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Highest of all in Leavening Fower. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
1892. APRIL. 1892.
Five Souls Sent to Eternity and
Probably Ten.
t3lV II .
lev m&Ws.
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11 V Cf
Minnesota Delegates to the Democratic.
Coin en t ion The Silver Think.
St. Pai l, April 1. Four hnudred and
fifty of Minnesota's representative Demo
crat assembled at Market hall yesterday
BANK ENTERED AT THE FRONT DOOR . for Grove;- Cleveland. Incidentally they
Cracksmen Do a Neat Job at
Elroy, Wis.
I selected e ghteen delegates to the Chicago
conventio l, and instructed them forCleve-
And Several tlnnr. nf U'n.b lmnt.l
vith... ni...K. w I W the following resolution:
. . ' , ' 1 Kesvlved That the di'lrgatessekvted by this
, ..r..,-u..,i.,n convention are instructed to vote as a unit for,
Away The Swtc Amount to About and to oner: lire everv manlv endeavor to secure.
3,500 The Job Done with Pick, Drill ' tbe nonunt.tion of tirover Cleveland as the
.-.I f-o-h.r.,- ri. .,- r-..,, J candidate f the Democratic, party for presi-
. .... 1 aent or the I nited States.
ler lauen. . Albert 1 . Haven, editor of the Faribault
Elkot. Wis.. April 1. About 1 o'clock Iwniocrat, presided over the convention.
veaterdnv mnminir the Tinnt nf n- I The deleip.tes-at-liirKe are M. Doran, Lo
v - "
owned by Kdmund Hart
over $3,500, of which 2,400 was in Rold,
about $3t0 in silver aud the balance in pa
per. The bank is centrally situated, about
a block from the railway station, where
there are always about twenty-five men
all night, but none of them heard or saw
anything unusual during the time the
robbery is supposed to have take place.
Ilurglar Went In the Front Door.
The burglars gained an entrance to the
bank by prying open the front door with
pickax, which they took from a black-
- mtiu a vtiuu ' - - . ... .. ... .
e Bank of Elrov I The delegj.tes-at-large are M. Doran, :
rt. was robbed of j ; B. WinsUm. Minneapolis; I.ev
inn ... i ill Baker Paul; Thomas ilson, inoi
On the Monetary Oue.tion,
The pla .form is for the revenue tariff.
The silver resolution says:
We hold, in aivorlauce with the traditional
policy of our party, to the use of both itold and
silver and tliat the sole coinage function of the
government is to examine the relative values
of the metals of coinHK? as established by the
commercial world, and if there has been a
sufficient fluctuation in the value of either to
make the existing ratios unequal the to
readjust the ratios so that then num
ber of grains of either metal in
t te nnit i f coinage, the dollar, shall lie
' - - rf - ' . . . . . u "tia i to Ullll II ( '
BUilin snop near tiy, together with a nura 1 tquivalcnt in value, and then to permit ti e
Dcr oi other tools. After getting inside fee, nnrestneted coinage of both metals. We
the building they drilled a hole in the ! Joi" tlu I'Utocracy of New York in demand-
vault door near the combination and by "lue reiuoi me Mirrnun silver coinapo
the use of an explosive they tore the com 'ul'L'l," f " "tt"",Vt l
Vinntinn ,,tT ,.i ,(,.' .i,. I dl!,,rat tue mends of honot bimetallism,
WV t . K"'"g them access to the and dcn,..,nct-it as calculated to del.11.s3 our
Interior of the vault. Inside the vault 1 mnvi. ,ni,,.t n, i ......
there was a large safe which .they opened
in the same way.
Blew Their Way to the Tai.h Ilox.
The cash Ikix was inside another com
bination, which was blown to atoms. The
papers, deeds, notes, mortgages, bonds
and other valuable securities were thrown
promiscuously about the vault, some of
them being torn to shreds. The clock
stands direct iy over the vuult door, and it
uui and tw k the confidence and safity of the
business w or d.
She Jumps from a Third-Story Window
with Her tittle Hoy in Her Arms.
