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r,.,it CriiHt. Custard nu uiner umiwi
Tina ".
ilo. let your sweets be real
(their kind, your custard matlewitn eggs
nd milk piiltlfss or corn nirnr or fo
lBllt.r; jour whipped cream frrtiuiiip, not
.kPj out with wwte 01 egg; nunc, i j".
' ... .i,ut i.isinid dish hlauc mniige, eat it
.',l..rtlint uame, and not under the alias
'"" .. . ...:......, . I.,. ,l.l!t;,M nf
nf It:iu'n cream, u ms .-,v
Lbandfidof dried fruits,
f ruit crust are pretty little hot sweets,
!i'es of Kivrich roll dipped in a mix.
rofrsi;, milk and sherry, and fried in
,.. -r wirne hot apricot or peaeh jam, '
..iih tlic wini'. ln-inir noured over
riuAt- " " "
In-ill iM-fore serving,
linked chocolate or coffee custards are
i n'l... l:,,l.. il
. Miple anil ci.-iuiimiii.ai. xi.u 111,11(7 lmiu
;iiuldiiii.'' are always nice, especially when
l.n-iired with lemon, steamed and served
uitli wine s.iuci-, or when baked and rolled
.11 a sweet syrup.
Fruit tans should ahvavs be served cold.
ui.l the cream handed with them is better
ilii;I'd, in the opinion of many people.
(iiM-ut the nicest ami most quickly pre-
, ... :.. i.:.. i .".:.il
pireil siieei 13 treiiin, viiii"H-u
.ivectea.il, flavored with vanilla or lemon,
.ui.l mixed with brown breadcrumbs. It
-hmld be served piled high ill an old china
mill strewn wiLh more crumbs and
:!.iee cherries.
A delicious accompaniment to any
r. wid fruit is rice or tapioca cooked in
,;'.k. wit li sugar and vanilla, and mixed
ui 11 wi-11 niirh cold with whinned cream.
ih .11 piled rocklike in a glass dish.
Kgnogg (made of whipped cream, raw
v ;k of egg, powdered sugar, sherry, lemon
..till U .1:1.1, .kf MIMl 1 !J!II S I 111 I 1 11 f i rt , I -
,. uid sweets look very pretty served in
tra or coffee cups and saucers of old china.
Y'.ii may have the saucers, placed around,
i:id the cups handed on the large cake or
liread and butler plates of an old fash
ioned Hervice in lieu of a tray. This looks
quainter than custard glasses, which are
'Id la.slmiiied.
Among hot sweets limy be mentioned
fruit fritters, U igiiets, soullles, pancakes,
but only the first need sjiccial men
:i. ISaiiauas make incomparable fritters;
cs of oranges are good, and so are
Li. veil greengages.
Knitted Shoes for a Hatty.
r these dainty little baby shtx's use
!- or needles nnd two ounces of
liie lierlln wool, llegin with the foot,
on IT stitches. Increase on the second
h iOy knitting it at the back and
at the lh'ginning. and on the last
!i bat one at the end of every row till
earei't stitches on the needle. The
i-where the end of the wool is left.
:i in. lease in the same way at the end
at i he beginning of every row at the
.i i a re are 30 s! itches on the needle.
; s ,..-.vs plain. Knit at the heel end M
ke another needle and knit ti.e
t upon the next IT stitches,
I'.AT'.V'S snor.s.
i --;:: stitciiws fur the leer. Knit 18
i u; a these 17 stitches, and to make a
!- ' i to turn ovtrthe toe and fit into
I; i hi- hi ii it i sew n up. increase on the
' .:i:-h of the Tlh and Uth rows, then de
li ic- !., stitches again. In the 18tU
r " mt on : more .stitches for the other
- li m iiie shoe. Knit 8 rows plain. X)e-ir-
:w ai ;he toe end by knitting together
tin -d ami :i.l stitches at the end, and at
h-i;:iiiii:ig i.f every row till there are
sjiteli-s; tl.cn decrease at the toe and
"v. till ; !ici,- are 17 stitches on the needle,
' ' V'";. s,'w "P tlie f"ot "eatly wit h tine
The leg is knitted with four needles.
