
....I ,cu ii ii 111 mocK turee mi. ana
wu.cjou uj rstu iaiiey iravenport in His nte-
. 1 . .. l. a I:... I i . .
...... ... ..i Dwminjn arfineran entire n, ana to
Joseph Lewis, by deeds now of record la said Re
corder s offlae. ail In Bailey Davenport's first ad-
Oltlnn tn Ka .If. nff U . i ' -
. --. . j . ' .,.1. ,B aviiu.
Lot three 3 fn block (1 J, lot seven T and eight
f8 In block two (81, lots six 6, seven 171 and
eight 8,in block three (3). lots two 12 1, three 31.
four (4), six 0, seven 71. eight 8), and nine A,
. . - . i t j , .... u . t i ii t) km. a mc I u j .litis two
121. five TM and mi-r IA i In kln.1. .t mi t- n-n
uavenport-s third (aJl addition to the city of
ttrak lalnri '
Lo s three 1 31 snd fonr fJI In hwir on. rn tn
even fJJ.ta block two SL lot six 6J. and the
uj i"i eurnt tnj, in oioca tnrea 8L
blockfocr 4, except said above described tract
flAtlVf VatJ. K Uailuw IA.... a ' .a . ,
a. J VJ W BalU KOCK lllBOa
and Milan street Hallway company by deed re-
fnrrlorl in wninmai In. J , .
.. .a. vu.usw t.ruiviuw I tij oi rrroroB or
deeds at page one hundred and Ofty elebt flM
thort-rtf at a fr.asaaa 1 no M . . i
- i .b . a-'lla s.waW la, L. I'lUT I'll
nine 19. ten (luj. eleven 11 J. twelve 19, thir
teen 1.-! and font teen 14V in block five ft; lots
onel, two 2, fonr 4 j, live 16), six ffll, seven
17), eight 8. nine 9 and ten 10, in block six
IB ; -block seven 71, lots one 1, two fS, three
3, four (41, live 15, six (C, and seven 7 In
block eight 8 ; lots one (1, two 8, three 8, four
(4, five (5J. six ), seven (7) and eight 8J in
i -I , -.n ..uc llJ .nu jai, inree i anu
four 4 in block ten 111, lots three 13 and four 4
in hi rk.lmnltll . I , 1 ..j'. i )..
" l ' - J . wan, 1 , V W . J IUI TTV I . I
fonr 41, and five) in block twelve fVlL in Ba.ley
uavenpon s fourth 4lfal addition to tne city of
Hock Island.
I.i Er f ,. i. : i t . . i .
n. m w. me auifuivivioa ci tne QonnwMi rrmc
tlonal quarter of section thlrtyaix 36.) In town
ship eighteen fIR north range two a, west of the
fourth principal meridian, except that nart there
of conveyed by said Bailey Davenport in bis life
time to the United Btates of America, by deed
now of record in said heeorder'sofilce, snd subject
to whatever estate or right the city of Hock Is
land may have to certain parts thereof under that
certain deed made to it by said Bailey Davenport
bearing date December 4, A. D. latin, and
.. ...... aaiu nvenruer suuice in volume forty-
two 42 of records of deeds at page six hundred
and nla fafstt h.n.
Lot Doisaid subdivision of said northwest Irae-
. ... ..,u buuiuii unriysix t ! in tne
township and range last aforesaid, said last
n.n,..l turn I.., 1, a i . i , .
..... allu a miTig is u it tie a on nc
west by the west line of said last named frac-
llnnal . n n .. .1 ,1 . . ,
J, h"i n.ii,un uicBJBUl oy IOC SOUU1
Hue of aaid last named fractional quarter section
on the east by lot o ef aaid snhaivision of said
last names fractional quarter section, and oa th
north by the Mississippi river;
1 h.t .,r .i.i . u . . . , .
. .. i" . Muriuwoafc inctionai qnaner
section tbirtysix sr in tbe township and range
last aforesaid, wuich is bounded oa tha west oy
tot A of aaid subdivision of said last named frac
tional quarter section, on (he sooth by the south
line of said last named fractional quartet section.
I . rH ... " !"" """"J occupnu dy toe
bite Philander L. Cable for hi homestead and be-
- "j I.DWWI awiirwB ror uve asme pur
pose, and on lha north by the Mississippi river, a
u, i.ii u ueina aometinw
known as ont lot four 41 in aaid last named frac
tional qnarter section.
Lot thirty.! So In Waatberhaad's addition to
the City of Hock Inland; ,;
."i mc tij.ramuea ionr(-ij,iottwoXl, rn Mock
flu. I tsl inft. - I u I . ... . . .
- - .,. .m.vw , u nun luiti I ; , la utOCa V.I
Inu three 3 and fonr 4 la block U, and block
., oi bgb llntr 111. La DIOCK V
.mnnipun uuiuon lO LUC tOWtt I
(now city) nf Moline : I
iS.' 5Hb.,0 OBk.(,, B,t,,,T Port, second
(!) addition to the city of Moltae:
iwtai ana uiree lol in laK'taire it
M"to"nltf fceeol83 aorth ot raaure
It waat of tue toonii principal mertu-an, exce..t
; , cgorfti tv aaid
Ixuej iravenponln hia lucuae to timock. d
. 1 rrrrrjjjjjjjjjjj
-m .. . t
Conns nf fa
w. K . WIV.
