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To Buy That New Carpet.
i- 4- Una rf Prnccalc Tinoctnr In.
grains and Mattings in the three cities.
jlmut Bedroom Suites and Parlor Suites? We are heatl
rr.s f.r these goods. We are showing a very lino line of
q,CF -cniTAlNS, also our line of CHENILLE CURTAINS
v r I ice n lietter, ami ilin't fail to see our
I.;; J ' ask row -
. 1 -yV PINScMWn
, :i . -t 'i - i -1 '. . i" ,i , ll. 'i
" ir-i
r,--t l:i tin- world and only $3.00 can bo used asia quilting frame.
103, 10. 107 E. S-cond stret, D VVXNP rVT, IA
lusta n Home Industry
Jailing" for Bock Island
Brewing1 Co., Beer.
The Best Beer Made,
On Tap everywhere.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
es to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
3ottline Works, has one of the most complete
Srewins establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best. Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to anv oart of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on o
iine avenue by Telephone.
In Ladies, Misses and Children's
Boots and Half Shoes.
the Brightest American
hcies may be seen at our store.
Ti .i N , wot . most
s r wear.
1 Ikic for
:' :;:!! Comfort.
t-.- Tin- Mvlrs. '
r' I '.', .rs.
Display of
Misses and Children's
Slioes and Oxfords
This Summer
Is far anil away
The Finest ever shown
In this City.
It-O" All Colors.
rTTAH Styles.
coinl and Harrison StsM Davenport.
1803 Second Avenue.
Hampton, May 30. William Mc
Daniel Post No. 595 observed Mem
orial day in a very appropriate man
ner. At 9 o clock the procession
formed in front of their hall and
marched to the school house where
the school children were assembled.
From there they marched to the
Catholic cemetery and decorated the
graves of their sleeping comrades.
A line of march was then taken to
the Hampton cemetary where the ex
ercises of the day took place. The
exercises were opened with music by
the band, after which the usual ex
ercises conducted by the post fol
lowed. The graves of the nation's
heroes were properly decorated with
flowers by the school children. The
principal oration of the day was de
livered by Kev. Father Thiebes, of
the Catholic church, who spoke feel
ingly and loving y of the nation's dead
andcxho;ted his Wearers to honor
and respect and cherish the memory
of those who saerilieed so much for
us. The exercises conducted by the
school children under the direction
of their teachers were highly inter
esting and appreciated.
Memorial services will be held at
the Congregational church next Sun
day at 11 o'clock. Rev. A. Harper
conducting the services. William
McDaniel Post No. 595 will meet at
their hall at 10 o'clock and ' march
from there to the church, where the
services are to be held.
J. L. MeNabney. special agent for
the M. YV. A. Accident Insurance as
sociation, arrived home recently
after a live weeks'trip in the north
ern part of the slate.
Quite a number of people v in t his
vicinity are contemplating a visit to
the World's Fair. Rut the rates to
and from Chicago are not at all satis
factory. Dr. Samuel Hunter, of Machias.
Me., a brother of Dr. W. Hunter and
Mrs. A. R. Stoddard arrived in the
Village yesterday.
Mrs. 1). D. Jones, of Kansas City,
a farmer resident of this place, is in
the village visiting relatives and
Henry Weis anil family, of Henry
county. 111., were visiting at O. J.
(Juckert's, Sunday.
William Miller and family, of Port
Rvron, were in the village Tuesday,
visit in g relat i ves.
Our public schools clo-ed Monday.
The M:i.vr Was l;ij;lit.
The Union of ve.-terdav morning
took occasion to tind fault with May
or Mcdill because of his refusal to as-
ume the risk of permitting the use
of ladders belonging to the hook and
ladder truck for decorating the sol
diers" monument. When permission
was sought from Mayor Me.T ill Mon
day be informed the committee wait
ing on him that he would be only too
happy to render all the assistance
iosilile to the veterans in decorating
the monument, and that he would go
with the committee to some of our
painting lirms and secure the ladders
necessary, but he explained that he
could not dismantle the equipment of
the lire department under anv cir
cumstances and take chances on a
tire breaking out during the ceremo
nies when the ladders might be need
ed; that the department was paid for
bv the tax pavers who had a right to
expect it always in readiness for
dutv. The committee readily ac
quiesced in the mayor's views, and it
so happened that a lire alarm was
sounded yesterday before the conclu
sion of the services in Court House
square, demonstrating that the pre
cautionary step on the part of the
niavor was well taken.
World's Fair Kates.
The Rurlington route (C It. Q.
R. R.) will well round trip tickets
from Rock Island to Chicago ami re
turn from April 'J. to October 31,
1S93, inclusive, at iinal limit for
return November 15. 193. Conlin-
)iis foiii'i- nassaire date of sale.
