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Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is ft harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its. guarantee is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind CoJ.ic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
Castori.i Is an excr lleut medicine for chil
dren. Mothers have repeatedly told ine of its
good effect upon their children."
Da. G. C. Osgood,
Lowell, Mass.
Castoria Is the best remedy for children of
whii'h 1 am acquainted. I hope the day is not
fur distant when mothers if ill consider the real
interest of their children, and use Castoria in
stead of the variousquack nostrums which are
dfstroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby sending
them to premature graves."
Da. J. F. Kixchelob,
Conway, Ark.
The Centanr Company, T7 Murray Street, New York City.
Patronize Heme Industry and Protect the Labor of America
It Is Six Cord Sort Finish. Full ceaxure, and is equally well adapted for Hand and Machine
Sowing. For pale by
r.d Dry Good Hone generally.
MERRICK THREAD CO., 205 Filth. Avenue, Chicago
: Shirt Factory :
Our Shirts .
Are oar specialty. We make them ourselves.
Patronize homo industry.
Our Suits .
Are made to your order, and they are tailor-made
at prices ranging from 916 up.
Our Pants .
Are down in prices nnd we invite competition.
Call and make your selection from over 200 differ
ent samples at prices from SS and up.
Our Prices .
Cannot be duplicated, our workmanship cannot be
excelled, our (roods we warrant, and last, bat not
leat, your pmronaire is solicited.
Call and see m at the
Tri-City Shirt Factory,
1C09 second avcune, over Loot-ley's crockery store.
Subscribe for Stock
In the Second series of the
Home Building and Loan Asso
ciation, of Kock Island.
A safer and better investment
than Government Bonds, be
cause the loans are made only
upon established, values and it
pays more than three times as
much interest besides the
amount invested and the profits
can be withdrawn at any time.
Money loaned at lowest rates.
R. A. DOXALDSON, Secretary.
OrrtCE, Rooms 8. 4. 3 aid 6 Masonic Terouie
K(.-nion Reliable Remedy. Famous every-
nec'u:ii. Tne original wom in'' talvation. Price
1 cn: 'iirect, sealed ; iuforajation frev. Address
'"t. Medical Co.. Boston. Mass.
s ?,ujea and ro iTi v a nmit
wJV ,L v toon mrd th, o.i. i . 1 1 1 tn.t.
iur!Tkl". A Mrw.llou.ljo-"-"-
r.ir.Aw. 0S.rCATON mcMrMt"fi.l
" Castoria is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me."
H. A. Archkr, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. T.
" Our physicians In the children's depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence in their outside practice with Castoria,
and although we only have among our
medical supplies what is known as regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon It."
United Hospital and Dispkmsart,
Boston, Mass.
Allen C. Smith, Pres.,
Washes everything from a fine
silk handkerchief to a circus
tent; Lace curtains especially.
No. 1724 THIRD AVE.
A M. &c L. J. PARKER,
Telephone No. 1214
JoJan Volk 5c Co,
Manufacturers of
Sash Doors Blinds, Biding, Flooring,
and all kinds of wood work for builders.
Eighteenth St., bet. Third and Fourth ares,
The Rock Island
Weekly Argus
Is the best medium throueji
which to reach the country trade.
Advertisers should have their
announcements ready by Thurs
day morning to insure insertion
in the current week's issue.
Moline, HI.
Offlce Corner Fifteenth street and Third Are,
CAPITAL $100,000.00.
Succeeds the Moline Savings Bank. Organized 1889
Organised under State Laws.
Open from 9 a. m. lo 8 p. m., and Wednesday and
Saturday nights from 7 to 8.
Portbb SKrKHBB. - - President
11. A. aihuwokth, - - Vice-President
C. F. IIembnway. - - - C'aehler
Porter Skinner, B. W. Wheelock,
C. A. Rose, H. A. Alnsworth,
O. H. Edwards, W. H. Adams,
Andrew Friberg, f. F. Umenway,
illram Darling.