Am A :
j c ucn. processes oi
aMld llf hi ft AMHin nul. a.. . . .. -
" " nmnm m sain He-
eorder'a ofl ia, one In voinma fortytwo rat of
deeds, at na sa hm v.nnl-- , . . 1 s . .
. w ,- vu aw, ,we n l Tl OUr IXlMI
thereof, and the other la voIobm artytvo looVof
deeds at pats six hundred aad fortysevea frMT
thereof and also except tboas parts thereof by
SSlffilLt.7 ?nVn conveyed to John P John
son, trry . ohnson and Onstaf Miller aad the
nhleagoand Rock Island Railroad company. I y
deeda now at ttnrrfnn i...ud, .--TT il J" ' '
slso except I hose certain parts of said lot one 111
in said nai st iL..ii-j i ' i
ruade byaakl Bailey Darenport and bv 6eorge
DlVflBmn. ia bm nnn, 1 1 . l
- - in satu necor
dera offlce: said tnu being snbjtct to whatever
nght or eeta the Chicago, Borliogtoa Uulney
Kallroad company assy nave to certain parts
ttlsara-Ar Btn.L S S. ala.ataa I aa at- . .
- v. .( utTcu wnae to H DY said
Bai-ey Dave iport bearing date Decenber 29 A.
1 1H1 anal mawaatAa 1 1 A a s . ' -
. - w vsuvu hiu nrcoraer onice in
- . IH. iwttm:
1 he west I alf of tha nathsnl nn.. nS
tlon one 111 in township seventeen 117 north.
BBaaaafaf) attaafa'a I at WaaBaB A ill . f.in.ftl, . . .
dian- ru principal Baerl
Ohinorh w thirds of theaorth west qna-ter
or the sooiht ant quarter of section three (31 in
the townafal s and range last aforesaid, except
ann .nn P T 11 V wow IHU HQCK 1-
- . , n..nnMu wfunavny oy nailer tlav
enportandS isaaM. eoidsmlih bv their
deedbearinf dale January an. A. D. 180S, and re-
rr'., , a""'.' aoince in voiome forty- ix
I4b of recnr I. of deeta at page aix hundred aDd
nineteen Kit I thereof.
Theeastk ilfof the southeaat q.-rter of see.
tion eleven .1, the Boats half of the northwest
?inrtr' f " eontaeast qnarter of section eleven
.,..7Lo.,j acre or in son in west
quitter of tl s aontbeast quarter of section eleven
M. and tin aouth half of the aorth half of tha
son tb west qt arterof section elevea 11 all lathe
townthipaiKi range last aforaaaid, said last men
.on?4 i.'0' subject to the estate and rmht
of tbe Reck island Milan ntreet Railway com-Pn-
-a that certain part thereof, described ia
said deed mi de to It by aaid Bailey Davon ort,
recorded in said Recorder, offlce in volume
seventytwo J T) or reconleofdnda at page fonr
All that pai tat tb north "half of tha northwest
. k j - " r ui nat casaniy iosa rua-
tana in sat a last named qnar-
li I j acnoeo in a certain deed made by L.
j : uavenport aad re.
fhTn-ln?! n?.lL5i:-'V0i"m-.flftr
,r""T , .i . .. " r "aiwrreu ai.a lorty-
Ihree f448 tb -reof and o niutamg ahont tea acres
of laud both if aaid last two tracts of Isnd being
In the InWnftl in ann 1, -. . j .
The lutrth. ..I m, . ... n. --,1 . ' . .
- - ., . . . v.. Ktiiua luuneea 1 14 1
In the townst tp aad range last aforesaid, subiect
to the estaie and iluhi -r,.. i. iT. .
Milan Street ailwy company tn that cert. I a part
the mot dears hnn In .1 I , . . '
r. n wan BUSUO IO SS'Q COtB
naOV hv asld Hal aa . i . . . 7,
Kecordc-r'a c4 lea ia volume aeventy-two 7S1 of
f Ja.laat pa.e four hundred and lorty
sev n 447 tl ereof ;
Tb " If of th. so d the as t fractional qnarter
, , - v pnwa luarusvn 111 il toe
township and range last aforesaid ;
- i"j aenrsor tne wear, hair of the
BOnthaast feat -itnnal nn.w . . . . .
. --- s",wi,-mniB Bvoca rrver
of section fo; neen 14 in the township and range
last aforesaid the una haina ail k.. ...T ,
r mhd ' 5tlo,ul1 Qnarter section whicb lies
ir.;.iiir.:r"w. w -m' Kic
1 b ,rui ' altaato la said last
-n-erfnnnT.. menUOOBU BUd
--- -..n....nur ui vat niiw or margaret J.
Mnara B .... uu c-i, .. .
