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Two lorer by a moa groan aprlng-;
Ttaey leaned sort check togvtiier tTflra, .
Mlnied the dark and bubdj hair.
And beard the wooing xhruane aloft.
O budding time!
O lore's beat prime!
Two wedded from the portal .teptt -Tbe
bell mad happy caroling,
Tbe air - ort a fanning wing,
White petal on the pathway al.pt.
O pure eyed bride!
O tender prldel
Two face o'er a cradle bent;
Two band abore tbe bead were locked;
Three preaaed each other while they
Thorn watched a life that lore had tent.
O solemn hour!
O bidden power!
Two parent by tbe erening Ore;
The red Ihrbt Ml abore their knees
On bead that row . slow degrees,
Uke btitU up., the lily spire.
(' patient Ufa!
tender trlf:
The two Mill nt together there.
The red light ahoue abore their knees,
Hut all the heads by slow degrees
Had gone and (ft that lonely pair.
O royagefait!
O rantahrd nut!
Tbe red lljrht phone upon the floor
Hl made. theiaee between them wldo;
lory dnw their chair up aide by side,
Their pal cheek Joined, and said, "Ouce
post that 1!
(ieurge Eliot.
There Im erne lit tle corner of France which
f never visit without saying to myself,
"What a liuppy lot it would be to stay here
Villervlllenn-the-sea lies on tbe coast of
Kormaniljr, la-tween Honlleur and Trou
ville. Ik-hind the pretty village the rich
ly wooded land xlopra In gentle undula
tion to the mout h of the Seine, which here
widens out iind spreads In all Its grandeur
to the far off horizon. At your feet are ver
dant tnpadows where great oxen graze,
- raising their hends now and then, and
standing motionless as if listening to the
voice of the billows.
On the rilit is the river, narrowing as It
runs toward the promontory of Luille
bcenf, aud serming t Bear In its drifting
haze the memory of Paris, where it bsa
teen so muchl Opposite Is Havre, with Ita
masts, its lighthouses and Its smoke: above
Havre is the lovely hill of Ingonville, be
decked with white houses ialf buried In
fnliuee. On the left Is the roadstead, then
the sea.
About ten years a so I had the pleasure
of nrn.llnu a mouth nt Villerville, where
for the time brio I waa genuine rustic
and fisherman. My room hud lime washed
walls, great block joists in the ceiling, the
most primitive furniture imaginable, and
a few engravings illuminated in indigo
nd vermilion.
From my window there was a beautiful
view of the bay, and besides that I saw
daily nt low tide three or four hundred
fisher women merrily hunting for mussels,
while their husbands and brothers were
off cruising In small fishing smacks. Tbe
Intter returned home on Saturday even
ings, and the arrival of tbe peaceful fleet
mads a scene full of motion, color and
My hostess, Cesarlne Aubert, took no
part in these Joyous gatherings. She was
a tall, liiuk woman, 40 years of aire, harsh
tongued and sour tempered, ever ready for
a dispute, greedy for gain and watchful of
her own interests a perfect virago. As I,
however, paid well and In advance I was a
hero, a god, to Cesarine. For me she
modulated her sharp voice, and always
came to meet mo smiling grimly.
Strange to say, she had two charming
children, a boy of in. and a girl almost a
year younger. They were of the nsual
Normandy type, fair skiuued and light
haired, ami had large blue eye with an
expression of angelic tenderness, not In the
least like their mother's. I was curious to
see what sort of man their father was, and
on tbe Saturday after my arrival I sat by
the great chimney with Cesarine awaiting
his return. The children had been watch
lug for him e isferlj-, and toward dusk thy
rushed In. exclaiming breathlessly:
"Here becomes, mother; we saw his boat
from the cliff. Mny wegoand meet himf"
"What in the une!" replied the wwman
sullenly. Pierre's old enough to And his
way heru without your as-iistance, ! be
tides, 1 want you to go Into the garden,
both of r,n, and gather some salad for
upper I( yon liear nie?"
At the sound of tbola-t words the chil
dren Hed like frightened birds, and a few
minute-, later Pierre Aubert came iuto the
boose. Jlo was nhopt jj y,api o(, b()rt
and thick set. with light brown hair cut
square over the forehead, but hanging la
two long rnrls upon his shoulders, and
among the lories could be seen two tiny
gold earrinu-s. ahiped iko anchors His
milo was thoughtful, hU manner grave
even mournful, but tbo frank expression
in hi blue eyes w is very winning.
t'esarioe rose hi ho entered, but without
a word or smile of greeting took down a
late that hung on the wall, and with the
pencil In her hand asked abruptly:
"How much"
The man drew a great leather purse from
the pocket of his pea jacket, reported the
result of each day's Ushing, and laid down
the amount rccelrwl for nUl mbmn of th
week's work. While he was speaking
Lesanne put down a line of figure on the
slate, added them up and carefully counted
the money. Then she put the whole
amount into a drawer, locked it and
pocketed the key, while the fisherman re
turned his empty purso to hi pocket ap
parently without regret.
"A good husband." I thought Ollli ka
next minute the two children ran nto tbe
..u ...iu mrew tneir arms around
"And n g.o. father," I added mentally;
but what w:is my nsfnnishnient to hear
one of I he children saying:
"So glad to sen you," Uncle Pierre'"
Ho sat down, took the boy and girl upon
his kn.-es and carwd thorn with snch evi
dent nff.-rt ion that I was touched. Could
I : l,g.il,0 that he was only nncle to
these chil.lr.-ti and hroth. r-in-law to Ceaa,
(.radnally the bright flash of loving de
light winch tn.. little .ones' welcome, had
railed to ,u eye, faded away, and the
former ..,.k ( h,.e sadness returned.
