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You ought
To ace the new
St j tea in shoes at the M. & K.
Fresh fish at Browner's.
Knox hats at the Loadan.
Early TegeUbles at Young's.
- Fresh fleh and oysters at Young's.
Lettuce and chickens at Browner's.
Nice oranges and bananas at Brown
Take stock in the Columbian exposi
If you wish a stylish hat. buy a Knox
at the London.
Spring overcoats from $8 80 to $ 35 at
She American.
We have two grades of Knox hats.
The London.
Can't we pint you in our immense pan
trj. The American..
Go to the London and " see those Knox
hats at 13.50. 1
Spring lettuce, radishes and soup
Ranches at Young's.
Edward Gilbert, of Coe, was in town
yesterday on business.
50 dozen 5 hook Foster glove fl at
Bennett's glove store.
Supper at the M. E church tomorrow
night. Price 25 cents.
"We are agents for the only genuine
Knox hat the London.
Clarence Brown, of Sedalia, Mo., is in
Bock Island visiting friends-
A 60c fast black sock can be bought at
the American for a quarter.
Do yaur part toward aiding the Twin
City Columbian exposition.
Gent's trimmed ni?ht robes 50 inches
long for 50c at the American.
George D. Moore, of Port Byron, was
in the city today on business.
See our line of nobby spring and sum-
mer neckwear Lloyd & Stewart.
A whole lot of boys' knee pants for a
aickel a a'r at the American .
Get your supper at the M. E. church
tcmnrrow night. Price 23 cei'.s.
Some elepHnt things in spring suits are
being displayed at the American.
Make up your mind to vote for George
. Browuer for supervisor, and do it.
For assistant supervisors, George La
mont and Peter Thilebar are the men.
B. W. Whiteman, of 0kaloosa, Iowa,
waa in the city a few hours yesterday.
You try a pair of M. & K's $2 50, $3
or $3 50 stois you'll get satisfaction.
A Jot of Swi'z cootie black Jersey shirts
san be had it the American for 692.
yromie. DtBrie, Roquefort, Edam,
5wiss and cream efceese at Young's.
Ladies buy the Mocha cloye at $1.50
this week only at Bennett's glove store
Frank G. Williams, of B'.oomington,
is v::tirg with relatives and friends hc:e.
Don't forget the masquerade ball at
Armory halt Saturday evening. April 3.
They are English, quite English, you
know those sack suits at the Ameri
can. Miss Ktte Byrnes has gone to Chicago
Jo: the purpose of purchasing her spring
Jtock .
Some very pretty styles in hats at very
moderate prices are for sale at the Amer
ican .
Oar spring and summer styles of hata
are ctw ready Cll and examine. L'oyd
& Stewart.
W. S. Grove, of Port Pyron, was down
to a'.tend the Woodmen entertainment
last evening.
Every well dressel gentleman should
wear a Knox bat. We are Knox's apents
for Rock Island the London.
Rock Island needs a new assessor with
new methods. It will have one next year,
anl Ed Lleberknecht is the man.
We have ihe nobbiest line of hats in
tho three cities. Give us a call and be
convinced LTr.yd & Stewart.
Mrs. 1'. W. Wilson, of Rural, left this
morning for a visit to her mother and
daughter In Linn county, Iowa.
Messrs. J. A . Wilson, L. E. Wilson and
F. W. Wilson, of Rural, came in last
night to attend the Woodmen meeting.
Mrs. F. H. Owen, who has been visit
ing frien Is in the city the past month.has
returned to her home in Binghampton
N. Y.
Are yea ready to -elect your spring
overcoat? M. & K. are prepared to serve
you a very pretty line from 9 50 to
$12 50.
There wre 50 noted pictures as well as
many other very good ones on exhibition
at the inUr-state exhibition at Davenport
L. C. I'.ianding shauld receive yaur
rote for township collector. He is pecul
iarly qualified for the office and should
be elected.
Thorn at. Caves and wife, who formerly
resided here, have returned from Des
Maines, lew a, and will again make this
city their Lome.
W. W. Stafford, formerly with the Sun
Accident t.ssociation of this city, and now
located at Rock ford, is in the city calling
oq old friends.
Wanted Reliable agent for Rock Isl
and and adjoining counties. Reference
but no capital required. Address room
31, Evening Post building, Chicago, 111.
Mrs. Lieut. James Normojle, of El
Paso, Texan, arrived in the city last eve
ning on a visit to the lieutentant's home
on Twenty-fourth street.
It's the prettiest selection of novelties
you ever saw every suit a perfect gem
and the line of shirt waists and head wear
is simply immense. You cannot help
finding an o ltfit to please in the M. & K.
boys' department.
Night Captain Long, of the police de
partment, who has been laid up nearly
all winter with grip and rheumatism.
was able to be down town a little while
today. lie is mending, but only grad
The members of Trio Ldge A. F. and
. M. go to Geneseo tomorrow night to
assist Stcwait lodge in conferring the
third degree. The Rock Island lodge
leaves the Ro. k Island depot at 4:30.