Mi:t V.', stitches at the side, 0 across the in--!-;
and !4 st itches at the other side. Knit
r-'un-U pl.tin, tlit-n make holes for rib-
kiiit S. w(K.l twice around the needle,
vi.:; i i.c'eiher, repeat from ; knit 2
r '-" plain. In the next round knit 2,
I i". 1 lien knit 1 round plain. Repeat
: "" : ' la-t rounds till there are 7 little
i' ."ail ;:,,(. ,ie eK njt o rounds
j' -' i together all round. In the
li t wend in front and knit 1 ill
'In ii ! round plain. Repeat from
'. knit 1 round, purl l round, knit
'o " i .. I'nr-1 1 round, knit 1 rcund, cast
' iihiion through the holes at the
' " Mualler shoe use finer wool
Ni'vvltir in Silver.
( w rit.-s in The Jewelers" Circu
following new things to be seen
i hall" is the name given to the
' round table clocks. The glass
" t lie face is thick and magnifies
- somewhat.
' in bronze paperweights is the
: he season. Two cats dining at a
1 i.iolc, monkeys dressed nscooks
' -''iiard dressed as a gnmekeeper.
I'-alail bowl issbacd like an old
'i.nt'M-ed tin pan with wavelike
over the gilt interior and
s- a monsters dimly seen as if
1 at.-r.
-I service ( t the bow-knot Is the
l.al might !e expected. A set of
.-r coffee cups of Itoyal Worcester
it li tilt ribbons tied in a bow
side. Ii is a charming device as
1. Kai-h cup stands on a little
ory haudles with incised lines
"nts are attached to the tea and
"I in
a- a
s III Sllttlf. ff tllA 1.,V c!lvAM I
:i,'d cake dishes of silver are on low,
i 'x-.V "' ,,1(mS in shape, slightly hoi
l,r., v r,"11,-'r, with flaring ends and a
"t'-'iV1"'' "f ornnment.
t-.'t''";'""'"'1' ll"1(1,'rs made like ringhold
t i . r'S " ah a stilui,!lrl rising from the
w-'Ti " ',:iM'edge with repousse work,
t.'V. !' '"''li,,n f three loops two-thirds
''"."l ,laI"'e from "' to support the
" --s. have Wn recently introduced.
f. al.l,ce a Ja Crenm.
' il " ' '', l',e c"l,lmKe. ot too fine; scald it
v,.n- y cook il iu waited water strain
in,,! ' lu,r,,chly; n,eIt some butter in a
r'i!ifiil"!n !ul(1,8aIt and pepper, flour and a
'" it si J1 crea,n; put in the cabbage,
mid seri er or luretMjmirter8 of an honr
I ! :
i.- .iit ui la,-
siiterml twavengrr.
The adjutant may lie called a sacred bird;
but as this epitaph might be misunderstood
as if it applied to Hindoo mythology, I
must explain that he is consecrated to ma
nicipal duty, at d is sanctified by the pro
tection of the a unicipal law. Any one who
kills an adjutant in Calcutta is punishable
by a fine of a gold niohur, or thirty-two
shillings. I ncer found this law in the
statute books i.ny more than I ever saw
that fabulous c in. the gold mohur, in its
original gold.
But there is no English magistrate in
Calcutta who would hesitate to impose a
fine of a gold mohur on any one convicted
of killing an adjutant. One of my old con
temporaries in the old college of Fort Wil
liam was so fined, although be killed the
adjutant in hi. father's garden, and his
father was one of the judges of the chief
court of justice.
There used to be a tradition that the
British soldiers in the barracks of Fort
William once biew up an adjutant by in
dttcing it to twallow a marrow bone in
which there wns a charge of gunpowder
and a slow bur ling fuse, but I hardly be
lieve it. Longi mn's Magazine.
What are Kratise's Headache Capsules?