He bade the children go and play upon th
bear.,, andihen ho took a spade from ,
r-ornerof ,,, rnc,m atvlweut ot
that he was g, to work a little I was
jo much Inn-rest.,! in him that I followed
mm at a short distance, and sow that he
went to the end of the villas strert, and
began dig :,r,g i a small incloaiire where
hZVT!'1''1,''' rrt'n,win'!- Suddenly,
however, he stood erort, and with hia hands
resting ,)rK,n tne spado handle gazed In
tently at cottar near by. One of the
window was almost covered with the
leave, and blossoa, of acltmbTng Trc!
nd "PO" ' tiieurtain there anneS
hesbadow of a woman's f0rm?'E
flrf , V- Plerre io hu ga
fixed upon that window until darknet.
oeed aro.andth. .tar, earnest "
then, witin,,
"go that seemed
w'como ironi
n a broken heart, he ,nouId?red
ll WPflt. hnm. .
nis srKiac and went home.
the Z'V reni0g " 1 th hnrch
or church was j;,st i.hinu hi d
hand to her. KtoSTJLT? b"
hewasa sweet
re. with ..i .I....... 7 .
on I
nlv ,. . ucucaie akin, a though
I... Mies. ;y. an un;
an.l though she
eyes Uroooino
ic smile upon her lip,
w at least 3u
'he stauij, f
viru'iu ntintv tt-Q .
"row. As
her ilnj-crs toMrhZl
nerm a
mentnrv ... ,t.."" .ner o-
...... i,.,,, over her
then they
P"f -i without exchanging a
i icit sur
Z::!."!irr b'''u,w i had
hind the r.e,' a,l , n,t8 CUrta,n
the t wa, : . . hut.,ening, when
'Was r.Mii i t.-..n , n
the lishcnnen cn hkrk i" "t.t
little l.i front ,fl ,1V1rr walked a
the cotta" nt ,V"n i o?',1. ""'f" PMMd
iy piqued L Ln trr-
and Mi at hla feu m tho wlDlow
Jacket1'""' U t hU
When 1 rea, he l the .
Jut left their nioorin
"to the boats had
Pierre had tak.n
un place, but hi
that litt locotta-e an'.lf, .i " Upon
wered window A w ? ro em--htil
the II . ' ' 'I' rcbtef lloaurf
Evidently then, ' , ,
with these tw.. .?., .tl,lB eoonected
curi.it;i, .hU lr',lv-a ' was .11
easily do so qul-kMVh,,t 1 ""M
P.ially the women MkIt110 '" W
wait and ask PieSe hil1 Pre'crreJ "
In a few weeks be and I bad become great
friends, and one day I went ont in his boat
to seethe fishing. - Night came on, and the
sailors went to the cabin to sleep until tbe
bmo ahonld snrlng up and give the sig
nal for letting down the nets. Myriads of
stars were shining brightly In the dear
sky. Sea and sails were motionless, and
the silence was unbroken. Pierre and I
were sitting together in tbe bows, and I
seized tbe opportunity of asking him the
reason of his settled sadness. In reply be
told me bis story as follows:
It is hardly necessary for me to tell you
that Marie aud I love each other. If yon
ask when our love began I can only say
that God put It into our hearts when we
were born, and made it grow with our
growth. As little children we were always
together our first smiles and tears, our
first sorrows and our first joys, all were in
common. We even seemed to know each
other's thoughts, and the old people of the
village said that we had but one soul be
tween us. When I was old enough to go
to sea my pretryMariette was inconsolable
until I came home, and she used to wade
out to meet me till the water nearly reached
to her waist, and then I would put her on
my shoulder and carry ber to tbe beach
We were very happy; why could we not be
children forever?
In the winter time we were always to
gether, and when our early childhood was
passed we used to join the village dances.
Ob, what merry rounds we would make
together, and when tbe dance was over
bow joyously we went home hand in hand
through tbe moonlighted meadows. What
plans we made, what loving promises
what Hopes were ours, wbat dreams!
When we were old enough people been
to talk about our being married, but we
paid no heed to tbem.
V bat would he the use," we said; we
are very Ihtppy as we are, and nothing ca
make us lovceach other better than we do.
Marie trad her mother, but I was an or
phan, and .my brother, Cesaire, bad
brought me up nnd been a father to me.
It was he and the good cure who urged
my marriage, and at List proposed it to
Marie's mother. Jeanne was much richer
than we were, and Marie waa her only
child; yet the good widow, uotwithstand
lng, accepted me as son-in-law.
They were mode for each other," she
So one fine day we were betrothed.
took a holiday, of course, aivj wanted my
brother to do the same, but his wife.
Cesarine, insisted that be should go to sea
as usual, borne of tbe neighbors blamed
her for that, but it was only just that she
suoum think or ber little children. Tbey
must oe leu; I Heir miner was poor mid
could not afford to low a day's work. The
morning hod been very bright, but toward
Dignt u lew clouds g itUered over the sen.-
Marie and I did not notice them, for we
were so happy. We and the oilier young
people were dancing, wiieu suddenly
flash of lightning startled us; tben there
was a peal of thunder, and the react
ate we heard cries for help.
We rushed to the beach and saw Cesaire's
oat upon the rocks. What a storm that
was! Never has such a terrible one been
Known upon this coast.
I did all I could. Three times I dashed
into the water with a rope, and at last was
thrown unconscious on the sand. But I
did not die, alas! and when I regained my
senses i saw my oeioveu Brother lying
near me, nreathing tils last.
"Pierre," he gasped, "be a brother to my
wire ami a iatner to my children! '
"I will never leave tbem, Cesaire; I swear
it!" was my reply. And so he died in
The preparations for the wedding were
stopped at once, and Mane and I exclaimed
in one breath, "We can wait." I kissed
my brother's children, clasped their moth
er's nana, and felt that there was a com
pact between us just as binding as if all
tbe notaries in the world had witnessed it.
Six months passed, and people began to
ask when Marie and I were to be married:
but something, I do not know what it was,
seemed to have sealed my lips. I could not
speak of the matter to any one, and at last
tbe widow Jeanne herself broke the ice.
"Have you adopted yonr brother's chil
dren" she asked me, and I answered
"And his wife as well, Pierre?"
"Yes, his wife as well."
"Really adopted them all, forever?"
res, rorerer, mother Jeanne!"
"You mean that you will never leave
tbem?" she persisted, and with my heart
turning cold I said:
"l cannot leave them; I promised mv
There was a long silence, and then she
went on:
"Listen, Pierre! I am perfectly willing
that you give Cesarine a share of your
earnings, as much as you like. I am not
thinking of the money at all; it U not that.
