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f,f Fig? i taken; it is pleasant
' , 1 '' 4nflA nn ofa
"ntiv vet prcmitly on the Kidneys,
ver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
ra tfK-ftiuilly, tlispt-ls colds, head-
, - and lever? and cures habitual
..r-t'.PSt'.On. ciup vi i to uie
- i 7" ! A 1 ' 1 .
,.'v ivrncay OI us iiuu ever uru-
n "ising 10 me rcisie anu ao
Me to the stomach, prompt in
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::i:d nave inaae n tue most.
,'.V.i:iv remedy known.
j.v;r,. (,f Figs is for sale in 75c
.,r'i,- 1 v r.ll leading druggists.
I he Home Team Takes Another
Fall out of Terre Haute.
Wkat Khonld Have Been a Shut Out
Vest, rday Resulted la the I-o-eals
Winning by aHerateh
V r- iil: ' 'ie UI llll tiv iiia iivu
',. it en hand will procure it
;, fr any one who wishes
to uy it. M:mutactured only by tne
Real Estate and Insurance.
F-nli Mreel $ NO
Kk'M'tiih (.in-. -t taX)
V' 111 nvcniif TCO
V '. hMrtvt 7T0
V'c.urtli cv.'iiiii' fit)
fifth avemi-
VM.'.i.'h i-tro t S.VI
i.i'v, ii;li s(r ( l.Otd
N irh avenue
i XT It :ivi line 1 i'MI
'iBfiitv-Vn-t Mtvet 1.S50
Tiv. f .llr h .r et 1.4'H)
Fif'i'fiitli-troti 1 smi
mith nrk 1 :!iio
Tliiitv li street 1.4ml
KiL'luh avenue J.1M1
.. :th 1'ark 1 Mio
'! w f(i ri'et i ,rv
roi;r h ;ienue l.rViti
Ki'iirti'fi t'l ptrri't l.wm
T' iiifcnil! (ttrret 1 I
7! .Tti'ci Hi ,trert.. l.Hnti
V.. 'ice a.(Ki
l ift.- ii' li uret-t 2 IA6
i' street Vitm
1- i.urrli i.vonue 8 4(10
s i .ii . L niuiie
Tv. . i ty-unh street 2..MMI
l-'.nr'li avenue 2.5ki
Kfinli tierne '2,'!
vet te i.th sir. ct 8.-50
7 Ivr.l :iv t no.... 3,2i)0
I'.Mi-ih Hvenne ?,ro.1
! "!i;h nvenm 4,('(i(i
T-.-v nieer.tli street 4.t)
A. crowd of ball players from Indiana,
wto b aye been soiouming in the city the
psst few days, went out to Twin-City
park yesterday filled with radiant hope of
a glorious yictory, and came back about
tw hours latir sore ar.d sick at heart.
Acad appearing man, one Brackett by
name, who accompanies the club and
handles the 540 at each game was in a
terrible frame of mind last night. He
wanted to do something, but he didn't
know what it was. He thought it all
over several times and finally concluded
thf.t somebody must go, and he looked
around for that somebody. His stem
eye fell on Davey Sowders and the latter
was doomed. He was called up and told
tht.t his name must be taken from the
pay roll, aDd so it came to pass that
D.-.vey, i,o had helrt the Joliets down to
th ee Li;s, was reieaectl. Beam and
Simmers was ihe battety for the
vit, tors until the middle of the
sixth inniDg when Beam was taken out
and Davey Sowders was put in his place,
th j latter allowing the locals r.ne run in
th? last three innings, the other 10
being made off Beam. For the
home team Browner and Sage was the
batiery, and the "Kid" pitched a good
Rame until the seventh inning when he
got a little leary, and in the ninth
lo-i Hautentauts run in sis scores.
Our boys played a good game and
found Beam quite fretly, but neither of
the pitchers for the visitors had much
support in the field, their work in that
direction being exceedingly yellow. Spill,
th.j visitors' snort stop, made a pretty
double play unassisted, and Nulton and
Ztis, of the locals, each cracked out a
rorini: hit to right for a home run. The
Twin Citys went to Quincy last night,
w jere iLey play three ganv-s and then re
turn and Ditty nine games at home.