IZT lii T, 21 j -vwia,oi fsjoiraa iB nomine elffi tT-
tWO Ik! ill !.. ifla af nana tku b. P V
BIX lJJ then of, and contalnlnc about bine acr a
That certah tract of land la tbe northWKat qnar
ter Of arVIUnl frttl si aaaan flail t .k. . . M .
.v-..IUVsa m Ufa wwnsnip ana
range last as aaaid. kaowa upon tbe Assessor's
TbIMI Sir slat I H tm art aaBnait aa.a i .
r-- it section sb lot tonr
4, uontainu g about eight 8 acres of land and
IVlUtT flls-Aitl i amlk . J i ! I
a- era. a. a. ,r. mmi ttUJUIIlIIaaf IQ Jaild
formerly own -d and oecnpied by John Good, and
bout A. DriTM II aad "ZiS&EV?
miftfit mrm 2ttmmtt aWiaarava f O l . .
K. Pbilleoto aid Batlev llav'.nrwn Til :
1 .. ItivMinnri . 1. . . . . e
Ki..ij iiiU .. Vm i"rreoi conveyed
by said Bailer Davenport in bis lifetime to the
- -a aauii-aaaju taJUlUaiT .
Thsal -rtmU aa l..a 1 .1 T. . -
of Rock river, of aection fonr-
r; i"-"'M - "ouip auiai nmugeiiM aioreaaid.
known on tbe aaaeaam'a plat of aaid hut namvtl
auartis MMnti sa aa la ra 1 a 1 .
tjventy-flvo a d a half M4 acres, and being all
that part of si id last named fractional quart erseo
1 weat or a aorth aad aoeui 1 it
I . " "f"-Broogn, oistaut tweuty-one 1.1 J
chains and ta. rtyMine St j links west at right an'
-a aaaxc wi ). teSSM fraction
al quarter aoftkm, and beinx tbeaame which waa
11 TT j - . w., isoa, aetoa aird
r r . 1 iinar-iiosaia nailey uav
eoport and dsorge t. Davenoorl; suhject to the
estate and rig at of the Rock Island at M ilan street
Railway eoon any In that certain part thereof de.
scribed In si .id deed made to it by said Bailev
Davrnraart. hmwU in uu . . -, J
. ... . " ihuukti omce in
volume sevei ty two 7a of records of deeds at
1 no tnar hits- nisui aa.l s..M a.. r.at ...
" HtZ. . . ... scvt7u 111 1 j laereor.
The nndirliled half of tte aonthwert fraction ii
f si . " " "'nu, or aeccioa foarteen
Ii41 tn the twrmhipacd ranife laataroreaaM; the
talllth twnhni.iHaa a a r
nine m In sat d LeClalre's ReiA. .VoreSTid. be-
intT tllH SSIMtail-Inf l.al .... , . . a"7
r.V,l w t'?t Dnt of f! t.avenport, late of
. , whiiij, aw ii a seu, ana, as there
by devised an said Bailer Davenport, and being
tha land ... , o ul tn ...a n i. . '
, - . 7' wwrjcE aavenport in the
division and i irtition of lacds in aaid kock Island
county betwe. a him and Charles Farnam; except
1 frt,",,erflt conTeTed by said Bailey Davcn
tawtln bia lif. tim. to J. a. Baaer by deed re-
mrrtatH in mmiA BanaJ..i. .4M . .
-WUICS9 in to in me aevtsnty
one iTll nf u tim mt mm i. -
U m th-f -u ana eignt
1 hat cerU' a tiact of land mentioned and de
scribed In a n, stain rinut n..- k.- s,
5S.'n"l?aa,.,"er ',"p, bearing date' Serstemner
17th. 1881, am recorded In said recorder's office
-- -.c ciir-nni 1 iij of aeeas at page Sve
hundred and tan 510 Umraof aaid tract contain
Ing foar and si tn hundred lha raSo-iiBti
or less. ' ' "
The MllllhM d nn.n.. r k. i . .
t - . -. " , siv BunowBit anarter
Of section lata .l.f..... injl 1- ... .7
rt. i-j wwiaiHip Barventeen
17 north of r inge two L2 west of tha fourth arin-
K-T.ij i 7, '"aJH pan tnereof conveyed
by said Bailey Davenport in his lifetime to H. R.
anVeatttat IIV 1 kavaalHia aSa. a. ,kAs. a.k.L .......
, .. " :rv. . ,," inea, ana
reeorrted in sa d Recorder's otllos In volume forty
. i 1" win ux uenai at page roar hundred
and eihgtyfoa 484, thereof; unnureo
The east hat- nfrh an, I..,.. . .
twentyfonr pi to he township and rangTaTt
BfttTMBtlfl alW. linl SlaaaO n- -n al a "
.. Tn i. 7, --f p.,, iDcreH conveyed by
5"le'. Ofoport in bis IHeUme lo the Kock
Island Poorl i katlroad company, by deed hea
Ing data April . IR1 atid ii Jrted In aaW luo
. - ... . a. rn ic, unu oi aeeas St iura
onehrrndredm t forty three 14S tharaof ;
The east hall of the northwest q oarter of aectioa
SnTaS'VJl5 I "d.lb noftberlS!
