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Htm He Will Fish'.
The Saturday Chicago Inter-O'-ean
contained the fol'owia:
The enemies of C. B Holmes, who
succeeded id orifice hin out of ttie niiii
agement of the Chicago City FUil way
company, are not through with him yet.
Yesterday suits were brought against him
in the superior court, claiming much
money as damages, by people who claim
to have 1 at it in the unfortunate Los
Angeles road, and it id said the end is
not yet. The surs in question number
six, and are brought by Charles Whilucre
and Robert Law against C. B. Holmes
and the Pacific Railway company, wl.ich
last is the legal title of the Lis Angles
road, and the damages asked aggregate
$350,000. The plaintiffs attorney is
Levy Mayer, and in speaking of the suit
yesterday, he said: "These are only the
beginning. Mr. Whitacre is plaintiE: in
the first suit, which is against the Paci
fic Railroad company for $100,000, and
C. B. Holmes is defendant in two addi
tional suiu brought against him by Mr.
Whitacre for $30,000 and $25,000. Kob
ert Law sues the company for $75 000
and Mr. Holmes for a like amount.
"For the past two weeks I have l een
at work upon this case," continued Mr.
Mayer, "and after various conference 3 by
the parties who invested thtir money in
the Pacific Railway company it was de
cided to bring suit to recover. The nat
ter was decided upon t a committee meet
ing this afternoon. Mr. Whitacre rep
resents a number of banks in Cnicago
which loaned money to Holmes and the
Pacific railway company from August to
October of last year to carry on the Los
Angeles enterprise. For these loans the
company and Mr. Holmes gave their
notes secured by what purported to be
first mortgage bonds of the Pacific Rail
way company but which, we claim, t ave
proven almost valueless as the Los An
geles Railway company, which the PaMfic
Railway company succeeded, had already
issued first mortgage bonds to the amount
of $1,500,000. That is the whole mat
ter." "How about Robert Law's connpetion
with the deal!"
"His position is the same as tlat of the
banks. He took these bonds as security
for loans to Holmes and the compiny
aggregating $150,000. Tou see. at the
time these loans were made, Mr. Hohaes'
same was a power in Chicago and his
verbal representations went a good way.
But, as we will prove, these bonds g ven
as security are simply worthless."
A few days ago George M. Bogue was
appointed receiver of the Pacific Railway
company in bond of $25,000 on a bill
filed by Charles Morse. Jan. 6. C. B.
Holmes, as president, executed a note for
$1,500 in favor of E. II. Russell, and this
note was transferred to Morse, who se
cured jjdgment by confession. Mr.
Mayer claimed this transaction was ti very
Bhady one. done ia order that Mr. Holies
and his friends miht get possession.
The bill filed by Morse se's forth that the
company was organized Aug. 28. IS 39.
in Illinois, with a capital Mock of ;f2,
500.000 for I be purpose of operating a
line of cars in Los Angeles. Cat. It was
claimed that the company was insolvent
and unable to pay its debts, and that the
numerous stockholders bad not fully paid
up their stock subscriptions. In that
proceeding it sought to hold the stock
holders liable for their unpaid stock,
"There's a certain clique trying to
down me," said Mr. Holmes to a
reporter for the Inter Ocean Jat
evening. "But I don't think they will
succeed." he continued, and a fighting
look came into his eve. "That Los
Angeles road is all right if it is proporly
taken care of. and will prove a good in
vestment yet ; but if it is going to be
wrecked the stockholders can not expect
any great returns from it."
Yesterday's Inter-Ocean says, the t ne
nemies of Mr. Holmes propose to carry on
the fight against him and, that other heavy
suite are to follow. Mr. Holmes holds
that he knows what he is about and that
he has no fears as to the outcome of bis
transactions or the threats of his oppon
Rapids Citt, Jan . 211.
C. M. Hubbs is in Rock Island on bus
E. N. Campbell has purchased a fine
new organ.
Q. McCarl and J. Sheib are sojourn
ing in Rock Island.
Our ice dealers are about tLraugh fill
ing their ice house.
Several of our G A. K. s went to the
camp fire at Hampton list night
J. A. Hofstetter was summoned to
Rock I-.land yesterday in the Vogel case.
James Schershel, tax collector for this
township, reports collections pretty slow.
Quite a number of our citizens are in
attendance upon the courts at Rock Isl
Harry Rindall, constable of Port By
ron, was serving papers in town jester
day. A.B. E Adams and W. H. Adams,
both of this place, were on the Brooks
Mrs. R. M. Mitchell has been quite
sick for a few diys past, but is improv
inc now.
The village board are revising their or
dinances so as to mike them conform to
new laws.
Keeping clear of the court bailiff is
what mak-s some excitement in our q net
little town.
