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Out of tha Scores Adrift on the
Broken Ice.
A 1kK Ju"P fur Safety That Oie Man.
Couldn't Cover and Cot a Cold Itath
lout on a Floe in a Snow Storiu Ad
ventures of a Another Party A Night
of Iepalr Followed by Good J. nek in
the lrnin Rejoicing at Kssei vllle.
IiAY Citv. Mich., Feb. 5. At n ion yes
terday nil of the fishermen except two
h;'l been beard from, and these fvo. it is
thought, have nme ushore on the Charity
islands. Albert Pratt, Jake Coon, and &
Frenchman ran out of provisions Monday
uud started that night for Essej ville to
lay iu a new stock. They became lost in
the snowstorm and wandered aaout all
uii;ht. to fi'jil in the morning that they
were cut oit from shore by open water, the
up then being fourteen feet wide. The
men endeavored to jump it, and P-tt and
Coon succeeded, but their cotipauion
jumped short and went into the lay. lie
was rescued by means of a lish spear.
l: joiciug Over the Saved.
Most of the iiieu imperiled lived in Es
sexville, ami there was great l-ejoicirg
there when the hardy nsen who it was
feared had been doomed to ri.-nth returned
iu straggling gr.iv.ps II, pu ts w ere also
received that ail o: the nu.-ing villagers
were safe with the single exeepti m oi Ir
win Felker. The ftsnermeu ui return-d
tell pitiiut stories oi the suitei ing and
and hardship endured Muiiu;y night
while afloat on Saginaw bay. Tiie thrre
men mentioned iu the furegoi:;g p:ira
graph left t;ifii--i'iiities, which w.-rc c ght
miles out, iil.ini; o o'clock p. in., jnd
started at a In -i.-.k. n.:ce to w.ilk to Essex-
ille. Short iy h!ut start iMg the wind,
wnicu u;ul tieen blowing lrom t ie north,
veered and blew from the south.
A Fearfully ltangeroui Trip.
Increasing its force every minute, at
0: JO, when the men were still S'lme dis
tance from shore, it was blowing gale.
lo make matters worse, it began to snow
very heavily, and the men at one time
thought they were lost. They found the
road, however, and were pushing forward.
half running and half walking, when their
ears were startled by a succession of boom
jug reports like the firiug of cannon. The
noise could be heard all along the buy
snore on either side ot tuern. It was then
known -that the main body of ice had
broken away from the shore ice, and
would soon be moving out into the bay
faster than a man could run. Thvy weath
ered all the diiliculties, and wen- saved as
recorded about.
Adventures of Other Men.
One of the other fishermen who re
turned gave this account of th it fearful
night: Most of the men in the sittlemei t
on the ice had finished their day's work
ana were enjoying their even.ng meal.
All the fishermen noticed that the wind
had changed to what is known to them as
"unlucky point" blowing from the south
west and they were a little tine isy. But
then they thought it would stop at day
light and everything would be all right.
The wind increased to such violence, how
ever, that some of the men who were far
thest out formed a party of about fifty
and started to walk to land. Those who
were near the shore were made aware o f
the danger first.
The Sounds oj Coining Danger.
About" o'clock they heard the succes
sion of reports previously alluded to. The
booming of the ice was at once terrifying
and grand, although there was not a man
who did not know what the bellowing
sound meant. A report would be heaid
as the ice started to break, and thm
could be distinguished the grinding, tear
iog and cracking along the shore for
miles. To make matters worse the wind
was dismally howling along tie ice, and
the snow was blinding. One coaimon im
pulse soon drove this company of men to
gether, and they started for the shore. As
they were not so far out as the others they
soon arrived at the place where the ice
was broken. But they were horrified to
see a chasm of water at least t airty feet
wide, over which it was impossible to
3Iet Some More Unfortunates.
About 10 o'clock at nijzht thev found
another gang of men who had come from
the middle of the fishing grounds. The
two gangs then united, and tnce more
started to search for a place to croa.
After wandering up and down for about
two hours they gave up iu despair, and.
retiring from the edge of the ic floe, thev
decided to wait till morning. The. men
who had been along the edge rer orted that
as far as the eye could penetrate the dark
ness nothing was discernible but the
boiling, seething water.
