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cf Fi''3 13 takeu '3 P'easaDt
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Kiel promptly on the Kidneys,
L'rfur"v, dispels colds, bead-
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remedy 01 ire kiuu ever pro-.
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Kf an'! agreeable substances, its
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Any renauiu uriiggisi, -woo
'wit have it on Land will pro-
L it promptly for any one who
Lesto try it. Bo not accept any
qooI - Books,
flaw and Second-hand.
TfUitf, Ink,
ftittbifW. Satchels, Straps.
Buktu, Pencil Duxes, Ru'era, and
everything neceary for school,
betum Birnea" e ementary geography for
m' complete geography for Guyot't ioter
wiD cents.
M N. '. arithmetic for Felter s primary
I cm fare money by getting your school
1717 Second Avenue.
leal Estate
aid manaL'eo DroDertv on com mi"-
- lar.'t h-t of city property always on hand
imtfo: three fitt-clans F!re Insurance
lon.aDii p. and ibe American l.'aualty
t-ii iLd mniry Company, of Bal
timore, Aid.
503 Second Avenne. over
HoDpe's Tailor Shop.
Inscribe for Stock
ln tlw Second series of the
m liiiildinff and Loan Abso-
pon, of i:0ck Island.
A 6af-r and better iiwpRrrnent
;an Government Bonds, be
ise the loans are made only
established values and it
Jys more than three times as
interest besides the
ROWlt inveatorl it. A fha-rrnita
P be withdrawn at any time.
rj loanea at lowest rates.
f- A . DONALDSON. Secretary.
ITfCX, Hubm. A K . .1 t rr 1 a
About Lamps.
&ye an o oa,-
'o from 16 cents for a - com-
,iet6 larriTv nv a. i. : v
14 1 guarantee averv" lawm I
If it doesn't work right
cai return it. It doesn't
m any lamp to burn it one
G. M-LooBur.
Judge Glean Knles in His Favor in
His Case Against the City.
Hs Overral. th Uea.mr.ai Hnc
!! the TBiperary Ivjaaeiioa
-Hincory r .tk ae ao4
the roiBta la l,itl-Kaiiaa.
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AJCLCi -aJKUTjH. T1 H TT KH DAT: Vnv viijuu in
- rtr,
"The ordinance is unreasonable.nnjust,
oppressive and not nniform in its opera.
tion"were Judge Glenn'a words in bis oral
ruling in the circuit court this morning,
on Ihe city's demurrer to the injunction of
George Wagier, restraining the city from
cutting off hi:i water supply for non par
ment of his w ater rate9.
Judge Glenn's ruling, as stated above,
was on the d murrer in the case of George
Wagner, proprietor of the Atlantic brew
ery, against t ie city of Rock Island. The
court overrules the dtmurrer on the part
of the city, and directs the city to answer
the allegations in the bill of complaint.
The position taken by the court was that
the ordinance under which the waterworks
are operated and maintained is not nni
form in its operation as to all of the
wattr coneu ners of the clats to which
Wagner belor es that is the large con
sumers, inasmuch as it al
lows a' discrimination between the
consumers. It permits, as Judge
Glenn holds, the placing of meters
by which the consumption of water is to
be measured in the larger establishments
at one establishment and agreeing with
other consumers of the s-me class on cer
tain amounts to be paid by those con
sumers per ai num. without regard to the
amount of wgter consumed by them, the
result being that Wagner not beins the
largbest consumer of water pays under
the operation of the ordinance about 600
per cent more than he did before its en
act met t, while the increase of the other
consumers i only 20 per cent. The
court furthermore holds that several sec
tions of the o-dinance, that is, the section
giving the superintendent discretion in
regard to the placing of meters, and also
another section providing for the placing
of meters at ihe espease of the consum
ers, are invalid. He maintains that
under the sixth paragraph of the ordi
nance meters were to be placed in estab
lishments ntMn application of the consu
mers, and Wi.gncr had never applied for
a meter. This section has reference to
the larger consumers only, and the
CDUrt said Wugner was entitled to some
relief, and for this reason he required
the city to answer in order to brio g the
matter up on its merits to decide, as is
sunposed, what that relief shall be.
The ordinance under which the meter
system was established, ana under
which the new rates were
fixed was enacted under the Blind
ing administration, and it should be said
in iustice to William McEuiry, who was
city attorney at that time, that the ordi
nance was dmwn by Aid. Williamson and
adopted by tie council before being sub
mitted to the scrutiny of the city attor
ney. It wan never approved by the
mayor, nor did he interpose a veto, and
it became a la w without either the execu
tive sanction or disapproval.
