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Tilt: AKGUS; TU-ESIXV, MAliCH 28, 18y3.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
1 s&s&m
Gladstone's Majority in
House of Commons.
Balfour Leads the Attack He fore Fnll
' Beneliea asiid h Crowded Gallery Mor
ley and thr ;. O. M. Meet Iho Onslaught
with Visor and 1 1V t Lord ltandjr as a
Reserve Closes with a Rather llrilliant
Kffort, but the I.ilx rals Have the Votes
and Win the livisin.
London", March 1:8. The galleries and
benches of the house- of commons were
crowded last niht at. the .great debate on
Balfour's motion of censure, of which he
jtave notice last Thursday, to the effect
that the Irish executive le censured for
condoning serious offenses and thus bring
ing the law into general contempt, lie
made his utrnck ujkhi the government with
exceptioiiHl viijor and evoked repeatedly
loud cheers from the opposition benches.
The present delral!e state of affairs In
Ireland, H.ilfour said, was largely the con
sequence of coi.ipact letween t he govern
meut and the forces of disorder. The
ministry had innde with the Irish party an
HKreeruent by im h the administration of
the law was lHinj: defeated. According to
the terms of this unwritten concordat, the
government had cvwiuetted with amnesty
nd had encotiram-.i dishonest tenants,
throush the cvictiil tenants' commission,
to disown their nhli station and to treat
landlords a- n latv-uliiding people would
treat malefactors.
A Keic of Terror Kstablished.
The i;overtime;it ii:id fomenteil outrages
by suspending the ci lines act and had in
stigated crimes ly the release of the dyna
miters. The government had not hesitated
to take steps which were in direct an
tagonism to the decisions of the courts.
Had not a jude of a high court of justice
declared that the chief secretary for Ire
land had acted iKegiliy in refusing police
protection to those whose duty it was to
enforce the law against defaulting tenants?
In certain districts the direct countenanc
ing by the government of law-breaking had
appalling consequences. Such a state of
lawlessness prevailed in them that no con
viction should be obtained in cases of
agrarian crime, no matter how clear and
undisputed the evidence. A new reign of
terror bad been established.
Witnesses Afraid to Testify.
Vitnessess refused to appear to testify,
as they realized that tbe most convincing
testimony would be vain.while they would
incur the vengeance of the criminal popu
lation. The victims of the outr.'igesalso
preferred to hold their peace rather than
render themselves marked men. Hear!
hear! This was a high price for the gov
ernment to pay for Irish support, leaving
the weak, to be oppressed by the strong
and the law-abiding to be at the mercy of
the lawless. Bnt the government had not
hesitated to nay it. The recent outrages
in Counties Mayo, Clare, I-ilnerick and
Kerry bad shown plainly how remarkable
bad been the recrudescence of crime in Ire
land under the present government. In
one of these counties intimidation had been
carried so Tar that all the writs were sent
through the post, as the bailiffs did not
dare to deliver them in person.
No Kfibrt to Stop Disorder.
i.ne practice or boycotting had been re
vived in all its pristine ugliness and vigor.
The government, knowing perhaps the
nselessness of prosecuting offenders, bad
taken no steps to protect the victims. Dis
graceful as were all these disorders there
was no sign of an effort to stop them. In
fact under the present government they
could not be expected to cease before the
chief secretary for Ireland should rally bis
courage, free himself from the trammels
of his previous policy and use in the de
fence of the law the powers which parlia
ment had entrusted to him. Long I nion
ist cheers.
They Both Assault Balfour's Statements
Remarks of Others.
In reply to Balfour Morley said his
charges were "trivial." The leading charge
against the government was that they had
a concordat with the Irish party. lie
woall not deny that the present adminis
tration tried to govern Irelan 1 in sym
pathy with the Irish people. Cheers.
If that was the heinous concordat he
would plead guilty to being a party to it.
As to the specific charge that he had re
fused police protection to those who en
forced the law, he would say that he had
declined to protect night seizures and he
felt justified in this action. The law on
the subject was far from clear and the
highest authorities differed in their inter
pretation of it.
Mo Cause for Alarm.
He then went on to deny categorically
Balfour's allegations. He admitted that
there were unfavorable features in some
districts of Ireland, but nothing to cause
alarm, and gave statistics showing a de
crease of 11 per cent, in crimes as com
pared with the corresponding period dur
ing the last administration. It was true
that agrarian crime showed an increase of
74 per cent., but that had nothing to do
with the matter in question.
Gives the Tories a Challenge.
Gladstone was received with tremendous
cheers and began his speech by ridiculing
the idea that a vote of censure should be
passed because there were turbulent dis
tricts in Ireland, and he considered that
eight debates in eight weeks on the state of
Ireland were a loss of time which did little
good to the opposition. Touching the re
lease of the prisoners he contended that no
one bad gone so far in that direction as the
Tory viceroy, Casnavon.
