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And I will give you time to pay for your purchase at
spot cash prices. I am daily adding to my stock of
Bedroom and Parlor Suits,
Side Boards,
Diningr and Centre Tables, Lounges,
Conches, Chairs, Stores,
OilCIoths, Carpets, Curtains,
Hugs, ' Pictures, Easles,
In fact everything to furnish your house.
Estimates furnished to new beginners in house
Prices Guaranteed, Cash or Credit,
Refrigerators and Baby Carriages at cost to close
them out.
Telephone 421. 322 Brady Street, Davenport, la.
We close at 8:30 except Saturday evenings.
Wrought and Cast Iron and Lead Pipe
Hose, Packing, Sewer and Drain Tile.
Steam and Gas Fixtures.
sKFBeat work al fail prices. Estimates furnished.
Office and she p 219 18th St. Telephone 1182.
CHAS. W. YERBURT, Manager.
Rock Island, 111.
Roek Island Savings Bank,
Open daily from 9 a. m. to 4 p. in., and Sstnrilay evenings from 7 to 8 o'clock.
Five per cent interest paid on Deposits. Monev loaned on Personal, Col
lateral, or Real Estate Security
X. P. REYNOLD, Pres. F C. DBXKMA.NN, Vice-Pres. J. TL. BUFOEO, Cashier.
P. L. Mitchell. Y P. Reynolds, P. C. Denkma-m. John Crnbaut;h. H. P. Hull,
1 hi! MitcutU, L. Bimon, B. W. Hurst, J. M. Buord.
Jacksob & flcasT, Silicitors.
rrwm beein basinets July 8, 1890, and will occupy banking mom with Mitchell A Lynda
mtil new bank la cemvleted.
erchant Tailor,
Stab Block, Opposite Habpeb House.
has purchased for the
Spring and Summer of 1891,
A largerand finer stock than ever. These goods will arrive in a few days. Wait and see them.
Xannfactnrer of al. kinds of
Gents' Fine Shoes a specialty. Repairing done neatly and promptly .
A share of yonr patronage respectfully solicited.
1618 Second Avenue, Roek Island, III.
Proprietor of the Biady Street
All kinds of Cat Flowers constantly on hand.
Green Honses Flower Btore
One block north of Central Park, the largest in la. 304 Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa.
fpen for the Seasons
(MoiiiNE Avenue) j0e Ruber's Garden
The Ex-Congressman Files a Long
Argument in Washington.
:ondemnlnc the Adopted Hennepin
KCanal Itovte. I uholding iht- Kobin -
Hon Koate and Iftdneltns r,n
Cinerr W heeler.
A magnificent place for plcn cs, parties, etc.
Shop corner Twenty-second street and Klnth avenue. Besidencs 8035
Thirteenth avenue.
Ga7Is prepared to make estimates and do all kinds of arpenter work. Givs him a triaL
tea aarftMt to enra
Ltonaot Brain Power, Hendacl
01 on a. Nt?rvune(t, Latitude
Ormtns in either s?x c&uaetl t
''it we of t oh ceo. opium or sttro
' lion nuu liinmuiy. rvi uvt'i
'' ttvt hr niMil: t for . With ef
sjcfube o a ft ex tjhlkg. qt refund tlu motuy. Circular 1
Nerve Seeds
the wonderful remedy
is sold witb a wriU
H nervous dtne&nes. mi eta s Wenk Memory,
e. waneiuiness, io. jnannooa. imkihit irm-
au drains ana loss or power 01 toe irenerative
r over exertion, youthful errors, or excessive
tlants which soon lead to Infirmity. Co nu mo
vement to carry in vest pocket, SI ter oaca-
ery $ order we give a written guarantee to cure
For Bale in Rock island by Hartz & Bahosen, 8d Ave. and 20lh street.
The following Washington special ap
peared in jebterdaj'd Chicago Inter-
Ocean. It requires no comment:
Ex -Co ogre t small Gest, of Rock Inland.
filed with the secretary of war to day an
important paper in me matter of the
Hennepin canal. The object of the
paper is to show that the secretary of
war should se ect the northern route for
the canal. He makes special objection
to the location finally selected by Captain
Marshall for the location of the last four
milts of the canal at the western end,
and says: "I submit; that the line which
should be pursued is the one designated
oy captain Marshall in his report of dale,
Hi arch 19, 1691, as the nortDern route,
and for the following reasons
"1. It is the line established by law.
This line is the same, substantially, as has
been pursued in all former surveys of the
itocK island route. 1 he entire provision
of the law is, 'first, for the acquirement
of the right of way upon a certain line
that has bien surveyed again and again,
and had been located in dolai!; and.
second, for the construction of the work.'
In accordance with the foregoing provis
ion the secretary of war is given a cer
tain discretion as to the dimensions of
the locks. There is no provision for
changing the line. There is no appro-
pr:a".iou r.ir farther surveys, ixccpt as
may be included in the direction to obtain
right of way as may be necestarv to that
end. Congress evidently considt red that
the time for surveys of this prijsct bad
gone by; that the time to buy land there
for and to construct work and to build
locks and dams bad come. I submit then,
that by the act of Aug 11, 1833, and the
power thereby vested in the secretary of
war to locate the canal, by all the sur
veys and reporjs made prev'ous to Sept.