Continuous return passage on or be
fore final limit. Children ot live
years and under 12 years of age half
of above rates.
II. D. Mack. Div. Pass. Art..
Rock Island, 111.
M. J. Yoi no. Agt.. Roek Island.
A l7:.as:riu:s Lxiirrimrnt.
rr..-.. , ,,' ii'.ir rt -sseil with the idea
that great returns would come from a. res
taurant managed on l noroiigijiy original
lines opened a small jdace in the Murray
kill quarter, where they furnished auexcel-
nt dinner (table d IhjIc). for ?1, lucludin
;..t ,,f ft.-. ret. Custom came slowly till
"i i - .
. i I...' .-I .i flvici. tit e:mt ;ire it. On
l ni-y t"ii"" ;
Thursday of each week 1 hey advertised to
ive the same u inner, and in adu it mtn Here
to a iut of cl:ai::lii!-':ie, all for fl.23, which
was about t he eo-t of the w ine alone. TkU
lasted for two Thursdays, when tliey closed
.i... .,!.,,.. After free channiamie they
could catch noliody v. ith common claret.
New York Tribune.
Bheumitism Cared in a Day.
..Mvtdie Cure"1 for rheumatism and
neuralgia radically cures in one to
three davs. Its action upon tne sys
tem is remarkable and mysterious.
It removes at once the cause and the
disease immediately disappears. The
first dose greauv oenems to ccum.
Sold bv
Otto Gkotjan, Druggist,
Kock Island.
Fits All fits stopped free by Dr
Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No
fits after the first day's use. Marvel
ous cures. Treaise'and $2 trial bot
tie free to fit cases. Send to Dr
vi;n Q31 Arch street. Philadelphia
Pa For sale by all druggists; call
ou yours
In words' we clothe our thoughts. Elo
quent, subtle, poetical or thrilling as these
may be, t'aey are intangible aad invisible
until arrayeu in ianjur.ije.
The Value of the River Thames.
In connection with the value of the river
Thames to the mercantile interests of the
English metropolis a good story is related
of James I ami the lord mayor of London.
James, as was often the case during his
reign, was upon a certain occasion in great
need of money, and ke applied to the cor
poration of London for the loan of JE'JO.000.
This gentle request the corporation re
fused, upon which the king, in high dudg
eon, sent for the lord mayor and the chief
of the aldermen, and having scolded them
severely for what ke was pleased to term
their disloyalty he insisted upon their rais
ing the money for him.
"Please your majesty," said the lord
mayor, "we cannot lend you what we have
not got."
"You must sret it." declared the king.
"We cannot." said the mayor.
"I'll compel you!" cried James, with a
stamp of his foot.
"But your majesty cannot compel us to
do that which is beyond our iower," re
torted the mayor boldly.
"Xo!"' exclaimed the king angrily. "Then
I'll ruin your city forever. I'll make a des
ert of Westminster. I'll remove my whole
court law, parliament and all to York,
and then what will become of you;'''
"Please jour majesty," replied the lord
mayor, with a sulimisMve bow, "you will
remove your courts and yourself whenever
yon phase, but then- is still left one conso
lation for us poor merchants of Iondon
you cannot take the Thames along with
Jumes did not remove his courts. Xew
York Ledger.
Iang:or In CobwebH.
Cobwebs form an important item in the
medical armamentarium of the old women
who aru so fond of acting on occasion as
practitioners of the healing art. As an ;:p
lication to wounds, for instance, to cheek
bleeding cobwebs are lclieved to possess a
special virtue. If they possess any virtue
at all, it is the virtue of ineffable dust and
dirt hence the modern advice to "beware
of cobwebs!"' Not so long ago three or four
cases of lockjaw were reported ns follow
ing on the application of spiders webs to
wounds. Tins event is readily explicable.
The germ of lockjaw resides in earth and
is likely to miugle with the dust which
settles on the webs. Hence, conveyed into
the wound in this way, the germs work
their dire elTjcts. Rut Inspector General
Macdonald, M. IV, says a microscopic ex
amination of the webs reveals a trap for all
sorts of considered and unconsidered t rifles
in the way of dust and germs. Colonies of
bacteria, he tills us, may lie detect ed in the
webs, which, like delicate screens or filters,
absorb anything .and everything which
floats throuh the air and settles upon
them. Xew York Telegram.
Wor d's Columbian Exposition
will bo of value to the world by il
lustrating t he improvement s, in the
mechanical arts and eminent physi
cians will tell you that the progress
in medicinal agents has been of equal
importance, and as a strengthening
laxative that Syrup of Figs is far in
advance of all others.
The Nervous System the Seat
of Life and Mind. Recent
Wonderful Discoveries.