lr ifniTaa r .b.a ua -at , . .I-
: ---"- suss wi Mia uat nafnt-d
f,"is cd- S "Rrr'aTfflo:"!:
thereof; -'--P-se.onyaix, taj
-nVn 00 , f'-,1" own-bip sixteen, 10,
north Of ranara 'nns la 1 . . i. . . 1 '
palmendiM; ' "" P
The ?n!n,nw' 'factional qnsrterof aectioa thlr
ttwo (3i, In lownsbip seventeen, 17, aorth of
range four, 4,. west ot ths foortb ptucipal meri
All blnrkMianntfM r-s 1 l sli
, , ""1 i l , I iu sue VUlCaKDOT
jowersddltlon othe( Ity of Mock Island, except
Uiaaaal nlmt, n rn. . . . . . . r
' taa.j itaii uiereor. Ana that
summons baa k ten iaaaed against yon therein.
, ' ' n..anaiaiBBiir pv sun Biitiesr
before said cos ion tbe yimt day of the next term
. - aa tin uourk
In the city , of Rock Island, in
eonnlw nf b. aa I-i t . . .
, -""J ataaoamryneaa, to WU1CB Use and
Olace aaidanm anna l.a.nW .-vi- i , ,
answerardemiirtDtba peUUon ia said snlt filed!
that the same a ill batmen for ooafcaeed against
yon, and deem -ntersd aecordlngir.
"aanaaan, Ui ,lM9CaS,A. D. 1880.
. ; Clerk of said Coon.
flas..sl tuvHWS aaalaa aaa-.1t k. - - M a. 1
Clerk offlce. Rock -Jeland, 111., nntil afonday.
Jamnaitr Kris. m a. Br m . .
ajAipiuwtuenw -ai nMitw ov u tiTuiuanoe of
"vi tv uiLsa wW WWUIMI SMT IMYMI. Mill H
is eo-
k wuiitance or uta lmprovenent ol
k.tiiwu iuui iwtjniHUKrtei 10 Twenty-
... ..uvs n m rrouvjiiiiiu nirv-TJi, iiTUIB FOOnO
nniM tn Vlfti ... aa t:.
a. .an Bwaajaaaaasa asuxa K tl w BTBis I THU
Twenty-third a reel to a point a bout four hundred
rant ...1 . qaia..l.k -. . . ..
. . . n...-c,;u. -kiaSBk, IBBDU1 BM
aboat ona bund red and sixty feat through tha
denrrada evoaal a ni ta. t1 It I a- o -Ma i
B.ctQ. raiiroin, and from there east Fifth
aiuiiuc a-auua a we oeoter or tna latersecif
irorta-aiZth aal aal anal aa.n tit,. U-ll
- i '"S, sa last am anu noiBa
tha wprkacmn lag to the plana aad araKifiestiom
therefor. The id improvement ordered by aaid
ordinaao eons) as of sorb lag with eurbstntirs, ex
cavating, grails g improving and paving with pav
ing brick of got j quality twenty-sevea blocks of
tree ta in sai l this of said ordinance set out.
nnil mil far I mtUhm. tk. .1 , .
e' u... u. Hiwa isa omitruoisi ana
the. material tat refor furnished mast be In accord -
" pi mm mnu aiiecucatiorMi for aaid Im
provement on 1 in the said city Clerk 'a offlce. at
Whinvi aailt nfll. . -ntH nl.- ..J ,a ..
f..nn. ma iiaujcBuan are
open to tha ioi asctioa of .all aersons Utteiwstad
Contractors at s to fornUh samples of brick with
which work is tt be door. Brick aaed hi the work
mancerrespta. with saaplea in qaaltty and style,
.k. i"1?"'"" mpaBted wUh a certiueti
ehecklnUta bus, of Ave hundred dallara, payable
to tbe order of t ia tr...M. nr a..a -7.-
shall boeome fot sfelted to said city ta cam the
bidder shall fall enter lata con tract, with ap
proved saretiea, to execute the work far the price
nentkmedlnniibld,aridacordinK to the ptaaa
and specillcatloi a, m the event that tha tatraet
should be aware edtahiaa , ""
tZV7ZZLZLZ '"rr aopitoancai
HI .k ha. a n a --a..a - ..
j . . avai Biuuci, warn OXBBl
aona m., at tana m 1 1 . . . .
anaLTn-. ... J TC" 1 -lUJierB BUal OtBatf
. , . i .rmgi, Wl aauu in OS.
''15 ?act V and all bids or propoaakl
1 be
-- j ,.,nwaaij iiiaai isu,
: toaaarr KonarLaa. rsta m...
Roak Itlaaia,. B,,ii,msrU.lSu,
a. f a r a. it
II III I isiinsi mi isn turn im mi in ii if I
Boca; laLan Ootntrr, I
-n .ll.aik vwnn IB VOBUOBiy.