New Yol K, April ;. Mrs. Margaret
Donne, a hndsome middle aged woman,
the wife of a produce dealer doinu business
is supposed that the jar of the first explo- in Washiugt on market, threw herself wit h
inn. 'I V... I . . . J . . . i . '
Sions stopped it. The hands minted to
exactly 1 o clock.
Will Not Ilreak the Hank.
The damage to the vault and safe will
reach $1,000, anil will temporarily embar
rass the transaction of business, as it is the
only bank in the city. The financial loss
will not inconvenience the hank, and the
depositors will lose nothing. The bank is
capitalized at tW.OliO, and its books show
deposits of about $40,000.
- Carried Away a Marked Bill.
The robbery was first discovered by
Cashier George Clark w hen he went to the
bank yesterday morning at 7 o'clock. The
news of the burglary soon spread and
business vt as almost suspended during the
day in consequence. The cashier had
quite a collection of rare coins which were
taken and which he can ideniify. There
was also one till which he had marked in
a peculi ir manner, and which if found
will afford a clew to the thieves.
Stole a IVieat'a Gold Watch.
There was also stnleu from the vault a
gold watch belonging to the Roman Cath
olic priest at Kendall" The bank officers
have the numbers of the movement and
the case. The burglars left pieces of their
tools in the vault, and from their ap
pearance it is thought that- the job
was done by experts. There is
only one passenger train leaving
here between 1 o'clock and morning.wbich
is the Northwestern limited, going south
at 2:13, and railroad men report that sev
eral men were seen boarding that train
between the engine and the express car.
Police officials all over the state have been
notified, and are on the outlook for the
The Maadalay Conflagration.
RAXGOOX, April 1. Dispatches from
Mandaly say that scores of lives have been
lost, whole families perishing in some
cases. The destitution is very great and
aid is going forward as rapidly as pos
sible. All the native part of
the city was swept away and
it is supected that the fire was started by
the natives to terrorize the British, as it
broke out in places widely separated.
Pretty much all the British part of the
city was saved. The total loss is about
The Lumber Cut in Maine.
BANGon, Me., April 1. Such favorable
weather for logging in northern Maine is
seldom known in March, and the amount
of lumber hauled to the landings will be
considerably in excess of mid-winter esti
mates. Over 50,000,000 feet of logs will go
into Moosehcad this season, and the total
Kennebec cut is hot estimated as high as
140,000,000 feet, while the Penobscot cut
will be even largecr About 131,000,WJO feet
Will come down tjfje Maituwarnkeng.
Lea Excitement at I'arls.
PAins. April 1. It is confidently ex
pected that the vigorous measures taken
by the government, including expulsions
her 5 year-old son r rank from the third
story of her residence, i"i9 Klworth street,
Holtoken, yesterday morning. Mrs Doane's
arm and leg were broken, and she was
probably fatally injured internally. Her
boy's skull was fractured and he will
doubtless die.
The Husband Awakes Too I.ate.
About 2:i o'clock in the morning Mrs.
Doaue left hi r room and entered the apart
ment where her husband and child were
fast asleep. Without awakening her hus
band she lirt.nl the boy from the bed and
carried him to the parlor window and
hastily opened the blinds. The little fel
low was awa tened by this time and strug
gled and screamed in his mother's arms.
Mr. Doanewis awakened by the child's
screams, and was horrified to see his wife
leap from the window to the sidewalk.
Had to Walt for an "Overt Act."
About two months ago Mrs. Doaue gave
birth to a child and since then she has
acted Strang ;ly. Three weeks ago, ac
companied by her 21-year-old daughter,
she called on Police Captain Hayes and
asked to be committed to some institution,
as she was often seized with a desire to
kill herself at d her children.
Hie Minea in Colorado Closing Don
Because They Don't Pay.
Denver, Colo., April 1. The closing
down movement in the big silver mines of
Colorado continues. General consterna
tion is now prevalent in all the silver pro
ducing section of the state. The big Lar
martine mine in the Idaho Springs district
has given the ;nen its ultimatum, either to
accept a reduction of 5t cents per day or
close down. T he present pay is 13.00. This
will throw out 400 men. Henry R. Wol
SOtt. brother of United States Senator
Wolcott, of Colorado, said that his com
pany was considering the closing down of
the Last Chnnce at Crede, the heaviest
producer in tht camp.
