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Rock Island Daily
VOL. XL. NO. 147.
I Single Copies 6 Casta
1 Per Week l Cooks
SAX & RICE, Prop's.
Q TO 2
An Easter greeting to one and all. Our stock is
Complete in all departments and open for inspection.
sVe carry nothing but good, honest goods, and extra
well made. Every day more and mord citizens of
the tri-cities discover that
SAX & RICE, New Prop's, of
- OF -
Selling for cash only, buying for cash onlyapd
n larger quantities than any other house in our line,
enables us to undersell.
ee-piece suits,
Two-piece suits,
double breasted suits,
Velvet suits,
Vested suits,
Zouave suits,
Blouse suits,
Kilt suits,
Buyers of children's clothing
never before have had the opportunity
to select from such a line as we are
showing. Our line is full of novelties
made in artistic style and fit. Let us
clothe your boy and see if we don't
please you.
Boys' suits, from 14 years to 19 years, in all styles comprising homespuns,
Wvrs, whipcords, chev$tk worsted, carr, etc.
Our furnishing goods department Jias never been so FULL. We have four
toies as large a stock as any one in our line, and we are the first with nobby,
stylish goods, much lower than any other house.
Our line of shirt waists is immense. 300 dozen to select from, and all new
styles this spring. We offer this week 50 dozen Star shirt waists, laundried,
vhlte and colors, worth 75c to $1 .25, for this sale 50-fifty cents-50.
Underselling Everybody on Everything.
We can interest hat buyers, tie buyers, underwear buyers, clothing buyers,
nose buyers, shirt buyers, trunk and satchel buyers.
it low prices for good, honest merchandise is of any interest to you, it is to
('l:r advantage to trade with u . . A
Written Over the Path of the
1 Southern Deluge.
The KttimstM Now Reach S50, All J'e
foe Experience of Sons of tbo Un
fortunatesA Family of Six All Lost
But On nd Another or Tan All Gob
Kxeept Two Three Thousand Destitute
in the Same Knmber of Coaatles
Heartrending- Story of the Flood's
, Work or Ruin.
Memphis, April u. East Mississippi
has been the scene of the most appall
ing floods in the history of the
United States within the last
week, and the world beyond the state
knows little of the destruction of property
and the loss of life that the rise in the
Tombigbee river has entailed. This river
rises in north Alabama and winds its way
south, touching Columbus and forming a
junction with the Alabama a few miles
above Mobile bay. The river having its
origin in the mountains of north Alabama
is ted by a dozen quick rising mountain
streams that for the last seven days have
been filling it until now above Columbus
it has assumed the proportions of an in
land sea.
The Hash of the Hark Waters.
Near Columbus the loss of life has been
terrible. Saturday night hundreds of
negroes, families in the bottoms went to
bed feeling secure, but before morning
they wrere aroused by a rash of wa.ers.
Those near the u. lands got away to places
of safety by daylight, but those in iower
bottoms found escape was out off and they
clambered to the tops of their rickety huts
in hopes that in a few hours the waters
would subside. But the rain poured down
in .torrents all of Sunday and the water-
bound prisoners saw that their only hoDe
of escape was boat that they thought
their landlords would send to bring them
to dry land.
Forgotten by the Landlords.
Bat the land owners did not appreciate
the dire necessities of the poor wretches
notU many houses had been swept away
and their occupants drowned. A letter
was received here last nigh from one of
she sufferers, and his story told in simple
negro dialect is heartrending: "The cat
tle, says he, "took to the high places.
ml for sustenance . began to devovr the
branches of trees. Chickens flew to the
l tons and remained there far three
days, until weak from starvation, they fell
late the water."
',. Two Hundred Negroes Perish.
Ohfekeos and a sew are the ealy personal
fineperty of the average plantation nemre
mvUf , and the loss ef these moans mnoe.
to cue poor wretches, ilesays that no estl
antrta em be made of the number of lives
jwayVut makes a rough guess that from
Saturday until Tuesday night 900 negroes
have "pari shed. Seih Jones' ease is like
dozens of others. This negro lav in his
hat with a wife and four children Sunday
morning, when the water oame rushing
into his cabin.
Wife j and Children Sink to Death Into
j the Raging; Waters.
Jonfes attempted to escape with his chil
dren but all avenues were cut off. He and
his family sought the roof of the house
and watched the water work its way up to
them As the current grew swifter the
houJe, began to tremble and in a few mo
menta the logs began to float away one
from ihe other. Jones grabbed one of his
children. His wife and the other three
were Jdrowned before his eyes. He held to
a log Bud in attempting to place his child
on it the fell and sank into the water. He
alone i escaped after floating around for
several hours.
