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1 1 if a
toria is Pr Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
Jnl C"l il1 It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
otlior Na . ic substance. It is a harmless substitute
f0r paregoric. Props, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It N I'li-asiint. Its guarantees is thirty years use by
Millis of M1,ors- Castoria destroys Worms and allays
jVvcrWi'irss. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
lire liarrlio?a and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teetlii'i'-r troubles, cures constipation an. I flatulency.
Cat'ri:i .'iisimilatcs the food, regulates the stomach
and lxiweN giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria i t1'0 Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend.
.Cls.ria is an x.vll.tit medicine for rtiil-
Imvf r.'P'ateilly told me of its
,I" tr.vt"I-'- ili. irrliil.iroD."
r ' Pr. G. C. Osgood,
Lowell, JIass.
,. .yrin the l-t n-ninly fur children of
,h ,1, 1 uomain'-d. I hope the day is not
t -luai.i li"1 1" '11"' will omsAler the real
jtJnir.-hil Iren. and ue Castoria in
f e u' ottlviriousqim-k minims which are
tolwW i": kmsl oms' by forcillS0Pium
n .rt,w f-u ;i- syrup and other hurtful
4v,ltj d,io tWr tlirouts. thereby neudiug
Conway, Ark.
The Centaur Company, 71 M
,..11.. JfiJftU Lti MMtlUMM
" Castoria is so wel 1 adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me."
H. A. Archer, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. T.
"Our physicians in the children's depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence in their outsidj practice with Castoria,
and although we only have among our
medical supplies what is known as regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon it."
United IIosi-ital asd Dispensary,
Boston, Mass.
Au.in C. Smith, Pies.,
array Street, Now York City.
Patronize Heme Industry and Protect the Labor of America
r,T I'stNO
1' C.w F:i. -i,. Fm" ccasnw. and is equally well adapted for Band and Machine
tewing. For rule br
to Dr. Gi'; lli.:ii'?:. r:ri"v,
MERRICK THREAD CO., 205 Fifth Avenue, Chicago
irt Factory :
Our Shirt,
ai-y. w.. ra..k.- tl,..m ..nr-elve.
'3.7. !,,inu. j. ;.,...
Our Suits
,.'l.S"' '" r"nt - tl.ev are tuilor-mude
Our Pants .
i: i:., . '"' i omjici.tlon.
i::..., . , . ' "" frm over 2w diffr-
S3 ,UMj ri,
Our P
: ; , ; ' "'"rkmunsbip cannot he
....';" "'"''-t. and last, hut not
,Tri-"ity Shirt Factory,
... " ' ' ' : I-1. j 'ajprockery itore.
" .... I'rimriotiir.
k cSc Co.,
j..v Murartnrcre of
D,,,J" BHnds. Biding. Flooring,
itcsi-k K1D8atiiig.
. net. Third and Fourth aves,
c. o. r
Steam Laundry,
" 1 and 223
The Leading Milliner,
Is receiving her Spring Goods
daily, and ler stock is larger
and more replete than ever be
fore. Call tnd see it "before you
purchase elsewhere.
1709 Second Are.,
Rock Island.
tVAgcnt for the Statcn Ieland dying es
No. 1724 THIRD AVE
A M. tz L. J. PARKER,
BT'First-class work and special attention to
Kompt delivery.
Telephone No. 1214
The Rock Island
Weekly Argus
Is the best medium through
which to reach the country trade.
Advertisers should have their
announcenc.ents ready by Thurs
day morning to insure insertion
in the curre nt week's issue.
Assignee's notice.
notice is nerel.y given, that the undesigned
ha been appoi itcd assignee of he Northern
Mining and tttilay company, and all Demons
noioing anyclai n or claims against said The
"OrthernMlnioB and Railwar company are hereby
m iirOTcm me sane to me nnQer oath or
ifflrmfttiAn Wllhin ha t . . .
r5i ,aldcl '" due or not. All persona
.uw.u,ou w anniKuor an reqnestea to make
Dated March, lSi.
Ho-?r to Vote in Illinois Under the
New Law.
