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-Final, Decisive and Conclusive-
plain. Simple. Direct and Business Like Propo
sition by Well Known Phvsicians.
jnoiiaiiL niiiiuuiiv-wuiciii mauc uy ui. oiaciuiuuac
an J His Associates An Absolute Guarantee Test.
. u ' v Hirst Tlioy will ri'fi'ive Patients with the Agreement that
,;: KihI i-f the Month They will Kefuml every Dollar if the
;-:itieiit is not Satisfied with the Treatment Curability of.
Chronic Dieeases to he l'royeil "Cvre the Patient
or Refund thd Monev."
. k ;l 1 1 . woman ami ehihl in
. ,, mi unit v should carefully
; k;: h rstand the announce
v made tv the physicians of
use Medical Institute.
; , x!n'iise and his associates
: . iletnonstrate Veyond all
:h.- curability of the chronic
t;i:-.lfd at the Staekhouse
l:-!iti:tc. ami '2) the uni
of the Staekhouse treat
; ;iom' d'.si'ases.
!t ! i the straightforward,
inn 'i lilt' and business like
In f very c ise that the physi
cian of tlie SUcKhonse Medi
cal Ins'itute accepts for ireat
mriit between no' :mil July
1?:, the palient will, if dissatis
lied with the treatment and de
sirous of discontinuing the same
at the t-spiration of the memth,
be refunded tt e money paid for
th- entire month's treatment.
The charges for catarrh and
kindred diseases are not more
than 3 per month ia any casf .
Under this guarantee any pa
tient can go to the offices of
the?e physicians on any daj'
between now and the ltt ot July,
pay $5 for one month's treat
ment and medicine, and if not
satisfied at the end of the month
for which he pays, the phyei
cians will promptly return lrm
the 5 which he has paid
trouble over two years ago. The
Staekhouse treatment is pleasant,
.mild ami agreeable, and as to its cur-
ative value, any one who knew me a
few months ao and will look at me
now, can testify."
S3 Kate ami the Guarantee.
Let it b3 p'ainly undcrt.oiI that there will be
tio advance in rates at tho Stackhonse Medical
Institnte during the term of the absolute guaran
tee above announced. Catarrh and kindred dis
ease successfully treated and medicines fur
nished fjr t per monfi. Charges for all other
diseases always moderate.
Il.irri-on Kauth. Clear Maker With Ferdi
nand llaak, OlveH His Testimony.
Mr. Harrison Fauth, of No. 122
ll:'.r;i-in street. Davenport, a ei;ar
u::iki r einploved at the manufactorv
!' 1 '. r liuaud "llaak. No. lllOand 1112
Yt-t Si venth street, says:
liij'i.re 1 bejxan treatment with
lr. suckhousc and his associates, I
ha 1 'n il sutTcring for two years with
:m v,'.!-,;-uully severe case of catarrh.
I l.u ! e : -taut ringing sounds in my
ears :i:-l i ccame nearly deaf. Sjots
il'-arr ! l-fore my eyes and headaches
"t-n- -iii-cssant. I could sleep scarce
ly at ail. It never seemed as though
I h:i-l sleep enough.
"The treatment has completely
'i;-Ied these symptoms and left
lui-enjoying better health than 1
Lave since the beginning of my
Important Facta in ( Oiinent ion With the
Absolute Guarantee Test.
The guarantee is stated in simple
language that cannot be misunder
stood. The time for the return of the fees
paid the physicians is definitely
Should the test fail, it will be at
the expense of the physicians, not the
The guarantee is backed by finan
cial and professional standing of the
Staekhouse Medical Institute.
The Institute represents more cap
ital, treats more cases and effects a
larger percentage of cures than any
similar institution in this country.
There is nothing vague, nothing
indefinite or evasive in the proposi
tion made by these well known phy
sicians. It is plain, simple and di
rect and the results will be final, de
cisive and conclusive.