A horse belonging to Fred Bleuer and
attached to a light buggy indulged in a
rundown Second avenue this afternoon
and was captured at Twelfth street by
James Thompson, who was coming up
the street. The buggy was pretty badlv
broken up.
John Given, division superintendent of
the C, R. 1. A P., died at his home in
Des Maines, Iowa, at 8:30 o'clock this
morning. He was 63 years of age and
had been superintendent of the Iowa
division the pi st tight years. Brain fever
was the cause of his death.
George Bentett, the glove maker, has
received a contract to supply a Chicago
glove manufactory with 200 doxen pairs
a month. As a consequence Mr. Bennett
has arranged to put in machinery such 88
will greatly increase his capacity and furs
nish Rock Ish.nd at the same time with
another new industry. The factory here
will employ 10 to 13 bands.
The remains of B. F. Craig, ot Valisia.
Iowa, who died there yesterday, arrived
in the city today over the C, B. & Q.,
and were taken in charge by Undertaker
Knox, and taken to the residence of J. O.
Logan on Fourth avenue, the latter be
ing a brother in-law of the deceased.
They will be tal.en to Blae Grass, Iowa,
tomorrow for interment.
The Union has learned from Tomallcy
Searle that the advertising be has re
ceived in The Akocs has brought him
notoriety and business. Searle'a name
might, have appeared in the Union every
day for a year asd the public would never
have been the wiser as to his existence.
Searle is welcome to nil the notoriety he
Ammonia and Alum
Officially Condemned.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
is Pure.
Sec Report of Indianapolis Board of Health, on Raking I'owJt November 4. IRfl
Dr. Latz chemist to the Board of Health, who made
the investigation of the Baking Powders on the market, at
the request of the Board says: "Physiologists of high stand
ing consider Ammonia and Alum deleterious substances
unfitted for use in food."
These are the brands condemned by the Board of
Health ; Royal, Climax, Atlantic and Tacific, Kenton, Crown,
Sea Foam, Hon lion, Early Rising, Queen, Regal, Ruckelhaus,
Forest City, Calumet.
Dr Latz. City Chemist also says: "Dr. Price's Baking
Powder, contains only such ingredients as a Pure Baking
Powder ought to be composed of and I recommend the same
to every housekeeper as pure, wholesome and effective."
Peter Latz, City Chemist.
baa received in connection with bis
clients. Tomalley & Co. It is perfectly
free and given with the best intentions.
The finance committee of the board at
supervisors met at the court house yes
terday afternoon and decided to adopt
the Colts system of indexing the county
records. The committee recommended
the Appointment of two clerks to assist in
the work, several applications for the
clerkship being on hand. Those of W.
W. Eggleston, J. A. Johnson, of Moline,
and Morris Beagy. of Hampton, were
looked npon favorably, and the first two
named were appointed.
I can recommend Ely's Cream Balm to
all suaerers from dry catarrh from per
sonal experience. Michael Herr, Ptoar
macist, Denver.
1 had catarrh of the head and throat for
five years. I used Ely's Cream Balm, and
from the first application I was relieved.
The sense of smell, which had been lost,
ws restored after using one bottle. I
have found the Balm the only satisfactory
remedy for catarrh, and it has effected a
cure in my case, H. L. Myer, Waverly,
N. Y.
Ita Excellent Qualities
Commend to public approval the Cali
fornia liquid firuit remedy Syrup of Figs.
It is pleasing to the eye, and to the taste
and by acting gently on the kidneys, liver
and bowels it cleanses the system effect
ually, thereby promoting the health and
comfort of all who use it.
Tax SoUee.
Notice is hereby given that the town
ship collector is obliged to return his
books to the county collector not later
than the 20 in inst., after which date
costs will be addtd. Office with Hurst
& Donaldson, Masonic Temple block.
Office open evenings. W. T. Scgden,
TTnn'fi ftdrcailthriltn fttcrkli)t.!ir piiti B
. . ..... u v . l. v. i ivraiat(uua iati. 11 ..aaicc
es medicinal merit peculiar to itself.
"Be candid, doctor," said the patient,
when found with a bottle of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup. "You know it is a good
medicine," and the M. D. left in disgust.
A handsome complexion is one of the
greatest charms a woman can possass
Pozzoni's Complexion powder gives it
Lane's Family Medicine moves the
bowels each day. Most people need to
use it.
A Plain Precaution.
Kilhrr to adopt plain precaution, one suctioned
by experience and approved by medical men, or
to incur the rUk of a miilady obdnratc and de
structive in ite various forms of ink rmktcnt or
bill'ous remittent fever, or dumb ag :e, which of
the to For every type, for every pha?c of ma
laria, nofrtctter'sStonich Bitters is a specific. It
acts promptly does it! woik thoroi:gh!y . Asa
defence against the mn'arial taint it Is most effec
tive. Emigrants t j and denizen of regions in
the west where mlasnatic complaints are peri
odical visitants, should be mindful of this and
use the Bittars as a safeguard. For ronstipaiinn,
billiousness. rheumatism, "la irrippc." kidney ano
bladder troubles tne Bitters will be found no less
useful tbD in caes of malaria. Ai'aioct the in
jurious effects of rxnoure. bodily or mental
luiiguc, it is also u vaiuatHc protection.
