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THE AiiGUS, FJlIDAVr, APlilL. 28, 1893.
Published Daily and Weekly at IBM Second
Avenue, Hock Island, 111.
Tbhmi Daily 60c per month ; V". eeKly n.U)
par annnm; In advance SI .90 -
All communications of a critical ur anmmenu
tiT character, political or rellelons, must hare
T)tl name attached for publication. No auch
a-tlcles will be printed over fictitious signatures.
Anoymous communications not noticed.
Correspondence aolictted from every township
1 i Rock Island county .
Fkitay, Apkii. 28, 1808.
Tiik ice men a:o already forming;
their excuses for hig-h prices next
summer. The iee, they say, is so
thick they can't harvest it.
Garza has already cost this country
f200.0;);". Without intent to dis
parage an ambitious young man it
may bo affirmed that he is not worth
the money. Mexico would be plad to
knock him down for much less.
Bicycle drill for the national
guard has been prepared by General
Ordway of the District of Columbia.
It is not extended beyond company
organization and is designed for oper
ations against mobs. It will be pleas
ant for the boys and will look pretty,
which ought to commend it suffi
ciently. Ant deep down in the sporting
breast arises a little cloud of sus
picion no larger than a man's hand.
Its nebulous outlines concentrate and
form the question: How much did
"Pompadour" Jimmie Corbett have
to do with the immigration com
missioner's refusal to let Pugilist
Charlie Mitchell land on American
The judiciary of Connecticut grows
weary of the divorce business it re
ceives from New York, and one of the
judges has just refused to grant a de
cree where the applicant was forced
to admit that she had invaded the
Xutmeg state to get one. This will
have a tendency to help out the South
Dakota dabblers in this industry and
produce a boom at the trado centers.
It's an ill wind that blows nobody
The number of immigrants ar
rived in this country last year was
543,47. against SiW.OCG in 191. a
decrease of 47,179. The decrease
during the last half of tho your was
75.SS3, from which it appears that
there was an increase during the first
half of the year, ami that there would
probably have been an increase for
the whole yer h:it for the n:t 'u,-;;: es
adopted to defend the country against
Ti: k ( . i.M m! Aim Ga.. .e ;..'niiit-
isl- sa I'md : :c i i.o u .. t
al j m.i I ,";il a .lot-. Tin- (i;.. . .
sa s:
Vi h "i jici'-iM.ii .ill r. i, - it;- n
1 .it- :iim: S-( r iiii .i : i !! r. ;. ..
tin- 'I"st o' 1 ii' .a'.- ' !; . '
inn. i,m.. ' i .i :. ;..(., .. i .i
.favfs---. .,; v. . ,: .ii i. iM: . r (i
over ! 1 " on,) ii ), a i " r li:u imc
it''.- i. c .vi, i .u-f iii v i-i i i
it:- (: 1 vi' i- ;iii aril i . lo ", ; .' :
t. lie i'.r'-:u i a'Tii-c! ve.-. u
Si .111 ill)' I ..
New Jc'm'V H'n.iV c.i I be il, ii -u' si
Oil to keep Hie? wo i. ci: is ; y ; i" -siii'
:i to j.it w le. c in''.' : t; . t
wh' i'er ' iiev a e d ', i . " iie '; .
est niiae of tiie New Jc se ." '" n.
lio.1 It) (!i soiiH't'i" i' ne.V ; .ii. e -C.-..I
'!; v:'.s ilcici'i k-iI t i . i
ll'.si N.i.r i :-v. c .. ni .! m .- , e-
!,..! "
HOC ll-i .ll O.I I 1. 1 ;
Chai les ( I. '..i. " ,i .
((I! . i . nee- -lit- j '.
W'.iil !:' ' -i ' f ? e
an. i r . e ! ' - i -i
us a;, : : i isiiii-! '
111 (I .1 .: C.l i ' . 1 1 ' t i
to hi in-. ! i a (
the - o ;
en 111 ,)!'..:! i.i
OlltlM' o.'
