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i. , . f r j. i m
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it ia pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
Sently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
iiver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and $1 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. JJo not accept any
Real Estate
We VOW na' Dome nr-i-ciap uurcraiMn i'i ici
rttlite which will net all the wy from 8 to 14 per
. .., in.ua(monT Tt wili hf tn the Interest
of parties who have their money paced at a les
rate of interest to call and examinetbeie I argalns.
Room 4. Mitchell I.ynde building, ground
ioor. ia rear of Mitchell 4 Lynda hank.
School Books-
New and
Second Hand.
Stale Pe. cila, Iak,
Paper TabVts, Satchelp,
Straps, Baskets, Pencil Boxes
Hulers, and everything
necessary for School.
You can
Save Money
By getting
School Supplies at
1717 Second Ave.
To call your attention to a few facts:
Tonr eyesleht is priceless the eyes need good
care ; improper spectacles are u JiirioKs, yon
stiould rot trust your eyesight to irresponsible
peddlers of cheap tpectecles.
is a Practical Optician, and will take pains to
prnperly fit yon r eyes for every defect of vision
and will gnarautce a perfect fit in every case.
SMMwM i J tfc .mil, mo imit mum Km
If the lines in this diamond figure lo not
appear equally b!ack ia all the different
meridians, it indicates a defect cf sip-fat
that causes nervous head-ache and should
be corrected tt once. Ej'ea tested free.
H. D.F0LS0M,
.Tewekr and Optician.
I am selling a good nickel
central draft stand lamp (the
Aurora) complete with chimney
and porcelain shade, for $1.25;
a smaller size for $1 00.
This is the best value in
lamps we ever have had. there
should be no more straining of
eyes over bad light at this rate.
G. M. Loosiey.
Crockery Store,
1608 Second Ave.
The Remains of Dr. Gregg Ten
derly Laid to Rest.
Last Sad Tribute Paid to Engineer Harry
Nason The Pall Bearers Mrs. Frank
McDonald Dies In St. Louis and la Brought
Here for Interment Mrs. Robert's Fun
eral Yesterday A Large N amber of Old
Settlers and Friends Attend the Obse
quies of rr. Gregg Other Obituary Men
tion. The fuueral of the late Dr. Patrick
Greeg was held from his residence at the
hea.1 of Twenty-fifth street at 2 o'clock
this afternoon. Despite the very liisa
greeable weather a large concouree of
people who in life revered the venerable
doctor gathered to pay the last tribute of
respect. The services were conducted by
Kev. W. 8. Marquis of the Broadway
Presbyterian church, and the honory pall
bearers wir-?: Messrs George Mixter, S.
W. McVtHRttr, D-vyM 3awes, C. Ii. Ains
worth. Up T. J. RobioHon and Judge
J. W. Diary . The active pall bearers
were. John Rengston.Frank Mixter, 8. D.
Clilard.S J. Keator. William Brooks
and Dr. J W. Stewart. The remains
were interred in Chippiancck cemetery.
Kngineer Nation' Faneral.
Harry C Nas n the young C , R I &
P. engineer whose death occurred on
Saturday afternoon as stated in The
Argds, had only been pick; a few days.
He was one of the youngest men on the
road and was extremely popular among
his associates. Mr. Nation's death is made
particularly sad owing to the fact that he
bad just attained his ambition having a
short time ago been given an engine on
the C R. I. & P. where he was employed.
Be leitves a widow and little child.
The funeral occurred from the late
home 4014 Seventh avenue at 9 o'clock
this mortiirg. Rev. W. T. Grafton of the
Christian church offk-ialng. The inter
ment whs mnde in Oakdale cemetery in
Davenport, the following being the pall
bearers: Ge-ree Morns, J. J. Flynn, Ed
ward Rcderirk, Charles Jewell, Simon
McMabon, Wiiham Sprnt;ue.
Mrs. Frank McDonald.
The rernnios of Mrs. Frnk McDonald,
who diid in St. Louis at 12 o'clock on
Saturday, arrived in the city at 6:45
o'clock this morning over the C, B. &
Q . and were taken to the home ot her
mother. 314 Thirteeuth street. Mrs.