A Discouraging Prospeot
The floe on which the men were stand
lug soon began to break around the edges
from the force of the waves, and the men
were compelled to keep going f irther and
farther toward the center of the crum
bling floe. Daylight came at last, and
with it the spirits of the castaways rose,
for then there was a prospect of getting
ashore. On all sides as far as the eye
could reach was nothing but tumbling
waves. Soon after daylight, however, the
wind changed, coming directly from tha
Drifted to the Welcome Mio re.
This was just what the men wanted
and three hours later the floe drifted in to
shore. The men then landed, some getting
ashore at a place known as Big Creek, and
others getting off at Fish Point. All were
suffering from exposure and exhaustion.
Almost all of the fishermen have now
reached home. There were nearly 100
shanties on the ice. Most of these were
occupied by two or three men, Two good
sized barns and three horses were left on
the floe.
legislation in Bllchig io.
Lansing, Mich., Feb. 5. Bills were in
troduced ia the house yesterday making
an appropriation of $123,000 for the sup
port of the daf and dumb asylum; to re
peal the -act authorizing the appointment
of state game and fash warden, to pumsa
fraudulent entries and practices in speed
contests: making an appropriation of t3.
&M for the support of the state agricul
tural college.
In the senate bills were introduced
making the office of railroad commission
er elective instead of appoint. ve; making
mortzaire deeds subject to ta.it.tion. Kes-
olntions were adopted in bo:h branches
for n investigation of the state public
school with especial reference to the case
of litthr Nellie Griffin, recently murdered
by old man Can fie Id.
Republicans and V. M. B. A. Men Talk
ing of a Combination.
Springfield, Ills.. Feb. 5 Bills wem
introduced in the senate yesterday: Per-
ittmg a majority of property owners in
wns to petition for local improvements:
allowing the iolls at Chicago elections to
remain open until 7 p. ra. : chancine the
building and loan association law so that
the directors may fix the interest and
premium on loans instead of selling to
the highest bidder; allowing certificates to
dentists of five years exuerience Won
the adoption of tho present law. A mes-
age was received from the house an
ounciug the nassatre of ioint resolution
for investigation of the Chicaco Live
Stock exchange.
The Chicago Live Stock exchange sent
resolutions to the house inviting the pro
posed investigation of charges of boycott,
etc., made by farmers, and joint resolu
tions ior such investigation were unani
mously adopted. The rest of the session
was devoted, without action, to the reports
on the Moore resolutions arraigning the
mway commissioners as tools of the rail
vThe Senatorial Monotony.
The joint session took a ballot nnlv tha
Democrats voting. This was because
Cockrell, F. M. B. A., was ill, and his col
leagues and the Republicans declined to
VOte. No Quorum. Adiourned Tha
Republican sterinc committee met
yesterday, a deal with the F. M. B.
A. men was discussed, the nrono.Hitinnie.
ingtojoin with them in the support of
EM-reeier, Aloore or Taubeneck. Jo action
was taken, it being thought best to hold
caucus ou so important a point.
The Ilennett Law Repealed.
MADISON. Wis.. Feb. 5. The senate ve.s-
, rf
terday afternoon, by a vote of 21 to 10,
concurred in the bill repealing the Ben
nett law. '1 he bill now goes to the gov
ernor for his signature. Senator Scofield,
Renublifn rf Hie Virwr. rliurri wou un
seated and Ids place given to Fetzer, Dem
ocrat. In the house bills were introduced
permitting sparrows to be killed, repeal-
i n ir t.lir Irwiil nr.Hnn Inn- --.. u I tm. tlm
COUntV" of Iron bv dividincr the rnnnlv nt
Ashland ami fixiug the county seat at
Hurley, and amending the laws concern
ing the powers of notaries so as to give
them authority to perform the marriage
The Nebranka Governorship Fight.
Lincoln. Neb.. Feb. 5 The ii lint com
mittee of the state legislature appointed
to wait, on ex-Gov. Thayer, reported yester
day he was ready to deliver his message.
nun it was agreeu to receive it this atter
noon. In the house, after a hot fight last
iag live hours, a resolution was passed by
a siuau majority asking uovernor Uoyd
tO ai.SO lleliVir hw fllMMTn Hiiu nftarannn
This will result in two messages being de
livered, and is the first recognition by the
nouse oi tsoyd as governor.
