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Vltu XI, NO. 118.
I Single Copies 5 Cents
I Per Week lg Cents
Money in Your Pocket
By Buying Goods
At This Sale.
An Inquisitive Liberal Member
of Parliament.
Cllt clllu
THE LONDON under the new manage
ment will give you less BLOW and BLUSTER
than heretofore. THE LONDON, under
the new management is strictly One Price
and No Deviation.
Our Mr. M. C. Rice is now in the eastern mar
kets buying our Grand Stock for this spring, and we
we will, without doubt, show you the finest line 01
Clothing and Furnishing Goods ever brought to this
city, and at lower prices than ever known of in Rock
We have not near enough room for our
Of nice new
Spring Clothing and Furnishing Goods
Which will be coming in a very short time,
and we must unload our present stock in
order to get room. We will save you from
25 to 50 per cent on every purchase, loss
not taken into consideration, as we must
move the goods. What is our loss is your gain.
J- B. SAX. I
Ho I'nlrljr iiristlcs with niiestions. Soma
or Which Will Not Please ana.la He
Also liaise Cain In the Commons, but
laiis to ..! All the Information le
V aiils-Thht llaror at I'squiniaiiU
Again the Snhjcct or li-iission Xonie
Statements u tin- Seal Oiiestion.
1Mhi, March 11. The question of the
deft-uses of the harbor of Ksrinimault, on
Vancouver is'.aml, was raised in the house
Of commons yesterday ami was discussed
with hear by Ixinl ( Jeorse Francis Hamil
ton, first lord of the admiralty, and several
Liberal interrogators. Hardly had this
breeze died out when the Behring sea con
troversy was brought before the house by
the questions addressed by Kdward Ttn
perley Oourley, the advanced Liberal
member fi-mi Sunderland, and answered
for the government by the Rt. Hon. James
William Lowt her, under-seeretary of the
foreign office. Ferguson, Liberal memKr
from Leith, led off in the matter of Ksqui
mault's defenses by asking these questions
of the first lord of the admiralty:
A Fusillade or Question.
Does the site of the navy yard at Esqnimatilt
belong to Canada or to the crown? If Canada
provide the stores, puns and sjte. will sbo also
provide the garrison? Will the work of im
proving the th fens?s of the harbor, including
the iilutis. cn:-iiieeriiig uri l construction, lie
done by the Canadian government or the
crown? Wlint ris-his of control, as regards
stores, coal, tlio support of ttie garrison in
case of need, ninl harlHir anchorage lias the
commander of the 1 "Heine fleet? Arc any ad
vantages ecrd to her majesty's vessels at
Ksquimanlt harbor that are not accorded tlicm
in such foreign ports of the United States
France, or other civilize.! nations?
llelieetions on Canada's Loyalty.
IB case the o.-oposed fortifications should be
erericd. on.'. the puns mounted there 1 the
property t,i Cruada or the crown? Will the
garrisons of the harlor defences receive their
orders from the imperial or the Canadian gov
ernment? If the garrison be put under the or
ders of the Canmlian government, will the
home povernnn nt have any means of as-snring
itself the support of the same for her majesty's
fleet in times of war? If, as has been suggested,
Canada should dec ide to cast her lot with the
Vnited Mates, and lieeome incorporated. w::a
that country, would she carry with ber t'ie
guns and other jior'.alile equipments of the
tortiflcat ions?
A Storm of Tory Protests.
While mailing these interrogatories Mr.
Ferguson was interrupted frequently by
criee of "Oh. oh:-' ironical laughter and
other noisy demonstrations from the min
isterial majority. All his interrogatories
After the one concerning: the support of
the Pacific fleet by the garrison were de
livered amid a storm of exclamations of
remonstrance. This was due to the fact
that the last six questions were put in
such a way as to suggest that in times of
war or threatened war the imperial gov
ernment could not rely upon the loyalty
of the Dominion government for support
and therefor., it was foolish to place in un
certain hands a fortified harbor that might
be used as eliectively against the empire
as for it.
Encourage men t from the Librraift.
The impression left by his inquiries and
by the t-iiiph-.ic "hear hear," with whic''
the last six were greeted from the opposi
tion, was that lie intended to say thjt
Canada had drifted too far toward the
United State- to be' trusted to co-operate
with the mother country in case of trouble
with the American government. This
was Hamilton's view of the matter and
lie declined to answer any except the first
three questions.
'o Answer to Those Casting Imputations
on Canada.
Upon rising to reply to Ferguson's in
terrogatories lie said: "The site of the
dock yard nt Ksquimault belongs to the
crown, and the Canadian government ha3
reserved for her majesty's ships exclusive
ly a part of the harbor. The Canadian
government will provide the site for the
fortifications and the guns, and will be
responsible for the manning of them The
honorable r-entleninu's other questions
time of trouble or danger Canada will not
be ready to t .vonr-rate with the home gov
ernment in the common defense of both
against the enemy that will threaten us.