Bot I know your sister-in-law as well as
you ao, ana x will not consent v let my
Marie live with her, or to have Cesarine
come to my House to live. Never!"
I saw a gulf openinff aa the nlitmnm
poce.ror I knew she was right; I could
not u( aiarie to live with my sister-in-law
i anew uesanne too well.
4 ao not roroid the marriage," said
Jesinne "but I tell yon. the conditio
What do you sov?"
1 raised my bead and saw that Marie had
come into tbe room and was looking at
me with her whole soul in her eyes, and I
knew that I must either perjnre myself or
",r- o not know how I rived
raw terrible momen
mere was a ringing In mv .
strange light dancing before my eyes, as
If I had a fever. I seemed to be stiffling
ZJ?::0 -e-rt, my
m, mihh insinnt.
'Tlam II .1.1 . ..
hu . niio sternly, "you mnst
- . 0nca- k ltto -Marie or Ce-
I WAS Inat OnlnA -
. - - "" pronounce tne name
me tho mangled form of my brother and
"Jl'w1": dying ,ance. t was not
iZL lZ , P"0?111" had seen on hi
n' Ka:eh"n myprorrdse-hiseye.
were full of sadness and reproach. I made
7 ". " crying out, "Mother
t hTv 1 pro,mlsl my brother!" fled from
the house like a madman. As I went
I caught sight of Marie's face; tbeVwas
only. Bravo, Pierrer For a whole
li mem7 f those two words
gave me hone, and t
m3 "I"1 """e? erf AhakioVhOT
mother's resolution. I did not try to meet.
Kpe lniTmk.u 1
and took i
71 j J. """t. nt attended to my work
" w vfuuL oil in inn
wZ" 1 learaed 0n , Marie
h.S 5 n'arriL I did not be-
LuTl VroK "d dete.rrainea tor the de
nial from her own lips
. Jib."uTun1?8 1 her on a quiet road
itj III ll. if nr tr-K t . .
no need of words
,Qim7 ey and answered:
tor she sasv the ouestim.
i es. i-ierre, it U truer
'rom ljP'.
" A cry of despair
and she added
heart iriii v. ? rre- bnt my mother's
answered gently' M' "ngrf
Ton can thi-i. ...'.I -
1T . nd good.
win vait until von
UndTng there nd
tondemn a 1
nfemerel7tecfuii JM "ngl aU er
myself, ami yeinot wU,, h"
vervh 111 r1 tbat Mar mother was
very m and people aaiH I
It, and at last rJf tha caase '
me: Carina begun to reproach
Plerm ou- . . " J""
but I wrote to. ber.
to her, and torn .L, """""l letters
ni.i.lT . f them up before th.. .
Tl "ft".
nnitiied. At last I T. -ney were
only-iUrry JI, JT?
nothing morU lned there was
t'e boy wh,;""- Jled a '
two soiu, t till I811-! nd gave t
even then 1 d to
send it. UldT,otn,al'eupmymiadi
Wk and hestoted I, tt,er- but 1 d"
hand, until tbe toy
B-rowinif imnatient to spend his u
snatched it suddenly and raa off. UoofM
after him as he went down the street, Ma
saw him turn in at the widow's gat ' I
was trembling all over like a leaf, arnljiM
to lean against a wall to keep from talno!
In a few minutes I whispered: .
"She has opened the letter by this rim
and she has read it. Aow, sue nas r-""
her mother that la the end!" and I ruined
away to the woods and wandered about
like one crared, saying to myself ocer.nrt
over again those fearful words, "Mrrjr
Jacques! marry Jacques!" '
On the day fixed for tbe betrothal I was
at sea, bnt toward vening tbe cruel '"
persisted In driving me to VillervMe's
Bhore, and I was obliged totack back .and
forth, where I could plainly see the tan
terns lighted for tbe festivity. I ove
heard of the tortures suffered by (the
Christians loug ago, of the rack ami the
wheel and fire, but I am convinced V'Ht
no martyr's agony was ever equal to what
I endured that night. 1
Suddenly I resolved to see Marie no
more, and, landing quietly, I crept along
in the darkness to the meadow w her the
people were assembled at the betrotha I
crouched unnoticed among some buehes,
and saw her, my beloved. She was leading
the singing, uud as I leaned forward it my
eagerness to look at ber more closely
sailor, who sat near mc, began to ligh' lu
pipe, and the Ilame leaU up ociore
draw back. The light foil full on my
Mnrio mm- me L-iive a niercing cry,
1 0-JV.
fell swooning to the ground. I rush to
ward her, and at the same instaut Jae.
the l-etrothed, was at her side.
In a few minutes Manes eyes orf
sgain. aud I was surprised to see Jasr aes
irlanre from her face to mine witn
of friendly pity. What a good heaJj
He called for wine, and began driif
deeply wine, cider and cognac quanl
of coiruac. He shouted and sang, i
reled 'with the men and frightened
girls, and toward tiiorniug took
home and made such a terrible seen
foro her mother that he was nummi"'
turned out of doors. I
"Holy Virgin!" gasped Jeanne whet'
had staggered off, "what an abominWe
fellow! Thank heaven we have found. B'
out iu time; but who would have tho iSt
he was a drunkard" He shall never b niy
son-in-law never, never!"
Jacques understood Marie and me and
we understood him good, kind Jacqi ,1
Since thut time there has been not -fS
said ttlxmt Marie getting married, nl
thouirh she and I seldom, meet we ds BC
trv to fivoi.l i'juh or her. Everv Suildly
give her the holy water at the door oi tfae
church, nnd we sit. in the same bena-1 a
we used to do in the .lavs oi Our voT11'1
Cesarine and herchildren sit between f ,
is true, but that does not matter. Um v?
alwavs manairc to exchanire DraverTi ks.
nnd while I nm nravinir for Marie out of
rer book she rn-AV for me out of B'loe-
When 1 ao to sea her white kerchief ill the
Lust thing I see on land, and whenevef the
night is clear I look at the light shing.
from her window; she is my lighthojs.
mv star. I
Pierre Aubert stopiied speakiug and
plunged in thought, but irraduAllv bis
head sank upon his foiurd arms, ao4
heard the sound of heavy sobbing.