1 The Waters Rising Again.
And the floods are increas ng. There
was a sudden rise of eight feet yesterday
morning, whieh will be increased within
the next twelve hours, for there has been a
steady downpour of rain in north Ala-
bama-and Mississippi all day. The Missis
sippi fiver here is almost at a stand within
a foot, of the danger line, and within three
feet of the highest mark. The weakest
point Is at Helena, Ark., but all is Safe
there,) according to late reports. The levees
along the river are in good condition, and
planters along the river have no very grave
Ten Thousand Acres Flooded.
On ihe Arkansas side of he Mississippi,
at Odupcil Point and Pecan Point, the river
is out of the banks and has flooded 10,000
acre pf land, over half of which has been
planted in corn. About 2,000 acres of cot
ton has been submerged. One planter
went pver his entire plantation in a skiff
I.Ieso the Number of 850 Lost and 150
J Hod lea Recovered.
Abkdeek, Miss., April 14. The water
in the Tombigbee river is subsiding, leav
ing a black, desolate waste. Late reports)
which have reached hen indicate that the
loss by the - flood will be greater than at
first, estimated. From the most reliable
information to be obtained from the flood
ed district it is known that the number
of lives lost will reach 250, while all
vestige of household property . has been
swept away by the raging torrent. Relief
parties have been sent out and more than
130 bodies hare been recovered. Thousands
of people are rendered homeless and the
suffering is intense. A relief party yesterday
rescued a family of nine persons who had
been Adrift on a raft for six days without
a mouthful of food.
j Driven Insane by Hunger.
They were insane from hunger and went
wild -over the sight of food. One of the
party', a lad of 14 years, had become a gib
bering idiot and devoured raw beef like a
Wild beast. A colored woman and her in
Jant were found floating on a mattress.
They bad been without food for three days
and ihe babe is so emaciated that it will
die. lier family of eight children were all
drowned. The loss of property is so great
that R cannot be accurately estimated at
present. Thousands of head of cattle
have perished and the swamps are strewn
with tarcasses.
All the Drowned Are Kegroea.
Jackson, Miss., April 14. The lowest
estimate placed on the loss of life in the
flooded district is 250, all of whom are ne
groes. More than 3,000 families in the
counties of Lowndes, Monroe and Noxu
beejare reported homeless and suffering
for the necessaries of life, which are be
ing supplied now by private subscription.
The Convention Declines to Instrnot, bat
Indorses Cleveland.
HAimtsBCWj, April 14. The Democratic
convention met here yesteryday with a
full attendance of delegates, and waa
called to order at noon. Representative
Beltehoover was temporary chairman, and
mention in his speech of Cleveland's name
was londly applauded, as was his eulogy
of Governor Pattison. Some Hill men
were present and interrupted Beltzhoover
to such an extent that a paragraph he had
in his speech relating to Gorman be wat
compelled to omit to save timo. Commit
tees were appointed as usual and the con
vention took recess to 3:30 p. m.
The Convention Organised.
It was 4:30 before the convention was
ready for business again and the first
thing in order was the credentials com
mittee's report. Twenty seats were con
tested. There were two reports, one de
feating all the contestants except four,
and a minority report in favor of all the
contestants. The .majority report was
adopted, and then after aa exciting scene
caused by the minority members of the
credential!' committee not being satisfied
with things, George' Ross was made per
manent ch irman, according to the report
of the organisation committee.
Sentiments of the Platform.
Roes was received with cheers, which
were redoubled whenever he referred to
Cleveland, Pattison, or tariff reform. The
platform declares the Democracy the party
of the people and the custodian of the doc
trines of Jefferson, mentioning m the same
connection Andrew Jackson, 8. J. TMden,
and O rover Cleveland; advocates honest
money of gold and silver and paper-eon-vertible
tbereirsta without loss; liberal but
not reckless pensions, and economy in gov
ernment. Tariff reform is tfenDAndod on
the basis of the national platform of M88,
and that is declared the tariff issue.
For Grover Cleveland.
This being the issue the platform de
oJaras that the Pennsylvania Dernooraey
is overwhelmingly for the renomination of
Cleveland for president, and that the best
interests of the country demand the same.
The delegates are Instructed to vote s a
unit, but not for aay partieolar maa.
Pattison is heartily indorsed as governor,
and Harrity as member of Che national
committee. An attempt to have the dele
gates instructed for Cleveland failed.
