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raUiskwd Dally and Weekly at 1AZ4 8ocon4
Avenues Bosk Ialaad. 111.
at. W. potter.
Trau Daily, BOe per month; Weekly, $2.00
fetunan; in advance, $1.60.
AUeonunanicatione of a critical or argnmenta-
irva cnaracter, political or reunions, mast Dave
real name attached for publication. No rack
article wtH be printed oyer nctitiooa signature.
Anonymous ecmmonieatiofls not noticed.
Correspondence solicited from every township
mu isiano. coanrr.
Thursday. August 11, 1893.
JTor Vice President ADLA1 K. 6TB KNSON
For Governor JOH P AXTGBLD
For ConrivMiDU at largre JOHN C BLACK
For Congressman at large. .ANDRE w J HUN TER
For Lieutenant Govtrnor JOSEPH B GILL
For Secretary of State tVM H BIN RICHSK N
For Aaditor DAVID GORK
For Attorney General MTMALONKT
For Elector, 11th Diet J. H. HAN LEY
The Democratic voters lo the several eonnties
cotnpilsinif the Aleventh Congressional District
are requested to seed delegate to a Congress.
lonai convention lo oe neid at atonmonth, lli.Dois,
TBl RSl'AY, SEPT. 1, 182.
at 10:80 o'clock, a. m. for the purpose of nomirjat
inir a candidate for coueress. a member of tbe
board of equalisation, and to transact such other
easiness as may be presented for tbe considera
tion of the convention Tbe several counties in
the congressional district will be entitled to a
representation on tbe basis of one delegate for
very SUO votes snd one fora f radon of 100 votes
or over, cat for Edward 8. Wiison, for state
treasurer in 1890, ae follows:
Counties. Votes 180 No. Del.
Bock Island 4.381 SI
Mercer S,0t 10
Henderson... 934 &
arrtn ......................... ,234 11
Hancock 4.06 0
McDoLongh 8,25 1
Schuyler 1,4 10
Total, 98
By order of Democratic Congressional commit
tee of the Eleventh Congressional district of Illi
nois. J. v. PtTTEK, Ch'm.
H. C. Cook, Pecy.
Monmouth, 111., July , 18ti.
Democratic County Convention.
Tbe Democrats of Rock Island county are here
by req, netted to send delegates to a convention to
be held at tbe court boose in the city of Kock
Island Wednesday. August 94, IrKS.at 11 o'cloca
a, m .for tbe purpose of nominating cardldatea
for tbe offices of state's attorney, circuit clerk,
coroner and surveyor, and selecting delegates to
tbe congressional convention to be held at Mon
mouth, Sept. 1, and also to tbe senatorial conven
tion. 1 be basis of representation at said county
convention w ill be one delegate lor each town
ship and upon tbe vote for Cleveland and 1 bar
man in 1888 apportioned among tbe different
townships, precincts and wards in the ratio of one
delegate to every SO voters, and one delegate for
every major part thereof, and according to which
the following will be tbe representation:
Cordova S Canoe Creek. 8
Haaipton, 1st precinct 8 Coe 8
tnd 8 Zoma 9
8rd Port Byron
Black Hawk 4 Coal Valley I
Bowling Andalnsia 9
Buffalo Prairie 4 South Moliue 4
Drury 8 Moline 1st Ward 8
8 taa .... 3
4 " Srd " 4
5 4th " 8
5th " .... 8
6 " 6th " .... 4
6 " 7th 9
4 Edginsfn-lt Prec't 9
8 Snd " 9
Booth hock Island..
B. Island 1st Ward..
" tod ..
rd " ..
4th " ..
Mh " ..
" dxh " .
" Tib ..
Rural 8
Total 106
Tbe caacuses in tbe several townships will be
held at 4 p. m.. snd in Holies and Rock Island at
8:0b p. m. on Monday. August 23d, 1882.
T. S. Silvia, Chairman.
Wh. McEsiar, Secretary.