The Requirements Briefly Htated For
the Benefit f Votrr Rad,
9Iaik, lirarn and Inwardly
TnE Augcs herewith reproduces for
the benefit of voters, the summary of the
requirements of the voter under the pro-
provisions or the new election law of the
state, which goes into effect for the first
time next Tuesday;
1. The method of reparation anrt the
qualifications of voters are not altered ov
tut uci? law.
2. Announce your name to the mil.
and if deemed by them a qualified voter,
you will be permitted to enter the en
closed space and be given a ballot by one
of the judges, he first putting his initials
on the back of it.
3. You will then eo at once, and alnn
into the voting booth and prepare your
4. Do this bv makinjr the cross (XI
iu me f quare ;
to the left of
candidate you
for thus:
name of each
wish to vote
r . i
o. ur, u you wisa 10 vote lor some
one whose name is not upon the ballot,
write nis name in the blank space under
the name of the office you wish him to
fill, and make a (X) to the left of it as
aboye indicated.
6. Or. if you wish, you can vote a
straight ticket" f which if it he
democratic is the best tlan bv
all means) by making a cross in
tne circle opposite the heading of the
ticketycu prefer thus leaving C all the
squares unmarked, or in other J words
making no mark whatever upon the bal
lot, eicept tne cross in the circle. Or
you can vote a split ticket" by marking
me uiruie bi iae aesu 01 ine ticket pre-
icrrcu ana tEen maging a cross in the
square opposite the name of any candi
date preferred under either of the otUer
ticket headings upon the ballot.
i. JN ever mark more than one circle,
ana having marked a circle, mark none
of the squares under it.
LI 1 .
o. uo not scraicn out any names, nor
mark your ballot in any way other than
indicated above.
9. In voting on any proposition printed
on the ballot make a cross (X) opposite
'"Yes" if you are in favor of it; or oppo
site "No" if you are cot in favor of it.
10. Before leaving the booth, fold your
bullot so tbut the na-nes and matk9 will
be inside, and tfce words ' Official Ballot"
and the clerk's signature, will be in plain
sit;ht; then hand it to the judge, who will
put it into the ballot box without num
bering it. .
11. You will notbe allowed to occupy
a booth witn another voter, nor must
you remain m a booth more than five
minutes, if others are waiting to vote.
12. You must leave the enclosed spce
within 10 minutes, and will not be aN
lowed to enter it again after voting.
13. You will not be allowed to vote any
nauoi except tne one you receive Trom
the judge, nor to take a ballot from the
poinng space betore the close of the
14 If you spoil a ballot, or deface it in
any way, return it to the iudge and get
another in its place.
15- If a voter declares upon oath that
he cannot real English or is physically
unable to mark bis ballot, two of the
election officers will mark it for him as he
16 Be will receive no assistance what
ever if intoxicated.
17. There are heavy penalties for
electioneering within 100 feet of the
pons; ior nmaertng a voter while going
to vote, or inducing him to tell how he is
going to vote; for showing your ballot
after marking it; and for making a false
statement as to your ability to mark your
18. The polls will be opened at '
o'clock a. m. and be closed at 5 o'clock p
m. Employes will be entitled to leave of
absence from their employment, whatever
it may be, for two hours without loss of
time, for the Durpose of voting; but in
order to claim this right they must ask
leave of absence before election day and
their employers shall have the right to
designate the exact hours they shall go.
The Diamond Jo Bus s
The Sidney will leave St. Louis on
Thursday f next week bound for Du
buque, making all intervening points.
She is officered as follows: Captain,
Larry CubUerly , clerk, Charles Mather
and pilots, Calhoun ard Hi Beadle, Jr.
The Ma-y Morton ib at Dubuque. She
will leave Dubuque for St. Louis about
the 10th inat, Capt. Jim Bolacd, who is
now aiding the Gem City's staff as first
mate, will be the Mry's master, and Oby
Callahan and Lsvi Williams will be at her
wheel. Henry Luk will be her ckrk.
