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Rock Island daily Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1886-1893, January 27, 1891, Image 1

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Rock Island Daily Ammj
iff R Ml? 1
II MI! Ill
January has certainly been a big month with the London Far beyond
our expectations. Almost all our Overcoats, Heavy
' Suits and Heavy Underwear are one.
Good Goods at Low Prices is
After our successful "January Sacrifice Sale" we find broken lots and
sizes left in each department
fe are Burnt lo Mai
:ea CL
We will inaugurate the Greatest Clean Sweep Sale ever Known or Heard of.
This Great Sweep Sale begins SATURDAY iWORNING, JAN. 24, and will last but a few
days only, as gopds at these prices are bound to be gobbled up.
The People's Great
TUESDAY, 4ASUAHY 27, 1891.
II II l l 1
What Talks at
Money Savers.
the London.
P of all DMs aafl Enfls
( fr Wttk Its Vmtm.
lb AmiVu Olive.
Tbe kto tli of tbe (Aire in to be, it m
V. rir.oiiri.f ll Uu'Wux and tuut-t
matietit indQtriea of anutbern CaiifornaK
It v ill irfve u. w but it U nearly aipuNibs
to buy dow, pare live oil, ia flare of Laa
cottoueed and Url rnixiure ia pun
a. It i roort wboeu;.ie and paialabar
article of food. Thox br chief experi
ence of the olive is lb- ltr,T. nr ant
ot acreeable Fpntii!: vairr. nurd oory
aa an appetizer, know li:t,e.f tL value 4.
the l"t varietiea a foci. ru1"a aw
n teat, and alwaya !elH.. i. (iooi Ltnl
acl a !ib of pickled olhe. make au exrW
leut lner.l. Ti.e wrt k:.--. as iLe Miasm
!ic. planted by tbi- 1'r ix-Mirn a -bioc
w, i t-nt-ru!lr ;rr..vr:i ti.w, Di tbe beat
Tliv i .. fu: a:trm'it in rulw
v .:i-: : tL.- au i j : ; i-11 the mat
k. : J.-- iiin Mr. i". A Kiiubal'.
a. J . if. - -;.J i . r 1
. expert
i ii'W tk
:.w. Tb
!. .11
t." - r nxi
f.i ru - i rra
o m.-.i !. il
.'u! trett ivui
f C-lt T"
(V-. per h.l r. :. i .
olive raltur.-. i
:-. to all rro-v.
o t y-t m-Kt ; I. .i-i 1
v riitv ill I u-. . ..
-' :i f. rtLctr.:.'.
.. : rtuao. I fifl v lU .t -.-.::iti fm.t
nr f;:.i I .r-
i i.i.icirdnMK-. ;:U'..!.f.r.:!.i xiatt be
i -rini.-l f-r piin- oil i . t .'ru t in the
I i.itttl 2. -.., wj'.l ".r;-. : .t I ulu'Arr
nnJ inferior :-i.t -oia mrrr-ial
iri- lt:ct!. XJut Cai:.' .-:s.a oil -.-ily ruia
i: n-pu'-atioa by r-l.; ta IIuroj-Al-"
a-3'iitcr..'.iv2. "j-ric ItnJiof
VT..rr:erln ll;'rr ra.
Cattle la -Irsirira.
TJ.r f.rt .-:. tli-.: -..-. i r .:t -.lit it
sl.c A-;.. tir:.:i r .1-ir.: mt.' lx?ufl at tla.
.!;.::. - riwT I 1: M:.:ir ia Vi: . .i v tn :ta
j r 1 T. IIh v .:.! fr..i lU V."r.t lav-
tt !:- i.m-l bv O'intj'.buM i n
t. I ..a-je. ia la ral cum
w.r- '.r.LlfJ. c-1 in l--.ll c'iat 1 JO brad
tiicrv v re brculit toll:? ('l.itiiatioa. Thm
mat tie .ri ;'n f tlje rat: bckiae te
Attn ric-a. Ia n! r t;i riK-ounu-e tbe cat! it
Dlu:ry t tLe f il'.cz uKible rxu-ulaa
il-r wa a--'l f.T.i ; l.ci; tl.e tatebtrr
of any at:;ninl of iLe kind uuJ r eaalty of
Ifjtb. L'd!t tli-' n-;rirtioa the oumbrr
f Jt!e j:nrt-2M-J to 33.CJ ia Vir'uia
alcne by tli t 1 of tlic yt.ii
TLe Crt I '.v brou'ut to New Caglan
arri v-l t riitr.outh in 11i4. TL-y m.
import! 1ixin Ij Oovmar
Wit low. Tints' Lt-.i'cr. and j. bull oxtck
up tl e l-ny. In folor.tUeoidrKxirdaaya.
