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THg AKttUR MONDAY,: AUG. 3 1891.
Citj council meeting tonight.
J. S. Gilmare we at to Chicago today
on business.
Bleuer's band plays in Spencer tquare
tomorrow eTecing.
Samuel Knndr, of Andalusia, was in
town on Saturday.
Boys velocipedes reduced to $2,07 this
week at McCabe Bros.
H. J. LoWrej, of Chicago, is spending
the day In the city.
William Bunting, of Port Byron, was
in the city today.
Very special prices on blacklsilkE this
week at McCabe Bros.
R. D. HcCreary. of Rural, was in the
city Saturday on business.
Mrs, Porter Skinner left this morning
for Chicago on a visit to friends.
Andrew Benniog. of Springfield, Ohio,
is in the city on a visit to friends.
A son was born yesterday morning to
Mail Carrier Henry Burris and wife.
Shephard'8 three quart lightning ice
-ream freezers 1 1 64 at McCabe Bros.
Mrs. J. G. Junge and children have
returned from their visit to southern
Mrs. H. A. J McDonald and son
George, have returned from their visit
II. C. Harris and wife and City Clerk
Robert Koehler and wife left this morning
for Detroit.
Advance shipments of fall and winter
foreign dress goods are now arriving at
McCabe Bros'.
Division Sapcrintendant C. L. Ewing.
of the C, R. I. & P., was in the city to.
dty on business.
Messrs. and Mesdames H. B. Sudlow
and W. B. Fergason have returned from
their Colorado trip.
Robert Davidson has returned from
London, England, where he has been vis
iting the pan year.
Messrs J. B. Udders and C. J. Searle
re home from the State Sons of Veterans'
encampment at Decatur.
Alva Bwks b e had his cottage on
Fifth avenue bstween Twentytliirl and
TwenU-fourth neatly painted.
There U a report an application ia to be
mde tonight for a receiver for one of
Rock Isl&na's foremost corporations.
Ex-Aid. VV. H. E I wards is homa from
Rockfotd fir a weeK's sojourn and will
devote hionelf to his paving operations.
The Ti'M'k Islnnd p'lMIc library closed
Saturday niijht until Sept. 1, pending re
pairs which are being made in the library
Joseph Grottgut went to St. Louis
yesUtrUy mi.rnrui; ;o represtnt Tailors'
union 34 at the national convention of
tailors .
Prof. J. A. Bishop returned from
southiTn IIHnois Suurday, and this week
is attending a count? institute (it 5Jonti
cello, low.
The Ninth street M. E. Sandsy school
have a picnic at the watch tower tomor
row, leaving Market square on the 10
o'clock car .
The curves and switches connecting the
Second avenue lines with the Milan line
were put in today by Forman Carstens
cf the syndicate truck laying forces.
Burglars entered the house of M. T.
SiaflorJ, SuS Twenty-first street. 1-ist
sight, but the family was aroused by the
noise and the scamps fl .d, gettiDg noth
ing for their intrusion.
The great alteration sale is now in full
blast at McCabe Bros'. Stores are cut in
two bj the erection of new buildings and
prices are cut in two to make up for the
inconvenience to cus omera.
Miller's famous "Kjanka" company
of S3 people is to appear at Harper's
theatre on the evening of Aug. 13
Manager Montrose has caught one of the
star attractions of the country in this
R C. Justin, ysrdmaster at tbe C, R.
I. & P. wi'l be transferred to Chicago
where he will occupy the position of yard
superintendent, and it is understood that
he will be succeeded hers by Joseph Mc
Qiail who has had charge of the yards
nights for sometime past.
Signal Service Observer Walfz'meteoro
jogical summary for the month of July
shows the mean barometer to have been
S0.033; highest, 30.310; on the 9ih low
est 29,767, on tbe 6tb; the mean tempera
ture 68; highest, 87, on the 11th, lowest,
47 on tfce 9 Lb. The number of cloudless
days were 14; partly cloudy days, 15;
cloudy days, 2. There were thunder
storms on the 6:h, 7th, 13 ih and 21st.
The Milwaukee and Rock Inland roads
are not letting any grass grow under
their feet in the matter of taking advanta
age of their victory over Jay Could and
the Union Pacific at Omaha. They are
after the tourists and commercial travel-'
era now wits announcement of the ad1
vantage? of their direct Omaha line.