McDonald, whose maiden name was Miss
Emma Hastings, was a daughter of Mrs
Rcbecc? ritstinps, and had mmy friends
in this city woo will mourn her untimely
death. She was in her 37ih year.
Tue fuutr-;! occurs from the Hastings
home at 3t4 Thirteenth street, at 2 p.
m U Du'ifiow, Rev. F. W Merrell will
Mrs. Sarah Seaver.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Sarah
Seavtr whose death occurred in Reynolds
on Oct 13, o-.k place on Saturday, Oct
15. al the Bp:it ..hurch. Rtv. C. E.
Taylor, c fflciatine;, asiited by Rev. C. L.
Davenport, ot the Reynolds M. E church
Deceased was born in Maine February
14, 1813, and together with her husband
cam; wefct and settled in this county in
1S40. They resided in Edgineton un'il
lam, when they remove d to Reynolds,
and took up their residence with a wid
owed daughter, Mrs. S. L. Walker. Mrs
Seaver was the mother of 11 child eD,
eisht of whom survive her. She was a
woman of noble christian character, and
had many friend who sincerely
mourn her loss. She died in her 80 h
Mrs. Charles Koberg.
The funeral of the late Mrs, Cnarlrs
Roberg was held from Swedish Bapiiai
church on Twenty-first street at 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. It was attended
by a large number' of sympathizing
friends, the interment being made in
Chippianootk cemetery.
Helena Ncliaaook.
Helena, the infant daughter of Car
Scbmook and wife, died at :ts parent'
home on Eleventh avenue at 8 o'clock on
Saturday morning, agt d 1 year and 10
months. Tne funeral occurred from the
home. 8o7 Zleventh avenue, at 2 o'c'ock
jesierday afternoon, the interment being
made in the Lutheran cemetery.
(OtXTY HII1.I)I(;.
Oct. 29 Estate of John B. Hulmu.
Inventory filed and approved. Ord-r au
thor zing administrator to sell personal
property at private sale.
Conservatorship of Bridget Maroney.
Petition by sureties on bond to be re
leased from conservator's bond bled
Estate of Christian Eiriecke. Proof
of posting and p- blication filed. Claim
of William Letsch allowed. Inventor
filed and approved.
Estate of Robert W. Johnston. Id
ventory filed and approved.
Estate of Adam Soivey. Widow's re
licquisbmet and selection filed and ap
proved and order turning over property
so selected to widow.
Estate of Hi len M Clark. Proof of
publication and posting filed.
Iteanity of John Gorman. Jury im
panelled atid sworn. Verdict insane and
not a pauper. Ordered committed to
Centra Insane Hot'it!.
When other remedies fail to relieve
roughs and colds. Dr, Bull's Cough Syrup
will effect a permanent cure. Obviously
because it is the best remedy.
The Interests of Self Contrasted With
Those of the Interests of the People of
the Kleventh Congressional District.
The people of th E eventh congress
atonal district havo an opportunity this
year to contrast the iaien-sis of a self
seeking individual w.th those of the en
tire people of the district, and before de
terming whfcb ttiey will acc-pt by their
ballots, they should atou and ask them,
selves the question, which it is their duty
to do to contribute to the advancement
of a man of purely seiflah design, or to
the furtherance of those idea which ap
peal to the people as a whol;. Col.
Marsh has been a chronic office holder
and office seeker all his life, and has
been in all cases and undt-.r all circum
stances actuated by a single purpose, and
that self. For a numbtr of terms he
held a mortgage on a seat in congress,
but when the district he represented
was changed, and Rock Island became a
part of it, and his record was examined
into, he was relegated to private life, and
there he has'been kept since, aa far at the
will of the people is concerned, although
the republican party has taken care of
him a greater (.art of the 1st 10 years
Meanwhile he has b.en constantly seek
ing for something better than be had, and
like the famous character that Dickens
conceived, coniiiiu-ily asking for more.