Southern democrats regard the re
salt of tbe Alabama state election as the
death knell of the people's party move
ment in the south, so far as its control
ling any electoral votes is concerned,
and they think it will a bo aid in keeping
a number of congressional districts demo
cratic that might have elected people's
part; men if that party had carried Ala-barn.
Judge Altgeld says that he has made
a careful computation of tbe election re
turns as compared with the poll books,
and flndi that an average of 10 voters
In each precinct who would vote a demo
cratic ticket do not take enough active
interest to turn out and put in their bal
lots. It is his mission to reach this 10.
As there are upwards of 4.000 precincts
in the state, the size of his majority, if
his mission is successful, will be some
thing delightful to contemplate.
New York World: The civil war
And the high tariffs checked the advance
of tbe country, , but no measure ever
placed upon tbe statute books of the
United States has been such a stumbline;
block to American progress as the Mc
Kinley act. When Mr. HcKinley says
that his fellow countrymen are unable to
cope with foreigners in tbe struggle of
existence, he slanders a people who have
shown the highest capacity for the indus
trial arts of life.
At tbe last meeting of the Tri-City
M. E. Lay association a resolution was
adopted setting forth "that it is the duty
of Methodists to give their children ad
vanced education and in Methodist
schools." There is no harm in this, but
it indicates that the Roman and Lutheran
churches, against whom there has been
such a tremendous boul raised for hav
ing parochial schools, are not so en
tirely different from other churches in
the idea of tbe sectarian training of their
The Louisiana sugar planters and the
Vermont sap boilers are special objects
of government favor. For eyery pound
of sugar they produce in addition to the
fair price for which they sell it, they re
ceive a bounty of 2 cents from the gov
ernment. Was there ever such an out
rageous imposition? Can any one ex
plain the thine? What special virtue is
there in the cultivation of sugar mora
than the cultivation of corn or wheat?
If sugar is to have a government bounty
why should not corn and wheat bare a
overnment bounty?
Thx Peoria Herald says that the At
tempt to create a tin industry in this
country is costing American consumers
from $10,000,000 to fl5.000.000 a year.
Tbe sheet iron and steel concerns were
the chief agitators for the higher duty on
tin plate. What they want is a prohibi
tory duty on tin plate so as to increase
their sales on galvanized iron and get
higher price. They are getting higher
prices, and their employes are not getting
higher wages. The protected manufac
turers get all the benefit of protection.
the consumers have to pay for the goods
they need, and the workingmen can't
even keep their old scale of wages with
out striking, and often can't keep then.
Thk commutation of tbe sentence of
CoL H. Clay King, to life sentence in the
penitentiary, is an unpleasant comuaen
taryon the ways ofjjostice in this country.
King's murder of D. H. Posten was as
deliberate and cowardly as was ever a
crime committed. He was fairly tried,
convicted and sentenced to die.
Every proper legl tribunal bad oppor
tunity to pass upon the case, and none
saw sufficient cause to reverse the find
ings of the lower court. The interference
of the governor simply because King was
a man of learning and influence, and an
authority on legal problems is rightly re
garded by the majority of the people of
Tennessee as an outrage. King should
baye been hung tomorrow, the same as
any other cold blooded assassin would
have been under the circumstances.
Sfkastsg of the fact that President
Harrison was nominated at Minneapolis
by office-holders, a correspondent wishes
to know how many of tbe president's
relatives are office-holders. The list is as
1. The president's brother.
2. The president's brother-in-law.
3. The president's sister-in-law.
4 The president's father-in-law.
5. The president's son's father-in-law.
6. Tbe president's wife's cousin.
7. The president's son's wife's cousin.
8- The president's nephew.
9. Tbe president's daugnter's brother-in-law.
10. Tbe president's brother's son-in-law.
11. The president's wife's neice's hus
band. 12. Tbe president's son's father-in-law's
neice's husband.
13. The president's brother-in-law
number 2.
Toai 51. Ifirklnaon.
Qalney Herald.
The campaign committee of the demo
cratic national organization has selected
as its chairman ex-Postmaster General
Don M. Dickinson of Michigan, who,
next to William C. Whitney, is Mr.
