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Benneu'i KlQves.
' Good cigara at BoroV.
Great bargains at the London.
Hot soup at the 8tar every day.
Goods slaughtered at the London.
Muffs and capes at Bennett's ?1cre
store. .
. Goto the London before the stock is
broken. - .
Bennett's gloves are the best. Buy no
Goods not sold but giyen away at the
W. J. Albion, of Omaha, is in the city
visiting friends. '
All goods bought at Bennett's glove
store are warranted.
Ctt Wanted Mrs. Phil Mitchell, 714
Twentieth street. ;
Wil!iam Clark, of Pre-emption, spent
the day in the city.
Misa Annie Leary has arrived home
from Memphis, Tenn.
Boy your gloves where they make them,
at Benoett's clove store.
J. II. Wilson left last night for Chi
cago on a visit to friends.
City Attorney Z. L. Has left for Chi
cago this morning en business.
A. R. Spncue, of SpriogSeld. was in
town yesterday calling on friends.
Oliver Olsen leaves tonight for the
southwest for the benefit of his health.
H. W. Ualalip, wife and children went
to Chicago this noon to spend Sunday.
Charles A. Fur Dam, of Dubuque, was
in the city y&lerdty calling on frier ds.
Hot f tee lunch at Isela Willedsen's,
Sixth avenue and Fifteenth street, tonight.
The snow is falling end the bottom is
falling out of the prices at the London.
A nice line of parlor tables and fancy
stands j jst arrived. Clemann & Salz.
Mrs. C. W. Negus and little son left
today on a few days visit to Muscatine
Miss Eva Burgh, who has been visiting
in Colorado for a jeir. Is expected home
next week.
When looking for furniture and car
pets ii will pay you to call at Clemann &
Miss Eva Normoyle has returned homo
from Peoria where she has been visiting
friends and relatives
P. K. Whiihtlra and wife leave Tues
day morning for Eureka Spricgs, Ark.,
to spend the winter.
Mrs. J.)bn Satcliffj 5eave3 th's evening
for Jackson, Tenn., where she will spend
the winter with friends.
Anybody wishiDg coal cn leve orders
at Sutcllffe's Wall Paper store in the eve
nine, orte'eihone 1.039.
There will be no services in the U. P.
chared tomorrow, ovine to the illness of
the pastor, Rev. H. C. Marshall.
Furniture and carpets are still eomg
cheap at G. O. Huckstaedi's, to save
moving it to the new addition.
Conductor A. A. Rogers, of the C. B.
& Q. and wife leave this evening on a
short visit to friends in Beardetown .
Fine ban a nap, nice sweet Mexican or
anges, pears, California fruits; also last
peaches of the seaton at Boro's.
Miss Hattie Hengsler has resigned her
position with George Mattes and accepted
one with the R. G. Dunn & Co, of Dav
enport. A large number of the members of St.
Paul lodge K. P., of this city, attended
the ball given by St George lodge at Mos
line last night
I will have in a few days some of those
sice cheap bedroom suits, which will go
at a lively rate. Call early at G. O.
S. A. Hitchcock, of Chicago, repre
senting the Miller Chemical Fire Ex
tinguisher company, is in the city intro
ducing his extinguisher.
The Twin-city Columbian Celebration
and Mechanical Exposition committee
meets tonight at the rooms of the Rock
Island Citizens' Improvement association.
A grand sociable and ball will be given
at Turner hall Thursday evening, Nov.
19, under the auspices of the committee
of the German Catholic fair. Admission
35 cents.
Tomorrow afternoon the eclipse of the
moo a heretofore described . doe, cotn
men ling at 3.36 The totafwllpse be
gins at 5.37. and the middle bf the eclipse
is expected at 6:19.
J. P. Dolly, of the shoerfe of Dol y
Bros', returned from Ckncago last light,
wbe-e be purchased a complete stock of
goods for the Arm's new store, which will
npen about Thursday next. ' ' ' '
Mi 6 T. Lovegran, our college friend,
has nade a valuable invention. His at
torney is now at Washington to secure
patet t papers on the came. The enter
prisir g young man has a fortune in it.
He -man Schmacht yesterday disposed
of his sample room on Twentieth - s'reet
to Costcllo & McMahon, who will here
after conduct it. Mr. Schmacht will
shortly engage in the butcher businesi.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Tri C.ty Labor Congress occurs tomor
row a 'tcr noon at Hillier'a ball and all
members of the clerks' assembly are re
quested to be present as business per
taining to them direoily is to be trans
acted. " The many friends of Rev. and Mrs. W.