To be bricl v.-ill tell you they are unlike
anything prepared in America. A few
years since an t r quniDtance who for years
had been a het.uache sufferer, until his
system had be n ruined, was advised to
go io the, Carl. bad Springs. Gorm-iny, to
ry the effects of the water. While the
waters were tippirently a benefit, still
they were not a cure. While at the sprit gs
l e heard a grei.t deal about the court
physic-inn. Dr. Krause, who aftewartis
hecime famous the world over owing to
the Mackenzie controversy during and
after the last il ness of emperor Wi liam.
He consulted Krause in regard to his
heacvehe, ard to quote the doctors wordf:
Here is a prescription which if taken
as I direct, will prevent or stop any kind
of heiidachc, nc matter what the cause.
You will find the frequency of the at
tacks will diminish and by taking the
capsules when you feel the approach of a
headache you will never have another,"
The patient was practically cured and
with hi9 permission I prepare, and sell
what I bave s en fit to call Krause's
Headache Capsjles to headache victim.
For sale by all druguists. liar z & Rabn
seo, wholesale druggists.
For Over Fifty Tears
Mrs. Winskwe Soothing Syrup has
been used hv milliona rf Tn.ithra fnr
their children while teething. If dis
burbed at night and broken of your res
by a sick child fuffering and crying with
pain of cutting teeth send at one hnd get
a bottle of "Vr. Wiuslow's Soothing
SvrUD" for chihiren ti-ftbir.rr Ti nrill r...
lievu the poor little sufferer immediately
uepena upon it. mothers, thereisno mis
take about it. Tt rti-pq itiftrrhrwa rnr.ii-
la'.es the stomach and bowils, cures wind
cone, sortens the gums, reducrs itiflanjaia
tion and gives tone and energy to the
whole system, "Mrs Winslow's Soothing
Syrup" for chili ren teething is pleasant
to the taste and is the nrescrintion of one
of the oldest, and best female physicians
and nurses in the United States. Sold by
all druggists throughout the world. Price
twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and
ask for "Mrs. inslow's gootbirg Syrup
AReal Estate Boom
Attracts the attt ntion of every proprty
holdr in this ci'y. Bat when Dr.
Franklin Miles, the eninent Indiana
specialist, claims that heart disease is cur
able and proves it Oy thousands of testi
monials of wonderful cures by his New
Heart Curt; it attracts the attention of
the millions suff jring with short breath,
Dalpitation, irregular pulse, wind in
stomach, pain :n side or shoulder, smoth
ering spells, fait ting, dropsy, etc. A.
F. Davis, Silver Creek, Neb., by U9tng
four bottles of 3r. Miles' New Heart
Cure, wss completely cured after twelve
jear9 suffering f-om heart disease. This
new remedy is s ld by Hartz & Bah t. sen.
Books free.
I can recommtnd Ely's Cream Balm to
all sufferers from dry catarrh from per
sonal experience. Michael Herr, Phar
macist, Denver.
1 had catarrh f the heed and throat f . r
five years. I used Ely's Cream B .ln.and
from the first application I was relieved
The sense of smi 11, which had been lost,
wis r.stored after using one bottle. I
have found the Ealm the only satisfactory
remedy for catarrh, and it bis effected a
cure in my cuee. H. L. Myer, Waverly,
N. Y.
The Little Children.
Half of the human family die
before the age of five years.
What a frightful and heart
breaking fact this is. What a
record of sleepless nights and
agoDiz ng days, of mourning
parents and weeping relatives.
ManjT, probably the vast ma
jority of them, die from throat
and long troubles Croup alone
sweeps olf thousands every
year, while dyptheria and
other throat, maladies faiily
populate the cemetries. All of
these diseases can ba easily
cured. Croup especially can
be wholly ovf rcome by the use
of Heid'a German Cough and
Kidney Cure. No matter how
severe th attack it will yield
ti this treatment The main
advantage th.it Keid's German
Cough and Kidney Cure pos
sesses is, that parents and nus
ses have no fear of its use.
They do not need tq hesitate
and wonder if when the disease
be overcome ihey w ill have to
fight the evil effects of an opi
ate. There is nothing of this
sort in Reid's German Cough
and Kidney Cure. The medi
cine can be given freely and
when the dise aee is conquered
there are no titer ill effects to
distress the patient
Sylvatt Remedy Co.,
Peoria, 111.