At the conclusion of this test, the
curability of these diseases will not
be subjects for conjecture, and the
superiority of the Staekhouse treat
ment cannot by any possibility be a
matter of doubt.
You Need Not Suffer
From catarrh, tsthma, bronchitis, lung trouble,
weak and !ore eye?, catarrhal deafness, rheuma
tim, neuralgia, pleurisy, heart diease, dyspep
sia, indigestion. contp ition, chronic dyenlary,
disease of the kidneyp, liver complaint, malaria,
ncr 'ous disease?, blood and skin diseases.
utaclliouse Medical Institute
Permanently located in Rooms 17 and is,
WE IT TAKER BUILDING, 8. W Cor Brady and Third Streets
( First Floor. Take Elevator.)
uAVKxrour. ia.
All curable diseases treated with success. Specialties: Eye, Ear,
V-e. Throat and Lungs; Nervous Diseases, Blond Diseases, and Skin
I '. -tases.
Successful treatment by mail. Write for symptom blank. Con
sultation and examination free.
Office Hours 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. Sundays 9 to
12 in. onlv.
Peoria Cook and Ranges,
Tinware And Housk Furnishing Goods.
Health Commissioner Kyster I'rges Pre
cautions Against Disease.
Health Commissioner G. L. Eyster
has issued a card of instructions and
recommendations to housholders in
the hopes of preventing the inva
sion of disease. The doctor says:
The following advice is offered you
by the health department with the
hope that you will faithfully carry
out its suggestions ami the assur
ance that by so doing, you will not
only benefit yourself but also your
Keep your premises absolutely
clean your cellar should be thor
oughly cleaned and whitewashed
once every year. Do not empty your
waste water in proximity to your
own or your neighbor's house. Burn
as much of your refuse as possible
what you cannot burn alwavs put
in your garbbage receptacle. Do
not throw it about your premises or
your alley to decay and breed odors
and gases detrimental to health as
well as offensive to every sense. D.)
not drink well water. The water
from wells in this city may be dan
gerous to health ami Kte at tiny
time. If you have a privy vault
keep it in as cleanly condition as
possible. Disinfect it once a month
by throwing into it quicklime, or a
solutiou of eopcras. If you have
sewers see that they are proper" y
ventilated outside the house, and be
sure that the in id connections are
tight and properly trapped and ven
tilated. Kee YcurAIVy -:m.
In deference to your health you
should take as much care and pride
in keeping it clean as your front yard.
The city "employs men and teams to
remove from your premises your
yarbae and refuse do not throw
this in the alley it is unlawful to do
so and is as much an injury to your
self as anv one. Provide a good
strong tight box or barrel and place
in it all your refuse. The health de
partment will see that this is re
moved as fast as it accumulates. Do
not throw manure loose in the
alley. Provide a tight box in which
to place it, and have it removed occa
sionally before it becomes offensive. ,
This you must do yourself. Keep
yourself clean, your food and water
clean, your house clean, your cellar
dry anil clean, your yard" clean and
your allev clean and the chances are
that you and your fellow citizen will
keep vigorous and healthy. Do not
selfishly attempt to conceal any case
of infectious disease that may occur
in your house. What may a cry
mild attack of scarlet fever or diph
theria in your child may cause a ma
lignant attack and death in the child
of your friend or neighbor. See that
all" unnecessary coming and going
are stopped at once. Children es
pecially should be excluded, and
those "having the care of children
should be warned of the danger of
entering your house.
Quarantine the patient and nurse
in a room set apart for the purpose,
if it is possible to do so; tirst remov
ing from it carpets, st u IT curtains and
ali unnecessary furniture. Disinfect
all disc harges "as they occur, burn in
fected rags and keep all sick room
articles of food and drink quite apart
from household use. In case of re
covery see that the patient does not
aain mingle with others without
having had a thorough hot bath from
head to foot and being entirely clad
iu purified clothing. In case of death
the funeral must be strictly private.
