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THE AlUiUS, S TUltDAY, MAliCH 11, 1893.
Both the method and results when
gvmp of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acta
coolly yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
j,bes aud fevers and cures habitual
pupation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
eptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy ana agreeable substances, its
manv excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
ijvrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and SI bottles ty all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
cay not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
sishes to try it. Do not accept any
1. K BEIDT. t
Real Estate-
Dm. sell and njaoacre property on cammiwion,
nan money, co'lect routs, alw carry a line of first
clMfflre insurance companies, building lots for
tak ic llihe different addition?. Choice residence
uropcrty in all ian of the city.
Room 4. Mitchell & Lynda building, gronnd
oor. in rear of M itchell 4 Lynde bank.
Have you called at
If not, you had better, for
you will find lots of Silver
and Gold Novelties as well
as a large assortment of
the latest in Fine Jewelry,
Diamonds, etc.
Bat Buy where You can Get
ihe Yost for Your Money.
j u contemplate buying, selling or exebauv
ing residence or business property it will
positively j av j cu to call at
Mil & Donaldson's
Real Estate and
Land Exchange;
Roaisa. , r., and 6. Masonic Teaiple Block.
Why Pay Rent?
Tien with the amount you now pay for
rent you can purchase, occcpy and enjoy
while so doinz a borne of your own.
"E will ondertake to build a number of houses
for our ens omers on terms Terr greatly to
their advantage.
kiet Tour Property with Ua
j' and we will nd yoa a buyer,
le anr time a Real Estate la on the
There U a Multitude of Them Coining up
to Confront Him.
Truly, uneasy lies the head that
wears the crmvri municipal, to him
whose duplicity shall have found him
out. It is in vast such a predica
ment exactly that his honor. Mayor
McConochie finds himself at the
present time. He has attempted to
reward one friend at the expense of
another, has striven to secure one
party faction to the utter disregard
of the wishes of another, he has
smitten the hand that made him, po
litically, and grossly deceived those
who had proven themselves his best
friends. McConochie has proven
himself an adept at fooling his
friends, and there is no appellation
that he so glories in as to he consid
ered foxev."
Has Practiced Ieceptlou
He has. as said before, been verv
successful in practicing deception.
but as the vears go hv he is tmtiinr
out to his sorrow the truth of the
observation of the immortal Lincoln:
'You can fool some of the people all
the time; you can fool all the people
some of the time, but you can't fool
all the ieoile all the time."' So that
with his pledges to the A. P. A., and
the presence of those yet to be made,
as well as those unfulfilled, his fail
ure to uphold the interests of the
laboring men, his neglect of public
improvements, among which the dis
graceful Market srjuare scale shanty
may be mentioned, his repeated dis
position to ignore political and per
sonal friends, the mayor finds him
self surrounded by circumstances of
a most peculiarly embarrassing na
ture. To win the nomination the
mayor must make amends for past
acts by promise to do better hereaf
ter, he must make apologies
on the one hand by con
tinuing his deception on the other,
he must prove himself even more of
a political hypocrite than he has al
ready, in order to capture the con
vention, and in order to make a suc
cessful canvass lie must continue the
role with more artifice than ever be
fore practiced hy him.
Itesortlnfi: to tralejjy.
To capture the convention he must
resort to the most cunning strategy.
This he has already commenced. He
has formed a combination with his
eo-ofHce holders. Cupt. Koehler anil
Jo Haas, and each and everyone of
whom has taken a solemn vow to
sustain the other, or perish in t'.ie :l
tempt. The fun of the situation is
that while the three are standing
stubbornly by the combination now,
not one of them will imperil his own
chances individually for the preser
vation of the sacred compact. The
mayor in particular is in it for Mc
Conochie first, last and all the time,
let come what mav.
Their? Oat at Ft. Madison Rifting Here
Kock Itiver The Ferry.
The ice in the Mississippi is re
ported to be clear at Ft. Madison, 105
miles from here, but the river is still
closed at Keokuk. The ice above
that place pushed under the portion
that hung fast below, and there is
danger of serious gorging near Keo
kuk, with damaging overflow of the
bostoni lands of the Ies Moines,
which empties just below there.
IinpiIly itUing.
The river is rising rapidly here.