Will Lay Off HU Whole Force.
Dr. Haul paid off all of the top men in
the Aspen mine Wednesilay. A miner
employed ther.? said that the entire force
expected to le laid off on the 4th. The Sth
is their pay dny. Judge Hailey IJ. Morse
admits that hi is going to close down all
of his silver properties in Gilpin county.
Other proper! es are considering the ad
visability of abutting do wn.
A "His Tour" in Ihe Tanglefoot Line to
B.iild a "Mill."
Chicago, April 1. Samuel Woolner,
of Teoria, came to Chicago AVednesday
I and compleled '.be subscriptions to $1,500,-
000 worth oi st xk which will build one
of the largest d stilleries in the world. The
ground has been purchased, the plans
V .. . 1 1.. f
I umc uirii uimi'-, i-uuiruaa tor tne copper
are let, and all that remains to lie done
now is to tile the corporation mivim ni
from France, arrests of subjected persons I Springfield U h re work is begun in April,
and domiciliary visits, have practically Just Made a Tot of Money.
x wuicrs n. me enterprise are samuei
Woolner, John Francis, Edward W. East
man anu ueorgo .miner, ah tnese men
put an end to the dynamite outrages. Rav'
achol seems to be an all-around criminal.
He is charged with several murders, some
of which he admits, is a counterfeiter,
thief, and the probable aut hor of the ex
plosion at Bulot's residence.
Count Herbert Tempting Fate.
London, April 1. Vienna dispatches
state that Count Herbert Bismarck, who
is sojourning in that city, is attracting at
tention to himself by the reckless manner
in which he discusses in public and pri
vate the vagaries of the Emneror William.
It is said that the Emperor Franz Josef,
were at one time connected with the great
distillers' and cattle feeders trust. They
dumped their stick at top prices on east
ern holders and are now going into busi
ness on their o vn hook. The new dis
tillery will be built at Peoria and will
be running by ovember.
Promoted the Regimental Dog.
Behlin-, Apri. L The famous regi
mental dog attached to the Frederick III
Grenadiers, stat ioned at Konigsberg, has
who is thoroughly loyal to his brother sov-! promoted to the rank of sergeant.
ereign, is unable to conceal his annoyance Tne en of tne regiment conducted the
at the count's conduct. ' i ceremony of rais ug their canine comrade's
rank with great formality, and caused the
S roper chevrons to be engraved on the
ogs gold collar ;
Cleveland Their (Tnauimous Choice.
Chester, Pa., April 1. The Delaware
county Democratio convention met at
Media yesterday for the purpose of select
ing national aud state delegates. Urover
Cleveland was tb 3 unanimous choice for
J (resident. The s ate administration was
A SnceeHor for Prof. Dana. '
NEW Haven, April 1. A successor to
the venerable Professor James D. Dana
has been appointed by the Vale faculty.
He is H. L. Williams, professor of miner
alogy at Cornell university. His con
nection with Vale will begin next fall.
Professor Dana's name will continue on
the catalogue as a member of the faculty,
and he will continue to lecture on scien
tific subjects.
The Golden Rule Takes Fire at the Cln
elnnatl Wharf With Tragic Results
One Young Passenger Driven Mad bv
Fright Cyclonic Havoc In Nebraska-
Nelson Visited, Thirty Houses Wrecked
and Five Residents Irjnred Still An
other Five Hurt In a Train Wreck
Child Cremated.
Cincinnati, April l. At .'. o'clock last
evening a fire broke out on the steamer
Golden Rule lying at the foot of Main
street. Between the Golden Rule and the
shore was the steamer Fleetwood with
steam up and ready to pull out for up
river. Tne Golden Rule was booked to
leave at 5 o'clock for New Orleans, and
had fifty or more passengers on board. A
panic ensued. A dozen or more jumped,
Vito the river, while all the other passen
gers escaped by jumping from the Golden
Rule to the Fleetwood, thence safely to
shore. Had not the Fleetwood been where
it was the loss of life would have been ap
pallimr. The fire originated on the lower
deck of the Golden Rule by one of thedeck
hads setting a lamp ou a barrel of var
nish. The Flames Do Quick Work.