The Milwaukee Is running through direc',
and the R'ics I-tland will do so in a few
Allowing weeds to grow on the road
side is reprehensible, and every land
owner shoull be required by law to keep
his front fr from weeds by frequent
mowing. This would induce them to
level off and seed down to tbe roadsides
to white clover and blue grass, which
soon covers this ground and chokes out
most weeds in the northwest. On the
prairie the roadside weeds are a danger
ous nuisance, as they scatter the seeds
for long distances, and spoil fields which
might other vise be clean.
The Herald says that tbe mayor of Du
buque has ordered that the unlicensed
dogs of that city be electrocuted instead
of being barbarously shot. The experi
ment has been tried and works admir
ably. The machine is set in the vicinity
of a lot of digs and kills every unlicen
sed dog in the lot but does not injure a
licensed one. The licensed dog has a
me til tag oc, which acts as a shield and
the electricity takes no effect. The ma
chine kills t ie dog, skins him and tans
the hide in less than a quarter of a sec
ond. Verily, it is a great invention
If Inepec'or Llcyd can be spared from
the Molise avenue paving job long
enough he no doubt could find his ser
vices useful in seeing that the pavement
is properly put down again about the
curves which have been laid connecting
the Milan line with the Second avenue
tracks at Seventeenth street. However,
if the job at the corner of Twenty-third
and Moline avenue is a sample, Elwards
& Walsh wculd do better work without
Mr. Lloyd's interference than with it.
They certainly seem to have more pride
in aprearan:es than the inspector him
Police faint.
John Brand and his wife E nma Brmd
living in Sauerrnm ' building on Market
square were before Magistrate Wivill this
morning having been arrested by Officer
Etz.il for pt.rticip'incy in domestic dis
agreements to an extent as to disturbe
the peaceful tranquillity of the other
eojourcers tbereabouts. Fines of $5 and
costs each nere imposed.
Thtre was. a little neighborhood mis-
utidcrstandirig between EJward Nor
moyle and Frederick Willhouse, two far
mers of Rar ;l, on F.-Hy ev?n;nz, which
was agitated considerably by both indulg
ing fret 1 j in the flowing bowl, and which
resulted in ttieirboth being before Magis
trate Wivili ia ttkard&y, each charging
the other with assault aud liaKtry, and
the magistrate assessed Willhoase $7
and costs and Normoyle ?5 and costs.and
all is now quiet along the line.
A few days ago Miss Anna Rodine, of
Ruta1, swore out a warrant before a jus
tice of the peace in Milan, charging
George MTilnon, son of Frank Wilson,
of tbe same township with bastardy, and
the warrant was put into the hands of
City Marsha: Mosher, of Milan, for serv
ice. He found the younger Wilson at
ho.LC all rig'it, and as he did not object
to going with the officer, the latter
thought he was all right and asked him
to remain there while he would go
and get the irl so that he could have his
bearing at oice. The young man agreed
to this, and tbetffiser went after tbe girl
with whom he soen returned, only to find
that Mr.. Wilson, Jr., had disappeared,
and nothing has since been heard of him.
dead Vullty.
Pleas of guilty were entered in tbe
coanty oiat this morning as follows:
William Hawkins, the colored ' 'rooster''
who participated in the shooting at the
Diamond Jo landing a few nights ago.
pleaded guilty to carrying concealed
weapons and was fined $25 and costs and
ordered committed until fine was paid.
John Dunn, who was arrested by Officer
Hetter in the C, B. & Q. yards some
days ago, wus also fined 825 on a plea of
guilty of carrying concealed wvapons
and ordered committed until the fine was
paid. John Brennan and James Kelly,
who tried the "smooth guy" act oa
Simon & Mosenfelder. .leaded guilty to
larceny and were each sentenced to pay
a fine of f lit and costs and have 20 days
in tbe count? jiil in which to meditate.
flZ"! cry the vendors of the fruit in Constanti
nople. Certainly a "great cry over a little wool."