No mv-rtcrv has over compared with thnt of
hunian'life. " it has liecu tlio leading subject
of professional research and study in all aire,
ilut notwithstanding this fact it is not. gener
ally K ii o w n
that 1 lio seat
of life is loca
ted in the up
per part of t lio
spinal cord,
near thu baso
of the brain,
and so sensi
tive is this
portion of the
nervous sys
tem that even
the prick of a
needio will
cause instant
Tiocont. discoveries have demonstrated that
all theorsans of the body are under tho con
trol of t!ii nerve centers, located In or near
the base of tho brain, and that when these aro
deranze.l t he organs which they supply with
nerve iiumi :t ro ,iii.t ueriiiiireu. mhvu ii -r.iiMitUn.l
i ii:it. it. eriou iniiirv to the sninal
c rd will c:iu -! paralysis of the boJy Ih'Iow
l:ie injured P'r'". iiceausc i :iu.nero mice is
pr-vcnle l bv thj injury front rea-hing tho
iviralvzed p ir'ioii. i'. wi;l I i understood how
tie 1 ! i:i.'-:iu',it of Uu'iiTvo centers wiil
cMUsoiii-jdoraiijicnicnt of t lie various organs
vhii-'i t Iil-v s.: ;jly v. i . !i t: ?:-vo fore.
i wo-thir is of clincii'- d senses aro cjtio to
Vms iTiierf. -t a--t :;:i or t ' n.Tve cean-ts at
CielniMicf lb ; briin. noi f iv a r. tl rano-m-'tt
pri-iiari.-.' origin in t!v or-an it-
f. Tne Ims-i.;. : Of p ivsi i;;ns la
treaties th.j !ise--e.4 ! t' ;t t ::cy t:va?. tho
ii'tvo ceatcrs union
th-! orle'-rnted rp
ud!ed l'.:'. - s.il.icl fr
ad " tiiti ny jnitfirtaiit
!i av:; ti it. cliief ar,'o-i'
tried l l th" a ov
tc,':m raiher t'l in t!'
re. tie' ea is ' or n " t r,"
HU.lltASKI.lv J!tT.!S
ciaiisi.lias prof.'V.tad.y !
over it yea r, and has :
discoveries ia iHi!i:i'.'.'t!
1 li lM.it, r 1 tif f'icis fti:i
statement, and t.'iat the ordinary md no is e:t
treatment, aro wroas. All headache, dlzz;-
ne.s. dullness, co:i!u-i n. pro-sure, Oitie-,
mama. ni:!aacho!y. insanity, cpuepy, st.
Vitus dance, etc.. ar; nervous :eaes no
matter ho-.v caused. 1")ic wondv-rfal success of
lr. Miles' liestorativo ervme isuueioinu
factthat.it U based on t he foreiroitiapri-icirle.
IJiu Miles' Kestohativb IN ehvisk is s uu oy
nil dru'j-jtsts on a positive cuaran c:-. or sent
direct, by Hit. J1ili:s Medii'al Co.. Kikhart,
nil., on receiriL ot once, ti itr.u im-, r-n
bottles for S't. erpress prepaid. It coutauii
neither opiates nor dau'ioroiu drugs.
Jo tin Volk 5c Co.
A " J
s-sh DoorB Biiude. Sid-n
'""'an wo' "njj.
l! Ktll'lS O i(K.J nr for "IJIIR4.T-
Xivliieetitti ?i. I '., .-
Made from any old photo, executed in the most
artistic workmanship it
Bailable Photographic FBtablisb jent over Mc
Cabe's satisfaction Kuaranleed.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Monroe St. CHICAGO.
Honest Methods
The Only Road
to Success.
Stoves and
House Furnishings.
When buying a Refrigerator buy a good one,
REFRIGERATORS are a necessity, not a luxury.
Ours are constructed on correct principles. We
have all sizes and styles at low prices.
Gas and Gasoline Stoves,
New styles, handsomely decorated, made of
good material, easy to operate.
Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets.
An endless variety to select from, nicely up
holstered. We can certainly please you.
Easy Payments No extra charges
Tklicphunk 421
322 Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa.
2"Upholstering of all kinds to order.
Keathers renovated on short no ice.
At Cost
And Less.
We have several lots of Ladies' fine Oxfords
carried over from last season, mostly in A,
B and C, widths nearly all sizes, and we shall
Cut the price in two. Be sure and
be fitted before they are all gone.
New Department
162? Second Ave., under Rock Island House.
Mo link, Ills.
The Mine Wagon Co. ,
& full and complete line of Platform and other Spring Wapon, eepeciany adapted to tSe
Weetera trade. ot caperior workman?hlo acd ficleh illustrated Price List free oa
iil'Ucation. See tne MOLISK WAGON before Darctaaaing.
S i

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