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I i a n v
u J KJ,
W XLI NO. 39
SlnglA Copies S CBa
Per Week lH Cents
rj. 8.
Is the Largest in this section and prices are far below all competitors.
We put ON SALE for one week our stock at way down prices.
Overcoats worth 12 to 15 for 10.
Our Children's stock of Overcoats is slightly
)roken and all coats where there is only one or two
hi a kind, we will
fc- - '
Bar price the same cut is good in Children's suits.
Ijnderselling everybody on everything. All eoods
lold as advertised.
SAX & RICE, Proprietors, Rock Island, 111,
Try us when you want a fine dress suit, we make fine goods a specialty.
panta Glaus Dropped
nto our furniture establishment, and here he intends
o stay until
He was so well pleased with
dropped in. tsy the way, why not drop in your
elf and select vour Christmas Dresents. Wp hav
ihe most artistic, the largest,
c nave ever snown consisting or tne tinest parlor
uit to the baby's high chair. Nobody in the Tri
nities can show as coirmlete assortment or trpat vnn
petter in the way of price,
uur selection at
1525 and 1527
Second Avenue.
(POCKET KNIVES and SCISSORS took the highest premiuni
4ut"iy. j-i you warn a gooa
One need not be told what a
set like those I have to show vrU
Gold Medal Carpet Sweepers.
Every woman that k
lish Fire Sets and Irons.
Acorn Stoves
tne0?exIea;?eiTmade in PoiB
n"T : UT Ku iiung8 to Duy at Uhnstmas oi
f uy otner time. Come in and see how
Qat ls.uaefol and novel in housekeeping goods.
Cor. Third Ave. and Twentieth Street, Bock Island.
Overcoats worth
Overcoats worth
Overcoats worth
Hismnnt fmm i
wwvxxw XX WXXX vjx
our beautiful line that he
in 'fact the finest display
etc. Call early and make
124, 128 and 128
Sixteenth Street.
aniie iryone.
nice present an elegant Carving
be. Also those
and Ranges
for our soft coal-and every om
$3 to $4 for 2.
5 to 7 for 4.
8 to 10 for 6.
LU vjJvJ 11 Will lCiU
: Shirt Factory :
Our Shirts .
are our specialty. We make them ourselves,
fatronize homo industry,
Our Suits .
ire made to yonr ordor. and they are tailor-made
il prices ranging from 518 op.
Our Pants .
Are down in prices and we invite competition,
Call and make your selection from over 200 differ
ent samples at prices from 83 and np.
Our Prices .
Cannot be duplicated, onr workmanship cannot be
excelled, our goods we warrant, and last, but not
least, yonr patronage is solicited.
Call and see us at the
Tri-Oity Shirt Factory.
1609 Second avenue, over Loosley's crockery store.
Washes Everything from a fine
silk handkerchief to a circus
tent; Laoe curtains a specialty.
No. 1724 THIRD AVE.
A. M. & L. J. PARKER,
Telephone No. 1214
JoJln -Volk: 5c;Oo.,
Manufacturers of
8aah Doors Blinda,j Siding, j mooring,
and an kinds of wood work for boildsrs.
tlhtaenth 8b. bet. Third and faith area,
A Chicago Wife's Adventure with
Three Burglars.
rutting a Chunk of Lead in One of Them
Masked Villains Who Tackled a Femi
nine Tartar Latest Scheme of the "Pro
fession "Killing a House Full of Anaes
thetics Through the Speaking Tubes
Caught Hi-caking Into a House Another
Fx press Robbery The Kobber Caught
This Time.
Chicago, Dec. 2. The frisky footpad
and baleful Iiurglar continue to do a land
oflice business ju this city; but occasionally
they meet more than their match, and such
was the case yesterday morning at 5:30
when they tackled the saloon of lr. Berb
er, 5tS West Erie street. And to the honoi
of the sex, he it said, the person who was
too much of a man to submit supinely to
robbery was u woman the wife of the sa
loonist. At the hour mentioned three men
entered the room, putting on black masks
as t hey did so. Mrs. Berger was cleaning
the mirrors behind the bar at the time, and
did notatlir-t notice that the mer were
Masked, as the saloon was dimly lighted
wit h one gas jet.
She Knew What It Meant.
