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"mm fig SYRUP CO.
- Books,
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L !,..:. Suit flt. Jir't.
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1717Srco:d Avenue.
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Second Avenue, over
Hnspos Tailor Shop.
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flaxes tO Paw TTji inn
tli- ! UI"1 "retire
xijg ASGUB, - SAfrUliDAY, AUGUST 1!9
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Last Night' MeeUng to Consider its
Rpmarka by Hyr M-CM-bl. Parlt
Commlnolonera H Barber an Jack.
ksb and Otht ta Rclatlona
aad Ctin.mlttecH.
The public mectin j at he Fhoealx hose
house last night to consider the improve
ment of Garnsej squire was attended by
representative citizers. not only from the
immediate vicinity, bat from various parts
of the city up town. Paik Commissioner
Buncuer, of Garnsey tquare, called the
meetins; to order anl proposed E. B.
McKoown for chairman. The motion
prevailed unanimous y. After a few re
marks by Mr. McKown In assuming the
chair in which the importance of the pro
posed improvement wag commented upoD,
3. W. Searle was elet ted secretary.
Commissioner Eunober was then called
for, and in repljiig he explained
the condition of affairs at the square and
with reference to it. The city really had
no contract with Mr. Huber to excavate it,
but he had undertaken the job with the
understanding that t e was to wait for
bis pay and had left it when only about
htlf completed. Mr. Buncter believed
the council had alwars been williog to
aid the project and bad done so as far as
possible, lie then called for remarks
from Mayor McConichie. The mayor
stated that there bad been no contract
with Mr. Huber, but he had undertaken
the work last fall wita the understanding
that he was to receive his pay this
spring. The city ha I cxpeuded 5,500
in the improvement ibis year and that
was all it could slsnd. He believed,
however, that Mr. llwber would go oa
with the work of cxcivation this fall, es
soon as his teams coi.U be spared and
finish it, waiting for his pay for next year's
appropriations. The city tax levy, the
mayor said, bad shrunk considerably in
the last three or four years, the amount
to be levied by the council at the next
meeting to be t53,OtX), wbereis the levy
in 1S37 was 60.000, and on this occount
the city would have to move slowly and
act judiciously in the matter of public
expenditures. The mtyor stated that he
was not at all hostile it the Sunset park
idea, but he thought that Gwnsey square
ought to be completed first.
Aid. Bladel remarked that as far as be
was able to learn the views nf the alders
men, they were not in sympathy with the
Sunset park project. They wanted to see
G-irnsey square completed first.
Thomas Smart, Mar. in Frick, Robert
Bennett, J. D. Wartock, W. B. Pettit
and Aid. Johnson spose in favor of the
improvement of Girns.-y square. Q
The views of Commissioner William
Jackson, of Spencer eq uare, were solicited
and he spoke first of tl e square as a pub
lic park. It could net bj otherwise than
such, as it was so intended by btquest
and could not be used for any other pur
pr.se a? long as this is a city As far as
i'B completion is concerned, M-. Jackson
!elt as much interested as he did in Span
cer square. The people all over the city
take an interest in inc provemenf of this
kind and will contribute to their success.
He called up an incident in conoertion
with the advantages tbe city had attained
through the beautifjicg of Spencer
square, and said that two ladies resid
ing in Boston bid visited the
square yesterday m irning and had
slated that they beard of it in New
York c'.ty. It was a g)od investment no
matter how it was figured. He spoke of
the gift of Hon. B. T. Cable of the S1.550
fountain as the start, and the Harper vase
as also lending encouragement to the plan
of contributing ornamtntal designs. He
tli 'n submitted a plan i f improvement of
Gircs.ey square which lad been prepared
by hiiLsslf and Commissioner Bancher.
Tue square which is co' extctly square in
dimensions, being 320 f-.-et one way by
230 the other, is laid out in a manner en
tirely different from Spencer square
though on the same general principle.
Instead of having the cross walks diagonal
from corner to corner, they enter on tbe
f jur sides and proceed through a circls
ff.im which diverge various circular
Wilke to the common center, where tliere
is a 50 foot square, about. a space for a
fountain. Tbe band stand is located to
ward tbe south side. Mr. Jack-
bos offered valuable suggestions as to
the ornamentation of tbe band stand and
urged tbe importance of doing tbe
work in first-class shape, and doing it this
fail. He counseled against a plan of do
ing it cheaply. He waated the people
down there to make up ".heir minds they
would have it first-class s nd they would get
It. He suggested that a fair this fall, in
which all could contribute and in that way
at least 2,000 could be secured to start a
park fund. He would not like to see any
waiting, but would like to see it started
at once so that it could be completed next
spring in time for the Cclumbian celebra
tion next summer. Ha complimented
Steve O'Connor on the rade of Spencer
square and urged the importance of hav
ing this first essential in Garnsey square.
