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Full Extent of the Park Plce
Horror Known.
Seventeen MUslnj tVho May Have IVcn
Entirely Consumed Work Stopped
' nd the Laborer IHiichargetl Forty
Three lime! Identified Watchers at
the Morgne-Two Witnesws Who Be
lieve the Iiater IVa the Result r
An Explosion A ICelief Fund Started-i-Llst
of the Known lead. t
New Yokk, Au;?. ? 27. The slow and
tiresome work of searching the ruins in
Park riace for the dead was continued all
Tuesday night and yesterday up to Sso'cloek
p. m. Between midnight Tuesday and
l:3'l a. m. yesterday eight additi.wnl
bodies had been recovered, all nearly past
identification from mangling and putre
faction. Four hours later four more
bodies had lisen recovered, one that of a
woman not in the least disfigured, but
With her hands raised as though she had
died whilo praying. This completed the
work in the cellars of two of the buildings,
and the debris was abandoned there and
labor concentrated in the cellars of Nos.
72 and 74.
The Corpses at the Morgue.
At an early hour yesterday small knots
of discor. -rl tre men and women Kiithcrcd
around the morgue and made inquiries
about their missing friends. The odor
that arises from the morgue causes matiy
to keep at a good distance. The black
wagons arrived about y o'clock bringing
four male bodies, and there was a rush to
identify them. These bodies were put with
the twenty-four that were yet unidentified.
Out of a total of fifty-four bodies at the
morgue there were eight females. The
first body identified yesterday was that
of Mary Keddin, of Brooklyn. Then Den
nip ultivau identified the "body of his lt-year-old
son George. Body No. 20 was
identified as that of Morris A. Harring, of
Jersey City. He was at luncheon in the
restaurant at the time of the collapse.
Was the I! ride of Ueath.
Jennie Flower, the young woman who
was to have Wen married on Sunday, the
day after the disaster, was identified by
her stepfather. Lizzie Dowd, aged 23
years, was identified by Mrs. Main. The
body ofWilliam G. Schell, lithographer,
agetrSJyearsjWas identified by his mother.
The body of iouis Kosenfiekl, of Koseu
flej & Co., was identified by his partner,
by.fcjs watch and cham and locket. The
scene around the little building yesterd.-.y
was even more pitiful than at any time
yet. Crowds blocked the streets, and the
entrance to the gloomy place was con
stantly filled, making it difficult for the
attendants to get in and out. The moment
the dead wagon arrived there was a rush
by inquiring friends bent on getting some
clue to missing relatives and dear ones.
Total Number of Recovered llodies Sixty
One Seventeen Yet Missing.
The worst is known about the Park
place disaster. Pixfy-one bodies have
been taken out, and the announcement is
made that there are no more in the ruius.
At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon Acting
Fire Chief Reilly said that the search lor
the dead in the ruins was completed and
that no more bodies remained there.
Work was at once stopped and the lahoi
ers employed in clearing out the debris
were discharged. The verified list of the
missing shows thirty-five persons unac
counted for. The number of unidentified
dead taken from the ruins is eighteen.
Allowing that eighteen of the missing
persons are represented by the unknowa
dead, it will be seen that there are seven
teen unaccounted for. They are not in
the ruins. And the question now is:
Were they entirely consumed?
List of Identified Dead.
The list of the dead identified up to the
present time is as follows: Charles
lireitner, Guttav Caury, Leonard 11. Cole,
A. Derschopki, Adam Dohlen, Lizz.e
Dowd, William B. Kllis, John Faatu,
Jennie Flower, John titbits, Frank Haeli,
Annie Haeguey. Jacob Heidenrirh, .Morris
A. Herring, John M. Hillis, Ijittie
Hsim, John Kyland, Arthur Kittle,
George Litbc, Robert H. Marks, siar?t
McMahon, Annie Muller, I'eter Miller,
Albert K. Middleton, Andrew Peterson,
Maggie Quinn, Mary Keildin, Gustave
Reich, William S-jhell, Schniiillbach,
Conrad Schmidt, M. II. Shaddock, John
Steinke, Michael flattery, Gustave
Steiner. George Sullivan, Ferdinand W.