Vcr 11 iiv
s v i --
I'll (VI
,1 I M
I. P.I
'i- r
ii i
. IT ,
Cl'.'t Cull L !
mil t'.i.;
vo'.e mi t 'e
i i
s. ( ' I! Te
. i I ( i ' i .-') in)
1 1 was en i - i: c
lal ;!; 1.'. vV
wl'ldi i'.H-'iriiie tit a iv.
uncon-i .t ' : i mi 'i. ' T
ml (Is i ' '1 i.-'' ' l.nw ve,
Kit " r. s "u
ii-lu :i
1. V -. if A
here Se fine .."'l o i-e . t:i' n . .1 tr-
iii-'l of New Jersey jos ',(. ;.,( . .1
jiosci . "O-i. .'o; ymi 'I do .t,VJ
sa.d Jn'-e C. r-' ou. Ti et u. , :,
involve too ni'M's .'' Di. i ions."'' j
When in IieT de-jo . o.j. "u; )-;.,
n.l l-,vet.-,tnik.if,'.l'ii h..
lor lijli . . Ji'- e .ri on n co.imiiii.
da' 'n--l y o.l "'1'ii :')"s scifliie: Ymi
C3fl mal.v i.i-rea"..n to Die.' -f d
he. "as a .l j e-ne c ut' t jro e m: a
writ of ni:i ii 'annis lu vonr ' tr vs-.f
as a c:: cii;t ei.urt ji' "c to so . v o -fore
nixs' lf as a su :c.i:-eoi'.t ji.i'',c
whv I rei.ise to fri'e.'-ii lie wit.
yol e: l ci' iviiii'C me :is a ;-.'j i nil' i
court jiii',e tlift .lie law is c , u-
tiona!, I wl 1 the l d e.'i. riyscli as a
circa't Cit.rt joile to i;i:i it i ac nr
der.'" AmiI 1 litis do ! he mills o'.Ji'!
sev '-.Iiiii e;.coi d line.
Will the Great Exposition
Ready on Time?
Willi Everything Will Hot Be Exactly
Shlp-Sbape, Is'o One Will Secret Being on
Yland at the Opening May 1 A Look
Over the Grounds anil Buildings.
World's Fair, April 25. In six days the
Columbian exposition is to be opened "by
the president of the United States. There
will be many dignitaries, a great concourse
of people, simple but impressive cere
monies, and the whole will form a memor
able and inspiring spectacle. But will the
fair be ready? This is the question which
men here on the ground are asking each
tther and themselves. It is the question
Which alert minds are raising in all the
states and territories of this country and
even in distant lands. It is the question
of questions with these officials who for
two years have devoted to this enterprise
their matchless energies.
The answer is both yes and no. Tho fair
will be ready, but it will not be complete.
According to th ; .'. ..iptmal account this
world w: s made in six days, but nothing
Bhort of Omnipotence could in like time
bring jierfect order out of the chaos which
rr 11
nowreijjnsin the streets and palaces of
the White City. The indomitable energy
of the managers of the fair, the ardor and
conquering spirit of Chicago which are so
typical to the west and of American peo
ple as a whole, will accomplish wonders
before next Monday; they will approach as
near to Omnipotence as it is given Unite
minds and hands to do; but with all this
the exposition will lie declared formally
open while it is yet in the formative pro
cess. It was always so with expositions,
great ami small, in this or any other coun
try, and probably it always will lie so.
