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j, crampton &
learancc Sale !
to Inventory July 15.
a:gains in Every Line.
ictures and Frames
....-'U-'Mtioathit wok. Price
.,rr.-ut otb usniil.
;inil crure Ural ciun-.e.
Ffth subscription
JUSDAY. JULY 30. 1891,
A p - by
f. Otto's Military Band,
20 PIECES 20
.Canto"; ifGarcVn.
Real Estate-
surance Agent
m?:-.;, ir.jr.ir o-ber :me-tned end well
mnviU'c Cntapanie be following:
Ir. :e ' inir-any, of EnJand.
.-fv-:?ir.- In . 0.miai:y of Y.
i.u German In, t.'o., Buffalo, N. Y.
ttfrte3i4L In. Co., Rochestar, N. Y.
h Cu cf Pitwoanrn. P.
ir. o' , 'ii,:frnii.
nil M'Thamc Itm. Co., Milwaukee, Wia
r.rt in?. :u.,of Peoria. Iii,
x Cor, I9iii St., and Second Ave.
surance Apt
"'- ry r"ii -.b',e rnm-a-y can. aflafC
Y., Wtnmaee it toilciMd.
1" agent pnr.
'Virmcp r.iniTunv C'al.
-la-a-.a,.! iMurance company. ...Cal.
' "Hnim.v Pbtl.
'-Jmuce compter N. Y.
j-.;(.ari-v liwirauce compsnv...N. Y.
'(,. !.:! rituc cn.par.v"....N. Y.
9'irtiy ('.)L:p.tny N Y
Jffi" 1T!2 SeimtuI Avenue.
y Scavenger,
' ' ' 1Vl,rk in a 'borough manner.
1 ui 'it-- at aniii h.oenier's
.V Cests Per Bottle.
A Handy T ittle Contrivance that May B
Carried In the Pocket r Satchel.
Railroad water being often very bad, not
a few travelers will be glad to know of a
convenient portable filter t iat can be car
ried in the pocket or travelii g satchel, and
seems to act as a perfect cle nser. Such a
one, which is also conveniei t for a varietj
of uses, is described by Pt pular Science
News as follows:
For filtering ordinary hydrant water it
is immersed In a vessel containing th
water, and enough suction made on tbt
tube to make a siphon action, and, by al
lowing the vessel to remiJn under tht
hydrant, an unlimited supp j can be ob
tained, though of coarse ii not a large
stream. It can be used by dropping it in a
spring or other water, and by suction a
fair drinking stream can be obtained.
A rather wide mouthed bottle containing
an ounce or two Is the "bet t. A piece oi
glass tubing sufficiently long to reach the
bottom and extend to the top or above
about one-half an inch. A piece of black
rubber tubing such as is used on nursing
bottles is drawn over the end at the mouth
of the bottle. Absorbent cotton is then
tightly packed around the glass tube,
which rests on the bottom of the bottle.
Pack the bottle to the top. If desired,
wben about half full, a lay.T of ehftreoal
can be put in and the cottot parking con
tinued. A small package of cotton will
last a long while for repacking, as only the
top layers of cotton need be removed and
replaced by new for a considerable period.
About two feet of rubber tubing is all that
is necessary. The variations that can be
made are obvious. A mut'i larger one,
containing cotton, gravel and charcoal, has
been in use sircesflly for several
months. It is, first of all, clean, for we
can see when it becomes foul: its portabil
ity is unquestioned and its case of renew
ing U quite apparent.
College Men with Bis Heads.
Mr.Francis Galton is quoted as author
ity for the following conclusions in regard
to the size of the brain in university stu
dents: Although it is pretty well ascertained
that in the masses of the population the
brain ceases to grow after the age of nine
teen, or even earlier, it is by no means so
with university students.
That men who have obtained bigh hon
ors have had, on the average, conslderably
larger brains than others at the age of nine
teen. That they have, on the average, larger
brains than others, but not to the same ex
tent, at the age of twenty-five. In fact,
their predominance is at that time dimin
ished to about one-half of wht it was.
Consequently, high honor 1 len are pre
sumably as a class both more precocious
and more gifted throughout t,han others.
We must therefore look upon eminent uni
versity success as largely due to a fortu
nate combination of these twa helpful Con
ditions. A Freckle Itemed r.