The following is the score
. errt Haute . . A'o'-i Isla nd-Moliue
II. nip. cf..l 1 1 0 0O"DT,Sb..3 15 4 0
Scimii'ri. e 2 3 5 II 1 X'n tnu, 31). 2 3 0 3 0
Ki s'luick.S.i 1 1 ti 1 l)le, cf 1 3 1 C 1
riLtit. 1 8 ti 3 0 lloffin'u, K.l 14 0 1
K; iney, 1.2 111 0 1 Bartsnn, rf.O 0 10 0
Corbel', rf O 1 0 0 0 Lynch, s . . 1 1 S 0 0
U..-tnnii, lf.O 0 1 0 0 Zeis, 11) 1 17 0 0
s:-...l 1 2 1 0 -use, c. 2 8 7 0 1
It. nni, p. . 0 0 ti 1 o Browirr,.. .u 0 0 o 1
S( vvdere, .U 0000
' roi!ii8...ii r a. . 4
Totals . 9 10 -J7 1! 3
- kintals,
ii . - -II 1 : 1 II I - -I . i: t Mi
Best Line of
,!e largest and best line of
1809 aud 1811 Second Ave.
Glass fur tLe table.
I Lay- jnst received a supply
tliis Sanson's shapes and
Ptttriis in berry sets, four piece
6ws(bu;t-r, sugar, creamer and
6,ooiii.T , bowls and other table
?'Uas ware, which include many
K'Mh h0th pretty and cheap.
Jass i9 particularly prettv
uu uie table in spring and sum
mr. Wouldn't you like to
" and Bee it?
Q. M. Looslet.
",ri:--. Lam,.,,
T.IDI. Cutler,.
Second avenue.
"v of I, da A. Mapes, Deceased.
i-lrtior ,.7".'KueQ hvili ben appointed a lmln
Utt.it, e,t",e of Lyli Mapes,
-oh ,w;,.0''.nvvo,K,,ck '8lani- tate ot
i'D-'a! he? ,i't'reby Kivc Bot'ce tQSt "HI
cnuriiv t ,1, i 'nlT conn or noca island
"t'H nf e'Lffl,ef 0,the 'erkof said conn, tn
s"t Mondavi i U tu'd-' " J1t term, on th
M r.ouLJfcIa.lm8 atiist said estate are notiBed
S ?J Uend' ,or the Pt"TX of bavins
tolSL?.n1ll'd5,edt0Bllid"1te re re-
"80ed. ."."Tuii payment to tne under
au i ,hi "U day of May, A. D. 18M.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 !l
R ck Ihind-Mii:ne..4 1 3 0 1 1 1 0 011
Trre Haute 0 0000 II 18 6 9
Buse hits Roik IslamlMi.linn, 13; Term
II lute. 10. l wo-ttape hit Lynch. Home runs
N ilteii, Zeis. Errors Kock Islnnd-Moline, 4;
r 'rra llnute. 3. Passe 1 bills Samincrs. sai;e.
Wild pitch Browner. Double pluvs t-iill (un-
tsted). l.me ot ghtne i:au. tmpin-
bijity be given a trial. Rock Island-
Moline needs another pitcher and needs
one badly, and who knows but what
Sowders will fill the bill? He has
been playing good ball eo far this season
and against the strongest clubs of the
league at that.
Wednesday's league games resulted
B-t follows:
At Rockford Rcckford 5, Evans-
ville 4.
At Peoria Peoria 12, Quincy 1.
At Joliel Joliet 9, Jacksonville 3.
foul Tirs.
We rise to explain that we are proud of
lierrWilhelm Zeis.
What a merciful thing it was that there
v as not another inning.
Ah, if rain had only interfered at the
end of the sixth inninc.
It ought to have been a shut out 11
t J 0 in favor of the home team.
It looks as if the club would have to
provide a system of relay pitching the
days that Browner officiates.
Browrer was all right up to the sev
enth inning. After that he was no
earthly good. Browner seems to have
trouble in getting his second wind.
Some of Eddie Fusselbach's old Dav
enport friends yesterday presented him
with some of the bats he used to handle
when he played there. It may break
Terr Haute 's hoodoo spell.
About 40 young ladies have made
i.irangements to attend the ball game
en Monday acd will wear the home
team's colors. The boys will no doubt
feel encouraged and will play ball as
they never did before.
