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Fresh fish tA TiroWaer's.
"Indigo" at the theatre tocigbt.
Fresh oysters and fish at Young's.
Head lettuce, cabbage and parsnips at
George Diasoa, of Rusbville, is in the
city today.
DtPuw quartette this evening at the
Baptist church. : -j
Mr. Hough, the humorist, at the Bap
tist church this evening.
James Taylor, of Taylor Ridge, was in
the city yesterday.
II. P. Raymond, of Evacsviile, lad., is
risking Rock Island friends.
The charming ' opera, Iodigo," at
Harper's theatre tonight.
For Sale Cheap Two lots in South
Park. Apply to J. M. Buford.
Richard Mansill lift last eTenlng on a
Tisit to friends In Jackson. Miss.
Wonder if Scarle and Kenworthy took
their retainer fee in hot tomalleys.
Col. Henry Curtis and H. B. Sudlow
have returned from their southern trip.
Charles Kahlke hag returned from Chi
cago, where he baa been attending a reed
ical college.
The democrats, of the First ward hold
tact; caucus tPO'gbt to nominate a candi
date for alderman.
For Sale Cheap Several good violins.
Must be sold, in next 10 days. Call at
844 Twenty-Hrst street-
Wanted A' "first-class meal cook at
Flynn's restaurant, 3045 Fifth avenue
Wages $30 per month.
It bas been aug&estcd that Searleacd
bis associates banquet their friends at
their hot totnalley establishment
"I care not what o hers may think, but
as for rue, qive me a hot tomalley or give
me death." Ambitious local barrister.
Garusey square having been filled is
now in readiness for the grading, and the
matter should receive the early attention
of Commissioner Buncher.
The republicans of Moline have nomi
nated L. F. Cra'.le and Thomas Jenkins
for supervisors, C. L. Waters for asses
sor and Et, W. Hyde for collector.
If you want fun, bear the college boys
this evening. They are real live, jolly
fellows; good music; popular sones; im
personations and humorous recitations
Baptist church.
The Union heads its report of the dem
ocratic city township convention "The
Hot -Tomale Ticket" The ticket will
be b&Jt'fer due for the republicans than
tomalcs. It will he hot shot.
A.' J. 1Ar.en, contracting agent for
Goodyear, E'ich & Schilling's Minstrels
which are to appear at Harper's theatre
aezt Tuesday evening, was a caller at
Ths Akcl j t fTlee yesterday.
There will be a concert by the famous
Swedish Concert company at Knowles'
hall, Moline, Friday evening, March 18.
This is the U st entertainment on Christ
church course and all should attend.
The only observances of St. Patrick's
day is Rck Island this year were the
u;ui services in the churches this morn
ing, and tonight the annual ball of St.
Patrick's Bunevolent society will be held
at Armor? ball.
W. T. Sugden. township collector, de
sires to again call ttc attention of tax
pajcrs to the fact that he will be re
quired to turn over his books to the coun
ty collector on tie 20ih inst. If taxes
are paid before that lime advertising and
other costs will be saved.
A team drawing a load of bay down
Second avenue became frightened at en
electric motor car when opposite May's
grocery late yesterday afternoD, and
overturned the load of hay so that the
hy blocked the street cars for a little
w hile but doing no other damage.
A team, belonging to William Bailey ,of
Coal Valley, while standing hitched on
Nineteenth s'.rc-et near Six'.h avenue, be
cimc frightened by an electric car about
C o'clock last evening, and before they
could be quieted down bad almost de
molished the buggy by kicking.
