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Ilead of Twenty-fifth Street
Thirteenth and Fifteenth Avenues.
A Rare Chance ForBaTgains in City Lots.
Eligible. Desirable and Cheap.
Only One Mile from the City Postcffice.
Easy Terms and Long Time.
-Enquire at tlie Rock Island Savings Ban!;,
J. hi. E3UFORD.
Patronize Heme Industry nnd Protect the Labor of America!
- bt rsrso
:s vx r.
: c.iu-e. a:i.l i cqially well alajued fw llar.d ani Machine
fi wins, for aic b
il !.- (ii..-d II. tie
IERRICX THREAD CO., 205 Fifth Avenue, CaiciSD,
: Shirt Factory:
Our Shirts
.'i':oi..- iiMiiit it; !u-Trv,
Our Suits .
A ;n vi.ur o-ii. r. and tlvy arc tuilor-made
".c-.-s ra!:;:t:- (rum $: r.;.
Our Pants .
A-' ' uiiwr. :s iric." t;i,, we invite competition.
U..1J.J nii- v.:.r Urti'n from over SOU dlffor
''''' '" -: i'ficvi- from 83 uud cp.
Our Prices .
"tii: ir (!;.i.:..-t-i!,.urw..rkniai..lp cannot be
l ti.eii. o:.ri-, is w,. warrant, and lut, bot not
"'! Jour pi;ror.:.-e i,lh'it . J,
1.!: a;.u .. , .., at tilt.
Tri-Qity Shirt Factory,
i. ! ... r il-. owrLoostey'. crockery .tore.
Fourth Avenue
fct von Kneckritz,
?rrip:icns a Specialty.
?. and Twentv-Thlrd St.
C 0. 13.
221 and 223
J- UuM.-y work done on .Sort notice,
p''-'.v of Dress Skirt..
tr?a as Low as the Lowest.
. Proprietor.
JoJu, Volk Sc Co.,
Manufacturer, of
wh Doors Blinds, Siding. Flooring,
Usil Dd' of mooi wor tot builders.
St., bet. TJUrd aad Po.rtk itm,
TUp y-r'i-" ff ii'VTs Jc7ie Blacking is
. :i ! '"'t ., : -ml it w t In-ill) nt that. It
.iv i !:'! -N.ai.. with Acme Ila-k--
! "h -r '.I i rsinj;s cost coin
i ; :u:ir'.;i' , im In.'inff fancy boxv,
' ; !-, :u..l i.tlicr paraphernalia.
. ; .' . ' -. i'.'. n :iot the package.
- ! i it: !-!r o sell ACKE Bi.ackinr
r i t -ii-' l ui Citul ourselves un-
' .- si " l It present cost of
' a :,riw of
rT WPLv Xkk.
py fri
n petition
! -t - cf Inniiary, to he paid
; i . tu Tiisiies u forniula eria
io i::iil;n I- ut Midi a price tul u
: .1 i-uciul It ceil it at 10c a lotile.
r d HAICI'OLPH, Philadelphia.
It costs K'c.to f.T.i cat what Pik-Eon is
Mii l docs. A who e p:iire of inform:itiin
-ulii not civo a on re t iilea. l'ilv-Ifon
the naiiM.M.I tlio inly ptiint which makes
J laiu white irWs 1 nk 1'kc colored ; !:..
All rctr.il. rs fid! it.
-Real Estate-
-Insurance Agent-
Represents, aroonv ciher tlme-tned aed wel
known Fire Insurance Oompanlc. be following:
Royal In tnran ce Com .any, of Enel&nd.
WeKhe.ter Fire In.. iompany of N . V.
Buflalo German Ins. Co., Buffalo, N. T.
Rochester German In. Co., Eochoeter, K. T.
Cittaeng In.. Co., of Pittabnrgh. P.
Sun Fire OfSce. Loud m.
Cnionln.. C., of Ca iorr.ia.
Security Ins. Co.. Nev Hawm, Conn.
Milwaukee Mchanict Inf. O.i., Milwaukee, Wl.