But let no one fear that by connnsi here
next week, or at any time next mouth, he
will be defrauded of a part of the
value of his gate-fee. If I had my
choice lietweon seeing the fair today
amid the indescribable bustle and hurry
and scramble of preparation, and a month
hence, when perfect order has been
wrought, 1 should choose to-lav. Now voti
see nut only the jrreat theater with its tin
rivalled stat;e :'ttintrs and accessories, but
you get a glin:pse behind the scenes. Von
not only see tho show from '"front," but
you have a peep from the winsjs, jn-rceive
how the illusions ara formed, wat eh the
personnel and processes of all the intricate
machinery, and thus are doubly repaid.
t',,:no now wit h nic inside the gates and
let us see what is goir.g on. I have said
the en.T.'ry, the accomplishment .the bust lo
ci::! iiu: ry r.ov.-manili t is iiiacscrilialiie.
d:;1 1 used the word adviscdlv. All t ho
arts of description fail before this picture
Of we'd -directed l.iuiiaii energy. Twciity
th.iUMis.d i icti are engaged finishing t his
fair. Kvery day a, thousand n,' two more
lira put. t ) work. Any man who can handle
a shovel, r- pi' k, a saw, n h.'im- i r or a
1 rush iir.y fi;i'l employment here during
the j rccious six days that ari? t come.
Men v. iio l.avJ mixed mortar for plasterers
ut some time or other during t heir careers
apply for work as jourrsej men a!, .JO u d.'y
Budgi,tit. He who is aliio to ''.rive a nail
or saw tolerably Dear ton pencil linn may
work as a full-Hedged carp. 'titer Jit the
Batne comjK'iisal ion. AH who will work at
night may tarn 7." cuts an hour.
Tweuty thousand is a large number of
men. Kealize it if you can. Ail the
grown men of a city of a hundred thou
sand souls, l'ifty train loads of workers,
six cars to t!ie lr:;in. each car full.
Yet to look about, the g-oun l.i and within
tho l.'uiiiiing.-: of the White City you would
not think ;!: ;v were more th.:u :-.'-) or
3,000 of them nil ioid. They are swallowed
np like squirrels in a . l. It is no; a
bad simile, for li!:e smirrels l Iiou-amis of
them are i lamb. r;i;g at di... y hi,;-.,
perched on grut lof paint ing, re-coai ing,
repairing. Thiy are on thu ro- "s of t!;e
huge buildings, fixing the l.-aVs with h th.;
storms ha ve wrought. Though th- gt!-s
sti'.l blow they are hanging by slender
ropes, v. ay::ig to itiid fro, front th.c domes
of the Milling i.xid Kiectricai btsihlinvs,
adding toitchi's f coii r where the sjiots
are d..tk and unsightly. Upon tUe roof of
F, ....
the leviathan structure, called Manufac
tures aud liberal Arts, a few score objects,
moving about, look like so many crows.
They ure men. This mighty roof over
shadows everything; else in the city. Such
re its proportions that at first, even on a
Hear view, yon do not realize its immen
sity, lint wherever you go its towering
outline follow;; you. Jt, alwaj-s and ever
pervades the sky line. Tho :rows are con-s!-!!!t
!y h.forc your eyes.
1...' ; "-t ical Chicago man helps us to
realize this vast tiess. ""It is a pretty lAff
roof,"' Lf exclaims, proudly, "that required
an expeiidi; tir e cf i-l,ooo in one winter to
lve:'p t!i" snow sl'.oveled cfT it."
is 1 p. ri. The fdorioiji entwiuce to
the Mael.itiery Hall is a forest of ttuyiug.
The temporary work is ei rhty feet high
and built in ten stories. We pass that waj
an hour later. Kot a stick of timber ii
seen in the entrance. It has not only been
taken down, but carried away. This is thl
way they do things at the World's fair.
I was here yesterday morning. On t
piece of bare ground between the Adminis
tratioa building and the railway statiot
teams were unloading lnmbcr and mater
tals for the erection of a large chocolatl
pavilion. In the afternoon the pavilioi
was half completeiL It needed only th
finishing strokes. To-day I expected tc
see a thing of beauty if not a joy forever
But not a vestige of it remained. "Permit
revoke"!. Ordered torn down." This wai
the explanation.