Policy of the Liberals.
The severity of the sentences in Ireland
npon the boy Foley and other political of
fender, Gladstone continued, was a feat
ure of the coercive system. Such sentences
Sever could have been passed in England.
'iheTiresenc government songnt to abolish
the present mode of treatment sought to
establish a more equitable system of ad
ministration. They aimed at laying the
foundation of order in the hearts and un
derstanding of the people of Ireland. Th
liberal party refused to believe that the
Irish people were affected with some pt
culiar curse whieh prevented them from
appreciating the blessings of civilization.
Trying an Experiment.
The Liberal party believed the Irish peo
pie were as capable of being governed on
approved principles as were the people of
other countries. The present effort of tli
chief secretary for Ireland was to realize
in practice the fruits of this belief. The
premier appealed to the judgment
the bouse to justify bim in this course and
had no other desire than to share the fate
which the verdict of the members would
bring him. Prolonged cheers.
An I'lster Man's Opinion.
V. V. Russell, member for South Tyrone,
and one of the chief men of I'lster, said
that after hearing such declarations from
the Irish secretary, he felt there was
no law breaker in Ireland who could not
rely upon the government to minimize his
offen.se. Arthur Hugh Smith-Barry con
aervative'for South Huntingdon, expressed
tne conviction that the present govern
ment would make Ireland uninhabitable
by persons desiring to lead lawful and or
derly lives.
lie Illustrates the Case with a Little Story
Government Sustained
IiOrd Randolph Churchill introduced Lis
speech for Balfour's motion with a short
eulogy of Gladstone had an allusion to
his "fascinating eloquence." He felt it his
duty, however, he said, to defend Irish
judges against the charge of having passed
too harsh sentences. The rules laid down
by the chief secretary for Ireland would
undoubtediy be a good thing for the prison
ers, but he would remind the chief secretary
of the case of the Irish woman who told the
judge that, although she had neither coun
sel or defense, she had good friends among
the jury.
Had Some Experience Himself.
His own experience with the chief sec
retary's great legislative achievements
had been that one concession to the Irish
people was followed invariably by another
lhe Litierals had followed the same policv
as bad the Conservatives for the suppres
sion of crime in Ireland until the present
prime minister made his great surrender
in 1SS5. Ixrd Randolph made a slight di
gression to defend t he course of obstruc
tion adopted by the opposition. The Lib
erals, he said, had used obstructive tactics
against the late government and it did not
become them now to denounce the Union
ists for following their example. At all
rvents the L'nionists did not care a penny
for the accusation, for had it not come to
the point where forty Irish votes deter
mined the government's independence?
TV us Talking to the "Deestricks."
Returning to his line of argument Lord
Randolph pronounced the proposed vote
of censure to be more than justified by
Morley's endeavor to hush up and conceal
Irish crime from the knowledge of parlia
ment. He charged ti government with
having set aside illegally an act of parlia
ment when they abandoned two clauses of
the crimes act. The present debate would
not be wasted, he said. It would have ef
fect outside if not inside of parliament.
None knew better than did he that the
Unionist party had anxious times be
fore it.
Has Just Forty-sevtn Majority.
There were times in the history of na
tions when providence imposed tests for
good or ilL Perhaps the Knglish people
were now passing through such a period.
But the Unionists would not falter. They
founded their hopes on the truth of theit
principles and looked to the Knglish peo
ple for justice and judgment.
The division on Balfour's motion fol
lowed Lord Randolph's speech. It resulted
in a majority of forty-seven for the govern
ment, the vote being 319 to 27i
Heavy ltush oj Depositors for Their
Xasiivillk, March 2a The streets in
the vicinity of the banking houses of this
city echoed all yesterday to the vocifera
tion of a panic-stricken throng. Never be
fore were such scenes witnessed here. The
failure of the Continental National bank
on Saturday afternoon did not become gen
erally known until after dusk. Nothing
else was talked about and it was known to
half the town that a raid would be made
on tbe money piles of the various institu
tions yesterday that would make some
of them tremble, if not topple over into
financial ruins.
The Rash for Depssits Regius.
The banks did their best to prepare for
tbe storm and got help where they could.
But as soon as they were opened yesterday
a mad rusn began; everybody who had
anything in banks pushed for the tellers'
desks. The result was the failure of the
Bank of Commerce, which owes depositors
$30,000, but the officers say their assets are
abundant. The other banks pulled
through. The worst is believed to be over
As a Matter of Course. '
Nashville, March 28. The celebrated
case of the state at Charlotte, Chatham
county, against William Morrow, Will
iam Graves, Charles Cox, Sam Wolf.Chas.