Keep the casket closed and do not
carry it in a close carriage in place of
the hearse. Thoroughly clean, dis
infect ami ventilate the vacated sick
room together with all furniture,
clothing, bedding, toys, books, etc.,
that have been exposed to infection.
Respect the warning card upon
your premises. No one but an officer
from the health department may re
move it. In order to have the card
removed, obtain from your physician
a certificate that danger of contagion
from the case is past and that proper
disinfection of premises has been
made, take it to the city clerk, who
will provide you with permit for your
children to return to school and will
have the card removed from your
The card of instructions also con
tains a list of the disinfectants
recommended by the American Pub
lic Health association.
An Auiii-Uujr Lcsa uf .-rve.
Sheriff West. u-Kj u kkk1 Ktury. IIo bays
that a jersoiHil f.i-ii hud tormented lain
about the hauv:in, declr-riii;.; that he would
like the job. He said he would show how
a nervy man could do lh work of a hang
man. The sheriff sa!d but little About
a week before the execution he visited his
friend and said: "Well, you can have an
opportunity to show your nerve, as I have
tM-lectcd vc.u en nsy jury."
The miui became iridijjuaut and ex
plained: "You are no friend of mine, sir
what do you inesm; want tne to vit::es.s a
batny" 1 guess int. I :::n tr(.u'..'.ed with
beyirt affection, and I shall st-.-irre a certin
cnte from tuy physician. Do i.i t approach
me ayiiin until after the hunting." Phila
delphia lrese.
O ! woman, lovely woman, why will you suffer so.
Why beat euch pain and anguish, and agony of
Why don't yon seek the remedy the one that's
all the go
"A'l the go," boctuje it mkcs the pains go.
As an invigorating, restorative tonic, uoothicg
cordial and bracing nervine, for debilitated and
feeble women generally. Dr. Tierce'e Favorite
Preef riptlon has no equal. It improve digestion.
invigorates the sys'em, enriches the blood, dis
pels aebc-s and pains, produces refreshing sleep.
dispels melancholy and nervousness and builds
np both the flesh and strength of those reduced
below a healthy standard. Don't be put off with
come worthless compound, easily, bat dishonestly
recommended to be "j ust as good," that the dealer
may make more profit. '-Favorite Prescription'
Is incomparable.
A simmer lu Kashmir.
In the middle of the year, when the snows
are melting, the Sind river is very muddy
and rushes down the vajley with such epeed
that the water becomes a mass of foam, on
which the sunlight through the trees often
flashes with great brilliancy of effect. The
wild flowers Were beautiful, especially the
roses, of which there were great quantities
Crowing In clusters like the favorite Iwuik
sl of California. The single flowers, how
ovcr, were much larger, opened wide and
Were of a very pure white. There were, piak
rosea, too, and yellow and white Jasmines
and among innumerable, other shruts the
wild indigo, which grew In groat profu
sion and which In the distance eugpepted
heather, ibut when riding through it wr9
found to be five or six feet high.
The path vras very pleasantly situated by
low growths and by fine mulberry and wal
nut trees. Mulberries are. very common
throughout the valley and form an im
portant article of fooil" both for the people
andthoflsh. They are the most effective
bait for skhuH trout, and the missionary
doctor in Srinogar Informed me an a proof
of the real poverty of the people that the
children are always much fatter and better
looking ut the end of the ruullxirry season
than at any other tinytx Francis P. Lefroy
in Culifomian.
No Doogcr In Oitmgos.
The Uerliu correspondent of The Medical
Presai and Circular states that the imperial
health office has recently issued an an
nouncement t o the c(Iect that experiments
have demonstrated that the bacteria of
cholera ia contact with the cut surfaces of
both oranges and lemons are destroyed in
a few hoars. They remain active for 6orae
time longer on the unin jured rind of the
fruits, but even then ti:oy die within 21
hours. The -destructive roperty at regards
thochok'm lnicter:a is stintKisod to be due
to the large amount of acid contained in
these fruits.