He said he would lend h s cooperation to
tbe project and do all in bis power to fur
ther it.
L . V. Eckhart offered tbe following res
olution which was adopti-d:
Resolved, That the present condition
of Garnsey square demands that the city
council tke immediate nrl inin
ures to Hll the fquare to grade, that it may
ne prepared for public use, and we pledge
tne city council that when the square is
in proper condition that we will improve
and ornament it in such manner that it
will reflect credit upon the rood taste of
the city and the enterprise of tbe citizens.
C. C. Hodges moved the acceptance
of Mr. JacksonV plan and the appoint
ment of a committee of five to accom
pany the park commissioner and present
the same with the resolution to the coun
cil at its next meeting. Tne motion pre
vailed with the incorporation of the sug
gestion of Mr. Jacks that the commit
tee be made permanent in its relation to
the furtherance of the Grnsey square
On motion of Aid. Bladel a vote of
thanks was tendered the mayor and Com
missioners Jackson and Buncher for their
presence and co-operation, and after brief
and encouraging remarks in favor of the
immediate improvement of Garney
squarely Dr. W. A. Paul and J. V.
Eckhart and Thomas Tfiornton, the meet
ing adjourned.
This morning Chairman McKuown ap
pointed the committee in accordance with
the sentiment of the meeting. It is com
posed of C. C. Hodges. Guslav Stengel.
J. D. Warnock. John CrubaugK and L.
V. Eckhart.
Thus wa9 fired the first guu for the
improvement of Girnsey square, and
Manager LauderbacK of the tri ciiy street
railway company is the first public-spirited
citizen to contribute to tbe ornamenta
tion of the square. This morning on
hearing of last night's meeting Mr. Lou
derback, who bos frequently expressed
his appreciation of tbe beauties of Spens
cer square, authorized Mr. Jackson to
communicate to Park Commisioner
Bunchtr and tbe committee jn charge cf
tbe G.rnsey fquare impiovemunts, that
if a plan of beautifyingthe square similar
to what has been done in Spencer square
was determined upon, the street car
company might be counted upon for a
handsome ornament.
A Home In Mourn ne.
Mrs. Marie C. Hansgen, wife of Herman
C. Hanseen. died at her home. 529 Twen,
tieth street, at 11;35 o'clock last night of
tvpboid fever, aged 21 years. She was a
daughter of ex Alderman W. F Schroeder
and wa9 married to Mr. Hansgen a little
over a year ago. Sie was well known,
having been born and reared in this city,
ana was greatly beloved by many, who
because they knew and loved her so well,
will grieve the more. Many will be tbe
expressions of sympathy that are ex
tended the bereaved husband and others
of the sorrowing household.
Tbe funeral will be held at 2 o'clock
Monday from the German Lutheran
To lie Here Xext Wrdnrfday.
According to today's Chicago Inter
Ocean the commission to pass upon tbe
canal route is to meet in Rock Island next
Wednesday to go over the established
rou-e and also Hie north line to tbe mouth
of liock river.
The finest and sweetest line f.f French
candid jut jeoeived at Krell & Math's.
(faointln .f . ..ki-
The CQ-partneraMp oefetof ore exfstfng
under tbe firm -name of Housel, Wood
yatt & Co., is this day dissolved by mut-
vuuseui, u. k. tiouse I retiring.
Tneestatlishmentwill hereafter be known
as Woodyatfs muBic house, who will ass
suite all liabilities and receipt for all
monies due. G. R. Bocsei
F. T. Woodyatt.
, . A. C. Woodyatt.
Rock Island, Aug. 28. 1891.
OeafnsiB Can't bi Cored
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diceased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by'constitutional remedies.
Deafnttes is caused by an infUmcd condi
tion of the mucous lining of the Eustach
ian tube. When this tube gets inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed
deafness is tbe result, and unless ths im
fiammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out cf 10 are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condi-.
tion of the mucous surface.
We will give $100 for nny case of
deafness (caused by catanb) that we can
not cure by taking Hall's Catarrh cure.
Send for circulars, free
F. J. Chkxey & Co.,
Toledo, O.
cold by druggists, 75c.