J-u.Klenlv, however, tbe breeze SDrans up
anu the fisherman rose to his feet, and nu
fane was calm, though sad, as he called hia
men to their work.
A few years later I paid another vis11 to
income, to una tne people aresftsa-
hi. l.i:.i , .
W hat is going onf" I asked of the
who wasthe first person t met. Ileanlfcd
as he replied:
Cesarine Aubert died hix months a?-
"But all this festivity?" lasted, wotfter-
"I am going to marry Pierre and Marro
in half un hour," said the pastor. : Jleft
mm and basteoed to Mother Jeanne'-
e, where I found Pierre dresseil in iew
clothes, and looking so young and so odi-
nuy nappy that 1 hardly knew him A
door opened aud in walked fair Marie- ld
by Pierre s nephew, while the lad's after
came behind, urrutiging the bride's veil-
Pierre and .Marie's hapDiness bad dn
to tuera lu tbe autumn of their lives- .but
their hearts were still young, and 'tb,
ore sucu as theirs it Is alwuvi anriit.i
Translated for Short Stories from lhs
French of Charles Deslys by Isabel. 3c
Tile Esceptlon Founs at
He sat In tbe lobbv of one of our m a
ujeut ooteis. tils hair was as whi'
snow and matted In thin and ecu
locks over a high and creased, foref
IJnes of sorrow marked his face and
through his features as numerous al
vers in Central Africa. In his eves f
was sadness, which bos poke a weld
aurrw on trie mina, and seemed to sui
that grief had greatly assisted tlnj
""u'""i io uair wuice ana rurrowing
face. A number of men wn J
a number of men win . nr
around bim, and tbey had been tel ng
stones or tbe "pistol which is not load d
and ita fatality. The white halrer J
said in a plaintive voice: ?.
"I have a story to tell. I returnm' . B
one day from my place of business. ,
thing had gone my way that dayfa
the things a good many dollars, and 1
unusually gay and skittish. I told mJ
of my good fortune and asked her
me a match. We were standing by a
ing case, and when she refused I onr
drawer and drew forth a pistol,
knew was not loaded, as I bad exams
tne night before. Leveling t".
4v v-iuijj. UUVtsuuK I -e
nt her heart poor wear
!-I playfully thrc
siraigut nt
dead now!
her. 1 here was a look of trnsti:
oaent love In her eyes shall I ev.
vnair as the dared me. I placed n( 1
on the trigger and pulled it. I cloV
eyes, afraid to open them. Oh t
awful! . ' "
"After a time, it seemed hours, Ijp
my eyes and put tbe pistol back."
"But your wife was shoftie
atnntlyf" eagerly asked three liaitHi
"Noo." v
A lingering, painful death
thetically they asked.
2o; as I said, the pistql was not lof'
Aly wife was unhurt, of course."
''But you naid she was dead:'" v
Ves. she diod two years ago, of old a
And why did you tell this story?"
"To show you there am :imM u
pistol is really not loaded. There ar
ceptions to all rules, you know. T.
iue one exception to tbe seven insta
you gentlemen 1
Post: -
A Super Who Oot a Reeall.
Walter Collier aavu: Y., o... . .
find themselves in tio-ht ninr, ..,. u
if any one was ever obliged to' tak
parts at the same time wi.h,.,,, '
of clothing. V'e were playing at
delphia. "Macbeth" was the dr
Louis James took tb leading n
one of the accusing specters tha.
vne rauiron. As it was thn wort
moment, and I had nothing else f
my little act. I mendv t,
ahrond over my street clothes
to visit some ot her t he.itre. B
Kbosu came to waits tiie ma
aupers found that in his hurrv i.
- -.. .. 1 1 . i . .. -
mi luiuui tne scene, and hi
seven specters to go hoi
s nothing for it
f the
Then 1
the caldron amh pa
I was causht airai
the manai.fr over (
of the kettle again '
member. By the
i re-
'ft'iv vii, unU y
-uiay to uud thl
n. Jiy the siJ
the thing hungl
at Uiis stick
ighth it fell offl
oaustea amid i
tnde. James wn
ter that he had
nd the curta'j
alled by tha J
only super
Bounced b
It T0U 0
re con- I
land I
I my
da tloa of the Mem Before They Are
A pointed Tet of Proflelewry WHat
' Ce utitate a Firemaa Coarse f Very
Es watUI Most Bear smoke. .
-irrrel The house is cm fire!" When t hat
cry b heard 1b a building panic seizes upon
tha ?nmatea and indescribable confusion
ensu . Some one runs to a fire bpt and
en in n alarm, which sounds in every
wiu .v uwusa in idjs city.
Th , response on the part of the firemen
and their horses la immediate. There is
uasxc wunoui omnaenng, there is no in.
leneo ence or one man with another. Eager
ness 1 0 be off and resolution to work are
aepic ea ou eacb man's face. In ten sec
onds he drivers are on their seats, lines in
hand, waitirur the order to n i t. n
nd a way they dash, the Bones needing no
urgin f, the men clingfogr w4th on hand to
arail of the cart, wriggifcg into their rub-
ra many minntes' later they
are at the ground, the hoaa is attached to
the hydrant, ladders, are jtnn up and tbe
wiiit wiuu in nre oegtns. ,
The inmates of the -burning building.
wuv, nn uiuiutea oeiore were panic
euiva Tim, regain conaaence. Uur firemen,
wno, witnout hesitation, plunge into
Doming tmilding, are men who at one
time it lire were as liable as any one to
"fire lnie," which influences men to do
ery f mlish and cowardly things. That
they a not so now is due to tbe training
they receive and the trials to which they
are subjected. Let ns follow the course
which an applicant for appointment to the
Are dei art men t in this city must undergo
uoiuro ao am wear tne oaage, which is tbe
emoien ot "courage and fidelity."
Alter oeing recommended by tho fire
comnu eioners for SDDomtment, the annl
cant is axamined as to his nhvsical onall.
acatiot s. If they are np to the standard
ne is is rnea over to tbe civil service com
missloters for examination as to his
Knowie age of the common school branches.