From G o'clock last night to 6 this
tuorning it rose one foot, and the re
sult will undoubtedly be an early
break up here. Hock river is on the
rampage, is getting higher every
minute, and the rise in the Mississi
ppi is not bettering it any. The
south channel is filling up rapidly in
consequence of a gorge near the foot
of it, and if the ice gorges, as it is
quite apt to do below the city, the
town of Milan will lie in great danger
of inundation.
The Ferry out of Danger.
The ferry J. Y. Spencer, which
has been in winter harbor near the
waterworks where she was caught
last fall, was taken down to Kalilke
Bros.1 harbor at the boat yards this
morning and is now out of danger.
A good deal of work has been done to
keep the boat from being damaged,
steam being kept up all winter and
the ice kept as much as Kssible from
forming around the wheels. The
rise in the river came just in time to
assist in getting the boat out of the
wav of danger as the channel near
the shore made a good passage way,
the ice being cut where it was need
ed. It only took a few hours to land
her in safetv in the harbor.
Public Sale.
I will sell at my residence three
miles east of Preemption and four
miles north of Cable, Tuesday March
21. 1893, at public auction at 1
o'clock, three Shire stallions, all
straight pedigreed horses, from 1,700
to 2,000 pounds. Terms of sale, one
year's time without interest; 6 per
cent after maturity, purchaser giving
note with approved security, or 6 jer
cent discount for cash.
Matthew Zwickek.
G. Tomlinsox, Auctioneer.
The Weather Foreeaitt.
The indications for the next .6
hours are, rain or snow today, fol
lowed by clearing tonight and deci
dedly colder, fair and colder Sunday,
brisk southwesterly winds.
F. J. Walz, Observer.
A uiilcn cow iiiMict-.". witu njrtroptioinn
ran ainucU : . t ii- very fcesirt of the retail
bnHoe ijtr t-f KausitH City. It at
tackci - vc . uL Lillsi a torse. It
rs fiaallj ah at. , .. .....
Mulford Holler Company l'rolally Won
At Last
On several occasions The Ai:tU's
has made mention of a prospective
factory that was well under way lat
summer, but which for a time fell
through. Out of deference to the
wishes of the parties interested no
mention was made of just what the
proposed industry would be. but the
matter having become public talk
the full details which have not yet
been given may as well be known.
The Mulford Holler.
The industry referred to is the for
mation of a stock company to manu
facture the Mulford boiler and steam
heating apparatus. The same move
ment was on foot last summer, but
for obvious reasons it was dropped.
The secretary of the Citizens' Im
provement association and a few oth
er gentlemen have been in possession
of the facts in the matter for some
time. The Ai:;rs out of deference
to those gentlemen withheld a men
tion of the matter, but the first
named functionary unmindful of his
injunctions toothers, put it in circu
lation so that it is unnecessary to
withhold it longer. It is proposed
to form a company with a capital
stock of $5;).0,M to begin with.
Ground to the extent of three acres
has been donated by Uoth Bros. uon
which it is intended to erect the
building for the plant. Architect
George P. Stauduhar has drawn plans
for the factory building which will
be I. shaped with a frontage of 204
244 feet and a depth of 71 feet in the
clear. It will contain a machine
shop, core room and cupalo and will
be complete in every detail. Wheth
er the building will be of frame or
brick has not yet been decided, but
the foundry will undoubtedly be of
the latter.
Will Employ ltlO Men
The aim is to get the factory in
opt ra'ion as soon as possible and to
do this every effort is being made to
rush matters alonr. In all probabilty
75 to KM) men will be started when
operations are begun and the num
ber increased as the trade requires.
The reputation of the heater is such
that there will be no trouble about
putting it on the market after the
plant is once started. JVhe boiler
lias been manufactured in Galva by
the Mulfoid Boiler works, the paten
tee, Mr. Mulford, being the treas
urer. He has withrawn. however,
and is organizing the company here.
A good portion of the stock has al
ready been spoken for and there l
scarcly any doubt that the company
will now be an assured thinsr.
William McEnlrs's Kim street Properly
Bought for the FranrUran f Inrpltal
Some days ago The Audl's made
mention of the visit of two Francis.
can sjsters to this city from the
mother house at Little Falls, Minn.,
and in an interview with Sister
Mother Marv Francis, gave the aims
and objects of a hospital project that
had been inaugurated here. As stated
at the time, they were pleased with
the city and its location and deter
mined that if the proper encourage
ment was givenjthem. to at once be
gin the work of establishing a hospi
tal with all modern conveniences and
improvements. As a result of a two
weeks' stay negotiations were com
pleted today whereby they purchased
of William MeEnirv his handsome
resilience on Elm street for a consid
eration of $5,000.
