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C;,fti tlip method and results ulin
vrup f Fis is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and nctf
l . . 1 . 1 T T
rent iv yei jiroaijm nu me ivmne,
i Ir.ir .'Hid liowels. cleanups tTir .
L1 ' - - ' " J
vni eliectiially, tlispels colds, henl-
' in i ...
join's in:-1 levers nnl cures halm lal
. O - 1' 1 " .i
.viKii'Miiou. 1 i 1)1 -rigs is ine
oalv lvniedy of its kind ever pro
.liwil. nleaiiiir to the taste ami ic
fejit:ille to the stomach, prompt in
it; aeiMii ami iruiv Deneticinl in its
Avr. r.n :ared onlv from the i
h- aUhy and agreeable substances, its
...tiiv excellent dualities pommml it
to all and have made it the mist
ndi'iiiur remedy Known.
vri!H fit" Tm"S is fir snlo in F.fV
md 61 littles ly all leading drucr-
jtts. Any reliable druggist who
aiav iK't have it on hand Tvill pro
. -- -i f . 1 .
:ure u prompuy ior any one who
wishes to trv it. Do not accent anv
crM AVliNUE,
P 'i iiior earn '
tatuakt Given Away.
Probably tfeat happens .t
imoet every wedding; and if it
oesn't, it's a good plan to
ny one or two pieces for
he mantel piece, the centei-
Bon't ktinw Inst bow tn fill Tin
I have several pieces cf
lorentiie statuary, not at all
ad, which I am offering at
:ry much reduced prices; and
me larger prices, also.
G. M Looslev.
;& Second Avenue.
Real Estate
'-w five room cottape, cellur, full lot, in
'!tii fark. 81,100.
Ni-w five room cottage, full lot on Thirty--'luii
street, 51.100.
ne room cottage, lull lot, ;urge Darn, mo
vt. i:,m.
''"Hi iot on Fifth avenue, jrs.'iO.
i.L'lit room two storyhouse. Fifth ave. $3,000
" en room house, full lot, (fourth avenue.
-03 Second Avenue, over
Hoppe's Tailor Shop.
Uoyd & Stewart,
McConot hie Carries Every Cascss
Bnt One.
T"' WeUKte m-lt-rtr L.at lthi mm a
the On'lMk for Tnnlstit'M Cut.
v.-ntion in o qaic.
McConochie won ibe night. Out f
the seven ward caucuses bio ticket won
six, thus asFurine fcejond all reasonable
doubt tie mayor's renominktion it to
night s convention. Aid. Scbroeder. the
only other aspirant for the nomination,
was practically fnoei ut of siefct. the
Seventh ward alone lowing him com
miREeralion. A republican's review of ihe
delegations indicates that tonight's ticket
will be about as follows:
For Mayor William McConochie.
For City Clerk H. C. Scbaffer.
For Attorney Caarlea Searle.
For Treasurer J. F. Robinson.
On the township ticket UamptoD ap
pears to be the first choice, the scheme
being, if he is tot nominated on the first
ballot to drop biaa and nominate
Charles Johnson, Sucden, Munger and
Evais being "out of sight" as
far as a nomination is concerned. W.
W. Stafford may share the honors with
Jefcnsnn as a dark horse, though this is
not probable Clekcd is the nominee
for usstssor. acl Supn visor Frick aud
Willifcm Levey iil probably be
the nominees for tuptrvi:ors. Ac
cording to this lay out the McConochie
combine, includine.Koehler and IIiis. is
to t e busted, the mayor having, as the
result of the caucuses, dropped his old
colleagues for the new associates, which,
according to the caucus dictations, are
more essential to his success individually
in ftcurirg the nomination. Thus the
o d friends ate to be dropped by ihe
mayor for the new.