The Komlnatious Made.
Christopher Hydnick was nominated for
jastios of the supreme aonrt, Thomas
Mersit aad aeorge A. Allen tor eoattrees-mea-no-larfr.
and tteerge Roes, W. T.
Henseil. W. M. gingerly and Charles Rob
inson, delegates-at -large to ike national
onvvontiea. Adjourned sine die.
era, oat Republicans.
MWTPHLIKB, Tt., April 14. The Repub
lican bold their state convention here
yesterday. The platform adopted indorses
the administration of President Harrison.
Ex-Speaker Reed addressed a large audi
ence in the Howard Opera house at Bur
lington last evening receiving an ovation.
Is for Chief Justice Fuller.
New Yoi;k. April 14. Just before ex
Governor Hauser.of Montana, left the Fifth
Avenue hotel for Washington he said in
reply to a question as to whom he would
favor as the Democratic presidential nomi
nee: -Oh, I'm for Chief Justice Fuller."
Kebraska Democracy.
Omaha, April 14. The Democratie state
convention met last night at 10:50 in great
disorder.owing to the Cleveland-Hill fight.
A credentials committee was appointed
after a long debate and the convention ad
journed till today.
Wyoming Democrats.
DOUGLAS, Wy., April 14 The state
Democratic convention for the selection of
six delegates to the national convention at
Chicago assembled here last evening, and
after organising adjourned for the day.
Bays Palmer Is the Man.
Washington, April 14. "Senator Pal
mer, of Illinois, would make the grandest
candidate of them all." So declared Sena
tor Brice, of O.. yesterday, and he said
further that Palmer would be elected.
A Sanguinary Brazilian Sends the Min
ister a Challenge.
NEW York, April 14. Colonel Antonio
Hario de Coehlo, editor of the O' Brazil e
Os Estadoa Unidos, a Spanish-American
publication, who gained celebrity as an
opponent of Dom Pedro, has challenged
the envoy extraordinary and minister plen
ipotentiary from the Brazilian repnbMoxo
a duel, tienhorde Coehlo, who has aa eifico
in Temple court, when seen was most im.
dignant at his treatment at the hands of
the minister. Senhor Salvador da Meo
donca. He alleged that the Braaihaa min
ister has treated him most shatnefaMf .
Two Women In the Matter.
Coehlo says there two women motber
and daughter involved; that "the entire
matter is one of blackmail, behind which
the Brazilian minister is. While I cannot
fight a woman I can fight him. He called
me a negro and I will oompel him to est
bis words nr kill him. He cannot avast
himself of his official position to refuse ma,
for, if necessary, I will go to WashiagtfW
and tweak his nose in the street." A tele
gram from Washington says that Minister
Mendouca has not seen any challenge yet,
and could not accept one if he had, aa ha
is nearly blind and has recently had aa
operation performed ou his eyes.
He Justifies the Rustlers.
DENVKlt, April 14. B. B. Brooks, who
claims to represent one of the largest cat
tle companies iu Wyoming, passed through
this city yesterday. He said the rustlers
had the right on their side; they were
mostly homesteaders and the big cattle
companies had no right to drive t heir cat
tle on the rustlers' lands; they were light
ing for their homes; he would light for sua
home, too, if he was in their place.
Tammany Will' Be l.OOO Stmug.
..New YoMC, April 14. Tammany's com
mittee of twenty-four met in the Wig
wam yesterday and completed arrange
ments for the journey of t he delegates a,
the Chicago convent ion. Nearly all of the
leaders were present. At least l.M will
ge to Chicago.
National Fair Commission Adjoaras.
hwaCO, April 14. The sixth awwion a
the national commission of the WoridV
Columbian exposition ourae to an end
Tuesday at noou when that bed? ad
journed to meet in September. Most of
the members left for their kosaes.
Political Points.
Florida Republicans are assemlled la
Senator Calvin S. Brice will not accept
a re-election as chairman of the Demo
cratic national committee. He gives as a
reasou that he does not care to again un
dergo the mental and physical strain
which the position entails.
Palmer was endorsed yesterday by the
Democratic convention at Jacksonville,
At the Republican district convention
held at Bay City, Mich., Alger waa in
dorsed. The election at Cohoes, X. Y., resulted
in the choice of Strong, Republican, for
Republicans of Franklin and White
side counties, Illinois, instructed for Fifer.
Michigan Republicans are in session to
day at Detroit.
Two States iet Their Dlrlct Tax.