The men approached the bar together
ami drew their revolvers as they did so.
One started to the rear, as if to search the
cash drawer himself, and the other two
leveled their weapons at Mrs. Berber's
head, their muzzles almost touching her
"You know what this means," said one of
the men.
"Yes, I guess Ido," Mrs. Herger coolly re
plied. Meantime she did not lose her presence
of mind. The man who had started le
liind the bar suddenly stopped, and gestur
ing with his revolver, he said: "We know
you have money there, so don't make auy
noise. If you do we 11 all shoot."
Itut She Was of .! I'luck.
Still the saloon-keeper's plucky wife was
not frightened. There was a large revolver
lying on the shelf behind the bar, but she
could not turn to seize it without opening
the way for the men to carry out their
threats. "There isn't a cent in the draw
er," she said, as she placed both hands be
hind her back and rested them on the
shelf. Thi' motion was not not iced by the
robbers, so natural was it, and they were
surprised when the next instant they were
themselves confronted by a revolver." Mrs.
Berger pulled the trigger and one shot
weut wild, striking the ceiling.
Crave Iiurglars Mere They.
Therewas'a general scramble for the
door, and two of the men escaped. But
Mrs. Berger did not intend to let the third
oil' so easily. Follow ing him she seized him
by his coat and threw him to the tloor. Her
attack was so vigorous thai great pieces of
the roblter's clothes were torn away, and
as he fell his revolver slipped from his hand,
leaving him uciciisciess. In a moment the
robber managed to scramble to his feet,
and as he started cast on Erie street Mrs.
Berger fired agaiu. She is certain that the
bullet entered either his breast or right
arm, for he gave a sharp cry as if he was in
pain. He did not stop, however, and suc
ceeded in escaping.
A Scheme to Fill Speaking Tubes with
Two lives were placed in jeopardy
Wednesday night through the fiendish in
genuity of burglars who wanted to pillage
the building at Baxter street and Belmont
avenue. The plan adopted was to admin
ister the deadly fnmes of ether and other
ana-stketics through sjieaking tubes, and
liecause of its failure William Eckert and
his wife are alive today. At 11 o'clock
Wednesday evening Eckert and his wife
felt that a sudden drowsiness was over
coming them. Mrs. Eckert fainted and
fell to the floor, but Eckert had strength
enough to stagger to the nearest window
and throw it open. The air revived him
and he began an invest fgation. He found
that the strange odor was proceeding from
the speaking tube.
The Rascals Make Their Escape.
He descended to the ground floor and
found a quart bottle of ether connected by
a rubber hose to the mouth of the tube.
The watchman called in the police an le
gan an investigation, and immediately
upon the arrival of the police two men
were seen to break away from beneath the
shadow of a tree across the street and run
away. They had evidently been waiting
there for the working of their scheme and
became frightened at the sight of the po
lice. Fusillade with an Officer,
An hour and a half before the Berger
incident, Officer Burke was on duty in
the neighborhood of Wabash avenue and
Fifty-third street. On the course of his
rounds he saw two men trying to obtain an
entrance in the rear of Alderman O'Neil's
house. He drew his artillery aud let fly
and the shot was promptly returned. The
men ran and for a few inouu'nts there was
a rapid exchange of lead between the
thieves and the officer. By this time he
was in charging distance and made a rush.
But one of the thieves hit him in the
stomach with a brick and laid him out.
When he came to the thieves were gone.
On the rear atp of the alderman's house,
there were found a bottle of chloroform aud
a bunch of skeleton keys,
Hut They Did Their Kolliuy on Somebody
Klse's Money.
Kansas City, Dec. -2.K. Ji. Knapp, a
messenger for the American E.vpiess com
pany, and 11. W. Bloodgood, a railroad
postal cit-rfc. w ere arrested here j.-.;.r,lay
and comiwik-d to give up 51.100 that re
mained of a package which Kuapp
stole from the company Wednesday night.
Soon after Knapp aud Bloodgood boarded
the sleeper at Chicago Wednesday night
they called the colored porter to them and
presented him with a ti bill, the sight of
which made him display a large row of
ivories. As the night wore on the young
men bought and drank bottle after bottle
of goodly wine obtained from the buffet,
apd.aa the life gf the wie began to warm
their blood tney grew merry, lime arter
time the porter was called to them and the
amount of his ''retainer" was increased.