Swift's Specific is a distinctive remedy,
and is totally unlike any of the other blood
medicines which are sold. It cures diseases
of the blood and skin by removing the poison
germs which cause them, and at the same time
supplies good blood and tissue for the wasted
parts. Don't be imposed on by subrtitutes,
which are said to be just as good, for it is not
true. No medicine
has performed as many wonderful cures, or
has relieved so much suffering.
"My blood was badly poisoned last year, which
pot my whole system out t'f order -diseased, and a
constant source of puttering, do apiietilc. and no
enjoyment of life. I bought two lioti'e. of Swift's
fcper'tfic and look it. and n brought me right out.
No lictter remedy was ever nsed lor blood itiwuju s
than Swift's Sjiccific." John CJatik, Dnytou, Ohio.
Treatise on blood and skin diseas msiVd free.
SWIFT'S M'CiFlC CO.. Atlanta, lia.
then slct.
IS CHEAPER than any other dressing
at any price, be it 5 cents, 10 cents, or
25 cents, you can convince yourself by
wearing one shoe dressed with Acme
Blacking and the other shoe tlrcssed
with whatever happens to be your
favorite dressing. While Acme Black
ing will endurr a month through snow
or rain, ana can, if the shoe is soiled,
be washed clean, the other dressing will
not last a single day in wet weather
Your shoes will lock better, last
longer and be more comfortable if
dressed with Wolff's Acme Blacking.
WOLFF BiNDOLPH, Philadelphia..
The inventor of the New Scale 'Kim
ball Piano was overjoyed when he found
wbat a success he had made of it, and the
above cut represents his feelings Have
you examined these pianos? Do not
confound them with the old stenciled
make, but call and see the New Scale
they are the finest in the lani. We have
just received a fine assortment in An
tique Oik. Bird's Eye Maple. Mahogany,
Satin, Walnut, French Walnut and Ilise
Wood finish cases. Call early and see
the finest variety ever shown in the city
of Hock Island.
D. Ecy Eowlty, 172S See:sd Ave.
Billiard and Pool Parlors.
Having jnst fnmished a fine Parlor uptairs and
equipped it with two of Brunswick Ralke a
tinest Billiard Tables, also two fine Tool
the finest lino of Imported and Domestic Cigars
and Tobacco Id the market.
1S08 Secoxd Avenue.
rJ TnOVf ' HIM
rtri ncvinthcsl.in. H
1 rlt u n 23.
!f W 3 SAW
mi (.woivntiors fo
Large assortment of patterns shown
from the lowest to the highest cost.
Domestics Scotch and French. The
latest effects are embroidered, effects
In large polka dots, irregular figures,
Early choice has its advantages, as
no duplicates can be had later.
Are displayed in assortments of de
signs, colorings and fabrics almost be
wildering. Chevrons,
And other effects. Prices quite reason
able, beginning as low as 12'4c.
All Wool Cliallie,
We believe we show w
assortment of l:ren.i
challies m the three p
Anrl InrK-i M.,11
iwiv mv.ua 1MU115 are
choice and desirali
The "early bird" is nee
more applicable V
a spring stock.
Rock Island. inhiifc.
Is the appropriate name applied to us by oir
patrons for
Largest assortment and latest styles. Inspect
cordially invited by
The Money Savers.
POCKET KNIVES and SCISSORS took the highest i-Kmim
for quality. If you want a good knife try one.
One need not be told what a nice present an re;ant Caning
Set like those I have to show will be. Also those
Gold Medal Carpet Sweepers.
Every woman that keeps house wants one. Wronditlron
finish Fire Seta and Irons.
Acorn Stoves and Ranges
are the leaders made in Illinois for our soft coal an 1 t-very one
guaranteed. These are all good things to buy at Christmas or
any other time. Come in and see how much I have to show yon
that is useful and novel in housekeeping good;.
Cor. Third Ave. and Twentieth Street. Rock Island.
Elegance of Style and Perfection of Fit,
It has never been our good fortune to secure so many beautiful and artistic designs and
perfect-fitting, well-made
As we are now showing for the spring and summer. Popular among which are Zouave Suits, in lour
different styles; Vestee Suits, in every style imaginable; Double-Breasted Suits, in eight different styles;
Three-Piece Suits, sizes 10 to 16, in V? different styles; Kilt and Jersey Suits, in eight different styles;
Long Pants Suits, a fine assortment and variety much larger than ever, comprising all new shades in dark
and light colors. CHILDREN'S SUITS. 58c to $1450. LONG PANTS SUITS, 52.2? to 522.00.
Over 200 dozen SHIRT WAISTS to select from. Full dress waists, also waists with .Marshall collars,
turned cuffs, fancy fronts and ties to match. Beautiful line in LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS. The celebrated
S. & A., fast black hose fof boys. Exquisite line of boys hats and caps. We repeat that it has never been
our good fortune to show nor that of our patrons to select from such a grand array of bovs' wearing apparel.
Than those of any other establishment for equally well made and well trimmed merchandise. It
want to clothe your boys and have them look neat and tidy, you will find it decidedly advantageous t
trade with the dependable

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