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Your Thanksgiving Turkey
will look well on one of our solid oak extension
tables. The price you know is so moderate you
will not miss it. We have chairs to match, and
can fit you out with a sideboard to suit.
Then, too, we have a complete line of parlor
suits and easy chairs within reach of all.
Home Comforts Pay a Handsome Dividend.
Our bedroom set line is tempting and sure to
suit in price and finish.
It's surprising the amount we sell; quality and
price tells the story.
We are leaders. Ward robes, cupboards, folding
beds assortment is limited, but prices are right.
Pictures, easels and silver-plate ware. We have
what you .need.'
Cash or Credit on Anything You Buy.
Telephone 421. 322 Brady Street, Davenport, la.
Open every evening until 8:00 o'clock, and Saturday' nntil 10:00 p. m.
Cflke .1.4 Shop :.'18 Eighteenth S.rcet. Telephone 11
CUA3. W.TERIICKY, Manacer.
, Stau Block, Opposite Habper House.
ban pnrchaxed for tb..:
Fall and Winter of 1891-2,
A iari.-ertt.tf iiiur st )Ck i'mb tf Tbooe rood? wi'l arr'vij'i: afewdaya. Wait and we teem.
Y.yu ' rV i.uion,
,Zo :kc rat."
(ol vi- ,'a.i no .1 rovitsEir.,
DK A1.FR Iff
; Telephone 1G0S' 1 )..::
.B, F. THOMAS & CO.. ,
Elm Street Meat Market-
All kinda of Freeh and Salt Meats always on L-.nd. Game,
"" ' Fien and jOy sters In the eeaou. ' f
Reynolds' BHck, Uolisz Ave., ; FOOT OF ELM ST.
$2.50 Per Gallon.
Semoved to 219
Steam Heating
Gas Fitting.
Heating Boiler.
Rock Island, 111.
y4 Kodak
With you.
231 Twentieth street
Seventeenth Street
Lieut. Schwatka s Return From Ilia
Alaskan Explorations
Ao Kntrriainln k Account of Ills Jour
iirvaad tti Hardahlus I'nler-t-Advantage
to cl-
Lieut. Frederick Schwatka of this city,
the Arctic explorer, who beaded ao ex
peditioa to Alaska last spring, wag ia
Des Moines the oiber day on hts return,
aod he submitted to an iotemtw at the
hands of a Register reporter, and that
paper says:
The fatigues of a summrr spent in ex
ploring the unknown recesses of Alaska
and the dangeit incident to it hive made
their impression even upon the robust
frame of Lieut. Schwatka. He bewails
the loss of about 60 pounds of good
flesh, which has been lost on the route,
but which be confidently hopes to regain
under tne pleasanter conditions of life in
a more temperate zone. The expedition
of which be was a part left the confines
of civiliz ttion in Alaska on January 26
It was composed of Lieut. Schwatka, Dr.
Hayes of the Uni.ed btates
geological survey and a guide,
besides the 10 Alaska Indiana
They went up the Takon river, hitherto
unexplored. This river was only navi
gible for canoes about 100 miles, wbea
tbe party struck across country and after
traversing 80 miles in three weeks' time,
discovered a lake, whicb was named Ab
Klaio, or Big Lake. This lake is about
10U miles long. From the lake the ex
pedition went to the Newberry river, the
scenes of the lieutenant's explorations in
1883. The rapids were shot, and finally
Fort Sclpiid. in tbe Toukon, reached
early in July. Tbence they went 225
miles southwest to the district where tbe
Indians stated enormous quantities of
copper abounded, but this, like many
others of the stories which
have been believed by travelers, proved
to be without foundation, as no copper
was found. The country in which is ttis
Copper river is exceedingly rougr,, aud
tbe Indians abandoned the parly. The
bat'gafce ws the refore dropped, ana the
party proceeded, but could make but little
headway. Ftnal'y after two weeks of
this kind of traveling human endurance
was at an end, and a canoe wsb mule
from tbe canvas bags and launched. Toe
Copper river down whicb they descended
is a most turbulent stream, and the
rapids tx'end for a distance of nearly 85
miles. At list Prince William sou-d was
rescbed and then Sitka.