S. Marjuis will be rejoiced to know that
their li tis daughter who has been seri
ously ill, has experienced a decided
change for the better, and the anxiety
which has been experienced for several
days, b iSgiven way to more hopeful feel
ings. Mrs. Eatberine MiUch has purchased
of John Ohlweiler a lot on Third avenue
just eat I of her present store upon which
next sp-ing she intends to erect a hand
some tvo-story brick building to coet
about $2,500. The lower part will be a
store room and the upper her residence,
and it will be a modern building through
Natur; spread its miotic of white o'er
the eartL, or that portion of it which is
within v cw hereabouts, for the first time
for rainy months this morning. The sil
ver flake i have been descending thickly
at intcrvils during the day and everybody
has feemsd to welcome the avant courier
of winter. Who does not enjoy such a
day as this?
Engineer Kneff. of the National Clay
company's works, had his hmds and face
badly scilded by escaping steam and
water though a man-head which broke
in a boiler at the plant in Sears yesterday
afternoon. Dr. Hewitt, Jr., of Milan,
attended him, and his injuries, though
very painful, it is thought will not prove
A baker and a brewer got into sn alter
cation do-n on Third avenue yesterday
afternoon, the brewer getting up into the
baker's wagon saying he would make the
la'ter eat his own ore id. but as both are
pretty handy with nature's weapons
neither had a walk away, and the result
was they .ere separated by friends with
honors about even.
A story is told of a farmer living not a
thousand miles from Burlington who re
ceived a note from a lawyer, but failing
to decipher it, and happening in a drug
tore, hand id it to the druggist without
comment. The druggist looked it care
fully over, went to the prescription coun
ter and soon returned with a bottle of
medicine duly labeled, with directions for
The board of trustees of the Augustana
University have engaged C. A. Roeander
to succeed Mr. Lovegran as representa
tive of the association . As we men
tionel some time ago, Mr. Lovegran, who
was very successful in his work, had to
resign at th beginning of school so as to
continue b s studies. The board bas
since sought a proper man to fill his
place and sow they have secured him.
Mr. Rosander is an able man and well
known to the leading people in both
cities. He is a member of last year's
graduating class. He is now teacher in
gymnastics hi the college, while he is also
preparing fc r the degree of A. M. He
will now devote his time as permanent
financial agent for the association. We
wish him a nost hearty success, as the
studeats deserve credit for their not.le
Wonderful low prices at the London.
What is m ire attractive than a pretty
ace with a freEh, bright complexion? For
t. use Pozzoni'e Powder.
Buckwheat Cakes.
U-; . : :
The old way of setting to raise ever night by the
Use of yeast, while the cakes were light yet there was always
a well founded suspicion that buckwheat cakes made in
that manner were indigestible and unwholesome, because
of the chemical action that takes placek so alters the flour
from its original character, that the souring or decomposing
process continues in the stomach, followed by dyspepsia
and kindred troubles.
The new way does away with all fermentation, souring
etc., and places upon the table smoking hot buckwheat cakes
in. 12 minutes or less. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
is the element that superseded the old methods. Buck
wheat and all griddle cakes made with Dr. Price's Powder
arejiot only exceedingly light and delicious, but can be
enjoyed by dyspeptics and invalids with immunity. Dr. Prices
Cream is the only baking powder cantainiag the whites of
, '.',. -, JEatrrtafaaaea',
; .- The advance sale of seats for the forth
coming engagement of the celebrated
performances of , Russell's comedians
commenced this morning, and if prestige
and a national reputation endorsed by all
the principal citiea of America consii
tutea a criterion there should be sale
enough In advance to guarantee an audi'
ence large enough to test the utmost ca
pacity of the . Harper theatre Beit
Tuesday nlsht,wbeo the presentation oc
curs in this city. The performance is
everywhere conceded to be ths brightest
farcical presentation that bus yet as
sumed stsgj shipe. An eminent critic
of the east describes it in its entirlj, as
"a night laughed away as if by magic."
M'ile Leonilda S'.accione, the famous
acd fascinaticg exponent of the Spanish
dancing craze, and who, it may be re'
marktd en passant, is equally accom
plished as a premiere, having led the bal
let at La Scala, M.Ian, for two seasons,
continues to be one of the striking figures
of that'remaikable gathering of singers,
dancers and comedians that scintillate in
the farcisl play of "The Hustler," which
will be on view at the Burtis, Davenport,
The next entertainment under the
auspices of the Rock Island Lecture asso
ciation will be given at Harper's theatre
Friday evening, Nov. 20, when the fa
mous orator and philosopher, Geo-ge R
Wendling, will lecture on the subj ct of
' Popular Delusions."