9, 1890, by the reports of the war depart
ment to congress, and by the act of Sept.
19, 1890, making appropriations, the con
elusion is inevitable that tne line of the
canal was and is located, and upon the
northern route and that work thereou
should commence without further delay.
"2. It is by far the best line f r the
commercial interests of the country.
This work has a great object in view, and
after year? of agitation in an out of con
gress, the magnitude abd rieeiiableccss
of the object haye been recognized and
fully indorsed; cot alone the present, but
the future must be regarded. The object
is to furnish cheap transportatian to acd
from the upper Mississippi valley. It caa
not be denied that to accomplish this the
terminus should be made ss accessible
acd convenient of approach for the
receipt and delivery and handling of
goods as possible. Thewestern terminus
of the canal will be necessarily a
itributing point. l-'oorfs wi 1 ar
rive there from up and down the Mis
sissippi river, aud from the west by rail.
lor transit eastward; ant), on the other
band, they will come from the east for
transit up and down the river, and to the
west by rail. The terminus should be
not only easy of access by boats, but
should if possible be so located as to be
approachable by rail, and with lands ad
joining convenient for the erection of
elevators and storehouses for receipt and
transfer of goods coming and going.
These conditions exist at the western
terminus of the northern route, and no
where else. In this immediate vicinity
are the cities of Rock Island, Davenport
and Moline, with a population of 60.000
people. The northern route is manifestly
most accessible and convenient to this
population, but it is a matter of exceed
mg small significance whether it is or not.
The question is, or ought to be, which is
the best line for the vast and constantly
trowing population of this upper Missis
sip pi valley.
"3. I as,k your attention now to the
report of Captain Marshall, of date March
19, 1891, and incidentally to the report
ofL. L. Wheeler, his suboidinate. It
appears from Wheeler's report that be
came to Milan Oct. 22, 1S90. commenced
his work Nov. 1? following, and sub
mitted his report to Captain Marshall
about four months thereafter, on March
7. 1891. The report of Captain Mar
shall appears to have been made up from
the report of Wheeler to him. Wheeler
begins hie report as follows: 'I have the
honor to submit the following report npon
surveys and estimates for proposed routes
of the Illinois and Mississippi canal
around the rapids in the Rock river at
Milan, HI., with map and probles of the
various proposed lines.' What various
proposed lines had heretofore existed? As
I have shown, there never had been but
one Use proposed for these western four
miles. One of the lines be proposes is
the original acd located line, and the
other is an independent line of his owni
He undertakes to show that he knows
more about where this canal ebould be
constructed than all the surveyors and
boards of examiners that had before him
examined and reported, and more than
congress, who had ordered the work to
proceed in construction. After referring
to the pleasant weather in the locality he
gives a general description of Rock val
ley, and proceeds: 'As early as 1838 the
fame of the place reached the national
capital, and eminent statesmen invested
fabulous sums in real estate in a city sit
uated in what was then a wilderness. Ca
nals for navigation purposes have long
since passed Into decay; the mills
are in ruins except two, and the dams
mainly destroyed. The locality is aptly
described as being the graveyard or ruin
ed enterprises.' I have lived here 48
years, and have a pretty fair knowledge
of our local history. The locality may
be, perhapsaptly described as the grave
yard of ruined enterprises,' but graveyard
as It is, it seems to be such a lively one,
that Wheeler makes investments in it, as
it appears by the record of deeds in this
county that on the 31st of March last, be
purchased two lots in the town of Milan
Again Wheeler says, referring to the
northern route: '.Litigation In reeard to
ownership of certain lands, that had been
in progress long years, ceased after the
passage of the river and harbor bill. quar
rels in regard to boundary lines in fu'l
heat in early cummer, came to a sudden
end, and owners of ruined enterprises,
long since unheard of, suddenly appeared
and retained skilled attorneys to press
their claims for cooside ration.' "
"The efforts to 'clear titles' had been
successfully made in that suit long before
any appropriation was made, or the river
and harbor bill even reported, the lands
had been sold and the purchasers still
owned them. Mo lands bad beea 'accu
mulated' nor efforts made therefor. Some
condemnation proceedings will be re
quired whatever route is taken. Wit
nesses are at band id plenty to show true
values. The United States district attor
ney for this district is an honest man
and an able lawyer, as know from 25
years' acquaintance. There is not a ghost
of a chance that under his eye the gov
ernment will be saddled with bad titles or
in anywise hurt. In his report of March
27, 1890, Capt. Marshall, in speaking of
the terminus on the northern route, says:
'The terminus of the line is made at the
mouth of the Rock river, instead of at
the Mississippi river, 11 miles below
Hock Island city, as proposed originally,
this terminus affording a much more ca
pacious harbor and entrance to the Mis
sUsippi end of the canal.' Big island, at
and about the terminus of the southern
route, for a half mile or more, three
times within 10 years past, has overflowed
to the depth of 6 to 8 feet. The current
at the terminus is strong. The ice gorges.
and the accumulated ice of the Mississip
pi and Rock rivers assails anv works
projected into the Mississippi. For com
meicial interests there is not one point of
argument that can be made in favor of
the southern route terminus."