H other1 Friend
We have both used "Molhei't Friend"
and And it to be one of the best medi
cines in the world, and would not be
without it in confinement for any con
sideration. W rs Sarah F. Vincent,
Mks Mart A. t uck.
, . Rock Run, Ala.
Sold by Harlz & Bshnsen.
I was for some time troubled -with an ob
stinate Rash or Humor that spread over
I consulted physicians, and used many
remedies wuliout a cure. At the supina
tion of a friend I used Swift's Specitic,
w hich completely cured mc. This was
two years ago, and I have had no return of
the trouble. E. IL Wells, ChenUrjitUl, V.
Is the safest and best remedy for all trou
bles of the Blood and Skin. It cures by
removing the cause, and at the same time
builds up the general health.
Send for our Treatise, mailed free.
Why pay bit f toquncks whn the bp
.-Z Tni'dic;.! tn. .:ti.i-i r frm lii hit1 tor F-I4.lh
le nnrrnuf The I'ertirheniU'al Co.. tv
ir'fi lrom t'ro ireH riptions uf lr. Wt!.
iums,a wiyk'ianof wonu-wiai r(pu-j
l,osH ;t Mi'iimrv. Di'siKnitli'ncv
irii) early inniscT.'tionsorotn.'rcT.us?a; a.i.y
noy and Bladiiirr trt-ub.c, etc., will tin! our MimIuh
f Tnmtmenin Pnfo, CcrUiln and 'rMMHlv CI KK.
SEMINAL PASTILLES, tenia! nirdicnteti alo mil
Tmtrnrt'the oviiailnMnr.s. Ur-Wiiiiiini"
btliu5t:rv. pooial ett-rittnn to tlios-
'diHa for m-itiy yrars. irnoriiK?s
niti rnMtifk'8 which act direct. v uixm i h
itiTtOHiWKl trc:in, and rtwKire vicor hett'tt
than StoTTjnrh MHlUinc. as th y arr no
ch.'tiKl tttior-itri:jUf and rtqipi n
i:hurii;c of dittirintttmiptioninto:istnr;-
coiiiitf from .a) ui a-l.'j.lnj, u?nu with v.t.
WilliamV private i-ramcc. Give tijt-ni a tri.il.
QPFPJPIP lift 01 frtluKidMynandBi:ullprnrr
OrLUiri'j fiU.OI r..nt Jn..n- to four clay-
C:itl or writ.1 torcu1!iNi:iituutl liiruriuoUon bef.
ISP WisrnxsiN SrkfV fc.:LWAUKEE. W
The Leading Milliner,
Ta receiving Iter Spiing Goods
daity, and her stock is larger
and more replete than ever be
fore. Cal i and see it before you
purchase else whore.
1709 Second Ave ,
flock Island.
fAg(nt fur the Sta'en Inland dying t-s-tublishmeDt.
School Books, Toys and Candy,
Tablets and Stationery.
A full l'ne of frefh
Cigars and Tobacco
Always on han-i,
2223 Fourth Ave.
No. 1724 TEIRD AVE.
Hf Fir?t-clai wrk and special attention to
roniDt delivery.
RINa rs TP,
Tlfiihoriv Jo. 1214
Senltd dro)flf fir th hn;.ldine c f a dnnli'e
letidciire at KKk Island Mini is, ill be rrf cived
t the i (lice -f the arrhittct nntil 2 o'clock p. m.,
Tiicsdav. March the l'.th. A. D. and will be
iramediateW opened thereafter. Bid to he made
fnr each cla3 of work wparately. addressed to
the ownt-r. Meyer Kowndeld, and intoned with
the naoie of the bid. er and the class of work bid
Planp end s(K-t itli-ations can be pecn at the
office of the architect. Gerrpe P. Maudithar. room
M. Mitcheil Jc Ljnde building. Rock Irlund. Illi
nois. The liKht i reserved io rejf ct nnw or all bid.
Rock lelaiid, IUinoi-, Keb UT, 19J.