He even had the audacity to aspire to the
republican gubernatorial nomination, and
notwithstanding that such a thought was
ridiculed even by the republicans, he was
only driven out of Private Joe's path by
tfc.3 promise thst be should have
the nomination again in the Eleventh
district and he got it. But this will
probably ba the cai ct him. &3 far as the
people are concerned at least. The re
publican party may take him under its
wing again and soothe him with an ap
pointive office.
Mr. Plantz. the democratic candidate
from the Eleventh district, stands, on the
other hand, for those principles which
appeal most closely to the people of the
district, those of taxation. He is an in
telligent, broad-minded vouag man
whom any party might be proud to honor
and to point to as their representative in
the lower houee of congress. And he
will be sent there by a g.od majority.
Henderson and Yore's Enterprise.
Charles Yore arrived ia the city Sat
urday night, and learning of his connec
tion with the distinguished tragedian.
Walker Whiteside, who is under the man
agement of W. F Henderson, formerly
of Rock Island, an Argus reporter visi-ed
him at the Harper. "Weil." replied
Mr. Yore, "as to the success of Mr
Whiteside, he has the field aadislik .lv
to keep possession of it for a great mauy
years. Packed houses were the rule last
season, and cro:1s were turned away
from the op ra house wherever he pliyed
a return engagement. With tlie excep
tion t f Mr. Keene, Mr. Whiteside is the
only tragedian playing a Shakespearian
repertoire before the American public, anil
the papers all over the country vie with
each otherln highest praii-e of his work."
Mr. and Mrs. Drew.
The performances of Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Drew and their superb comedy
company are spoken of in the highest
terms of praise by the entire press and
public wherever they hava appevre.
Manager Montrose bad a hard time to se
cure this excellent company anl only
did so bv guaranteeing tbom. It is to
be hoped our theatre goers wi!i appre
ciate his efforts to t-ccure his pitrons the
best class of attractions, atid crowd Har
per's theatre next Tnursday evening. Nov.
3, and give tfcrse great ariists a royal wel
Treasures of a Turkish "Tomb.
No Christian may enter these holy pre
cincts the mosques of Kazan and as one
passes the doors of the mosque one can
only catch a K'impse of long rows of col
umns and arcades. The tombs themselves
are within, each in its sanctuary. These
holy of holies are said to be most croreeous
and beautiful. The ceilings and doors are
richly painted and gilded, the walls and
the tombs are hung with gold embroidered
velvet, while on every side are ranged the
presents brought ly the faithful who visit
and pray there. Two centuries and a half
of offerings are contained within these
sanctuaries.' Among them are candlesticks
of silver and gold, boxes of illuminated
manuscripts, more than a hundred clocks
of all ages and fashions, a quantity of old
china and many other quaint things.
Doubtless among this huge collection are
articles of gold and silver, clocks, china,
etc., which, on account of their ages and
the great care that has always been taken
of them, are almost priceless.
The business part of the sanctuaries is
without doubt the huire 1k:cs with grated
tops, into which the faithful drop their
money. The sums thus collected are di
vided monthly into four parts, one-fourth
being laid aside for the keeping up of the
tombs, and three-fourths go to the she
reefian family. Blackwood's Magazine.
A Precocious Totitli.
I was tolu by Dr. Koad, a relative of Mr.
Buckle, author of "The History of Civili
zation," that this remarkable writer was
entirely self taught. His health as a boy
was so delicate that he was never sent to
school, and was left to learn little or much
as he liked and how be liked. His accu
mulated knowledge was prodigious and
his memory even about trifling things
most remarkable. A friend of mine when
in his company had occasion to refer to the
cultivation of rhubarb, whereupon Buckle
immediately said. "The plant was intro
duced into Europe in ItilO I mean the
common garden rhubarb which grows
wild in the mountains of Syria and Per
sia." He then went oa to say that this
must not be confounded with the official
rhubarb of commerce, adding statistics
about the value of the latter -as an article
of import into Great Britain. Mrs. Crosse
in, Temple Bar.