The Pittsburg is at Dubuque, and will
not come out until Like Pepin is clear of
ice. In the meantime there will be two
boats regularly each week from St. Lsuis
to Dubuque. The Pittsburg will be cap
tained by John Killeen, and Ceph Gregg,
who was the old-time clerk of the Gem
City, will be in the office. The Pitts
burg is considered the favorite up river
Hot Springs Skin Soap,
Prepared principally from the evao
orated waters of the Hot Spricgs, Arkan
sas. Delightful for the toilet. The
healing powers of the Hot Springs of
Arkansas have long been known and rec
Ogmzed by the medical profession all
over the country. The manufacturers
believe that in presenting to the public
their Hot Upnngs bkin boap, they have
given a wotderful opportunity for pre
venting all kinds of skin disorders, and
believe that their patrons will be well re
paid by its constant use. For sale by all
druggists. Hartz & Babnsen wholesale
The unprecedented demand tor Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup has bad the effect of
bringing out numerous similar remedies
but the people are not bo easily induced
to make a trial of the new article, when
thev value the old and reliable one Dr.
Hull's (Jougn Syrup.
Thomas Kerr, of Milan, was in the city
Call up telephone No. 1055 for stock in
exposition association.
Hot coffee, chocolate or a good cup or
at Krell & Math's anytime.
The democratic candidates are to meet
Turner hall this evening at 8 o'clock.
Frank A. Peele and Miss Emma A.
Stroher, of Mt. Carroll, were married at
the parsonage of the First M. E. church
yesterday afternoon.
Lost A yellow satchel containing a
air of shoes and a bank book in the
ameof J. A. Billings. Finder please
iave same at Carse &, Co.'s store.
Get a cup of coffee with cream and a
slice of cream pie or a sandwich for your
luncheon. Every cuDofco?ee ism.lp
order in a moment. No waiting and
you get the best at Krell & Math's new
Davenport republicans at the list mo
ment be-fore election and merely for the
sake of doing something, have nominat-
d J. E. Lindsay for mayor, J. F. New.
burn tor clerk and J. B. Fialar, treasur
Notice Send your friends to Krell &
Math's for a dish of oysters, cup of cof
fee, cup of chocolate, cup of tea, wnha
slice of cream Die or a cream nnft. nr a.
chocolate eclaire, or a sandwich. We
will give you the best. Remember u.
James McGuinn, for some time past an
orator in the Western Union Telecrnuh
company's office, t as resigned his position
here to accept one in the company's of
fice at LaSalle. He learned the business
here, is a bright young man, and is get
ting rapidly to the front in his business.
The Twin t lty Hall luti.
At a meeting of directors of the Twin-
City bail team held Thursday afternoon
the treasurer was ordered to prepare a
certified check for $500 to be deposited
with a CliicRgo bank as a guarantee that
theclub would pNy out the saas.m. A
number of orders for smslk'r amounts
were al.-o ordered drawn on the treasurer
for the customary e xp nses in getting the
club in working oer. president C.
C. Hodges and League Director W. li
Moore were nsmed as a committee to
make arrangements as to grounds, and
the secretary was authorized to advertize
the sale (if stand priv lfge9, etc. A lim
ited sum was pli.ced at the disposal of
Manager Sge to be used as advance
money in signing players, and it is
thought that several more players will be
signed bv the end of the week. The
first assessment on stock is now being
made and the collector is meeting with
abundant success. Everything points to
a strong team for the twin-cities.
Wedding at HillNdal.
The marriage of William B. Feastir
and Miss Jennie E Wreath, both of
Canoe Creek township, on March 29 at C
o'clock p. m., was a quiet event.but none
the less pleasant or less important. They
were married at the borne of the bride's
mother, Mrs Hamilton Wreath, one mile
west of Hillsdale, Rev. S n. Weed, of
Colona, officiating. All of the two fami
lies were prcsen ; also Miss Lizzie,
daughter of the e fliciating minister. The
storm of rain without was forgotten for
the time while the happy group in the
parlor witnessed their vows of mutual
devotion for life. Most hearty congratu
lations followed: and then, with zest and
jest, all partook of such a bounteous
supper as these well-to-do people know
how to serve. The parties are both na
tives of Rock Island county of Canoe
Creek and Coe townships, respectively
and are highly esteemed young people
Mnmlay nrrvirea.
At trinity cnurcn. uev. k. jr.