Tripp, Annie Tully. Otto Walser, Henry
Williams. Mary Williams, Lizzie Wood"
Gustave Zkkert.
The Coroner's Inquiry.
Coroner Ilanley said yesterday that hi
would impanel a jury today to hold au in
quest in the case of the victims ol the col
lapsed building. He intends to select
architects, builders, printers, and at least
one chemist as jurymen. He intends to
hold the inquest next Tuesday, and will
make a searching inquiry. The subscrip
tions to the relief fund already r.?:t:u
1 1,435. Mrs. D. Junes Crain. owner of the
colktpsed building, subcribedl,(JfKof this
Evidence That There Was Some Sort of
C.C.Shelley, proprietor of a printing
establishment which occupies the fourth
and fifth floors of the building adjoining
the Taylor building on the east, iu an in
. terview with a reporter yesterday said: 'l
was in my oflice when the crash came and
eight of my employes were working r-t
the case by windows directly overlooking
the Taylor building. As soon as I heard
the noise I started toward the sound acd
not over five seconds elapsed before I was
in full view of the catastrophe. By the
time I reached the window the atmosphe-e
high op above the building was full of a
dense luminous fog, unlike dust, but more
like the vapor from a gas or volatile oil,
suddenly touched off. I also heard a re
port similar to that of gun before the
walls toppled over.
Only Needed m Shock to Fall.
In a few seconds more flames shot up
from the ruins, accompanied by a smoke
which follows -the sudden ignition of
captha or benzine. I am satisfied that an
explosion occurred, and the testimony of
my employes to the effect that the roof
appeared to rise several feet and then go
down seems to corroborate what I beard,
I believe in the first place that the build
ing was weak and was overburdened with
weight. Several of "the No. 8 Hoe litho
graphic presses, which are twice as heavy
I f.1 ordinary printing presses, weighed at
loilf ti u tons each. Besides I hero weru a
j mm ber of heavy German prossos. Added
j to t!ie enormous dead weight of paper on.
i 'i upper noors it oniy neenea niiiii-i ' :nj
to i recipitate the fall of the littilding.
Tha something came with the result
above mentioned."
Corroborated ny a Printer.
A printer who was working near a win
dow directly back of the rear wall corrob
ornt ;d Mr. Shelley's statement leai Jiug
the luminous fog. He states that the first
intimation he had was a report, and the
top f the rear wall bulged out and fell
backward, and not toward the street. He
says that there is no doubt that the lower
port on of the front wall gave wty first.
The mayor has appointed a committee of
prominent citizens to receive subscrip
tions for the victims of the disaster. Rep
resentatives of all the daily newspapers
have been appointed on the committee.
Henzine That Did Not Burn.
Yesterday afternoon twenty barrels of
benzine and other oils were found intact
in tao bisemor.t of No. 7.'. Fire Chief
Cast, man took samples from each barrel
and forwarded them to the bureau of
combustibles for aualysis
The President Iteeeived by the Vermont
Solon, at Motttpelier.
Mr NTPEL1ER, Vt., Aug. 27. The presi
dent's trip from St. Albans to this city
was another series of hearty welcomes at
the different stations at which stops were
math . Brief speeches were matte at Ks
sex Junction and Richmond. At Water-
bury Governor Page joined the porty, and
the president again delivered a brief ad
dress, in the course of which he said that
one f -ature of American life was the safety
with which the chief magistrate coul 1
travel unguarded. Leaving out the
"crank" the only peril was death by sttper
abuu lant kindness. H thought the im
press on was abroad that the president's
strength and capacity for speech was un
failing and that his arm isa hickory limb.
Arrival at the state Capital.
The party arrived here at 11:10 a. m.