Toha Paeta, administrator cam loatammito aanexo
nS ,W ,., I, i I II- . . .
that Hock lal.na ana Wll.- . T . , A'
' ' -m .t. ii.ii.k, anana
ran. 1 harlea a Biit.n V 0 u-t
... ..vww.u, a. . nsiuiuauaa,
Imora Unrst, Peter Fries and J. Q. Msaaie.
fa-lislnal Kill
John Peeta, admfnlstrstor enm testamento an-
" " "alley uavenport, no-
ceased, vs. tha Bock Island Milan Street
' .em, au-.m niKucr, aotin V.
Stewart, James at. Montgomery, Kdwia O.
Praaer, Levi Sharp Frederick Weyerhaeuser.
rreaertca u. A. uenkmaao .William h. Hal
llgan, Rosa Wood manses, Thomas 8. BiMs,
Louis V. Pkhast anal lis. BT n i-
. Oeorga Downing, Sr., James Downing and
Thomas Downing, partners ate- aa Downing
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a de
cree of the circuit court in and for the county of
Rock Island In tbe stats of Illinois, entered In the
above entitled causes on ths Thirtieth f snahl day
of September, A.D., 1800, 1 shall oa Saturday, tha
Bixtb ( day of December, A. D-, 18U0, at tha
boor of tea 101 o'clock ta ths foraeooa of aaid
day at the north door of tha conn boas ia tbe
"ft "f I,,m,Kl la aaid county Rock Island,
aeil, subject to the approval of and eonflrmalioa
W court, at public aactloa so tha
highest bidder or bidders apaa ths terms herein,
arter and In said decree mentioned, all Ibe rail
way of said defendant the Rock Island 4t Milaa
Street Railway Company, said railway extending
from tna corner of (seventeenth street and First
Ma., kn a.La nt. nS Lt 1. l-l , . . .
- , .n . . j ... na., uiwri k,i nm k;a aaa
along the streets and avenaea of aaid city lo a
point at or near tha aoaihern llmiu of aaid citv.
Bad teamen nans lla eiaKl n n..n n Jk 1 . '
... v. n.j nun i a Bsara uver
atal alona rsnain anajla ana kl.an... I- ak.- .
of 8onth Rock Island to and over the brldraa ana.
owned by the said city of Rock I aland apanutna
Rock river between tbe town of Bears aad tha
Iowa of Milan, and tbe nee ovor and along certaia
streou and public grounds la said tows or city ef
Milan to iu terminua therein and Including tha
braasch extead lag from Ibe town of bears afore
said to tbe high point on the bluffs of Mock river
known sa Black Hawk's Watch Tower, together
with all said railway company, light of way. real
estate, teases, road-bed, track, side-tracks,
switches. Iron, ties, engine and atatloa booses.
wn. an, Hnnuin, roillllK StOCK. CarB, BOTSea, OS-
ehiaery, toots. Implements and belonginge aad all
1 - , j . sx'prii;. nruiiaucna BEH1
appaifMancesof every sort, kind and description
. . -, - -a'"a w Btia uwBva ay rata
defendant railway eompauy, inclnding those now
n vnnnini w uuueui Ol rrcaeriCB llSas,
heretofore apnotnted receiver hernia, and all each
which may hereafter and tM-ua- In ataBtfk SI at I ah Kan aaa-
quired by bim, (exreptingneverthelessall mooevs
oeionslng to said street railway company now i
the hand a of aaid receiver and all such aa may
arise from or grow out of the as ef said railway
property and f ranch Isea. or may coma to aa d le-
riiair nnar In kli nMnn,... : . . .
., " . ..H-auui ft" , B m RB1Q
Haiti .ad naitaa. ft.. . 3 j , . ..
. -j . , . - j nn wj naiu UIXHX ISTtTHHIQI
together with all the nebta, privileges and fraa.
rhlaaa nf aala .
; ; . iMiwij nnapuT 10
maintain and operate iu said railway and carry on
ita Knainana ana in ..Ui.i.
, . ' ' aiwuiB inn uperaae Iks saia
nilwayover, along, across and through thee iweta.
. k" i; ,,mmi. ui saia city or
Rock Island, aavd town of M tlan and aaid trsamsbln
nf Hulk D.u-n 1-1- a . . . '
r --" aua f-x-r ana along uw
a'd bridges spanning Kock rrver, and all other
rigbta, privileges and f ranchlsca what-oever L-a-1-mglng
to or connected with the said railway eoaa
pany; all of aaid railway, premise, property.
-e-- - s- mT,a siiuaaeai in loe count?
Kock Ialand af.,sa.aln..la in V .. I u : .
aeverthelees to all liens lor taxes or assfsssaas.ta.
general or special, wblrk may have accrued and re
main thereon prior to such sale.
TERMftt nt? kli L' n. - SS.annn,
a . w" ,---- vn laitnami iria,UUUJ
dollars in casn, down al tha lime of said sale, and
the remainder upon the approval and ootinrvnaiioa
of snch sale by said circuit court.
Bated at hock Island, Illinois, this Mb day of
November, A D.,lbV0.
Receiver and Special M aster ia Chancery .
The Sala innntlnnaH in It.- . k. 1 . .
- - . . .. nu,-.. aim Buregoirui
notice ta atimhi ut.k. .1. a.
dny the Sixth day of January. A. D. S, at tha
a, NIP of San aVllab In inn . i .
tha Itlaan ann nn Ik. n .. 1 .- ' .