Mrs. George Allen died at her home,
earner of Seventh avenue and Twenty
fourth street, at 7.50 o'clock last evening
ef consumption, aged 36 years. She
leaves besides bcr husband three chil
lren ranging in age from eight to 14
years. The funeral occurs from her late
home torn' rrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Everts Commandery, No. 18, K. T.,
has arranged to attend the twentyfifth
triennial conclave of the grand encamp
ment of the Knights Templer aa a com'
manderv. which occurs at Denver, Aug.
tt to 13. Tbey will go in two special
Pullman palace cars over the C, B. &
(j , and at the close of the conclave will
enjoy an extended trip through the west
The Sir Knights will be accompanied by
their ladies.
city -township committee, calls meeting
of tie committee and all democratic can
didttes at Turner ball tomorrow evening
at 7 SO to discuss matters et importance
and also to fill the vacancy on the
township ticket caused by T. J. Medill
declining to accept the nomination for
asset sor. Edicard Lieberknecht Is sug-
eestcd for the nomination and would
make a sir ng candidate.
A north bound freight on the C, B. &
Q. broke in two on the bill near Ophiem
this morning, letting the last section back
into an extra freight that was following.
blocking ths track so that all trains were
delayed. An extra in charge of Conduc
tor C. -eel was sent out from this city to
bring in the passengers from the Bear is
town accommodation which was blocked
out by tb3 wreck. The wreck was cleared
np la'er and both trains reached the city
about 2:30 this afternoon.
The committees appointed from the
three cities in the Interests of river im
prove merits, met at the Harper heuse last
evening, all the members of each com
mittee being present. President Smith,
of the Davenport Business Men's afs3
ciatior , was called to the chair, and J-
W. Atkinson, ot Moline, was chosen as
secret ry. After a lengthy discussion it
was decided that owing to the lateness of
the setson, the appropriation bills for this
session of congress having all been pre
pared, that it would be inexpedient to
call a convention now, and it was then
decided to call a convention early next
fall, and the meeting adjourned subject
to the call of the chairman.
Secretary W. B. Ferguson, of the Rock
Island Car Journal Lubricator company,
is now comfortably located in his hand
some suite of offices in the building which
the company is to occupy on Eighteenth
street and Sixth avenue. Mr. Ferguson
although interested heavily in the recent
ly crgai.ized National Ore Reduction
company, of Pueblo, Col., of which he is
also a director, will remain in Rock Isl
and look after the business management
of the Lubricator company. The affairs
of the Notbwestern Mutual Fire Insur
ance com amy, of which he has been so
long secretary, have been wound up, acd
the Mississippi Valley Mutual company
will in a saort time be in the same condi
The Jleeting of the Case Ball Direc
tors at the Harper Yesterday.
The CInbio be larorparated at Oore
and the Work at Getting Team
Toc ttaer itecan Aa Opia
tes oa Base Ball.
Chairman Wbeelan, of the democratic
At yesterday's meeting of the board of
directors of the Twin-City base ball club
at the Harper house, C. C. Hodges was
elected president, H. R. Chapman, of
Moline. i.:e president: Edward Kreis,
secretary; Oscar Teal. Moline. treasurer;
W. R. Moore, Moline, league director.
It was decided to incorporate the club
with a stock of $3 500 underthe name of
the Rock Island and Moline Base Ball
club, and to rail in 25 per cent of the
capital stock within 30 days, the treasurer
and fecretarv to give bonds in the sum of
$2,000 each. The president was asked
to ascertain -what terms Harry Sae could
be secured n as player and manager,
and to report at the next meeting of the
Rock Island is just beginning to
wake up to the realization that
it will have base ball in earnest
the coming season and the long summer
afternoons will no doubt find the grand
stand ard lleachtrs" packed with ex
cited crowds of base ball enthusiasts.
Eras'us Wirt an, of New York, well
known as a m in of sound judgment in an
interview wita a representative of the
Chicago Daily News on different subjects
expressed himself on base ball as fol
lows: "While I hare no direct concern in any
base ball ventt re I maintain the liveliest
interest in tte prospects of this great
source of amusement. I have the most
intense admira Jon for any device or or
ganization that can confer as much pleas
ure of ah innocent character to so great
a nomber of pt ople aa does base ball.
I also haye great regard for the first
class business sagacity in the administra
tion of so great a trust for tbe public as
has been shown by such men as Mr.
Spaulding, Mr. Diy, Mr. Young and
"What do you think of tbe outlook for
tbe approaching season?''
"I regard it ts excellent. Tbe waste
of competition has well nigh ceased.
