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The Down Town Improvement As
. . v sociation's Active Work.
A'nnitte to Walt mm the Mayor
Man; lIOMtllnx Briag Iene
With.arny (turr.
The West Ead Improvement as
eocla'.ion held its regular week
ly meeting last erecing. Xu
merous matters of importance pertaining
to that portion tJ the cltv were brought
up and discussed, the condition in which
certain localities are left by the recent
overflow receiving considerable conaidea
tion and finally a committee composed of
Charle Eecel, Thomas Smart and Wil
liam Ritti, was delegated to call on the
mayor and urge his official co operation
in directing municipal action in providing
proper street grades, sidewalks and cross
walks in the districts inundated by the
recent high water. .
The condition, of Garsaey Square a's
come in for a large share of attention.
the West End association having through
committees especially designated, devoted
much work and time to the conversion of
this park into proper shape, and before
the summer is over they will have a
breathing place similar to Spercer Square,
which has become a subject of so much
admiration all over the country, and of
solid enjoyment and recreation to all our
The work of grading Garnsey square is
advancing rapidly, and a week's time will
see thi3 work completed. Then the band
stand will be raised and suitably locited
This much done, the square will be ready
for-toe : laying of cross walks, etc
For ' this ca number of neat plats
have been submitted, as heretofore de
scribed in Tee .Argus, the most popular
of which - provides for diagonal cross
waiks directly through the park from
corner to corner, in accordance with a
diagram not dissimilar to Spencer Square,
the advantage in this beicg that the
square is to be used more as a thorough
fare than even Spencer Square is.
The matter of ornamen's is already re
ceiving attention, and as the fountain is
the first and most essential of these, the
promoters of the improvement are wait
ing for some public-spirited citizen to
emulate the example of Congressman
Ben T. Cable as applied to Spencer
Square and make the donation. President
Louderback, cl the street car company,
stands good for a handsome ornament of
whatever design may be agreed upon
while the Rock Island stonecutters, whose
workmanship contributes so nobly to the
beauty of our present park, have signi
fied a desire to duplicate their handiwork
them ic whatever form may be selected.
The movement for the imorovement of
Garnsey Square has been fairly started
Let it continue until the down town
people have a park the equal of the up
town people.
Spring chickens at Long's.
Music at the Tower Sanday.
Nice dried apricots at Long's.
Clearance shoe sale Boston.
Rebate shoe sale at the M. & K.
Rebate shoe sale at the M. & K. Read
Nice large spring chickens at Souder &
Ten-minute cars to the Watch Tower
A full lice of fresh vegetables at
Souder & Son's.
Nice berries and California fruit at
Souder & Son's.
Supervisor John A. Wilson, of Rural
was in the city today.
Still continues clearance shoe sale
big bargains the Boston.
Wanted at once, a girl for general
housework at2S26 Fifth avenue.
Miss Mary C:eland. register clerk a1
the Rock Island poatoffice, in very ill.
All summer shoes go at reduced prices
in our clearance shoe sale. The Boston
The Tri-City and Milan M. E. Lay
association is picnicking at the Tower
The fourth $t the regular subscription
concerts by 0:to' band at Hincher's
garden will occur July 28.
You are not offered such an opportun
ity every day to buy Oxfords at the
prices we are making The Boston.
William Mceller left last night for St
Louis . to attend the wedding of bis
brother George, to Miss Poline Stein.
We are determined not to carry over a
pair of Oxfords. Get our clearance sale
prices on shoes, etc., and you will buy a
pair The Boston.
Our clearance shoe sale knocks 'em al)
for low piices. Don't get left, but get a
tsed in Millions of Homes
pair rf Oxfords before they are all gone
The Boston .
Tou can get at Long's tomorrow, wax
beans, green peis, tomatoes, cucumbers,
green corn, green beans, red and black
raspberries.blakberries.bananas, peaches,
pears and apples.
W. S. Knowlton and daughter Grace, and
son Jamie, started for Washington. D.
C, this morning. Mr. Knowlton will re
main awav three weeks and the children
will bs gone a year attending school in
Messrs. P. T. Walsh and M. II. Sex
ton returned last evening from Streator,
having completed the paving contract of
Edwards & Walsh in that city. It is ex
ited that the Moline avenue contract
will now be pushed through to comple
tion as rapidly as possible.
The funeral of Mrs. O. P. Anderson,
living at 4006 Fifth avenue, was held
from Grace Lutheran church at 2:30 this
afternoon, Rev. H. O. Lindeblad offlciat
ing. Mrs. Anderson, who died Tuesday
morning at 2:45. was born in Enoxville.
this state, Oct. 4. 1S68. and was married
to O. P. Anderson, June 10, 1891. She
leaves o-.e child, a daughter, 8 weeks old.