The reports of the various ward cau
cuses are given in detail:
"PutnoLe but McConochie men on
guard tonight," was the warning whis
rered about among the faithful at the
First ward caucus last night. Long be
fore the caucus opened the loyal ones
were passing prepared lists of delegates
and promptly at 7:30 Ward Committee
man James McGarvey colled the meeting
to order. Andrew A. Johnson wa nom
inated by acclamation for aljermai and
tie election of delegates biing next ,n
0-der Chairman Frick, in a falterine
vo c?, sai 1 Le bop -d cone but republi
citswou'd attempt to cast a ballot
Tnen a line of voter was formed and
marched in lock step around the hose
csrt, while the stalwart tellers stood
cur l over the hat to see thu no corrup
tion should enter there. When the bal
lots were counted it was found to be a
clean sweep for the McConochie contin
gent, and silent mouthings were heard .i
tre client iotervals about the work of the
ring, etc. The caucus then endorsed
Martin Frick for aseistant supervisor,
after which Andrew Johnson, the candi
date for alderman, asked their individual
Bupport and lold bow be would labor for
them in the council. But just at that mo
ment a stir was created in another part of
the room, and one George Downing, a
little old man with a white gotee, ad
dressing the chair, expressed Lis indig
nation at the manner in which the caucus
ha 1 teen handled, saying it was the work
of a click, that it was vailed before time,
which Kept a large number from taking
pari, and closed his speech with the very
suggestive remark that there was some
thinp rotten in Denmark. In the con
fusion someone moved to adjourn, and
those who were not recognized went out
into the night, swallowing large lumps of
Ex-Mnyor Eenry Carse was called to
the chair in the Second ward, and Albert
Johnson wasftecretary. On a ballot for
a d-rnmn. John G. Aetter received (53
votes. L. V. Eckhait. 24. Ezra Wilcher
12, F. G Younc 10. Aid. Iletter was
therefore renominated. The successful
delegates were chosen b7 a vote of nearly
two to one. McConochie controls the
delegation so" id.
At the third ward meeting Bo'is'Wells
mule his farewell appearance in that
ward as chairman, and delivered a' short
and fat valedictory with his usual fervor.
William Rinck acted as secretary and
aftr nominating E. G. Fickenscher as
cmdidite for alderman, a solid McCono
chie delegation were selected to the con
vention, and William Rinck was chosen
as vard committeeman.
The caucus organized by electing Wil
liam Jackson chairman and George M.
Lo?ley secretary. The faithful seemed
to be all at sea as to who should be nom
inated for alderman. S. J. Collins named
Ben. Hartz, and Mr. Collins was pre
sented by some admirer in the rear of
the bouse. Collins didn't want to
be sacrificed, however, and he
declined. when Charles Hodgson
presented Capt. Peetz. The captain
promptly followed the sensible example
of Mr. Collins, when Locksmith Fiebig
with the same ingenuity he exercises in
conquering a stubborn lock, prevented
a stampede by moving that Mr. Hartz be
nominated by acclamation. This was an
unfair advantage to take of the gentle
man in bis absence, bat tbe motion pre
vailed wuhout a lientioff voice. Th.
Don Hhw waselectel ward committee
Thec.icu . about to proceed to
select legMes. when someone meekly
suggests tf.l . committee of two be ap.
pointed 'OH:.ruin if Mr. Hanz would
consent t . r- 1-d lo tbe slaughter. Capt
Pceiza. dG H. McKon -ere selected
tonerf .rtntlv, -e duty, and they
were admonished by f J. Collins to
"make u stroci;." Chailea Fiebig moved
tha l,e de!efcte be e'ected by ballot.
andGe.rtMs Bailey suggested that the
chmr ii p. int a committee of ttref to se
lect del. g res. Tbe 8UKL,eMlon went ua.
be. d-d bor.r. and the motion pre-vail-d
Caarl. -Fie)ig aod v. W. Yeb
ster were ape intc-.1 teller,-. Tbe bllon
were cist. j, W), 8jjree(j th,f jjenrs
Pe- z and Vt Kon should be allowed to
vote ,ip,n Ultir ret(irn if Uty ,gcap4J(1
Mr. Hartz', ratb Meanwhile a dozen
or nif.re of the prominent re lublicam of
tee ward dropped in Had akel the pr.v'
lese .f votjus. Tais ws denied ihem.
however, atd considerable crumbling w
indulged in but nil to Uo purpose. Tne
vote showed the McOoocnieites
largely in De ascendency. an i
ibeir ticket receive! 50 old
to 11 for the opposition. There was a
deep siler.re as the aide mime skirm sb
in- eoii.nii ter made ibeir Hppearanc-.
