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TMh the method and results when
tv-upof Figs is taken; it is pleasant
ai J A 'freshing to the taste, and act3
P-'ntiv yet promptly on the Kidneys.
iver find Bowelc, cleanses the sys-t-'tn
i-fitvtually, dispels colds, head-v'.-i
and fevers and cures habitual
c'.lVnpation. Pyrup of Figs is the
Km n'ulu,' i
('u.'"!, i 'leasing to the taste and ac
c j t tl'le to the stomach, prompt in
inaction and truly beneficial in its
(firt. prepared only from the most
1 lukhv and agreeable substances, its
n-anvexct llent qualities commend it
tt'i' all and have made it the most
Ti n ular remedy known.
Svrup of Figs is for sale in 75c
k.u'ies hy all leading druggists.
Anv ri liable druggist who may not
iiavV it on hand will procure it
j.rninptlv for any one wlio wishes
to trv it." Manufactured only by the
Best Line of
And the largest and brut line of
1809 and 1811 Second Ave.
J. E. RE1DY.
T. B. KK1DY.
Real Estate
Wi- now have me flr-t-clufs lianrains In reil
":ite wt.kli will net all the wbt fmm 8 t IS per
"t,T on the iiivemmmt It wil; h- to the Interest
p:i tie who have their money placed at a lesa
r vt of In'eresU to rait and examinethee fcarvaina.
It'iom 4. Miiehell A I.ynile ImildiDg, ground
tN '.r, in rear of Mitchell Lynde hank.
Ice Cream
"We aie now reay to serve
you with a celicioua dish of
Craara. Oid-rs for parties
promptly atrndt-d to.
2v2'A Fourth Ave.
Glass for the table.
I have just received a supply
of this season's shapes and
patterns in berry sets, four piece
Bets (butter, nugar, creamer and
spooner), bowl and other table
glass-ware, which include many
articles both pretty and cheap.
Glass is particularly Drettv
on the table in spring and sum
mer. Woul 1. 't you like to
call and m?
1 4. M. Looslkt.
China, Gla. Lamps.
Table Cutlery
lfi"B Second avemit
A Lively Row on the Steamer Mary
Morton This Morning.
am Mouth, a :tbtn Roy, Hhoots aim
BlachDin. Another Helper, and
The Jump Into the River
foiire Mtwa in Uoneral.
Bd "coon" blood made & lively time
on the steamer Mary Morton while she
was ljing at the levee at the toot of Sev
enteenth t treet this morning on her trip
south. Sam Smith is a light mulatto
about 24 years old, and employed as a
cabin boy on the boat; Jim Bigbam is a
waiter, but of somewhat darker hue. The
two sons of Ham have had trouble sev
eral times during the last trip, and cam
very near having a razor flht up the
river yesterday. This morning the quar
rel broke out afresh iust as the boat was
landing here, and a little later Smith ran
up stairs and borrowed a revolver of
Texas tender, and running back to the
caOin deck, he saw Bingham coming up
aloig n-.e guirds with a tray of dieb.es.
Wj-i.om sainiz a word he fired at him,
lac bullet entering Bingham's right
hand; he t!t u; p i .1 to shoot again
but h". cylinder i elf used to revolve and he
t irneil hud run back through the cabin
and out on the guards again. The passen
gers, who were all out in front and heard
the shot, became excited and scattered in
every direction. For a few minutes no
one knew what had become of the bad
coon with the gun, and an alarm as sent
to police headquarters. Suddenly Smith
emerged again and started to run into the
cabin through the front door when he
was caught with a staggering blow from
the heavy cane of Capt, Boland and fell
to the deck. He picked himself up a
moment later, however, and running to
the ouuide of the boat be plunged into
the river and swam around the stern of
the fctranr r toward shore.