The latest reports from Peona aeny
the rumor that their club is to be trans
ferred to Aurora. The Peoria manage
ment announces that there is no ground
whatever for the report to b3 circulated,
und that Peoria will not allow the f ran
hise to be transferred.
Left Fielder Mackey reported last eve
ling to response to President Hodges' or
ier. Mackey . bad a local physician's
Jrtiflcate that his leg was in a bad con
dition and that be could not play for sev
eral days. He said he had no deeire to
df gert the Rock Island-Moline club and
h:s idea waa to act fair if given a show.
Be wa severely hauled over the coals for
leaving the city without permission, and
told that the offense would not be toler
ated again and tht he must play ball
here or nowhere. He went back to Ster
ling last evening and will report here
Saturday if he is able.
Davie Sowders, who pitched the last
half of yesterday's game, was released by
Maauter Brackett, of the Terre ; Hautes
previous to the team's departure for Pe
oria this morning. The local manage
ment it once told Sowders to remain in
the city until after the home club's return
from Cjaincy when he will in all proba-
Poblie Spirit In Rork Inland Con
trast d With the Methods) of Nelgh
boalnic rules Onr Pavement and
The Mu ecatine News-Tribune of this
morning has the following on which no
comment is necessary:
Oa Monday last the writer paid a yisit
to Reck Island and Davenport. He saw
in both of thes cities not only numerous
stately blocks of stone and brick of ma
jestic proportions rising on every hand,
but what struck him the most effectively
were the miles upon miles of brick pave
ment which cover the streets of those
Rock Island is but little larger than
Muscatine, but there were not only three
miles of splendidly paved streets, but the
writer came accidentally upon a beautiful
park, which would have done honor to a
metropolitan city. A large ornamental
fountain ornamented with beautiful fig
ures, and basin, gu-trded by lions couch
ant, graced the centre of this square.
Near by was an ornamental drinking
fountain. But a few feet away were
lovely casts, life size, of classic originals,
guarding the approach to a handsome
band pavilion. Numerous collo.-sal vases,
10 feet high we stould judtre, artistically
wrought, and decorated in gilt, orna
mented different sections of tfae square.
At the northern entrance to the grouc. s,
were two lovely statues in brass, the one
' Drawing the Thorn," the other, "Cupid
Behind a Mask.'' In another quarter, was
a tall, rough monument in brownstone,
surmouLted by a huge American Ewgle in
brass, (the gift of the workmen at the
Arsenal). In another quarter was a min
iature log cabin in stone, the latch-string
plainly hanging out, and a garden show
ing in front. Smoothly rolled walks,
lined with comfortable settees, threaded
the grounds, and everywhere the green
sod was diversified with ornamental beds
of flowers.
One finds such beautiful squares only
in cities. Davenport is soon to have its
duplicate. Such parks bespeak the cul
ture and refinement of a place, and those
miles of f-mooth, brick-paved streets, tell
of the progressive spirit of a town.
Will Muscatice believe that while she
has yet to lay a single brick in her
streets, these sister cities have many of
their alleys already paved with brick,
and looking as neat and elegant as public
The saddening contrast between Rock
Island and Muscatine compels the ques
tion, "Why is Mutcaline so far behind?"
We have as beautiful homes as Ruck
Island can boast of, and as beautiful
shade, and everything deckres our tasie
and advancement in our .domestic envi
ronment. But when we come to mat
ters of municipil aud public enterprises
we are not in sight of our neighbors.
Wi-aihrr lata.
The chief of Uncle Sam's weather bu
reau has directed publication of some in
teresting data compiled from the record
of observations of the month of June
taken at this station for a period of 21
years. The following figures are taken
from it:
Mean or normal temperature, 70; the
warmest June was that of 1S90, with an
average of 74; the coldest June was ISS.'t,
with an ayerage of 67. The highe t tem
perature during any June was 93, on the
26th, 1890; the lowest temperature dur
ing any June was 39, on the 4th, 1SS9
Average date on which first "killing"
frcst occurred, (in a Hum); average date
on which last "killing" frost occurred, (in
Average for the month, 4 '40 inches;
average number of days with .01 of an
inch or more, 13; the greatest monthly
precipitation was, S 43 inches in 1882;
the least monthly precipitation was, 0 49
inches in 1SS6; the greatest amount of
precipitation recorded in any 24 consec
utive hours was 3 50 inches on June 4,
Average number of cloudless days, 8;
average number of partly cloudy days.