Tbe results of the trip are said to have
been vry satisfactory from a scientific
Theatrical .
One of tbe best plays seen hereabouts
list season was Dan'l Sully's Lew play,
"Tbe Mi lionaire" which comes to the Bur
tis opera bouse, Davenport, tomorrow
evening, and which should certainly draw
a crowded house. The New Yoik San
says of this performance: '
Diu'l Sully's New York production
of "Tbe Millionaire" was greeted with a
house tbat was large aod friendly, and
its tendency to applause was so honest as
to avoid any suspicion of ore-arrangement.
One scene that will create publb
favor represents thebuUdragof a railroad,
laying tbe last rail, driving tbe glden
spike; laborers who work actively
shoveling real dirt, hatuim ricz real iron
rails and boring real boles in real iron; a
real strike of Irishmen and Italians;
Sully as O'Brien in disguise appeals to
them by sign and word of . Mullingar.
This episode, possessing both pictures
queoess and dramatic strength, was
heartily applauded. ' Mr. Sully of course
impersonated tbe Irish character nd
pliys bis pSrt with earnestness, fidelity
and much discretion. The comic scents
he interprets excellently.
For Thanksgiving day Manager Kindt
of the 'Burtjs, hs secured the fatuous
Dockstader minstrel orgaui.ition . Those
who lo7e good sinking will hour it atLtw
Dockstader's m nstrels. Fred fcalcomb,
a great Eaglhh tenor, bis first eeason in
America, is senrieg a tremendous sues
Manager Montrose of Harper's theatre
ba seemed a flrst-clat-s attraction for
Thunksg'vii r. igut in Anute F. Fay the
reuownel spi-ituil median. The won
derful ia !y will be greeted by an immense
audience bejond s. doubt.
On Ti-esday evening, Dec 1, the dis
tiuuiah. d KnjjlUt, actor, E S. Willard,
w 1 tppsar tt the Burt: supported by A.
M. pAhutr's -compeny ia "The Middle-
man.' u-.:ti.r t v r tnade tscre en.
iiMie sii' O os i-.o-x.'j- than Edwa S
WiiUrd, toe Ha-'.; b actor: In evt-j, .-it j
where "Fue Mi.'.d:i.iiJ in'1 Upri r:teu il.t
airtie-fio: i S lb, tcor four ijt live re -
csi; nf'.rr e;b ic, and remain t uv'r
hiiD at th clo.-ifi of tbe y ty. , j
! : rtcvl III b . mi Flillt
T In- iiiir.ct cottn iii not he ir Die t'k
giiMfit in itm n,net of ihft In1urf!!ii)n
retired IV ;lhn IS'.Jj'K . A. N rnLi
t.gnitistifie .f J t ' itra.'tr' (he ihxu r !4ir
liking .u. 'bsi.li; tr.ck Uid on V,'e.-t
t ft;t g'reel snjue tiuvfi i..- The. r.frcviei
jfau-se Kc , imln ut t!i . traci r.t.b
iiitLt. 6Mi ',.'' temf.val of, p.rt of it y
l!.e, kl.ieu.nn rjj I .yfhers acting uu jlf
tbeir direction, aie. familiar. "Vhf rtni y
thcv.e did no conns to trial ou
roerits was that it was lba was iDU.id
nilely postponed by agreement. 'fke
city revived a cotuaiucicbtion from Joe
U; Li.e,'i.torneyrit iho outany, IooIcn
icg so sri t-T.ftible si d nnumilly satis
factory adjustment of the d.lll:ulty that
has arisen. -The offlcials of the B., C. R.
& N. will be here tbe latter part of this
week to confer withe city officials . upon
this settlement. There is littU doubt tbat
an arrangement will be made, and tbat
its terms will be fraught with advantage
to tbe city. Davenport Democrat. :
. i
So many have been cured of rheumatism
by Hood's Saraaparilla that we urge all
who suffer from the disease to try this
Relit flower apples at Browner's.
Choice fruits of all kinds at B row net 'n
Order your Thanksgiving turkey early
at Young's.
Dressed turkeys and chickens at
Turieys as cheap as the cheapest at
Fresh oysters, bulk, Cins and in the
shell at Young's.