German rireln.. Co., of Pwjria, 111,
Office Cor. 18th St., and Second Ave.
General . . .
Insurance Agent.
The old Fire and 1 ime-trled Companie.
Losses Promptly Paid.
Kates as low ss 9ny reliable company can afford
Your Patrons ie is solicited.
Live Stock Insurance Co.
C 310 AGO, ILL.
Insure, lire rtock agal oat death from accident
or di.e.M. For rate, at ply to
1719 gora i arenae. Rock Uland,
Coal Vaiaet, March 8 E&moel B.
Gobut, of Chicago, vialted bis relatives
last week .
Q. W. TomlioBon. of Orion, wag on our
street Saturday
Paul 8urof8ki and family, of Moline.
were here lant week.
John H. Jones, of Rock Island, made
a call here last Thursday
Hueh McMeekin nas filled his encase
ment at Keller station and is back again.
A large number of our folks attended
the aale at Bollman Bros, today.
Miss Tillie Martin Is home from Gene
seo and coromenctd her spring term of
school an Monday.
Miss Lizzie Wilson has been suffering
from an attack of pneumania, but at last
accounts was much better
T. J. Murphy, of M lan, h here to see
bis father who was taken very ill on Sun
day. but at present is slightly tetter.
Charley Rees. our barber, has moved
from his old place to the old dru store
builditi" in the Coal Valley h del builil
lnr Edward Mulligan did no.t remtin at the
eye and ear hospital on account of hi?
hearicg having been of too long stacding
to be successfully trented.
Mrs. Prk. wiaow of the late John
Park at Rock river, is very ill, and is
considered fatally so. It is thought she
can only survive but a short time.
Mrs. Bessie Caunhey, of Brooklyn.
Iowa, but for 15 eais a resident of ibis
place and Rural, iiti d recently at tbe
residence of her trand daughter after a
short illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph .Tonka were here
from Brooklyn, Iowa. Theycumeon the
7th and returned on the 8:h. Mrs. Jenk9
was formerly Miss Scott who rciidid here
a number of years.
Then mains of Stmuel Pcrgy arrived
hereon Monday from Brooklyn, lows.
He lived m-any ycrrj in Rural. His
death was very sudden. Me w,s stand
ing on the pla-form of a well which gave
way snd he fell 52 feet, but was not
killed. A. rope was let down to him.
and he put his foot in tbe loop and some
of his body en the rope and was drawn
up. but did not seem to be seriously
hurt, but srew suddenly ill atd died in
12 hour9 afterwards. His remains wert
buriid at Homestean cemetery.
On tbe evening of tbe 2d at 7 o'clock at
the r::Mdf uce of the Lr.dc's uaclo John
Krikas and Miss Amelia MnelVr. both
of Coil Valley, were united in marriage
by John IWton. E-q. Tbe groom is a
native of Wes Prusi and bs been m
this coun'ry about eiht eMrs. He is a
stead, industrious joun!: ui'in, is a frn:
er, and during the tUck season on ibe
farm bus nten minint" ia fuct he eri do
almost any kti.il of mechanical lab.-r.
The brirte ws born anil rised iu this
Clare. She is a du?hter of Onirics
MoeDer and is an interesting and indus
trious youni; ludy. au.1 will mke a very
suitable companion for the one with
whom (-he is allied. Tbe young couple
will mike tbeir home for the present in
this village. The bridesmaid whs Miss
Anne Susi nofstii, snd "roomsman John
Krapp. The entertainment r us superb.
Tbe bouse is spMrious. joining it a com
mrdioushall. Xir. ana Mrs. Susenof
ski welcomed the kuis's ia fine style. As
soon as tin; eerirr.OMtS were over music
corcmcL'ced hnd the wvebword as ,-ou
wiih th dance." A' 9:30 o'clock a verj
ehgant supper ws serveil. Tbe wed
ding cs-ke contain: d a gold rnir, snd
there was a ;rent cleHl of fun about who
would be the luckv one. Tbe lot fell o
Widiam Pi-mparire. After the tables
had been clea'ed tbe darce wes rttuu.ed
and continued until etily dawa
t oi .rv in ii.itii.