The pitrol wagon bad arrived in the
meantime with Officers Etzel and Hetter,
and wben Smith reached shallow water
be walked right into the officer's bands.
and he and Bingham were both taken to
the station. After their arrival there and
while they were waiting to be assigned to
quarters. Smith, who was thought to have
been thoroughly cooled off with his bath
got out and was only captured by Officer
Etzel, near the court house, after a hard
ruu. Bingham was not seriously hurt.
the ball having entered his hand just back
of the little finger, and came out on the
other side. Neither of the men were said
to be quarrelsome, but their bad coon
blood seemed to assert itself. The men
will probtb:y be given a hearing to
The most txciling and tragic part of
the whole affair was Smith's attempted
escape. He raised a window on tbc east
sidi of the office at the station and slipped
out. Officer Etzel ran to the door, but
the crowd was so large that by the time Le
got out the fugitive bad gotten quite a
start. The officer called to halt, but he
paid no attention and the policeman fired
into the air. Smith did cot stop in his
flight until the officer fired a second time,
when the bullet struck and raised the
dut-t at the feet ot the fleeing coon, when
he stopped, threw his hands into the air
I apd made as pretty a stage fall as one
would wish to see. It was only a ruse,
bowtver, as he was not hit at all, but
probably did it thinking his pursuer
would ring for the patrol wagon or a
doctor and allow him to escape. He is
now locked up at the jail.
The residence of Mrs. Eleanor Wake
field on Twenty-first street was found by
neighbors yesterday to show unmistaka
ble signs of having been burglarized, and
a telephone message was sent to the
police headquarters. Two officers visited
the bouse and found that it had been en
tered by burglars sawing the slats in a
window shutter and breaking the glass
so as to unfasten the catch. An examin
ation of the bouse showed that it had
been thoroughly ransacked, the contents
ot bureaus, etc., having been emptied out
on the floor in the search of valuables.
Mrs. Wakefield and daughter are visiting
in Omaha and the extent of the theft can
not be obtained until their return. Chief
Miller is of the opinion that the burglar
is the same one wbo has been"doing" Dav
enport of late and who was arrested by
the police there early yesterday morning.
The Bame methods were employed as tn
Davenport, where all the keys in the
bouses burglarized were taken by the
burglar, and the fellow arrested there bad
nearly 70 keys in bis possession, some of
which they have been unable to have
identified, and may possibly be from this
aide of the river, as all the keys are miss
ing at the Wakefield residence.
The police ran in May Britton and Lou
Perry laBt night, who were out on a jam
boree and making the rounds. This
morning Magistrate Wivill fined May
Britton $5 fur bting drunk and $25 for
keeping a house of ill-fame, and also
assessed Lac. Perry $10 for intoxication
Ous Stenger and August Beatty were
fined $3 and $5 respectively by Magistrate
Wivill this morning for indulging in the
social bowl.
Oaborn Dumball, a first class teamster,
has been placed in charge' of the patroi
wagon at police headquarters.
Tailor picnic tomorrow.
ICoten afSewi Frum Varioon Sources
About the Loral Kallroart IntereHtn
Personal Mention. (
Both freight and passenger business
is good on all the roads.
J. A. Stewart traveling passenger
agent of the Rock Island spent a day or
two in and about the city this week.
Charles Daley, car sealer at the C, R.
I. & P. has returned from a very pleas
ant visit to friends in the World's Fair
Division Superintendant Ewing and
Roadmaster Baker were here on Thurs
day looking after the company's inter
ests. narvey Brubaker, formerly on Capt.
Tom Fuller's train on the C. M. & St.
P., was in the city yesterday shaking
bands with old friends.
The family of Engineer Gilmore of the
C. R. I. & P., expect to leave the early
part of next week tor Kearney, Neb,, on
an extended visit to friends.
George S. Chambers, travtling pas
senger agent oT the Santa Fe, was in
Iiock Island yesterday on business con
nected with his company.
Engineer George of the C, R. I. & P.
is back, on tue rod again after several
months' illness. His many friends will be
pleased to see him on duty again.
A new place for the storage of hard
coal is being made in the basement of the
C, R. I. & P. passenger depot where
it will be more convenient for use in the
F. D. Barger, for some time past
night operator at the C, R. I. & P-f
baa been made statation agent at Mo
ken a, 111., and has been succeeded here
by F. K. Ormiston, late of Toronto,
Tte C. R. I. & P. painters' car which
has been here while the painters have
been at work decorating l he company pro
perty here has been sent to Spring Val
ley to paint the new depot just erected
there .