A Ileantiful Location.
The location is a beautiful one and
admirably situated for the site of a
hospital. It has a frontage of 173
feet on Elm street and contains two
acres of ground.. The house, which
is conveniently arranged, contains 10
rooms, and its location being central
to both Uock Island and Moline, also
adjacent to the Kock Island road, and
bein"- accessible to street Oars, makes
it a most desirable site for an insti
tution of this kind. It is said by
real estate men to have been a bar
gain, considering real estate valua
tion there. This of course will only
be used temporarily, while the ar
rangements are being made for going
ahead with a building to be designed
especially for the purpose as before
stated and that it will be pushed as
rapidly as possible. The sisters will
take possession as soon as Mr. Me
Enirv can move out.
A horse attached t one of the
Driffill &Gleim's delivery wagons and
driven by Will Hoffman, took fright
at something on Nineteenth street
last evening and dashed up the street
and spilled the driver out over the
dashboard and piled up in a fence.
Fortsunately the young man was not
injured though the wagon was
pretty badly broken up.
An Opertunlty. (
Talking about the opportunities
for new buildings, to which frequent
reference has been made in these col
umns, the Akgcs has knowledge of a
gentleman who stands ready to in
vist $40,000 in a mercantile pursuit
hfcre and take a 15-year lease on a
suitable building if one will be put
k for him- But it must be a new
tjiodern building constructed for his
Ijurpose. "
ft -I hare tried Salvation Oil in my
lamHVi oil "ni "
,f- i .3 .AinmTnAnilorl it. tn onv
Vae as a cood liniment. Mrs WH
AT . ... ,. T .
m Tollej, Joplin, Mo."
Items of Interest About the icaltroad and
the Men Who Operate Theui.
Mention of the cramped condition
of the C, li. I. & P. yards in this
city has been made at different timesj
and of the inconvenience that the
road has put to in handling its
enormous freight traffic in busy sea
sons. The company has now hit up
on a plan to utilize the room west of
the round house which at present is
nothing more than a big ditch be
tween the Kock Island yards and the
main track of the C.. B. & Q. The
ground was originally leased by the
Kock Island Jo. the Burlington along
with the last named road's right of
way, but as the former now sees an
opportunity to utilize it to its own
advantage, it has again secured con
trol and will begin at once to fill in
for the laying of tracks. It will re
quire a good many thousand yards of
tilling, but will be brought from the
company's sand pit near Carbon Cliff
ana will he pushed as rapidly as pos
sible. It being a space several blocks
long and nearly 300 feet across at its
widest part, the result will Vie no
small benefit in yard room. The
scheme contemplated is that when
these tracks are completed which
will run clear around the round house,
all freight trains will be run out of
the yards that way, the tracks near
the passenger deMt to be used exclu
sively for passenger trains. In this
way much confusion will be avoided
anil the service made better in every
Krhne From the Hail.
W. S. Warner, late of Beardstown.
is the new night operator at the C.
B. & Q. in place of Iewis Elwell.
The Theodore Thomas Chicago or
chestra erne in on two special cars
over the Milwaukee yesterday and
were transferred by the Kock Island
to Davenport.
T. G. Wilson, formerly in the K. I
& P. and C, B. & Q. offices in this
city, and who of late has been at
Hamilton. Mo., passed through the
city this week on bis wav to his
home at Library, O.
The steam shovel that will be used
by the Kock Island for digging the
sand at the sand pit near Carbon
Cliff, which will be used in filling
the yards here, has arrived and will
be put to work at once. The com
pany has also purchased more ground
at the same pit in order to have
plenty of filling for the work, which
will be verv extensive.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Rosenstein. of Mo
line, gave a delightful reception at
the rooms of the Standard club last
evening in honor of their lifteenth
wedding anniversary. Over 100 la
dies and gentlemen of the tri-cities
were received during the evening.
and a brilliant assemblage it was in
deed, many beautiful costumes be
ing present. At 11 o clock a sum
ptuous banquet was spread by " Cat
erers Krell in Math, which was heart
ily uartaken of. Bleuer's orchestra
rendered delightful music, and the
affair on the whole was an elaborate
one and likewise an exceedingly-
pleasant one.