Conor any A. First regiment, N. G. V.,
was drawn up at the station waiting to
escort the president to the state house.
The Members of the board of trade formed
a red ption committee, which greeted the
president, as under the escort of Goverut r
Pace and General Peck, he passed through
the station, preceded by a band and the
militit company, and followed by the re
ception commit te was escorted up the
state house steps Kit be governor's room.
From the governor's room, at 11:3I, the
president was escorted into the hall of the
house of representatives, where the legis
lature of Vermont w.is gathereil in j.iiiit
asenitily. "i he members of 1 he lr-gisla-tnr
remained standing as t he president,
entered and proceeded to the rostrum of
the presiding ofliv.tr, where LieuteuteLt
Governor Fletcher greeted him.
Hour or Two of Bereption and Speeches.
The t, at the tap of the gave', the mem
bers of the legislature resumed their .-eats.
When quiet had been restored Lieu'euant
Goverjor Fie' cher in few sentences , n
trodui ed the president, who was greeted
with applause and made a speeih :u
which he congratulated his heaters on
the fo-m of government they were living
under and aid a word for honest elec
tions, closing with a eulogy on Vermont
people and his thanks for their kind wtl
comeo him. leaving the hall of the
house of representatives the pre-.ident was
escort.-d bytrtiv. Page to the recepti, n
room where he shook hands with to
members of the Tippecanoe club. 1I tLen
returted to the governor's room, v here he
receiv.-d the members of the legislature,
who passed through the room in single
file and shook hands with him. At nooa
Governor P.'ge escorted the president t a
tbe state house steps, where, about nn
open space, an enormous throng was gath
ered. Governor Page introduced the pres
ident, who was greeted with rousing
A Parade Ahnnt Town.
A pi ocession was then formed and the
party moved through the town, the people
lining th" ro'lt" of procession and cheer
ing he irtily. At 1:3(1 p. m. the train was
again boarded and the start made for St.
Johns tury. At Well River au enthusi
astic c-owd had gathered hich the presi
dent a lire's, d The train reached St.
Johtis'tury at 4:1.1 p. m. and the party was
escorted by a long procession through the
princi ml streets. In front of the public
school a group of children sing "My
Count -y 'Tis of Thee," and presented the
presid. tit wi'h a lloral "key .r welcome."
Killed with I iiirhunks.
Rest miug the march the pnrt y 7n es
corted to the home of Governor .Fair
banks, and the president reviewed the Jirtv
cessioii from the veranda. The president
dined .it the Fairbanks home, and at b-M
waes:orted to the Athemcum ou the
public squaie. where he delivered a speeili
from a j. hit form ended for the occasion.
After delivering t lie speech the president
vent to a hall and bt ld a retv ption : t
which he shook bauds with a great many
The Tetmesoee Minini; Trouble.
Nashville. Aug. 27. A few days sines
the Ttutiess.e Coal aud Iron company,
ltMsees of the convict labor of the state
filed a bill of injunction in the circuit
court to enjoin the state of Tennessee? from
r.'uiov ng the convicts from Briceville on
the rec 'tit reports of the state mine in
spector aud tbe board of iK-nitentiary in
spectots, who declare the mine uuttt lo lie
use 1 nud dangerous to life and limb.
Judge McAllister yesterday decided that
under the conditions existing the state
had no right to order the removal of the
convicts from the mines.
May Block This Little Game.
Wasiisotox, Aug. 27. The treasury
department is advised that a syndicate of
German bromine manufacturers have de
termine to make large cousignmentn
of bromine and bromide of potas
sium to this country, where to be sold ir
respect ve of cost, at any price, for the
purpose of breaking up the American
mauufi.cturcrs, and that the goods will lie
undervalued. The collector at New York
is instructed to see that the latter part of
the design is not carried out.
A Bad Woman I'nder Arrest.