Eibbcy fc Paul's Dramatic company
appeared before a large and enthusiastic
audience last evening at Harper's theatre,
the bill being Tom Taylor's play, "Ticket
of Leave Man." Mr. Paul acted Bob
Briarly with much spirit and earnestness.
The Jew 'Metter Moss," was capitally
played by Mr. Kibbey. The balance of
the cast were up to the mark. Tonight,
Uncle Joshua Whitcomb." Matinee
Saturday afternoon.
The colored brethren of Davenport are
preparing for a grand feast of religion
that will open there in about three weeks.
Tcis is to be the first union colored camp
meeting ever held in Davenport so say
the brethren. It will be held at Lincoln
park and will open Aug. 7 and continue
overAug. 14. It will be eight days of
continuous revival among the colored
folks if their hopes are realized. Eminent
divines from abroad will be there and the
resident divines will not allow any grass
to grow under their feet during the week
and a day of assemblying.
inert Inns laia Extraciioa.
Clarence Metz'er. son of Franson Me!z
ler. of Swedona, died under peculiarly dis
tressicg circumstances last evening. A
few days ago Dr. Ansley. a SweJona
dentist, extracted a tooth from which the
lad had been suSering, and the result was
thut brain fever set in causing death
The boy was 12 years of age. The
funeral occurs at Swedona tomorrow at
10 a. m.
Catarrn Cant be Cared
with local applications, as they cannot
reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is
a blood or constitutional disease, and in
order to cure it you have to take internal
remedies. Hall's Catarrh cure is taken
internally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is no quack medicine. It was pre
scribed by one of the best physicians in
this country for years; and is a regular
prescription. It is composed of the best
tonics known, combined with the best
blood purifiers, acting directly on the
mucous surfaces. The perfect combina
tion of the two ingredients is what pro
duces such wonderful results in curing
catarrh. Send for testimonials free.
F. J. Cheket & Co . Props.. Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists price 75c.
The Ladies.
The pleasant effect and perfect safety
with which ladies may use the California
liquid laxative Syrup of Figs, under all
conditions, makes it their favorite remedy.
To get the true and genuine article, look
for the name of the California Fig Syrup
Co , printed near the bottom of the pack
age. The merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla is not
accidental but is the result of careful
stuy and experiment by educated phar
macists .
A handsome complexion is one of the
ereatest charms a woman can possess
Pozzoni s Complexion powder gives it.
Cars every 10 minutes to the Watch
Tower, Sunday.
Jiotick to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received at the City
Clerk's office. Rock Island, 111., until Monday, a
o'clock p- m. August 1st. l"fl2, for constructinc
the improvement ordered by an ordinance of eiid
city parsed March Till. lH9i. and amendments
thereto and is entitled "An ordinance for the im
provement of East and Went Seventeenth streets
from r :m to second avenues, ana oi Bixteentn
t in irom tirstto Third avenues, and of Fif
teenth and Fourteenth streets from Second to
Third avenues," and for furnishing the materials
and doing the wors according to the plan sand
specifications therefo- on file at the city clerk's
office. Blanks bi s will be furnished on applica
Ail bid mast be accompanied with a certified
enact iu the sum or r ive hundred Hollars, paya
ble to the order of the trea-nrer of said city. hich
shall become forfeited to said city in case the bid
der snail tail to enter into contract with approved
securries to execute tne wars lor ins price men
tioned in his bid. and according t J the plans and
specifications in the event that the contract
should be awarded to him.
The liht to reject any or all bids or proposals
received is hereby expressly reserved by saiG ciiy.
iiOBlKT Koeiileb, City Clerk.
Rock Island, IiL. July Mth, latSi.
40 Years the Standard,
The O'Donnell and Koss Cases to
he Heard Tomorrow.
Carnegie Transporting Men to Home
stead Foreign News A Sensational
Editorial Millers Combine This
Afternoon's Dispatches.
Pittsbcro. Pa-. July 22. Judge
Magee has decided to bear the applica
tions for bail in the c-ises of O'Donnell
and Ross tomorrow morning. Meantime
they remain in jail. The steamer Tide
left for Homestead this morniug with 40
men on board, end will continue trips all
day in connection with the Little Bill.
The boats are guarded by police. A
number of men with satchels and bundles
passing to and from the company's
office. The company is making good its
claim that it could obtain ail the men
Carnegie Transporting Men.
Philadelphia July 23 An aeent for
the Carnegie company has hired 30 steel
workers here and sent them to Home
stead. Guard Against Russian Jews.
Berlin. July 22. The minister of the
interior issued orders this morning to
frontier guards to maintain a constant
vigilance in order to prevent an entry
into Germany of Russian jews.
A Point -d and Sensational Edit orial.