The Wagner case gTe w out of the city's
threat to cut off Mr. Wagners water sup
ply at his Atlantic brewery on the ground
that be had failed to pay his rate as stip
ulated by the ordinance under the meter
system. Before the adoption of the ordi
nance Wagrttr paid the city for a number
of years $525 per annum, no matter how
little or ho'v great Lis consumption.
Under the mster system his water rent
according to "he measurement of the first
quarter woull have amounted to about
f 3.200 for the year, while as he claims
his water consumption had not materially
increased, ami which he refused to pay,
although he laid the first quarter amount
ing to about C814 under protest. When
the second qtarter became due he refused
to pay. end a hen the city threatened to
cut off bis supply he secured through his
attorneys, Ju lge Wilkinson and William
Jackson, an injunction restraining the
city from cu'.ting off his supply. The
temporary irj motion was issued by Judge
Pieasants' nearly two years ago. City
Attorney Haas demurred to the bill of
complaint for want equity, holding that
even if parts of the ordinance were irre
gular they might be eliminated without
invalidating tae entire ordinance. The
hearing in the esse has been set before
Judge Smith several times, but Judge
Wilkinson filed an affidavit for a chaoge
of venue and it could not be heard until
Judge Glenn had the time. '
"The city can now either stand on the
demurrer and take an appeal to the ap
pelate conrt,or answer and bring the case
before the court on its merits," said City
Attorney Haai Ibis morning. but. I have
not yet decidtd what will be done.
A freaeatatlaa.
Dr. Georgs Merry man, of Moline,
leaves today for bis new home at Bloom
ington . In t jken of the regard in which
he is held in Moline a number of bis
friends there nt noon today got him into
M. J. McEnir,'s office and presented hira
with a beautilul gold headed cane prop
erly inscribed There were present be
aide Mr. McEniry. Hon. G- W Vinton.
Morris Eosenlleldr Dr. 8. W. Lincoln J)r.
Reeaer. D. W. Gould. W. A. Meeae. Carl
Kuehl, Tom Ilobihson and GuatSignor.
Pleasant Addresses were made by Mestre. (
Vinton, Boeei field, Meese aad McEniry!
and Dr.' Lincoln. " " h
T1,e "Asaeriea Bav Taalarhc.
At Harper's theatre tonight will be seen
the new 3act comedy, "An American
Boy." The company has jutt closed a
succefsrul engagement at the People's
Theatre, Chicago, and the papers of that
city speak well of the performance. The
comedy is a new departure to the stage,
and is void of all sensation, the character
of the boy part in the play being manly
and bold. Music, singing, dancing and
refined specialties are a sparkling feature
of the performance, and the American
Boy trio, the Union quartet and the many
new features make the new comedy a
brilliant success. The company appeared
at Des Moines as recently as last Tues
day, and the Reuister of ihe following
merning said:
The "American boy" was played at
Foster's opera house last nigh-. The
play is one that contains many very
funny situations and contains a great
deal of genuine American humor after
the style of Bill Nye "and others." The
"American Boy" Johnnie Potia was ef
fectively played by Willie McDermott.
The Amtricm tramp, by Na', fit. Wil
liams, was a constant source of pleasures
in the gallery. The singing was not
always Rood, but the dancing by Fmnkie
St. John elicited the most enthusiastic
applause from the audience. Oa account
of the cold weather the audirnce wbs a
Rmnll one and a return engagement for
Thaokfgivinrf day has bin arrand for.
The i'lunl Option m the Hall I'rop
friy. The final legal option on the Hull prop
erty on Moline avenue, mention of which
has been made in Tbb A bods, was consu
matcd yesterday afternoon, the Auguatana
College University association securing
an option on the 10 acres including the
homestead, and the house occupied by
Prof. Jesperson on Thirty-eighih street,
until Feb. 1, for a consideration. The
purpose of the astociation if it concludes
the purchase, is to lay it out for a univer.
sity park. The property is one of the
most suitably and most beautifully lo -cat
d pieces of land in the two cities, and
for the aims r-f the University association
especially, would be cheap at most any
figure. The price to be paid bj the col
lege is not given, but is supposed to be in
the neighborhood of 3.000 an acre. The
land lies immediately west of that on
which the Moline & Rock Island Mechan
ical Exposition association has an option
for exposition purposes, and in location
as well as in adaptability to all purposes.
is a splendid piece of land. The A rocs
congratulates the University association
on its having secured the option on it.
and hopes it may succeed in its most
praiseworthy enterprise.
An Cxeltins; Bna.wiy.