The honorable sentleman must excuse me,
therefore, if I decline to answer his hy
pothetical questions, which are prompted
by suppositions at once injudicious and
Ferguson Persists in Vaiu.
The close of Lord Hamilton's reply was
greeted with ministerial cheers, which bad
not died away when Ferguson was on his
feet, asking: "I beg the first lord of the ad
miralty to answer my inquiry whether or
not in the event of Canada separating
herself from her majesty's empire cries of
"Oh, oh." "Don't answer", the guns,
tores, and ammunition, as well as the
fortifications, will belong to the imperial
government?'' The bouse was in a hub
bub when Ferguson sat down, and rang
with cries of "Order;" "Don't answer." Lord
Hamilton made no reply to Ferguson's re
peated question.
The Seal Coniinin.ioner' Report.
Under Secretary Lowther, of the foreign
office, in response to inquiries of Gourley
aa to the report of the Behring sea com
mission, said that all the commissioners'
had signed the joint report embodying
the points upon which they were agreed as
regards the protection and preservation of
the seal industry. The points upon which
no agreement cou'id be arrived at, and
these were the main points, he added, con
cerned the length of the season round the
seal islands. These questions would be
referred to the arbitration commission for
tldre to briny this, coi.liiCl u au anut-ati.e
issue is as strong as ever, hut there is k:i
obvious limit to gotnl nature when iiil tl:o
yielding has to Ih.-done by one side. Mr.
H-.frison is trading too much upon our pust
amiability. Kvery impartial Aineiiea.i
sees thai Great liritain is making consid
erable concessions.
Inflation ofu "Hostile I'.lpini-nt."
"The suggestion that she woul.l be clad
not to submit Ihe dispute to arbitration
i ridiculous. The British government
r.-,'hcs to be on good terms with the whole
world, and especially with the United
States, to which it is bound by the ties of
kinship. The element in the United Suites
hostile to Great Britain is nllowed to ex
ercise an excer.sive influence upon the ne
gotiations and by its force of numbers to
dictate to the more intelligent portion of
the people."
The Canadians Not sic a red.
Ottawa, Out., March 11. The bill intro
duced in congress by Senator Morgan to
sur.pend the landing privileges enjoyed by
Canadian railways has attracted little in
terest here. There is a general impression
that it will not get beyond the initial
stages, as the influence of the Canadian
railways at Washington is well known,
ljirge interests in Xew Kngland and the
western staUs favor the alternative rou' a
via Canadian territory. This fact is we. I
recognized here.
Democrats and Alliance 'West, Republic
ans ami Alliance South.
Ti :! K , Kan., March 11. It has lx-en
praei icilly decided by the leading Demn
i r.its of Kansas not to put a presidential
electoral ticket in the field and to support
the lVople's party electoral ticket. A
fusion will also be effected on state offices
and concressinen-at -large. The combina
tion will extend down to the legislative
and county otlices. Democratic and Alli
ance leaders claim that this w ill w ipe out
the Iiepublican party in Kansas. The
same tactics are to be used in Nebraska
and the Dakotas.
Keptililican Retaliation Proponed.
To offset this, Kepublican leaders of
the state propose to build afire under
neat h the Democracy iu several southern
states. They will soon lay before the na
tional committee the danger to the Ket, ub
lican party of such a combine and lit
that the Republicans in the Yirginii.-.,
Tennessee, Georgia, North and South
Carolina and other southern states enter
into fusion with the new party on elec
toral, state, congressional, legislative and
county tickets, dividing each equally be
tween the two parties.
Kesruc tj a Heroine Who ruth Her Hus
band to Shame.
I'lainfield, Conn., March 11. Mrs.
Nellie Maines. a lodging house keejier in
the factory village of Glen Falls, proved a
heroine Tuesday night. A lodger, who is
a somnambulist, had climbed in his sleep
out of a dormer window and sliding down
to the eaves sat with his feet overhanging
the sidewalk three stories below, gesticu
lating at the circle around the moon.
Mr. Maine Not a Hero.
Mr. Maines declined to crawl down the
roof to rescue the man, but his wife was
equal to the emergency. She called to her
'sister: "You hold me and I'll go." Then
she clambered out of the window and ca e
fullv lowerc herself until she had the im
perilled man within reach. She clutched
him firmly, and clung to him with desper
ation until both were hauled safely back
inside the window.
The Agricultural Statistician C.iveii Soma
Figures m Cereals.