If he pisses he is scot to headquarters,
where ! e enters the school of instruction
of the 1 fe saving corps, of which the drill
master is Mr. Henry W. McAdama. Ho
has had charge of the school since its organ
ization in 1883. Ko one can go behind hia
returns mere is not political pull enough
in the c ty to secure the appointment of a
man wt om ne rejects, it is in this school
and during the thirty davs he is in train.
ing, that the applicant proves his litnesa
or u not less to oe enrolled in the service.
- The yew York fire department has
completi gymnasium, where, besides the
apparatus for tbe development and
strengthening of the muscles, are all tbe
appliances it has in use. Thorough in
struction is given to the applicant bv Mr.
McAdanis, himself a veteran fireman, as
to tneir purpose and proper handling.
Familial -ity with these appliances is abso
lutely indispensable to celerity on the part
of a firetutn. whose essential characteristic
must be quickness. A slow man has no
chance f. r appointment in tbe department.
Probat ioners are also taught morality in
an indirect yet forcible manner. Remem
bering tl at their calling demands of them
courage .nd honesty, tbe probationer who
is with at me company, either in the engine
house or t a fire, feels that he is associa
ting with men who are gentle in their man
ners, res ectful and obedient to superiors
ready at uny instant to hold the muxxle
close against a flame that menaces them
with tlea-.b, and who would not disgrace
tneir unu orm. 11 &e bas the true stuff iu
him. he vill soon conform with them in
thought, purpose and demeanor, and on
every occasion emulate them tn zeal and
me cu tivation of good manners and
other qoi.litles that constitute a man is
tangnt in an nnobtrusive wav. For in
stance, th applicant learns the story of th&
ore n t.aamoers street and Broadway
years ago, wnen the employes of a bank
rushed into the street, leaving tlflO.OOO in
cash en the counters. Tbe fi rumen ran tn
gathered the money together, threw it into
sne aare, ana locked the safe door. Wben
the money was taken out and counted onlv
tS waa musing, and that consisted of silver
donors, widen in tne excitement had prob
ably roll. I away. Hearing such a story
the applic urt ot tbe right material is very
likely to n solve to behave with equal hon
esty at eve -y nre to wtiicn be Is called.
'Men am natural cowards where there's
a nre." said Lap. McAdanis to me. ' Put
all Bertram's wild animals in that lot over
there and then drop a child among them,
and in aim, cases out of ten the father of
that child trill so in after it. But I at that.
be an alarni of fire In tbe house in the night
urn ana u at same man will run into the
street and leave his child behind. I have
never seen ti man suffocated at a Are. with
a child in h s arms, but I have seen women
lying dead l rom suffocation with a child in
eacnann. ine man's II ret thoucht ia tn
get into tne street when he hears the houaa
Is on fire. Che woman's first thought
ner ctuiaret." -
The probe tloners are, no doubt, natural! v
courageous, and eacb one resolves to be as
heroic as an 7 man who has won the Ben
nett medal; but when there is a fire and
they "go in ' with tbe firemen their true
metal ia shown. The captain' eye is on
tbem. If th yy waver he sses it, but 11 they
reauiuusiy 11 nu tueir rOCOS tO tne lira anrt
obey orders, no matter h tbe smoke ia thick
enougn to ot ont and U their teeth are chat.
tering lond moagb to be heard above the
crackling ot the flames, he knows that they
are of the ri ht stuff and reports favorably
apuu unm. ii an applicant cannot stand
tbe smoke, which. Cant. McAdama ears.
"feels In yon- throat as if some fellow were
trying to lone you to swallow a baseball,"
he is dropped from the list. Epoch.
Nix' Mat.
Xix's Mate la tbe name of a auhmro.t
Island In Boston harbor, upon which an
ooeusK was raisea some years ago. It is
said that Nix ' Mate waa a sailor who was
hanged for piracy upon the snot which f.
terward took his name nearly 300 yaars
aince, notwithstanding bis strong protes
tations of innocence. He predicted that
the island wculd sink within the year if
he was, as he claimed, unjustly murdered
by the law. Within a short period mnnv
feet of water trere rolling over Xix's Mate.
St. Louis Ri public.
Dyapopata utd Bald new.
"Did you eva- observe." sold Tir Jir..
"that dystentic neraon who hoa .nr.
fered with tha disease for a year or more
Is, nine cases o at of ten. bald f The disaaae
has a p-xulisr effect nnon tha hair It
it to locotne weak and Tm Ar-e
The least pull will bring out a handful
There is no kn iwn remedy which will pre
vent the hair from falling out if a man's
stomach Is out of order." St. Louis Globe
A TVcdan Caterpillar.
L the q leerest things of Tasmania,
aland and other ports of Austral
le bulr tah or vegetable caterpillar,
iderful plant 1s a fungus, a snha-
Ich griws seven or eight Inches
iind, genemUy in a single
f a ' d thickly covered with
tsj for bum tlve or six inches, end
' d rorulika pomt. It la Uau-
m ail.,
ery dett d fciuch btuos, dlasec
te tt to bj solidWttood. Intelligent
of tbe countries uJtwied above av
thls cuxtostty .la lormea itJVtlie follow
manner: .
-A large spedet , 01 mom ieeusa. on the
'rata" tree: the grub of this nisTtK bar.
rows in tbe groun U the seea 01 tn sphae
ria gets lodged be rnna the scalesoa tha
grub's neck, strils root ana completely
turns tire interior oi tne cnture into a
woody substance. In every casMhe shell
of tbe grub Is left intact, no small rootlet
pnnctunnK It nt s ny point. , scientists say
that the above explanation a ail "bosh,"
and that the plan c develop? the form of a
eateroillar becaus J It is If oaiure to do so.
If this be true tfhy slJld w laugh at
the stories of th ManrjraJce Man aud the
Onvthian T-amb. aiaci'" or which
preasrred In tbe uif."' uoasuai, too-
don. at. Louis tt npy'" ... -
The 'patrescon f" was.tb designs
tion given to -iff ttoman eeuators in the
eras of the R."- republic and of the
Cowan. ThefBr" "ocallea because their
names were 'f"8 ln thm "iter of the
senate -
.... - - ' .
Mm iaat ow,, "and
Yl .