AlHanee Men Were on Deck.
liA.LF.ItiH, N. C, Feb. 5. A resolution
offered in the state senate yesterday to in
struct senators and representatives in con
gress to vote against the measure pending
there to allow senators to be elected by a
vote of the people, was defeated by an
overwhelming majority.
A Bill Against the Pinkertons.
Tope k A., Kau.. Feb. ix A bill was
passed by the house yesterday prohibiting
any company or corporation from em
ploying armed forces while a st ike is
A Woman at Olympia, Wash., Tiling Kep
resentative Holruan's Name.
Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 5. A story is
printed here to the effect that a young and
very pretty woman who goes under the
name of Mrs. Emma Grey, has been black
mailing state officers and politicians. Her
plan was to send a desired visitor her
card, and iuvite him to call at her apart
ments. As soon as a man wa seated she
locked the door and told him sho would
scream and summon help if money was
not forthcoming. The police made an ef
fort to induce two of the victims to prose
cute the woman, but they would not do so.
The Story She Tells People.
She told several persons that her right
name was Emma Holman; that she was
the daughter of Congressman Holman, of
Indiana, and has shown letters which
would tend to confirm her; but it is be
lieved here that the woman is well con
nected in the east, and that she has got
bold of letters addressed to a friend from
some one by the name of Holman. She
arrived at Olympia about two weeks ago.
Purposes of the Kebets as Disclosed by
Lisbon, Feb. 5. Documents have been
seized nt the . office of The Republica
Portngueza of a very compromis
ing nature,including lists of subscriptions,
sentences of death against prominent peo
ple in Portugal, etc, The letters seized
prove correspondence between the Repub
licans and Spain. After victory shall have
crowned their efforts annexation to Spain
is to lie proclaimed. The documents also
establish the complicity of certain priests
of rural parishes with the insurgents, and
also a number of people who have re
turned irom ISrazil with large fortunes.
xne count or the Main in Saturdays insur
rection at Oporto increases daily. The
numoer oi Kiueu is now reported at 100
Five hundred of the insurgents are in
prison awaiting their fate.
Compelled to Adopt Parn ell's Ideas.
Dublin, Feb. 5. The Freeman's Jour
nal says Parnell held an important con
versation with O'Brien at Calais on Mon
day. It is probable that Sexton will re
visit Boulogne. Parnell said tiiat in his
opinion a home rule measure, such as he
desired, was assured. The Dublin Ex
press asserts that McCarthy has been
compelled to adopt Parnell's ideas, as
have all the leading Liberals.
Attempted Assassination.
Gainesville, Ga., Feb. 5. A dastardly
attempt was made to kill Larkin Smith,
mayor of Lulu Friday. Some one crept to
a window in his residence shortly after
midnight and discharged the contents of
a double-barreled shot gun at Smith as
be lay in bed. The shot took effect in
bis legs. His wounds will not prove fa
tal. There is no clew to the assassin.
Mine Artillerymen Fatally Injnred.
Marseilles, Feb. 5. Nine artillerymen
at Montpelier were fatally injured Tues
day by a premature discharge of dyna
The announcement is made that the
American National Bank of Kansas City,
which failed two weeks ago, will resuma
Frightful Aecident at the Kilim azto In
sane Asylum.
Kalamazoo. Mich.. Feb. ?l m.
James Barth was fatally scalded at the
state asylum here Tuesday bv the care-
lessness of two attendants, who were giv-
ug her a bath. She came hero a week
igo from Spring Lake, where she had be
lorue insane at a revival. She reonired
frequent baths, and being a woman weigh
ing over 2K) pouuds, it required three at
tendants to bathe her, two holding her in
ie tuo wniic the other one performed the
rvice. Tuesday morning, while Rosa
nitll. a krdu:it of the StJite N'urmnl
school, and Minnie Irwin and Anna Van
leet were giving Mrs. Barth a bath th
heel attached to the hot water pipe was
-ciucut.illy turned, and scalding, sti am
ig water rushed into the tub.
The Masiac's Terrible Shrieks.
The shrieks of Mm maniac mint'le I u-ith
the screams of the attendants, were heard
all over the institution. Th attendants
were unable to lift Mrs. Barth from the
tub, and she was powerless to assist her
self, for the flesh was cooking on her
oouy. t inally she was removed, and do-
ite all medical efforts she died Tuesday
night. Yesterday the asvlum authorities
laid the case before the coroner, and an in
vestigation will be had. It is thought the
affair will be investigated by the legisla
Honduras is reported to be on the verge
of a revolution.