In consequence of this quality thrt health
officer considers it uunecess-.ry to i !"-; any
restriction on the transit and sale of these
fruit, even if it should bo ascertain! that
they co:.io from place where cholera is
pre valent L t he time. Not a single instance
whs noted in which cholera was dissem
inated by cither on-'nges or lemons, and as
theg uru consumed in larger ijiiaiHities in
thi;- country than perhaps nny other fruit
the news will be reassurini;.
Nut ice
The city ordinance provides that
any person owning or keeping any
do; within the limits of this city, are
required to register and pay tax on
the same, before the lirst day of July
each year, and any person failing to
comply with t he provisions of this
ordinance are subject to a line not to
exceed and all dogs found in the
city after that date without the
proper metallic check attached are
hereby declared to be a public nuis
ance anil subject to be abated, de
stroyed and removed as sucl. All of
which will be strictly enforced.
M. II- Sextos.
City Marshal.
Mrs. E. J. Rowell, Medford, Mass., says her
Trsother baa been cured of Scrofula by the nso
of four bottloB of lf-HJ3m after having had
much other treat- HKBSsglB ment, and beinR
reduced to quite a low condition of health, as it
was thought she could not live.
u-Ljr "jtl Cured my little boy of heredi
fjgiffijll tary scrofula which ap
peared all over his CY" face- or
a year I had -JvY,vi'' given up all bojie
cf his S-c'Xi-fccovery, when finally
w a a ViJ induced
A few bo tiles cured him, and no
symptoms of the disease remain.
Mas. T. L. Mathers. Matherrllle, Miss.
Qui book on Blood an-.! Skin Diseases nailed free.
Swi T Srscir ic Co- AUaata, Ga.
Fcr Horses, Cattle, Shoes, Cogs, Hogs,
500 Page Hook on Trrntmpnt of Animals
and C hart f-m Free,
rmrji Fever. f'nrnreFlion-.Inflnmtnntlon
A. A.) Spinal .! tvniniril in, Diilk Fovpr.
S.lt.f rain. Lameiir. IC beuniatism.
('.('. liMtenier, Nasal li harBC-s.
I. H. ltnl or .rnb. IVnrnis.
K. K. Couch, llrivrn, Pii-uninniri.
f.-.F, Colic or t.ripe. fllynclie.
!;.;. II iNrarriarr-, IlrmorrhaePH.
11.11. I rinary and Kidney Ittnt-Ksesw
1.1 . Kruoi i ve JHwrntw-ft, Manfre.
J.k.. lieaert of Jiiaestiuu, l'aralyai
Single Bottle (over 50 UosesJt - - .6C
rtaltlr Cow, wlih Sprrtflrs. Manual,
i-KTlliary Cure Oil alil MlliaiUr, S7.0
lar Veterinary Cure Oil, - l.OO
SoM by mtrMi: or t prrpU nj where la wmj
quMllly mm rt-t-elpl of priee.
IHrUKrTf.-BI:U. (O., Ill llmra8t., XewTork.
Id um 30 years. The on'y ncTe5mi remoaj lor
Nervous Debility, Vita! Weakness.
and rrostration, from over-work or other ciom.
SI per vial, or 6 viala aod laxfrs vial powder, for S6
eld b. lruxrlt. " mrni htpwd on ri-it of prloa.
TIPHH' -"-KXl J ' IIU- fcu. ha larB
Rheumatism v
Lumbago, Sciatica.