Where yesterday were muddy roads be
tween the big buildings to-day are paved
streets. Two thousand men are scraping
away the surface accumulation, pouring
tar, laying asphalt or artificial stone
This cavalcade advances like a host. Kacb
regiment has a certain part of the process
to perform. It sweeps along at the rate of
a mile an hour. Behind it is a finished
road on which my lady from across 1 he sea
may walk with slippered, fi t t, if she be not
afraid of caching cold from the sharp
winds wl: '. a tome over Mie lake.
The sh r"s of the la&ootts --v inland
lakes, on which a1' d:- hunoii"l of
strange ai.d t y . ft are bi ginning to
hover, look li barks of mud. Here
comes a tlo'il.i, ot -lioltorr.c'i scf .vs.
Their b.-r-i. n is jr- een si rubs, ea-.h v ith a
clod of black eurt ac its ro !s. In ien
minutes a row of these green and gro.v
ing things has been planted
I'oag the margin. Now lixiking
more caivfully we see that these mud
hanks contain sprouting grass, vines and
flowers. With some one's foresight the
foresight of positive genius which has in
a thousand ways in two years transformed
this swamp into a paradise these banks
were sowed and planted and impregnated
long ago with the things which, in another
week of sunshine, will blossom like the
rose. When you come to the fair the
shores of the lagoons will remind you of
the most Ix-autiful old Knglish park you
ever siw- or dreamed of.
One is not surprised to hear that a thoa
sand men are employed in the landscape
department alone, constantly at work
beautifying the scene.
There never was an exposition in which
so much energy and money were devoted
to beauty as is this one. Some way or
other we expected big things out here in"
the bounding west. We should have been
disappointed had we not seen the biggest
building, the biggest gun, the biggest
crowd, and all that. But few expected to
see a million of money devoted to those
little touches which enrich aud beautify,
but wh 'share not absolutely essential to
success. Kven now, in the tremendous
pressure vor accomplishment., for finishing
aud installation, for making ready the
great hour of Monday next, the manage
ment seems more concerned about the
artistic effect than about the material.
At the end of the matchless basin which
spreads its waters between the Adminis
tration building and lake Michigan, where
centers the greatest architectural and land
scape perspective ever attempted by man,
hundreds of workmen are engaged perfect
ing t he already famous MacMonuies fouu
taiuandthe sea-horses which surround it
ns a cordon of sentinels. We stand for
half an hour watching the men wheel the
white monsters into place and put them
L- liii ."A'A U t
" Vi'Jti
CINGAI.r.-F. r.l IL'OlNG TTiF.Il: TliMTl F..
upon their fouudnl ions i.f sLiniac marlile.
Marlile? Y,-s, to nil nppearatues. Uiit
here is it,- taie ed niaia the advantage of
coming early to-tlds grat iluuv. Ae see
what you w lit ii he aide to sen tomorrow,
that t his Tttaterial w hleh 1 oks lihe marlile
is rr ally .1 wooden ,-!..', f;-ria covered v. ilh
oiled canvas. '1 he M :u-Ai oliiiies fountain,
wtth its ma je.i ic- l;t and full do.cn ef
divine fetaalo rove;-s, looks like marhle,
( m, and when you come you v. ill natur
;::iy t hink it, is. !';:t it is r. ade f t imliers
covered with stail' -the maie stuff which
has made th- Yl.i:e City a o-siliiity.
Whetwer vo I ho i;lusi'n is thus
nneovercd, afTvdiug r. Llimyse here and
there behind the scenes, but we glory
in the decepi ion and 1 h.aik the r.;:.?i who
inveat;-d st:i:T; for wi: limit his prod'ict we
sbo::ld have, w ill. -d till the year l.:;i:! for
the M.i'.'Mj:i7!;.'.-j fot.ntain the Bin-t heau
:iful of all t ! out d. Kir w.irSis of art in tho
ground- and for t he "While City itself.