Nabbed by a Policeman.
The other passengers watched the young
men curiously and wSfrjj surprised when
Knapp drew a huge rolf of bills aud pro
ceeded leisurely to count out more than
tl.UUU in bills of a small denomination.
The revelers squandered their money reck
lessly. When the train reached here a
hackmau told how they had been acting.
A policeman woke them up and arrested
them. They were taken to police bead
quarters where Knapp made a full confes
sion and turned over the money to Super
intendent Keim, agent of the express com
pany. Ilow t"ie Koiihery Vt us Done.
In Knapp'? confession he said he was a
messenger for the American Express com
pany and r:-.i. o,i ihe C-ieago and Alton
road bet '..!) Chicago and Woodstock, His.
Wednesday xf-.eriniou when the time ap
proached ior iom to t;lke charge of his car,
he went to the station at Irving .Park and
there found Sidney Rogers, an employe of
the company, who agieed to take his "run"
for him Wednesday night. W. H. Blood
good, railway postal clerk on the Chicago,
Harvard and Korkford railway, and an
other friend, T. San ford, were" with him.
He says he then entered his car and stole
a package containing $1,500. Of this monev
lie gave 300 to San ford and some to Blood
good and pocketed the rest. Knapp says
Bloodgood is innocent of any wrong in ti:e
matter, and did not know the money was
Itoth of Them Chicago Men.
Knapp is a short; stout young man,
1 years old. He is a decided blonde with
light mustache aud ruddy complexion,
lie is a nephew of Assistant Cashier
Knapp, of the American Express company,
and his lather is said to live in Chicag"),
where he owiisinuch property. Bloodgood
is a year younger than his companion. He
is tall and has dark hair and a small black
moustache. He is said to be of a well
known family in Chicago. Superintendent
Keim took Kuapp and Bloodgood back to
Chicago last night.
One of Those Hare Occurrences Taken
l'iace in Mississippi.
Mkuikax, Miss., Dec. 2. Ihe noted
Kemper county outlaws, Tom and Walter
Yolbcrt, for whom an exciting chase for a
month has been made, have leen captured.
In Novei'.iU-r Tom Tolliert, an escaped con
vict, ami his brot her John opened fire on
Tom Donald and WiilSpinks, deputy sher
ills. The Jin.- was returned and .John Tol
bert. was kilh-d. A posse was next day at
tacked !- ihe TolU-rts ami Tom Cole
killed, .-o cm-aged did the county become
l hat, old nmii loibert was lvnehed. Since
then the chase has not, oi--ri n-lavul
Wednesday a posse visited the house of
Elislia Johnson in Xeshoba county, twenty-six
miles from here, where the Tollierts
were co m ealed.
t.ot Off l ull of Huckshot.
While searching the house Tom Tollrf
jumped out of tiie back window, and Ix-in.r
discovered a bat tie ensued. Tom received
six or eight buckshot, but managed to
make his escape. letter, however, realizing
his need of attention. d,-'i.ttt t.n ;n.n
der, which he aud Walterdid. A de.-ierate
attempt was made by a crowd to lynch the
prisoners. io:u jolbert, w ho is a burly
man of 22. w ill be delivered to the
of the Jackson penitentiary to serve out a
iiie sentence. 1 lie reward for his capture
is t5o(l. Walter, a slip of a boy V.i years old.
will be taken to Kemper county to stand
trial for the murder of Tom Cole.
The Associated Press Organized.
CHICAGO. Dec. 2. The Western Ascnri.
ated press continued its session in this city
yesterday, aud concluded the preliminary
wors oi reorganizing under t he name of the
Associated Press. The
out under the laws of Illinois. The follow
ing board of riireetjirs n-u 1manin,,.ln
elected: Victor F. Lawson, of Chicago;
Frederick Driscoll, St. Paul; C. W. Knapp"
St. Ixmis; Albert J. Barr, Pittsburg: M.
oung, t-an t rancisco; Eugene H.
Perdue. Cleveland; Washington Hesingj
Chicago; W. A. Collier. VcmnlnV -T T
Scripps, Detroit.
Made Her a Wife at the Last.