" ,
Judge The evidence seems to be com
plete. A button waa found in the room
where tho deed was done, and this but
ton was afterward proved to belong to
the prisoner's coat. Gentlemen, do 3 our
duty. (Tha jury retire and return.)
What is the verdict, guilty or not gnilty?
Foreman of Jury Guilty.
Judge And what punishment do yon
Foreman That the prisoner be made
to sew on that button. Clothier and
The Poetry That Pay.
Poet (openinff his mail) Great Scottl
The Sqnenchery lias refused my noble
poem beginning,
Wkl through tbe lonely c'.ia rubers of my onl
Poet's Wife (openinsr her mail) Never
mind, my dear; here's $ 10 from The
Warmed Overland for a Irifte I sent it
You hot your boots, oil pant that's sol
Black and White.
Too G004I.
"What is the matter. Harry? Are you
never going to get through shaving this
morningr -I don't know, child. 1
don't know what to do. I wi-ut nnd got
tne some of the new lieard pom.vde, and
it works so that before I can get through
shaving the second cheek the beard has
already begun to show n.iin on the
other." Fliegende Blaetter.
Her Sacrifice.
Mrs. Freshly Yes. she is a true mar
tyr. Miss Freehold Why?
Mrs. Freshly Her hou.se bunted down,
and the firemen conld only save either
her png dog or her boy, nnd she told
them to save t h boy. She feels the loss
of the dog fuully. Lowell Citizen.
A PmnimnrffI maTcrcm-.
She I nnderstand there is a tailor in
London who just looks ut you hard for
a few momenta, and wheu j-our clothes
come home they fit you perfectly.
He Thut is somewhat different from
my tailor. Ho looks at me hard for a
few momenta, but fails to send the
clothes. Clothier and Fnrnisher.
The Ona Thing Needful.
Sifter Man- Sav.
really g..in to nuirrv tlmt
girl: why. she is nit.-rly lt v..
Jack Thai may t.. 1.1,1
dt.llars. .Scnlji.-er's M :uitu-.
Butcher, who ha. hi r.j .iiv.l ? v t!.
birth of a son, is it.f ...-m.-.i i , lt , ,.
weighs ne.'rrly ei'ut auu.L-. ii-i.i,.-
him in his anus to fei-l Ins .v, :.-!it u.i.l
calls tint iiHT..!iisli,-,l. "By .l..v.-, he
does:" then after a iu jiii ifa p.i.i.
"But with the l,.-,.K-i. iniu 1 you.-- l"jc
guu.lu BiaUur.
Itatlurr Stt-ane.
"Thai's a Iiuii.1m.id,- liiai.ti l.
that win illicit ciincu thetv-r"
V.'liat U
" "Eat, Drink ami Ll? Merry.'"
"All! turiMUs i'oiubiu:iUo;i."
"llow r.o't"
"O.ik mantel: c-hextnut sentiment.
New York Sun.
ft s a Mistake
To try to cure catarro by tislni; local ap
plication. Catarrh is not a local but a
constitutional disease. It is not a dis
ease of tbo man's noee, but of the man.
therefore, to ff ect a cure, requires a
constitutional remedy like Hood's Sir-
parilla. which, acting through tbe blood.
reaches every part of the system, rtpeU
ing tne taint wbicb causes tbe disease
and Imparting health.
'Yonr name Is JuliaT" "Yes. vonr
honor." "Tell me how old vou are."
"Twentvave. your honor." -83! Well.
now that you have given me your age,
we wl 1 administer the oath."
Da Ton Congk!
Don't delay. Take Kemp's Balsam, the
best cough cure. It will cure vonr
coughs and colds. It will cum pains in
the chest. It will cure influenza and
bronchitis and all disessea pertaining to
the lungs because it is a pure balsam
Hold It to the light and see how clear and
thick it it. Yon will aee the excellent
effect after taklr& the first dose. Large
bottles 603 anf.$l.
Mrs. Youngbusbanri: "Now tbat it ia
tbe new year. John. I hone xoa will be
able to say no; and. by the way, won't
you let have a little money T John (hero
iaslly): No.
In the pursuit of the ffooa things of
hia world we anticipate too much: we
eat out the heart and sweetness nt wnrl.l.
ty pleasures by delightful forethought of
ram. 1 ne results obtained from the use
Df Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic far exceed
all claims. It cures dyspepsia, and all
Jtomach, liver, kidner and bladder
troubles. It Is a perfect tonic, appetizer,
blood purtfler, a sure euro for ague and
malarial dtiuaao.. Prica. fif
If you do a man a favor do nt kt him
know It, or tbe chance 'e he will come
back for another lift.
Tbe question has been asked. "In what
respect are St Patrick's pills better than
any other f Try them. Yon will find
that they produce a nleaaanler cathartic
effect, are more certain 1 their action.
and that they not only physic, but cleanse
the whole system and rerulat tha liver
and bowels. For sale at 25 cents ner
box by Harts & Bah risen, druggists.
Tbe young man who was "unable to
express his joy" saved money by sending
it Dy malt.
The children's health mnst not ha new.
lected. Colds In the head and snnfRea
bring on catarrh and lung affections. Klv'a
Cream Balm cares at once. Ii Is wr-
carry in all 'The,
- T a J
a n uangerous to tamper with irritst
InghquldaandexciUogstoffs. Use Ely s
"-""1 ""'cu ia asie ana pleasant,
and is easily supplied. It core tbe worst
cases or caiarrn. cold In the head, and
hay fever, giving relief from the first an-
nits frtva D.lu K
mo gas com panic are growing pioui.
iuiuisu a aim. reilgtoue ligbL .