Wit bin eai ti of tlie great h'.iildimrs t ho
clatter, b-isile, hum titni h.'immering are
even more itide.-rrih.ihle than the scene
outdoors. Here the eh:1itors, each with
n st all" of wo.kt.u ii as large as can lie hired
or as.vl to advantage, n.e iirratigiug their
wans, erecting pavilions and pagodas,
many of which ure of great size and
beauty miniat uru palaces wit hina palace.
Forei'jcn workmen anil natives work side
by side, nv;d on the jifineip;;! timbers of the
Ceylon 1 rnp'e in the .Agricultural Imild
ing, fir iiisianee, may le s"en not only the
picturesque Cingalese, wit h their tawny
hair and queer turbans, hut Americans,
Irishmen, Hermans aud Scandinavians.
It is a babel of tongues, hut there is no
other confusiou. With, incredible rapid
ity this beautiful Ceylon temple
rises, the natives as well as the
foreigners appearing to know almost by
instinct how the pieces and columns of
ebony and satiuwood, carved in Ceylon
nd brought here in boxes, are to he put
together. When finished the temple will
he occupied by a bevy of Cingalese women
who sell tea to all coiners.
Throughout till t he big buildings hun
dreds of thousands of boxes are still scat
tered about, and v. lore are arriving as fast
as wagons can bring them in. Kroin the
roofs to thece:i.i; s men are hammering,
sawing, paiiithi-r, gilding. Where was a
bars iloor hast, m:;;.ta little palace rises
this morning. Where confusion reigns to-'
day a s mbbini e of order and finish will
j .:.'l i: lay. In the study of
or-ta.'ii.ed '.-.'::. u - .:'!;.-1 his fair jut now
is tho riot-t :.i- :.r.l object Ieson the
world evirfctt-v. ,
Walteu Wjellmax.
Ona of tie test known bnalness men in Chicago,
representative of the great Bradstreet Cc
Xr. Kile Vedleal Co iSIkhart, Ind.
Gentlemen : I take pleasure in Informing yon
of the very beneficial results which have followed
the use of Dr. Miles- BcsTonnTive Nervine
In the case of myself and He. 'or a year I whs
Biibjoct to a distressing pain at the base of the
brain and upper portion of the Miinal corl. I
as lost flesh and was greatly
II mm J troubled with sleeplessiiesa.
mjm Your Nervine w as hiphly
recommended to me. My ease had been so olti
nate that I bad no continence in the t-flicacy of
any medicine. Yet as a last resort 1 consenied lo
give it a trial. Much to my surprise, I experienced
marked benefit; my sleeplessness disappeareil:
my headache was removed; my spirits and general
aamco twintt pounds. All this occurdco
Ho failed. My Wife is taking the Nervine una
the best of results. Louis i. Yasdekvleb.
Sold on Positive Gaarautff.
Dr. M i LES' PI LLS, 50 Doses 25 Cts.
1 l-e Him t Route to a.id from Cliloago, Jollrt. Ottnira
i"ii.4, La Salle. Moline, F.ici Island. In ILLINOIS;
':ui-cnp.-rt, Muvattne, Ottuuiva, onkaloosa, Flos
t V.'interspt, Audubon, Harlan anil Council
' i'h. in i.HV.V; Minnenpolis and St. Tnul, In !IX
::s,il A; Watertoan and Sioux Falls, in DAKOTA .
Ten. St. Joseph ana Kansas I'ity. lo MlssOTKl
1. Lincoln, Tal. bury and Nelson, in EliRASKA
' ' i-u, LravenHcrth, Ilortoi:, T-r-kft, tlutvliinin
:.i:a, LiilevUle, Al'llene, llodp City, Citil'-c-!l. ;:.
' vs s: Kia.Tfish, r. El n-no aid Slinoo, in IN Pi A
-!:IV.'RV; iH-nver, Colora'to Spring and l::.?.
' .".iiRAM traverses nTr anas cf vi, h f.-.:-n:r(
..r.-r'na I .arts. atTorutng toe l-.et IhcUitlvs of inie
...,i :i-Hti to all towns and cities -u5t nrd v.-el
"! si"'! souihwesicf ticaco and t Va::Pc ar..