Louisville. Dec. 2. A sad marri aire
ceremony was performed at the iail vestr-
day. Stephen R. Ilite, who is to die upon
tne gallows one week from today, and his
mistress st ood un in the death se"-t ion n,iH
Father Brady made the woman a wife.
Mite wore for his wedding suit the one in
which he will die. By his side stood his
pretty little daughter and three other
doomed men, with the death watch, as
the only witnesses.
Another Defeat for the Amalgamated.
YotNOSTOWX. O.. Dec. 2 The t.mnhla
which has existed for the Dast eiizht months
between the Mahoning Valley Iron com
pany anu tne Amalgamated association, or
a HlUtiniZf IlfT nf it hsui t.n EOUI 1J..
c . - - , j . . oviunk xy
the executive board of this district classif v
; .. i. .. . i. .. i . , . .
iuj4 um um ainays oeen Known as a job
bine mill as a niate-mill t.ho iri,rL iun l.w.
their fight and will suffer a big reduction
ui wages, as near as can be learned the
cut will average from 20 to 40 per cent.
Will Not Reopen the Strike.
Pittsburg, Dec 2. A Homestomi dis
patch to The Leader.says: "There is no
truth in the report that the strike at the
Carnegie works will be
ing . of the men was held, lut the only
luamer uinen into consideration was that
of providing relief for the families nf tVa
strikers who are in need of assistance.
xue question l reopening the strike was
not considered.
The Paper Served on Cleveland.
Washington, Dec. 2. It was learned
yesterday that the paper served on President-elect
Cleveland Wednesday was a no
tification that he was a defendant, mrnir In
the suit of Willis R Smith against the New
xorK committee of foreign landholders
that will be called in the chancery court
next Monday, and that he could use his
own pleasure about coming.
Good Sport foe the President-Elect.
EXMOHE, Va., Dec. 2. Mr. Cleveland re
turned from gunning yesterday at 4:15
o ciocit. i ne day was spent at High Drain.
Although the tide was still rather high the
Conditions w..re excnr.nnll
m "J nuic iy
ducking, and all of the sportsmen seemed
aausnea witn tneir aayjs. work.
A Weddfnglh High Society.
Pittsbukg, Dec. 2. There is to be a
novel wedding in this city Dec. 8, in which 1
the "high" contracting parties will to
gether have a height of 14 feet 2 inches.
The woman's height is 7 feet and the man's
7 feet 2 inches. The bride to be is M .
Emma Mov-iatn daughter of James Moss
man, a wealthy grain raiser of Sauk Cen
ter, Minn. The prospective groom is
Colonel James Gilbert Unzalo Rudiland, a
native of Chihuahua, Mexico.
Attached a Juliet Company.
New Yokk, Dec. 2. The sheriff yester
day received an attachment for fJO.OOO
against the Joliet Enterprise company, of
Johet, Ills., in favor of the Illinois Steel
company. The attachment was granted
on the ground that the defendant is a for
eign corporation. Deputy Sheriff McGin
niss has served papers iu the case upon of
ficers of the Third National bank.
The Public Iebt Increased,
WASHINGTON'. Dec. 2. There was a net.
increase of 5Sti,;iG2.i in the public debt
during the month of November, as shown
by the statement issued yesterday by the
Assiuniiifiil at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Dec. 2 The gents' furnish
ing and jobbing house of Liebuian &
Schloss, M West Pearl street, has assigned.
Liabilities, fcftMKW; aJWets, $40,(100.
Chicago, Dec 1.
Following were the quotations on the board
of trade today: Wheat December, opened
719tic, closed n'jc; January, opened 73c,
closed ?!ic; May, opened :s?ic, closed 7S?4c
Corn lk'cember, opened 42, closed 4x.'ic;
May, opened 4Se, closed 47:'4c; July,
opened 4sie, closed hfi. " Oats December,
opened 81e, closed :.;.Kc; January, oened
SCftc, closed 32tc; May, ojiened tfir, closed
3o!i'. Pork December. neiied Jia.75, closed
$l.i.75; January, opened $!o.JU, closed $15.25;
May. opened 15.25. closed $15.3i. Lard
December, opened S.22's. closed if.2."i.