Duerders Whteh Affesi tae Kidneys
anions; in ami foraldabla known. Dia-
, ungars Ums, traval and wkar com
plalnu of ina arlnary erf as an aot orduuuUr
oareo m tmn cwi,u tky asay be avartad
ey ttaielyaMdkatioai. A aasfal stliaalaat of um
urinary (lands has ever been foand In Hostetur s
Btomaca mn, a awIIcId which sot only ar-
loroa us nqniam sttarahn whra they tweoaie
biactira, bat UierM their viror and seeraUv
Mm f (ImM
Jack. Vfn're nut
IV iiiner
il ; 1
iii.s ;iie
porr. By tncratjlof aba activity of ih kidner
awl blade-, this aMdtcla aa Um additional .r.
net of expeUinc froa tae stood rmparrtlo which
UUtkaneeousraflesof Uose onrsns to climl-
" -" ler ia also a pointer
d .iMngUMaar of um now. la Invlionnt,
of In atoaweb, and a mntchlass remedy for oU
muM and fevw aad mnm. 1, .. -
tendraey to praaBStsre decay, asd aula and
-.TS.irrr.s.V I3. xJt
Dtafasss Caaaet hs Csnd
by local applications, as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the year. There
is only one way to cure deafness, aad that
ia by constitutional remedies. Desfnses
is caused by aa inflamed condition of tbe
mucous Jining of the Eustachian Tube.
When this tube gets Inflamed yon have a
rumbling sound or imperfect bearing, and
when it is entirely closed, deafness Is the
result, and unless the Inflammation can
be taken out and this lube restored to iu
normal condition, hearing will be de
stroyed forever; nine cases out of tan are
caused by catarrh, which it nothing bnt
aa inflamed condition of the mix-out
We will Rive one hundred dollar for
any case of deafness (caused by cstarrb)
that we cannot cure by taking Ball' Ca
urrh Cure. Send for circular, free.
Hold bv drug gicts, 75c.
F. J. Che rtx T & Co, Toledo, O.
homld be displayed la baying
cine above all thing. Ia selecting
remedy for any disease, yon should be)
positive that it contains nothing inju
rious to the health. Many remedies'
oa the market leave the patient ia a
much worse condition, than before)
taking them. '
s s s
ia purely vegetable, and perfectly
harmless; the most delicate child caa
take it with absolute safety. It contains
ae mercury or minerals of any kind,
and yet it never falls to cure the 41s
eases it is recommended for.
Book on Blood and Skin disease free
Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Qe
Has secured as Contributors
During the Ensuing
12 Months:
W. D. Howell. R. Louis Stervenson
George Meredith, William Black.
Andrew Lang. W. Clark Russell,
St- George Mivart, H. Rider Haggard.
Rudyard Kipling. Norman Lockyear,
And many other DiMingalthed Writers.
The Sunday Sun
f.r the eniuiuf twelve mmtha, will print sjor
new and more pnre literature of th hichest
rises and by tbe most dittingnirhed of coBtainpe
rary writer, than any periodical la lbs Called
Price 5c a Copv. Bv Mall 2 a Year.
Address THE SUN. New York-
Wonderful Remedy
Price IjOO. Ilul IVttlMa.
For Sale by leading Druggists,
vmresncn oarx Br
Kllnck Catarrh & Bronchial Remedy Co.
ATTORNKT AT I.AW-Mce wits J. T. Ua
worthy, 174ft Maenad Awnna.
ATTOKKYR AT LAW. Ollrt la Rock Talaad
National liana Ballillne. HocA ltlaoa, IU.
l.D.inintt. o.ktiui.
iloatre lu UcnKsloa' biock, Raa: Uiaad. 111.
ATTORN BT- AT LAW Loan swaey ee rood
ecarliy,nlirollect1os, atrwnea, afiu-h-
il At Lynda, banker
uffiaatn rotoBlos blerk.
TOR 9ALK KVTttY KVtKlNO si Cramptoa'S
TttY KVtKlNO si C
Flvt cent per copy.
lli rv collrire. Veicrnsry rhyelolan aan Barraoaa.
Offinri Ttndll Livery atafiic; Hsaldeore; Ovar
Atar Bakery, market aqoara.
Teaches iu atsawats
tra.i au tbea start
them hi rallroaa nrto,
Menrf in e,M.i.M
ti.tor.rirn I i-ijaBviu.B, wi.
WM. 0. KUIP.O. D,S.
Rooms tA, IT. a and .
Take Heritor. DAVENPORT, I A.
Library lldlnir. Tiavnnort. Iowa, Oall far
tlnuuea aad ana stork nature f Ding to Ckicafo
First Mortgages
ia stras or
t200.W and Upward!
For tale, -cured on land wortk frora
three to Bve time tbe amount
of tbe ioaa.
uZXXZ? """'
Attorhky at Law
Booam 1 n4 4 Maaoaic TaaipW,
-. oa lh ri alB";"iB.'i?
"wMcfc tun. aUpamwm, a"iTVa7iIi
paraoa Indebted toaaidtataaet!!:1
Ll TUiK p. aiW AR
' k txm Will aanaaad.
Fred Beat, o L Be.t lane. lief.. .wTTS
aolTM h. ,..! -----
eamtlnneH k a r, . ' '. wlH
ta.. UT, "T.7 -
i or ao rrcle
au mm firm.
C. L. BKiT.
. Jannarf i tmn.
The aBdraIt7ntfAtt inrita wtum ( .
o dr pood. .rrt..:is:-"sa?rnT
and anch oilier merchaoola aa ia Baa")! kut la
acoBBtry .tor. I will a) reel.. " ad.' t
aot. and account of aaM rm.
xmmani aai raata tn naiMl.
Jssasr,7ta,A.D.lwi. .7.11.
mi. I 1. 1.' I ti I I I
I t '
way Depot cornet Fifth avaas aad Thirty
rt trrt, J. u. frkHon. sgrat.
1 tI.Tl tAnalr.
coancll Biana Miawwo-1 i ... ., .
U Pay Kipre., HM am, ! am
KnaCity Iay tipre... .ft am in.M pm
Wwklairioa Vxuree.. S.tflpm ItAiia
Ooonetl Bins At Minneo-1 I
taBxpree Mf", ?
Council Bind Omaha I
Limited Vw.tibnl k.. (
Xaaaas City Lliaited WHpa' :44 am
olng ww. ;ftoln taet. Da.1y.
w.y Depot Flret avesn aad Bixueatfe
M J. Yonny. agent.
tt. Loau xpr.
Bt. Loai Bxprv. ........
rX. Pal Bxprr
ttrdtowra hnrr. ..
Wy FreWht (Manmoatlil.
WayFrelx-tit O-itrilnH)...
Pter'.lnk rarpeeter
i tliT, man .
