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Rock Island Daily Argu,
VOL.XLI NO. 177.
Single Ooplea Oral
Par Week ISM Oem
fitliin Tour Bead, - -
Within the Reach of All.
We mean those Fine Suits
WORTH $15.00
The. Latest Proposal for Sunday
World's Fair.
No such values ever offered before in this
city. We are adding new styles to this lot
every day. The people know when they
eet a orood thin, and are taking advantag
oi it. YOU KNOW US. Follow th
crowd and trade at
Congress To Be Given ISack Its S3.300.
OOO A Look at the Kxposition from the
Top of the Peristyle Progress of Com
pleting the Show The Msic Scandal
Thomas Unpopular California Wine
Sandbagged by Restaurants.
CmcAtio, May 13. Alexander II. Revell,
Lyuinn J. Gage, Kdwin Walker, Ferdin
and W. Peck and Henry 1J. Stone, of the
local World's fair directory, held a pro
tracted session to formulate a plan for
Sunday opening to be submitted to the
full board of directors at the regular
monthly meeting. It was decided to recom
mend two propositions: That the World's
Columbian exposition be opened to the
public on every Sunday from this date to
October 81; that the World's Columbian
exposition return to the treasurer of the
United States the $2,50O,CO3 appropriated
by Congress to its use, the government to
become responsible for the payment of the
juries of award appointed by the national
How the White City Looks from an .l-
Chicago, May 13. Some day when vis
itors to the fair awake to the fact that a
broad promenade exists above the great
columns of the Peristyle for their enjoy
ment they will flock there in hundreds.
Then some enterprising restaurant mau
will set little tables there and serve cups
of ccfFee in dainty china and the "petite
verre" that the Frenchman loves, and the
pleasure-seeking people will sit through
the lonir summer evenings. si: the cup of
enjoyment, listen to ravishing music and
watch the throngs below. Fifty feet high
er, on abroad pediment, stands the tri
umphal group known as the Columbus
Quadriga. Up there, between the feet of
the horses and near the flowiii!z skirts of
the maidens who lead them, is your ideal
place from which to view the fair. The
great features of the fair are laid out as on
a map below.
It Is a City of Palaces.
Down below the people are like dolis
walking. Just a murmur of their voices
and the sound of their feet on the hard red
bricks can be heard. Now and then as the
wind shifts from lake to land a glorious
burst of melody comes rushing over the
wateru from the bauds on the Grand Plaza.
It floats through the air and hovers about
Columbus and his maidens. All that has
been written and said in praise of the fair
disobeyed Director General Davis and will
continue to do so.
The trouble arose this way: Certain pi
ano makers notably the Steinways re
fused to make a competitive exhibit at the
fair. Director General Davis thereupon
promised those who were willing to ex
hibit that no instrument of a lirru not on
exhibition should lie used at the concerts,
nor should a ay artist who would play no
instrument except one of the makeof non
ixuiouors oe eugagea, ana so instructea
Thomas not only disobeyed this, but en
gaged artists very few of whom will play
anything else except the embargoed in
struments, thereby practically exclud
ing exhioitors who have expended
f 1,000, 000 in making their exhibits. Thom
as denies that he is under obligations to
any musical instrument maker, but he
does not prevent his musicians from bor
cotting any instrument the maker of
which will not subsidize them. What the
national commission will do with the re
port remains to be seen.
Foreign exhibitors are also Kicking up a
row about the system of award". John
Boyd Thatcher's plan of having awards
made by 8ingle expertsf,instead of by juries
has been adopted and foreigners declare
Our selection of new designs for the comins: sea
son is nearly all in stock, and we feel confident
your insnection will orbnounce it overwhelm
ingly superior to any we have ever shown.
We have taken advantage of every opportunity in making our selection, in order to give
the people of this city and vicinity the choicest de3igas from the product of nearly every
manufacturer in this country, at the very lowest prices. We emoloy only first class
workmen, and shall be pleased to receivs your orders for Papar Hanging, Painting or
anything pertaining to Interior Decorating:
Room Moulding to match wall paper.
Window shades ready made and to order, all colors
Picture Frames latest styles. j
Wholesale and retail book sellers and stationers.