Rock Ifrlaad Tararra OflT tr the Iay
City to Aitena tne Week's Festiv
ities. A large number of Turners of the
Rock Island society went to Dubuque on
the excursion train from Davenport on
Saturday night. Out of the society here
14 were selected to do active turning in
competition for the prizes, they being as
follows: W. C. Horst, Gas Lphse, A.
Lowe, Georee Ohge, William Kettich,
William Bartles, L. Winter, Charles
Wulff, Fred Prohn, Ernest Dorn, Edward
Hammerich, Oswald Tehlie, William Schu
macher and Otto Speckman. In addition
to this a singing class of 13 was chosen
who also took part in the contest, the
class being made up of the following
gentlemen: Ernest Otto, director; Otto
Herkert, Gus Stengel, Jr., Jacob F.
Ohlweiler, Jr., John Ohlweiler. Jr., Eml
Jacobson, William Hoeft, Carl Achter
mann. Will Rettich.Fred Straseeen, Ernest
Dorn and John Hauschell.
The ones who represented the lady
turners were 13 in number and were se
lected from a cluss of 27 as best qualified
to take part in the contests and con-isted
of the following joung ladies: Misses
Maggie Gaeiier, Rose Zimmer. Rose
Boetje, Minnie Wulff, Maggie Ohlweiler.
Ella Maiweld, Elsie Brider, Luey Hend
ricksen, Mary Hendricksen, Charlotte
Woltmann, Clara Woltmann, Anna Kel
lerstrass and Anna Rettich.
Bleuer's band of 17 pieces accompanied
the society and made a fine appearance.
Peter Frey acd William Tehlie went
along and will act as judges of the turn
ing. It was a very nappy party ana tne
following besides those classified above
attended: William Dressen, Henry Ge;.s
ler, August Kruse, Gus Wilson, EdGoep
pie, and John Dauber.
Word comes today that the ladies class
received the first prize at Dubuque yes
terday. A JtlMlng Conicreawnian.
Under the above caption, Kate Field's
Washington pays the following high
compliment to our popular congressman:
Men who make tbeir mark upon the
era in which they live are they who
seize their opportunities and harness
them to the action of the moment. But
for the quick intelligence of Ben T. Ca
ble of Illinois, the first day's session cf
the democratic convention would have
been devoid of interest. Only a mile
away from the wigwam sto d the fore
most republican beside ihe bier of his
dead son, himself a defeated ctndidate
for the presidency. It was the hour to
testify that humanity is stronger than
party. Rising in the Illinois delegation.
Mr. Cable offered aea resolution the "ex
pression of the convention's profound
sympathy to that distinguished American,
James G. B aine, in the heavy affliction
which has fallen on him "
No sooner had the word Blaine been
uttered than the vast audience burst into
spontaneous applause which lasted some
time and mirie everyone exclaim, "How
admirable in Mr. Cable to have intro
duced this resolution! How honorable in
the democratic party to receive it so gen
erously bm! with so much feeling."
Was this nothing to do because it
caused no effort? Did anybody else
think of it? Would the thought have
been conceived but for this joung con
gretsman? The difference between suc
cess and failure is this: The successful
man thinks of the riht thing at the right
time and does it; the unsuccessful man
thinks of the right thing at the right
time and does it; the unsuccessful man
thinks of the right thing at the wrong
time, or doesn't think at all. Mr. Cable
both thinks and acts, and already has
been discovered in the house of re pre
sentatives. He will bear watching for be
has a career, in addition to which he is a
good fellow.
July 14 John Detlefs to Kate Gamble,
lot 12, block 4. Atkinson's Second
add. Moline, SJ51.40O.
John Linn to C V Lundquist, part lots
2 and 3, block 1, Frick's add, Moline.
15 Eliz Hammerly, by administrator.
to Mary Ouffln, lot 7. block 2, H nnett's
add. Rock Island, 1,110.
Maria B. Hayes, by administrator, to
Maria B Cable, lot 1. block 10, old town
of Rock Island. $3,827.