Smith and Albert McGill has ended in a
verdict of acquittaL The men were
charged with being accessory to the
lynching of J. H. V ynu last July.
Now, If He Had Been Hanged.
Lansing, Mich., March 34 Latimer, the
miscreant who murdered his mother at
Jackson in 1889 and was sent up for life,
poisoned Night Keeper Haight and Night-
watchman Gill Sunday night and escaped,
by stealing tne Keys ol tbe prison. Haight
is dead; Gill was not badly poisoned. Bad
discipline is the cause.
Germany Swings Into Line.
BEKLIX. March 28. The German govern
ment will raise the Washington legation
to an embassy in view of a similar change
being made in the representation of the
L mud States in this city.
He Doesn't Reside in Judge
Ricks' Bailiwick.
And A'.lhor to Stand the Fire Alone Close
of tbe Case Ag;aiust the Engineer! for
Contempt Points from the Argument
of Frank Haul The Railway Takes th
Wrong Kemedjr, in Hi Opinion, and
What that Itemed j- Should Hare llesa.
Toledo. O., March CS. The case of the
Lake Shore engineer and firemen who re
fused to handle Ann Arbor freight, cams
up for final argu
ment in the United
States court yester
day. Beth Jndije
Rick and .Tudge
Taft presided The
latter Announced
that the argument
would last until
1:2.30 oYIoek and
frank P. sakoent. the afternoon
would be devoted to the hearing of the in
junctions against the Lake Shore and
twelve other lines restraining them from
refusing to interchange traffic with the
Ann Arbor road.
The Lawyers lnt In Their TMou.
K. IX Potter, for the Lake Shore, said
that in this free country every man had
the right to do ts he pleased so long as he
did not trench on the rights of others. The
engineers had simply been misled as to
their rights, and in that way bad stepped
on the rights of other. Southard, for the
strikers, insisted that the men had a right
to quit work when they pleased, the same
as the company had to discharge them
when it pleased. Frank Hurd said that
the court had no jurisdiction to issue an
Injunction at the start; if it had the strik-
srs had no proper notice thereof: that the
strikers had not violated the order of the
:oiirt, and that the court's action was a
aew departure which the defendants could
not be presumed to know.
Argument of I'rank Hurd.
Hnrd enlarged upon his point that the
men did not have proper notice. The rail
way companies had notice, he said, but the
men had not. He asked: "s-hall all the
10.000 employes of railroads be held to
know the law sufficiently well to be con
victed of contempt of court where they
have never been served? It would be a
hard rule; indeed it would be an urgent
rule. They can go on exercising the right
they had before without being guilty of
contempt until proper judicial notice is
given each one. An engiueer ready for his
work is handed the order of the court, the
meaning of which is even yet a matter of
dispute between counsel. Shall an engi
neer in the rush of business lie held to
understand the meaning of this?
No Light on the Itulletiu Hoard.
The order was put up on a bulletin
board and men came in a rush iu the early
morning, and in the darkened roundhouse
were expected to read and understand the
order. In ancient Rome an emperor posted
laws so high that the people could not read
them and then took delight in punishing
the people for not obeying them. ' You may
employ an actorto act, or a singer to sing,
or an artist to paint, but how can you
make them do these things?
Refers to a Rule of tiresham.
"lne ribore nas taken the wrong
side of the question. It seeks to say what
the men shall do, and not what they shall
not do. I desire to refer to a decision of
Judge Gresham in the case of the Chicago,
Burlington and Quincy, in which the court
held that it could not compel employes to
remain in the employ of the receiver.
Remedy of the Railway.
"The Lake Shore company has no right
to institute proceedings to compel its em
ployes to handle Ann Arbor freight. Their
remedy is by a suit against them and by
proper proceedings in a litigation to which
the men are parties. The men have
purged themselves of any contempt that
may have existed. They were ignorant of
the requirements of the order."
Decision was reserved.
Sargent Gets Out of the Case.
In the afternoon the counsel for defend
ants showed the court that Sargent was
not a resident of this United States district
and that therefore tbe court had no juris
diction in bis case. Tbe court agreed and
Sargent's name was stricken from the com
plaint and he is out of the case. Arthur's
case was then taken up and his counsel
said be was not present and wanted the
matter postponed, but the judges decided
to hear the complainants, so as to have
their case on record.
Testimony Against Arthur.
Arthur's counsel also stated that he
denied every charge made against him.
Tbe complainant then offered in evidence
telegrams showing that Arthur h?d order
ed the boycott "on" and again ordered it
temporarily "off." Also there was read the
agreement to submit the matter to the ar
bitration of Labor Commissioner Kirkby,
which was signed by Arthur and others.