Charles H. Bransco rube, the founder of
Lawrence, Kan., and prominent in the
early struggles of that state, is dead.
The treasury department Wednesday
purchased 478,000 ounces of silyer at prices
ranging from f LCX to Jl.ttJi per ounce.
Governor Mcintosh, captain of the Light
Horsemen, was shot and instantly killed
by an Indian policeman Tuesday in Indian
W. McZim merman, agent of the Farm
ers' Alii.iniesupply store at SparUinsburg.
8. C, has robbed the Alliance of hbcut
$6,M), so it is rviMirted.
Among the names most recently men
tioned for secretary of the treasury are
those of Robert T. Lincoln, "Ret" Clark-
sou, Comptroller Lacy, and Representa
tive Cannon.
Mary Dixon, whilo drunk st Chicngo.
lay down in un alley with her batie in her
arms. The depraved mother was found
next morning uearly dead, while the balie
was a corpse, frozen stiff.
Henry Kramer, of Louisville, took hold
of a "live" win Monday and was stricken
unconscious hen ho recovered ho was
a raving maniac, and the doctors say that
ins brain is nearly baked, and that he will
never recover.
The comptroller of the curmiry has au
thori.ed the following nationul banks to
bjgin business: United Stales National
b-ink of Portland. Ore., capital t'JSO.OTO.
and Weldon National bank if Ladonia,
'lex., capital li0,O00.
Sam Jones, the revivalist had a "scrap"
at Palestine, Tex., Feb. '.. The mayor of
the town resented some of Sam a plain
talk almut his private and public morals
and tried to cane Sam. lhe latter took
tha cane away from the mayor, and to use
his own words "wore him out.
A banquet at Baltimore, the chief guests
of which were to have been Senator Gor
man and the Republican senators who
Toted to shelve the elections bill, has been
abandoned because Senator Gorman re
fused to attend. He considered the scheme
impolitic, especially that part involving
the Republicans.
Daniel Brew, a Danbury, Conn., hat
manufacturer, was knocked down in New
York city aud robbed two weeks ago. His
mends gave him up for dead, but hava-
jnst received a letter from him at Houston,
lex., where he wTis taken unconscious
from a freight car. his assailants having
thus disposed of him.
A Suspended Hank Resumes.
Ilritox, S. I)., Feb. 5. The Huron Na-
ti nal bauk.which suspended a month ago,
r.-siiuied business yesterday, greatly to
t:i j deligiit of llurouians generally. Very
f ,'vv detoMi.ors called for tiieir money, and
m '-.iy lormer patrons made deposits.
A Monument to Melssonier.
Pauls, Feb. &. A fund has tieen opened
for a monument to Meissonier, the emi
nent artist, and it is being largely sub
scribed to by prominent artists iu Paris
nd elsewhere.
lhe Weather We May Kxpert.
WAsnmoTo.i City. Feu. 5. The following
re the weather indication.- for thirty-iz hours
from S p. ni. yesterday: For Iudiana and
lliinms-NV'urmer. fair weather; southerly
wiuds. For Wwoasin -Fair, warmer weather,
except local snow.-i neir tha Uku; s.mth
westerly winds. For Michigan Local snows;
warmer we thr: Southerly winds. For Iowa
Fair weather; aouth.rrly wi ids; warmer in
eastern, ail. ior by Friday uioraiiitf in western
Chicago. Fob. I
The quotations onthii board of tradn to-day
were as follows: WhMit-No. - February,
Opened 96c, cloned OSJe; May. opened fl.WJ.
closed H he; July, opeued W.VV. eliVoii lUe.
Corn No. " Feliruary. ojen-d .!'-". clis.d
CI5ie; Stay, ojH'ned TvI'hi. cloned ',: July,
opened fi-4?, elied "'' Oats No. - May.
openivd WhO, ci'iKed Wi1-; Juin', 'njwned
nd clue-d 4-";i-. July, opened and cled Wir.
Fork February, opened 5.GU. closed Ji.o,";
March, opened and chwed '.I.S'; May, ovnid
810.10, clmed 510.17 Lard February, iened
$o.T24. closed S5.7U.
Live stock - Following were the priecn at
the Union Stork yards: flout Market opened
active and firm: pricea steady; light grade.
fmartau'i; roUh parking. (UiUi; mixed,
f.UiOrjtil ..; heavy iwkiiii; aud shipping lots.