Scarcely less fi-slish is the practise of those who
By to violent ihyeicing fr eoetireae&s. They
dose themselves violently weaken thelrbowcls by
so doing-, and disab.e them from acting regnlarly,
so that, verily, the last condition of such people
la worst than tie first. Hof tetter's Stomach Bit
ters is the safe and effective substitute for such
vast expedients for it is by no meant expedient
to ue then. What is needed it a gentle bat
thornneh laxat ve, which not only insnrea action
of the bowels itannt twin or weakening effect.
which also proinetet a healthy secretion and flow
of biie inw its proper channel. Dyspepsia, de
bility, kidney complaint, rheumatism and ma
laria give ia to ike itlrs.
rjoaW Baking
Used in Millions of Home 40 Yetxs the Standard
Novel F eature in a Reminder of
And Where He ITepared for Ilia Great
Voyage To Be Reproduced at Jackson
Park Secretary Foster Takes Another
Whack at Comniissoner Owen Tbe Na
tional (financial Statement Another
Reciprocity Treaty Announced The
Question or Russian Jewish Immigra
tion. WASHiSGToy, Aug. 3. The committee
on foreign exhibits of the World's Colum
bian exposition have recommended the
erection at Jackson park, in Chicago, of
an exact reproduction of the old convent
of La Rabida at Palos, Spain. This con
vent is more closely associated with the
life of Columbus than any other building
in the world. It was here that he applied
for bread and water for his child, and
here he was furnished shelter for two
years while he was developing his theory
of a western passage to the Indies; and it
was here that he lived while preparing for
the voyage, and in the little chapel at
tached to the convent he attended mass on
the morning he sailed.
W ill Boss the Job for Nothing.
It is proposed to make the reproduction
exact. It will be of the same dimensions,
of similar material, and wherever there is
a blemish or a broken tile in the origimil
they will be reproduced. The work will
be-done under the direction of Mr. Frank
lin V. Smith, a wealthy and enthusiastic
amateur architect, who lives in the Moor
ish villa "Zorayda" at St. Augustine. Fa.,
during the winter aod in the Pompeitaa
villa at Saratoga during the summer.
Mr. Smith has had more experience in the
reproduction of ancient architecture than
any other man, and tenders his services
without cost to the exposition.
r-et Decrease or the Debt Nearly 83,300,
OOO Income and Outgo.
Washington, Aug. 3. The public debt
statement issued from the treasury depart
ment Saturday shows a reduction in the
debt during the past month amounting to
$3,447,509. There was an increase of 300
in the interest bearing debt, due to the
issuance of a small refunding certificate
bond; a reduction in the nou-interest bear
ing debt of ffl,557,'j02, and an increase in
the surplus or treasury cash during the
month of ?l,9,7. The aggregate of in
terest and non-interest debt, less SlOO.UrtO,
0(0 gold reserve and S."5.7s3.71i ntt cash
balance or surplus, is rVMS,4.V24'2f and of
this amount ft10,539,4-i) is interest bear
ing debt, made up of fc.xB.OSd.iBi) 4 per
cent, bonds, -:i1.1Slt,700 4W per cents, and
fll,67y.5o0 4 per cents continued at 2 per
Oovernnient Receipts and Expenses.
Government receipts from all sources
during July aggregated S34,3,S4,
against 3S.303,31G in July lftrt. Custom
receipts were Si5,4V'53, against $23,053,
8sfi in July a yenr sgo; internal revenue
receipts ?14,.V1,SG7, against ?il,717,4W in
Jtt4t' ist; receipts from miscellaneous
sources were fVi.2K0,322, or nearly ii.ooo.
SoO more than io JuVr, ltr0. Kxpendi
tnres during the first month of the car
rent fiscal year were $3!',7iy,6Tl, against'
f39,0o2,SH9 in July, lsW.
Vte Immigration Commissioner Not Au
thorized to Docfcte Appeals.
WASHINGTON", Aug. 3. Secretary Fos
ter has issued a circular letter defining the
duties of officials charged with enforcing
the immigration laws. All rulings or
opinions, the secretary says, covering new
applications of the immigration laws or
new questions arising under it, and all
modification" of previous rulings will be
signed by the secretary of the treasury or
by an assistant, under the general direc
tion of the secretary, and until otherwise
directed Assistant Secretary Xettlet -n
will continue to have general supervision
of immigration matters.
His Opinlona Subject to Revision.
Mr. Owen, the superintendent of immi
gration, will supervise the official duties
of inspection officers. When an appeal
touching the right of an alien to land is
taken to the su peri ntendent, he isto prepare
and submit his decision on the case to tLe
secretary or assistant secretary designated
to act in the premises, for his ap
proval or disapproval. If the decision is
approved it '-ill be promulgated as writen;
if disapproved, it will be promulgHted rs
Foater on Jewish Immigration.