Jssigner's hotioe.
Notice if- berelif jiven, that the nnde-siened
has been appointed asigsee of he Northern
Minine and K.ilway comuanv. and all Dnrsons
holding anv claim or claims apainst said The I
Northt-rnMir.ii g and Railway company;are hereby !
notified to present the sa ne to me nuder oath or ',
afnnration witntn inree montns Irom tlia date,
whether said claims ate due or not. All persons
indebted to sail assignor are iciiueeted to make
prompt java en t of the same.
Dated March 1,
Pr. Renlson's Keliab'e Kemedy. Karcons every
where among the ladies as sa'e. prompt and
effectual. The original vrnmin'n taltalion. Price
f 1 sent direct, sealed: Information free. Address
Caton Medical Co.. Boston, Mass.
A QUICK A X O SOTiritfl SlntOTar St
MAM t- V VI SO St Sri M 3'2. Lsaitimat
veins tit mm. w u mm i -1 w mmm
fiTSbii v uim. m rTiiiout m.
nmj. tir.trvi cn.R.f.CATON.aJiSR,wtra.aii.
My doctor says It acta Kently on the stomach, liver
and kidneys, and lsa pleasant laxative. This drink
Is made from herbs, and is prepared for use aa easily
as tea. It Is cal led v.i,
All drnmrlsts sell ttat Me. and rn-r nackase.
Buy one to , lay. Ljne'a Family Nedielnelmove.
Jhe bnwrls each day. In order to be healthy, this
as necessary. J '
Dk. HuMPiiitKva'SPKi-lKies aresteut!neKllTaiid
can-fully preare(l pre.-K-rlpllou? ; used i.,r many
years in pmale praci.ice with su.tes,aiirt T.irover
thirty yv.-trs used by tlle)MNile. Kvt-i-y siuule Spo-
cirte is a ss(.-ial cure tor tin; disease inmit.-.l.
These sjMvitics cure wiihoui (iniKKiuj, pnr(r
ln or reilueiiiK the system, and ar.. In fuel and
deedthenovei'eign reuiedies ol t he orld.
OF pniNriPATHOS. ci p.es. ran
r e em, i'onjfinnnn. lum.nmiftTlon ... ,
VnrniH Worm KevT. Worm t'oiir . ,
ryinif Coli-rTet-thiiiKof Infuiita ,
ItinrrhPUf of C hildremir AUiilts ,
lVKnieryf GHr-iiiK, l:Hio r Colic... ,
i hil ra M orlnif, Vornillug
oiii;Ii. l oltl, l.nJUL-biilt
Ncurnlvia Tootliaolie, Fa'eachp
Ii endurlirn Slrk Hentlachc, VentKO ,
yilrpNia, I'tlious Monmh
Su ppref d or Paiiil'ul Periods. .
Vhite, tH Trfifui tvrfotiii ,
I'rnun Couh. Diflicnlt Krcathlnff
lii It le lieu !t KiTsi.H'las, l-'niptiotis. .
Hhpumalhiiii Kbt-uinutio rntns.... ,
I- i-viT and A fcuc t hills, Kalniia ,
lili'f, Isiiutl i.r lUvuiiiij.. .
f ii la it f., Iiitluoiiza, C-J11i.t!.oTi'ad ,
AV'lioupiiiff 'oiiGrri Violent Oountis. ,
inernl !-hint .i'hy steal Weukuess ,
Kidiify Oisci:'? -
Nir tt us llii I it v . 1
i-iniiry WeaLnosw. W.MtltKr PhI. ,
D.-seasrs of th llcurl,i'nll'itati.-n 1
2 5
1 1
SolJ by nruguMs. or dirt postpaid on receipt
of price, Iik. Hi-php.evs' Manual, (144 paces) '
ricLlv nounit !n el'ith ami koM. mailed free.
Cor. William and John Streets, Kew York.
The Rock Island
Is the. best medium throush
which to reach the country trade.
Advertisers should have their
announcements ready by Thurs
day morning to insure insertion
in the current week's issue.