Saturday Night's Democratic Demonstra
tion at Davenport The Torchlight Pro
cession. Davenport endulged in a grand demo
cratic demonstration Saturday night. The
torchlight procession was a brilliant
spectacle, over a mile in length and made
up of handsomely uniformed marching
clubs and cavalry. There were numerous
bands of music, while the streets were
aglow with colored fire and illuminated
buildings. The Stevenson club of Rock
Island 100 strong had the position of
honor in the procession and made a fine
appearance. Tee Leader says of the
The Stevenson club of Rock Island fol
lowed thee images. The members wore silk
hats and white ulsteis and made a fine ap
pearance. Rock Island may justly be
proud of having such an organization as
the Stevenson club.
There were over a thousand men in
line and they kept faithfully in the ranks
till the end of the parade, despite the
length of the m.rch. Especially fine
views were presented to spectators at the
foot of Brady and Har.ison streets, as
the procession was stretched tlong the
slope cf the hill. The mingled and mov
ing raa8 of lif ht seemed like a great
flowing river of fire.
The batteries of Fort Frahm did excel
lent service. The thundering of the can
non awoke all tbcchoei of the tri-cities.
Speeches were made at Claus Grot hall
and the Burtis Opera house by Congress
man Walter I. Hayes, Hon. J. B. Rich
man, of Musca'ine, and others.
What the H-m. George G. Vest says in
regard to the superiority of the Hirsch
berg's diamond and uon-cbaugeable spec
tacles -
"I am using glasses which I purchased
from Prof. Hirschberg and they are the
best I ever tried; it affords me great
pleasure to recommend frof. Hireehberg
as an excellent optician, and his glassec
are simply unequalled in my experience
G G. Vest.'
Thene spectacles are for sale by T. H
Thomas aeent for Rock Island.
This is tae general verdict
with all who uj thr? Laxative
Gum Drops. . It is well known
that many diseases, especially
fevers and nervous troubles, be
bin with in1'g-tsUon. When
the stomach and bowels are
clogged with material that
ought to pass off, the absor
bents make an effort to remove
it. The result is that much of
it is taken into the blood and
the whole source of the ife cur
rent is thus poisoned. The Lax
ative Gum Vrovs restore the
proper action to the digestive
organs and thus enable ,he sys
tem to throw off this waste ma
terial. When thss is done the
system soon recovers its normal
tone. The chief benefit of these
gum drops is that thy can be
taken without ny tee mg of
medicine for there is no bad
taste about them, nor dv they
cause griping In fact many
people are restored to he tlth by
their means without ever know
ing that they have been taking
medicine at all Get them ol
any druggist. The small boxes
are ten cents, tne Jate ones
twenty-five cents.
bYLVAN Rkmedt Co.,
Peoria, 111.
Rurtis Opera House,
THf:;-il7, Nov., 3rd,
Matinee at 8: 5p. m. Evening at 8:15,
Q ilmore's
Famous Band,
Assisted by a Coterie of Grand Vocal
The Greatest Band in the "World
Price: For the Nictit Concert. Parn
Dresw Circle and first rowr ia Balcony 3.0U. rest
of balcony $1 bOx general a mission $1.00.
For Matinee Parque'te. Drcsa Circle and flr.-t
row in balcony Sl.&O: rert balcony (1 (Mi; freneral
admi-oin SO cents : rale at Thomas' drnitr aim
Telephone No. 20.
TTarpefs Theatre.
J. Montrose. Manager
THURSDAY, Nov, 3rd,
First appearanct of the Society Stars,
Mr, and Mrs.
Supported by tnefr own Comedy Company
In a Grand Doable Bill,
"In Honor Bound,"
"That Girl from Mexico."
played by the in Ko York City 15 times.
r"Sets on sale at Harrier Bonn) drnmtnra
Tuesday, Oct. 1. prices, $1.0 , 75c, 60 and 5c.
If we should attempt to describe the hundreds of attractive bargains
which we are knowing in our Cloak Department, we should not be able to
Rive even a faint idea of the beautv, style, fit or finish of oar garments.