Al Owens who was formerly a fireman
on the southwest division or the Rock
Island, but who has been sick for several
months past has recovered sufficiently to
travel, and has gone to Denver where he
hopes to regaiu his health.
A large new ice house from which to
fill refrigerator cars and a couple of new
trucks for repairing passenger coaches
are among the late improvements that
are constantly being put in by the C,
R. I. & I, in its yards here.
Hereafter Brakemen John Morte.ll and
John Burns, ot the east end of the
Rock Island, will appear in conductor
caps, they havinc been elevated to that
position. Both are faithful and compe
tent men and deserve their promotion.
John Buktr. the old time and well-
known conductor on theC, M. & St. P.,
has moved his family to Bi-loit where he
will be more convenient to his run. They
have many frferds here wbo will sincerely
regret their departure.
An unsuccessful attempt to wreck the
St. Louis passenger over the C-, B. & Q.
on its way north was made near Mon
mouth list night. A large pile of heavy
ties wereplaced upon the track but luckily
they were brushed from the track with
out an accident. The trainmen state that
the shock was felt through the entire
train. Tne motive is supposed to have
been to effect a train robbery.
Several freight enrs of the R. I. & P.
were derailed at Galya yesterday after
noon by the operator in the semaphore
tower, at the C, B. & Q crossing getting
mixed up so that he derailed the cars to
prevent what he thought would be a col
lision. Trains were delayed several hours
in consequence.
General Manager Robenson, of the
Rock Island Car Journal Lubricator, now
has a car fully equipped runuing be
tween Chicago and Washington. Ia ,
on the C, R. I. & P. in charge of
George E. Lambert, and it is working
admirably, as anyone may see who
chances to be about the Rock Island
depot wben tbe train arrives. A car is
also running l.etween Chicago and Min
neapolis on the fust mail, which is also
similarly provided and which is running
under the direction of E. H. Bowman,
Jr. It likewise is giving general satis
faction. A new order is in effect this month on
the ' Q' and its branches. Tbe road has
discontinued the practice of allowing
stop overs on tickets. All tickets of its
own issue ar good for one continuous pas
sage within one day of date of sale, un
less still more closely limited by their
conditions. Tickets issued by other rail
roads, and reading over the C, B. & Q.
railroad, whether "unlimited" or not, are
good only for continuous passage over
this road from tbe time of their presenta
tion, and only within the limit fixed
thereon, if they are. Bonafide holders of
tickets over the C, B. & Q railroad,
which for any reason they hve been un
able to use, may have tnem promptly re
deemed upon presentation tLroush tbe
mails or in r erson at the office of the gen
eral passeng-r and ticket agent in Chi
cago any time within 33 days of the date
of purchase. Any agent of the company
w.ll promptly redeem any such tickets of
his own iaaue presented by the original
purchaser within three days of date of
sale, and will at any time undertake for
the passenger the redemption through
headquarters as aboye provided for.
Practically the same rule is in vogue on
the C M. & St. P.
Count y- Muperf ntrndent Mnrnhall'
Teachers' Hchool a Urent Knceese
The Enrollment.
The Rock Island County Teachers' In
stitute which has been in progress this
week at the Rock Island Hifeh school
building closed at 12 o'clock today. The
enrollment this year was the highest in
the history of the organizition. reaching
165; 178 ladies. 17 gentlemen.
The list of names in addition to those
already published is aopended:
Rock Island J I, Wilcox, Emma Meline.
Moline-Marj- E Moore, Nellie A Moore.
Reynolds J M Coxad. Sunan Kdcinton. Clara
Cor:d, Kebocca Gray, Florence McKntire.
-lo'-iyn u w ainmma.
KdKinton-Mary Kali.
HillKdale :iara Marten.
M ilan Sadie Carnagkan,
Hampton W J Gilpin.
Port Myron Lnlu Leflie.
Cordova L U Keynolds.
Carbon Cliff Ella O'Uonnell.