' "E,aia BaaHvani IB uae
above and foregoing notice.
Iiaied at Botk I.laod. Ililnola, this Sixth day
of December, A . D. laSQ. .
Receiver arid fpecial Master ia C baa eery.
Intelligence Column.
(haapest and best place ia tha paper for
'Lost.' and -KentWleii
" wur. aneijuutiy iciaaa tola
eoluma. Try it.
l to do c boras for his board this wicter.
Itaatieawn et on Twentieth street.
-TTTANTRD A Srst -class Qcwral Msnager for
Plan" of Aeeidenl Imain 1, . -i ,,
ww Mils r;uy ana VlCinifV t ItlLtlnBM tha-l -Kan.
the advan aires of tbe -old line" and tho "at-
wm irarnM, 1 STVJB BHMI lllutta , aitilpnaa
W. D. CHASk, hec-y. Ot-neva. M. T.
iTTORNIT-AT LA W Offlca wilh J. T. Kaa
vrortiiy, 17 Second Avanaa.
I TTORWK Y8 AT LAW. Offlca la Rock Island
" ..nmm imui tauiioitur. atocK Islaaat, HL.
a. . sasajrrr. .LSituL
Oatce In Becgs ton's oloek. Rock Ialand, Ol.
TTOHNEY-S AT LAW-Loan money on good
. Beenrltv. rnaka enllnntlnna - w,.-L
11 Lynda, bankers. Ofliee'tn losloffloa Mock.
Mews Bland. Five cento per copy.
T college, Vetemary Physleians anp Bargeoaa.
Offlce Ttfutall-a l.lvn-aal.KLn. U a .
Asters Bakery, market square'.
Teaches ItsBtadentsa
trade and tbea starts
them In railroad evrvtos.
Bend for clreolars.
13-1S JaBBsvtu.a. Wis.
WM. 0. IULPi D. D, S.
Rooms M, 17, 18 sad SS,
Take I levator. DATENPORT. I A.
Library Building, IH-awnort, Iowa, Call for
timales and aea work be furs fom( 10 Chicago
i-V ni.rasi -V'
1 rune
- - - - BV - - -1 1
C" m SaMKT-sasaraaiUa-d
WS Ofln- -.v, BrrmasaJK.davlJilaKiat
7 "': v--BrrsTas CUKM in t
at.. . aaict.rin tr r w 1 ...
BaUBai.nr.-a, bn.af. IaT IlKnnll.
wsbbbsbb. RiiHW SsaXt, Sna. B.
raSTM. riiahmss itiaaila MSILTM .aa VHataS SSVBSW
Van laalaslly. mt at fart.lt BA.Sa la I
Of tana fa thivi
Protect TTour H3yc3.
ttArrc c:
Iwreova. (
rrAi co'a
Roek Island
.- OpeadailyfroaSa.aa.to4 . atsad 8tisr47
Flvspsrcutnt lntrwst pall on Deposits. IZohmj loanscl oa PsrsonsO. Col.
UUral, or KmI Estttte Cscmrlt
r OL D3SKHAXX, vlcwtaw.
r. L. WtctUTlL . P. Reynolda, P. C Deakmaaa. Joha Crabaagb. O. p. Lynda.
4. f. Balaaera, L. Stmam, X. W. Burst, J. H. Baord.
alAoasoa Htraarr, Sollcitora.
. y vHll begia b-ane-s Jtly , 1990, aad will occupy soaking room with Mtleball at Lrad
antu aew hawk la lemiiliHiul .
Contractor and. Builder,
Office and Shop Corrter frveato-nth 8u . . T , T. T.ln,., J
and 8evaUi Avenue, AVOCK island
MiJlktattowf Artastie vorh s enoeiaKy. plassaadswttmatMforaXlk-adaof baOdhacs
faraiabad sa apullratiea.
House and Sign Painter.
Plrat-clses Oraialnc and Papa Haaing.
P. O. Boi Vt.
GEORGE S CHAFER. Proprirtor.
ISM Boeoad Avenue. Corner of Sixtaet.di Mreet, . Opposita narper's twastre.
The choicest Wines, Liquors.
1-v. anttj iiy .... 8em)wtefcn, fsrai.hedaa Short Mollos.
Srst straet. C. U. Bkeltoa, array. r
I.aiva. tAaaiva.
IMta! n0mm
t-n aaa 10 4 pm
S.-S8 pm I pm
Council bleffs A U
ta llnv "
Kan aaa City I lav K:
waraiagToa airin as
Council Bluna
at Mia
7Mpa, TS am
Ocamcil oinlis""ci'aha ' . I
Limited Vestlbul. ii.. I :
tliotag west. tQolrig eaaa, Laily.
way Depot Drs svsaae aad Bixterata aa
. lonng, aawnt.