Sunday night meetings have com
menced in the M. E. church. Hiss
Adams, of Hampton, is the preacher.
D. J. Webb has received his commis
sion 88 a notary public, and is now ready
for business.
A dance is on the bills at Voeol's hall
for Friday evening Jan. 30. Hampton
string band will furnish the music.
Ferris & Co. have about given up try
ing to onen a coal slope on Vogel a land
The sea mud comes in faster than it can
be cleared out.
D. Holsapple and wife, of Rock Island.
have been visiting at Mrs. o. u. Wain
wiight's. Mrs. Holsapple is Mrs. Wuio-
wrichi s sister.
Quite extensive prepaiations are being
made for tie wedding or muss urace low
which occurs at the farm residence the
29th inat.
Out of tiht Hsrpcr houte biilard
8ave 20 per cent and buy your gro
ceries at May's .
I will give ycu a tip call at Harper
h ouse billiard room
Don't by a dollar's worth of groceries
until you h.ve called on May to get Lis
low prices. ,
No doubt but there is a choice in first
pick at the muslin pile at McCabe Bros.
The greatest muslin sale of the 19 b
century, opened today at McCabe Bros'.
A great boom in the cotton merket
must result from the enormous muslin sale
this week at McCabe Bros.
There will be preaching services at
South Park chapel this eyening and to- j
morrow evening at 7:89.
Miss Dora McGlenn, of Clinton, Iowa.
who has been visiting Mrs. Irving D.
Barb. returned home Saturdav evening.
Remember the service at the Baptist
cburch this evening. Subject: "Whole
Families in the Ark and in Heaven."
How is this for lowt Ven's fancy
heavy sails, heavy goods, only $2.68.
ehtap for $5, at Simon & Mosenftlder's
Cpt. A. J. Whitney returned Saturday
from St. Louis and Qaincy. The captain
celebrated his sixty third birthday Satur
day. Pant?, as wll as suits, must go; no
odd pants to be left- Pants worth $5 50
and $6 now going for $4; investigate; at
Simon & Mosenfelder's.
Winter goods must go Prices will
have to make them move; hew is this.
Men's full suit, coat, pants and vests,
$2, worth $4, at Simon & Mosenfelder's.
There are two happy homes on Seven
teenth street, made so by me advent of
girl babies. They are those of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Bleuer and Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Appelquist.
There will be services in the Central
Presbyterian cburch each evening this
week except Saturday. The subject this
evening will be "The Lcconscious Loss
of Spiritual Power."
Her is another, a dandy, heavy mixed
suit $2 90. a well made, good fitting
suit, no tariff on it, well worth $5.
Call and inspect the same at Sim n &
A deed has been filed at the county re
corder's office of the transfer of the inter
est of W. C. Putnam, of Davenport, in
the estate of the late Bailey Davenpoit
to Frederick Weyerhauser for $15,000.
Ten yards of brown muslin for 38 cetts ;
ten yards of bleached muslin for 39 cents.
Every kind, every quality, sold in ten
yard lengths, away below value, while
present lot holds out, at McCabe Bros.
James Dyer, the well-known engineer
on the Rock Island road, slipped and fell
while mounting the cab of hfs engine, at
Brooklyn, la., yesterday, an3 fract-red
his left arm. He was brought home last
Andrew K Joh nson died last evening
at his borne in the old fairgrounds cf
dyspepsia. He was in his fifty-first year
and leaves a wife and three children. He
had lived in Rock Island twenty years.
The funeral will be held tomorrow after
noon at 3 o'clock.
Cork-screw worsted s jit, nice enough
to wear for Sunday-go-to-meeting, only
$3.95. Competitors think they are doing
something great to sell tu em for $6. Si
mon & Mosenfelder need room for sum
mer good, beoce the great cut.
Sheeting market; peperell 8 4 brown
sheeting at 15 cent?; pepperell brown
sheeting at 17 J cents a yard. A few
pieces other odds and ends of double
with sheeting go at 12 J cents, while thay
last at McCabe Bros, great muslin sale
this week-
Henry Carse has been putting in coc-
siderabie time in Chicago of late where
Lc has in process of construction a new
apparatus of his own invention for the
manufacture cf pop. He expects it in a
few diys when it will be given a practi
cal test.
Davenport distinguished itself by two
suicides Saturday, Mrs. Max Thomsen
took her life by means of phosphorus
poisoning, eating the tips from a hand
ful cf matches, and Detlef Lundt cut his
throat from ear to ear with a butcher's
knife, almost severing the head from the
AmoB Longshore, of Lynn, who was
recently placed in the embarrassing posi
tion of being accused of the robbery of
the Porker family, near Cable was in the
city Saturday and called at The Argus
office. He says he proposes to prosecute
his accusers, the members of the vigilance
committee, to the bitter end.