I'oliee fttlam.
Pe'e Hanson a box ctr tourist, was
found "snowed iu" on tbe Peoria tracks
by the police yesterday afternoon acd
given a ride in the hurry-up wagon, and
as he had no hing this morning but a
yearning for more fire water he was asked
to look for pastures new.
The LiUig-IIoldorf rape cae, which
has been before Magistrate Wivill the
pist two days, was concluded this rrorn
ing. by the m igistrate boi ling Littig t
the grind jury in bonds of $500, which
be secured this afiernooa and was re
leased .
i nt league Magnate Meeting-.
. NEW YORK, Nov. 14. The League ad
ourued . late yesterday, subject to call.
without announcing whether it bad taken
any steps toward making peace with the
Association. A rumor prevailed that
Messrs. Brush, Soden and Robiusoa had
been appointed a committee to confer with
the Association, but this was emphatically
dented by tne delegates.
. Fnnerate at Garfield Park, r
CHICAGO, Nov. H. The races at Gar
field Park course yesterday resulted as
follows: Volet, mile, l:13f; Powers,
mile, l:U'3i; Unlucky, lg miles,
Dr. Iceman, mile, 1:10; Gjmorra, J
mile, 1
The Weather We May Expect.
Washington, Nov. II. The following are
tbe weather indications tor twenty-four hours
from 8 p. in. ye-.ter.lay. For Iowa Cloaui-
neseand flurries ofuow,exccit fair weather ia
eastern portion: no deemed chan re ia tera
peraturo; winds becoming southerly; warmer
and generall y fair t ra arrow. For Wisconsin
islight ly warmer, irencrally fair weather and
variable winds; warmer iuid generally fair
tomorrow, for Indiana and Illinois-liener.
ally fair woather and variable winds; slight
changes in temperature: fair anl slightly
warmer tomorrow. For Michigan Generally
fair weather today and tomorrow, but with
some cloudiness; light variable winds, verier
ally westerly: neariy stationary temperature.
Got Drunk and froze to Death.
WniNirEO, Wash., Nov. 14. A Calgary
despatch says Richard Steel, an employe
oi tne caigary and r.tlmonton railway,
was found frozen Btiil there Thursday
omar. ne nmi own ormKin
All Previous l: coords Rroken.
PlTTsBUKG, Nov. 14 At 6 o'clock
Thursday morning the Kdgar-Thomson
Steel works at Braddock were put in
operation after a rest of two hours tor a
twenty-four hour run to test the capacity
of the works. Tbe idea was to eclipse if
possible tbe record of the South Chicago
rolling mills for twenty-four hours,
which is 1,703 tons. The test ended at
6o'clock yesterday morning at which hou r
1,907 gross tons of finished steel rails
bad been produced.
lllineia Federation of Labor.
ALTOS, Xov. H. The Illinois State
Federation of Labor closed the delibera
tions of its ninth annnal session here
yesterday afternoon, having bad the best
meeting in its history. The election of
officers occurred in t he morning. Presi
dent, John C. Harding, Chicago; vice
president, John Bomber. Qnincy secretary-treasurer,
William H. Kippe, Alton.
The next annual convention will be held
at Ottawa.
Rubbers Rob a Farmers Store.
SroKAXK, Wash., Nov. 14 Four
masked men entered tbe store of the
Farmers' Trading company and. driving
the clerks into a corner at tbe point of
revolvers, robbed the store of sixteen gold
and eight silver waU-hes and took about
$2,000 in cash from tbe aafe. They then
mounted horses and departed. A posse ia
after them.
K.own lo Atoms by Dynamite.
Denver, Nov. 14 A special from
Kingston, X. AC., to The Kepublican says
that William Hutchins and Dick Joy
were blown to atoms in the Brush Heap
mine Thursday evening Tbe men were
the sole support of aged mothers. They
were getting ready to set off a blast when
the accident occurred.
Shot His Iauchier in told Blood.
Kansas City, Mo., Xov. 14 Just be
cause bis daughter, a bride of six days,
wrote a letter that displeased him, John
E. Thornton, the -eal?biest jeweler in the
Cherokee nation, shot ber dead in cold
,blood at Krebs, I. T. Tbe father, who is
undoubtedly insane, gave himself up t
once. lie may be lynched.