. v.i.,--: t-m,ra
Af.1 GXIttCEXj
"i i, .'nrpctitm In pptrnlar of rfiv.i; n.c
- ntTi'tiiO an. K-tS StOIXTS. (Vi'WU
&n,I l-TTI., aTid rtTreen LIlilMCu r':
' VIT:, ( Ol.Or.AlM SFUINliS end FT-F.ni.! vi;
. s C11V t;:.l TOM K A r.n.i via ST. .Ti . i ."
- 1 -.-i" Iii.v I'car'ios, I'ltFF. FFCLINN"i I'tt.M!
vi l';,l:i.-e StOvj-cr-, will, I'ir.in.T C.ir S ..-v:.-,'
'.,!:;, r'iMrd Fieiivor and Coicr:i.io Ft rir.-j .
4 i.,-;.-sv linos, li-'r ormiurf tbr r.; it
"..trh i:r"ry-cqi!trrc4 Ir.i'.r. ru daii;
: ,; 0H WixiiovT tllAXGE to and fren. S.."
t'i-r. Og t.n aiki San F-ndsco. THE no-.-K
Nl is tlrn tli? Firect ana Favorite Line to snc
' .uitou, F'ke's I eel: and all ott-.n "nltTry rut1
v -jni,and oltica and ir.inir.gd?s:ri-ts in Colura,!.-
.''.icy rAST srx press trazkc
r. e.i; Ftir.sA' Oity to ar.d from all :ot
- ; :- .' -t:--,u i.i Sutbrn Nf l ruskr.
' i'"i ry ! via AiriX',
:'i-:- C,fy aej Cllimps c Wal.-:''
'l Nr.ii'OLIS ana fl. TAI L
. i -."i I-nortti and iiorthwe?' l--urer
t',' r-rifl.-Coast
.- t.. KPtfi 't.ii.. V.'iders. or Ccs.red lr.f,r::ip.t-:i
.- i :u y Cort on Ticket 03ic in the Cuiteo
t i'anri la. cr udiirei:
Maoazti jeo'i Vku a r" Act
-i-vr .
t 1'.' . t 'T-If if
at ti i t !: a l'oit i:rt- f'-r Fx'tf .t. Hln : or
ive-'c'p c ''cbii:.', t'lir' i !: r.' or Hou-tlil-!';?.'
. F xm.v. wEAKNrrs v.vfi ri r
fhf- ; it i- !w nvn it jrn-Rt t t nt-f t 10 t:-.- rt nt r:-1
hcMlt V .. first fi;s( ovt ry f s nTv' m rurr ror.
titr;n::"i ov rutTi :J-e ki ifc i::;r.: c. f.8t
h-ri,;i fl-r. '.lit- i; m' 1 -:h iuv-r o t ti knrvn
!o al )"-r inx. 6 for f i t riv m.u. Why
rffir frnTii ih'? rr-i:ib:' dis-R-c when u vnHen
'0!irjinttf i? ; t-v.y ivi: v.i;hi t.ott;-!. to rt'
(ind ihi TTiort v if nut rnrfi. S r- ;iiip for
Ac liUe mairlc on t'no smmnch. L'vir nndrinw
; dis els l)y'-i'i'rsls, Itil'oiifni KB, 1 i'vit. O'lii?,
Neri'oui I,ri(ir-iiri,':l(--r!isl.lf'. l.cpi of A r-pfct'.tl'.
reiiir'-'1 the com j,!pctioti : ierf'i t li iri'K .on fol
low their nuc l os'tive mo' tor Sick Hladach
. :imI C'onHtij.atiiin. Small, mild. to IKke l ane
Via!" nf SO ''i'l rcrlii.
HAKTZ ULLMEYER Soli- At'inta Kc k U
a'io 11'
Ml Uui & Pacific Bi.
r-: ere frazerQjv - i
They wash their clothes
'Pat's where tl?0 a
N.K.Fairbanr8cCo. Chicago.