M.:. n i,ly broken by a boare whis.
per ;r .m J. L. Hihs to ecqjire tbe re
sult ..f their riii joa. The committee re
ported that Mr. Hartz positively declined
to r in. and several moans burthened tbe
air. Then Louis Pfob. Dr. C. C. Carter
and others were suggested and all a
quick!? declined. The jl seemed to be
up when Ben DiGear sidled up to Mr.
Pl'oh and poured a few confidential word
io'obisetr. Mr. Pf oh replied not, bis
ifcterviewer mde mysterious sign, and
the jfiuni; grocer's name was agio pre
sented to tbe caucus. A few faint aves
were heard and Le was declared the nom
inee for alderman. Mr Pfob mle no
response, but bis silence was taken as an
implied nr crnc nn i the cuc i td-journ-d
CiO". I! C ('leave'ii'd w i e'e ted
Chairajnsi of tLe FiMli ward -. u-. a d
C)l. IJ .I'n Kot-tdr. er-la-v T"i'
meeiinii a- pa kid ai I. ,)r.ipie. , ,
STanye v. s r.l. r.v. Aid. B. F.
Knx .s win::,,.,! :V hi c'.amati r.
Th '.si...: : r i-.. " it. s tir.',ii;tj' nt.t some
1 ve: sk --. -r.i . : ! k.-i n Mi.- Mi Con
crhie d n l.r c r f icf'-?!, to tl.e
McC'.-t t'ch - ! . n tte 'trie to
one H. C'if.Tf wan tltctid
ward h' N tin fi. ri-ca'ici. n teret
forenvr-'. j.h t wiih out ir.c.deat.
Save ihe Mi-Pin t,,r vot- :i the out d
the r. pr ii- . v- s of i be rival tc'ion.
anl ev-- n H ii oi, itic e eir vo ce of
Cbairni-.n C'icve!nnd iih ito- ifiery
..if . , i .
uavq --u an yrei; rent the air. to
which cini-! 'ii-resj ias- frn-n b-j ir
side soi eii n 'ml' a block away.
not yet. ' ,nd in- n f .!.wet tli- i x jUna
tionstht ni.-n r of republican had
been sK-h'.-d i.ff m the d.sWa'e some
where n l -rr way lo he ra jrus. So
tbe ballo:in c ontinued until at last tbe
chairman' lo-r his pttiec.ee and firmly de
clared the btliot closed. McCoaocbies
men had all the v fmm 73 to 92 v.te.
while the greatest s'rengit. shown br
by the Ssbr.ieder contingent was 24 At
8 30 the caucus dj iurned and McCono
chie had won ibe night in tbe Fifth ward.
The Sixth ward ciucus was pres;ded
over by Aid. W. U Edwards; E M. Wil
cox was secretary. A ballot cn alder
man gave John Frolbo's 111 votes and
Thomas Dolly, 23. The McConochie
delegates. tose rames are given below,
were elected by vote ranging from 90
to 100 t 4 io 43. for the Scbroeder
cS et Drles-ites Uartmann and Levev
were on both tickets, and received
ceived rspectivelv 127 and 123 votes.
The bitterest opposition to McConochie
that existed aovwhire in tbe city was in
this, his own ward, but it was not strong
enough numerically to break the combi
Prof. C. W. Foss wa elected chairman
of the Sev. nth ward emeus acd M. E.