W. C. Wilson, of South Moline, has
been elected a representative of the state
alliance to the national alliance that meets
in Omaha next week. This is sot the
same alliance that met in Florida last
month. Tbere are two distinct national
alliances, one largely southern, and the
other largely northern. The one that
Mr. Wilson attends is the northern all i
Some miscreant who should be dealt
with to the full extent of the law, if ap
prehended, flung a rock through the cab
window of Engineer Gillin's locomotive
on the C, B. & Q. as it was passing the
Rock Island round house earning in with
the St. Louis train Saturday evening.
Fortunately no one was hurt, but it wis
cowardly piece of villianv.
At the court house Saturdav Mr. E. E.
Pirmenter, attorney for J. W. Tittering
administrator of the estate of the
Amejiah Titterington, of Edcineton.
Sold 200 acres of land belonging to the
esUte situhtad near Taylor Ridge. Sim
Goode purchased three furtv-acre
tracts, paying $340, $650 and $665 re
spectively; Jacob Frei forty acres. $275,
and William Garnet the remaining forty
Mr. O H. Jewell, of the Jewell Filter
company, of Chicago, was in the city
Saturday in consultation with William
Jackson, who represents Hon. Ben T.
Cable 8 iuterests ia his ab
sence, concerning the foundation for the
filtering plact. A solid stone founda
tion will be put in and the building will
so be enlarged beyond the di mensions
originally contemplated to afford a view
toe filtering basin.
L. E. Reeves arrived home from Peoria
today where he has been suffering for a
week from the effects of a severe injury
received on the 17th while attemntios to
board a moving train on the L. E. & W.
road, be having been a fireman between
Lafiyette and Peoria on that road. Hie
ight leg was cut open to the bone be'ow
the knee by contact with a switch handle
and he is now unable to use the injured
leg. There are fears that blood po eon-
ing nuy yet result.
Nice fresh buttercups and home-made
caramels at Erell & Math's.
Tenderloin, spare ribs, pig's feet, leaf
leard, etc., at Gilmore's pork house.
Chocolate, mint. winterreen, lemon
and maplft cream patterns just received at
Erell & Math's.
The Crown restaurant. No. 1708 Sec
ond avenue, is now ready to fursish yon
oysters tn every style. A. B. Johnson,
The ninth annual ball of the Iron
Moulders' Uniou No. 230. will beheld
Saturday evening at Armory hall. All
are cordially invited.
E. B. McEown sells hard wood in
lengths, cut or split; soft coal, lump and
nut, corner Fifteenth street and First
avenue. Telephone 1193.
Order ice cream in brick forms and get
the bes. One or more kinds in each
brick; turns out nice; and easv to serve.
Erell & Math can supply you any time.
Progressive euchre ice cream. Each
person gets a plate of ice cream with the
exHCt cut of a card on top. When giving a
card party hav$ these and order them
from Erell & Math's.
Ti hotter.
The taxes for 1890 are now due and
payable to the township collector at the
County Treasurer's office in the court
house. Owners of real estate are re
quested to bring their last year's tax re
ceipts in order to save time in finding the
description of their property on the
books. David Fitzgerald.
Township Collector.
Hard coal Harkat.
$7 75 per ton for best anthracite coal,
all sizes, delivered within city limits, 25c
per ton discount for rah. Indiana I Jack
$4.50 and Cannel coal $6 per ton delivered,
cartage added on all orders for less than
one ton; carrying in 25c per ton extra.
E. G. Frazkb.
The question has been akcd, "In what
respect are St. Patrick's pills better than
any other?" Try them. You will find
that they produce a pleasanter cathartic
effect, are more certain in their action,
and that they not only physic, but cleanse
the whole system and regulate the liver
and bowels. For sale at 25 cents per
box by Hartz & Bahnsen, druggists.
The wide spread fame of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup is justly won by its own
merits, and the reputation it has gained
has been secured by its universal use.
The man who can't sing and has a
baby is is usually made to sing.
Highest of all in Leavening Tower.
And Dealer in Mens' Fine Woolens.
. 1706 8ecoud Avenue.
-cr. "w tTonsriEs-
Dealer In New aad
Second Hand Goods
Bnya, sells and trades any article. A specialty made f Jewelry.
No. 1614 8ecood Aveoae.
Dealer in Groceries and Provisions,
No. 2W6 Fifth Avenue, ROCK ISLAND.
w mem store, new slock, the bett.coods at Ui lowest price. A a hare of patrooajc aoilctUd.
Today's Voting tcr Kenator at
Otmorrif)' tiirand Old Hu Mlill
Hold 111 Own Sa Pr-pet mt
Spbifgfield. Jan. 20 Sefcil
Nine ballots were taken this afternoon
with everyone present on both sides of
the legislature, and the result is the same
asberetofore. Riwandvoted for8lreeter
and Taubeneck voted for Palmer amid
appUuse and confusion. It is not
thought that a break will occur before
the week closes. Sime say the present
condition will last a month or more.