Washington, Aug. 3. Secretary Foster
has written a letter in answer to one ad
dressed him by prominent Hebrews of
this city. The latter letter asks that
considering that the Jewish residents of
this country will take charge of Russian
Jews who seek a home m the United
States and see that they do not become
public charges, the statutes of this country
be not so interpeted as to class them with
paupers. Secretary Foster, while im
pressing upon his correspondents tbe ne
cessity of averting an irruption of desti
tute aliens, and also of seeing that those
who do come be widely distributed so as
to supply a real want in scattered comma
ties, says he will rely ou his correspond
ents' assurance that they will notify their
brethren in e-urope of t he statutes affecting
them in this country but reminds them
that any attempt to stimulate such immi
gration would be distincMy hostile to the
spirit of their letter.
Reciprocity With San Domingo.
Washington, Aug 3. The president
Saturday issued a proclamation announc
ing the conclusion of a reciprocity trea.y
with San Domingo, which takes effect
from and alter Sept. 1 next. A large num
ber of articles of American production are
admitted free of duty, the list being simi
lar to that c )ntained in the treaty regard
ing Cuba and Porto Rico, proclaimed Fri
day, and many other articles have the
duty reduced on them io per .cent.
Fired a Monumental Cannon.
Sprisgfield, Mass., Aug. 3. At 9 p. m.
on Thursday some unknown persons
loaded and discharged the cannon which
rested on a pedestal at the base of the
soldiers' monument in Peabody cemetery,
its muzzle pointing toward the Chapin
memorial chapel. The noine of the explo
sion was heard over a wide area, bat its
cause was sot ascertained until Friday
night, when the cannon was discovered to
have, been moved from its former resting
place while the chapel windows were
found to have been shattered by the concussion.
He tVlna 812.000 by Beating Teany In
Mile and a Quarter Race.
Morris Park, X. Aug. a Michael
F. Dwyer's horse longstreet won the
match race Saturd.v and with it (-12,000
for his owner, defeating David T. 1'ulsi
fer's Tenny. The weather was cool and
pleasant and the tiack iu first-class shape
for the race. There were nearly 350,000
persons at the track when the bugle
sounded far the race. Tenny was the
first to appear for his warming-up gallop,
and be pleased the critics immensely. ot
so with Longstreet. He sulked at the up
per turn, and then there was a great rush
into the betting ring to back Tenny.
After one break they were sent away with
Longstreet nearly a length in front.
The Jockey's Use Their Whips.
The pair ran in this order, close togeth
er, to the quarter, both running under a
pull. Lonstreet held his lead to the top of
the bill, when "Fikey" Barnes let Tenny
out, and the great sway back rapidly closed
on the leader. The couple ran head and
head for a few striues, when Hamilton
went to work on Longstreet and opened up
a gap of three lengths, which he held to
the mile post. Then Tenny moved up
again and Hamilton went to the whip.
Lonstreet began to move away under the
lasn, when mrnes drew his whip, and
once more Tenny gained on Longstreet.
But Hamilton kept steadily at work on
Longstreet and at the last furlong post
had Tenny beaten and passed under the
wire a winner by six lengths. Time, 2:07).
Their Rows Brine; About the Probable
Death of One Husband.
Croton Landing, X. Y., Aug. 3. J.
Xewton Baker, a private secretary of
Kooert Ingersoll, and a resident of this
village, was shot tn the arm, head, and
just over the heart by Orville Anderson iu
front of the town hall Saturday evening.
His condition is critical. Baker and An
derson live in the same houe, and the
shooting was the result of quarreling be
tween their wives. Both men drew pis
tols when tbey met. Baker's wife was
present when the fight took place and her
frantic attempts to shield her husband
probably had not a little to do with his
getting shot. It was while she was strug
gling with him that Anderson closed in,
and a moment later Mrs. Baker fainted.
During the three-handed struggle Baker
dropped his pistol, and immediately
thereafter Acdeason fired the three shots.
He then walked coolly away leaving
Baker and his half-crazed wife on the
Another Witness as to the Republican
Convention of 1S34.
Xew Haven. Aug. 3. X. D. Sperry,
postmaster of Xew Haven, takes issue
with Colonel McClure, on t-he ques
tion of who was Lincoln's choice for vice
president in 164. Mr. Serry has been
postmaster of Xew Raven ever since ISil.
except during Mr.' Cleveland's adminis
tration. He was a meinijer of the con
vention that nominated Lincoin and
Johnson in lr4. and was secretary of the
Xational Union Republican committee,
with headquarters at the A.tor Ikmse,
during the campaign of ls'4. He was
personally aoquaiiue1 with iir. Lincoln,
and had many interview with him at that
Lincoln's Influence Not led.