In a flash the flames communicated to
the rubbish, and from thence to the lighter
freight. In twenty minutes the whole
structure was enveloped in flames. The
Big Sandy w harf boat was soon ablaze,
and was destroyed. The burning boat
soon broke loose from its moorings, and
started to drift down the stream. By the
time it had proceeded 'AY) f-t ir
burned to the water's edge. As soon as
the fire was discovered all the other boats
at the lauding were cut loose and steered
out into the current. The value of the
Golden Rule alone was icS.oOO. The cargo
was worth s.iO,ouo. The wharf boat was
valued at $10,000.
Five DemU and l ive Missing.
Thus far five lives n L .,.ti t.. 1, ,
been lost. They are: Miss Nellie Malo-
ney; rranK Keilly, second mate; Jim
.imuoii, mace; .ai Homer, white deck
hand; an unknown woman. Mrs. Hasten,
of Addyston, a suburb of this city, is also
missing and it is feared she is lust. Three
or four others who were known tn h.va
been on the boat, but whose names were
not obtained are missing and the death
list may be increased lo ten or more. Mis
M.lloileV iuillPetl into the rivsr Ivtirum
the steamers Golden Rule and Fleetwood,
and her lioily is supposed to be near the
scene of the disaster.
Made One ;lrl a Maniac.
Miss Minnie Fitzsimmnns. of Cnvino-
ton, who was one of a merry party start
ing for an excursion to X.tv I irluuiw ).n,l
a narrow escape from being burned alive.
anu as a result or the fright and excitement
she has become a raving maniac and it is
feared will be permanently insane.
Thirty Buildings at Nelson, Neb., Wrecked
rive Person Injured.
XELSON. Xeb.. April 1. A most disas
trous cyclone passed through here last
evening. It was hrst seen m the south
west in the shape of clouds ranidlv whirl
ing. They gradually grew black and more
compact, and the wind, striking in the
northwestern part of town, passed directly
through the residence part, ruining every
thing in its path. Several business blocks
were unroofed and about thirty residences
completely destroyed. The total loss is es
timated at $100,000.
Five Persons Seriously Hurt.
Five persons Were InilllH! utrimialr l.iit.
none killed. Their names are: Mrs. John
Eaton, II. H. W illiams, Alice Williams,
John H. Hunt, Miss Mary Brayman, The
wind lasted about ten minutes, after
w hich there was a heavy fall of rain, last
ing five minutes. Considerable damage is
reported in the track of the storm through
me muuiry, oi wnicn particulars cannot
oe learned at present.
It Is Serlom to Five of the Men on the
PllINCETON. Iud., April 1. Negligence
caused a wreck on the Louisville, Evans-
ville and St. Louis railroad yesterday
morning. Train No. T4, going east at a
rate of twenty miles an hour, ran in an
open switch at Beck's siding and dashed
into some freight cars. The engine and
nine cars were completely demolished.
following are those iniured: Engineer
John Rosenburg, head cut and shoulders
crushed; Pete Delaney, fireman, head and
face badly cut; Conductor Harry Crames,
body bruised, not seriously; T. J. Roberts,
uruKeman, neaa ana lace badly cut. leirs
and arms terribly crushed; W. O. Wright,
hind brakeman, head and face badly cut.
uacK, botn legs and one arm smashed: he
is also internally injured.
Snw Their Child Burn to Death.
Asiilank, Pa., April 1. A 5-year-old
child of Louis Bubble was burned to
death by playing with fire yesterday. The
little one's parents were w itnesses to the
terrible sighl, but were too far away to
reach her iu time.
Poet Riley at Ihe Capital.