HU Soft Heart.
A foreman in a factory was so soft
hearted that he never could bring bim
ralf to fire a man in so many worda.
When it became necessary to jret rid of
a hand he used to nenl for the victim
and address him thus: "I'm sorry, Wil
helin, but I l3s yon off for a while."
"How Ions for?" is th UMial response.
"Oh! I lwn know luaybe mx months
maylie a year or two v:irs or ten
years I doan knowT Pittsbnrg Dis
patch. Kali tu Hal Iih.
Do Grime You can mj- what yon
choone alx.nt your Turki.-h baths and
your RnssiaD liatlis. and all that, but I
6ay they ain't good for a man.
Cutter Yes. I have been toll that you
prefer the Italim baths.
De Grime Why. wiiat are they?
Cutter One a year. Boston Courier.
Tlie logic of Event.
Customer Not lnnr aj;o I came it
here and longht a porous plaster to help
me get rid of the lumbago.
Clerk Yes, t,'r. What can I do for
yon now?
Customer I want wmething to help
me get rid of tlte jrou plaster. Life.
Catarrh is not a local but a constitu
tional disease, and requires a constitu
tional remedy like Hood's Sarsaparilla to
effect a cure.
What's in a name? lierea vniiiaufesja
in hot water.
Intelligence Column.
"Situation wanted" and "Help" wauls Inserted
one week in the Dailt Aaecs FKEB.
For hale. Rent. Exchange and Miacellaaeon
want I Queried one day al lc per word; three
dajraat jtc per word aod one week at Sc per
Strret car. Owner can pel ame by Call in at
this office. 19-it
room n wt-ll located; apply at o. 8.7 Foor-u-eLth-acd-a-hlf
street a
gent.emen at IZT Twentieth street.
worK at 15U1 ix com avenoe. is
by a competent yoooe man who is steady
and capable; can furnish beet of reference. Ad.
drt't 1013 BecoLd aveane. it
a neat I nrnisbt-d front room. 1S1 Third
avi-nne, snnside, who only occnpim it 11 t'mrs a
month fur 3; or for two frnUeniea fs per
month . 2t
WANTED A firt-c!a Ueneral Manaper for
this city and i- inity to id trod ace the Chae
Plan" of Accident Insurance It combine all
the advan'aces of the "o!d line" aad tbe nn
tsal' systems. Term most liberal ; address
W. D. CUASK. Sec y. Genera. Si. Y.
' open beadanarters tn some nnnriDal rite. as.
same exclusive control of oar busineea snd ap
point local and eab-a?enta in every city in this
state; poods well known staple a floor, in ant
veroal demand, and pay a net profit of fit) to lis)
per cent. Address Tat Vmoa Coaraar, 74
Broadway, New Vork.
(JJ ember American T.ciet Brokers' Asstx)
Reduced Rates to all Points.
OFFICE -la Adam Express OSes under
Harper Hobs.
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1SS9.
Propose to slaughter prices In their
Cloak Dep't.
this week.
We don't intend to invoice one cloak
if prices will make things go.
Plash sacques and jackets go at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
1-5 will be deducted from price of each
Rock Island. Illinois.
What Would be a Useful Christmas Present:
Nos. 1525 and 1527 Second Avenue,
And Nos. 124, 126 and 12S Sixteenth Street,
A Sure Cure for a Cough or Cold is
lrish Cough Syrupy
Acu quick'. j. perfect.' tafe'asd never fai: to cure aU Lang troubles.
aledlclee kxowa for a K!dsv,
Thomas' Kidney
6c a Bottle gaxnpfei free.
Removed to 219
Great Clearance Sale
Felt Boots and Shoes,
I will offer taen for tfct Best 90 Ur at price Uat wi3 atjUa eeejVrf. Cae ear!
acd secure bare Us. Thry bbo: sU rrfirdlrsi cf
m Rflk Avenue,
Reynold ' Block.
33 1-3 Per Cent Discount
1-3 deducted from price.
33 1-3 PerCent. Discount.
1-3 deducted from price.
This is a deep cut- Take advantage
A Ladies Writing Desk.
A Ladies Bookcase.
A Ladies Music cabinet.
A Fine Sideboard.
A Fine Centre Table.
A Fancy chair.
1 Fanoy Rocker.
And many other nice and use
ful articles.
lUc, 25c and S0c Bottle.
La aod Stot&aca trwtalc. U
and Liver Pills.
Dnnrjrigt, Rock IaUnL
Per Gallon.
Seventeenth Street
1818 6econd Avenue,
Harper Uonac Block.

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