A party of some 30 young people
met at the home of Miss La Dessa
Spencer, on Fifth avenue last even
ing, and from there proceeded to the
home of Miss Minnie Peterson, on
Fourth avenue, where a Cinderella
surprise party was indulged iti. The
evening was very pleasantly spent,
the first prizes being awarded to L.
G. Elwell and Miss Lora Ostrom
Light refreshments were served, it
being a very unique and enjoyable
Miss Minnie Schaab was verv
pleasantly surprised by about 50 of
her schoolmates at the home of her
parents, John Schaab and wife, down
town last evening. The occasion
was Miss Minnie's thirteenth birth
day, and many tokens of kind re
membrance were received from her
young friends. A fine supper was
served to the guests and several
hours - spent in games and other
amusements, the affair being a happy
one in every respect.
On and Ona-tlurd Rates.
' For the twenty-seventh annual en
campment, G. A. R., and Women's
Relief Corps, to be held at Spring
field March 16-17, the C, B. & Q. will
sell tickets to Springfield and return
at a round-trip rate of one and one
third fare, tickets selling March 13-15
and to and including March 18.
H. U. Mack, U. P. A.
Clearing It Out.
I want to sell a lot of crazed
white iron stone china which I
had to buy with the rest of the
stock when I took the crockery
store. There are platters of sev
eral sizes, covered and open veg
etable dishes, sauce tureens, tea
pots,' covered butter dishes, and
a few odd plates, pitchers, etc.
I have marked these at prices
which are low enough, surely.
Samples and prices can be seen
iii my east window.
I don't suppose you want any
of this for your dining room, but
housekeepers can use a few of
these pieces for common in the
kitchen, and save the better
dishes. Here's a chance for real
economy. G. M. Looslet.
1WS tieeand Avenue.
larcMi off Sale
Final Closing",
In all departments (suits, pants, overcoats, underwear, gloves,
socks, etc.) there are but small lots left. The same way with
goods left over from last spring. We now proose to make a .
clean sweep, so as to have none but new, bright springgoods
to show you.
In our Boys' depart ment we offer knee pants suits at 50c. yHe.
?1.50, 1.95. 2.y.", 3.95 and This means the finest carried
over knee pants suits in the house at $5. Some we sell as low
as 50c per suit, or about one-half price on any of them.
Knee pants at c. 13c, i5e,' 39c, 50e and 75c. easily worth nonble.
Men's suits and overcoats, the ame reduction on all small lots.
Our Men's pants are divided into three lots:
Lot 1. choice at $1.25, value up to 2.50.
2. 2.50. 4.00.
3. 4. H0. 6.50.
Men's and Boys' underwear farfully cut in price, but we need
the room for spring goods. 50c goods reduced to 25c: 75c
goods to 45c; $1 grades to 7c. Men's and Boy's flannel shirts
reduced in price.
(ireat bargains in woolen socks. 25c grades at 17c: 3Xe grades
at 25c; heavy cotton socks 5c; cheaper grades at lc a pair.
Just come and look, you'll want to buy lots.
Simon & Mosenfelder,
Rock Island House Corner.
A book with every purchase. We are giving
away, free, 2) different kinds of books, at the
late Carse & Co. store, 1622Second avenue.
Prices of Shoes guaranteed to be as low as
the lowest. The stock must go.
Bill of Fare.
Clothes pins pr dtzen - 01c
Clothes pins patent spring 03c
Towel rollers each - 09c
Tin spice cabinets 8 draw's 82c
Pound batter moulds - 22c
Self wringing mr p3 25c
Hair brushes - - 07c
Hand brushes - 03 3
Trick saving banks - 07c
Nickle alarm clocks - 68c
Nickle plat sad irons per lb 05c
100 boxe3 pipetries
Corn peppers, 1 qt -
Wood spoons
Towel Rings -
Tea strainers
Ironing boards
Wood pails, toy
Lamp chimneys No. 1 -
Damp chimneys No. 2
Hard wood toothpicks
Alwavs the leader in low
- 06c
- 07c
- 08c
- 03c
Geo. H. Kingsbury,
1703 lTOoJSecond Aye., Rock Itland, Telephone 1216.
402 Fifteenth street, Moline.
Fifth Avenue Pharmacy.
Analytic and Dispensing Pharmacist
Is tow located in his new building at tbejcornerj f Fifibaveuu
and Twenty-third street.
1C10 Third Arecixe.
; i
i 1
;-: i
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