The court then adjourned for the d.iy.
Remarkable Case of a O-Year-Old Ken
tucky Girl.
Daytox, Ky., March 2S. Eva Wesse,
it years old, is puzzling all the doctors.
Early in January her body broke out in
small red rings. Tbe next dav her bodv
swelled to three times its natural size and
has remained so ever since. Tbe child has
not swallowed food of any kind since she
was first taken ill, and life has been main
tained by covering her bodv several times
daily with a thick poultice made of coarse
meal boiled to a mush. This has sustained
life. The mental condition of the patient
is normal, and she finds amusement in va
rious ways, though she cau move only her
hands and bead.
Married Over Her Mother's Corpse.
BALTIMORE, March 28. Miss Matilda
Van Ness Loney, the only daughter of
Colonel Henry D. Loney, was married to
iret Lieutenant George Arthur Zinn. of
the United States engineer corns. Sundav
just before the coffin lid was closed over
the body of her mother, who died on Friday.
Spring Weather In Kansas.
Atchison, Match. The heaviest snow
of the season begau falling here yesterday
morning, continuing nearly all day. Tbe
weather reports received at the railroad
offices showed that the snow that fell here
extended as far west as Sabetha and Why-
more jtnu as iar north as Pacific Junction.
Counterfeit Souvenirs in Circulation.
LEBANON. Pa.. March 88. Counterfeit
World's fair half dollars have made their
appearance here. They are well executed
nd hard to detect.
The removal of duties on .corn, whMk
order went into effect on March 15, h4.
caused another great rush of grain it4tf
Mexico from the United States.
Mervin Page, of Howard county. Mo.,
wears a fonrteen-inch shoe, which is fivs
inches white across the sole.
The mikado of Japan will sent his eldest
son. Yoshi Hoti, to see the Chicago exposi
tion. The prince is only 14 years old, but
he knows how to take care of himself and
is qnite fit to travel without a guardian.
Charles Boerschert, a traveling sales
man from Milwaukee, fell in a fit at Buf
falo and died on the way to the hospital.
The French legation at Washington has
been raised to the rank of an embassy.
Bacon & Cheseluine, dealers in iron and
coke at Cincinnati, have failed.
Oswald Ottendorfer, the veteran editor
of the New York Staats Zeitung, is seri
ously ill with stomach trouble.
A Youngstown, O., blonde began eating
roasted cotree in order to change her com
ion to a brunette. She now eats a pound a
day and cannot break herself of the habit,
which is rapidly killing her.
By Governor Markham's approval the
two state prisons of California will release
over l.OiX) convicts on parole, many being
desperate thugs.
The five-story brick building, 124 and l'.'O
Jefferson avenue, Detroit, occupied by
Snedicor & Halawa, manufacturers of
boots and shoes, was destroyed. Loss,
The Kev. Dr. Richard L. Panter, rector :
of St. Paul's Protestant Kpiscopal church, '
of Akron, O., is dead after an illness of
many weeks. He had been twenty-three
years rector of St. Paul's church and bad
long been one of the most prominent
clergymen of the Kpiscopal church in the
Pitcher Starrett and Catcher Boyle, late
of the New York lase ball club, have
signed with the Philadelphia team.
General Thomas .1. Morgan, Indian com
missioner under President Harrison, is
now corresponding secretary of the Baptist
Home Missionary society, whose offices are
iu Temple court, Chicago.
Mr. Carlisle's new private secretary is
Captain Samuel N. Gaines, of Kentucky.
Captain Gaines was a Confederate soldier,
was educated at the University of Vir
ginia and has since been connected with
Kentucky journalism.
ait. rreiiencii Miners, the war corres'
pondent, is the fortunate possessor of the
cocked hat worn by the Duke of elhng
ton at Waterloo.
Colonel M. Lewis Clark, president of the
Louisvnle Jockey crib, seriously injured
his friend, Kdwin Ferguson, president of
the Kentucky Rifle company, while carry
ing out a wager involving a show of
strength at Ixmisville.
Father and Two Children Perish.
Neillsvillk, Wis., March. '.Yester
day morning Oliver Sanders, living six
miles from this city, discovered his house
to be on fire and at once got his wife and
baby out. He then returned for the re
maining two children, aged 3 and 6 Tears,
but never returned with them and the
three bodies were taken from the ruins in
a charred and unrecognizable condition.
Valuable Horses Burned.
MAsox ClTV, la., March i:S. Kirk Bros.'
stock barns were burned last night to
gether with a number of valuable horses.
Among the animals destroyed was Storm,
who held the five-year- i stallion pacing
record of the world; Brown John, Red
Clay, Edmund C and Remo. The loss on
the horses alone is over $100,000.
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centennials in this country, has proposed
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