Live Stock lTic.es at the Union Stock
yards today ranged as follows: Hogs Market
fairly active on packing and shipping ac
count and feeling was firm; prices were
about 5c higher: sales ranged at $4.3fj
5.50 pigs, S5JiV.j5.70 light, S5.4535.tt5 rough
packing, 5.5Uj.-.',.9a mixed, and $5.70&1.L24
heavy packing and shipping lots.
CattleMarket fairly active on local and
account and prices comparatively steadp;
quotations ranged at 5.00 Q. 5.50 choice
to extra shipping steers, S4.2."ji.4.'.l good to
choice do, j:i;ii (.4.l lair to good, $:.OJk,i3.)
common to medium do. S2.9o,r,3.50 butchers'
steers, 0iiM,ii5 stockers, Si.trrt2.;5 Texas
steers ;.7.V.j 4.15 range steers. $2.so,(;t.30 feed
ers, Sl-i ViS'ia cows, 1.5uny2.5o hulls, and
$&V3.5.SQ veal calves.
Sheep Market fairly active and prices ruled
steady and unchanged: quotations ranged at
3.UUtt4.70 per liU lbs westerns, $.'!,2.Vt.j.l5
natives, 2.6j .j,t.(SJ Texas, and J.7j..j0 for
Produce: Butter Fine to fancy creamery,
2&ij:c per lb: fancy dairies, MaUac; packing
stock, l.V'.ltk-. Kegs Fresh stock, 23c per
dozen; cold storage. istc Dressed Poul
try Spring oM.-kens. su.,.;!i,- TbTIi hsTTtv'V ""
fc: turkeys, elivice, ll '!2e: ducks. Hie, geese,
lik J'otat(s Wisconsin Hose, ti547ic
Ir bushel: Hehrous, I '.'I.ic; Burbanks, 75f
76c: mixed lots, UtuJiV. r-v.wt I'otatoes Jer
sey, t.'i,-.4.' i jh-r ljarrel; Illinois, Ji.75a3ji5.
ApiJes Common and oor stock, $1.5ti(iji.2,
ler barrel; fair ;o good, f2.y.",5; fjvuey, $.1.00
i(.3.2.'.. Cranberries Cupe Cod, $7.50 per bar
rel; fancy. S)-.0o;s.5i; Wisconsin Bell and
Bugles, Ss.25.
New York.
New York, Dec 1.
Wheat No. 2 red winter cash, 7515761; De
cember, 764c; January. TTJtjC: March, S05c;
Hay. SJ;sc. Corn No. 2 mixed cash, 61J-40;
l-emlMjr, 5iPc; January, 51?c; May. 53Hc
Oats No. 2 mixed cash, atic; December,
3B-"c: Januarj", S74c; ilay, 40I4C Rye Steady
but quiet; price range from 54&58c for car
lots and boat loads. Barley Steady; west
ern. 65&soc; two-rowed ttate; 65c Pork
Dull and unchanged; old moia, JI3.5013.75;
new. 14.aOifrl4.;i. Lard Quiet but firm;
December, $aJS; January, $9.80: March.
9.30; May, 9.45.
ThLocal narkets.
saxix, ETC.
Wheat flo?2c. 1
Corn 45J4e. .-n "
Kye Wiislr.. ft-
Oats-5384c. ' "
QBrsn -85c per cwt,
Shipstufl $1.00 per cwt.
ffllay Timothy. JSiaiO; npland, $8ai0: cloturh
648; baled. 11.0012.5Q. lu.
Bntter Fair to choice, 25c; creamery 30
Eggs Freb, 94c; packed. 15c.
Poultry Chickens. l&Wi; turkeys 12M0
dncks.l.'c; geese, 10c.
. rBCIT xnd vegstabi.es.
Apple-$s.iS(a$a 75 perbbl.
Potatoes AKTlKhc.
(inions 8fKa,S5c.
Tnrnipe 154,5tc.
Hard 7 tl 75.
Soft J 10&a 30.
Cattle Batchers m? fnr .-
SV4Hc; cows and oeiteis, - aQ3c; calrea
Hogs 4c.
Sheep 4ic.
Ccmmori boards $1."
Joist fecantling and timber. U to 16 feet, $13.
Every ariditional foot in length VI cents
X A X Shingles 8 75.
Lathi 50.
Fencios 12 to 16 feet $18
lrK IS t i

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