The teachers all go Home feeling that
this institute has been interesting and
profitable and that Superintendent Mar
shall is to be complimented for securing
a corps of such able and practical instruc
tors. The most attractive feature of
Thursday afternoon was the work of Miss
Lawless, demonstrating the Pollard
method of teaching primary reading.
With a part of her class from Moline, she
beard them read a lesson which the chil
dren had never seen.
A Point For Ten.
In yiew of What Hooi's Sarsaparilla
has done for others, it is not reasonable
to suppose that it will be of benefit to
you? For Scrofula, Salt Rheum, and all
other diseases of the blood. For Dysp
epsia. Indigestion, Sick Headache, Loss
of Appetite. That Tired Feelinp. Catarrh
Malajia, Rheumatism. Hood's Sarsa
pari! la isa an unequalled remedy.
Hood's Pills cure Sick Ueadache.
The Ladies.
The pleasant effect and perfect safety
with which ladies may use the California
liquid laxative Syrup of Figs, under all
conditions, makes it their favorite remedy
To get the true and genuine article, look
for tbe name of the California Fig Syrup
Co., printed near the bottom of the pack
Harper's Theatre,
I J. E- Montrose. Manager.
Supported by
4 The Electric 4-
And a strong Dramatic Ccmpanv of 14 Artist, in
tne Dt-autiral W enter n tiora&nce, entitled
Lucky Ranch.
Admission only in, 2.) and 33 cents Change of
mu iiignur.
urtis Opera House,
CHAS. T. KINDT, Manager.
One "Week, Commencing July 18
Return Engagement, by request, of the
Andrews Opera Company!
1'RiKiRn ron Till tcik:
Monday and Tuesday,
Saturday Matinee.
Saturday Evening.
Commutation books. 12 tickets. $5 01.
7 (-J.SO.
Admis ion, 75, 50 and 25c ; seats at Floke'e Fri
day morning.
to select 'torn. Why pay 40 cents
to tl.00 for which yon can get
for 10 cents at
1717 Second Are.
WANTED A firat-class salesman In every
town or city within ) miles of Chicago to
ell real e-tate in one of the best located snburits
in Chicago; sold on easy monthly installments
Will pay lare commission and expense to and
from the cit in euowtnz the property; only men
of large lulluence and acq. aintalnce where l hey
reside need app y; the best of reference required.
W allace U. i.lark A Co , room til, 161 Dearborn
street, Chicago.
Twin Burner
Peoria Cook
Tinware Anh Hotjsk
For your Summer Footwear.
Men's Dongo-aOxfVrds !.7r an l $ 00,
Men's Patent Leather Oxfords $J L0 izv.d $2 .r0.
Men's Working Shoes iu Cong, or Lac-, 1 15 a pair,
cheap at $1 5J
ladies' pat. tip cloth top Shoes 2.0." an 1 upwards,
Ladies' Booties ouiy SI V0. wjth '2 00,
Ladies' Oxfords ptent tip, all solid, only 1 10 a pair.
A full line of Lawn Tennis goods, for large ami sma 1,
from f0c and up.
In addition to these low prices we are giving away free
an elegant life bize Crayon Portrait.
Call and get a card and ask for particulars
Harper House Block. - IS 18 Second Avenue.
N. B Not open on Sundays.
Claybank, Minn., May 8, 1892.
H. THOMAS, Druggist, Rock Island, 111.,
Dear Sir: I have used your Pills for the
last 8 months and find I have been benefit
ed by them more than any others and find
myself greatly indebted to you for my health.
Therefore, I remain yours most sincerely.
Claybank, Goodhue County, Minn.
Adams Wall Paper Co.
STORES Rock Island, Moline, Davenport, Reynolds
: 1890 :
iiie it'ip Iyer Slip. Note io no.
Hammock size plate or Bcrew, 15 cents. Cio'.tes line i'Z c per ;Kir, "5 i K
1703 and 1705 Second eTenue. TeleaUfme No. 'l
Vapor Stove
and Ranges,
Furnishing Gnone.
J- C. ADAMS. Pres.
"Wall Paper,
"Window Shades,
Fine Etchings,
Picture Frames,
For all Kinds" ot

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