Skill and ability are pretty thoroughly de
veloped, aDd thi re is no doubt that in the
lovely summer afternoons soon to dawn
upon us there will be conveyed to tens of
thousands a degree of innocent amuse
ment which only well conducted base ball
affords "
mM Baking
Used hi Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard.
TOWARD $30,000.
3IreColtimbfaii Subscriptions Com
ing in.
The Hollrlitnx Committees Meet
Act a Toala-ht Xotab'e incident.
The Rock Island soliciting comaiunes
for stock in the Twin-City Columbian
exposition meet again tonight to re
port progress. The fubscriptioas are
running up toward 130.000, which mark
will be reached by next Mr nday night.
This morning the government engineer
corps, beaded by Maj. Mackenzie, took
over $300 ta stork, every man in the em
ploy of theefflce with one exception,
and inducing Charley Arnold, subscrib
ing for shares.
Late subscriptions are:
A Maclct nzie 5 M E Swfeney JO
CW Durham 5 T J Medilljr" 5
RSBlakemore 2 W A Thompson S
H Bose 2 A J Slibalt 8
'buries Arnold 1 George P Stimdnbar. 5
OR Berg 1 C P omcgyt" l
F B Martin 8 George Ackley 1
II C Connelly a
Demaeratle Const jr convention.
The democrats of Rock Island county are
hereby requested to send delegates to a conven -lion
to be teld Rt the ooutt house in the city of
Rock Island Thursday. April 34. 1SB, at 1:30
o'clock p. m. for the purpose of selecting dole
gates to .he democratic state convention hich
assembles at Springfield, Wednesday, April 47.
18U. The bvis of representation at said connty
convention will be one delegate for each township
and a so upon the vote for Cleveland and Tbur
mn in ISfflj apportioned amo'tg the different town
ships, precincts and wards in the ratio of one dele
gate to every 50 voters, "and one delegate for
every majurrart thereof, and according to which
the following will be the representation:
Cordova 8 canoe Creek 2
Hampton, 1st precinct 8 roc. s
aa " 2 oma s
4 Port Byron 2
" 3rd
Black Hawk ..
4 Coal Valley
x Anaainsia .
Buffalo Prairie 4 tonth Moline.
South Hock Island.
R. island 1st Ward
4lh "
th " ,
. 3 Moline 1-t Wiird.
3 and
4 " 3rd " ....
5 4h " ....
H " .Vll ' ....
" tith " ....
C " Tin " ....
4 Edginefn- lt Prec't 2
3 sind " a
Kural 3
The caucuses in the several townships w ill be
tit-Id at 3 p.m.. and in Moline and Hock Island at
7:3(1 p. m on Satnrdav, April 9, 1S92 The differ
ent delegation will also report names of commit
teemen for ibeir rerpective towohip. precincts
an wards. T. S. Sii.vis Chairman.
D x W. Goulp, Scirctaty prj Km.
Every Month
many women suffer from Excessive or j
Scant Menstruation; they don't know 1
who to confide in to get proper advice.
Don' confide ia anybody but try
Female Regulator
Socl!c for PirVl, PPPFUSE,
Book to " WOMAN " mailed free.
014 by a!t Iraa-s-lta.
W1U Cur any
kind of
$500 Reward for any
injurious substanes found
In tbeso Capsalea.
Moner rfanifo! if not
as w say. Sent postpaid
on racatpc 01 pnea,
Twenty-FIyo Cent.
Des Moines, Iowa.
For sale by all draggiftt. Ilartz & Bahnsen,
Wnolcsale agents.
Wrenched Out of Shape.