Washington. April 1. James Whit-
comb Riley, the Hoosier Poet, appeared in
Washington last eveninir lwff ra M lnrc-a
audience, including the president's family
ana several members of the cabinet. After
the performance he visited tlm
the National Capital Press club, where a
jarge anu tasnionaoie reception, a kind of
house warminir bv the cluli u un i. n,.
gressand delighted the guests with sev
eral recitations.
The Sliver Difficulty In India.
London, .April 1. A dispatch to The
times from Calcutta says: "The continued
enpr-scedented fall iu the rate of exchange
is causing universal consternation here.
and threatens to paralyze all branches of
trade. Much indignation is expressed at
the apathy of the government. It is Gen
erally hoped that the government will
greatly reduce the sales of India council
bills and raise a gold loan of 7,000,000 or
Will Play for the Iaraelites.
NEW Vobk, April 1. The Thalie theatre
ou the Bowery has been leased to Messrs.
Levy and Heine, of Chicago, for five years.
It is their intention to run the house as a
Jewish theatre, presenting Hebrew plays
with competent Hebrew actors. Their
l-'hancy will begin on Jane L
JSiK Mo. Tik We. Tl jr. Sc.
J1J1 Jl J1J5 16
171 18 19 20 2jj2 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
The German reichstag has been pro-
Judge Peter Wood Crain, Maryland's
oiliest judge, is dead.
Six prisoners in the iail at Charlotte.
N. C, escaped by digging through the
Mrs. Kate Davis, of St. Paul, charged
with ihe murder of Samuel Blackstone,
mis oeen declared not guilty.
Mayor Graves, of Fitchburg, 'Mass., is
prohibited from practicing law for one
year because he obtained f 15 fraudulently.
William Lankford has been' sentenced to
four years in Ihe penitentiary for burning
tne depot at Clay City, Ind. several weeks
Samuel Bishop, of Berrien Springs. Mich..
is said to have forged the name of his
father-in-law, Jacob Krall, to $7,000 worth
ox paper.
Investigation into the census returns on
Philadelphia manufactures discloses the
fact that almost one-half of the schedules
are incorrect.
A passenger train was held up by masked
robbers at eems, Ala, and the mail car
rifled of all its registered letters; value
about 0,000.
France is arranging to sendofficers to
Berlin to study the police system there.
with a" view to reorganizing the Paris
police service.
Miss Emma Fox. of Altoona. Pa., was
found iu an isolated spot Wednesday nicht
dying from a revolver wound. Foul play
is suspected.
Petroleum stored in a house at Freiburir
in the grand duchy of Baden, caught fire
and caused the death of au entire family
of eight persons.
II undreds of families in Kansas have
lost everything through a destructive
prairie fire. William Dunn, in an attempt
to save his property, lost his life.
A Texas boy found an old bomb that
had been lying in the water since the war
and tried to open it with an ax. It ex
ploded; he may live, but it is doubtful.
Costa Rica will expend $100,000 on her
World's fair exhibit. Peru will send to
the World's fair representatives of all the
principal Indian tribes found in the Peru
vian forests.
Charles Ladow, of Albany, has been
awarded the f uH amount of "his claim of
$3,231.50 against K. Bement & Sons, of
Lansing, for royalty on a spring-tooth
harrow which he invented.
Five years in state prison is the sen
tence passed on William Hamilton, C. A.
Barnley and C. A. Frazer, of Boston, who
confessed to having received 5,000 stolen
from the Order of the Rising Sun.
Huntington Crosse a High Bridge.
Sas Antonio, Tex., April 1. The first
train over the high bridge just - completed
over the Pecos canyon, w hich is 32S feet
high and 2,180 feet long, comprised five
coaches, bearing C. P. Huntington and a
distinguished party of Southern Pacific
officials and guests from Mexico. Mr.
Huntington proceeded to El Paso, w here
he will meet Jay Gould.
Arrested for Selling Pools.
St. Lot is, April 1. H. J. Townsend,
the St. Ixiuis manager of the Mercantile
Telegraph company, 212 North Eighth
street, was arrested yesterday. The Mer
cantile company has been selling in an in
direct manner pools and combinations on
the eastern races, it is charged, in viola
tion of the Stone anti-pool law. Coetello
& Bennett, who started a pool room at
810 Olive street, were closed up by the
Creede Is Coming Right Along.