An Olathe, Kas., man bas written to
Sheriff r-'mith, of Sedalia, Mo., asking for
piece of tbe rope used to hang T. A.
Williamson Oct. HI. He wants it "to cure
fits," and promixes in return to give the
sheriff "information that will make you
your fortune."
rs. Gretchen ljenggrenhager,wlio kept
a f-aloou at 444 Clark street, Chicago, gave
her 15-y ear-old sou a dose of arsenic in a
glass of cider, and then drank another
dose herself. Both are dead. Business
troubles and fear that ber boy was about
to desert her were the causes.
A I-al. Literary Production.
"Have you anything new?"' asked a
customer of a recently engaged clerk iD
a city book store.
"I'll see," replied the young man. as
he swept his eye over the hhelves. "Yes
here's 'The New Testament. Woulo
you like to look at it?" Life.
By rnp of Figt. - .
Produced from tbe laxative and nutri
tious juice of California figs, combined
with tne medical virtues of plants known
to be most beneficial to the human sys
tem, acta gemlv, on the kidneys, liver
and bowels, effectually cleansing tbe
system, dispelling colds and headaches,
and curing habitual constipation. .
May be followed by a fciornlng of "La Grippe."
Etstly, and why? Because the displacement of
Covering la bed, a neglected draught from a partly
do ed wiudow, an open tnntom connected wito
a windy entry in a hotel, mar convey to your nos
trils snd lungt the death-dealing blau. Terrible
and swift are tb inroa4s made by this new des
troyer. Tbe medicated al.obolic principle in
Uovtetter'a etomoch Bitters will check the dire
complaint. A persistence is this preventive of it
further development will absolutely cbeckmate
the dangerous milady. TJnmedlcated alcoholic
stimulants are of little or no value. Tbe Jutt me
dium is.tbe Bitter . Mo leas efnetciont I it is cases
of malaria, biiliodness,caDstipatlOB. rheumstltm,
dyspepsia and kidney trouble. Th weak are
nasally those upon who disease faeteas flrat.
Invigorate with the Bitiera.
Close Inspection.
Our Fall and Winter Over
coats will bear the close 3 1 in
spection, and tbe gentleman in
the picture says he can find no
fault with them, not even with
the button holes; they are all
wool and as wide as you care to
have them; artistically trimmed
and in point of style and fit
they are not excelled, not even
by the merchant tailor. Our
prices are always low enough,
quality taken into considera
tion. 'Snide goods we refuse to
handle at any price. It's al-7
ways safe to trade at the
. Company,
SAM ARNDT, Manager.
1728 Second avenue.
'When Found Make a Note Of.'
When the professor strikes
the key his apt pupils will
make a note of it with no un
certain sound. Mas!c!ans
would do well to make a note
of this address 1726 Second
Avenue where is located the
musical emporium of D. Eoy
We are showing some extra
good values in our underwear
Ladies' ribbed vests, sleeve
fall weight,
Ladies' ribbed, natural, fall
35 c.
Four numbers at
that are hard to beat. Ladies'
natural, plain; ladies' white,
plain; ladies' natural, ribbed;
ladies' white, ribbed.
Full linn, in:TEa
than rr-Hi
sizes. 1 PMtt.l
Sizes fix IS? Pa5'.
UnnsnuiN," . I
erevs. Ptn 1 ,Jai
Rook Island. Illin
Furniture and Caroe
1525 and 1527
12i, 125 and 128
Sixteenth Street.
if r
rock islassI
Are tlie I3est.
Why buy the imitations? for all others are only M
when you can buy the genuine
For nearly the same price at
John X. Noftsker's
Who has also a fine line of WOOD MANTLES, HEARTHS,
GRATES, ETC. Sole agent for the celebrated
Cor. Twentieth Street and Third At.
113 and H5 Brady Street.
ROOMS 50c to $1.00 Per Day.
Manufacturer of ail kinds of
GentV Fln Shoea a apecUltj. Repairing done neat j and promptly .
A ahare of fAnrnttmntM . t -j . .
1618 Second Avenue. Rock Isimt J
Contractor and Builder,
: : Rock Islam
Office and Shop Comer Seventeenth Bt .
tna seventh Avenue,
aTAll klnda of carpenter work a tpecUlty. Plana and eetlmatea for all kitdf of btMt
faraished on application.
Davenport Business College,
J. C. DUNCAN, Davenport,
I SLY BBOTBSKS. M Wanes BU Hew Tcrt. rriceeoeti.brf

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