Cleveland's most valued and trusted
counselor. The choice in most respects
is a model one. Mr. Dickinson is a man
of keen intelligence, who commands re
spect and confidence whereyer his head
appears. He has a high reputation in
tbe legal profession, and was accounted
tbe shrewdest and wisest cross-examiner
of witnesses in his state. It must be
confessed that just such abili-y
as that is demanded in a campaign
manager. He is quick and aggressive,
and carries a full head of steam all the
time. As chairman of tbe democratic
central committee of his state be demon
strated bis aptitude, and tbe organ ztion
perfected by him has resulted in demo
cratic ascendency in Michigan. Although
the latest comer in President Cleveland's
cabinet, he ft; one of the executive's
most confidential advisors, and was of
Instant value in affairs of government.
His ready hand and active brain were
already fully enlisted in the cause, but he
will now have opportunity to exert them
with greater potency than before-
Oae Werk's Labar Krrard.
The Iron Trade Review gives two col
umns of its current number to a brief re
view of the strikes in progress at the
time of its publication. It is an inter
esting study.
First there is an account of the state
of affairs at Homestead, supplemented
by the announcement that there was "no
prospect of an early agreement" between
tbe Pittsburg manufacturers and the
Amalgamated association.
In Philadelphia locked-out men were
organizing a boycott upon tbe product
of their former employers.
In West Superior, Wis., a similar sttte
of affairs existed.
In Pittsburg the sheet iron and steel
manufacturers were asking their men to
accept a reduction of 20 per cent.
In Joliet. 111., the Illinois Steel com
pany was resuming work after tbe men
bad "stood a cut of 23 per cent."
In the Bay View Mills, in tbe same
state, the men had gone back after "mak
ing some concessions on the guide and
10-inch mill rates."
In the most recent movement the em
ployers wanted to reduce wages 20 per
cent. In several cases men were still
striking or locked out. Wherever
changes took place wages were reduced.
This is labor's record for one week only
under the McKinley act.
Don't Grunt
about your feet hurting you when Chryso
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its composition, and it should be used
wherever a salve or ointment is neces
sary. Cubeb Cough Cure One minute.
For sale by all druggists. Hartz &
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tits Record! -on latnf legislation Whll
Governor Shows that the Working-man
la Interesting: to Him s at Voter Only
Judge Altareld'aCMvnee IHlnola Dem
ocratic Governor Fifer is claiming for himself
great credit for having signed certain
Dills passed by the last legislature. He
is particularly solicitous to have it un
derstood that the laws enacted in the
interest of the laboring people owe their
presence on the statute books to his
signature. Of course he signed these
bills because the lesson of last election
in which the state had gone Democratic
was still before his eyes, and he dared
not do otherwise, but that he really
favored these bills is not true, as we will
presently show.
For ten years or more during which
the state has been under complete Re
publican control, there has been a de
mand from the people and especially
from the working people for the enact
ment of certain laws in the interest or
the masses. The Republican governors
and legislatures paid no head to these
calls and it was not until the Democrats
gained control of the lower house that
there was any hope for the relief which
the people were demanding. The senate
was Republican by a small majority, hut
it was forced by the example of the
Democratic house and the pressure of
public opinion to acquies in the passage
of these laws and for the same reason,
Governor Fifer dared not refuse to sign
Among such bills which became laws
through the Democratic house, are the
The repeal of the Merritt conspiracy
Forbidding child labor in factories.
Allowing cities to establish and main
tain hospitals.
Reducing the rate of interest.
Preventing private cor porat ions from
charging excessive water rates.
Providing for the Australian ballot.
Compelling masters in chancery to
make reports.
Providing for the examination of mine
Providing for check weighers in mines.
Providing for weighing coal in gross.
Protecting trade marks and labels.
Forbidding wire tapping.
Forbidding trusts and combinations.
Abolishing truck stores.
Providing for the weekly payment of
Making room in the .National Uuards
for the Hibernian Rifles and other inde
pendent companies.