7 Btidget O'H-re to Bridget Lnno, lot
11. and part !ot 10. b ock 11. Milan, $230.
Elmer E Simpson to MBrshall & Mack,
lots 6 anrt 7, Sheridan Heights, South Mo
lice. 850.
Godfrey TubHb to John Iltissey. pm
lot 5, 2. 17, 2w, A?sefsor's plat of 1870
Edward Lieberknecht to Jms W.
Barber, lot 1. block 6. Bailev Davenport's
Third add, ltock Island, $400
Cbarlcs II Anderson to Maria Will
mast r. t30 feet lot 4 block 2, J. W.
Spencer's Second add, Rock IsUnd, t?l,
325. 7. Wiiltim Bureess to Fred Kineg. r.
Df , 23. 15. 5, S3 500.
Alexander Blancbard to W. H. Gray
eij nej 10. 15 5w. 1,000.
Jobeph Covce to Christian Ziec'ir,
trct in Coe township Lear a elouen
Joseph Coyne to Christian Z ecl r
nw frl ptirt nw C. 13. 2a. 1.150.
Lincoln V. Uok;rk to Roger Bell, i
sJ 26. 19 2e, 3,000.
Ellen Ltnch to Amanda W. Bu? im,
c s 1 n- J 19. 19, 17. 2a 1.8(X).
8 Kels A Jordan to Oliver 0;?on. lots
B and O. and phH lot A. block 1, Cbilds'
Second add. Mohoe, $1,300 .
Andrew Brady to Frank H Kslly, w 3'J
feet lot 7, block 11. Spencer & Cast's add.
Rock Lland. 81.5'Jl).
George Clelsnd to Nellie Stombs. wj
lot 5, block A. Tbompeon & Weils' ado
Rock Island. .?300.
Nicholas Rotbwell to Georee CMmd,
lot 5, block A, Thompson & Wells' add,
Rock Islaod. fl.
Charles F Hemenway fo Anscias S
Parks, lot C, blink L, Prospect park.
South Moline, f 250
A W Bfwen to E za Hawlty. lot 10.
Henry H Cage's addition, South Rock Isl
and, 1,045.
8 John 8 Ki3tler to Susan Cypher, wl
cwi, 34. 16, 4w. $100.
Jobn F Freeman to Carl E Dahlheim,
tract bv metes and bounds, nej.5, 17, lw,
$ 1 C50'. j
John M. Day to Albert Barrows. nI
ne and part nw 23, 10. 6w, $10.
Albert Barrows to Alice M. Yarnep,
nw nw 13, 16, 6sv. lots 4 and 5, he sr
andse nt 14, 16. Gw, and part nw frl
and part nw frl 23. 16. 6w, $5
Wilham Doodd to Thomas M Doonan
sei.33. 16. 2w, S8 000.
8-Estate of John Nelson. Bond filed
and approved and letters ef administra
tion issued to Charles A. Nelson.
George McNeal, Z Einfeldl and David
Allsbro appointed appraisers.
Estate of E. T. Esex. Claims al
lowed. L- tve given Jesse 5 Powell to
withdraw bis claims against said estate
and same withdrawn.
flnarrlianaliin nf TRnv anl UV.nlr
Hofer. Guardian's report filed and ap-1
proved. Receipts of wards filed and ao-
(jioveu bqu Kuaraian aiscnargea.
9 Estate of Joseph Gotobed. Inven
tory filed atd approved.
Wanted A girl to do general houses
work, 1812 Sicond avenue.
Hot coflee, chocolate or a good cup of
tea at Krell & Math's anytime.
Wanted A nurse girl. Must come
recommended. Apply at this office.
Wanted A good cook. Call at or
address 1611 Third avenue, Moline.
For sale cheap A second-hand Chick
tring piano. Call at 1109 Fourth ave
Dowling & Hasson tnng us an attrac
tion different from anythina we have had
this season. They have their own seen.
ery, horses, etc.
For Sale A good family horse, five
years old. Call on Charles Weaver.