Mr. Sperry says that Lincoln never in
any way expressed hk preference for any
particular candidate. On the informal
WUot nearlv ail the Nw KtMrhrnd states
voted fur Hamlin. After this a confer
ence was held, aud on the formal ballot
the states voted alphabetically, and Con
necticut was the first Xew England sta;e
to cast its entire ballot for Andrew John
son, and Mr. Johnson received a large ma
jority of all the votes. He says that
the biographers are right and that Col.
McClure is wrong, and that it wa the
convention and not Mr. Liucoln who se
lected Mr. Johnson.
And No Uorsepond Incident Mars the
DUBLIN, Aug. a Xotwithstanding the
threats and intimations of the anti-Par-nellites.
the reception of Parnell at Thurles
yesterday was most enthusiastic. A mul
titude of people attended the meeting,
most of them from the country, and nearly
all ardently in favor of Parnell. The
streets were adorned with Irish flags and
arched with evergreens. The people took
the horses from larnell's carriage, and
dragged the carriage with Parnell in it
to the market square.
Is Watching the Liberals.
There Parnell delivered an address of
bis usual tenor. He affirmed that his
policy was unchanged, that he distrusted
the Liberal party, and would keep his
hands unfettered until he had seen clear
evidence of an honest purpose to fulfill
Liberal pledges. He warned O'Brien and
Dillon to be careful not to be drawn into
a dangerous course by blind confidence in
Spooner Hi Great Inck, Parhaps.
Richmond. Va., Aug. 3. It is reported
by parties from Montgomery county, X.
C, that another rich gold find has been
made close f the Uwharrie river, in that
county. It was discovered that two of the
natives, had about four quarts of gold nug
gets, aud that they were in the habit of
spending their nights away from home.
They were watched, and it was found that
they were working a very rich vein on the
property bought recently by Senator
Spooner, of Wisconsin, and other associ
ates. A telegram has been sent to Mr.
Spooner, and the work has been stopped.
Booth's Salvation Coloay.
London. Aug. 3. It appears that part
3f the object of General Booth iu going to
South Africa is to inspect the large tract
of land which he has secured in Swaziland
for starting his Salvation colony, some
what on the plan outlined in ' Darkest
England." The general will be received,
on his arrival in Swaziland, by companies
of Salvation Army Zulus. . These Zulus
were, many of them, in Cetewaye's army,
and fought the British savagely at the
time of the Zulu war. They are said to
make excellent converts, the methods of
the Salvation army suiting their ideas of
Gored to Death by Texas Cattle.
. Arkansas City, Kan., Aug. 3. A re
port has reached here from the Cherokee
country that neap the Xeosho river four
people have been gored to death by Texas
cattle. A woman and two little girls
were first attacked and literally torn to
pieces. A cowboy who attempted to rescue
them waa thrown, from hi horse and in
stantly killed.
Reduction Sale
One More Week.
Many lines of goods going at
much less than their
real value.
Crash 2 l-2c a yard. Quantity
Lawns 2c a yard.
Challies, good quality, reduced to
Bed Spreads, Bates', 87c.
Bed Spreads, good ones, 75c.
Towels, all linen check, 4c.
Dress Goods.
Challies, half wool.
"Wool cashmeres.
Doucle fold cashmeres
Double fold Shepard, ch
Excelsior plaids. 30in
India silks, Cheney E-best,
Reductions in underwear '
Reductions in table linens.
Rock Island. Illinois.
Three Times as Large a Stock of
As any other elmilar es tablie hment in the city.
Nop. 1525 and 1527 Second Avenue,
And Nos. 124, 123 and 12S Sixteenth Street,
To examine the largest and most c. inp'tti
line of
Oxfords, Tennis and Bicycle
goods in this section at tbe
Second and Barrison ts . Davt-nport
Opi n from 8 a. ra. to 8 p. m. : Paturdiys 10 p. :n.
Contractor and Builder,
Office and Shop Corner SeTenteenth Bt. . r t TIrJ
nd SeTenth Avenue. : KoCK Island
sfall Ub?8 of carpenter work a specialty. Flam and enlmate for an kit it of fizjtin
rr.rnlenea on application.
Corner Twenty-third street and Fourth arenne.
J. T. RYAN, Proprietor.
Thl house has Jnt been refitted throughout aud if now in A No. 1 condition. It it
tl.00 per day house and a desirable family hotel.
j a Ca'
The Cigar Par Excellence.
At Wholesale by

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