Cattle Beef steers. $J.tV ,.!; ram and
bulls, .(JOttim); storker and feeder,
3.7a; calves, i-iK.-1. rnp Trade waa
tivo, SJ.&Hi.Va.-i; Umlw. iiSAM.
Pro.iuce: Butter Fan.'y separator,
dairies, finest, frush. lS.iiSX?; jw.knirf ittock
lUiUle. E(fx Fresh caudlui. ii: p.;r ds.
Drewed poultry -CuujW iu.-, s.ivi'v' pur ll;
ducks, Vjdlc; tur.yj, lVllo: K-se. a.nSr.
F-otatoo White rosj. )ja: per bu; red rxi
S0c; Hebron. .")9c; Perl'ws. HiWn; Bur-
banks, IHuAU-jc. Hweut potaUxw -Jerseys. $ i.T.i
t1.0D per brl; QUiKiis.- HUOLil Apples
CooKing, $3.11 M-W ler on; oatm. fel.UUVJ);
Michigan choice, $.J.7i $1.'M: pl llini' nux-.k.
New York.
Ktw YoitK. Feb. 4.
Whaat No. 2 red tfriumr c..h. tl.l2'4 l.l;l;
do Al&ren. SI.UJ4: do aiay. cl d Jane
81.a"4. Corn No. 2 ntix-.sl ejsli. Ul'-.. JriMVlc
do February, HJSic'. do Mar-h, V; d- Mar.
arHC Oats -Quiet but Hta-iy; No. 2 mixed
cash, Vnrc; do May. 5l4; Uye-Neclected
Barley Neglected, fork Dull; uiim, ill
11 - t . I L . II . , . 1 . . A . . . .
l-.ive stocx: itu)-r.rui aad a-:tivn at a
shade firmer prices; pirest to best native
steers. M I'WAj I ft luu ?i; ImUs and dry cowa,
juwunj. pneep ana lauiim -hiieep Uim;
lamus. yifi v hiLcr. h'i - . 4.il(t.i.i
sieauy; uve liotpt. Ml .t.ji i a,
Copyright, l50.
-i tVparture
from f.rilinary mctlicxls has long
been alojtcl by the makers of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
They know what it can do and
they guarantee it. Your money
13 promptly returned, if it fails to
benefit or cure in all disea.se 3 arising
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"G. M. I).M
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Enlarged Glands, Tumors and
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fluence. "World's DLpensary Med
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Kit ifi
crp rnrrru es:acusk:o issi ISO So.
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omlli him c.'ji.jr.aa
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Clirnilic, Kerraas anfi FriTale Lizea.2S.
hood. Failing Memory, Exbuuvurg Drama,
Terrible Dream. Hud and fcak A.r.e and all
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mribii with wvrr-foilin; ncce.
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Other Orzans.
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Mrrolola. Ny-hlll. T.'.tAirr an4 K ;-)
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f" isnuuDhy-KLaniit world-wwlerenotel
tHi ir-im me preeiTipuona oi in. will
lanui tihy-M'uincif world-winVrepoteF
YnilVC U k It "unerttui lrm Hemlnal
i vunu uilii
aud Kervoua Hetnlitv
1im of Memory. Penpondency. etc
tmm early tmliM-retuina or oux-rcauwa; a Lao
MiDDLE-JlGED MEN laadvaiio-bt Uutiry tiara. Kid
ney and l'.i:idtr tr-iatilf. etc. w.II find oar VeLhud
of Treatment a rale. 1 ertuin and Hpewly I L KK.
?rilll)l1 DICTIIICP t-xpenetjeeprovoeUjaXIn-
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than tnmarh Midirine. as tiiey are not
changed tyUiecaatrir Inlee and require no
cuauaie oi dietorinterrunUuninbuM
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m m m m m- m m aswrn m m.
mm mi a a mm u tr
Per Essss, Cattle, Sheep, Scj Zz&, '.
500 Face Baak oa Treatmeat f Aclmaia
and t'hart (kii l-'ree.
A.A.I Spinal ftleDlna-iiia. 91 ilk rrtrr.
K. H. rl rai as, Limroru, KkeasBaliaSB.
r.f'.liiewiper, Nana I lliwharvra.
l.l)HotM r f.raha. VVarasa.