tber at re b'.atk. anj a bile aoi
briod . In PUO l e. ; e co were Kt-ut tc
C'; Am: ia tLirty lot re. In IGX
aU)Ui K'jr re ir:p rv.-l for ilie colony
MiithUM it I"r liuriu tbe yeaac
IatabcTe m-Lln.tii-d, IoC rattle L1 Inn
atct from Ter l. Hcllat.i'.. iuo New Vort
ko ibat by tbe year 1CJ tbc-re were a coca
macy bead of bon-d tattle ia tbe cot
oaies. From 1C1 tt 1C3 a U.-e LtrjUr of rat
lie fur tl.ui-e timr wa broaLl into Ne
JIainpfcbire from LVuniara. Tbe wet
Larpe yellow cattle. Takiat; ii of Lbnft
rattle topctlc-r. tby wcrv tl;e foundation,
from wbi.L all tlic ro:r.tnoa native rattk.
cf o;:r rrtic;ry Lae !owi i!iol. tjoiue
Tallryratxl Hi.-J.. t .. ruia. 1
TulK-yrand t-.-ilr. very l.K :!y l.i t-spnl
ion 'rvta Ktiu'l.ti-u. ui1 at tl.- in iiut-nt of
M-ttin ui l-r .i!ir:.-i a pilifoJ
:litiip of a ct-rtaiii wt-.l Ln n Atii-ricaa.
KortutirtJ'ly tbe tlaup r wt v.rr iLC&isy
jjuticfl on i!iire. ai 1 ib I.if--d stn
Falmoiitb liiriiU-rmen ta brav iLe fary of
the i nnJ - iie to our artwiatiti. WitjL
tbt-ir ht-Ip at? uau.-d to n ic.i tbe bar
bor. Vhi!?-t iur hi all tbe riciriaK ?
wLicb wa tnurh dimal Ividk re
fiaired, a very ctriktug iiKridt-tit added ac
injpmion of a hjierial kind to tbe K.aay 1
wan lo experience in tbe course of thai
voyage. Tbe inbkeeper at wbooe plaoe I
bad my meal informed tue tbat out at
bl lodi-nt ii un Aiurrnnu irraeeai.
Tbereujmn I exprtw-d tbe ii-3rp of wein;
Ibat m-iitlt-uiau. and u.r;y af:er 1 waa
iutrotlurrd. Afi-r th m.ul txrbaBgr.
of nf tiiir I put t "ui-ji i--rr:l 'jiKtiom
cotn-eriiir bin ti::itry. It ; Jr.mi tb Cnet
It ik-i;,m1 t-i ic t!.:.t my :ii autuyp4
.Having ever;tl limi-. vt.,ily -rrl-itorr4
to renew tbe -oa versa; iti. i.i uLralii
allow e-1 to !rp. I vriiturcd I't mjuoc
from bim muii- i ltcr f iMrmluttionlc.
bis frieoC- in America. MXu.'' Uv rrpliej.
and. after a fi-w tu uifi.t ,f vjlriva.,
noticing toy iurpritf. be aMrU. "I ara prr
bapa tbe only Americau bo -aaijot jjita
you letter for bin own ccuutry all tbe re
lation I bad tbre are now l.ruketi I unit
never return to, tbe Mate. lie tbired ool
tell nie bin name. It a (n n ral Arnold 1
I DliM coT?f that be -x it -J rjy pity, tm
wbki political puritan ,;; ieraaa.
blame tue: but I do n-t tc ixiilj luyarif.
for I v a wit tint of l.i .i: .n; . -4 Vutury.
Ttic Kur Xmtm.
Teacher Where wa Mom- h'-a U
hht went out?
Bright Boy He was hnsinsr lay aU
tr in the imrlor. New York Herald.
Tt- UKZr MaiJ.
Hov aJeao'l waatd s.r . '.uU
waa 1 bvugrr auw w rj n au
Or aa U pain anj ! -uf
Her dm a crajuji. a -at.
Bo our ao4 tuia. tj a imij Hsrm
aa trrm. Url: ad Lra,
Hbe aaked far a f ear jr brraJ :
I gae Imt guo4 ad row .
"Oil. a teTefw tl j -u r
L'abauoy cJd. taa iotera tif
To five ttee fncm mo aa art!! aif ;
fto a-ty doat yuu go Uorr-
-Doeae.'- raoanal tie eowj k aorro runaaV
"Boner AJi. to awt fi.-. .vaeca vora
Stnkca ao karaaaoaxai cbard.
Tbre abajmd taoi aad ua droqpiaa aea4
The IJ1 marad araaiarre aaL
1 i im uoaw-1 Uv4 "
A Mj laaarveaMt.
. p to Ce years a9 23 per cent, of
couie inienoans to out on
irain arrived too Uie. lo Lbewe daya it I
Un diacoverl that T. rwr ..i .1.
amreat leau orteea ajiaale ta early.
LUaonlj x per rtauara Uo baa la Uaaar
worda, tu public baa laaraei tba iTif nlaa-
l! r
i 1
a '
: i
'i ,
. I
v t i
k.iwn. Lewo.i r raa fr

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