'The reefers, the j icke'.B, the capes, tbe newmarkets, al! are the finest, the
latest styles and bt et made that money will buy. Orer 250 garments sold
from this department during the paBt week and over 350 new. garments
received and placed on sile daring laesiime time, direct from the hands of
the manufacturers, representing all tbe latest novelties, the late idea9, just
out since the larger orders were pltced early in the season. Our large sales
enables us to be cohatantl? replenishing with tbe newest creations of the
best artists as they ippear from dy to diy in tbe east.
The wonderful lightning artist, will give an exhibition for a few days only
of lightning painting in our Un?e west show window. A picture painted
while you wait. Four to r.ight ninutt-s to make a fine, large oil puimiog.
Exhibition of rapid piinting in oils every dy. Any of our cus'omers
may have one of these flue p'iint.nB free, on application at onr cashier's
desk, a small charge to be made for frme. No frame to go out unframed.
This is to protect tbe painting, which lakes some lime to dry. Be Bure to
get one of these lightning productions as a souvenir.
1720, 1722 and 1724 Second Avenne.
Special Sale of
Ladies' Shoes.
carse co's oxm
"Wright & Peters' Dongola Hand Turn and Welt f4.50 $3.7
Dull doDg welts 4.50 3.S
Dongolas M. S 3.50 .S)
Mat kid top 4.60 2.0
Straight goat 2.75 2.25
Slribley's Dongola band turn 4.00 .2
.. Welt 3.50 3 O
M S 3-00 2.25
Cloyes' " Welt t 3-80 8.00
c: C patant tip. ... ........... .
Men' SSlioea
Ej.v Si&i CL'.I Wzl - o ... r-c., . M-.s 5
'V7e CG.ute6 a-xri la lcv?sr than err bofcsrs GftsnxfeC
Store ana inspect oar gutAia auu pnves; -we nave aiso a Bv taanj oui
cains that we are now offering.
Successor to Carse & Co., 1622 Second Avenue.
Upon the solicitation of a number of our leading
Physicians we have secured the agency tor the sale
of the celebrated Brotherhood Wine Co's. Wines and
Liquors, which are unexcelled for medicinal use.
We have the following goods in original pint
Mmnyptde Claret
Pure Table Caret
Zinfamlel Clnret
Norton' Seedling Claret
Snuterne ... l&U
Madeira IB 8
Tokay 187S
Sweet Catawba 17
Sweet Catawba 1
Dry Catawba W
Dry Catawba 1884
Old Rrotherhood Brandy
Old Cherrv Brandy r368
Old Medicinal Port 1HS
Old !weet Delaware ....!
Ei. old Urocton Port lfflt
Sherry - lStlB
Sweet 1-abeUa
Also. Old XXXXX Emerson Rye 79 in original ats.
T. H. THOMAS, Drui-
We Cfew effcei? Mime,
J-T l UitIlU.e-jil-.--l lauci riliuio nriuu vCj wiu . .
Our Prizes are Winners.
La lies' fine Dongola Button $3.00 shoe in this sale reduce
to 1 98. A fine $2.50 shoe cut to $1.78.
Infant shoes 28.4?ents.
0The qualities w6 will show you will cause jou to wonder, as they are very
fpecial t-alucs.
v 108 W. 3d near Brady Davenport, Iowa.
Art Store.
Remarque proof Etchings
this week 90c.
Picture framing a spec
ialty. '
The largest and most com
plete line of stationery
and blank books in the
Closing out window
White Savon Laundry Soap, 32
bars for 82c This ia the best
bargain ever offerad in the
Toilet Soaps, 2, 3,4, 5, 8 andlOc
per cake
Tar soap this week only 3c.
Clothes Pins lc a dozen.
Flower Pots, plain and decora
ted at lewest prices.
Bird Cages.
Geo. H. Kingsbury,
!7r .Tscisi'.c? avenue, 3cck Island, '.'.'cier.:
4G3 Fitaenlk street, Molir.e.
rre;sMrcc r:;c3.TF-'cl
Ail kjnds Of Cut Flowera eonatantlv nn k.nrf
Green Houses Flower Store
Oue block north of Central Park, tte largest Ir Ia. 304 Brady Street, Dartnport, Iowa.

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