Home Building-
-Loan Association,
Orrici, Kooma S, 4, 5 and 6 Masonic Temple,
Whv cot pay the same amount to the Home
Bolldlng and Loan Association each month that
yon are now paying for rent, ani acquire a home
of yonr own.
Loan awarded at lowest raiea.
Stocn in the firs'. erie niiy be had upon ap
pl'ca'don tl the Secretary.
Brings out the defects, if there
' are any.
I guarantee everything I sell.
If you don't like it when you
get home with it, you can re
turn it
G. M. Looslet.
CBIN, .!! iD LiJtrf,
;thi9 Becond Avenut ,
Itork I, and.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. U. S. Cov't Ri oori, Aug. 17, 1889.
r vrfy va frx a a a
ri'i, r c. J NS t lit V-iA IT r-3-- "-'cii
a aw
V Via
3 CD
SEPT. 7,8,9,10811
SEVENTY ACRES. Sw aad elegant croandn within rlty limits
Steam and Elercrlr Htrrrt Railways rarry puw-nxen and rxhibits dirertly
Into thr KrounOH. All building new and rommodionx. Ample arrommoda
tlonit for Mtork and ExhlbitM.
One Solid Week of Comfort, fun and Instruction
TTESDAY. Sept. 8th, 1 u p. m. No. 1.4:24
TrottinK. puisr -K). No. 2. 2 : Trotting, purse
(4U0. No. 3, 2 :20 facing, purse f40u.
WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9th, 1 JO p. m. No. 4,
2:28 Trotting, purse 400. No. &. S:: Pacini!,
purse $4i0. No. ', 2-vear-dd Trotting, purso,
two. Mile heats, two in three.
THURSDAY, Sept 10. 1 :30 p. m. No. 7, Three
minute Trotting, purse StuO- No. 8, Free-tor-
ta-The attraction for Tuesday night Is the Grand CARNIVAL of Boats
on the Mississippi River. Illuminated by an Immense display of Fire Works,
Colored Lights, and magnificent Set-Piece on Barges for that purpose.
Wednesday. Sept. 9. at IO o'clock a. m.. Grand Bicycle Tournament.
A Grand Concert each- day by Strasser's Second Regiment Band.
40 men The oldest Band In the State.
all Trotting, purse ftiOO. No. 9, Three-year-oW
Trotting, purse 6200.
FRIDAY, Sept. 11, 1:30 p. m. No. 10, 2-37
Trotting, purse 40l). No. 11, Free-for-all Pao
Ing, purse S400. No. 12, Judge Blair Stake Rao
for colts sired by Judge Blair; 8-.5 to enter. 10t
added; five to eDter. three to start. Mile heats,
two in three ; $.lx to winner, fj& to second horse.
All entries close Mondav. Sept. 7, 11 o'clock, p
m. For Entry Blanks and Premium Lists ad
dress the Secretary.
0 ui nssBr -n
Tinwaek And Housk Pubnishino QooDe.'
This Week.
Croquet 4-ball sets
Hammocks, jute, Mexican 75c
Hammocks, white, Mexican S3is
Hammocks, colored, Mexican "...1$1 15
Window screens, hardwood frame ....". 28c
New chamber sets, handeome decorations, yery cheap. .
Picnic plates per 100 boc
Picture frames 8x10 with eUss and mat, 3 styles! '. . . . . . S5n
Linen or cream wcVo stationery per pound 3
Envelopes to match, rquare 10c
Decorated window shades with best spring fixtures." . . . . 33c
GEO. 1. KINGSBURY, Fair and Art Store,
1703, 1705 Second Ave. Telephone 1216.
2 75,
1811 and 1S13, Second Avenue, ROCK ISLAND.
Peaclies and Cream.
J3F"A11 the finest drinks at
Thomas' New Fountain.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
- Special Shoe Sale -
300 Pair Men's Shoes,
250 Pair Ladies' Shoes
Men's Shoes.
Men's Shoes.
Men's Shoes,
Men's Tan Colored Shoes,
Ladies' Shoes,
Ladies' Hand Turn Shoes,
Ladies' Hand Turn Shoes,
Ladies Hand Turn Shoes, -
Regular Price f 3.00; reduced to $3 35
"3504 4 00; 2 75
"5 00 550; 3.75
4 00; 2 89
2 50; 1.75
8 00; 2 25
" 3 50; " 2 75
4 60: 8 25
Remember there is only a limited amout of the above bargains, so come early.
Central Shoe Store,
1818 Second Avenue.
E!m3treet Store,
8M Fifth Avenue

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