.Not ire to M atrr oiiuiiier.
The consumption of water has increased
to such an extent this season that during
the (lav the pumps are taxed to iheir full
Capacity, ted I notice that very few pay
any attention to the law governing sprink
ling. Persons that pay for the use of
sprinkling can sprinkle between the hours
of 6 to 8 a. m. and between 0 and S p. m.
No street or lawn sprinkler will be al
lowed to . run outside of the specified
hours, or within them in time of Ore.
The marshal has been instructed to
strictly enforce tbe ordinance in regard
to sprinkling. John A. Mcrrix, Supt.
Lots t or Bala
In Huher & Peetz' addition to the city of
Rock Island, being the late Bailey Dav
enport's homestead, nicely and centrally
located, within five blocks of the post-
office. Title perfect. Terms liberal.
For particulars apply to the undersigned
at the People's National bank or on the
premises. Jons Peetz.
Bargain iuTowu Lota.
Parties wishing to secure lot9 in
Scbnell's addition can do so by calling on
M. J. Murphy, 220 1 Seventh avenue, any
afternoon between 1 and 3 o'clock and
between 6 and 7 o'clock for the next 10
days. Mr. Murphy wi 1 be on tbe
grounds every evening from 6 30 to 8
o'clock in order to show lots to intending
Entitled to The Bsit.
All are entitled to the best that their
money will buy, 6o every family should
have at once a bottle of the hest family
remedy. Syrup of Figs, to cleanse the
system when costive or bilious . For sale
in 50c and f 1 bottles by all leading druggists.
J. S. Darrali,
The Hustling Twelfth Street
Is provided with every
thing good to eat for
a Sunday Dinner
Delicious home grown raspber
ries. Blackberries,
Ked raspberries, '
And everything good in home
grown vegetables
A fine assorlment of coffees and
Fine French sardines, best
Queen olives.
(ienuine imported Lucca oil
from Leghorn, Italy.
Potted ham in cans.
Potted ox tongue in cans.
Fine canned Oregon salmon,
just the thing for cold lunch.
Armour and Gilmore ham.
Extra family breakfast bacon.
Fresh laid eggs.
Dried beef in hunks for slicing.
Hamburg eels.
Armour extract beef
Canned corn beef.
Spring chickens dressed to
No. 1137-1139
Third Ave.
Music at Spring Cove every afternoon.
One dish of Krell & Math's ice cream
braces tou right up this hot wenther. j
The finest and &weeltst line of Frem h
candies just received at Krell it Mhv '
Order brick ice cream at Krell & I
Math's. Three kinds in ench brick, ea-iiv
Trv i'ul oinue ice Mud then pasa v'"
opinion on it. We make it extra r ch
and fine, usiug nothing but the trmt
juice. Krtll & Math's ice cream parlor.
It A. Smith, of Moline, has a number
of choice iots in his addition to the riiy
of Rock Island on Thirty-cightn ni
Thirty-ninth streets, one h'ock south of
the street railway, which he offers at a
bargain. Any one wishing a lot for
home ought to see this fite addition he
fore purchasing. Plats and prices given
on application. A good sidewalk in front
of each lot.
After trying manv remtdis for catarrh
during pist years, I tried Ely's Cream
Balm with complete success. It is over
one year since I stopped using it and hav?
had no return of catarrh. I recommend
it to all my friends Milton T. l'aliu.
Reading, Pa.
City Seaveiy
WO.ir.li ,
' Mr-lMh r.,-a-i'v,.
all ol)!i'ixi:i. ,; . "ti !-
droit t.r. r ' v
ln. l.a wllt, ri ,1 "rv-'
on Is I.,,.,,,,,! . ,,,'""
1 roiliiivi) tl. ,,ri,,. . ' 1
Mutt- m 1 ; !.
mat ion nyp-y t '"
-------- T mTr
Tiles and
A I cm"
M, u. u 'm 1 1 it (J
103, 1 tV.Ti::.;
Tfatv . An. .
ear ffw xsotf
ijt t-. i BTnr-miaTrTT i i
f iiir'-1'1 rTTifi ELY BROTHERS. 6i
Y-ta xi r etl
( Warren 6W ew To-k. Pri.e V, cU-Ui-J
Manulactnrers 5 FARM," SPRING ana FREIGHT
A tall and oojnplnta tins at FLaTTORM and otter S1ai Wapwa. srejeil? J
westara tra4s.of nMrtor workjnsHT avl 'aisa r'm r'
atvhtafloa. t ths MOUN8 'awo '-ef-irs rarttMi"
I 1
Davis Block,
Moline, Illinois,
Telephone 2528.
Pipe, Brass GooiJi
Hose, FireBriA
We foarar'fs ptcit " T'.-Jxi-'
Safety Heating o"1'"'.
furnishing and !J;clZ
a-f Pit-
Telepnone i -
to t;n Par Gallon.
Removed to 219 Seventeenth btre

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