The story is told that a Sou -h American
lady discovered some time ago by accident
a veritable remedy for frecklt. At a sea
son of great scarcity of water she washed
her face one day with the juice of a water
melon. The result was so scothing thttt
she repeatedly washed her fac in this man
ner, and her astonishment was great a few
days later on seeing that there was not a
freckle left on her previously befreckled
The Dulles or li out ens and Guest The
C harm of an American Count ry House.
o one possessed of his seusi-s would in
vite a person to his country house for the
purpose of making him unhappy. At least
so one would say at first thought. But it
is an obvious fact, according t Urs. Sher
wood, who is authority on manners and
social usages, that very many guests are
invited to the country housa of their
friends and are made extremely miserable
while there. They have to ri?e at unusual
hours, eat when they are not hungry, drive
or walk or play tenuis when they would
prefer doing auything else, a:id they are
obliged to give up those hours which are
precious to thetn for other dut.es or pleas
ures; so that many people after an experi
ence of visiting are apt to say, "Xo more
of the slavery of visiting for me, if you
"A lady guest," says Mrs. Shorwood, "la
npt to be a slave, from the fact that, as
yet, the American hostess has iiot learned
that the truest hospitality is to let her
guest alone und to allow her to enjoy her
self in her own way. A thoroughly well
bred guest makes no trouble i i a house;
she has the instinct of a lady a.id is care
ful that no plan of her hostess shall be dis
arranged by her presence. She mentions
all her separate invitations, desires to
know when her hostess wishes her pres
ence, if the carriage can take her hither
and yon, or if she may be allowed to hire a
"The charm of an American country
house is, generally, that it is a home and
9acred to home duties. A model guest
never infringes for oue niommt on the
rights of the master of the Louse. She
never spoils his dinner or his drive by being
late; she never seiAls him bacic to bring
her parasol; she never abuses his friends or
the family dog; she is careful to abstain
from disagreeable topics; she joins his
whist table, if she knows how to play; but
she ought never to be obliged to rise an
hour earlier than her wont because he
wishes to take an early train for town.
These early morning perfunctiry break
fasts are not times for conversation and
they ruin the day for many bad sleepers.
"There is no office in the wc rid which
ehonld be filled with such punctilious de
votion, propriety and self respect as that
of hostess. If a lady ever allows her guest
to feel that she is a cause of inconvenience,
she violates the first rule of hospitality.
If she fail in any way in her obligations aa
hostess to a guest whom she hits invited,
she shows herself to be ill bred and igno
raut of the first principles of politeness.
She might better invite twelve people to
dinner and then ask them to diie on the
pavement than ignore or withdraw froa a
written and accented invitation."
Jhawoeky notiok.
statu oy Illinois, i
In tbe Rock Island Oonnty Circuit Court of the
September teim, A D., 1891 In Chancery.
Elizaoeta Ferkler. the complainant vs. John
' adrr in ntrator cum imlamrnlo annuo of
Kalley liavcnpor- deoa;td, Talhurine iiaven
port, Bbeni.tr C. Davenport, Joneph L D ven
dor!, Naomi L. Davenport, Henry C. Davenport,
laofnas J. Rubineon. r'redeiiclt Weyeihauser,
and William C. Pumam, the defendants. Gen
J!L j a5. IU lor specific performance
Affidavit of the non-residence of Catharine
Ta van port, Bbenzer C. Davenport, Joseph L.
Daveupnn, Naomi L. Davenport, Henry O Daven
port, and William C. Fa nam, defendants above
named, having been filed in the office of tbe clerk
of said circuit court ct hock Island county, notice
K n.nM .inn .n kl..iJ -1 ' 1
- .'!: run, urienuvuts ana escn
sad every of them, that tbe .ail complainant ba
fliixi Ha hill a ......... ; . i . . T . .
... , v,iu7..lui in g,ia court, on ine
chancery side thereof, and that a summon, bat
n i n 1 u . ti .1 An. a. i j . ...
- vu ui ,nm vur; against saia non
resident defendants, retarnabli on the first Mon-
j v...unni u.tt,jiB is ny iaw reqnirea.
ow. unless yoa the .aid non-resldeot defend-
nf. ah. I rw. n. . .. 1 1 ... 1 . . . . .
. w iuu appear oeiore nu
circuit court of Rock Island conuty, on the first
flit nf thu n.rl tku.f . i "i . . . .