Now, under the law it is the duty of
the governor to recommend to the gen
eral assembly at the beginning of each
session, the passage of such laws as he
may think are necessary to the well
being and happiness of the tieople.
Governor Fifer in his biennial message
recommended the passage of but one of 1
these laws, "the Australian ballot." He J
did make a suggestion in one place as to j
the enactment of such laws as will give j
labor its just reward, but it is purely;
profunctory and might in his estimation, i
mean that the price of labor be fixed at
fifty cents a day. There is no definite'
and specific recommendation in this di- j
rection, although he does recommend .
large appropriations of public money for '
almo-t every purpose other than for the
bettering of the condition of the masses.
How much credit he is entitled to for j
A nnn.Anr -trca 1 q onrATin rni I
Judge Altgeld's Canvass.
Judge Alteld"s town to town canvass
goes 6teadily forward, and he has al
ready vLsited more than half the coun
ties in the state. He goes into town,
visits the shops, factories and business
houses, shakes hands with the people,
chats for a little while, and goes to the
next place. His canvass was at first
ridiculed by the Republican press, then
it was ignored, but as its effects became
visible in the increased enthusiasm dis
played for him it was bitterly assailed t a
undignified, etc. Correspondents were
instructed to lie without stint as to his
reception and actions in the different
towns where he stopped. Of course
they obeyed orders, but this only seems
to help him and the Democratic cause,
for the people see and feel the unfair
ness of such treatment. Altgeld's plan
of campaign takes well. He is warmly
received everywhere, and in most places
the people of all parties gather in
crowds to meet him. That he is win
ning friends and making votes every
day cannot be denied, and that he is
losing anything by his trip no one can
truthfully say. The people are glad to
see him, for he is one of themselves, and
no one resents his visits, for his object is
not concealed. In a town where he
stopped recently, a Republican business
man on whom he called said afterward:
"I had seen Altgeld's picture and did
not like his looks very much. I won
dered how he had succeeded in getting
the nomination for governor. After our
interview my wonder disappeared. He
came into my store, was introduced,
shook hands, and spoke a few words.
What he said amounted to nothing, but
he looked into my face in an honest,
straightforward manner, and I felt that
he was an honest, reliable man. It is
his honest eye that catches the people,
and no one can meet him face to face
without being favorably impressed with
him. I shall vote for him, as a matter
of course, and shall urge all of my
friends to do likewise.
Illinois la Democratic
Illinois is a Democratic state.
Her electoral vote will be cast for
Grover Cleveland and Adlai Stevenson
if a full vote of the people is polled, and
that the Democratic state ticket will be
elected, well-informed Republicans Ad
mit. While the Democrats of Illinois are in
the majority, that majority will not
prove effective unless the full vote of the
party is cast and counted. If but one
Democrat in etuah. school district of the
state stays at home on election day, the
party will be short full 12,000 votes, and
this is a very faLr majority. We want
all tne converts we can get, for we want
to make the result as near unanimous as
possible, but in looking for converts let
us not overlook our own voters. Organ
ize closely and see that every Democrat
votes and you will find a Democratic
majority all down the line on election
Republicans may claim the state and
ridicule predictions of Democratic suc
cess, but they dare not go into details tc
prove the faith they pretend is in them.
Select a well-informed Republican
from each county in the state; get
him to give you a conservative
estimate of the result in his own county.
Add these estimates together and it will
give a Democratic majority in the state.
Their claim is a general one founded on
the results of previous elections. Oun
is based on reliable reports from nearly
all the counties in the state, and will be
verified at the polls if we do our duty.
Democrats should all vote this year. No
matter if your majority is large in youl
county, your senatorial district and youi
congressional district. No matter if in
these subdivisions you are in a hopelest i
minority. Your vote will help the state
and national ticket, and you Bhould se
that it gets into the box.
My Country: 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing ;
Land where our fathers
died ;
Land where our Mothers
Over the wash-tub tied
Let freedom ring.