14; average number of cloudy days. 8.
The prevailing winds have been from
the southwest. The highest velocity of
the wind during any time was 60 miles
on the 8th, 1870
Another Kork Inland Hnolneaa Change
Within a few days the well-known
boot and shoe store so long owned by
Carse & Co. will have passed into the
hands of George Schneider. The trans
action has been practically consummated
and as soon as the invoice, now in pro
gress, is completed Mr. Schneider will
gain possession. The firm of Carse &
Co. entered business in 1879 and has
been one of Rock Island's wideawake and
leading business houses from the first.
Mr. Carse goes out of the shoe business
entirely and will devote himself abBo
lutelv to the soda water business. It is
not yet known what his partner, S. R.
Wrieht. will enage in, but he will
probably remain in Rock Island.
Mr. Schneider has had a great dial of
of experience in the shoe trade,, having
conducted two stores here successfully
for several years.
Hillsdale, May 25 -Farmers sre
rushing their corn planting these nice
days. Should weather be favorable corn
will doubtless be a good yield .
Mrs. Land ford's sis'er has returned O
fcer home afjer several weeks' visit with
hr Bister here .
Fender & Ndndle are out with their de
livery wagon again, and will continue to
run it daily when weather will permit.
The water has again receded after
the recent rise and will soon leave tbe
'Dosia bottom dry should it continue to
fall as at present.
Seven candidates were baptized last
Sabbath at the river west of Fairfield
church and all who haye been baptized
will receive the right hand of fellowship
next Sabbath morning.
Josh Palmer has let the contract for a
new house to be built this summer. We
notice many improvements being made
all oyer the country in buildings, but the
continued heavy rains haye made the
roads in a very bad condition. They
will doubtless be repaired soon as crops
are gotten in and other farm work done
which needs prompt atlention.
Next Saturday is covenant day at
Bethel church, and in the evening the
B. Y. P. U. will be organized under
the state constitution. We would be
pleased to see all the young people from
this and surrounding country present.
It is not necessary that they be Baptist
members to unite with the union. The
national union meets at Detroit July
14'h to 17ih and we should be in work
ing order by that time and be represented
Kivrr Rlplets.
The Kit Carson brought down IS
strings of logs and the Robert Dolds and
Pilot eight strings each. The Josephine
and Verne Swain came down, and tbe
Lion. Mountain Belle. Pilot and Verne
Swain passed up.
Tbe stage of water at the Kock Island
bridge at noon tsday was 10.80 and the
temperature 64.
Minnt apoliH and Krtnrn.
From June 2 to June 6 the C , R. I. &
P. Ry. will sell round trip t'ekets to Min
neapolis at rate of one fare for the round
trip; eood to return up to June 25
F. H. Plcmmer, Ticket Agent.
The Wonderful Sneers
Of Hood's Sersiparilla as a blood purifier
entitles it to your confidence. No other
preparation has such a record of cures ot
scrofula. Silt rheum, blond poisoning,
or other b'.ood diseases. To try it is to
know its merit. Be sure to get Hood's
For a general femily cathartic we con
fidently recommend Hood's Pills. They
should be in every home medicine chest.
What's'better for a wound than Salva
tion Oil? Echo answers: "what." We
answer: "nothing."
Your pnstry is not complete withouj
Krell & Math's ice cream.
9 ! Sheet
to select from. Why pay 40 cents
to 51.n1 Tor vmcii you can
get lor 111 cents at
1717 Secotd Avenue.
To call your attention to a few fact:
T"r f mrrht fa nrinfl-Aat h PV.H nnnn rtru-wl
care; improper spectacles are n jurious, you
knulJ a-n tciidt foils '-iiu1rVi ti-a ii-.i.i. - -'V. 1
peddlers of cheap spectacle.
1 a Practical Optician, and will taVe pain tn
properly tit your eyes for e cry UtfVct of vit-ion
and win guarantee a perfect nt m every case.
IT tfrfe nrlat Mnat fltstiorrtT mn 1" tarfe. thr"w 1 afa of
1UV t
U DstoorrwMM viuv f Mill, aw natttt iMIM tjfa-
If the lines in this diamond figure do not
appear equally black in all the different
meridians, it indicates a defect of sight
that causes nervous head-ache and should
be corrected at once. Eyes tested free
Jeweler and Optician.