14 James M Cook to James E
Swiseer, tract by metes and bounds, s J,
21, 18, le. and t4, ni sti. 22. 18. e. SI
James E Swittber to .lames M Cook,
tract by metes and bounds, sw J 21, 18, le
and t d1 mi 22. 18. le. $1.
James E Swisber to James M Cook
tract by metes and bounds, dwJ 22, 18,
el, $ 1.
Henry Tomer to Ed Wainright, lots 13
acd 14. block 2, town of Z jma Centre,
and tract by metes and bounds, 4, 18. 22,
Catarrh Cant be Cared
with local applications, as they cannot
reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is
a blood or constitutional disease, and in
order to cure it you have to take internal
remedies. Hall's Catarrh cure is taken
internally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is no quack medicine. It was pre
scribed by One of the best physicians in
this country for years; and is a regular
prescription. It is composed of the best
tonics known, combined with the best
blood purifiers, acting directly on the
mucous surfaces. The perfect combina
tion of the two ingredients is what pro
duces such wonderful results in curing
catarrh. Bend for testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Props., Toledo, O.
Bold by druggists price 75c.
When the Hps are dry or scarred.
When the teeth ate dark or dull.
When the tongue Is hot and bard.
And fills ihe tainted mouth too full,
The magic SOZODONT supply,
And all those iils before it fly.
Sidewalk brick at T- H. Ellis'.
C. C. Coyne, of Port Byron, spent yes-
derday in the city visiting friends.
If you want a rich dish of ice cream or
a pure dish of fruit ice, stop at Krell &
W. H. Willis left last night for Minonk,
111 , where he will be employed on a new
church that is being built by Frick & Co.
If your friends ask you where is the
finest and best confectionery and ice
cream parlcr, always direct themlto Krell
& Math.
If you want ice cream for your party,
get the best and it put up in brick, mi'on,
pyramid or individual shapes- Krell &
Math can supply you any time.
M. B. Freshman has rented the Par
son's property on Fourth avenue lately
purchased by Aid. Kinner, and will move
his family here from Kansas City at once
and occupy it.
A young lady named Hilda Nelson was
returning from a visit to Gilberttown
above Davenport at 10 o'clock yesterday
morning, when a bullet fired from some
unknow quarter struck her in the left hip
and entered the body. The woman was
cared for and Dr. Bowman summoned,
but is unable as yet to determine the ex
tent of the injury . The doctor reported
the matter to the Davenport polxe who
are investigating the case.
By the plan which the street car com
pany has adopted of rewarding merit in
its motormen and conductors at the end
of each month by means of prizes, the
prize winners in the month of June were:
Conductor Pete Jacobsen, $10; Conduc
tor Bob Schmidt, $5; Motorman George
Crompton, Motorman J. A. Walsh,
Motorman Peter Detlefs. $5 each. The
points taken into consideration are be
havior, dexterity in conductors and skill
in motormen, and neatness in appearance
as well as in the way the cars are kept.
Imitators and Impostors.
The unt quailed success of Allcock's
Porous Plasters as an external remedy has
induced unscrupulous parties to offer im
itations, which tbey endeavor to sell on
the reputation of Allcock's. It is an
absurdity to speak of them in the same
category as the genuine porous plaster.
Tbeir pretentions are unfounded, their
vauntee merit unsupported by facts, tbeir
alleged superiority to or tqua'.ity with
Allcock's a false pretense.
Mhe ablest medical practitioners and
chemists and thousands of grateful pat
ients unite in declaring Allcock's Porous
Plasters the best external remedy ever
Beware of imitations, do not be deceiv
ed by misrepresentation. Ask for All
cock's and let no solicitation or explan
ation induce you to accept a substitute.
Won't Cure Rheumatism.
But Krause 's German Oil will rob the
rheumatic sufferers of many nf its terrors,
being a powerful absorbant in all cases
furnishes temporary relief. It is a recog
nized fact that any stimulating counter
irritant that is penetrating when properly
applied temoves pain, and that is what
Krause's Germin Oil is a relief, not a
cure for rheumatism. For si'e bv all
rirucgis's. Hartz & Bahnsen. wholesale
Cubeb Cough Cure One minute.