Denver, April 1. Creede's first murder
occurred yesterday. Captain Light shot
and killed one McCann, a gambler. The
shooting occurred iu a dive- Long's saloon.
Light is a "bad" man, and has not yet been
In the neighborhood of the Pennsylvania
quarries one will fiud houses whose walls
are entirely of slate. The blocks of which
they are made are smoothly sawed, and the
alls are exceedingly substantial.
1 I
A prompt return
of your money, if you get neither
benefit nor cure. Kisky terms for
the doctor, but safe and "sure for the
patient. Everything to gain, noth
ing to lose. There's just one medi
qine of its class that's sold on these
conditions just one that could be
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. It's a peculiar way to sell
it but it's a peculiar medicine.
It's tho guaranteed remedy for all
Blood, Skin and Scalp Diseases,
from a common blotch or eruption
to the worst Scrofula. It cleanses,
purifies and enriches the blood, and
cures Salt -rheum, Tetter, Eczema,
Erysipelas, and all manner of blood
taints, from whatever cause. It
costs you nothing if it doesn't help
you. The only question is, whether
you want to be nelped.
"Golden Medical Discovery" is
the cteapest blood - purifier Bold,
through druggists, because you
only pay for the good you get.
Can you ask more?
The "Discovery" acts equally
well aU the year round. Made by
the . World's Dispensary Medical
Association, at 603 Main Street.
Buffalo, N. Y. -
2 A. C-AE AC t m W,LU I
i i i no s. 'u Li jni i r -
Ja better soap TiiANSANTVUiAiK
s i i J rIMUW. !
N.K.FVf, :m m
- AAv . ?'., "--m
&CaTGx ill
Merchant Tailor,
nag just received a larce invoice of the latt Imported atcllvn , - ,
Saltings, which he is selling at and up. TJis lire of ovt rr.;:,.t , I .
weat of Chicago. A vtry fine line of pants, which be is eilirc at " . .
" tid make jour selection while the stcck If complete.
- .'ZD
Stab Blcok, Opposite Harper ilor
Elm Street Meat Market-
All kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats always on Inn.!. Gii-
Fish and Oysters In the sea?on.
Reynolds' Block. Moline Ave., FOOT OF ELM ST,
Flour, Etc.
Telephone 1098. 231 Twentieth street.
All Kinds .ot Carpenter Work Done.
General Jobbing done on short notice and latiifaetkn: fcnarai.'.ev.:.
Office and Shot 721 Twelfth Street. ROCK ISLAND
Billiard Parlor Sample Room,
No. 117 Eighteenth Street.
You can save money by trading at the Old Re'iable
Crockery, Cutlery, Tinware, Classwpre and Wooden-
ware, Etc.
MRS. C. MITSCH'S. 1314 Third Are.
Cracker Bakery,
vrnmw k -::n
k To-nr OrncfT for Tt-r,
The Cbrtj -ut-Trs"
1803 Second .Wen;;-:.
imu ao trim vsiva.
l.tHlrl RrHin l.tirr. Hi-nlnclie. W":: i: i
-JgJ '"". NerTi!iien. l.a!.iitide.li'trai"N '' V
)riran in either BicHiisi-.l by .r.T t s- rni.ti. '(
Mu..rtiihuw ..mum nr Mitniiilunt t:i" -" 1,1
. tiun and Insanity. utni convenient t can y ' f .u ,
, . . .. .r....,.r Ir.-,, li J f, -f,,r
sale in Rock island by Hartz & Bahnsen. 3d Ave. and 2:h f-rtt
" i.iJM J,U.y
" MreSOcta-Sc -
Contractor and Builds
1121 and 113 Fourth svenne. Evidence H Ton".t p.,t b,
Plans sad specification rnrnlrbed on Ml tlttet of work : alao ;e .
Slidta Blind. aomethlDg new, stjUab and attum ,gU-0. IU

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