Kidney Complaintsf
Lame Back, &c
With ElectrrMagnet!c SUSPENSORY
jjoioti rnriui xea improvement l
Will cure without medicine lul Weoeai nimltine from
overtaxation of bmi --rre force; excewea or indta
cr-etion. a nervou deMlity. pleeplefvness. laiifnior.
rbeumatiqra. kidney, liver and bladder coniplaints,
lame bark, Inmhago, aciatiea, all female, conn"!" fit,
-.eneral til hoalth. el, Tlus eleetrie IX-lt contains
wonderful ImiteoTeaieat over all otherw. Piirrent la
inFtauUy fe lt by wearer or we forfeit 8,0OO.X. and
wiilcureallot the above dimneea or no pav. Thou
Bands have been cured bv thi marveltTus invention
after all other remedie failexl. and ,e trive huatlrudjl
Cif teatimoiiiula ill tbis and every olher Mte.
Our rorerfal Iwpred ELK"TUIC M SI'lllT. tha
frrvnteat liooa ever offered weak m n, lure with all
Bella. Ulta aa t'hnr.D, Strvwtb SI IHISI EKD t X I
tM"Ur bead for lllua'd Fampbiet, nuuied.noiioJ. true
16 La dalle St., C11ICAUO, ILL
If 9.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Monroe St. CHICAGO.
Elegant firaprool building -.j-.- -vi
for infants and Children.
THIRTY yoari' dnervation of Caatoria, with the patronage of
million of persona, permit m to apeak of it without goeasing.
It ia TuiqneKtionahly the heat remedy for Infanta ojad Children
the world has ever known. It ia harmless. Children lifce it. It
gives them health. It will wave their Uvea. In it Mothers hava
something which ia ahaolotely aafe and practically perfect as n
child's medicine.
Castoria deatroya Worma.
Caatoria allays reverishnesa.
Castoria prevents vomiting Soar Cnrd.
Caatoria enres Diarrhoea and Wind Colic
Castoria relieves Teething Tronhlea.
Castoria enres Constipation and Flatnlency.
Caatoria nentraliros the effects of carhonio acid gas or polaonons air.
Castoria does not contain morphine, opium, or other narcotic property.
Castoria assimilates the food, regnlates the stomach and howela,
giving healthy and natural sleep.
Caatoria ia pnt np in one-size hottles only. It ia not sold faihnlk.
Don't allow any one to apll yon anything else on the plea or promise
thatlt iajnst as good' and "will answer every pnrpoae.
See that yon get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A.
The fac-simile
signature of
la on every
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
-ry thing in th line of spring veliiclee, and the
largest assortment of
Harness, ILaprobes, Whips, Etc.,
Mason's Carriage Works,
Eat t Fourth Street.
Carpenter and Builder,
Shop on Vite Street. ROCK ISLAND, ILL
All Kinds ol Carpenter Work Done.
General Joba'.ng done on rbort notice aDd eaciaractlon. guaranteed.
OOloe and Shen 121 Twelfth Street.
it a-
it o
.P Q
z W
(J) y
235 Wis. Street
Youwa nd
Idacv Trubla. t.. nllhfiat z-1 .if-tfu
Itran. N0C.O. D. Clrertilaror S-."iDle. -.'all or
write aa aboTe for PrmDtom Blank. uil miv'- fv
Dainl pa , The T3rlhitir.(i f rrF ct . -j
m mm9m9 w llinHi-u ln)in rwwnri"w .
UrDCIIM ' themostdellht(ulaoddarabl
I'tKelAll fml odors for the handkerchief
9 ERFUME Effl!w."M 0 two '
JhgEKU DUC CO.. awnwauaee.
rsC. f 3 to O DAY& S
JCC1 absolute curci powv .
I a WILL HOT CAU8E lvtat
I J3Cj STRICTURE, ask for J I
VL33 Q 0 PAII. No 8TAtl I
Oi-.-traS "h.-alcal Oa, I
Cu.caijf&at.ai'eoria. f A,
T H.
Sol Aeent
Bock Islard.
lrnWM(vaf Beiwna a"U. vita OtfV feflft
Cam I.OKOKIIU3A and OI.BTT ia Oni r t tovm A .
A quick i:t;iu "r LnncoajuiE4cr waiTga.

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