. TRAISg. I vsava j laaTva
St. lxiaia Kipreaa. a a am a s am
8. Loais litMsi..n ISaii'tHM
St. Paul I .press S Sftpu.; T M am
Beardsso-ra Paaesager S-WI pm1 lo.-aa am
Way Preltht(aleamouth)... Saml l.-Mpm
Way Preight (sterltaK)..... IS US pm 10 : in am
Sterilng Passenger T -0 ami S:8 paa
Oubaaua 10JS amj S.H pm
war Raciae A SoatUiwestrr. Division De
pot TwenUelh arreeV. bet ween First aad becamd
avenue. W. D. W. Holmes, agent.
TRarNS. l.aava. Amaiva.
stall aao a-tprMsa I:S aa On pa
8t- Paal Kior-aai S:l ll-S3am
V AeooBaaodaUna S:tva IS: 10 am
Ace-waaodatlo. tBit S:lStia
pot Pi rat avaaaa aad TweaUeU atrrr-t, p.
H. Rockwall, Agent.
TRArSS. Lsaw. 'Aaviva.
Paet Mail Kxpruaa I:iu 7 i p
Kxnresa tmam' IWpa
Cable Acaammodatloa S:inan I -on mt
" ..... t-SOprnj SS am
-East and South East-z:
aota. aaav.
Ota. wasv.
aad Er
S IS am
aad Rs
S.S0 an
S.m pm
AST pm
S 57 pm
rv R. Isl'd arl
l.sn tan
' pas
a ih pea
SJS pm
aJat pa
SIT pas
.Prtaoavllks .
in aa urn
s ue am
lll.M am
a.JB pm
lo t? em
10 SO am
IMS am
IS Mam
10 tat am
SA pm
BVU9 pm
11.15 pm
1IJW am
a IS aaa
M.M-1 na.nln
Al am
4ft am
At am
t 10 nm
1115 pm
.US aia
in. a.-a
US mm
1st UHlla. Moi
1 57 pm
1 SO aaa
llaa-lile. III.
Terra Baasa.
lO.aS pm
8 IS am
l.ia am
t.45 am
7 . an an
T.tv am
10 SO pm
Int. UBTllkS . .
IlBdnatt. O
T 45 pm
fassetigur trala. arrive aad depart (ram Falat
aopet Pnoria.
AocomaaodatVitl train leaves Bock Tatar tl S-4S
f- m. arrtvea at Peorta t-m a. m. I-mvaa P-asrta
:1S p. m. arrives al Rock Island Imlr.
o.blb aaaitra.
'0.M am
Lv. Rock lalaad.
Art. ReyaoWs....
- fable
b us nm
1 i pm
lArnaan a'laa. in."
Lv. Hhle
Ar. Reynolda
" Hock Island....
a v aaa IX rw pm, a l3 om
T.IS a at IAS pmi ji pa,
t n am. ..) pm M ps
?tiatr ear aaa ISnsf
aream Rock Uland
and Peon a ta aota d
u. a. m uuiw,
Oea'l Tui, Agent.
F8T "'L TRAIH arlU Xleetrlc lighted raj
"am hnaud Vestihaled trains bet -en ctu-aUlwaakaaviit.t-aUasid-tlaaawpt.ia.
nAKaTOlTTrvimi. ROTTR wlU Kiel-He
lighted and Steam beatml V saturated tratna ba
Joa tlblcacoasd (vmacil B.blTi. ijaxaha or
ba. Paul aad tha Paclac Doaaa.
Kansas Ctty asm tn. Joawpa. Ma.
BTOB MILS OF ROAD raachtar all prmclua;
folaw la Ililnola, Wisconsia. Mmtn-aota. IowZ
ataasoart. Booth Dakota aad Worth Dakota.
Povaaapa. time tables, rates ef pa-aaga aa
'r",fht-""c-. applv ia Iks aatarest statwa agent
at tha Chicaco. Mllwaavksw au Paul Rauiaray, a
lo any railroad aaamt aay araarre ta tho world.
Oamaral Maaagav. 4seanraaa.A1-.Akgi.
'OT ta format kttn tm nta.a. tn T - - . . .
Tcavimowwed by hy the Cbacago, Mtlwaaaeo A
ht. fsal Railway Compaay. wnu ta H. Q. Haa
tat MUwaokaa. Wlseoaam.
Undertaking and Embalming
Dlmlck Block, Ra. SOS Stxk Sv, Rock IslaaaL
. Havtsg parcnaaeat a complete Hue of radertak
lag goods, wilh haaras aad armaartenncas, aad
having Beata-edtbaaat-rteaaeaT Mr. t-so. S. Ra. d,
of Chicago, aa arpart fuaeral director and aav
elaaaro( IS years eiperleaca, I am fttilj pra-
fnni aw aanraniaaj
TslephoM 11U.
Insurance Apt
sM PMa aaal Tlaas tiled OsmmmaVaa
Savings Bank.
J. H. BUrORO, Cash lee.
st -
Shop Peauth Ava. hat. flat aadIM Sta.
Beer and Cigars always on Hand
Dr. S. E. He REARY
Lata af ctaeteaaai, rthlaj
Haa Permanently Loratal in
Ia the pass: eight months he baa a
treaiaa snore thaa
Utam -Anrja
of the asost Brvera charartrr. 111. sp
- alta-sare:
Stjca esses as rbrumaUstv, rural.