Dexvek, Aug. 27. Madame Astle, who
has bee a posing here as a chiropodist f?r
some ti me past, was yesterday arrested,
charged with being an abortionist. The
principal witness against her is one of the
victims. Gertie Harris, 16 jears of age,
and who came here from Lincoln, Ntb.
It is alleged that several prominent physi
cians of Denver are involved. Madame
Astle's history is a shady one, her reputa
tion in England being of tbe worst,
Death of a Missouri Jurist.
CARBJLLTON, Mo., Aug. 27. Robert D
Ray, late chief justice of the supreme
CDurt i f Missouri, died here yesterday
Death v as due to la grippe.
An Alliance Man Who Is Handy
at Slugging.
And a Kiioek Ont on the Month the Re
sponse to an Imputation on the Ai
sallant's Veracity Kestllt of the Kow
H.etsreen Leaders of the Mississippi
Alliance Maeune Victorious in the
Convention, but Vanquished in the
Scrap McAllister Expelled.
Dubast, Miss., Aug. 27. A fist fight
occurred in the oinee of the West House
here last night, between W. S. McAllister
and Dr. C. W. Macune, editor of The
National Alliance Economist, of Wash
ington, both of whom arrived on the even
iug train from Starkville, where they had
been iu attendance upon the state Alii
auce meeting. Lecturer McAllister yester
day was expt.led by the Alliance because
of his oppos: ion to the sub-treasury
scheme, and of his exposure of the aliegod
sficial corruption of Dr. Mvcune,who
had a great deal to do with the treatment
outed out to Mr. McAllister.
Macune str.ted that McAllister w.-s
bonght by Wall street, and was exerting
his influence to destrey the Alliance. On
t'e train last evening from Starkville a
friend questioned Dr. Macuue and repeat
ed McAllister's charge;, to him, to which
Dr. Mncnne replied: "If hs says I sold
out to Pat Calhoun he has lied." This
reached MrAJiister jirst before reaching
here, and upon meetiug Dr. Macune Mr.
Allister demanded au explanation. Dr
Macune shook his head aud walked oiT,
saying: "1 Lave nothing to tay to you,
A Blow Between the Kyes.
McAllister moved around in front of
him, saying: "D you, you have got to
meet the issue you have raised against me
with misguided ignorance." Dr. Macune
replied: "What else could I do but treat
your statement as 1 did?" McAllister like
a flash struck Dr. Macune between the
eyes, causing him to stagger toward tbo
floor. When Macune began to recover
McAllister squared himself ami struck
w ith all his power. Then they clinched.
Another One in the Mouth.
McAllister, recognizing the superior
strength of his antagonist, wrenched loose
and again struck Dr. Macune, this time in
the mouth, causing him to fall. He was
caught by the hotel proprietor, J. C. Hill.
Dr. Macune then placed his right hand ou
his hip pocket, as if to tran t ve??', ..-i--...
McAllister drew himself up, saying: "Now,
you let her go, Gallagher," at the same
time facing his antagonist. Dr. Macune
then threw up his bands, saviug: "i am
done." Dr. MaCuue's fait is badiy
l'-luine aud the I'residenc).
CmCAUti. Aug. 27. United States Sen
ator Hausbrougii said at the Grand Pacif
yesterday: "I have it ou the very best of
authority that Mr. Rlaiue very recently
told a cahiLst officer whos-- name 1 i;o
not care to utentiou th! he would not !e
a candidate lor the presidential nomina
tion." They Drew the C olor Line.
Philahf.li-hia, Aug. 27 After one of
the most sanguinary battles in the history
of the Patriotic Order Sons of Amerif i,
the national camp at its secret meeting
yesterday defeated the proposition to ad
mit colored members.
Kansas Republican League.
Topeka, Kan., Aug. 27 The State Re
publican league met here yesterday. The
convention elected J. W. Bailey, of Neme
mnh, president, aud adopted resolutions
i nlor-ing President Harrison.condemning
th People's party, which is to Is? fought
i" every school district, and favoring tLe
free coinage of all t ue American silver
Complimented the Comptroller.