An exciting runaway occurred on East
Moline a7enue last evening about 6
o'clock. John Kitarhl, a Moline teaa
ster, tied bis horses, attached to which
was a firm wagon, in front of Huber's
saloon, and while he was within, the team
either got tired of waiting or became
frightened at a locomotive in the Rock
Island yarJs, and they put off up the ave
nue at their own gait and it was not
slow either in fact it was not much less
than 20 miles an hour. .Ia front of H. P.
Hull's properly, where the street bad
been excavated for paving, stood the
city's -immense roller. Undaunted by
it the horses flew oyer it, leaping into the
air as if impelled by wings, and horses,
wagon and all. landed in a heap on the
other side. Both horses lay tangled in
the harness as if paralyzed. One a fine
big animal was found to be dead, its
neck having been broken by the fall. The
other was extricated with difficulty by
cutting the harness, and found to be un
injured, except a few little cuts and
scratches. The wagon was pretty badly
Reynolds. Nov. 18. B. E. Wait,
of Davenport, spent Sunday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Wait.
Vulliam Joslin, of Moline, was in town
last week.
The dance at the rink was fairly at
tended on Friday evening.
N. F. Manning, of Rock Island, will
spend the winter with his brother Frank.
A. M. McCurdy, of Chicago, arrived
last night for a two weeks' visit with his
old friend. M. Wait.
W.J.McEntire is having an addition
built to bis bouse. Nate Manning is
doing the work.
Mies Lou Connelly in returning from a
shopping trip at Reynolds, met with
what might have been a serious accident.
The horse becoming unmanageable she
was thrown violently to the eround,
alighting upon her head with such force
as to render her unconscious. She was
taken home and at last reports was im
proving. Relatives and a few friends met at the
residence of Mr. J. Walt on Friday Nov..
18 to celebrate the anniversary of bis
60th birthday . A sumptuous dinner was
served and all enjoyed ' themselves.
Among the relations present was "Aunt
Harriet" Parmenter of Lyndon, whose
gecial face all were glad to see. Al
though having attained three score years
Mr. Wait is still vigorous and strong, and
bis friends hope be may see many birth
day, gatherings yet to come.
A humorous fact about about Hood's
Sarsaparilla it expels bad humor and
creates good humor. Be sure to get
Hood's. ; -
Surer foundation cannot be laid than
the real merit which is the solid base for
the monumental success of Hood's Saraa
f arilla. . : .: ..
- KawqaaraaaPaaM.
Druid lodge No. 1 will give mas
querade dance in Druid ball on Saturday
vening. Nor. 21.
Jacob M. Wilson, of Rural, Passes
Oac of the Mtardy Krly Mrttle.a ef
Stark Ilaa C'aaaty Blesraph-
'I Skftch-U.-ata. at
r'W,'.' II lUdtalr.
Jacob. M. Wilson, a pioneer of this
section, died at hi3 home in Rural town
sbiplast evening, after an illness of four
months, sged 78 years. He was born in
Champaign county, Ohio, Feb. 13. 1831,
and came with his parents to Green coun
ty, Ind., six montba later, where he re
sided until the year 1850, and duriog bis
reaio.nce th;re, learned bis trade that
of a carpenter, lie was united in mar
rii?e to Hiss Mary Thompson, in Mont
gomery county. Ind., Sept. 27. 1838, and
With bis family in the fall of 1850, came
to Rock Island county, and Bett ed on a
farm in Rural township, where he resided
until his death. Mrs. Wilson died in
Monigomery county, Ind., Dec. 31.1849,
and Mr. Wilson was united in marriage
on Kept. 17. 1850. to Miss
Margaret Evans, who, with the
following sons servive him; E. T. and
Frank W., who it side at home and Vin
cent C. resiiiiog aiGarneit, Kas.
Mr. Wilson held the position af road
commU'sioner, school director and over
seer of highways at different times end
was an excellent man in all respects,
ecjoying the highest esteem of the en
tire community in which he bad resided
so many years. lie was a life long dem
scrat, conscientious and consistent in
politics as in all things. By industry and
frugality he had become possessed of a
goodly estate; in a word he was regarded
as one of the go-ahead, representative
farmers of Rock Inland county.
The funeral will orcur from the late
trm; of the deceased in Rural tomorrow
morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. W. B. McKee
officiating, and the interment will be
made in Benlah cemetery in Rural.
Hillsdale. Nov. 18 This evening at
6 o'clock tbe spirit of Miss Anna Feaster
departed this life. Deceased bad been a
sufftrer from consumption for about two
years, was a patient sufferer throughout,
and always had a pleasant word and
srr.-.ie lor an, even wnen her body was
raked with pain. Many old friends and
schoolmates will mourn the loss of so
agreeable a companion and friend. She
was about 25 years of age. This is the
eecot d Bid tffi etion tfce family have borne
within the past six months. The mother
died last April. Oie sister and two
brothers only are 1 ft. Ttey have tbe
assurance of tbe sympathy of the entira
community. We have not yet learned
when the interment will take place.