'. '. S: -m
t ,a t I
. s. T M .m
. i mv yr lo .as
.: f. a 1 :tf .ia
. 13 poa 19 jo u
; 5 ""to. im
10 m am l .l .a
CeicAoo. MiLwarKRK a t. pai l i:ajl
wy Rcln A no-.Oiwe.teta Duneton lie
pot Twartirth tret. I- tween Firrt Ld Bre ad
avena, E. u. w . llolm.-.. aenl.
TRAIN Lravs. j
tt. rl kapr- Hi
tt.Jk Arooamodaii n . ea
Ft. Areoa morinoti T aft n
"SO. m
ll m
lo 1. -m
4:1 n
pnt PtrM cvrna ai d 1 ntietk euvrt. T
H Ho.kwell, Ar-Kl
Tl Mall Jtxjve....T.
tabi AocaaunodMion....
I save. Aawtv
S mi 1 i pm
in am 9-m (
tin -us m
East and South East,
"ixa T.
m. int.
Mail i fax i i Kill
Bad K . Expn-a land Ks
t.Su pm. k ti m iv U. Il'd arl I pan
IK M SMaa'r onnn It'8ii
. A. pm
aVTpm . un .OetnhrKI,,- .'l J pm
am am
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lTpai s ami... ,! .11 M
am ..v. y.,m...(. .Ill la
4 W iR 10 vi ,:
I M pm ll sanil
Pr:i.. w Hi.
10 S4 mm
1. IU lift. hl.r-.;i:'inti.
11 lllKf.
liiai trrlrrH-M
a n aa-.in if ta
II 6Ub
!.Sm S. I.'il. Mo
11 us m
1 am1
AST n'!M7..W. 111.
? 15 pm, Terra llsnia.
1.2.1 ml . Kri1ile..
t la tn!lM,a
to s pm
a iA .n
11.15 im.
7 4 pm
ri ).
K ! am
Ili 4 'pa. Ib.tlnll
I.4.S am
. ' Ul ....... . LOUI-,111, .
T r aqi in aft pm! t rr,M t
rmiueT train arnv and aVpan trnm I ioa
daw Ftairia.
Accommndatam trair. leaves Kork laiaad m
arrive t l'ori s a. m Lrrrm fWrrn
m. am re . it.k l.itd pi a.
raat.p amn a.
.Aora. H'.AAc ( Acrom.
4 an am a.Was ... jm
' m '.a 1 m i k OS pm
. . IS am II an mi k pm
. ArTiav7"i'l c arcomT
L Rnrk laiaad.
An. nVvaolda...
" 'hi
tv. Cbl
Af. Reynold....
" HockUland.
.... S I. am It h pm llaa
....Ka 1 ? ia 4 J -m
.. . S tf am a.4ta kAApm
Chair ear cm Ft Expm nctra Back Ilaad
and Paoria la hn:b dlroouot.
h. b MiiLosf, a. Tnsnort.
Bnpiinlccdait. taca'l Tax. Asrat.
Instance Agent
I d IV sad TWaa i
(Mcmkar Aaamcaa Ticket Brokar' Ami)
Rzducxd IIatxs to a ix PonrTs.
Omen -la Adam Iqmt OSlca ander
Brv Bcaaaa.
Undertaking and Embalming
Dlrnlck Block, c ft AMU tt. Rock lalaaat
pairs said S earn pi et lis f Ta
laaada. wltk Itaan
ha.inf aard th. wr
of Cktoaco. aa aipmt
kilmm of Uraark an
kaiaa aa atmanvBMca., a
anliaa atr. M. fa.
fBBi t'irrwaa a
1 am tO-
Hklklt VM I'm. MtsT I
l"4tAtak' r
l''tl. m
fc' trsu
- m. t aaJ
i. wn.l.wyi,. ai,t,
0y?ggva '" wmtt Tlr area aai
Protect Your Eyes
Improrad Ctrmarliaad
Bpectaclea aud Eve Glasses.
M SM is alaldea Laaie. xt
! T U. TI
. . . -
maan. iil
m, vnoai, Kack
Tn. Oerat rraBrk
Sad Moathlrlrreriilwlilea
la Pappmsioa
jUdms l a L Ihm1 Hn
eai rm.trvu.
claaaaad far tam. To he bi
an au m
acBliar to naa. fall a
BOS. HbWaalHaMlM.
athlf tur !roV
.'nam W11B BBrh
Pill O., raralir prourtetora.
CamauM Bill obtain.dof into
r, tfmm. Tw
-- lu
.part, aad aj
I I. .BMaam ttali
Vr f
Davis Block,
Moline, Illinois,
Telephone 2526.
CUAt. W. YERBLRY. Msnaser.
IV. - i l aVki I ai t
m TvYnt m A. I ; ." -
Agency for Excelsior Roofing Company
v 1 n fiM ... I
1'BkarRN tuax Fmxoi.t.
Bead r.f rirralar.
rlorrror la Oh. a hr A p 'vt
Contrttclor nnd Liuilclor.
Htl.-p MiirJ aVrTtn, l'e'lH'a'rn lOlli and 1 1 til I'teJr,
I TreJ K'ch's .41 iwcl )
W ' km.l .. I'vpcater mora aaxl rrri r.os .1 " f. i. a f..4 3
-tT. W. tTOlSrES-
OMlar tm tri ami
Second Hand Goods
tall a4 trad aar artiiw.
ock raars aa rbeunaal ..
cmfula. anlbma. eatank
, all kick of arrvntia
f. chore a4 acrvnr
Ia fact all rbroakt f
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f)aad Per
-llera.H "-rrirBta.
T. 3W 8trmt, tvra, Halo,
Drugr Store.
Dr. s. e. Mccreary
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Steam Fitters.
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Pip, Brass GoMs, Parkii j:
Hose, Firp Brick, Etc
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Safety Rcating Doikr and Cooirmi.-. f,
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Better Pit.
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Wrought and Cast Iron and Ia-zA l'ij.
Hos, Packing, Sewer and Drain Til.
Steam and Gas Fixlur-s
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Hock Island, 111.
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-Real Estate-
Insurance Agent
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John Volk & Co.,
Houae Builders.
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