Joints enlarged and contorted by rheumatism
are among the pena'tics for allowing this ob
stinate ma'ady to gain full headway. Always Is
it dangerous from i's liability to attack tbe vitals
Invariably it ii goniztng. Hostctter's Stomach
Eittera has In cothiug more clearly asserted Its
supremacy to the ordinary remedies for this
malady than in its power to expel the rheumatic
virna completely Iro-n the bloia. It is s if e. too,
while co'chicum, ver-tum au1 minerat poisons
pr-scribd for it ar3 not The efficacy of the
Bitters as a cleanser of the circulation is alto
conspicuously shown where th poison of miasma
infects tbe vital fluid, or where it is contaminated
with bile. Constipation. Tnpepsia, "la crime."
kidney and bladder trouble, nervousness and
debility are ol r movel bu. Tbe convalescing
and tbe aged ani indrs derive much benefit from
us use.
Children Cry for
'3 Castorla.
There is M fl P) F
Fcr every one who has blood trouble, no
matter in what shape or how long standing,
provided none of the vital organs have been so
far impaired as to render a cure impossible.
S. S. S. goes to the root of the disease, and
removes the cause, ly expelling the poison
from the body, and at the same time is a tonic
to the whole system. However bad your case
may be, there is hoj-e
"For vears I was troubled wi h the tno-t ma'Ig-
nant type of chr nic biood trouble After trvini;
various other rvmeuir. without getting anv benefit,
was induced to take S. S. S. A few oottie cured
me jiermancntly. 1 aho consider 8. S. 6. the best
nic I ever saw. While taking it my wek-ht ln
:reaed and my health improved in every way. I
have recommended S. S. . to several friends, rod
in every rase they were sMisfied with the reeul"-"
. A. WntGHT. JHldWiv. l a.
Treatise on blod. skin nn-l contusions blood poi-
on mailed free. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO .
Atlanta, Ga
The inventor of the New Scale Kim
ball Piano was overjoyed when he found
what a success he bad made of it, and the
above cut represents his feelings Have
you examined these pianos? Do not
confound tbem with the old stenciled
make, but call and see tbe New Scale;
tbey are the finest in the lan j. We bave
just received a fine assortment in An
tique Oak, Bird's Eye Msple. Mahogany,
8atin, Walnut, French Walnut and Rose
Wood finish cases. Call early and see
tbe finest variety ever shown in tbe city
of Rock Island.
D. 07 Eowlby, 1723 Secjcd Ave.
Billiard and Pool Parlors.
liavlnffjnst furnished a fine Parlor nptairs and
cqnipped it with two of Brunswick &, Baike's
finest Billiard Tables, also two fine Pool
tbe Snest l'ne of Imported and Domestic Cigars
and Tobacco ia the market,
1S08 Second Avenue.
New spring jackets
just received; blacks,
tan, mixtures and
navys. See our $?.98
India Silks. '
Beautiful India silks
in best make; com
bination of colorings
unsurpassed. Prices
Dress Goods
Our .dress eoods ria.
now complete and cont
latest production a .
domestic vp arM 1?s
Scotch mixtures.
Serpentine crepe n
French serges.
Storm serges.
Bedford cords,
Henriettas and other c
Dress Trimmings.
We are shniw i.
w Ai- I HQ I
ihings in dress trimmings in J
diumand low cost grades
Rock Island. Illinois.
Furniture and Carpets
1525 and 1527
121, 120 and 128
Sixteenth Street.
if Jk
POCKET KNIVES and SCISSORS took the highest prearius
for quality. If yea want a good knife try one.
One need not be told what a nice present aD elegant Carving
Set like those I have to show will be. Also those
Gold Medal Carpet Sweepers.
Every woman that keeps house wants one. Wronrrht Iron
finish Fire Sets and Irons.
Acorn Stoves and Ranges
are the leaders mads in Illinois for our soft coal -and rvery one
guaranteed. These are all good things to buy at ClirL-cmas-or
any other time. Come in and see how much I have to show yon
that is useful and novel in housekeeping goods.
Cor. Third Ave. and Twentieth Street, Rock hhnl
Are now being received. We are prepared to show our customers many of the leading
and most popular styles. Among the many novelties
Are displaying, are Vestee suits in different styles, double breasted suits in the new shades,
three piece suits in abundance. The grandest novelty of the season is the Zouave suit which
is expected this week. Our stock of School Suits is immense.
If you take pleasure in seeing your children look neat and tidy'clothe them at

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