Sweeuey, secretary. J C. Adam? was
nominated for alderm-tn t acclamation,
after an informal ballot had ;iveo him a
majority over Frank Uerrv an ! Charles
Heuck. The delegates whirh are for
Scbroeder were eiec ed by a vote of two
to one, thus reversing the disposition of
every other ward in tbe e:ity with tbe
possible exception of c.ne or two in th;
Sixth, though it is believed when time
is called that ward will come into line
solid for McConochie. M. E. Sweeney
was elected committeeman.
The delegates from tbe various wards
are as follows:
First Ward H. Ralston, C. Bladel,
W. Gathagen, A. Peter son. Alfred
Coyne. Thomas Mnart, F. Carlson, C.
Second Ward Adair Pleasants, John
Fast, C E. Johnson, L V. E:khart. J
D. Culton, David L5er, Samuel Meanor,
G. W. Huntley. William Guldenzopf.
Third Ward H. Brock mann. Timothy
Webb. E. G.Frszer. William Rinck, E
G. Fickenscher, F. C. Hemenway. W. A.
Fourth Ward William Jackson. S. J.
Collins. John Trenemann. B. F. DeGear,
Dr. C. Barnhardi, Spencer Mattison. Dr.
U. B. Kinjon
Fif'h Ward .Wii:im tr xr.-.v .11
Frnk oiho.. J. A. M. n'c ueiv. Itueb
A McDoaal.1. pir H Lg-. John N.
Hunfon. J F. Rob:noo and S..n E.
8.xu. tV.rd-H,,,- H.rtmtoo. Frtd
Denkman. Corral s-i.reilrr. Andrew
Heiman. Wilt th Ki rie.'f . J..6o Llotd
and Will-am L vet
ix-vfnth Ward 1. tl HoJi.n1. Jobn
ItailLel. Pail ir. .,,, y y Fs,
J.C. Adtnn, F M -r-nu, L S MtCaSe.
The co-Dirtnersbio u-retofore eiininc
between Joseph Scbuat. ar.d Joaepb Wol
ters under tbe firm r-m of Schaab &
Wolters. f this day dissolved by mutual
ronsent, Mr. Joseph Wolters retiring.
Mr. Schaab will continue tne business at
the old stand and will sMumc all debts of
the old firm and wPl collect :i due.
Roe k Island, III . April 1. l".u.
Joscrn ' huh,
Joseph W'oi.TEh-.
5. Mr. Schaab solicits a contin
uance of the public Datronage and wi.l
try and serve them as well in tbe t ut.irr
a in the pist.
Tkr Unl Market.
Bcini'ou Muikrt riitre i pukirc up a litli
and asib ruli -o;iiune to ilry up a f.-w m..rf
farai-r an i. n eaii Oay. Tte rt.- 'pt. for
"ay iecluck-J t .. loat'. .f Iy f( Hit
'.ol of tornTM. rente.
llutl. r an.l rez uret f.ii.ii.u in.!rr'rr ja til ii-.
Butterbr i.p- '.'"icM .r f..'.nJ, i.1 ii j
l-r dn7en.
fcaun c Bltic--Memb
rs of Trio L- dire N . 17. A F.
and A M . r- teq ie-ti d lo attend regu
lar conimu'oi ation ibis rniI. We are
requested to vote on ao arr.endment to tt e
constitution to the Grand L!g of Illi
nois. By e rJer of the W. M.
W. B. Pettit, Sec'y.
Bars coal Xarkt .
$7 75 per tun for st anthracite coal,
all sizes. d-iivere1 witbin ciiy limits, 25c
per t..n dir.iu t toreasb. Indiana black
$4.50 and Cancel roal ?6 r ion delivered.
Cartage addt-d on all order for less than
one ion; carrtinjt to 25 per ion extra.
. O Frazeb.
'Know ye n:, h would be fre-e
tt mclves tu'-st strike toe Wow." so do
not wait and eufler; but put on your bat,
g th rarest drugcit and ak fnr Sai
va'ion O I, the treat pain rure. 25 cts.
arper's Theatre,
J. E- Montrcse. Matar.
0:ic ck. i a-ur.Mr Vi-. n-... cotnuiro CDC
VoNDA. AI UlL'i:ti.