For saie by all druggists. Hartz &
Bahnsen, wholesale druggists.
I can recommend Ely's Cream Balm to
all sufferers from drv catarrh from per
sonal experience. Michael Herr, Phar
macist, Denver.
1 bad catarrh of the bend acd throat fr r
five years. I used Ely's Cream Balm, and
from the first application I was relieved.
The sense of smell, which bid been lost.
wlr restored after using one bottle. I
have found the Balm the only satisfactory
remedy for catarrh, acd it has effected a
cure in my case. H. L. Myer, Waverly,
N. Y.
The Klark Hawk Ion.
The Black Hawk Inn will cater to the
orderly class of citizens. Questionable
characters are not permitted on the
grounds, and an t-fflcer will be in attend
ance to enforce this rule. Dishes, cut
lery and tableware for rent, and coffee,
cream, sugar, hot water, etc.. for sa'e to
picnic parties. J. E. Montrose.
Worth Hundreds ot Tjollara.
My wife used only two bottle of
"Mother's Friend" before ber third con
finement. Says she would not be with
out it for hundreds of dollars. Had not
half as much trouble as before. Dock
Miles, Lincoln P-risb. La. Sold by
Hartz & Bahnsen.
When Baby was sick, we gae her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became I.liss, .o . Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
Lane's Family Medicine moves the
bowels each day. Most people need to
use it.
- Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoa-
A handsome complexion is one of the
greatest charms a woman can poseese
Pozzon: t (!omolexi"n powder gives it.
Children Crvfor
Pitcher's nasi
Team Wanted.
Twenty-five teams wanted at once by
the Rock Island Fuel company.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria
-World's Fair-
Witlvevery $2.00 worth of Cash purchases.
Get a Ticket when you buy
Furniture, Carpets,
Easy Payments
Lounges, Couches, Bedsteads and Cots; Baby Car
riages, Refrigerators and Gasoline Stoves.
322 Brady Strt et, Davenport, Iju
Telephone 421
Closed at 6:30 except Saturdays, at 10;
Heating and Ventilating Engineers,
Gas and Steam Fitting,
A complete line of Pipe, Brass Goods, Packing Hose
Fire Brick, Etc. Largest and best equipped
establishment west of Chicago.
Telephone 2053.
Residence:Telerhone 1J69
Roek Island Savings Bank,
v Open daily from 9 . m. t j 4 p. m., and Saturday evenings from 7 to 8 o'clock.
Fixe per cent interest paid on Deposits- Monev loaned on Personal, Col
lateral, or Real Estate Security
omciM :
X. P. REYNOLDS. Prna. T C. DKKKMAXH, Tlee-Prea. J. M. BCTORD, Caahtet.
P. L. Mitchell. B P. Revnolds, P. C. Detikmaun. John Crobanen. H. P. Hull,
Phil KUcbt li. L. Mmoc, E. W. Hunt. J. M. Baiord.
jAcasos & Huarr, Solicitor.
aT"BcFan bosim-n1 Jnlj8. 1SK), ai.d occupy ire oniheat corner of K Itch til ft Ljnde'c new
Flour, Etc.
Telephone 1098. 231 Twentieth street.
R. Q. Hudson
All kinds of Carpentering promptly attended to. Estimatee
furbished when de6ird.
Shop cor. First ave. ard Seventeenth i. Rock 1b' nd.
City 'Bus and Express Line.
Telephone Rock Island or Harper Hotels for 'bus er express
wagon and you will receive prompt attention.
Cracker Bakery,
at Cash Price9.
1 12, 1 14 West Seventeenth, sv.
Telephone 1148. Kockie
M. J. Pa uk ee.
Ak Yonr Orwr for Tben.
Thpy arg Bri"
The Cliri.ty "Otbter-' au d Cbr ty "WifM."
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