Washington. Aug. 27. The committee,
consisting of Ed L. Mills, W. W. Vttz
and Amos Webster, appointed to exam
ine the contents of certain vaults in the
Oilice of the comptroller of tne current y,
made a report yesterday. 1 be committee
found everythiug correct. The report
says: "The result of this extnlination
shows that the important and responsible
transactions with nearly 4,iKHl national
bLtiks. involving the receipt and issue of
mauy millions of dollars. Lave been con
ducted by th" division of issues without
the loss vt a single penny."
Iteath of Itr. Iraper.
Mamshx, Wi.,., Aug. 27 Dr. Lyman C.
Draper, for thirty years at the head of the
Wisconsin Historical society, died Wednes
day night iu this city from the effects of
a paralytic stroke suffered a week ago.
The Wistousiu hisi.orn.al boiary, one oi
the most exteusive and comprehensive i:x
this country, is his monuuieut, aud repre
sents bis life work. Hewrote various his
tories, but his genius lay iu the direction
of collecting lie was 70 years of age, and
had lived in retirement four years. He
was tw ice married, but leaves no children,
lie was born in New York Sept. 14, ltd 5.
Continue to Ship Itanip Cotton.
LoNlMiX, Aug. 27. The annual report
of the northern countries United Cot t n
Spinners association, in referring to
grievance iu connection with the Amer
ican cotton cargoes, expresses regret lie
cause of the non-abatement of the Amer
ican cotton damp, and because no satis
factory regulations designed to remedy
the defect have been put iu effect.
Ingersoll's Secretary It ecu ve ring.
CY.otuX Lanuixo, N. Y., Aug. 27. I.
Newton Baker, private secretary to Col.
Robert G. Ingersoll, who was shot on
Saturday. Aug. 1, by Orville E. Ander
son, has recovered sufficiently to be tukeu
to the Catskill mountains. When leav
ing for tbe mountains he said he felt as
well as ever, but that the bnllet wound
-n his arm was somewhat patuful.
King Kelly Comes High.
Boston, Aug. 27. Manager Bancroft, of
tbe Milwaukee club, said yesterday that
Kelly ame to him Tuesday and told him
what he had done in the matter of jump
ing his contract. KeVly said that he was
to get tJ0,i)O 15,000 down, besides a
ticket for Europe for himself and wife.
Kelly left yestetday for Cleveland, where
he will join the Boston League team.
Abducted a Youuf Girl.
Washington, Ind, Aug. 27. Robe
Gentry, a 16-year-old girl, was abducted
by t wo men who carried her from her
father's home at Petersburg, bringing her
ts this city. A warrant is oat for tbe ar
rest of Ike Little, late proprietor of the
McCarty hotel, and a man named-Me-Gillsey.
r .
Takes i coo people to buy
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy,
at 50 Cents a bottle, to make
up $500. 1
One failure to cure would
take the profit from 4000
Its makers profess to cure
"cold in the head," and even
chronic catarrh, and if they
fail they pay $500 for their
over-confidence, . . '
Not in newspaper words
but in hard cashf Think of
what confidence it takes to
put that in the papers and
mean it.
Its makers believe in the
Remedy. Isn't it worth a
trial ? Isn't any trial prefer
able to catarrh?
After all, the mild agencies
are the best. Perhaps they
work more slowly, but they
work surely. Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets are an active
agency but quiet and mild.
They're sugar-coated, easy to
take, never shock nor derange
the system and half their pow
er is in the miid way in which
their work is done. Small
est, cheapest, easiest to take.
One a dose. Twenty-five cents
a viaL Of all druggists.
Wyoming lot. It's the comttur city of Wyom
ing. Has waterworks, clectnc lights, flouring
mills. Located in tbe franlen of Wyominp
Produced the prize potato crop of the United
States in lvJ. tot maps and further infor.
mation apply to
MANN' THOM. Buffalo, Wyo.