1727 Second avenue. Bock Island
Men's Artistic Tailoring.
The Fashionable Fabrics for
arrived at
Spring and Summer have
Call and leave your order
Stab Bixxjk Opposite Hakpek House.-"
Is Life Worth Living $
That Dcpeads Upon Your Health.
Will cars yon and keep you well.
For sale at Harper House Pharmacy.
ftf '
Fifty IJwelllnga Burned ana cigniy
Families Made Homeless.
Grand Haven. Mich., May 12. Half of
the village of Spring Lake, a short distance
from here, has been destroyed by fire. The
steamer Barrett, in passing up the river,
set fire to a sawdust pile by sparks from
her smokestack. The greater part of the
residence portion of the town was burnea.
The Baptist and Methodist churches an
engine house and a school house were
burned, togtther with about fifty dwellings.
Kighty families are homeless. The loss
will be about SSO.000; insurance not known.
Legislation for Michigan.
Lansing, May 12. The senate committee
on that subject has reported in favor of a
thorough revision of state prison rules.
Kills were passed making Labor day a
legal holiday; reijuiring persons to have
resided in their respective counties before
being eligible to appointment as deputy
sheriffs (anti-Pinkerton). The house
passed the bill abolishing '.days of grace on
commercial paper and making paper fall
ing due on Sunday or a legal holiday pay
able the succeeding day. This bill is to
take effect Jan. 1, 1S9I, The house also
passed senate bills providing for the incor
poration of home protector fraternity as
sociations, which embody both building
and loan and life insurance features.
To Visit the Naval Academy.
Washington, May 12. The following
persons have been among others appointed
members of the boanl of visitors to the ,
naval academy: G. C. Menzies, of Mt.
Vernon, Ind., and William McKiuley, Jr.,
of Ohio.
as a city of palaces and the realization ot
an architectural dream is true today. Even
the poetic descriptions of the gondolas
gilding over still surfaces with oar-blades
flashing in the sunlight, will oe vermeil to
the letter, when the summer sun becomes
one of the regular exhibits of the great
On the Waters of the Lagoon.
With just the suggestion of a roll from
the movement of the screw a launch plows
its way through the water, rounding the
pedestal of the golden liepublic, and land
ing it passengers at the foot of the broad
steps which lie at the water-front of the
Manufactures building, tar oit at tne
west end an electric launch slips into north
canal. It has passengers on board who fif
teen minutes ago were wandering over the
great art collections m the palace ot line
arts. Since then they have made the circuit
of the wooded island, run swiftly past the
front of the Manufactures building.caught
the golden shimmer on the cate of Trans
portation building, and are now lost in ad
miration of the beauties of the grand basin;
and this is more than an ideal description.
Condition of the Kxhibits.
The exhibits will be thoroughly com
pleted before June 1, according to the
statements of the Wo rld's fair people, and
most of them insist that the work will not
take that long. Machinery hall will be
completed and everything will be in running
order by the middle or next wees, or at
the latest one week from Saturday. Ex
hibits in the Electrical building are in
more unfinished state than in any other
nlace on the grounds. Exhibits in the
mUiing department are far the most part
finished, but the foreign exhibitor are a
little slow in installing their articles.
The Great Llberat Art Show.
It tbe department of liberal arts, tinder
Ohief PeaboOy's care, there is (Mil s great
deal to do and the principal delinquent is
Prance. Her artisans are hard at work.
The Japanese section is practically fin
ished. UA is the ease w4th the other for
eign exhibits in the ftfarjufactqfes traCd-
aa well as those of the L nited States.
e fisheries exhibit is almost complete,
tmgh It bas three cars on the road pick
ing tip consignment of fish in Massachu
setts, South Carolina and Iowa. Uncle
John Thorpe has had the flower sjow
ready for some time and can take care of
the fresh arrivals as fast as they put in ap
The Great Musical Director Not in Favor
TVlth Commissioners.
Bat while everything is working smooth
ly in the matter of completing the fair
there i that everlasting music trouble
comine ud to raise a row among the man-
Th committee of the national
commission which has been investigating
the alleged favoritism in the music depart
nt has nnnsred a rroort dead against
Theodore Thomas and reeoinffienaing bis
UanlasaL The renort says that he has
they will net submit to the system, hold
ing that the jury plan is the only correct
one. If the single expert system is ad
hered to they will not permit their exhi
bits to be passed upon.