The lareest stock of laoo piirtntna
curtain troods. dranerips trarH irnMs
Swisses, scrims and every variety of
luiioiusuossioiewoe Drought to this
market is now on exhibition in our new
department, 2nd floor. Continued rains
and lateness of season compels ns to
make some unusual efforts to move this
great stock.
Beeinnini? on Mnnrtaw nnminn m
shall name some unusual values in each
line of onr curtain stock. We advise
every inspection through these goods.
A verv lare-e nnrrVia: nf finn,.
c- . .- .i.j i ii a
XVUCS enables lis tn coll rViom
lowing prices:
Smyrna Rntr, 2x4l at $1,17
Smyrna Huis, 6x54 at 147
Smyrna Hii2, aoxfiiat 1 f.7
Smyrna Kuc, S6TJ at 67
Smyrna Hn;;, for bureaus,, '5
Smyrni R1179. for doors. .Mi
Small Mottled doir ruBJ. .15
Ki ll borilt red cocoa d or mst?
Closing out of spring garments. The
season is nearing the close for the sal
of spring wraps of all kinds.
We are consequently growing uneasy
as we contemplate the large lot of late
arrivals injackets, capes, and blazers
which have just been received.
Our enthusiasm may have carried-us
a little too far. Anv how. lasr wt
were induced by offerings of special
values to buy another !o: of 125 gar
ments in addition to our already large
Stock which we then harl nn Vifirifl. Re
sult We are now anxious to unload,
in fact we feel shaky, or panicky as w
realize how near the season is to jta
Here is our decision:
Late arrivals of tan blazers at J isiiand 3 to
late ariivals Tin cloth Jackets !$3.59. canacS
matcb acain.
Tan clota long Capes trimmed w?th mil beaif
Marabo, aod bta'diiig at $5,00 ai.d ii.0i
The assortment may not be so ijcxni later in.Gra
1720. 1722 and 1724 Second Avenue.
P. S. Just nwivpil n lnt ,,f o-l. ., ; .. :m- .i,-ii ... ,.,... ...,,.,- ..... i:.,.,.i ..;i
liaililles 'price ,c. Also 100 Ui',lf,.nl ,., hl- ,,i..i..,iioa f,.,, ..i.i-r;,v-
lutn.lles $1 25. (ioo nice choice new siik umbrellas at abiilit 00c on the Dollar.
Ice Company.
Deliver to all Houses
Cut at Watertown.
Bock Island Office. Molina Office.
Commaterctal House. ISO Third Ave.
Telephone 1218. Telephone
The Reasons Why the
Is the place to buy your Blioes:
e can show yon the largest and most complete stock in.
different styles and prices in the three cities,
A few of our leaders:
Children's Shoes, 25, 30 and f 0 cents.
Childten's Tip Shoes 95 cents.
Childien's School Shors 75 cents.
Women's Serge Buskins 40 cen!e.
Women's Oxfords at all prices.
We have ths beet and most stylish 3 doth top ladies'
shoe that can be produced. A.!so the laTge;t lineof mn's
$3 shoes. We aie headquarters for the celebrated mule
skin shoes Remember the place,
Harper House Block.
ISIS Second Avenue.
SATURDAY, MAY 28th, we commence
our SODA WATER season, and we have de
cided to serve Soda FREE to the ladies on
that date that they may compare our Soda
Water with that dispensed by other firms in
the city. Eash lady presenting one of these
Coupons at our fountain next Saturday will be
served FREE with her choice of any of our
delicious drinks.
T. H. Thomas, Druswist.
Adams Wall Paper Co.
Vpaiv5ssl!SMifwlWi1aili WKWQWJVilBiBi&R&K
J- C.'ADAMS.'Pres.
"Wall Paper,
"Window Shades,
Fine Etchings.
Picture Frames,
For all Kinds' ot
STORES -Rock Island, Moline, Davenport, Reynolds.
' 1
m av
: 1890
Tie Ropes Never Slip. No Knots ,to Tie.
Hammock s:z plate or screw, IB cents. Clothes line sizes per pair, 15 cents.
1703 and 1705 Second tteane. Telephone No Ulft.

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