Henry Wheclin left for Chicago Satur
day niht on business.
Mclntire Bros.' will make cloaks sell
this week see special ad.
Wild ducks, quail, turkeys and
chickens for Thanksgiving at Young's.
George S :hneider has a new telephone
in bis residence, which is number 1.230.
For Sale The house now occupied by
H. D. Mack, 905 Nineteenth street, at a
bargain and on easy terms if sold by
Feb. 1, 1892. J. D. Taylor.
J. C. Pratt and wife are rejoicing in a
nrana new asughter, now two days old.
Tbe enlarged family will now move into
their new house on Railroad avenue, west
of Second street. Moline Dispatch.
Big drive in cloaks Mclntire Bros.'
have a quantity of Newmarkets that are
not rapid sellers. By noticing prices
giyrn in their advertisement you will
perceive tbat they propose to make them
A borse and buggy belonging to the
Cralle livery stable, of Mnline, and driven
to this city by O. Oakleaf, dissppeared
from in front of Swacsnn's saloon on
Frgnt street last evening and are sup
posed to have been stolen. Davenport
George Lambert died at the home of
his brother-in-law, Christopher Atkinson,
30;'4 Tenth avenue, of apoplexy at 4:30
o'clock this morning, aged 78 years. He
was bom in Farley, near Maidston, Kent
county, England, and came to this coun
try when about 25 years of age. and
spent tbe greater part of his life in
Louisville, Ky , earning to the city about
12 years ago, where he has made his
home with bis sister, Mrs Christopher
The Port Byron Globe remembers
John Thornton and Irs daughter, and
Samuel Moynier. The Globe reprints
the story of the marriage of Moynier and
Miss Thornton, and her brutal and un
provoked murder six days later by her
father, who is now in jtil awaiting trial
at Fort Smith, I. T. Then the Globe
says: "All three nf the above were resis
dents of liapids City a number of years
ago, and were well known by many of
our people here. His attempt to murder
h's wife is well remembered, also tbe time
waen he burned a house in Ripids City."
An interesting financial statement of
the Rock Island Savings bank appears in
another column. Rock Island is proud
of this institution, and it hasreasou to be,
not only bo cause of its success, but in
view of it benefit to ail our people whose
thrift and prosperity it clearly shofij.
The total resources of tbe bank reach tuf
sum of $824,598 93 Over 2.000 deposi
tors have $693,821.30 to their credit, nr d
this sum has contributed largelv lowiid
tbe building of homes and other 'iit-r
prises, as $081,531.49 have been losnm!
out by the bank.
The I'lunffn t trvelriMl
TheFran:is Cleveland c!ut, of Mon
mouth, which Is composed entirely of
young ladies and m .y hi considered ua
influential factor in the poli ijs of the
Eleyenth congressional district, c -!c!r.itetl
the third anniversary rf is orgtciz ik
by a banquet ht t'lt Conna -rcinl house t
Monmouth lust week. The b-mci'iet w3
elegant in -v,:ry respect, and jet wur
tru'y democratic, not tuinif a forma! drcas
upsfi'iir, bat a ecn:iineriei i! goo.! ti-n: ,
a meeting of tie rrin.l I. tile Brmr Lf
noble democrat io Itdi.-s. bo, though tl c
right of suffraee is denied them, - ret
making their influence fe't.
Oysters at Kre'.l & Mat Vs.
Gallon E. B. McKown foi hfi wood
and soft cou!. Telephone 1.SH8
Send your friends t.i Kreti Ma:h's
f'T a dish of fresh oysters setve.l in any
way you may with for.
For Sale A good f.inUy hor-e. wiih
harness and buggy. inquiie nt it
Tventy-Srst street.
V.'anltd A girl to do General bous. s
work. . Must corns rerommended. Ap
ply 312 Fourth, avenue. , . .
You can rtconnmend Kn !; & Math to
fn!i;y, hf (hi j have the hist oysters
and know bow best to sirve. them. ;
' Remember tne cold, we&iber ilocs not
HfTHct ih io tream lU)iuf .-a a (tartifle.