Leland Stanford, the millionaire senator
from California; II. M. Estes. of the same
state, and a score of other wine growers,
chiefly Californians, sent a surprising doc
ument to the World's Columbian commis
sion uncovering a conspiracy among
the restaurant men at Jackson park, and
showing that restaurant keepers are de
manding from ?2,G00 to So.OUO as the price
of Quoting American wines on the bills or
Kxposition Notes.
Duke of Veragua and party inspected
the Belgian exhibit, which has been
The national commission has proposed
an increase of the Columbian guard to 3,
000 from 2,000, the extra men to be sup
plied -from the National guards of the
different states, which are to pay their per
The-e were 12.(i82 paid admission for the
day.which was rainy and windy to discom
Arthur Ilulton, World's Fair manager
for the famous English pottery firm of
Doulton & Co., was arrested and brought
before Commissioner Hoyne charged with
selling goods which had been admitted
free of duty as exhibits at the fair.
Synopsis of the rroceedlngs of the Sec
ond Days Session.
Indianapolis, May 13. About 700 del
egates attended the second day's session of
the International Young Men's Christian
association, when G. N. Bierce, of Ohio,
the new president of the association, made
his first address, following it with the ap
pointment of the usual committees. The
president's address was largely on the con
gratulatory order. L. II. Packard, of New
York, in a paper opened a general discus
sion on the duties of an association secre
tary. During the past two years 250 secre
taries have dropped from the ranks and
this large loss was attributed to the lack
of proper preparation before assuming the
duties of the ollice.
The schools at Springfield and Chicago,
where secretaries and physical directors
are instructed.made reports through repre
sentatives. At the Springfield schools are
about sixty students. During the year
over 26,000 has been secured for the per
manent property interests oi tne school.
The expenses for the present year amount
ed to ?1S,000. Thirty of the delegates to
the present convention have been students
at Springfield. The Chicago Training
school renorted a total attendance or nrty
students at that institution. 1 he slight
expense is a feature of the school.
TTndpr the, head oi state worn ror me as-
Bnrlation addresses wre made Dy i. K,
Shurtluff. of Denver; w. McCullougn, or
Tnrm,),- Hobert A. Orr, of Pittsburg: C
Kfcnr.iitTP of Atlanta, and W. Woods
White. Gf Atlanta.
Seldon V. Speneer, of St. Louts, read a
nanpr nil co-operation. Ire dwelt upon
ofielhipg peedful to the success of the association--contributions.
This paper was
followed bv one which Dr. J. IL WcCordy,
of Kew rrk, read on "The Physical Depars
mpiK" He applauded the recent action of
the iaterhational committee io. awjttdHtg
medals and certifrcafces. He farther SU2-
cfatfed that field days be1 reatfirfes of I fie
nnvxieal work.
A devotional meeting M. by Robert A.
Or followed the address Of Dr. McCOtfy.
T. n. Wlshard, eX-secretary of the asso
ciation, ended tbe day programme with a
paper on work among young men in nCn
Christian lands. In the evenfng a receft-
tjon was tendered the visiting delegates at
the Y.M.UA. nail. -
Fatal Wreck on the Rail.
NEW YORK. May 13. A special to the
Evening Snn frdra ParkerBbarg, W. Va.
says: A sdhth-bound freight train on tbe
Ohio River railroad went off the tracts at
"Walkers, twelve miles sentb, falling thir
ty-five feet. Fire Communicated with oil
from trie freight cars, burning fire oil cars,
caboose ana two cars oi general mere nan
dlse. Two men were killed, one being
b timed until unrecrcmlzable. Another was
fatally injured. Cohdttctor George Ernst
was badly hurt.