1 Btaaa
and I'll bin it sr now.
is a cheat labor saver.
Con Ui whrt like Oi! Cloth.
Will Stain Old New Fumm'tuhc
Will Staini Class a wo Cmimawank
Will Stain Tin wane
Wll stain voun Old Baamrrs
mt th
will Stain Bait's Coach
WOLFF fc RANDOLPH. Philfedslphl.
WOLF & RANDOLPH, Philadelphia
Surety on Bonds.
Thoe who re required to gwe bonds in pni.
tioLB of tron, nd who dertre to avoid askine
friends to bet otre their eurvrlea. or who ma; U6
to re leva frieoda from farther obligations ac
oondemen. ort'oae wto may detire bonds and
nrdertakingc required in thecoarp, shoo Id apply
in per-on or br letter to the AMERICAN
STJRETY 60.. of Sew Tora. c'S.h cipitii
1,0,0U0 DescriutiTa cirenlar on application.
, . ED. UKBtKKNECdT. Agent.
1712 Eecod avenue, Kock Island, IU .
J Did bought f
No. 1804 Second Av
Housel, Woodyalt & Co.
This firm have the exclusive sale for th
A full line also of email Musical mt rchar.dite.
iiiioirencauinie awm inoi open lor DUPicees. Tne be-t of W:m,
uijjuiicu v i&ni iiHBjB oq nana.
Summer Goods
Vt V yenlsff Ut meat eomplet Bn of Harawtr ipMltJtUa. trar atM4
blind bedde oar reffalar rock of lUpla aa4 baJMaia TTailana
an! 11 ec hanlcs" tools.
Pocket, Table ss Kitchen Cutlery,
Nails, Stem. Goods, Tutwark, Stovis, Etc.
VBOIAXTUS CUmaiCooki lad rUnje. "Florida" tad Wllkar Hot Watar Eaataaa
BoOara. Putou Gana Proof Filters, JteooOBy Farama, TB
1 Wtaat Ira wort, Flamhtng. Coppemnlthlsg asf Stain TiWhaj
1823 Second avenue, Reck Island
OILS, Etc.
t The only Paint Ilouse in the city.
R. M. "WALL,
1612 Third Avenue.
Insurance, Fraternal Order, book or otherwise.
Members gel J100 in one year. They pay but f 1
a week. Anybody cm make at the loweit (137
each week easily. Everybody wants a certificate,
becaare for each member they bring in they get
their flUO a month earlier. Thia is a good thlLg
and don't mUtake it. Addrer.
" J. L. UNVERZAGT. Secretary,
1 West Lexington St., Baltimore, Md.
now niorn 1,0 HiiBr
BE vU n !-UsutM.uKiKi
CaJI or srad for cirralAT cmtlnin
tioiiCnrr.Bnir- lHtkf. Scrofula,
Ecifnu, Syphilid hernnBti'-m t'at
arrfa. Tumor. Sttucb Truablttht etc ,
w ' ns. "sww ii :n r' aT'TinintJ
Afretrti wrtt! rrywhfr. I.Dill Cirm.'-R tlffffr
CU.a, C4MV lrr U4 A4UM lUwta, 4 HM tMt. kUm
P-? a la acknowledged
tbe leading remedy tor
JBBrrkMpa A ieet.
The only aato reme1y for
Leticorrlicpa or Whites
1 prescribe it and feel
safe in recommending it
to all in (fe rent.
A. J.eTONEK, M. D,
JJEv.TVM. "i
Swlal by Drvarsrkata.
f K A B ALwO.
f i2jiT in "X I
f i..iiiiii il nfii m W
I mum iuwrn.
1 TwiaMts HtM"-" fa
Is comity; of a,
following celebrated
J. T. O'CONNOR, Proprietor.
No. 117 Eighteenth $5
: Ba
i Ft
: To
Rock Island
Cast lion M
done. A fptt: 'v .r - - "
of Stoyci ' 1
has been added ...
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