Sinto avenue between Eleventh and
Twelfth street.
Get a cup .of coffee with cream and a
slice of cream pie or a sandwich for your
lucchcon. Every cup of coTee is made
to order in a moment. No waiting and
jou gel the best at Kre'l & Math's new
"Nobody's Claim ' at Harper's theatre
Friday night is a first-class attraction nd
J. J. Dawlins? and Sailio tiaCann . -
..... . .-,-. , , f7
numbered with tbe best actors on He
stage. They should have a full hous. as
they deserve it.
Notice Send your friends to Kr-'1&
Math's for a dish of oysters, cup of cof
fee, c"p of chocolate, cup of tea, with a
slice of cream pie or a cream puC, or a
chocolate eclnire, or a sandwich. We
will give you the best. Remember us.
There will be a peoples' caucus held at
the Keller school house Dear Tavlor
Ridge on Siturday, March 19, at 2 o'clock
p. m. to ntm'nate a full township tickc
A general turnout is desired by the com
mitiee composed of V. S. McCullocb
Cyrus Sinter snd A. L. K-iin
Statu of fn:o. City of Toi.F.no. (
LtcAS OorxTV. ss
Fra?:k .T. Clif ticv makes oath that, he is
tl.e s.ni..r partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney ife Co.. doing business in the city
of Toledo, county and state aforesaid, and
tbat said turn will pay the sum of one
hundred dollars for each and everv esse
of catarrh that cannot be cured tv the
use of Hall's Cattirrh Cure.
Fkank J Cheney.
Sorn to before me and subscribed in
my pre.-ence, this 6lh day of December,
A. D.. 1SSG.
1 A. W. Gleaso.n,
j seal, v Notary Public.
Hill's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and t.cts rlircctlv upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials, free,
t". J. CnESET& Co., Props., Toledo, O
Sold by druggists. 75c.
Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills.
Act on a new principie rguluting 'be
liver stomach and bowels through the
nerves. A new dicoverv. Dr. Miies'
Pills speedily cure biiliousaets, bad taste,
torpid liver, files, onstipation. Uo
equalled for men, women, children.
Srailicst, mildest, surest! 50 doses 25
cents. Samples free at Hartz & BabE
M ps us.
flctit lo a bilious statoof t.lie systm, Buch E3
I;ir:t:.rs, ICati?ct, rrowviu-jsp, fiKtress alter
Vnii.r. l'i'An in Vao bl'le, he. VThala tl:?raor0
rfUchr, Tt Carter's lif.tle Liwr PiT!3 ar
tiju.'-iiy v ;2ua"ilo in Constipation. curinsfRuU pre
Yen ting tluaan-noyiuR complaint, whilotboy
rrrcc t all (litMirilcrd eft boat imat'htiiunlatoth
J. ;it anU. realite alio bowels. Uvea il' tUtj culj
cured g fjnf
'&& o t h vomI 1 be alinoa t prMees to those wL 9
tu'T fr jmt3iLitriJsaiiii;con;:laint; butfortu
?mtei.r theirplnea3(loca noondhtro,arjlthosa
Loi'cotry them will find Iheac little pills vabir
e'r.-le in so many wnystUat they will not bo wl!
Jill; tu do wiliuut Uiem. But after allsick hn
i2j!iO,in'srf rt mty lives ttnt ricro!?wbPrs
Vro si :te cir ymit Uxift. Oar pilld cura u vhila
Others do not.
Ciu'ttr's Littla Liver Pllljara vrr ctr;i rn4
Tory raw to tal,-j. Onp or tvrc pilla ruskoa dose.
U'i.cy tre si ricllr vc;:olable and do no. giipa or
park's, ljutliy Uicir pernio actioa pleaseail who
ueuthem. InvialHot 25ccnta; nvafor$L. &olA
by driy-UU everywiiera, or seat by maiL
Kock Island i'oi-ntt, (m
In the Circuit Court of tbe January Term. A.