Painters and Decorators
Kaisomining, Papeu Hanging, Etc.,
419 Seventeenth Stroci.
-Real Estate-
-Insurance Agent-
Represents, among other time-tried ana e:
kaown Fire Insurance Companiee be follovm?
Royal Imuran ce Company, of England.
Weacbeater Fire In. Company of N . Y.
Buffalo German Ine. Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Rochester German Ins. Co., Rochester. N.
eitiiens Ins . Co., of Pittsbargh, pa .
Ban Fire Office. London.
Union Ins. Co., of California.
6ecnrlty Int. Co.. New Haven, Conn.
Milwaukee Mechanics Ins. 0o., Milwaukee, 71
9erman rire Ins. Co.,of Peoria, 111,
Office Cor. 18th St., and Second Ave
Established 1868.
TiCf resenting over 40 Million Dollars
of Cash assets
Fire. Life, Tornado.
Accident, Marine,
Employer's Liability
Bonds of Suretyship.
CFrK'E Rocra CI, Slitcholi; I.yode's liloii
ri -ek Island, His.
tKSccure our rates: they will interest you.
General . . .
Insurance A qfent.
The old Fire and Time tried Companies,
represented .
Losses Frcmptiy P
Fat-? aa low as any reliable, compai.y cn a7or.'.,
"-'oar I'auoi.KLC is solicited.
Use it yoiir own way.
It is the bett Soap made
For VtaeliiBg Machiue use.
8o'd everrwberei
Made from any old photo, cxeeuted in tho trot t
arlietic orkinunshi;i . t
- hakelier's
Ki'.iible Pboicjrtiphic Ff-taMisurpciit over i:C
Cub:" a;:sfr,r,.iou Luaranit cd.
"I-NKV A. TA!;:;,,.
Administrator's nctick
Estate of ,7am Cox, ni r.-ii,,.. !
The nndereiimed having tn-cn nj n.. ,
it rater of the rotate" -f
of the county of Rock Inland. -!.. ,,'r - o . '? '
ceaed, hereby give notice ttiv ! e w" a-' ,'
before the county court or l;. k N 'ii'.t
ty, at the office of the cl.-rk of ,.' ';,
the city of Hock Inland, at ti c .!:;t
the first Monday in Jim- ii-. -' ','
time all persons liavine cliumn st-ii , .i"
tate are notinedand requested to a;!. , ,,' f., .:
punoiM!of havini; the arae a,iji:-t, ;.
sons Indebted to said estate are rrir;.V..,j .,
make immediate payment to the tin.!, r. '" ''
Dated this 2-nd da of Mti-'i, A. i) v "
UENKY Ij M1EEI.N. A 'm i . -.,
Estate of James C. Mnlioiu", d'rt ..
The ondersicned having been appo.i;'. .,; r5,.r-.
furof the last will and ti-tm, it n' .' v
Mahoncy. lute of the cenntv of H'k l-ri
Mate ol Illinois, deceased. 1,'rehv civ t :
that he will appear before the cimn'v c -;rt ':'
Rock Island count v. at the o.lire of it,,.
, saidoonrt, in the city of Him-r s; .i
IJone term, on the firi-t Mor.day tr. .!.:. n s .
at whieh time all persons Vhmul-'c 'n .-i.-.-aid
estate are notitieu at.,1 ri :e', '. ,-
'or iho purjiose of having tl:' nmv
persons indebted to said estate are r.
I make immediate payment to the it;:,-- t
. Dated this l J'h d.iv of Apt:',, A. H '.- .