My native country thee
Land of the noble, free
Thy name I love;
I love thy tucks and frills
But oh: what laundry bills;
My soul with horror thrills;
When I think of thee.
Let music swell the breeze.
And blow through all the
Let tired mortals wake
And gladly try a cake.
Let all for cleanness sake.
Join the applause.
Its Revival In this State and Its Probablt
Effect on the Klection.
The Republican party in Illinois is de
pending for success in the coming cam
paignn pon certain secret societies which
call themselves American, and who art
opposed to allowing any foreign born 01
Catholic citizen to hold an ofhee. Curi
ously enough these societies were found
ed and are said to be controlled by for
eigners, mainly Canadians. In Chicagc
they number several thousand and in
several of the smaller cities strong or
ganizations are reported. Of course th
bulk of the membership is Republican,
for the average Democrat is too broad in
his views to allow nationality or religion
to deter him from voting for an other
wise worthy candidate, but an occasion
al Democrat is drawn into the organiza
tion through thoughtlessness or through
the specoas suggestion that America le
longs to Americans. The Republican
party is backing this organization and
hopes to get its solid vote, but it seems
unlikely that Democratic members will
allow themselves to be led away from
principles in which they believe by the
sophistry of those having only selfish
ends to serve. As the Knownothing
party's rise marked the death of the Whig
party, so the rise of this new Knownoth
ing party will mark the death of Repub
licanism. e warn Democrats to keep
out of the organization. Its objects are
Is He With Is?
The Virginia Gazette has always been
regarded as a reliable Republican paper,
and its editor and proprietor Charli
Tinny lias been recognized as a stalwart
memler of the party. Therefore, the
following from his paper will creat
some surprise, and indicates that Bro.
Tinny has experienced a change ol
heart. "The "World's fair is a dirty Re
publican scheme. If it succeeds it will
give some sort of a foundation for the
claim that this is a preat country and
one to be proud of. We don't take any
stock in such nonsense, therefore we art
heartily opposed to any measure which
will tend to make the World's fair a
Their Only Argument.
The only argument the Republicans oi
Illinois seem able to produce in theii
favor is, that this is a Republican state.
Even there they are mistaken. With a
full vote out the state will show a Demo
cratic plurality for the national and
state tickets. The Democrats are sure
winners in Illinois if they poll their full
vote. Men accustomed to read results
in the signs of the times assert freely
that Altgeld's plurality is more likely tc
be above than below 120,000 and that
everything on the ticket will carry the
state. ,
Filer's Custom.
It is said to have ieen the custom for
Governor Fifer to request his appointees
to place their resignations in his hands
to be held as a matter of form. This en
abled him to control them perfectly and
accounts for their enthusiastic support
of him in the state convention. Jacob
Grosch of Oentralia, like the others had
placed his resignation in the governor's
hands as a matter of form. Fifer coolly
accepted it one day. Grosch is now
against Fifer.
A Wild Claim.
Joe Messick of the Republican state
committee, has been giving the Chicago
Tribune a pretty fairy story about gains
in southern and central Illinois. His
story is purely imagination. His own
county of St. Clair will show a Demo
cratic gain of at least a thousand, while
he cannot point out a single county in
the state that will show a Republican
gain over the election of 1888.
Naturally Whitelaw Reid, of the New
York Tribune, defends Carnegie in the
employment of Pinkerton Hessians to
shoot down honest American laborers.
Through his long intercourse with "rats"
in the Tribune office, Reid has forgotten
that there are any self-respecting labor
ers in this country. He will be remind
ed of the fact, however, that such labor
ers do exist, in a very unpleasant man
ner next Nsvember. Delavan Advertiser.
We notice that the Republican state
platform claims the credit for that party
for having passed the Australian ballot
law. It will be remembered that this
law was enacted by tbe same legislature
that elected General Palmer United
States senator. The g. o. p. will bfc
claiming the credit of that act next.
Curiously enough - no effort - seems to
have been made to organize the third
party in the strong Republican counties
of Illinois. In the strong Democratic
counties we find the agents of -the -third
party at work.
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