New York July 22 The New York
Sun, of this morning has an editorial en
titled "A Delusive Measure," and reads
as follows: "The anti option bill which
Senator Washburn is energetically bull
dozing the senate Is not only special leg
islation of a very reprehensible character,
but ic is distinctly fraudulent. This we
think will be made apparent in the dis
cussion which is now pending. Senator
Washburn was formerly a partner of Mr.
Pillsbury. of Minneapolis,. aad in his time
being one of the greatest speculators in
grain and floor that this country has
known. He is the active and principal
agency now engaged in promoting tbis
met sure. He represents, not openly, to
be sure, but none the less absolutely and
simply the milling interests Tne passage of
the anli-uption bill means millioas out or
the pockets of the farmers now. We
have no objections to mills making mil
lions out of the farmers or out of any
body else by any fair and equitable
process of business, but to sees to do it
by special legislation which affects to be
instituted is the interest of the farmers
themselves is to our mind an impudent
posture. The anti-option bill is a bunco
steerice measure, and should be
Millers Combine.
New York, July 22 The city millers
effected a combine today with a capital
of S7.5J0.OO0.
.-neap brtralos to the Kant.
Oa the 27lh the Rock Island & Peoria
railwav will sell excursion tickets 10 2i
agara Fahs. N. Y., and return at rate of
13.00. This is a good opportunity to
visit the east. Through tleeper from
Peoria. For detail information or reser
vation in sleeping car, apply to
Gen'l Ticket Agent.
Rebate shoe sale at the M. & K. Read
FOR r enoi'atins the
entire system, eliminating
all Poisons from the Blood,
whether of scrofulous or
malarial origin, this prep
aration has no equal. . .
"For eighteen months I had an
eating sore on my tcrtgue. J iras
treated by best local liy sieian. ,
but obtained no relief; the sere
gradually rezv trarse. I jinal.y
took S. S. -S"., and was entirely
cured after using a fen' bJttl-s.''
C. 15. MtLtMorE,
Henderson, lex.
REATISE on Blood andSlda
Diseases mailed tree.
The swift Si-ecific Co..
Atlanta. Gsl
In order to enlarge our crowded space in Shoe Department pre
vious to the arrival of our New Fall Stock, we have inaugurated
another of our Famous Rebate SHOE SALES, for ONE WEEK,
Commencing SATURDAY, JULY 23d
10-cent rebate on all Shoes from - $050 to $1.00 I
?0 " "
No goods excepted. Every pair of shoes in the store, including all Low Shoes, included in this Sale.
Nigh! -e3uyP10 S Y yourseIf and family with f00twear- This Sale positively closes Saturday
IMI A'.' IK Best Equipped Clothing
c ' i d ' - U y U B U B and Shoe House in Rock Island Co.
Special Bargains in Straw Hats, Underwear and Clothing. '
ESaW " """"
s ? 2 fiiWsi
If S8 w 1 1-1 ml
?s - a Ol
! if - H zz
p UOC mini
s o cS 5T 5 linn I
t5 "2. m 0 H I l
r- , W o b a I
1615 and 1617 Second Avenua.
See the
New styles oi
1726 Second Ave.
-Base Ball Headquarters. -
UJ?, fi IHWf,
III, - 'ii ".'.V.T-Jfi.'
Cigar Store and Billiard Parlor.
Always on hand the finest brands of doiretic
and ioi;orti'd civars. Ail brand of tobscco.
The score of all the ball games will be received
3 80S Second
I o s3j
I 2-1" X
? r oZ. m .O
5 ?5 co
1 . 1 .1.1. nsr i v r-r . i j. . . .T.. t
Shoe Sale
AT THE M. & K.
.25 to 2.00
" " 2.2 to J.00
Some Extra
Good Values in
Gloria Umbrellas
This week.
Prices vary according
to style of bandies and
1525 and 1527
Second Avenue.
POCKET KNIVES and SCISSORS took the highest premium
for quality. If you want a good knife try one.
One need not be told what a nice present an elegant Carvini
Set like those I have to show will be. Also those
Gold Medal Carpet Sweepers.
Every woman that keeps house wants one. Wrought Iron
finish Fire Sets and Irons.
Acorn Stoves and Ranges
are the leaders made in Illinois for our soft coaland every one
guarant-ed. These are all good things to buy at Christmas or
any other time. Come in and see how much I have to show yon
that is useful and novel in housekeeping goods.
Cor. Third Ave. and Twentieth Street, Rock Teland.
And ending SATURDAY, JULY 30th,
Are being made in
Wash Goods
Depaitment on
French Organdies,
Embroidered GiDghamg,
Embroidered Robes, etc.
Robes that were $0, now
Robes that were $9,
now $6. one-third off,
price of any robe.
Two or three months of
warm weather to
pass through.
Can't we sell you some
of these goods.'
124, 126 and 12S
Sixteenth Street.
1.25 to 4.00
4.50 Upward.

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