Chicago. May 1L
Following were tho quotations on the
iMiard of trade today: Wheal, May. opened
Til4e, closed ':Hjc: July, opened 7K.c, closed
7ty,i4e; September, opened VJTic, closed TVJsC
Corn Slay, opened 4-:l4i closed 4:h,c; July.
oiciied i.'.Ui-, t-losoil U ; September, opened
44fr closed UU, ; Oats Slay, opened aUKc
c'V:td ?' July, opened -.:,-i', closed
i; r-vptt inner, npenea -u.e. tioei .mjc
Pork May. opened S-'UO, closed -3 !.--: July.
opened S-tMiu, closed fJ..a; September
opened i-U.75, closed S.M.Whj. Lard May.
opened JiaSi, closed tlU.'.M.
Live stock: The- prices at tie Union
Stock yards today ranged as follows:
Hogs Estimated receipts for the day 23,000;
quality good; market iasrly active on
.-'.iing ai'cou it- reeling wean; prices aiuo
Miles ranged al J5.t4i7-3i pigs, $7.25
.i.ht, J7.;iy.7.4.' rough packing, $7.40
.Iii mixed, end ?7.iiOi7.tW heavy packing
. ; ! Lipping lots.
(.'iittle Estimated receipts for the day
-.too; quality lair; market opened active
un .local and shipping account; prices strong:
quotations ranged at $5.4(rrt0.(lu shipping
t-tecrs, S4.40.i4.lx fair to good, $4.luu,4.4U com
mon to medium do, $;$.S,ij,4.15 butchers steers.
t2.WKa4.(X) stockers, 54.11 ((4.70 feeders. 2.(M(j9
y.H.j cows, t-!.iHk-i,t..W hellers. gz.&x&Z.xi bulls.
2.7.Tt4.75 Texas ateurs. and S3."U&j.io veal
Sheep Est i nutted receipts for the day 9,000;
quality fair; market rat her active and prices
bteady; quotations ranged at f4.au na
5.TO per 1W lbs westerns. 3.SUtii.MJ natives,
and S-V0ta7.- lambs.and spring lambs at Lau
fo4.iiu ier head.
Produce: Butter Fancy separator, 29c per
lb; fancy dairy, 2Vj;Z7c; packing stock, 1U
c. Eggs Fresh spjck, 14c per doz. Live
poultry Chickens, LI per lb; turkeys, choice
iens, 14c; young toms, 1-MiilJc: uucks, tsajft
Vic; geese, $3.ikK&0.Ui per doz. Potatoes
llurbauks. 67a70c per bu; liebrous, 05367c;
Peerless, 63c; Itose, 6S370c for seed. Apples
Poor to common stock, f L&'J per bbl: fair
to good. 82.252.75; fancy, t-i. Honey While
clover in 1-lb sections, 1;&1Sc per lb; broken
comb, 10c; dark comb, good condition, lCk&Hcj
extracted, 6$c
Kew York.
New Yons. May 11.
Wheat-June, 71"3T9?lc: July, 81 8-15c;
September. 83 15-16nts44e; October.
6514c: December. Kiia?:c. Kye
light 6upply; western, oajfjoc u&riey
of season. Corn Slay. Ju:
i&i'3&ci July, OOa-'iOfgc: August, 60 8-J'
&oic; September, bio; o. 0"c tjats
No. 2, dull and lower; May, 86c; June. KM
&35?ic; July. 3oc; state, 43tt48c; Western,
BtV34c Pork Firm and easy: old mess, fQ-pt
new mess, $20.75321.00. Lard Quiet a&d
Bteady y. ES
The Local Jltrkrts.
Wheat 74760.
Corn 40-t4tc.
Oats 3d&3ic.
Uhv Timolhv. $13.00; upland, f 10Q11 ; sloueb
9.0U; baled. 510.00(311.00.
Batter Fair to choice, 2022t; creamery, 26o.
Eggs Fresh, 14S. .
Poultry Chickens. 12!4c; turkeys 12!a
ducks, 1-ttc; geese, 10c.
murr and tegbtablks.
Apples f 4 00 per bbl.
Potatoes 85.93c
Onions $4 .00 per bbl.
Turnips 60c per bu.
Cattle Butchers pay for corn feat steers
414V4e; cows and heifer. 8V4(33!c calves
Bbocp 4ac.
No other
Is so
No other
is so
'Costs less than Half
and pleases much better
than the over-priced and
over- endorsed" kinds.
Judge for yourself.
In Cans. At your Grocer's

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