3 .&
Sopported by ter own
Acknowledged by the pre n 3 pub i: to be tbe
troni'rt inopany tbit ever aj-r'!.
Monday tiftt. tbe Cc ict crania, enlit'eri
AilmWrion: ICr. 2)c and 30.-; rr-nl v
witbout extra charge.
Not a The coiiimof Lilub Mnart r niar
velsof besuty. and are t:rec: y frum Wir.b " ff
Tarls and NVw York.
Intelligence Column.
For Sale, Rent, Exchantre and Miscel
laneous wants inserted one day at lc
per word; three days at Vc per word
and one week at ?ic per word.
"Situations wanted" and local -Help"
wants not exceeding three lines in
serte one week in the DAILY ARGUS
ANTED AcooJeirl for mir-e: cLuulre at
Wi Twenty rt street. 21
-ISANTED A coodMTnM jrirl at No. TJS Kim
If street A. II. Luubrrt g.
pern tmea si u.t Twtnt itto rtiaet.
1I7ANTED Fi'it-c'a runt niaki r; !- rm-
ploynient. M. J Stt Br.ile, lea N. Adam
i-trvct. 1'ettriu. III.
MOSEY Tu Loan-m rtiaf.l nM.rijrirt.
waii-s..... ill:iUHnil. j-lrr. aiid a!ur:i
ol tain... J. V Jmii.. .t'i t aei,'i. s if
WANTED A f.oui-e In r-oo.1 rewir f.r f.imilv
of three imthuii". without clilclren: wiling
to pay litNTHi rent f.r uitab! pretuifw. A1
drf. W. A.T. AK..I o(lix..
BUSINESS KOK SALE Si:abl for Udi. or
t'enti" paying $10 prr day for fimi. ii tudan;
J.'KW worth of s'Kd. Aucrr or call ut room :l,
Whiti-k.-t blw k. Pavynpwrt. Iwa
OILS, Etc.
tThe only Paint Houae lo the city.
Mil Third Aveaue.
" )
1 fifyfS S
c XL Wf3Jft- rim.I
Tixwaue And Hocsk
are combined all th Litest improvements fir timilar Machines,
building it upon the most improved mechanical principles
to insure epded. comf jrt and dnrabUity.
If yoz :b;tk .f V.y.t; a o'Vi .t w.l! rntir,u,e at.t e o.
THE FAIK. 1705 Second ,
We Set UiBPace, Let OlliBrsFollow iftliBy Can
No. 111 ail 113 beccfid avtbue.
flt r :b' I'M.e tbr mo. tr.;...ot '..ur of ibe ti ,L
LoaDges and Couches. I
Chamber Suits, j
Side Boards, j
Ckntre. Libkart ano
A Sure Cure for a Cough or Cold is
lrish Cough Sryup:
Acta quickly, is perfectly safe and never faUs to cure all Lssg irau'-A.
Medici ktown for all Eidtey,
Thomas' Kidney
to a Bottle Samples free
Have you worn
If not try a pair; they will give you more satis
faction for your money than any shoe you hiv?
everbought. Only one eole aud that of THE VERY
BEST. Outer and inner sole one aolid pirn of th
best sole leather.
No Ripping off of Soles.
No Squeaking, and no Breaking in
Just as ey aa a band tamed, and will wear tw'.oe
... I r. ii .a- t.
as long. verv pair stamped on
SoU Agent
Central Bboe Store.
1818 Second Avenua.
FcRxisniya Goods.
Extension Tabv.
Hat U-.ckf.
Pardk Tables Etc.
10c. 25c and 5'Jc CotUea.
t-otj at.d StomacJ; Imtks. it
and Liver Pills.
Druzcist, Ke k l!.inL
tbe aola . ILlos rus ets
I I'M. Mrpt. 1Mb.
far Bock Islaod.
Elm Street 8 tor.
1129 nrAA-au

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