Washington, March 11. The March re
port of the distribution of wheat and corn
by the statistician of the department of
Rgricult ure makes the stock of wheat in
growers' hands 171.uoo.fiO0 bushels, -.'is per
cent, of the croQ'$.0Xi,0i0 bushels of
spring wheat, and los.onfi.iitio bushels of
winter wheat, much of the latter in stat3
which have practically no commercial dis
tribution, but entering into lo.-al con
sumption for bread and seed. This is the
largest reserve ever rciorted, that of the
largest previous crop (1SR4) being lo9,00O,
flOO bushels. The exports from July 1 to
March 1 wen, ir4.O0O,K bushels, the fall
seed Ilfi 000000 bushels, the rAnsnmntinn
seem to have been put with the object of apparently '-HW.omooo bushels, but a
causing the inference to lie drawn that in Llarger proportion is taken for consumption
Just About the Reverse of That of Amer
ican Tapers.
LoxDOK, March 11. The, Standard says,
on the Behring sea controversy: The im
pression prevails that the easy-going dis
position of Great Britain in this matter ifl
not rednrocated far the government at
Washington. The British covernment'a J
in the fall and winter, and the actual coiv
sumption is proportionally greater than
in the spring and summer.
Five HustieU Connumed Fer Capita.
The assumed consumption from March
1. 18M, to March 1, 1MW, is 300,000,000 bush
els for a populat ion of 64,300,000; the ex
ports, 2o6.0U0,t bushels; the seed 56,0Qn,-
0K) bushels a distribution of Si'd.OOO.OuO
bushels. With li,000,0i visible and 171.
090,000 invisible stocks, there are 27,000,000
bushels not directly accounted for previ
ously which came in the unprecedented
squeezing of all sorts of reserves, mainly
from the always uncounted stocks of flour
between mill ai J mouth and from small
Unaccounted stocks lietween the farmers'
granaries and the "visible supply." The
average weight of wheat it 56.5 pounds per
measured bushel, and which is the esti
mated weight of the crop of 18S7, and is
0.9 of a pound alwve the average of eight
previous years.
A Big Surplus of Corn.
The estimated quantity of corn in farm
ers' hands is 860,000.llu0 bushels, or 41.8 per
cent, of the crop. This is the largest pro
portion ever reported, that of 1889 except
ed, which was 4j.9 per cent., or 970,0il0,0U0
bushels. The seven principal states have
a surplus of 54C.000.000 bushels, or 41-5 per
cent of their product, agaiust 677,000,000
from the great crop of 1W0. The propor
tion merchantable is the largest ever re
ported 88.5 per cent, against 85.7 two
years ago. The average of eight previous
crops is 82 per cent, and the lowest aver
age 60 for the frosted crop of 1S83. The
present average farm price of merchant
able corn is 3U.2 cents per bushel; of un
merchantable, 25.7 cents
1 ney umii lur m n erer& a int.
Little Rock, Ark., March 1L The
Democratic f-tate nominating convention
has been called by t'.e state central com
mittee to meet in Little Rock June 14.
Two-thirds of the committeemen favored
i Cleveland for the presidency, but notwith
standing th.s the general sentiment was
that a western man would be nominated.
The Congressional Rrlef.
Washington, March 11. Teller got a
resolution through the senate yesterday
calling for a lot of financial information
from the tre.sury relative to siiverdollar.
The agricultural deficiency bill was pass
ed. The bill to construct a postollice in
every town where the postal receipts for
the past three years did not exceed 10,000
per year was debated without, action, aa
executive session was held and the senate
adjourn cdA
The house received favorable reports on'
bills for public buildings at Fon du Lac,
Wis., and other place, the appropriation
for Fon du Iac is $4J .out). Several other
bills were reported and some unimportant
bills passed. The remainder of the day
was devoted to discussion of the tariff bill.
Uoy Devoured by a Tiger.
HCANCATO, IVru, March 11. In the
barrio of Tambo last Sunday evening
Juan and Maria Salas put their 10-year-old
boy to bed early and came to town to
attend church. Returning home at mid
night they missed the boy, and spent the
night in quest of him. When dayligh
came they found the child's head and
bones lying under a large tree which
stood near t he house and his clothing all
tnttcrcd and bloodstained hanging among
its branches. A tiger had entered the
house, carried away and devoured the boy.
Mrs. u-inger l'rotratetl.
Washington, March 11. The improve
ment in Mr. Sprintrer's condition, though
very slow and tedious, stiil continnes. He
passed a comfortable night, sleeping nice
ly. As a result of her long and uutiring
vigil by the bedside of her sick husband,
Mrs. Springer is very much prostrated. A
little rest, it is hoped, will rtntore her us
ual health.
Hi Af;o. March 10.
Foil.iwiug wero th- qtiotatious on the
board of trade today: YVhf.tt .March, opened
h:4; closed -May. otned Ke, closed
S-ic: .Tuiy. opened ss'4o. closel Se- Corn
March, oretifil 4l!vc, c os d 4o;May, opened
4'."'4c, clo eil 4!-.s -; Ju:ie, ojaed ll-. closel
4tB-4c, Dats-Mar, o,;e!iel clo-ed 80"g3.