Washington, April 14. The treasury
yesterday paid thedirecttax as follows:
Iowa, t34,274; South Caro iua, tl,Tll.
Jumped l'unr Morles and Lives.
CHICAGO, April 14. The factory of the
Consumers' Pure Ice company on Thirty
fifth street was burned yesterday, causing
a loss of S0,000, insured. -Charles Fair,
chief engineer was caught on the fourth
floor with no means of vscaiie by the atair
ways. He jumped, and by a strange dis
pensation of provident'.- lie struck ou his
bands and feet in a piece of soft and tmiddy
ground, and escaped without any seriuus
Only One tiame of Kali.
CHICAGO, April 14. Kvery base ball
runt of the National league except one
was postponed by rain yesterday. The
cue played was at Cincinnati Pittsburg
8, Cincinnati 7.
Cmoaee, Asrf JA.
Following were ' the qaotatloaa the
board of trade today: Wheat April, ononedV
Stftjo, oioetd IK.; May. opened
oi ai vinoEu rvge, enraoa cnm sbra
April. onooert ofe, olosad eSXs; lUg
opened tf'H;, elesod Ca; Jaa. oseaoa
eiosed Ste. Oata-May, opened !lc, cj
8c; Jane, opened , aloeed
opened. WJjc, ioasd &o. POek-j
epenea atoms. aie.ifl; May, onenell
JHV eiosed rJ0; inly, opooed- .X-.
eiosed $10.. Lard-rApra. eseead ton,
closed s.r7i
Ltve Btoot: Prices at ths Union "tockmrdo
today ranged as follows: fTnas MarAr
Adrly active, ptiues as lower; sales raased at
taas24.se pia. s.it.a6 light. ihtMM
rough park lag, Sl.SO34.ss mixed, tZlttiian
heavy packing and shipping lota.
Cattle Market slow and weak, nrk-ea fewer;
qnotaujnns ranged at $4.2.-4.75 choice to ex
tra shipping steers, ,t4.S) good to choir
oo, d.2o j4.7U.rair to good, f LUOi&lStf res? 1
10 roeaium uo. iui.i.au Datrhera'
aOUa&UU stackers, S2.754i3.7i Texas settees.
$3.1003.80 feeders, $l.ftua.4i cows, f l.rJJb)
balls and veal calves.
Sheep-Market fairly active and orioea 1
tower; quotations ranged at x.,.m.:a
eras, .)4tB.vi natives, and S.KtaT.M
shorn lots &uUe per MM lbs below q no tat
given aoove.
PiymIiw? RuUap.ITim hum.-.
i- . ......J ODWHIMI, aM3r
ne creameries, 3&3tc; dairies, fancy fresh,
21a3c; packing stack, fresh. ItulKet air
otraok. 12&l4c. Eks Freeh, laa per doge.
Live Poaltry Chiekens. Ill nor lb: rme.i.s.
6t2c; docks, U'H'iUc; turkeys, mined ist.
BIi.tc; geese. 4.uu&e.ui per dozen. Pat
toea Hebron. aa&33c per ba. ; Bnroaaxa, Me
3c; Rose, 3S035c for need; 1-earleas, OK&t
sommon to poor mixed kits, avass: earln-
Obios, t2i'K per bo.; sweet potatoes, ambia.
X2.35&2.au per brl.; Bermuda notatoes. tOttA
6-50 per brl. Apples Common, Sl.?S4fel.at par
vL; good, ifti50; fanoy. C.Ti
'XswTsrk, '
.. Nxw Tonx, Apr 1
vvneai no. z red winter aaah.
April, Wc; Joe. 8UTfl; Jury. MM.
No. 2. mixed cash. MUc; A art tvMef.
47Mic; June, 4.e. Oats ttteady; t
mueu caan. .q Aiay, aw: J aly, et'te.
wesx; wesera. w-tc Barley Dai.-,
rowed state, arable. l'ork-Uuiet bat 1
mess. $U.9miM for new. Lrd-Quiet;
o.oj; jaiy. o.oi.
Ldve stock: Cattle-Trsdins firm and na
tive for all grades: poorest to best native
steers, afrt.J per 10 lbs. Bbeep and
uunbs I nder a good demand, prices advMleed
He per lb; nnaborn sheep, $6.ai7.M per 1S
lbs: clipped. $Vw&5 75; nnshora lamha,
$7Je.lU; ' clipped do. $rt S07 W. Ha
Nominally ste.i.' ; live hogs, $4.&&&-3t por
UW Uo.
a r.
X 1 st.

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