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Rock Island daily Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1886-1893, February 04, 1891, Image 1

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Rock Island Daily Argto
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I lr rk taU.
li f.) ..;..L
January has certainly been a big month with the LondonFar beyond
our expectations. Almost all our Overcoats, Heavy
Suits and Heavv Underwear are eone.
Good Goods at Low Prices is What Talks at the London.
After our successful "January Sacrifice Sale" we find broken lots and
sizes left in each department
ffe are Bonnfl to Make a CL
of all OSds ana Ends.
We will inaugurate the Greatest Clean Sweep Sale ever Known or Heard of.
This Great Sweep Sale begins SATURDAY MORNING, JAN. 24, and will last but a few
. days only, as goods at these prices are bound to be gobbled up.
The People's Great Money Savers.
t'll!rtlug A;lat Hasp
The Lunp im v!li"' i wry f
Ti,rnl'.v ! riij., it l iI..7.raU t jr
trent it at tini'n. -vca cuihT tb lt ci
"nidations. A 1"J f ir lam
huU If L; i cva-:.j f uv. at.1
the poultry Ims- fl r'. x; r. II as the
oats;.l yard-, t-hM 1 n-; I dastd
with it a 1; a it i .ay 1 1 aiienl
:o . TV- v ; IN r ih ! -.: t.hnnl-1
r.- 1 wliit'-w.ii. 1 .tia!!, uui &
luicpof lii"!j'uM 1? !:; ia lldriii
in;r tt-r. Il i Kt c!.d:.n'-d lL;,t th
tu .h J tvH :.J". iy, j --v. : t r up. but ix
u .!1 r v.- f. rr Vila li- th.-n if n rofc
j j'r;.rrM-.!vn.L'i-! I r cc:nwnJ-
- !: f ri:f!.,:;'i'ivf!rl.n;ix'
;V I ': T I- : " "V T'- r -J lt
i .:r 1 ;.;'" i! and
. IIJ i ..'I; i;. ruT i
t- I t .1 r'-flTJ
ti ; ' ' -:r ty T Ti . t k ; 13 1 f. it d cf
r;.I:-..' j-r.-. ; Va-
S.i a: 1 ti. If. ; i .f f.'w!.
S .us;,, rn ; ' t.
l: - '.it.; Ii-'..J 1 mil.
At-r.!:!. ; ! ti.- I! ; r.: i t ':.. a
..rl f.r Vv.?t it ! : I
ri'.r.ir.li! ATnruImr t. !.:.. :r
rJ. f x!k; C-..f t:.:--. 1- "... t.it t)
t Ii 1i'Uj4 L'. tt.;.it l r-f"r
ii-Alti.r. It '. V. -.4 fruit to
! iv'.lr tjt.-l. "iiiirfc";r t.itiiJ
.-;r u ud'l f -r -Vrt t nii- t V -f! -1
.liLt. t uch t tri:it
r.:.t fiv-a i:jwx!. Vl. a tlr.-it x1t
::r" iftr Irr:Ti i. . -r. :!)
p.ll :.- ::.;t;r in f .t..r. ;.t. J. w cr
I. il;o-:r ii I i fi: u -1 n -r.TS-
i i 4.i '.Ji'.tr.'- i.i 12:r. .- ll. klIp
l. .r..:. i 1.-.-.; i f il-i 1 i.
V. il lrr t mrr mf t.
2.i I..' !: f-r tl;-i -.n Q,iiu.,.7
ha 1 ti.- f II ". :i j.i iv f. r ui.Cor:
If j.!3 1'. ' . i.t t.T-i.t Lv titi cV
- ! v ;.i iK.tr rj'-u t nt jjujct)l
tcftr4 I Cum.
Wii'iia x'i- J-t tUirty j-r tV jcro
vgr J T-.'.e 1 1'. ...-a ii iLc Lt-i:.-i it
Laj inrr. fr-!a J4. -..t. to ;.oj.
("', an l th ':tit j r. 1tic-1 fr .