Pork March. oi.?u.-l SI 1 rev. cU, 1 $10.;
May, -opened $11 close! $11.7H:. Lard
Mar. h. tien-d J'i.T1. close I $6 35.
l'roiiiue: hutter Fancy separator. 28
1" r creameries. -6-'r27c; dairies,
fancy, fresh, -Ki"ilc: parkin; stock, fresh, 14
f.i 1-V. Kggs Kre-h ca-idled. loss off, 12il3o
t-r doz. lir.ssed poultry-Spring chickens,
fair good. VtUc per lb; roisters, te; ducks,
13&14c; geec, Witlu-; turkeys, youn; toms,
l.c; fancy hens. 14c; old gobblers. Ic. Iot
toes HeVjrons. 3 3.:i.'e per bn; Kin-banks. 83
(t. ; Hose, 3-."ft35c for sea,!. Peerless, 302J2c
for seel: c-on.mon to jour mixed lots, 2ts&
c. Sweet loiato-.-s. ltlinoia, $1.5C5i4 per
bbl. A pies -Con inou. $l.5n pr bbl; good,
$1.7r32.im; fane. t-'.iV
Live stock - Prices at the Union Sto;k yards
today ranged as follows: Hogs-Miket
fairly active and opeiikWl 5c higher, but olosod '
weak at ihe adv am e: sal ranged at (180
4.so pigs $4 .Va.'" libt, $4 4Va 6 rough
packing. Sl.Viftl !") mi :ei. and $t.kvilS.0O
heavy pat king and shipping lots.
Cattle Market slow an.l easy and prices
weak: quotations ranged at $4.7oig.V2i choice
to extra hinping ster, $4.0nft,4 .' g tod to
choice do. ja.V4. Ill fair to good. $10515
common to niedium do. S luotu butchers
i-teers. Ji.Smr; 3.13 stnkers $i.TVft3 St Texas
reers. !(rf:st feed.TH. $1.5uG3 41 cows,
1.T.V3-3.W Im.is and si.d 6 6.30 veal calves.
fc-heep Ma-k t m iderately active and prices
strong; quotation ranged at f (.7595.73
westerns, ;t.iW natives, and $3.25a9)
l ast llufTalo.
Kast Bt-FF.t. Man.h 10.
C'att e Two l.Js on sale: n'arketqeiet and
steady. Ssliet-ii and lamls Eighteen loads
on sale: market quiet and unchanged ; extra
fancy shi-op. t't.'.:, Tj.tS.Ut; good to choice,
Si.fciffcj.Bi; good to extra native lambs, 6.5
&7."3. Hogs -Ten loads ousale: market dull;
heavy grades f3.': g'od tn lst Yorkers, f "jJS
QVM; good to best pi f-i.l32,-.at.
Live Stock: ; Cattle -Market firm, but n
trading in beeves; dresseJ beef, steady; na
tive side, ftssic per lb. bheop and lambs
hep. dull; lambs Flow and easier; sheep,
S3.W(,Jt;.2i per 10) lbs; lambs $7.000-9 .'.SO.
Hogs Nominal:' stealy; Ure hng, $4.!wat
Iier liiu lbs.
The l.oral nsrket.
Office Keck lod Duly akdWeikit Alton I
Hock Islacd, 111., March. 11, IBM (
Wheat s5nnu
Corn a"iftc. i
Kye 7Wir.sic.
Oit 2s3i)c.
Bran -Sic per cwt.
Shipstnff .O0 per cwt.
Hay Timothy.$10SJn50;iirairie, sai3;clover
$iiu; baled. (U 50.
Bottcr Tslrto choice, S3c: creamery, Ss30
Esgs Fresh. 22c; packed ac.
Poultry Chicktnv ltt&liH; tnrkcy., lCc
ducks, l-'iic: geese, 10c.
rarrr sd vsbstjibi es.
Apples fS tS&$2 T5 per bbl.
Pot-itoee 8Pc.
Onions S08.V.
Turnip? 15a 5"c.
Cattle Butchers par lor corn fed stcerr.
34fr4c; coKf and htifei, 'a,c calv tm
Hot" -4c-Bhet-i
4415 &c-
About Breadmaking, after all. They ran
without the scientific aid of a Govern
ment Chemist, a tsuprane AnalyM. or
anybody's JIead(maa)oook.
ehoold be tented, loet M any other cook,
ing material, by actual use. It gives
Better Satisfaction at Half
the) Cost of the other lunaa,
Bright Yomen
Can form an opinion of their own.
Get a can of CHbbu from yoor Grocer
arc convince youraeit.

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