Rock Island
Cast Iron Work
done. A specialty or farn'.shlcc al. kind
of Stoyei with Castings at 8 oenta
per ponnd
bat. been added where all kinds of machine
work will bs dona first-class.
For sale by ail flrst-class Grocery dealers.
Is the SafeBt and Btirest Itemedy ever discoyered
for all the unnatural diocharg. s and Private
Iikeasks op Min and the debilitating weakness
peculiar to wouien. It has never failed to cure
the most obstinate case, in men, in from 3 to 6
days. (Nothing that makes quicker claims Is
safe.) It is convunient to carry and bandy to
use no bottle or spoon to annoy yon. Kf in em
ber, we guarantee it. Price 1.00 per box. Com
plete instructions with each box. If the drug
gist you ask for Dr. St. Armand's French Cure
Las not got it, don't let bitn fool you with bis
oily tongue by selling you something else in
stead, but send prise to us and we will forward
to you by mail, in plain, unmarked box. We
also treat patients by mail. Address THE
HAZZAKA.K ilKDICi.NK CO., 2,u South San
gamon Street, Chicago, 111.
xecutob's notice.
Estate of Herman Buntenbacb. deceased.
The undersigned having been appointed execu
trix of the last will and testament of Herman
Buntenbach, late ef the county of Kock Island,
state of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice
that she will appear before the county court of
Bock Island county, at the office of the clerk of
said court,in the city of Rock Island, at the
April term, on the first Monday in April next,
at which time all persons hiving clain-s against
said estate are notified and requested to attend
for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All
persons indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment to the nndershmed.
Da'ed this SPth day of Jasnarv, A. D. 189.
h 2 a 4
"Was ii&svsr fetj
cam iacrkerif A$l
rti.rAIRBANKocCO. 6TAClABS&t4 Ok&jo.
erchant Tailor,
Will sell for the next 30 days all Lis overcoatings at 15
pr cent less than the regular prices.
Star Block, Opposite Harper IIouse.
Elm Street Meat Market-
All kinds of Freb and Salt Meats always on hind. (Jame,
Fish and Oysters in the season.
Reynolds' Block, Moline Ave., FC0T OF ELM ST.
Flour, Etc.
Telephone 1098. 231 Twentieth street.
AU Kinds ol Carpenter Work Done.
General Jobbing dote on ehort notice ai.d satisfaction Ignaranterd.
Office and ShoD 721 Twelfth Street, ROCK ISLAND
Billiard Parlor Sample Room,
No. 117 Eighteenth Street.
JAMES T. C'CONNOR, Proprietors. , WM. H. CATTON.
Cracker Bakery,
C. .
, in canrnntfe to
Itr-im !.. SP..I-
raT" " either x
ar y tnai'; t. f'r
or reJuiut tue mmieu.
sale m Rock island by Hartz
& 7 TO 3 t
You can gave money by trading at the Old Reliable
Crockery. Cutlery, Tinware, Classwpre and "Wooden
ware, Etc.
MRS. C. MITSCH'S, 1314 Third Ave.
Contractor and. Builder,
1121 od 1123 Fourth avenne. Besidence 1119 Fonrth tTenne.
Plans nd specifications fornisbed on all classes of work ; also seent of Willer's Patent Irsioe
Sliding Blinds, something new, stylish and desirable.
Qavenport Business College,
J. C. DUNCAN, Davenport.Ia
- ill, )
.9 9
Afk YoTir flrnrer for ThfTn.
1 hej sre Best.
The Chrifty "Otsteb" aid Christy "'W"fib.'
of GoodB received bv
The Tailor.
JCall and Examine.
erve Seeds
wonderful remedy
ib S"M uri a writ
enr) all rrrv-Mj i:n. pu h Vc;tk .Mcnvrr
II,,,., !.. i 1. I VI 1 "
vatise i tr r xrttt'i'., youthful fr-iv .-r X(("fiT
With fvcrv r .r w 9tv a rrit. n rt"rfitUf t curt
Circular true. ? uriss Aerve Hrrd c a.. t.i..un m
& Bahnsea, 3d Ave. and 20th street

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