(k0.( 0 ta !.'. if l.u'X
tL-at in th aiB" jTil L: x;.
tr.-a f ra IIJ.(rK to i
arn-. fcn-I tb? fcTn'.nt ;c!ic-i (rt
TLt r- if a I iji rice cr j:
T1j- Lat t i M f Tiiij:.. ta ii,J tbv
Ikot-i- i ijr.w p-nTiIlr k-!.-1 to Im
aU ut M','H0 LnL. L-l
Cn-n r i r!ii iu th k.u'.Ii ir-. p -
TLe rT r'! f the ji-l i- hch ii a cir
crop fcV rt ia t lt;t cf gTiIIy fair
The tiit-t nxiukl nf c. jf t
year in California Lav tt.-u in th? LrnC
a&d trjr.e itxIuKtrvi cf th Jit.
The tobacco crc p iu Kt." r j t-port-l
two trf-l! Lite trJ 1- 'v tru-
ctls any prown it thit . r u-rr
Ftati-tkijia ti -1 J.;- LurT
report, rJl c r w u,.t w.1t
can I jTotii n in tLr n n:a in at.y y-ar."
It i ta j".:n to lr.rn otf
vr-y Lid t Kn i i: i.t f:..ti.
will c!-ar tl.- rcuaJ tnJ iiry -"-i of
Doxio'a tviJI ! !-tTfyU.
At Frni I n.jn' Imjr. 4i tl. Uodt r tf
tb eitl-rtt Matr. a tuttt .-..rui Lir;t.
ectiitjni iiir to at ! ju li ui. I u--
tioDwl tLe itiari at Lur 1j.t:m- mum ptj
iog. TLmX Lwb a iudnrJ tl !4 IB
lb- di1V-1. iml, t-olW .t iu Ihr orMjb-
trr, I ! I uilunl a a tnt rilatW
tuao. Uat'iuit rkt.afih:.! i )i.4-r ivla
tivr t im- vai-j aii'i rH i f :i,J. f jwjrf
l.im l-t L r lr Lad t-trr Im-i, u 1'L.laO
I'Lia. Ilr trj.l.nj lut t- Lal 1x4 Jrrt iuac
au. Ilruci fiiau i! aji.ut 4i -ar td
b kixa- Irt-n. Vavlitii'!on. "I Lar ovrs
an Lini," iiftsai.. "if kj Uuld n to
1 hal tH. Lr al l-.J i!fc tnnutix
"1 liouI J itr; ntu a Lkr uaxr Mr. Ifctji
taa, tlrt- tuau wttotLry hay i. m r- L."
Ttro-4Uiii tbc I hm-x mitk ib.i-
lar 1.vp .r inory. aal c4tm a itiwli
rsprrwl. Thi ruubtrr im w M.a ax.
Suaitit-d witb Ijiurir Ti. 1-ttrr aw.
iudcnl. h'Lin Ik-q r xi rajt barely
frovk!e tLfoiM-ltra tlis LiT4rm of
LXa. I reoolWt liaviij mtd ia tLc drawing
iwn cf Mr. i: Jb-i .; vrr t u Lat utaaa
farturcd ia tb bir,jp!apof I! maatrraf
lb bout, carW iitj- laid on an elvat
Jserrra t-bioa talr, Ijou-.i at 7 nao
otoe AriKTiran. H.riiy ..ull a Ear
rj ravnti hate cotit'-d U. rar .n- a
a Lat.
On the Uu. of :Uc hj .Vr hn.iU.pu-
ri-t inwm ti to ike cuutitry Ivy
the basic cf .. !, . The allaofit
trere furnml it a rjuyii in. TLe draav
ibR rwu outj:r. a Anofn, eonrtM
nib DioJ bnautifal ln.nxea. M.de lira a
fcett Laving .m-d it Mr. Smith aaid La
him, 11ba do n.A. at;-tu(4 to playoa it.
fortlteoian wbotniMt It iive a hondrrd
miles from here, and he La ttot coane thai
y" " Tall-jraud'aileni4r io (Votary.
A bui can never write true poetry
aaleu he Lm once bees eerioualj u iw
-tad most tcea caaboI eten tiea.

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