1VM. E. KLIN..t i:i.Ti:i. i.-,
lly virtue of a snic:::l c?:e
C..4S-;, issued out of the ett-rk's otV
cot rt ot Hiwk Island ci.iinty. n i!
audio n:e iliterteii, vher'l 1 11:11
iji.ike the amount of a c ria:n .:
obti'ined rn 'iii.st .ll.i:-T tirii
l;ui;ol)h t hw-ke. on: of f: .:
piids. and h!itti''.s tf ilie ..'. 1
ust Selituitit. have Itr:,-.l i:t-:.
property, to-wil ;
Lots one 1 1 1 and tin- i ' :n i.
Fomh IVrk ail llti, ii t, tl -- v
and 1 it tm;r ( i i:i .1 . M 1'.. : .
ion of eitt 1, . t li'ven 1 1 1 , :;-: i t v
titm iiir:y-ttM' t' ;,u it:.i , e .:'
ruiiu'e t c ; i os: of t !i (. mi t ',
.1 v of Ki 'k ls'aiid, a:l in : '
Is'nnil sua M:ittof li ii.oi-.
'i'heretor'. arc:,n!;i:L' io -i :
I ose for sa.e at pntilic ;.i;i : ,: .
and intrust of t':e i .-,
eliniMt. in iit'i! .o t !ie ai'-,'. '
.it: the ltttil liay of V:i'.. .
at the north i:oor it 'he
city of 1,'ork !s!.ii,,l. in : '.: -. .
and state of lilir.es. i,.r i ;..:.
yuid esitutio:: ::i:,i f, e i i.l.
.:'eil a; Km k l-lMid tl,;- i.
I. Is'.,::.
I '
Sheriff of Hot 1; l: ..
Ii WiHl'l! i't1
'ir, ,il i'i-i
:i I i t;. :
'IHO I 'Vl V ii:
01 Our?",.
nit c
mi; p."
iliet.T- tl . ,
w li ll 'll 1 : :
i: su'. i p
s .-,f
Omt --I 1 0 M'M
ti', ry ts still :i
1 i.i t - of r::t t:-:i u'
p: t riot sin is tot
1 os wii' lus i 'i : ' i
li. n. 11 A. 'i !!
I . otntm r,,l it ni"s
A r
;i : I '
AO.';., ,; lilt L-reiit -'
t d' ll r i o.l : I r ' tit : , -
I'll'-, r- r.: T N I -V , ' - -
er niliii lei l ;.s l"' ii i ;
st v ie I II I . I t :ti It e. : i ' :
Till! '.r, H1 t'stni'i :,i v ,
I lii.ti ei .. :.l fro : I i'.:
Iiii':: - ! . ,! '
lllo-l aioi-:,l IIltol o. '
Thi sp!i t 1 ,1 crk is !: .1
hennd. :ii:i iswt:il wi lv th:,
Stents Sl tll follewt- C5T' !. '
Old tio d Clot li, Mailiie i:.!-e
O.d tiold loth. t;ilt KiIlv
Lirrarv HinditL'. rtiilflu-ti
Ttirlot-y Moroie,., liilt K. -'.-Alligator,
Gilt Kc!i.'e. 1'ad'le,! fr:-
1 I, - III ! .rn''"
i'i eiilnt-. puMislH d i
a tome pntiiislu't.s ,io nt tt'v r '
would coft Ci l)iirb..k e. .
limn voliiiue of oM-r '.' ! - ' "
any one who row pi a ins ;' i :
uiitk. simply iiiji a i.i:' ,.s
s-eTe! 'f H- litJ "r' ' '
twen'r ord. is i r ii;iy t- r ' :
l lien -by maklt from : -;
r. -I
. Ill' "
l t'
We are
at ,1 nf." 'i a"-"
t i nt ! I r.r t- : ' " -
A n ou'tit f, r t. I. i - ' '
ptCtMS llC'.rt. ::1 ' ' ' ' .
or sure, s- f::l V " ' '
n vs :
li(,;i:d i'l ' it t " -
UlM l.ll in 1 ill! I- '
,- Wj .1 .. ' ' '
paM. :n .".' v r-t
e iH "1 t i '''
Tiik N.vi : ' '
I I:

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