Cordova. Nov. 18. W. R. Freek
is unpacking his holiday goods and get
ting ready for a Dae display.
Tbe river is about closed at this point
Toe boys are very busy huskin g corn
'J. J Johnson was here the latter par
of last week.
Hirvey Xilson, of Divenport, Iowa, is
Visiting his parents this week.
Tbe dances held in Marshall's ball
lately have not been well attended.
,Tbe Port Bjron lime works expect to
close tbeir works down this week.
V We are glad to report tbat onr people
faavd no use for a physician professionally.
Mrs. C. B. Marshall was here on a vis
it on Sunday md Monday of this week.
Charles Like, of Princeton, shipped
two car loads cf hogs the fore part of the
TTbornas Gilliand, the shoemaker, is
obliged to work half the night to keep up
with his work.
C The protracted meetings of both the
M.iC. and Baptist churches are meeting
Willi tome success.
Cdpt. John HRugeonin has returned
home for the wiater at 'er one of the
most successful seasons for vears.
A L Haynes, the veteran fisherman, is
again seen upon our streets having
emerged fron, bis summer quarters.
Oar anglers have sheathed their Doles
add vowed venue ate b on tbe powers that
be for barring them from their sport.
' ; The Rock Island
Weekly Argus
Is the best medium throueh
which to reach the country trade.
Advertisers should have their
announcements ready by Thurs
day morning to insure insertion
in the current week's issue.
Harper's Theatre,
J. E- Montrose, Manager.
. THURSDAYjNOV-i 19th.
American Boy !
A S-aet aingio comedy, with aa i&g eo ioua - wore a
plot zu feature u. play, Aa excellent
company of omediana, singers aad dancer.,
. In'rodariag the Uioa catstt. Th
4 Bi'i. New .' g. medley., dance
and refined apecial'ies. Charming
yoang girl Novel features.
Proscrtie a d KtscaaniealtBVcU froai D Versa,
i view Tecs vuy.
feat en sal at Haioer Haas
Kt, 17. Prt-. SS and Tic,
.rsTaTaTBTaTasssmaav "
LtL'r V, 'tt-'i' , 6,-, . 'A aqff M3t$- jf.--it , )
Tinware And Housk Furnishing Goods. '
SherifTs Sale
This glass was not bought at sheriff's sale, but at a great
sacrifice, ia all first quality glasses and it mast
be closed cut this week.;
3 inch Suce Plates worth 10c, only 5c
Half Gilloo Pitchers 25s, 18c
Extra large Cellery.. " 3ic, 2(j
Medium large Cellery 25c, " 13c
6 inch Glafs Plates 5c, ' 2c
Syrup Cups 15c, 10c
Covered Butter Dishes 15C, K)c
Individual Salts, Hotel " 2c
Individual Butter ' 21c dozen, 102
Small Sugars and Cream " 10c each, ' 5o
Spoon Holders ' I0o 5c
Fancy Pickle Dishes . ' 10c " " 5c
Deeper " " . 5c 2c
These prices are good until Saturday only. "
Chamber Suits,
Hall Stands,
Side Boards, ,
A ine Line in the Newest Styles, the best
Assortment Ever Shown at Lowest Prices.
1811 and 1813, Second Avenne, EOCK ISLAJN'D.
You Can't do Without:
Dr. McKann's Cslsljratefl GouA' SyroR
The rery best preparation made for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, and U lung and
pulmonary troubles.
Good alike for children and adults. Two sizee 10 and 25c
Thomas' Galeltrated Kidney and Livar PILLS.
These pill, are.f ist taking the place of the more expensive remedies for all kidney and
lirer complaint,
"".7" TT 7'? Because they are easier to take, cheaper" In pr'ce and give better
---- ' rt Bulla.
Gire them a trial. Kone equal them. Th proprietor will forward them to any address by
m 1, on receipt of price, SS cants a bottle. Made only by
Rock Island 111.
Ladies! Have You .Worn
The Lion
Process Shoe?
1 ,1 I ' :
T M t m ill " ' i m
u. itui, try a pair. Alley win give you .more BaUBiactton TfjT
your money than any shoe you have ever bought. Only on
sole and that of thi vert best, Outer and inner sola cine sotti
piece of the best sole leather. " ; ; ' "'x-
Jost as easy aa a Hand Turned, and wear twice as long. "
Every pair stamped on the sole.
Patented and made by CROSBY, HUCKINS h CO.
! Tapleyvilla; Mass. y ; - iv ; - 4
" . - job sale bt "-. :.,V.

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