K.K4'oaBka. Heaves. Paeasaap.lsu
F. P. folic ar Orie. Bellyache.
4;.;.MirarTiaa:e, lletnarrhacea.
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SPECfflC Ho.
ia oa aV years. Tha eny am u if U letnady tor
Nervous Debiiitr. Vital Weakness.
and Pratrattoo. frotn ui aois or otber ciu isl
1 par vuu, or siala aad Unra vial pom der. lor i.
Hold bt liannuiia. orant nratpaM on tmu
Cor. WlUiam and John Eta, V. T.
Weather Strips.
. W are tha Mannfanturwa.
Do sit Ttil to at an Ert;ma'e Befoes Contractis
104-104 FranklirvSt.. ChieacOa
The Oreat French Remedy for Mippreaakxu
and Monthly Inviralaritie .
Ladiee Lac Le Due's Perkxlicai Pill, of Parts,
France; ima-anUrM to acromptuh ali that at
Claimed for them. To be used monthly for troobia
pecoliar ,u women. Fail directions wttk each
noz. ft'- per bus or three .aea foe a niasli
Pill Co.. royalty proprietor. tpencer. Iowa. Tba
renajoe pi.l obtained of Otto KadarV, Klsistraat,
Rock Iaiad. Jspoe A Co.. Laveauort. and of ail
I arorpn- mMmfw
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to b rum TiiTB w a p imra
mmfS TaT
HzTi WryJS-cS-V ii S-lll
Manulacturers ol FARM, SPRfflQ and FREIGHT WAGOHS
A fen nid complete line of PLATFORM aad o&er fortA( Waroca, etcia-".f adi4 ta tbm
Western trada.of sapenor woraTnanshlp and tmsh tllmMraxed Prr Last frea oa
anplicauo. Sea lac MOLliiS WA(rOM for parcLMour.
Davis Block,
Moline, Illinois,
Tele phone 2525.
COA3. W. TEREURT, Mknkctr.
big- nsrvoiCE
Agency for Excelsior Roofinp ComDany
CH&trZB. THAS Shisolu.
Bead for circular.
Contractor and Bu.ild.er,
llil atd 1121 Fourth recee. Keaidrucc lilt foorth aseane.
Plan and rpecitcatioii faniialied oa all claaaes of work ; also arrat of WOlcr' PaUat laalia
Siidinc Bli&d. aotDcUut( new, itjliek aiid deelrakk.
B. F.
Office aad 8hep Comer Serectee&tfc St.
knd ScTenTi Arenac,
KarAU ktada of ArdMr wo- pacialtr.
House and Sign Painter.
Fmt-claas Qrsiniax aad Papa? Haaclaf.
P. O Box 672.
GEORGE SCHA1XE, Proprietor.
1601 Second Arena. Cor&ar of BlxtaeaU
The choicest Wines, Liquors.
Froe Laack BTery Da
Steam Fitters.
A coapVtc rlock of
Pipt?, Brass Goods, Packing,
Hose, Fire Brick, Etc.
Sot Arret for
We f-saraatea every ooc parfeet, and srtn ae-ad O fm.
Twenty day's tnaj. to Rvponaikat paruea.
Skfctj TlfkUcE DoUert kod CoBtrnctors for
f -rnisbiBg kni Ujict Wnler, aad
Sewer Pipe.
nil Vtmxt At.
Rock Iklkad, Illiooii.
Telrpkooc 11L Banldcsc TcVrnkoM tOOL
in Dauxxm nr
Wrought and Cast Iron and Lead Pipe
Hose, Packing, Sewer and Drain Tile.
Steam and Gas Fixtures.
t?" Bat work it fair prices. ZaUmklea furaikbed.
Office nl thop 119 lSlh St. TelepboM 11SS.
Rock Island, 111.
Goods received by
The Tailor.
Vj, -.'
T. H. ELLIS, Rock Iatad. EX.
103d) Cor. retutcesta Bt. atd keoiid A vs.
and Builder,
: : Rock Lland.
Placs aad
MUamaUa f at kQ klada of paQdJa
I oa ajrpjicatioa.
SUst r&rU A. wK. Km aad ttd Sta.
OppoaiU Harper's TkeaUre.
Beer and Cigars always on Hand
SaadwtekM rvaUkodaa Saort Vat.

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