J raiui I.OIQUI, I U uj U U I U t II 111 I UK
o. art bouse, is the city of Rock Island, the .aid
county, on the flrt Monday of September. A. D..
ls!M, and plead, answer or demur to the .aid com
plainant's bill of complaint, the same, and the
, , l lucicin cuancea ana eiaiea,
will betaken as confessed, and a decree entered
Dated this 3d day of July, A D.. Isftl.
Clerk of said Court.
J. T. KINWORTHT atd Wm. McEniby. Solr's
Qhanceky Notice.
Rora Island Coi htt. f 88
Circuit court or Rock Island county, to the Sep
tember term, A. D P-91. In ct.ancerv.
Henry G. Auceil vs. James Katie. Margaret Kaue
and the Home Insurnnce company.
Affidavit of the non-residence of the Home In
surance company defendant above named, having
been tiled in tke office of the clerk of said cirroit
court or Rock island county, notice is hereby
civen to tbe said Home Insurance company tbat
the conplainan heretofore filed his bill of com
plaint in .nid court, on the clian.-ery tide thereof,
and that a summons therenj4in issued out of said
coort, aeainst said defeiiGant!. returnable at the
court house in the city of Rock Island in said
couniy. on the first Monday of September next,
1-1, as is by law rwquired.
Now. ual.se you, the said Home Insurance com
pany, shall personally be and appear before said
circuit coart of Rock island county, on the first
day of a term thereof, to be boldea at the city of
Rock Island in .aid county, on ih. first Monday of
September. 1891. and plead, answer, or di mur to
the said complainant', bill of complaint, the same,
and the matter, and things therein chanred and
slated will be taken as confessed, and a decree en
tered against you according to the prayer of said
Rock Island, 111., .Tuly!5. A, D 18!I.
Oliver Olcen. Compl't's tsol r.
Xncery Notice.
Rock Island Coi-mtt. f
In the Circuit Court.
Joinna I.. Becker vs. Charles F. Becker. In
Affidavit of non-re'idence of the above named
defendant, havlue been hied in the clerk's office of
the circuit court of said county, notice is there
fore hereby given to the said non-resident defen
dant that the complainant filed her bill of complaint
in said court on the chancerv side thereof ou the
Twenty-eighth day of July. 18tfl, and that there
upon a summons issued out of said court, wherein
said suit t? now pending, returnable on the Lrst
Monday in the month of September next, as Is by
law required.
Now unless yon, the said non-resident defendant
ahnvv-nnmr.d. Charles F. Becker shall personal
ly be andaopeir bef.ire said circuit court, on the
first day of the next term thereof, to beholden at
Rock Island in and for the said county. on the first
Mon.iay in September next, and plead answer or
demur to the said complainant's bill of complaint,
the same and th- matters and tni:ij:s therein
cuunred and suited will be taken as confessed and
a decree entered against you uccording to the
prayer of the sain bill.
Rock I.land, 111.. Jnlv SS. 1S!1.
Adair FleaSasts. Compt's. Sol
Rock Island CorNTT. f
In the circuit court at the Septcinder term, A.
D., lltl. In Chinct ry. Bi 1 for tpecificper-
Ma isoij K. Wrijrht vs. Naomi L. Eavetiport. Cath
erine Davenport. Henry c. Davenport. Kbeuzer
:. Davenprrt. Josepu L. Davenport, Thomas J.
Robiusou, Frederick Weyerhauser, aLd John
Fee'z, administrator.
To the above named defendants Naomi L. Dav
mport. :atbt'riiie DaretitMirt. Henry V. Daven
port, Eftnzer C. Davenport and Josepl L. Dav.
Affidavit of your non-residence having been
fi'ed in the cfticc of the c'erit oi said c.iurt, uotice
is hertbv tfiven to yon that the aliove nsmed com
plainant has this day filed In said cnu t his bill of
cotnp aint against you on the chancery side of
said court a'.d that a summons in chancery has
been issued against you. returnable to the next
term of said circa t court to be beun and hr.lden
at tut; court he use in the c ty of Kock Island, in
sail county on the first Moi day of September, A.
D.. lsil. at wnich time and place you w:l; appear
and pleao, answer or demur to s .id bill of com
tlam'. if you see fit
Rock island. :11 July S). A D .'.lsiil.
Clerk of sa d Court.