Sweet, rector. Tomorrow, Passion Sun
day. Sunday school at 9:15;
matins at 10:15; litany, sermon and cele
bration at 11. Even song at :30. p.
m. At the chapel.even song and Sundy
school at 2 30.
At the Ctristian church, services at
10:45 a. m. , and 7:80 p.m., conducted
by the pastor. Rev. T. W.Grafton. Morn
ing Eutj ct, "The Sure Foundation."
Evening, "Does Christianity Foster Ty
ranny?" Sunday school at 9:15 a. m,
Y. P. S. C E. at C30 p. in.
At the Central Presbyterian, services
ususuul. At the morning services the
pastor, Rev. John H. Kerr, will preach
his second annual st rmon. Membeis and
adherents of the church are specially
urged to be present at the morning ser
vice. Sunday school at 11:15 a. m.
Young people's meeting at 6:45 p. m.
At the First MethodiEt, services at
10.15 a. m.. conducted by the pastor.
Rev. F. W. Meirell. Subiect. "The
Eleventh Commandment." In the eve
ning at 7:30 a song service participated
in by eiz laymen; subject, "An evening
with the Standard Hymns of the Church."
Sdnday school at 9:30 a. m., J. F. Rob
inson, superintendent. Young people's
meeting at 6:30, C. E. Adams, leader.
At the First Baptist, preaching in
the morning by the pastor. Rev.
C. E. Taj lor. Ph. D. Subject.
"Why Should the Work Cesse?" In
the evening, chapel day exercises con
sisting of songs, dialogues, recitations and
class exercises by the Sunday school.
Regular Sunday school at 9:15 a. in., C.
L. Williams, superintendent. Young
people's union at 0:30 p. m , topic,
"Leaving all to God's Care," leader. Mrs.
J G. Huntoon. Sunday school at the
Forty-fourth street chapel at 3 p. m.,
F. M. Sinnelt, superintendent.
Our readers will not be so very foolish
that they will allow themselves to be de
ceiyed with a new cough syrup when
they have experienced the value of Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup.
Baby Carriages, all styles, at prices from $.00
Gasoline S oves $3.00 and up: Side Boarls. Extension and Parlor Tables
Buy for Cash, Buvon Credit at same price.
?22 Brady Street, Davenport, la.
TuT.KpnoNK 421.
k Oien cverv evening until S.0) o'clock, an i Si'.urdits uiti! 10.00.
Steam Heating
Gas Fitting
lUllildll Healing Boiler.
Offlre and SI c H9 ' fct nth f tiect. Ttlcj toce 11
Rock Island, III.
The well-known Op'iclan of 6 OVm 9t
( S. S. cor. 7th ni Olive ). St. Louis. hsV
arpolntedT. O.Thomasa agrnl for ba
celebrated Diamond Spectacles c t y
glasres, and also for his Diamond So
Changeable Spectacles and Eyeglasses
Ihe glaeea are the greatest ineattoa
ever made in spectacles. By a proper
construction of the Lens a person ar
chasing a pair of these Non-Chanee&ble
Glasses never has to chant e these glasses
from the eyes, and every '?. r Inrc based
is guaranteed, so that if they erer leave
the eyer (no matter how or scratched the
Lenses are) they will furnish the plrll
with a new oalr of classes free of eharri
T. H. THOMAS has a fuil asortBKoC
and invites all to aatlafv themselves
of the great superiority of there Glasses
over any and all others now In are to uli
and examine the same at T.H. raoaua'.
druggist and oplician. Koc Island.
No Peddler Supplies!.
Boots and Shoes.
AU goons marked in plain figures, which wil
convince ycu that they are the lowest in the c'.ty
City 'Bus and Express Line.
Telephone Hock Island or Harper Hotels for buss or express
wagon and you will receive prompt attention.
Heating and Ventilating Engineers,
Gas and Steam Fitting,'
A complete line of Pipe, Brass Goods, Packing Hose,
Fire Brick, Etc. Largest and best equipped
establishment west of Chicago.
DAVIS BLOCK, Moline, 111. I 1712 First Ave., Rock Island, HZ.
Telephone 2053. Telephone 1148.1... TT
;v ! H j
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