Ria, scrofula, a-lbma. rat an a. bart
iliwase, all kinks of nervous diaesat-s,
t-oilrpsv, chorra and nrrvotia rroiraa
tiooa. Ia fact all cbroaic nr long stand
ing Char.
Positively aad reraaneaily Cure 4 or
nrXasa of Manhood. Seminal WsaUavaaa. and
a-Trs af Toata. posiuwiy aaat paa-aaamrs.
aV Ioalrlve)y no caws takeat thai rai.aoi t
aared. Iaiisiiimalaare accamapaiis-al bv Sc to
atamaa prosapily aawwrrrd
CHBcn McOaltoagh's New Flock.
W. Third gtrtxt, wtv Main,
Cast IronWork
mmm. A specialty Saralaairng all klsats
of Strtvaa with raaMiara ot S Mna
Pev piaraA.
aaa baea added vrWre all khads of aaacbraa
art arm be dame Scat -class.
DrufT Store.
Pa am an Unas a SrartaLVV.
Fourth Ava. aud Twenty-TTxlrtl St
-Real Estate-
Insurance Apt
fcnowa Ptre Iswaramcetaamnaaam be Iniis.iai
Royal laaarascar nsaarawiy. of Bssrmad.
V tarbsster Plre laas. fompany of S. y.
naaaasUarmaa Ins. (a., ttafTaln, . V.
""a" tasrasaa Imt fm.. Inn .am. B. T.
ftlla-ns las. Oa. W Piu-anarck, r.
-sa Pit IHSoa. LaaooBi.
I'aioa laa. Ca.,af taJiforaUv -K-rartty
laa. Cau. Kew H TVana, Cn-.
Mllaraaasw Meebaalce Ina. O. SI 'Iwaakaa. Tm
Barmaa Sire Laav taw, af rsorla. m.
Offlet Cot. 18 lb St.. and Brorrad Ava.
John Volk & Co.,
House Builders.
Buh, Doors, Blinds, Biding, floorlnjc
aad aTl kinds ef wood work for hands.
KbtmmLk St, mmt. fbad asm Poarta svr,
aUJCI. lAinkJID.
(afembar ksarveaa Ticket Brokara' lkBsta)
OPPICal -la t Isms :
a -vpm-sj
. . . bk a W J
. aa. ainattiataai Sa
a ne aa ll 1 1 1 S la aaa
YY a-rat"sa
to get along another year with
of those
It will make her happy.
It win make you happy.
It will make yoar children happy
and we will bs hippy to show them to you. '
Call and examine oar Immense lino of
1613 and K17 SECOND AVENUE.
s4 v-t I aaaf
ft IJl r
Davis Block,
Molin, Illinois.
Tckphosw use.
CHAS. W. T ERE CRT, Maaactar.
I,- ' -L i.iu-'
Agency for Excelsior Roofing Company
a-atavaram XMAM VltMUS.
(Tv ril
Contractors and. Builders,
tTlSalWia-a.t-..al ..i-a, -,fM,t
0f aad Skom U1S lotirt Aamatsa. KOCK ISLAXD ILL
Has opffaod kls Sew ud SpadoM--
No. 1C20 to 1C26 Third aTenue,
BV8fj tM wosald tat pirasaal to sms kW frkisvU.
a-iJTbaamrillT - W."
P" m "f wa cam fas a. Ina Issl kaaa s-iaar aka tawaa W as IS.
(isanss( aatiOWvMQtf A mpQQmtf
Contractor and Builder,
8hop Third aTrane, between 10th and 11 th sifreetp.
(Tnd KocVs oU uti)
tX ATI klarts of CarpsmW avork aad i patrtat doM. Patiatfartlo- cvsraaWwd.
Business Cofeo.
Second Hand Goods
Stc2m Craclier Bakery,
that old itoTe, but cpi v
US iS JL u
Steam Fitters.
Pip, Braat Gooda, Tacking.
Hoe, Tin Brick, Etc.
T raasmau. sseiy aw. psrfirt. mm mrm sas c. na.
Twaaaay ataf. anal, to m i im S is smnans
(Wttr navaUBC Doiiers aad CVsairarUars l
fvtraaaklac aad Latiac Walt, aad
rVvrtc Pipe.
17JS riaorr Arm.
lwa isasdad, I; iim
I Ilaa. Psallm r. Vvh-laam tm
pldiibeb, mm
mm mm.
Wrooght and Caat Iron and ld Pij.
How, Packing, Sever and DrxJa Til.
Steam and Gaa Fixtures.
ITBavl srork at fair i-ricea. &UsaaiM fars :mi-l
Offlr sad Uop t Mlh J. TeJ 4ra 13 t
Rock Island, 111.
fv; .o. iwo oecona atenoe.
Bock LiLaxo, 111
T. H LXLI5. Itna-lt I-W. H .
as Bm, Oar. Pawtoatb SB as-l S aai I ta
Far CnkUlat-ucs Addrsms
r. c. Dunc.-jr.
. sss-aw, aaaata t
ICo. 1114 rWvatvd Aveaae.

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