Swecket & Walker. Sol's forComp'it
Administratbix's Sale op
Bv virtue of an order and decree of thf county
conrt of Rook Island concty, Illinois, made on the
peiition of the umlersUmed. Catherine E. Farrell
administrate of the eetale of Vi m Farrell de
cerned, for leave to sell real es atn cf said de
ceased, at the July term, A. D. 1-91. of .aid court,
to-wit: On ihcilst day of Jnly, l,sl, I shall on
the i!Ut day of Aucnst next, between tbe hours of
ten o'clock in the forenoon and five o'clock in tbe
afternoon of said day. sell for cash down, at public
sale, including widow's dower and homestead, at
the north uoof of the court house, in the city of
Rock Isal d, coi my of Rock Island, state of Illi
nois, the rel estate described as follow., to-wit:
Lots eleven (11) and twelve (12). In tne northwest
, of the southwest 14, of section three (3). town
snip seventeen (10 north ransc two !. west of
tbe fourth i4l punctual moridiau according to e-ses-or's
plu' on file fur IS (I. riiuated in the comity
ffRork slaml. sta'e of Illinois.
D-U-d this-JUitd cay of .lulv. isfll.
Administratrix of the est-te of Wm. Farreli, deceased.
Totice to Contractors.
Sealed proposal, will be received at the city
clerk', office. Rock is and. 111 , until II o'clock p.
m., Monday, August S. 181, for constructirg the
improvement ordered by an ordinance ct titled,
' Ad rdlrran&e for the construction of a sewer on
Ninth street from the center of the alley between
First and tecond avenues lo connect witn tbe
main .ewer on riftb avenue wnta lateral branches
in toe el!e sand between First and Second, Sec
ond and Third and Fourth avenues respectively"
and amendment, thereto passed May 5, 18U0, Sep
tember 16. lt9, respectively.
Flan, and .pecificat on. for .aid improvement
oa file in the city clerk's office.
All bids must be accompanied with a certified
check in the sum of SluO as a guarantee that if tbe
bid is accepted a contract will be entered into and
properly performed.
Tne city reserves tbe right to reject any and all
Kock Island, 111., July 11. 1891.
otice to Contractors.
r. . ' . ; 11 Va Mnllmill .1 V 1 r
eeaieu tnu -j..!. win ,.,.. -.. - ..vj
cler.'s office. Rock Island, ill., until Monday,
August 8. 1-91. t 60'elock p m., for constructing
the improvement ordered bv tn ordinance of said
city, passed April 29, lt91, entitled, ' An ordi
nance lor th. improvement of Seventeeth street
from the south line of Second avenue to the north
line of Third avenue.
plans ud .education for said Improvement
on file In the city clerk', office.
All bids must be accompanied with a certified
check In the sum of $5C0 as a guarantee that if the
bid is accepted that a contrtct will be ente-ed in
to and the perform.nee of it properly secured.
Blank bid. will be f urnUhed on application at the
city clerk', office. .
The city retries the right to reject any and all
bid. or proposals.
Bock Island. Ifl., July 11, 1891.
On that Account Our whole Stock of
ClotMng, Hats art
Has to be Disposed of
Worth of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing
To be Bought for
$30,000 !
115 and 117 West Second Street, DAVENPORT IA.
Clearing Sale
$ .70 Former Price $1.00
1.25 ' " 1.50
Iiallies, Oxfords -
Ladies' Pat. Tipped Oxfords
Ladies9 Welt Oxfords - - 1.90
(Tipped and Plain Toe)
Ladies' Hand Turned Oxfords - 2.00
(Both in Common Sense and Oxfords)
Ladies9 Hand Turned button Shoes 2.50
These summer shoes must go in order to make
room for our Fall Stock. Ladies', Misses and Chil
dren's Wigwams closed out at 50c per pair. No
humbug; a bona fide sale from now on at the OLD
1622 Second Avenue
'fmrutrM a. hriiliant tnuutuaivut'T to the skin. R-
I mow al) pnnrkef. freckl mnd ilu-colorations. For
I sale bj all rtrt-cia drufrjri't , or mailed (or SO eta.
ValelTike's a.
acnes u .tuaenta a
an" men suns
hen in railroad aexnee.
Bend for circular..
1 ri r e D 1 DUV valentine bros.,
. "
And Dealer in Mens Fine Woolens.
' 1706 Second Avenue

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