V. lfVi. In Chancery.
George C'leland, Charntt Park. Charlotte E
Horn. Fredi rick W. Hilller, Abhie U. Ilillter
and Mlrian L. Hlllier by Elmore V. Oar.t, their
puardian, David . Park, Z-;lla L. Park and
Jobn H. r"trk by tbeir next friend, Sarah Park,
pcti loners', va. Joseph Hi'Orr and John 8.
llillier. defendanis. Partit!on.
Notice i. hereby eiven that by virtne of a de
cree of .aid court entered in the above entitled
canxe on toe 5tb d',y of March. A. D. 1H94. I .hall
on Kiidar. the 8th day of April. A. D. ltvi. at the
hour of 2 o'clock in the afte nron, neon the
prerclK. htreinafer described, to .ati.fy .aid
decree, wll at pnbtic auction to tbe hicht.tand
beet bidder for casb in band, those certain par
cel, of land t. ith tbe apourtenance. situat ) In tbe
county of f)ob ilid. and .tale of Illinois,
known an! described a follow., to-wit:
Tbe east half of of lot Are (5) and Ibe wet half
of lot four (4). at! in block Dine (9) in that pi" of
tbe city of nock Island that is known a Tnomp
on and Weils' addiUon.
Dated at ltock Uland, Illlimlo. thli 9th day of
March, A. I lsJ. OLIVER UlN,
Sperial Com nisrloner.
Jacks K It Hibit, Solicitor, for Compl t'a.
Lowest prices.
Bedroom Suits from - $14 00 and up
Parlor Sets, best makes, - 20.00 and up
Baby Carriages from - 5.00 and up
A complete line Gasoline Stoves, 3 00 and up
Carpets, great variety, from P0n per yd. and up
Curtains and Rugsprices lower than ever.
We can save vou monev.
We have added an upholstery department arid
can make over your carpets, re-cover your chairs,
lounges or parlor suit.
Estimates fum'shed for repairing or furnish
ing new, whenever called upon. Ourte'msas
C. A. ME OK,
Tkt.kitmn-c 421. 322 Braly trU Davenport, f
0e- everv evening until 8 0 ) o'clock, an 1 Situ:dits ut.'.ii !(:()!).
Steam Heatinrr
Gas Fitting;
Furraan i
Heating Boiler.
Cftire End r 1 j - lie I rt r.ih tin tt. ltli;lcrcil
Rock Island, 111.
PATENTED Juiy 21 sriS85
The well-known "p ician of iii9 "live St.
(S K. o- J h :rl Olive). St ini. bV
a.puintedT. fl.Thoma-re airent for lis
Cel. bra e ' Diara ,nd 8iec'aclc. and Eye
plashes, and also for bis Diamond Keo
Changeable bpectaclr. and Eyeglasses.
Ihe eiasee. are the treutet lnventloa
ever made n spectae'es. By a proper
construction of the Lens a person pur
chasing a pair of these Non-chaneeable
xlaa'es never has to cban' e these elassea
from tbe eyes, and every ear ; urctiaded
Is gnaanteed, so t'lat if thev ever leave
the eyer (no matter how or scratched toe
Lenses are) they will furnish tbe pwtr
with a new t.air of tla-ses free of chanre.
T. H. THOMAS baa fai assortment
and invite, ail to aatlsfv the seivea
of tbe great superiority of tbee Glasses
over any and all other, now in nse to ea
and examine tbe game at T.II. enomaa',
druzgist and optician, rtoc Island
No Poddl.Tn SnppHd.
oots and Shoes.
A'l goons marked in plaiu figures, which will
convince you that they are tha lowest iu the c'.ty
City Buss and Express Line.
Telephone Kock Island or Harper Iloteh for buss or express
wagon and you will receive prompt attention
Heating and Ventilating Engineers,
Gas and Steam Fitting,
A complete line of Pipe, Brass Goods, PackiDg Hose,
Fire Brick, Etc. Largest and best equipped
establishment west of Chicago.
DAVIS BLOCK, Moline, 111.
Telephone 2053.
1712 First Are,, Rock Island, HL
Telephone 1148.
Residenee Telepfaone'l 169.
I if.
v i -
t'i .

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