Yii.t can g-et a dish, brick, iuIod, praiqid
t.r ird'V!duai ire .crctm a by im,. iio
matter how void the wr&tberis ft Knll
& -MiiMr. i- i i : . . . . . ; . ..
St ix . Oa:D. Cits ci- Tr v;p(l ' ) '
,' '. ' ' ivhik Cooktv ' 'jj'H
Frank J: Cheuey maiies oatli tbst ho is
tbn otii jmrtrxr of ibp firm of g". J.
Cbeory & Co, doing business in u.c city
of Toledo, county and stte afrr-isaid,and
tbat said firm will piy tbo suoi of oay
hundred dolia -s for each and every case
of catarrh' t't cannot be cured ty tbe
use of Hall's Cbtarrb Cure.
8worn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6ih day of December.
a, d 1886. ... j
i r ) , .' . A. W. G14SA80H,' 1
' ' Notary Public,:
Hall's CaUrrh Cure it" taken internally
and acu directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the aystem. Send
for testimonials, free.
r'JF?xs"& OP'- Toledo, O.
Sold by draggifltt, 75c,
MS ww?
A Shoe Dressing mut restore the hri!
liancy of a wom shoe. a::d :.t the same tin-.-preterm
t.'ie softness fifths leather.
LADIES v.-lll l'i 't).-05s"ui2 you are
using do both ? Ti y if '.
Pour a dessert spoonful ( f your Drcsiii(r
into a smcc-r or butter j 1 tw, s t it asi;le tt r
a f.-w tliys, and it v. ill cry t a substance
as hard and brittle iu cri!iin-;i glass. Can
such a Dressing l.e food 'or leather?
Wolffs flOilBWirg
will stand tliis test and dry a ;hin, oily
film which is as flexible as rubber.
25 Dollars worth of Now rurm'turc f;r
25 cenfs. HOW? Py palr.iir.fj
25 square feet of CU ra-r.i'.'jro with
JZf 4 PAINT THAT C J t k 1 t?V 7
037 North Front Street. PniLADrLrrrTA
Plans and inpcrintcndcnce for all class of
Rooms 53 acd 55, M if be 1 & Lynde building
Express and Moving.
All orders promptly attended to. Char
gee reasonable
v ueave order at it. Trenaman'a Earnest
shop on Market cqnare.
Heating and." Ventilating Engine
Gas and Steam Fitting.
A i r. ' t- l.tt.j r !' I', !,,r:i'-5 :. :
F?ih Brick, Kit-. Lnrg utvi
.DAVIS BLOCK, Mollis, li..
Teiephone S053
The A
1 n n (
Is the leading hard coal stove M
has stood the test of. tiir.c, aiv.. I
to be the Prince of Base Burners,
need of a hard coal stove, it vi'i
. and examine the merits of the A v.
. sold with i; positive guarantee ivr
The Riverside Oak .
Is tlie best fop. soft coal
It will not gas or smoke.
It will keep fire all night.
It has a large ash pan.
It has heavy steel body.
It is guaranteed in every respect.
Gall and examine our immense line of
and Ranges. a
Kin u .
Hour.- ... M F.S.
" . m
DR. J, E.
Dental Sur
Mitchell & Lyndt's B!()Ck.
'Take E:t,Kor
Koom 23 in M -cV:! t l-.i.A
The wdi-lim ucvp
i K. fi,-. 7 !i ir . )
ttip'lUfdT H.T:.'
1- hrj t-1 !: ;!;: - :
Liu fi, ijlui 3.aj
1 h::ll'.-ab t- C,-..
'J he ir'a-r. s a:e :r,
C(Mi-Trtif lion u
chi:sir. a -:i:r if
(ihi ttf iu.vt.-r hu-;
fnim I tie cvt'S. t:t,
i Guarantee), si t .1
Xhv cyt-r 010 niitTv:
l.---fs ar. 1 ;;,( v w
an n r. rvr o' t
ETi'i iui;- & 1 ,,
! ihc i.rviM.;.r:
fiver ar.v jt n 1 s'i iti-hr.-i
fXbiniiK ih f,
dru.giitt at d oriicu
No Peddlers SapJ
171 J i-'i-st A'
"Mi I
IfilK inrl Scr-nnrl avenue, RockE

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